Conscious Living: Day 43, Akbal 4



I am Akbal and today I join with you to discover the belief codes that keep you from experiencing all that life has to offer. With the assistance of today’s Tone 4, we will help you to uncode your dreams and unconscious thoughts that hinder you from moving forward.

The aspect of 4 that we will look at has to do with four corners where pillars are placed to create a strong foundation. On an etheric level, we will view these four pillars in this way: truth, strength, honesty and desire.

From birth onward (and also from previous lifetimes) each of you has unique life experiences. Along the way, you make choices. These experiences imprint in your memory, which are then stored in your physical and aural bodies.

These events can seem small, but being the basic foundations, they receive more strength as you have more experiences. (Read the entire Message for a more detailed explanation.) Now, we realize there are many possibilities for each pillar. Our desire is that you see how each person could respond in a myriad of ways to each basic event. That event causes an initial belief code. Reactions and belief codes triggered by future events will be added to the pillars. Through time, the pillar gets stronger and stronger until you now have an entire building with walls that are impenetrable.

I would like to take time to make a distinction between love-based belief codes and fear-based belief codes. Love, in all forms, whether they are thoughts, words, actions or emotions are free flowing. They wisp in and out, flowing through the Universe creating waves of sensuality and causing tides of yumminess. Fear, on the other hand glops together, creating a dense mass that is hard to penetrate.

Fear-based emotions and thoughtforms are what we are addressing today. As your pillars were constructed with fear and negative thoughtforms, they created a substantial web of interrelated belief codes. The physical pillars are within your body, being charged with neural sensors and deposited in various locations in your body. Through time, they will destroy your health as they manifest in a variety of diseases. Please read Louise Hay’s* books to understand how to de-code the physical manifestations. With sincere desire, you will be able to uncode these thoughtforms before they manifest physically. In addition, they must be eradicated from your aural field in order to not cause you problems in the future.

To change these belief codes, they must be unraveled, one at a time. At times, they’ll be like dominoes; when you break through one belief code, many others that were built on that premise will dissipate, as well. What is actually happening within your body is that you are re-wiring the neural transmitters in your brain. There is much scientific evidence to help you discover the reality behind this.

With assistance from Akbal 4, we invite you to look into your shadow sides, whether they are from dreams or your awake time. Listen to your body; the belief codes are stored there. These codes can take years to unravel, but the good news is that there is a fast track. Love is the answer. Facing your fears is your homework assignment. You can begin today by facing your fears, observing and knowing what is stopping you from reaching a goal. By walking through your fears, the belief codes will start to tumble.

The key is to look at the base of your pillars: truth, strength, honesty and desire. Each step you take towards speaking your truth, standing strong for what you believe in, being honest with yourself and others in all aspects of your life and the desire to move forward to experience your passions will lead you closer to living the life of your dreams.

Most of you will need to chip pieces off the pillars and do minor repairs while many of you may have to blast the pillars down and totally rebuild. Either way, as you rebuild your pillars, you will be rewarded with a life full of hope, promise and incredible joy.

Happy building!  Akbal 4   To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 43 at:


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