Here and Now: Day 49, Muluc 10

HERE AND NOW   There are infinite possibilities in every moment from which you can choose your next project or experience. How do you narrow the possibilities without becoming overwhelmed?

We invite you to dream your highest dream of what you wish to manifest in your personal life, your public life and the planet as a whole. Go beyond what you think is possible and let your imagination run wild. Set aside quiet time each day for this purpose. As you envision the utopia you wish to experience, begin jotting down ways you want to be a part of creating this dream. Don’t be concerned with any current fears you have: money issues, lack of education, belief codes. You are in the imagining stage, honing down the limitless list of possibilities to a more manageable size.

As you list possible ways to help co-create this utopian society, pay attention to how each idea feels. It is also good to reflect back on the experiences you have already had, paying attention to those that energized you and got your passionate juices flowing. Perhaps there were certain aspects of a particular job or project that you liked although you didn’t care for the other parts. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Now it is time to get your creative energies flowing. Start looking at possible ways you can weave the parts you are passionate about with the exciting experiences you wish to create along your Path. Remember to push away fears of possible outcomes, monetary or education needs and all other issues that might block you from the pursuit of your ideal Earth. Continue to dream big!

Like a cheerleader, energize this vision with love, golden light, joy and a knowing that it can happen. During this process, it may be best not to share what you are doing with others. If they are of a lower frequency, they may negate your dreams to the point where you fall back into the humdrum. Worse yet, psychics and well-meaning friends may impart their ideas into the way your utopia should look. Without realizing it, you may be persuaded to change your selections and end up going down paths that don’t energize you.

The next step is to start choosing ideas that feel good to you. Does the thought of one part of a project generate excitement and an array of creative ways to make it happen? Does the thought of another part of the project feel heavy, leaving you with thoughts of, “Oh yuck, I’ll have to do this or that to make it happen.” Start listing the pieces that excite you. Consider ways to help energize those parts of the dream: posting a list, drawing pictures of it, creating a vision board, etc. Start looking at the steps you need to take to reach these goals. Are there classes to take? Do you already have the skills? If so, have they been on the back burner and is it time to take steps to turn the heat up a notch?

Know that you are not locking anything into place. You still have free will and the creativity to modify your choices. The key is to start making active choices. Every one of you has the same amount of time in a day. The choice as to how you spend this time is yours. Your dietary and resting patterns will help increase the amount of energy you have to put towards any of these goals. Once you have your ideas firmly planted, then it is good to sit with your Guides and set clear intentions on what it is you choose to experience.

You can ask for their help in clearing the paths and helping you recognize the persons, places and events that will energize and support the goal to reach your dreams. At this time, with discretion, you can share your dream with others. Surround yourself with those who support you. Find those with the same intentions and work together. The power of focused group intention is exponentially stronger with each person who adds their intention to the dream. Together, you can create Heaven on Earth.Selamet!  Muluc 10

To read this Mayan Messages in its entirety, scroll to Day 49 at:



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