Laughter IS the Best Medicine: Day 51, Chuen 12

LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE  Welcome to this grand and glorious day! You are encouraged to take care of yourself and truly lighten up. Begin by laughing. Deep, hearty, belly laughs.

Get your energy flowing. Work your internal muscles. This will energize you. Do this anytime your energy is feeling low. Although it may not be socially correct, do it anyway and encourage others to laugh with you.

How many business meetings would be less boring and more energized if they began with a good belly laugh? Wow, wouldn’t those creative juices flow then? Those who work with children, take laughter breaks. So often in educational settings, their giggles and laughter are reprimanded. Get them laughing and watch their attention spans increase dramatically!

When you have gatherings of a spiritual nature, take time to have laughter sessions. Rejuvenate the energy and get it flowing. Joy is the essence of your Being. Feel the joy awaken as you laugh with uncontrollable mirth. It has been proven by scientists that laughter is wonderful exercise for the internal organs. Laughter is the best medicine and it’s free! There would be a lot less reliance on medical systems if people would laugh off their woes.

When you feel sad; laugh. When you feel tired; laugh. When your energy runs low; laugh. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!

There are Laughter Clubs* springing up all over the world. Globally, people are reaping the benefits of gathering to laugh. As each of you comes out of the closet and allows yourself to laugh when you need it, doors will open wide for others to follow suit.

Laughter from deep inside releases hormones at subatomic levels. It enhances awareness as you inhale more oxygen, bringing more creativity into your life. When you yawn, you are bringing in more oxygen as you relax. When you laugh, you are bringing in more oxygen as you prepare to be more active.

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* “Laughter Clubs use a systematic program of deep breathing, gentle stretching and laughter exercises that encourage playfulness and a balance of mind, body and spirit. They don’t use jokes or comedy routines, so all you need to bring to a Laughter Club meeting is the willingness to laugh. Come spend time with friendly people who laugh with each other, not at each other. Their laughter fitness program will prevent hardening of the arteries and hardening of the attitudes.

Dr. Mukund Mehta


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