Focused Prayers: Day 55, Men 3

FOCUSED PRAYERS  “We begin now by saying that you are loved beyond all measure. If you have not experienced your Angels, Spirit Guides or your concept of God, we ask that you trust that they do exist. They are ever-present to fulfill your highest dreams. You need simply ask for their help. When you pray, focus your intention on what you would like to see accomplished. Even though you may not fully understand the dynamics of how your prayers will be set into motion, pray anyway. Trust that your prayers are heard.

The more focused your prayers are, the more able we are to set into motion the events that will lead to your desired outcome. Wavering back and forth tremendously slows down the process while fears and doubts can fully block progression towards your goals. When you have thoughts such as, “I can’t have it. That is impossible!” the universe sees these as your truth and will not try to convince you otherwise.

Your Angels and Spirit Guides know that nothing is impossible and that you can have anything you desire. However, they cannot and will not impose anything on you that goes against your free will or is not in alignment with your belief codes.

This is why so many of our messages suggest that you look at your belief codes. Take them apart, brick by brick and examine them to see which ones are not structurally sound. When you enter this world and as you mature into adulthood, you will pick up other people’s fears and belief codes. Humans tend to mold their self-concept around the way they think others view them.

It is time to grow beyond those limiting beliefs. Take time each day to quiet yourself and examine these codes. During your daily activities, be mindful of your thoughts, your words and the judgments you place on yourself and project onto others. Where did the initial thought come from? Is it still relevant or do you believe differently now?

Pay attention to your behaviors. You will discover that when you change a belief code, the behaviors that accompanied them will remain unless you consciously change them, for they have become habits. Know that at any time, you can drop a belief code and stop an unnecessary habit. This can be done by switching your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking thoughts that you don’t want to have anymore, switch your attention to something else. Watch in amazement as you switch your attention to new things. A whole new world will open to you. You will notice things and wonder, “How could I have not seen that before?” You will begin to look at events through different eyes.

We encourage you to pay attention to every word you utter and every thought you think. Be especially mindful of gossip, whether it is about people within your circles or whether it comes from media sources. Your thoughts, words and emotions are more powerful than even the wisest among you can imagine.

If you truly want a utopian society that is full of love, grace and joy, then speak and think of nothing else. Take the steps necessary in your personal life to manifest these ideals. Share the good that has come of it with all who are interested in listening. Walk away from conversations that focus attention on problems rather than solutions. Let those involved know how their words are energizing the negative aspect. Have courage to teach others how powerful their thoughts, words and emotions are.

Be a problem-solver and surround yourself with activists that are focusing attention on the positive end of what you desire and watch the magic unfold. You are all powerful manifestors. With the added support from your Spirit Guides, miracles happen every day. Know that in one sense, we act as computers; we do as you command. We work from the energies you project, more than your words. If fear is the strongest emotion you are emitting, you will block your own progress. It is imperative that you discover fears and belief codes that are inhibiting your ability to create your desires.

We encourage you to make it a part of your daily practice to go within and seek out the dark glops of energized thoughts that no longer serve you and to replace them with the higher frequencies of love and gratitude. This was the initial purpose for setting up the Tzolkin calendar eons ago and it is still a valid application for your life today.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 55 at:


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