Advice vs. Sharing: Day 56, Cib 4

ADVICE VS. SHARING  Know fully that your Path is your path only. It is wonderful to share what you have learned with others, but quite another thing to manipulate and force your beliefs on others. Not one of you knows the full desires, intent or purpose of another’s life or why they chose to come to this Earth in the first place.

Acknowledge that everyone is unique. Each has enough wisdom within one’s self to make choices. Even addicts can pull themselves out at any time. Know that each is living their life to the best of their ability within the belief codes they currently hold. We know that it is difficult for you to watch those you love make choices that will cause them difficulty. However, we suggest you let them do just that. You have had your experiences; allow them to do the same.

Quite often, those who insist on giving advice only tell part of their story. How much stronger their stories would be if they shared their disappointments and the fears they were harboring when they made those decisions. Giving advice without sharing the entire picture of the emotions that fueled their experience is similar to giving someone a roadmap that leads to a destination other than the one the person has sights on. It’s a path, but not the one the other wants to follow.

Generally, giving advice has strings attached. “I’m going to tell you how to live your life. You should listen to me because I am wiser than you. Follow my instructions and your life will be easier because you won’t have to suffer the bad things I did. If you don’t do as I say, then don’t come crying to me when you fail. Do what you want, but I must say good-bye to you.” Although you don’t always say these things when you are giving advice (even though many of you do), these are the implications of your words to the listener.

Sharing knowledge has an entirely different energy surrounding it. The storyteller is simply sharing experiences. There is no judgment, no expectation that another will follow that path and there is no need to give advice. The attitude is, “This is my story, do with the information as you wish.”

It is no wonder that many of you are prone to lives where you feel compelled to give advice, for many of your religions are based on judgmental gods based on these precepts. Take time to truly reflect on your life and how you felt when you were judged by others. It is likely you felt powerless, subjected and idiotic. This is not love. Love is allowing others to create their own Path and to make their own choices.

Consciously choose belief codes you wish to live by. Courageously face your shadows, those fears that hold you back. Once you have done this, you will learn to bless the bad things you have said or done. You will bless the wrong decisions you made. You will then know the difference between giving advice and sharing knowledge. You will then understand how detrimental it is to give advice to others.

Then you will be able to teach others in a way in which you will be heard, for your energy will be different. Your message will be received with open hearts because it is being given with an open heart. Others are more likely to listen when someone approaches them with a compassionate heart rather than a sense of “I know what is best for you.” Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you know what is best for anyone.

We give you this advice; don’t give advice! Just kidding, we do have a sense of humor and we do wish the best for each of you. At times, our Messages may seem harsh, but we speak with love and from an advantage of being outside your realm of amnesia.

We look forward to being with you in the higher Realms. Until then, call on us whenever you want support. We are with you always. There are legions of us wishing to support you in all that you endeavor to do. Speak with integrity, set clear intentions and we will support you with no strings attached. You are loved beyond all measure; know this within your hearts.

Go forth and create a wonder full day for yourself!”     To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 56 at:



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