Body Dowsing: Day 57, Caban 5

BODY DOWSING   Every day, people are making choices. Some are beneficial to themselves, but not beneficial to others. Some choices people make are beneficial to others but not for themselves. Since you live in a world of polarity and free will, you can expect some will make choices that are detrimental to others and themselves. Each day, every one of you makes a myriad of choices, some good and some harmful, each leading you to the next decision. Every possibility is available to you.

How can you discern those who are speaking the truth? First, you can make a heart connection with these folks, on an individual basis. You need not do this face to face since many of your interactions may not be on a personal basis. On Day 36, we shared how to make heart connections with others. What I would like to emphasize today is how to make a heart connection with someone you have not met personally or when there is physical distance between you and the other.

In this case, you can make the heart connection by calling in your Higher Self. How can you do this? Simply state your intention. You can either do this aloud or hold a firm thought in your mind that you want to make a clear connection. Each of you are at varying levels of connecting with your Higher Selves. Some of you already have clear communication and can talk clearly, as though you were conversing with another person. Some of you are at the level where you require dowsing tools or body mechanics.

Those of you who are new to connecting, we will briefly introduce one form of body dowsing. It is not that we believe there is one system that is superior to communicating with your Higher Self; we mention this particular tool because of its simplicity and brevity in describing how to perform it. We do not want to get too far off task today; there will be other times when we will show you ways to make contact with your Angels and Guides.

The goal today is to learn a method by which you can know the energies of an E.T. or another human so you can better discern how to respond to their teachings. A simple form of body dowsing is to ask a direct question in a “yes” or “no” format. Keep the question simple; there is actually an art form to asking questions in a concise manner. However, for our purpose today, we ask you to practice with questions such as, “Is my name____? Do I have a dog? Am I a female?” Practice with easy questions you know the answers to. Avoid esoteric questions or those that are not your business.

First, stand erect in a balanced position. If your answer is a “yes,” your body will slightly move forward. In reverse, if the answer is “no,” your body will gently sway backwards. This technique is very subtle and works best when you are completely balanced, loose and hydrated. We suggest you practice any technique you choose quite often before relying on the results. This is also a great way to shop for food and vitamins. Simply hold the object in your hand or next to your heart and ask if it is in your best interest to take this product. There are many ways you can use this simple technique.

However, for today’s purpose, we are suggesting this technique as one of many possible ways to discern the level of trust you can hold in another person, whether they are of this planet or beyond. Those of you who are reading this out of curiosity, but do not believe in E.T.s, let it be known that there have been records of contact in many ancient writings, literature and art. Many times, the Angels were E.T.s. Even if you do not believe in E.T.s, you can use this technique to help with your interactions with humans.

The goal is to find out where the other person is coming from. Are they coming from a place of light and sincerely have your best interests at heart? Or, is the other Being from the dark and trying to manipulate you into doing something that ultimately is not in your best interest? Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between the two.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 57 at:



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