Transforming Belief Codes: Day 65, Chicchan 13

TRANSFORMING BELIEF CODES   Within each of you lies the power to change anything in your life that is out of balance. All this takes is courage and the conscious awareness that there is something out of balance that you can change.

What areas in your life are not suited to your liking? Does your work bring you joy? Are your relationships mature and satisfying? Do you spend recreational time in activities that are fun? Are you following pursuits that bring you happiness? Do you like your living situation? Are you physically fit? Does your income match the goals you wish to attain in this life? Do the goals you wish to attain bring you a sense of excitement? Are you working toward these things or are you feeling stagnated? There may be several areas in your life you would like to change. Today, pick one and let us find ways to create the life of your dreams.

First, take a few moments to quiet your inner mind and outer world. Let go of the thoughts of the day. As you breathe in and out, relax your muscles from your toes to your nose. This allows your left and right brain synapses to flow freely from one side to the other. Fill your heart with gratitude while focusing on the many blessings that are in your life. Being in a state of gratitude will increase the frequency of love within your body, allowing you clearer access to your subconscious mind.

Choose one area of your life you would like to change, it matters not which one you choose for you can return at any time and choose another area of concern. Notice where you are today with this situation. What areas are not working for you? You may wish to write down anything pertaining to this matter that is causing you unrest. Include things beyond your control such as what other people are saying or doing in relation to the matter.

Now, take as much time as you need to visualize how your life would be different if this situation were not present in your life. Write these things down; be creative and think big. Erase any doubts that come into your mind or any concerns regarding how impossible it would be to attain this vision.

Keep in mind this is only an exercise, you can change anything you wish along the way. You may choose to come back to this list at various times and add more to the vision. It is not uncommon for people to dream bigger as they work through their fears and beliefs. Also, it is quite common that as you release negative thinking and replace it with courage and a positive outlook, your dreams and desires will also change.

After you have your initial lists written down, begin with the list of things that are dissatisfying in regards to the issue you have chosen for today. Look them over carefully, one at a time and notice how you feel. Pay close attention to those items you have listed that cause you to feel anxious, upset, angry, frustrated or any other low frequency emotion.

Next to each one of these items, write the feelings that have arisen. What you will do each time you return to resolve this matter, is to go into each of these emotions and find the cause of them. As you practice this technique and allow yourself to feel these emotions, many times you will find that the initial cause of your discomfort has nothing to do with the present situation, it has simply triggered something from a past event. No matter what belief code you are operating under, it can be changed.

You may come to the understanding that things other people say or do that upsets you are triggering something inside yourself that needs attention. You can use this process to discover any belief codes you have running. When you are consciously aware of the belief codes that are triggering your emotions, you are then able to choose those you wish to modify or discard. This is what it means to be a conscious person.

No longer are you simply reacting to circumstances around you. No longer are you swaying like the flame of a candle in the wind. As you master your emotions and the belief codes that trigger them, you will become more proficient at making choices for your highest good. You will learn to dream bigger as you release the fears and judgments that have kept you imprisoned. As you discard concerns about how you feel others think you should speak, dress or behave, you will blossom into the beautiful, unique flower that you are. These changes take time, energy and courage.

You have taken years to create the belief codes that currently rule your life. You have fallen into patterns of spiraling negative thinking. Your attainment of freedom is directly proportional to your desire to free yourself from these patterns. Limiting thoughts can be untangled, layer by layer, as you modify the belief codes that no longer serve you. Do not expect to attain enlightenment in one day.

What one does affects all; that is why it is important to be cognizant of what you think, say and do. Your emotions carry throughout the universe. Negative emotions glop with other negative emotions, which creates dense matter that can create havoc in your world. Positive emotions flow freely, blessing all that come along its path.

Which do you choose, a life of bliss or one of despair? Know that within yourself lies all you need to break the bonds. After all, it was you who created the bonds in the first place. Take responsibility for your actions and have the courage to move beyond limiting beliefs and to explore all that nature has to offer you. Have fun! Celebrate! Peace and joy to you!  Chicchan 13

This Message contains several practical examples. To read it in its entirety, scroll to Day 65 at:  You are encouraged to share these Messages  when you include the attached website. Would you like to support efforts to donate copies of the Mayan Messages to prison inmates?   Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree



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