INTENTION PROCESS   The intention process is very simple. You all do it on a daily basis, yet most do it unintentionally. Those who make great strides in manifesting their desires have learned the secret of consciously setting their intentions. We are here to share that secret with you. It is our hope that you use this knowledge always for what is in your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. We cannot overstress this. The following are steps to setting your intentions.

Clearly focus on one thing you wish to bring about.

State your intention, what it is you wish to experience. Always follow your intention with the phrase, “for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully”

Visualize yourself experiencing this goal, using your five senses.

Know that the steps towards its manifestation are now in progress.

Thank all of those who are assisting in creating this reality.

Expect the unexpected, your intentions may manifest in ways you don’t expect! The stronger your belief in the process, the more likely you will receive your gift. Do not waver on what it is you wish to experience. If you change your mind, then go through the above steps, stating your new intention.

The more emotion you put into the visualization, the more likely you will experience your desire. You may choose to do the visualization process several times, especially when you feel yourself wavering. Fake it ‘til you make it!

You may choose to post your intentions in places where you are likely to see them often throughout the day. Vision boards and post-it notes are ways to keep your attention focused on your goals.

It is up to you to follow your intuition and to stay in the present moment so you can recognize the steps needed to reach your goal. Many prayers are thought to be unanswered, when in truth, you didn’t recognize them and they passed by, unnoticed. Like all life changes, practice makes perfect. As you learn to rely on your intuition and develop communication between your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, your intentions will manifest quickly. Also, a little “thank you” goes a long way. Just as you like to be thanked for your hard work, Spirit Helpers also appreciate recognition.

You must also clear your energy daily so you will be a clear channel. Like a radio, if your frequency is not in tune, you will either get fuzzy reception or be on the wrong channel. You will also need to continue clearing blockages caused by fear and old habits. That is the purpose of these Messages. We are here to assist you whenever you ask. As always, we wish to remind you that within yourself is the power to make whatever changes you desire. We are here at your command, to be of service to you. This is our work and it gives us much pleasure to assist those of you who are ready to move forward towards receiving and understanding the true nature of unconditional love.

We take leave of you at this time. Have fun remodeling your life! Make this a day full of wonder!  Selamet!  Kan 6”   To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 84 at:  Please share this message with others, including the attached website address. The Mayan Messages are available for purchase on


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