Re-Patterning: Day 124, Kan 7

RE-PATTERNING   Within your brain, there are receptors that link to each other, creating belief codes. In order to change a belief code, you must also break the intention and the behaviors associated with it.

This is why doctors suggest that a patient breaks the pattern of eating habits associated with obesity. By paying attention to every morsel that goes into the mouth and the patterns associated with over-eating, such as snacking while watching movies and reading, the clients can monitor their behavior and change the codes in the brain.

This is the same way to break a belief code relating to religion, health or any other issue in your life. Begin today by going within and choosing a code you wish to change. Note the triggers that cause you to act or react in a specific manner. Choose the actions you would like to take instead.

Make a list of ways you can change this behavior, perhaps posting them somewhere as a daily reminder. Then state the intention to change these behaviors, preferably while peering at your eyes in a mirror. Be solid and strong as you make this statement. Then, lead your life as though the behavior is already changed.

Be mindful of the traps that have kept you imprisoned in these thoughts. Have the courage to say “no” when the temptation to fall back into old routines presents itself. Live your life in a way that enhances your new choices. Pay attention to the side tracks that are ever-present with the possibility of ensnaring you again.

You may need to change friends, move to a new location or make some drastic life-altering decisions. Keep your focus, without falling into the feelings of “woe is me.” Be proud of your choice and stand firm in the face of adversity.

You are reclaiming your life and working your way towards peace, joy and kindness. Who can fault you for that? Take charge of your life as you move towards the higher vibrations of love and kindness. Selamet! Kan 7



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