You Are Loved: Day 144, Kan 1


Each of you comes from Source. At one point, we all were a part of the energy that Source is. We cannot describe to you the beauty of this energy, for we ourselves have no full remembrance of how it was before we separated from Source. However, we know that the Dimension between where you currently reside and where we are is separated by a huge chasm of difference in the understanding of this Love.

We wish to impart to you the knowledge that you are fully loved by Source and us. There is never any judgment. Once you have detached from the Earth Realm, judgment does not exist except in other planes where this was created as part of their experience.

Speak to your Masters who reside on the Earth, they know this is true. They are the ones closest to understanding the true nature of the universe. You will know these Masters for they are meek and kind and spend much of their time in introspection and praying for the world. Their lives are devoted in service to mankind, never asking for payment, for they know all their needs will be met.

Read their writings, learn their ways and integrate those aspects that increase your capacity to love, unconditionally. Simplify your life so you will have increased time and energy to devote to those things that pull at your heart.

When you are feeling depressed or low, place your focus on the many blessings in your life. Fill your Being with the high-energy frequency of gratitude. This alone can easily bring you back into balance. Spend your days focusing on your blessings rather than the chaos surrounding you and you will regain your energy. Make this a habit.

When something occurs that pushes your buttons or creates fear, face it and overcome it as soon as possible. Sometimes this can best be accomplished when you “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Feel brave, act brave, speak bravely and soon you will overcome the dragon of fear you have created inside yourself.

We take leave of you now, encouraging you to focus on your blessings and to change the things that keep you from experiencing love. Know that you are loved and worthy of all you desire. Although you may be temporarily removed from Source, it is your soul’s desire to be granted this opportunity. Although much of what occurs on Earth is unpleasant, focus on the good and more good will come to you. This is one of the laws of the universe, like attracts like.

Go forth today attracting those things you wish to experience. We support and encourage you and send much love to you!   Selamet! Kan 1

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