PsyKids: Day 200, Ahau 5

PsyKids When children are born into families and societies with deep spiritual roots connected to Source and Nature, their chances of retaining the remembrance of their spiritual roots is exponentially increased.

These children are your teachers. Listen to what they say. Many are psychic and can read your energy. They know when you are speaking from your heart and when you are speaking from your mind. They take very literally the messages they receive from television programs and games. It is difficult for them to distinguish between fantasy and reality. When scolded, many of these children seem to overreact, for they literally take every word you say as reality.

Avoid giving them any toxins, especially immunizations and foods with preservatives and food coloring. These will lower their immune system, making it difficult for them to retain the abilities they have acquired.

These children come into the world with extra codes turned on. The basic reason most have come to Earth is to show the way of kindness and unconditional love. These children will soon grow to be our leaders. You on Earth have the ability at this time to take an evolutionary leap that has never happened on Earth or anywhere else in physical creation.

Let these children teach you to love unconditionally. They will lead you out of your box if you allow them to. If they ask to play with you, set aside all you are doing and follow their lead. Bend the rules of the game you are playing and you will find yourself having more fun than you ever experienced before. It is the rules in life that keep you in the box. Break out, make up arbitrary rules, ones that bring joy rather than focusing on competition. Learn to be inclusive; join with all others no matter what judgments you have placed on them in the past. Recognize everyone as your brother and love them as you love yourself; this requires loving yourself unconditionally.

Go outside and play like children. Find some children to play with. If you have no children around you, then buy some crayons, jump ropes or games you enjoyed as a child. Make sculptures with clay, paint rainbows, chase bubbles. Take a walk in Nature, looking at all with a child’s eye of wonder, releasing the need to label the plants, animals and insects you encounter. Sit still and perhaps you will be gifted by the touch of a butterfly or lizard. Regain your childhood innocence! Selamet! Ahau 5

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 200 at: Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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