Be Love Always, Manik 13, Day 247

Beloved, know that you are loved. Be love in all ways, always.

Make this your daily practice and be watchful as all fears and forms of disease fall to the wayside.

Celebrate yourself and stay connected with God Source, allowing all blessings to flow freely through you. This can best be done through maintaining positive thoughts, words spoken only in love and actions that are kind. All else is unworthy of your time and effort and leave you feeling separate from your Creator and your fellow man.

Go forth today, shining your light of love from within and outward to all that you encounter.

Be grateful for every opportunity that arises, looking for the blessing in all things. Some may be harder to accept as blessings, however, there is a gift in everything that occurs to you. Be mindful of this and for those things that happen that are less than pleasant, ponder ways to avoid these things in the future, for with the law of attraction, on some level, you have attracted it to you.

Empower yourself with the knowledge that God resides within you, not as an entity that you must beseech. Know that you have the ability to create your future with each moment and action that you encounter in this moment. Choose all experiences wisely, accepting as truth only those things that bring kindness, love, abundance, joy, peace and hope to you and from you. Selamet! Manik 13, Day 247

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  1. Today I am teaching a class on swadhishthana chakra, and this has a lot to do with what we will be covering about being open to what happens in our lives as well as using the energy of this chakra to attract what we like and repel what we don’t, but understanding the learning opportunity that is present when something we don’t like enters our life. I guess it just becomes about being fluid like water, and this chakra’s element is water, so it makes sense. Thanks for your relevant posts always. ❤


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