The Nature of Polarity: Day 2, Ik 2

THE NATURE OF POLARITY There were several reasons for creating a realm with this duality. Yesterday, we spoke of how the universes were created in order for souls to have the opportunity to experience “not love.” This would be impossible in a realm where all is one. Thus, the vast majority of new realms have been set up with a balance of both light and dark. For those choosing earth, you have the unique opportunity to choose what you wish to experience due to the creation of what you call “free will.” Know that each person “reaps what he sows” and that “like attracts like.” In this realm, everything has a “boomerang” effect. The more you give love to others, the more love you will receive in return. The more fear you impose on others, the more fear will be returned to you. We share this with you to let you know that although you have “free will” to choose whatever you experience, there are repercussions associated with each of your choices. If it is your desire to create “heaven on earth” then it is your responsibility to make the choices leading to your desired outcome. Each one of you that learns and practices inner peace and kindness towards another, moves one step closer to creating “heaven on earth.” Take time each day to reflect on your thoughts, words and emotions. Be mindful of your actions and reactions. Take time to deep breathe each day and to quiet your inner thoughts. Selamet! Ik 2 To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 2 at:


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