Human Evolution: Day 9, Muluc 9

HUMAN EVOLUTION All humans on earth are currently in a state of evolution. Whether each of you remains in a state of conscious or unconscious living remains to be seen. All knowledge of your spiritual nature is available to you. It is one of the laws of this universe that nothing remains stagnant; all is ever evolving. Humans are one species on earth with the capability to consciously choose the pace they want to evolve. As you begin to understand the power within you, it is likely that you will begin to shed layers of behaviors and belief codes that currently rule your life, keeping you from experiencing all that you desire. We encourage you to move forward, holding your head high and facing any fears you encounter along the way. Push yourself, especially when you have those “feelings” of knowing that you are on the right path. It is love of self and others that will break these codes. Compassion is the first step; this is learning to treat all with respect no matter what they say or do. Kindness is the next step: this involves learning to accept all people regardless of how they treat others. Forgiveness is another step, allowing others to experience whatever they choose without judging them. No one knows fully what fears or belief codes others are working with. No one has control over what another person believes or chooses to do. No one has the right or ability to take away the “free will” of another soul. It is when you can see that there is no need to forgive anyone and that you can truly love all others unconditionally that you will know that your homework is done. It is in this state of love that you will no longer have fear, anger, or resentment toward others or yourself. It is in this state of unconditional love that you can begin to enjoy heaven on earth, no matter if hell breaks loose tomorrow. Learn to live in the moment, fully present; for it is in the present that you will receive the gifts (pun intended). Selamet, Muluc 9
There is much more to this important Message. To read it in its entirety, scroll to Day 9 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree




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