FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT Today we choose to focus on the triad that represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit aspect that is found in many ancient traditions, using various names and symbols. What does the Father, Son and Holy Spirit symbology mean to you? We could ask this question of ten of you and get ten different meanings. The range is broad and this dialogue is short, so we shall narrow it down to one aspect that is relevant to you today.

In many traditions, the Father symbolizes the wise one. Your most valued father figures on Earth are those that impart wisdom to the young, discipline with a fair hand, instill courage and foster a thirst for knowledge and adventure.

The Son is symbolic of you, the reader, whether you are male or female. The Son/Daughter is the one who is a representative of the father. It is every father’s dream to have his child aspire to even greater heights than he has been able to attain. Often, the son/daughter is expected to carry on the traditions that are most important to the family. This can be a blessing or a burden.

The Holy Spirit is the Guide from the celestial regions. There are many aspects of the Holy Spirit. In today’s dialogue, we will look at the one closest to home, the Higher Self connection that each of you has with the part of your Self that is not incarnate.

How does this triad work together? Father is the creator of the universe. Wouldn’t it be natural to see the creator as all-knowing since only he (she or they) fully understands the complexity of all the organisms represented in your universe? Isn’t it highly likely that one who can create something out of nothing might also have the ability to do many other things that you currently cannot fathom?

What if, as promised in many scriptures, the Father has endowed upon you, his Sons/Daughters, to have the ability to create, through sound, light and clear intention? Indeed, each of you has the full ability to create many things in your life. Some have been making great strides in creating experiences and the means that allows these experiences. You are on the verge of making some remarkable discoveries as to how the Mastermind Creators operate.

Each of you has a direct connection with the third part of the triad, your Higher Self. (If you have not made a connection already, please read this Message in its entirety at the site listed below.) You can call on your Higher Self at any time for guidance and support. After all, it is your Higher Self that chose this incarnation. Who is better qualified to show you which path is best for you at any time? Always remember that your Higher Self has only your best interests at heart.

The Higher Self is always available. When you are feeling depressed or in a situation that causes you sadness or grief, call on your Higher Self to find ways to overcome your emotions and to walk the path of compassion, peace and joy. Your Higher Self can teach you how to manifest anything you want to experience in your life. Develop a habit of daily quiet time, meditation and prayer. Go within and learn to hear your Higher Self.

There are many avenues to your connection with your Higher Self. These come in the form of intuition, knowingness, synchronicities, coincidences, miracles, unexpected messages from others, loving voices in your head, connection with Nature, meditation, answered prayers and a myriad of other means. It all comes down to clear intentions and paying attention.

The Father is the creator of all. You, his Son/Daughter are part of that creation. Your Higher Self (the Holy Spirit) is that part who oversees the earthly incarnation that is You! Be in joy every moment and seek out the blessings in Nature. Be aware of your thoughts, words, actions and emotions, for these are your tools of creation. Selamet! Lamat 3

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 68 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-66-78/   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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