Promise of Abundance: Day 72, Eb7

PROMISE OF ABUNDANCE   Which do you truly desire, to be richly rewarded with emotions of peace, joy and happiness or is the lure of material wealth more satisfying to you? Most of you already realize from past experiences that no matter what you gain, there is still a lingering desire for more and better. Why is this? Mainly because you have stepped out of the realm of gratitude and live more often in the state of expectation.

When you expect something for your work or efforts, there is often dissatisfaction when your blinders are set solely on the outcome. Remove your blinders and watch in amazement as you discover myriads of options and experiences that were hidden from you before. Many times, we attempt to answer your prayers, but due to the blinders, you miss the yummy treats along the sides of the path. By taking your focus off the reward at the end of the race, you are more likely to discover other avenues of possibilities offered you.

Abundance comes in many forms. Abundance begets abundance. Giving for the sake of the expectation of receiving something in return is not the same as giving from the heart. When you give from the heart, you receive joy simply from the act itself. That is the true meaning of “what you give you will receive.” The joyful emotions are more long lasting and precious than the giving or receiving of material objects.

Many of you are discovering the bonds that material objects hold on you. After amassing objects, you realize how much time and energy is needed to maintain them. As you begin to sell or give away items that hold you down, you discover the blessings of simplification. Perhaps you will find that you can now afford your dream vacation because you don’t have to spend so much time and money maintaining your toys.

When you outgrow and release incompatible friends, you have more time and energy to pursue things that are closer to your heart. Many times, you unknowingly become role models as others watch you speak your truth and have a more fulfilling life. When you stop enabling others, you open doors for them to empower themselves; whether they walk through the door or not is their choice.

We suggest you look within for your true desires. Reach for goals that bring satisfaction and joy. As you walk your Path, learn to stay in the moment by observing all that is happening around you. Make choices that lead you toward your passion. Learn to say, “No, thank you” to events that pull you away from your desires. Be open enough to take risks that lead you out of the box.

Be in joy, every moment. Express gratitude to everyone and for everything that occurs in your life. It is difficult to see the blessings in some events. However, as you learn to forgive yourself and understand others, you will be able to find that indeed, there are blessings in all things. We go forth today with wishes of abundance for you and those you love. Spread the word and spread the joy!   Selamet! Day 72, Eb 7

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