Take Charge of Your Life: Day 86, Cimi 8

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE   The road to Heaven on Earth can be smooth or bumpy. It depends on how much those in power will relinquish control and how gracefully you are able to regain control of your life choices. We say “gracefully” because it is a means to achieving what you want through actions of love rather than reactions from fear.

Begin to visualize your dreams into reality. Take each step with love and regard for yourself and others, seeking only those things that are for your good and for the highest good of all concerned. Anything less will keep you in the polarity consciousness that now has you bound and gagged.

As you learn to release your fears and replace them with love, you will become further removed from the chaos that exists in your world. As more of you unite, the grip of those who have had you under their control will be loosened. The dragon is losing its power over you. As we stated on Day 83, befriend your dragons, for you all are truly one, from the same Source. Soon you will remember this truth and embrace your enemies as well as your friends.

The world can be a better place! You are the ones you have been waiting for! These are not idle words. Take them into your heart and let your light shine! Selamet! Cimi 8

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 86 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-79-91/   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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