Mirror Images: Day 98, Etznab 7

MIRROR IMAGES   When you feel emotions such as anger, fear or frustration, it is the result of an unresolved issue. Like a mirror, the person or event triggers a past experience, which was either too painful or too bothersome to deal with when it first occurred. It is imperative to live in the now and deal with all issues as they arise. This will keep your energy clear and retard any stagnant issues that cause disease in the body or emotional realm.

Your senses also bring up emotional issues from the past. Photographs, scents, songs, fabrics and tastes all have the ability to instantly take you back to a memory, sometimes one that has been deeply locked away for years. If the memory that arises causes you distress or discomfort, take time to go back and observe the event. Find ways to release any negativity related to this event. Perhaps there is someone you need to forgive; maybe your behavior was less than honorable and you need to forgive yourself. If you hold a victim mentality regarding this issue, now is a good time to release it. Accept full responsibility for your actions without beating yourself up with shame or guilt.

If there is any action you need to take to rectify a situation, do so. Send love to all involved, no matter how deeply wounded you feel. Know in your heart that you all come from the same Source and one day you will all return to the same Source. In the meantime, each of you is having a human experience.

It is imperative to forgive others; anger and resentment is always mirrored back. What you put out will return like a boomerang. If you tend to gossip, others are likely to gossip about you. If you are a sharing person, it is likely people will share with you. This is one of the basic laws of this uni-verse. You all have one voice that ripples forth like waves when a rock is thrown into a stream. What you say and feel goes forth instantaneously and is felt by all. Although much of this happens on a subconscious level, it is part of your reality.

By sending love, you will open a pathway for energy to flow. The other person need not know what you are doing. Although no words are spoken, the emotion of love will be felt on whatever level the recipient is able to receive. It is also dependent on your ability to send perfect love.

Love is universal; it is the highest frequency of energy that exists. If you open your conversations with this energy, it is much more likely you will communicate thoughts of highest integrity. You will find that you use new words and new ways of expressing yourself as you practice this method. You will also notice that others become more responsive to you. If they feel you are speaking words of integrity, they are more likely to listen. Whether or not they choose to integrate your words into their reality is up to them. At least you have been heard. Magically, you will find yourself giving less unsolicited advice. Each person is walking a unique path and what works well for you may not be beneficial to another.

Look inside and find the areas that cause you unrest. Be objective and take responsibility for your actions. Forgive others, allowing them to be whomever they choose to be. This does not mean that you have to like what they say or do; it simply means to allow them the choice to be who they wish to be. Wouldn’t you wish the same for yourself? This is a good case of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Practice self-control. Give advice only when solicited. Do not be discouraged when others resist you. Allow yourself and all others to walk the path of their choice. Be happy and express your joy through heart connections with others. There really need not be words spoken when you make these heart connections, for all everyone truly wants is to be loved. Actions DO speak louder than words. It all takes practice and practice makes perfect!   Love yourself and all Beings! Etznab 7

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to day 98 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-92-104/ Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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