Love Thyself: Day 110, Oc 6

LOVE THYSELF   We are all from the same Source and will return to the same Source. Many of your ancient and religious teachings make the statements that we are all One, that we are brothers and sisters and indeed, this is true. Know it in your hearts, look into each other’s eyes and see this Truth. Until you know in your hearts that you are the same, you will create separation, which is the downfall of any civilization.

When humans create labels of separateness, all hell breaks loose. Heaven on Earth can be a reality when each of you consciously chooses to make it so. There is one underlying theme that can make this a reality, love thy neighbor as thyself. The problem is that many of you have not learned to love thyself. How can anyone expect to love their neighbor if he cannot love himself first? This is an impossible reality.

It always begins by going within. Many of you spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy on your outer self when it comes to grooming and appearances. Yet far fewer take time to go within and do the necessary grooming that allows them to shine their inner light. This is best done in deep meditation; however, you can also reflect during any moment of the day. This can only be done if your mind is not cluttered with fear or busy-ness that keeps you distracted from what is essential, love of Self. We encourage you to make a commitment to spend time working on your inner self. Learn to connect with your personal Spirit Guides; they are waiting for you to ask for their assistance.

Have the courage to look at the hurts and pains you have accumulated over time in order to start healing them. Your belief codes keep you locked into stinking thinking. Creating new belief codes that open doors to deeper love of self and others is your true salvation. Look at any beliefs that state that some are better than others, for these are not accurate. Each of you has within you the power to find the true love of Source; you need no mediators. Only you can forgive your trespassers.

Only you can choose to love all unconditionally. Only you can make the choice to be respectful of Nature. You are in charge of your destiny. We offer you keys to your salvation by simply asking you to go within and clean out the garbage that stinks and is heavy-laden.

There are many Paths to Source. Each of you has a unique blending of ideas and resources. Each of you is infinitely important and loved by those whom you may not even know exist. We are speaking of those who reside in Dimensions that most of you are unable to see with your physical eyes. Know that we are ever-present, willing and able to assist you in your ascension process.

It is time to move forward into higher Dimensions. We long to have you by our sides again. We see your tears and hear your pleas as you live in this realm of forgetfulness. It brings us great joy when a brother finds his way home, remembering his true roots. We offer our assistance to bring you closer to home, as well. Life on Earth will be much easier when you remember your family and can count on your brothers and sisters for support. Know that you are One with the uni-verse (one voice) and that you have at your fingertips all possible solutions to eternal joy and peace!   Selamet! Oc 6

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 110 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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