Cohesive Prayers: Day 133, Ben 3

COHESIVE PRAYERS   What we suggest is before you pray for anyone or any event, hydrate your body with pure water, go within, tune into your Higher Self, then ask if the prayer you are about to request is appropriate. If you get a positive answer, then call in the Higher Self of all those involved and ask the same question. Often, you will find that it is not your business.

Another area that needs clarity is in group prayers. We will use the example of “world peace.” The group spokesperson states the intention, “We are gathered here to focus on creating world peace.” Yet rarely are the people involved setting off cohesive thoughtforms. Some of the people in the circle may be visualizing the rounding up of government officials they label as criminals, perhaps even seeing them suffer horrendous deaths. Others may be visualizing armed troops moving into foreign countries, gathering up and torturing terrorists. Others may be visualizing everyone on Earth filled with peace, getting along with everybody and living happily ever after. This is a fairy tale and not a good solution, either, for the results generally are that people give up their voice to keep peace at all costs.

We see this type of incoherency repeatedly in your gatherings. We suggest you take care of yourself first, so you can better understand how peace feels and how to release judgment. Until you have a firm grasp of unconditional love and inner peace for yourself, your prayers will be skewed by your misunderstanding, which many times are erroneous and lead to more confusion.

Prayers can be very powerful. Each thought, word and emotion you energize sends ripples throughout the universe, gathering force and momentum. If these are thoughts of love, they flow freely, blessing those who are open to receiving love. Thoughts that are not of love, although you may righteously believe they are, glop together causing more hatred and strife instead of peace on Earth.

Treat all with respect and help others learn to do so by your example. Set aside your judgments and stop talking about things that you are not an authority on.   Selamet!  Ben 3

There is much more to this Message. Read it in its entirety by scrolling to Day 133 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.  Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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