Energy Cycles: Day 163, Akbal 7

ENERGY CYCLES   When the world was created, masculine energy came first. This created quite an imbalance, so feminine energy was introduced. Through time, these energy fields have shifted back and forth from masculine, to feminine or a balanced combination of both. As you look back on recorded history, you can tell which energies were prevalent. When masculine energy is pervasive, there tends to be more aggression. During periods in which feminine energy is dominant, there tends to be times of peace and harmony.

Every culture cycles between these energies. Although a culture may be matriarchal, they still have episodes in which the masculine dominates. You are now seeing the end of masculine dominance in many cultures. For the first time in mankind’s history on Earth, you literally are a global community. Very few cultures are intact, untainted by commercialized countries. The cultures that do remain are mostly gentle people who have been holding the feminine energy as a means of balancing the overriding masculine energy. The world is now coming together in a more balanced way. Goddesses and women worldwide are gaining more positions of leadership and empowerment. There will be an increased amount of peace on Earth as this occurs. More gentle men are also gaining leadership roles. The heart is now overcoming the head throughout every area of your societies.

It is now time to remold your war implements into gardening utensils. It is time to return to living peacefully, sharing with each other. This world was designed to be a place of cycles, allowing for many possibilities not available elsewhere. A new era is dawning in which the feminine energy will allow for a gentler transition than has been experienced in the past. As women gain their freedom and become empowered, they should be mindful to stay in balance. It is easy for those who have been suppressed to become suppressors. It does not help anyone to be vengeful; those thoughts and actions are detrimental to the healing of the masses. Treat all with kindness and compassion. Teach the persecutors by your example.

For eons, holy men and women have held the energy of the Earth through their diligent prayers. Most have now passed on, leaving the torch for the next generation, which is you, your children and grandchildren. It is time to take the torch and light the fires under those who wish to be a part of this great Transition. Only those who are of the highest degree of integrity will cross the Veil while in physical form. In order to prepare yourself, you must clear your energy field of masculine energies such as aggression, fear and control. Learn to balance these energies within yourself.

Allow others to express themselves freely, without judgment, and watch as they flourish. The separation between male and female needs to be healed. Know that all are equal. In many Dimensions, there is no distinction between male and female. This is just one more aspect of the polarity world you live in. There need not be a complete melding of the two energies, for both have specific roles. What is desirous is to blend the strengths of each in a balanced way that offers freedom to all.  Selamet!  Akbal 7

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 163 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.  Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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