Mirror Images; Day 178, Etznab 9

MIRROR IMAGES   Every person you meet, every experience you have, every thought you think, every animal or plant you encounter has the ability to mirror a message to you.

You have the ability to change anything in your life, including your emotions, in the twinkling of an eye. Just as no one can make you happy, only you can keep yourself from experiencing happiness each moment of your life.

Everything is simply an attitude away. How can you change your attitude and maintain a positive outlook in all situations? Through diligence, observation and choice. This is why the work of moving through fears and belief codes is of utmost importance.

Until you release the blocks that keep you locked into low-level energies and attitudes, you will miss myriads of joyous opportunities. You will begin to see life in an uplifting new perspective once you release all judgments and impediments.

Free yourself from emotional blocks and energize yourself with thoughts of love while filling your body with healthy foods, and you will have more energy than you know what to do with! Stop yourself when you find that you are retelling stories from past traumas, they only re-energize the scenario, sapping your energy.

Do you wish to drain your battery with low-level endeavors or to energize your battery with high-level feelings of love and gratitude? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.   Etznab 9

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 178: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-170-182   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.   Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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