Be Sylly: Day 181, Imix 12

You have worked hard and often take your Path very seriously. Sometimes, it is good to relax, rest and simply be in joy. Today we ask that every time you pass a mirror, be silly. This also includes reflective surfaces such as windows and cars.

Make a silly face, smile from ear to ear, laugh, sing, whatever helps to get you out of serious mode. You may be self-conscious about what others will think. Work through it, invite them to join you, tell them you are lightening up and encourage them to do the same.

If you cannot encourage yourself to be silly in public, then do so privately. Make yourself laugh, be ridiculous, skip, jump, dance with wild abandon and begin to free yourself from the shackles of seriousness.

Let your serious side rest and be Sylly!   Celebrate!  Imix 12, Day 181 To read or purchase the Mayan Messages in their entirety, visit:

Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.   Have fun being sylly!  Theresa Crabtree


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