Beyond the Portals: Day 187, Manik 5

BEYOND THE PORTALS   We are talking about the portals going from one Dimension to another. Several of the higher Realms cannot be accessed by humans, simply because the energy frequencies do not harmonize. Again, it is like radio channels on different frequencies.

You, in your human form are vibrating at a very low density. You cannot tune into certain Dimensions because your frequencies are at a wide variance. As you become a more conscious and loving Being, you may begin to tune into other channels as your frequency increases.

At first there may be static, then you can begin to hear unintelligible chatter until finally you have clear reception. When you merge once again with your Higher Self, you will be vibrating at a higher frequency. At that time, you will be able to tune into several of the Dimensions that are currently beyond your range.

The Higher Selves of various individuals on your planet are at different stages of evolution. Each resonates at a frequency equal to the amount of love and compassion they currently embody. Thus, when you merge with your Higher Self, it is not necessarily true that you will immediately have remembrance of everything.

There are still levels to attain before one remembers and understands the essence of initial Source. We wish to share this information so you have a better understanding regarding inter-dimensional traveling. There are many of you who seek to transport to Realms that are currently impossible for you to enter.


Many feel frustrated and lose trust in their ability to reach higher Dimensions. They feel they are doing something wrong and spend much time trying to find out how to get where they want to go. It is like spinning your wheels in the mud. You may want to get out of the mud and hope to get to dry land, but your wheels go around in the same circle, spinning out of control while sinking deeper into the mire.

Be cautious when you approach a portal, for they are not all the same. They resonate at various frequencies. You may become ill if you spend any length of time on the Other Side if it is not compatible with your frequency. The portals are being closed to those with unkind intentions because their frequencies no longer match the frequencies of the Earth.

We wanted to enlighten those of you who are attempting to gain access to Realms beyond your current limits. Ponder these words and wisely choose where you wish to travel in your meditations and ask permission from your Higher Self before entering Realms unfamiliar to you.

Seek true shamans, for they are Masters of these Realms and will also be good guides for you. Many tout the use of psychedelic drugs to gain access to these Realms, but they are not necessary and often harmful to those who do not know how to use them properly.

Be wise, be clear and learn to be appreciative of the time you have on Earth. Longing to be elsewhere is a sign that you have not reached enlightenment.   Selamet!  Manik 5

There is much more to this Message to in its entirety, scroll to Day 187 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.

Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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