Nature Spirits: Day 189, Nature Spirits

NATURE SPIRITS   All plants have Nature Spirits overseeing them. There are myriads of these Beings living among you. Their role is to assist plants in obtaining their needs. When you go into Nature that is untainted by human hands, notice the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals. There is always a perfect balance.

These areas provide enough food for the wildlife. The number of wildlife in the area is naturally balanced. Trees shade bushes, which provide homes and shelter for animals and smaller plants. Insects assist with the clean up process, breaking leaves into perfect food for animals and plants. Birds have places to roost. Bees assist with pollination.

Nature Spirits assist plants as needed. There are many types of Spirits who have been given names such as: sylphs, gnomes, fairies, elves or little people. They have been spoken about in myths and legends for eons. When you have a yard that is large enough, set aside a special area for them where no humans trod and invite them to dwell in this space. If they accept your offer, you will find that these areas flourish when left undisturbed by humans.

Many Spirits are mistrusting of humans because they have seen the careless ways humans treat animals and plants. Humans who have a lack of gratitude are especially repugnant to them. Some Nature Spirits are delighted when they can communicate freely with conscious and caring humans. At this time in your history, Nature Spirits are open to working with humans, for they are having great difficulty maintaining balance within Nature due to man’s disrespect.

You can call in these Spirits and let them know you wish to work with them. They may not answer at first, but you can be sure they are watching to see how you interact with plants and animals. Not all of you will see them, because their vibrations are rather high. However, when you release your fears and replace them with loving behaviors, you may begin to catch glimpses or have full conversations with them.

Each species of plant has its own caretakers. For example, there are devas of sweet peas, oranges and cedar trees. These devas know what their plant species need. If you have a garden, there is a deva who oversees the entire project and can be invaluable when you are plotting the garden.

Pan is the overseer of Nature, often manifesting himself as part man, part goat. He is a real entity and is available to assist with your gardening and landscaping decisions. When you learn to communicate with the devas of your plants, the results can be astounding. Ask for their advice and know how to listen to their responses.

At times, you may receive answers that make no sense, but through time, you may discover why you were given that suggestion. Your gardening efforts will increase exponentially as you attempt to bring Nature back into balance. Tomorrow we will suggest some tools you can use to begin communicating with these highly intelligent Beings.   Selamet!  Muluc 7

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 189 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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