Day 14: Diet Affects Spiritual Growth

DIET AFFECTS SPIRITUAL GROWTH   In the beginning of human creation, your bodies were designed to eat the foods native to the place where you were born. With the advent of food transportation, each of you now has access to food that nature designed to be eaten by other cultures and which may create havoc in your body due to genetic differences. To make matters worse, chemicals have been added to preserve the life of these natural foods so they can handle the transporting process better. This includes the unnatural process of forced ripening, hybridization, genetic modification and grafting. The result is an unnatural product loaded with enough chemicals to kill insects, animals and humans.

Everything in this world vibrates at a specific frequency. Take into account any one factor such as genetic modification, herbicides, pesticides, processing, microwave cooking, etc. and the natural frequency will be modified. The vast majority of food that most of you consume has no life force in it. In most cases, the frequency is altered; it is the same as ingesting poison.

When your body is battered day after day with these low frequencies, it alters your innate ability to perceive through your psychic senses. In order to obtain full shamanic abilities, you must vibrate at a higher frequency. This can be done through diet, positive thinking and connection with spirit guides. As you enhance your ability to discern what is “good” for you, your ability to “know” what is good for others will increase. Once you begin to fill your bodies with organic foods and skin care products, you will be amazed at the results. Not only will you lose unwanted pounds, your energy will vibrate at higher frequencies.  Make good choices for yourself!    Selamet!  Ix 1

To read this important Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 14 at:   Please include this website when posting and sharing with others.  Many blessing, Theresa Crabtree


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