Day 29: Divine Trinity, Muluc 3

DIVINE TRINITY   On this day of Tone 3, we will look at the aspect of the Divine Trinity within your Self. The elements of three can be seen as your Inner Self, your Outer Self and your connection to your Higher Self. When you are operating from a “conscious” level in all three arenas, you have the potential to fully create your reality. The Inner Self is the “knowing” within each and every one of you. It comes from Source and is your inherent birthright. It is most known as “intuition” or a feeling of “knowing” something is true for you.

Many times, through life experiences, this knowingness is ignored, mistrusted. However, at any point, by simply paying attention and trusting in this inner guidance, your ability to hear and listen can dramatically improve. By following the leads which generally appear as coincidences and synchronicities, your life can truly become magical. Your Outer Self is centered around your five physical senses. It is your physical body and includes the way you portray yourselves to others. Many times, through life experiences, it is believed that the body, in this lifetime, incorporates your entire experience on earth. This is not true. There is much documentation to prove there is life beyond physical death. It is up to each of you to decide what you wish to believe.

The parameters of your life on earth will be dictated by those choices. Your Higher Self is that aspect of you that does not incarnate. It is your direct connection to your spiritual essence. When you have chosen to incarnate on earth, the majority of you come into existence with much of your spiritual memory erased or forgotten as you grow into adulthood. It is essential that part of your spiritual essence remain on a higher dimension to help Guide you so that you do not get “lost” during your chosen time of “amnesia.”

At any moment in time, you are free to connect with your Higher Self and ask for assistance for anything, no matter how trivial. Your Higher Self is there to oversee the angels and others who assist you to keep on the main Path of the map that you have charted for yourself before entering this human vessel. When you realize that your Outer Self is a vehicle that allows you to experience life, when you are fully in your integrity and able to speak your truth to all you encounter, then you have incorporated one phase of your Divine Trinity. When you use your Inner Self to connect with your Higher Self and take notice and act upon those clues to help you stay on the Path, you are then a fully realized Human Be-ing, rather than a human do-ing. See yourself as a beacon of light.

Have courage to speak your truth, shine your light on others so that you will see them as the perfect spirit beings they are. Be a role model to those you encounter. Shine your light inward to reveal those parts of yourself that you are now ready to change. Are you living your full potential? If not, what light can you shed on the fears that hold you back? What are you waiting for? In the twinkling of an eye, each of you has the ability to remember who you are, where you came from and where you have been thus far.  Selamet!  Muluc 3

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 29 at:  Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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