Day 92: Feed Each Other

FEED EACH OTHER  Today we would like to focus on the issue of poverty. Many among you are homeless and starving, more than ever before, as a result of war and mismanagement of resources. Not one single person on this Earth needs to die of starvation. There is plenty of food available, but due to greed, ignorance and superstition, many die while lying in fields of plenty. Are you aware of the huge increase of obesity and malnutrition in your westernized societies?

The starving children in third world countries are better off in many cases than those who have huge stores of fat in their bodies. Both are starving, yet western societies are overloaded with toxins that their bodies do not know how to process. Gain control of your food sources and enjoy a healthier life. Many countries with a high increase of starvation have plenty of sources for nourishment.

However, their governmental regulations and religious beliefs keep them from partaking of what they need to sustain their lives. There are many entrenched belief codes to break that must be addressed in order to save lives. One way to do this is to share information, as well as bags of rice. Start at home, where you live. Look around; there are bound to be homeless people in your area. Find out the needs in your community and choose ways you can assist in solving the problem.

Perhaps you can house a homeless person until she can get back on her feet. Maybe supplying a food bank with provisions or volunteering your time to deliver these goods is appropriate for you. Consider fasting once a week and giving the food you would normally eat to someone who has not eaten in days. Many of you have the means to work on a more global level. Again, find the need and choose a way you can be of assistance.

It is hard to break through a culture’s religious beliefs, but this will be imperative in some cases. Be careful not to place your belief codes or values on another. The goal is to assist others in being able to support themselves. Teach them how to garden, how to fish and how to prepare foods in a healthy manner. Warn them of the dangers of GMO foods, pharmaceuticals and the interference of large corporations. Have compassion for your fellow man.

It could very well be that the knowledge you share may save a country from the devastation wreaked by these corporations. Think communally; you all are brothers and sisters. Set aside your differences, rebuild your war-torn cities and nurture each other as equals, knowing that each of you is a child of the same God. We ask that you begin today to find ways to help and support one another and to build a global community. Thank you, Eb 1

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 92 at:  Please include this website when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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