Day 102: Return to Tribe

RETURN TO TRIBE   Take time today and begin to dream big. What do you want your life to look like? What are your passions and how can you fit them into your life? Begin to create what you wish to accomplish through clear visualizations. If you can see it in your mind, you can create it in your reality. Allow yourself to be the person you wish to be. Work through issues that leave you feeling as though you have little worth or self-esteem. Know you are a magnificent Being of light, here on Earth for a moment’s experience with plans to return to the Source from whence you came.

Once you can accomplish these goals, you will be able to unite as One on Earth. Erase any feelings of separation and embrace each other as brothers and sisters. Remove any thoughts of racial or intelligence domination. Release any judgment against them and any feelings of inferiority or superiority over them. Make a heart connection with each. All are One, no matter what culture you come from, no matter what belief codes you choose, no matter how you behave toward others.

You still all come from one Source and one day you will all return to one Source. Try to hold this image in your mind. You all are walking different paths, yet each path is necessary for the survival of all. Try to build a home by yourself and you will understand what I mean. Feed yourself with no help from others and quickly you will realize what a boring diet you have. Be responsible for clothing yourself and learn what limited resources you have. It takes individuals to make a tribe.

Every emotion you have is a choice, yet most of you operate on subconscious levels and have not realized that you have control over how you feel and react to others and to situations that arise in your life. You have the choice of being the grumpy one in the bunch or a happy member of the community. Take a conscious look at how you respond to others and take responsibility for your actions, both past and present. If you truly desire to have a utopian society filled with peaceful and loving members, then you must be what it is you wish others to be. Selamet! Ik 11

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 102 at: Please include this website when sharing with others. Many blessings and blissings! Theresa Crabtree


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  1. Posted by jan beaton on August 30, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    would like to ask do you start these days at the begining of the year and when you get to day 260 which would be at the end of october then start day 1 at begining of november

    Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 03:08:01 +0000 To:


    • Hi Jan, The Tzolkin calendar has been in existence on earth for hundreds, and perhaps thousands of years, repeating the 260 day over and over. The current cycle began on May 21, 2015 and ends on Feb 4, 2016. If you would like to follow the Tzolkin calendar, go to the pink box at the top of There, you can download or print a copy of the current Tzolkin calendar as it flows in rhythm with the Gregorian. It also includes the title of each day’s Mayan Message. Blessings, Theresa


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