Day 146: Sexual Dysfunction

SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION   There are many of you who have purposely used sex to manipulate others. Perhaps you wanted to win someone over or felt that you could get a better job if you “put out.” Many have worked as prostitutes for a source of income. There are others who have tried sex to see what it was all about. Others abstain from sex, thinking it is a dirty sin. There are those who abstain from sex as a method of remaining pure, using their chakra energy for other purposes.

Whatever you choose, we do not judge. However, we do hope that those of you who feel guilt and shame for sexual conduct that you are presently or previously indulged in will cease to condemn yourself. We suggest you look deeply at the activity that you have negative thoughts towards. If it was an issue from the past, then forgive yourself. If there is a need to apologize to another for something you have done, then do so. If it is not appropriate to forgive or apologize in person, then visualize yourself forgiving or apologizing to that person until you feel the energy leave you.

Holding on to guilt and shame keeps you in victim mode. In order to get out of this pity party, you will need to empower yourself. If this was a sexual act that happened in the past and you continue to feel guilt or shame, then state to yourself that you choose not to feel guilt or shame anymore. Then follow through by no longer allowing yourself to dwell on such thoughts. If you are presently engaging in sexual conduct that causes you to feel guilt and shame, then you have two choices. Either give up the conduct without going into pity party mode or loosen up your belief codes around sex and begin to enjoy the activity.

However, we do not suggest continuing any behavior, sexual or not, if it is not in your highest good or the highest good of all concerned. You can choose whatever behavior you desire, although we are here to encourage you to discontinue any behaviors that keep you feeling like a victim or treating others with unkindness. One thing to consider is to forgive anyone who has transgressed you, whether it is sexually based or not. Until you release the negative energies associated with feelings of unrighteousness and manipulation, you will not be able to attain high levels of love. You can hold only one emotion toward any event at one time. You will either have a high frequency emotion or a low frequency emotion attached to the memory. Which do you choose?

When you first revisit some of your painful memories, there may be fear involved, but we encourage you to face them in order to be able to push through them. It is time to give up the rosy façade that all is well and ask for help, whether with us, your friends or a therapist. No one has led a perfect life. No one has walked his Path without receiving pain on some level. We are here as your brothers. You as a culture have separated yourselves, many times making yourselves inaccessible to each other out of fear or reprisal. It is time to set aside judgments and reach out to strengthen each other. Many of you walk around wounded, continually looking for ways to protect yourself from being hurt. Your walls of protection are strong.

No one can assist you until you are ready to begin dismantling your walls. If each of you today were to choose kindness, sorrow could end overnight. Ponder on this thought and decide for yourself which path you wish to choose, to stay within your walls of protection or to open the door and walk into the unknown. We hope you choose the latter. We are here to support you. Go forth and make this a better world for yourself!   Selamet! Cimi 3

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 146 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.   Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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