Day 149: Addictions

ADDICITONS   Many have been plagued with addictions of various types since early childhood. Some of you developed addictions such as alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs and overeating as a medication to ease unresolved pain. Resolve those pains, change your behaviors and your life will unfold. This may sound simplistic, but it really is all that needs to be done.

Release yourself from the feelings of being a victim or punishing yourself for what others have chosen to do. Not one of you is perfect, each has caused pain or suffering toward another, even if it was unintentional. Some of you have chosen food substances such as sugar or coffee as your addictions. Perhaps your life was not sweet when you were growing up or perhaps you need a burst of energy, looking for coffee to supply you with energy when yours is depleted.

Many have become addicted to cigarettes due to the temporary relaxed state you feel or because you wanted to be like your peers. All are reasons locked in belief codes that are not for your highest good. Others have chosen sex, careers and extreme sports in order to get an emotional high. Often this results when a person is spending an enormous amount of time and energy involved in things that do not satiate his/her passion.

Look at obsessive thoughts and actions that come to your attention. Sometimes, they are past life issues triggered by current events. Some addictions are created through habits learned from your family and friends. However, once they become a problem for you, unless you are able to turn from them, this is an indication of a deeper problem.

We ask you to take notice of where you place your time and energy. If these habits are not in compliance with your highest good, you would do well to change them. We do not judge anything you choose. We simply wish to bring to your attention that incessant thoughts and behaviors are based on belief codes. You have the power to change the codes and the behaviors that leave you drained or cause you to feel shame and guilt.

Know that you are worthy of love, perfect and pure in all ways, always. This is hard for many of you to believe because you are so enmeshed in the reality of this Realm. However, look around and notice others who are happy and full of joy. Ask them how they came to have a life they enjoy. Seek ways that feel fitting for you. There is no-thing you cannot overcome. Face your addictions and enjoy your recovery as you re-discover your true Essence!   Selamet! Muluc 6

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 149 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.   Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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