The Soul Cleanse Spirit Team and Theresa Crabtree invite you to experience a special group
Solstice energy Cleanse from the comfort of your own home!

The Cleanse will be performed on December 22, 2015
in the morning hours, Orlando, Florida time (EDT).

You do not need to “tune in” during the Cleanse,
your Soul will ensure you are energetically connected.

During the Suol-stice Cleanse,
you will experience the following blessings.

Chakra Alignment and Attunement
Balance of Energetic Flow Within Physical Body and Auric Field
Auric Shield Repair
Energetic Cleansing of your Home, Automobiles and Pets
DNA Enhancement
Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing
Many non-beneficial cords from this lifetime will be cut, healed and sealed.

In addition, The Soul Cleanse Team and Heavenly Helpers
will shower you with their love, gratitude and healing energies.

Suggested donation: $5-20 USD

Unable to make a donation? Just let me know.

Sign up today at: http://www.t-a-d-a.com/Events.html


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