Day 1: In the Beginning

In order to experience this realm fully, it was necessary to have the memory of your true spirit nature “erased.” Before coming to earth, you chose the basic scenarios that you wanted to experience. There are many other spirit friends and guides that agreed to work with you in order for you to have these experiences.

It is very much like a play. While in your spiritual essence, you are the playwright. You create the backdrop and the plot and you develop the cast of characters. Most of you on the earth plane today have been here many times before. During those times, each of you played many roles. You may ask, “Why? For what purpose?”

In the full version of this Message, we share with you a brief synopsis of the creation of this world. You can find a simple, yet understandable version in the parable, “The Little Soul and the Sun,” by Neale Donald Walsch online, here is just one link:

To read this important Mayan Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 1 at:   Please include this web address when posting or sharing with others.


Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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