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  1. Posted by wakeupwithsmile on August 27, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    Just want to ask for your permition to translate the Messages on serbian language, to put on my blog…I will post the links to original.
    Peace & Love


  2. Did you know you can HEAR the Tzolkin?

    In the 1980’s, Jose Arguelles exposed the Tzolkin as an Harmonic Module. Accordingly, after learning that, I was challenged to translate the Tzolkin into sound. Shortly before the Harmonic Convergence, I met that challenge, producing a recording of most of the Module’s key portions and calling it “The Loom of Maya”, after a chapter by the same name in Jose’s book, “The Mayan Factor.” Years later, after developing more in depth audio Tzolkin translations, I realized the dynamic cognitive and consciousness enhancement properties the translations have. Since then, one of my aims in life has been to make experiencing the Tzolkin most easy for all people via sharing my work with the world. You can hear the Tzolkin and also experience audiovisual transations of It at here:

    These are not my creative works, per se. My goal has been to maintain a strict objectivity, in order to provide people with a literal tonal and chromatic experience of the Tzolkin. My work isn’t related to the Dreamspell, the Mayan Oracle or any other popular publication nor does it require learning names and symbols and correlations etc.; it’s a pure, genuine, authentic expression of the Tzolkin based on its frequencies. I invite you to stop by Elvea Systems and experience this wonderful expression of the Tzolkin for yourself.

    Blessings to you! In Lake’ch.

    Michaele de Cygne
    Art of Pop


  3. Greetings, In Lake’ch,

    Much, much work went into the Mayan Cosmology, many different Mayan groups emergesd at different locations and times. Cultures rise, peak, produce a flower…and then they slip into the indulgences of success.

    ( My interpretation ) of Pacal Votan was that he and his Zuvuya Travelers saw the inevitablity of stagnation after a couple of generations. So they left, they went undergroud…Much like the Magi went underground after the birth of the Christ.

    Seeds are planted in many p[laces, and many hidden enclaves are still hoding the sacred lore. Many clues have been published. A work lies ahead of us…

    Together, In lak’ech, we ( my viewpoint ) may find it possible to “harness” consciousness ( human electro-magnetism ) which terrestrial, solar and the galactic magnetism. This is a Kuxxan Suum tendency, located in the Cosmic Quantum Fields…

    But we need to band together, promote each others works, sing many songs, study the Tzolkin Matrix, locate the Quantum Reality of the I Ching Matrix of Consciousness located , like a Cosmic Crystal within the Tzolkin Matrix.

    Anyway, much peace to all you splendid Homies, Zuvuyas, Akashic Time Trippers.

    The Festivals of Light are Coming !!!


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