Days 118 – 130

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This Trecena (13 day cycle) is overseen by the Day Keeper Etznab. In Mayan tradition, Etznab is often symbolized by a smooth obsidian stone that has been highly polished and used as a mirror to view one’s inner self. Etznab offers the mirror effect of seeing yourself reflected in the actions of others and in every experience that presents itself to you. Etznab offers the opportunity to view each experience as a way to reflect your inner truth, to uncover belief codes that no longer serve you. Etznab also offers you the opportunity to change unwanted behaviors. Is someone “pressing your buttons?” Call on Etznab to help you see what is being reflected back to you, begging to be noticed or transformed.



Day 118 – Hologramic Universe

Day 119 – Use Time Wisely

Day 120 – Ascend with Grace

Day 121 – Remove Your Masks

Day 122 – Master Your Life

Day 123 – More Than a Human Be-ing

Day 124 – Re-Patterning

Day 125 – Self Love

Day 126 – Create Your Reality

Day 127 – The Grand Experiment

Day 128 – The Root of All Evil

Day 129 – Responsible Sex

Day 130 – Decrease Fear, Increase Love



MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  118

Etznab  1             Hologramic Universe

I am Etznab 1. Welcome to this time of sharing. We would like to address the topic of love once again, for it is of foremost importance. If you have been following the suggestions in the previous Messages, you will find yourself in a much higher state of love than you were in the beginning. Many have already worked through several issues allowing them to move closer to their potential. What we offer today is to reach one step higher in your understanding and implementation of unconditional love.

Love is an elusive emotion. It goes much farther than being just a human emotion. It is the fabric of all creation, even before the creation of the material realms. Essence Love is very difficult to describe in ordinary language. In the beginning, there was Source. How to describe where Source came from is impossible; it is beyond the realm of human understanding. Many in higher Dimensions do not have a full understanding of this Love. Knowing the full history of creation is not important. What is important is to understand that you were created, by your own choice, with the ability to move into material dimensions. You are part of the original Source of pure love, light and energy.

One way to imagine this is to visualize the original Source as the sun. There came a time when Source chose to allow itself to fragment in order to experience something other than its full perfect Essence. In that moment, Source fragmented itself, knowing it had full power at any moment to recall those fragments and reconfigure itself into wholeness again. Imagine these fragments as candles or flames, each a part of the whole sun. You came from one of those initial fragments.

Each of these fragments retained the entire memory and essence of the Source, much like a hologram. Yet these fragments still have properties beyond the scope of human understanding. Each one of these fragments made various choices of what it wanted to experience. Some of the fragments stayed at this first dividing level, with the ability to absorb itself in and out of initial Source. The majority of the substance of energy that is Source remained as it was initially, without fragmenting.

Through time, each of the fragments had the ability to step down another notch from Source. Every level, down to the you that is now reading this script, has always retained its full scope of love, light and energy. Every one of you is the original Source, not a separated part, such as when you cut a cake into parts, but a hologramic part in which the entire essence of  the Source is a part of you. What this means is that each of you is Source or God. This does not mean that in this moment you are of the purest light imbued with all the capabilities of Source, such as omniscience, omnipresence and perfect love. In one sense, you do have these capabilities within you, but they have been locked up and not accessible due to your agreement to uphold the contract of the universe you live in.

In this universe, like all others, there are specific rules that were chosen in order to allow each of you to have the experiences you choose. We have talked in earlier lessons how it was mandatory to erase the memory of your full Spiritual Essence in order for you to experience episodes of Not-Love. This planet was designed to be a playground or Grand Experiment that allows Not-Love to be explored. Earth is one of the vibrationally densest planets  since form came into existence. We use the word “has” because most of these low density planets have destroyed themselves.

Your world is now on the brink of destruction. There are many of us working hard from all levels of Dimensions to avoid this catastrophic ending. Many of us were a part of the original creation of this planet. We remember well when it was a Garden of Eden and hope that we can assist in restoring it back to its pristine state before it is too late.

Due to your contracts of free will and our contract of not forcing our will on yours, we have had to allow mayhem to occur. Yet when Earth was created, it was set with two major parameters. The first was a set amount of time to allow the experiment of Not-Love to continue. That appointed time is now here. The second parameter was that those residing in other Dimensions were not allowed to intervene unless the destruction of Earth was evident before the appointed ending time or when the effects of human behavior would affect those outside earth’s orbital plane.

Earth is in a transitional stage, going from one Dimension to another as the Not-Love contract expires. We are now able to assist those that have come to Earth to help with the transition and to assist in the efforts to keep the world from being destroyed before the transition to the next Realm occurs. In order to enter this Dimension, until recently, there has been a shield that temporarily disabled the memory of your connection to Source.

Each of you has within you the ability and desire to seek Source, but none is able fully to integrate while in this Realm of existence. In the moment that you have full memory, you will desire to leave the planet, for your frequency will have increased to the point where you can no longer function on Earth. Many of your Ascended Masters have talked on this subject. Although they may wish to continue to assist other humans who are seeking their Path back to Source, they have a more beneficial impact when they work from higher Realms.

We wish to support those of you who are earnestly attempting to clean up your lives in order to become a more loving, peaceful and nurturing person. Many of you are well along the Path to this goal, yet still run into blocks. These blocks are caused by fears and belief codes that are engrained within your body, ready to be released.

This is a time of Great Awakening in which myriads of us in other Dimensions now have permission to assist you, although we were forbidden to intervene in the past. We are now given permission because the time of the ending of the experiment is here. This is why there is an increasing number of extra-terrestrial sightings, both in the skies and those disguised in human form. Many more are seeing ghosts and channeling information from prophets. Increasingly more children are being born with full memory of who they were before they incarnated and with the ability to see between the veils. This is all occurring because we now are granted permission to assist you as never before.

You are dooming yourselves to destruction, similar to other planets that are gone. They also were part of the Not-Love experiment and destroyed themselves when greed, power and lack of respect toward their planet caused them to annihilate themselves. Many of you lived on these planets and incarnated on Earth to correct the errors you experienced from past lives on those planets. There is no more time to continue polluting your skies and waterways. The time for manipulating others will end when each of you re-awakens to your true Essence Self. The process of ascension happens at a different pace for each of you, due to your ability of choice. We cannot force or coerce you to make life changes; we can only share Truth with you and show you available choices.

Your innate free will lends us helpless to those who refuse to listen. There is no hell or damnation, yet there will be repercussions for each choice one makes. As foretold in many of your ancient scriptures, there will be a time when those who ascend to a level of pure love will, like the Ascended Masters, leave the Earth plane. The Earth has chosen to be a part of this ascension. As we spoke a few days earlier, only those who vibrate at a high frequency of love, matching that of the Earth, will be able to ascend with her. There will be no physical movement of the planet, just a changing of the frequency, like changing the dial on a radio. It will happen in the twinkling of an eye.

Those who choose not to change their dials will be shifted to another place where they will be allowed to continue playing their roles of Not-Love. Our goal is to enlighten as many of you as we can so you will work on the issues that hold you in lower densities. If you truly know the difference and choose to remain in a realm of Not-Love, we have no judgment and accept your choice. However, we are reaching out to those who wish to ascend and to those who currently do not consciously know they have a choice.

Many of you are having feelings of unrest. This is an inner trigger from your Higher Self, your connection to the higher Dimensions that is alerting you to pay attention. Many feel drawn to make life changes, without knowing why. Those who follow these intuitions are finding their lives becoming more fulfilling. In many cases, they are realizing that if they had ignored their intuition, it would have caused them great angst or even death.

We say all of this to remind you that no matter what your history has been on Earth, each of you is a hologramic part of the initial Source. Each of you has the full ability to ascend in this lifetime and leave this realm of lower vibration. In order to do so, you must release any fears and belief codes that keep you attached to this Realm. This can be accomplished through meditation, prayer and guidance from your Spirit Helpers. You will need to integrate the changes in your inner realm by changing behaviors in your outer realm. In other words, you will learn to know your Truth and to walk your talk. These daily Messages are full of tools and encouragement to assist you along your Path.

We remind you that within yourself lies the power to make these changes. Many of you rely on gurus and psychics to tell you what to do. That time has come to an end. It is you who must decide what you wish to believe and how you plan to attain your goals. It is always helpful to ask others who are farther along their Path to share the things that were helpful for them, but know their Path is different than yours. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone when it comes to making life changes. Change your thoughts, words, actions and emotions to higher levels of love and any fears associated with hell or the annihilation of Earth will vanish.

Selamet!  Etznab 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  119

Cauac  2             Use Time Wisely

I am Cauac 2. We are pleased to be of assistance to you at this time of your great awakening. Those of us on the Other Side applaud you for your great works. Many of us have never attempted to live in the density of the Earth plane and we are in admiration of those of you who have chosen to do so. Today we would like to share information with you regarding the transition taking place upon the Earth. Many of you are experiencing time warps, when time passes quickly and you have no idea where it went. Days pass quickly, leaving you feeling that a multitude of things have been left undone.

What we offer you is a chance to look at where you spend your time. Are you doing things that excite the passion within you? Are you doing things out of obligation? Do you find yourself feeling like you have nothing to do, yet feeling like there is something you should be doing?

There is much you can do to make this Earth a better place. However, if your time is spent moaning about how bored you are or the lack of integrity of others, you are adding negativity to the universe. Are you one who complains about the environment or the lack of morals of governmental leaders? What are you doing to make a change in your life and community? Are you taking time to educate yourself on the true nature of what is happening to the balance of the ecology in the world or is your nose hooked to the latest romance or western novel?

Every person has the same number of hours in a day. Yet the differences between what one person accomplishes in a day compared to another can be quite different. The successful and industrious person knows his priorities and takes time to focus on those things. The lazy or depressed person uses his time to moan about the problems of the world, becoming part of the problem.

There are millions of retired people with countless hours on their hands. Spending less time playing cards and shuffleboard or indulging in idle gossip could free up myriads of hours spent on building community at a deeper level. We do not judge the choices of anyone, however, we wish to encourage those who have idle time to use it wisely. Those who have no free time, look at ways you can become less busy.

How many of you are taking time to refresh yourself daily? Are you putting your needs first or exhausting yourself as you take care of the needs of others? Do you ask for help when you are bogged down? Do you put off responding to things that need immediate attention? Many of you do not take time to resolve issues as they arise while these problems fester and accumulate to the point where they become burdensome. We ask you to go within on a daily basis and begin to make these issues a priority. Once these energies become burdensome, like other negative thoughts, they begin to glop together and weigh heavy on your heart.

Speak your truth, take time to refresh yourself daily and give up the need to “save” others and the world. Discover the priorities in your life and arrange your daily schedule to fit what is important  into your lifestyle. Begin to filter out relationships and events that drain your energy and expend your time.

What kind of an impact do you wish to make on the world? Some of you spend all of your time in service to humanity; make sure you take time to refresh yourself, as well. Pay attention to your idle words and what you do with your recreational time, for both have a huge impact on the world.

It is not only what you do that is important, what you don’t do can be of equal importance. By saying “no” to the things that weigh you down, you will open doors of opportunity to say “yes” to things that will energize you and be of importance to the world. Begin today by looking at your schedule. Where best can you spend your time? Invite your Higher Self and Angelic Guides for assistance in freeing your time to do those things that bring you balance and inner peace.

Selamet!  Cauac 2


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  120

Ahau  3                Ascend with Grace

I am Ahau 3, the last in the series of Day Keepers. Often, I am associated with ascension, thus today I wish to speak upon this topic. There are many forms of ascension, but that which I speak of today represents the moving forward from one density to another. Much like boiling water turns into vapor, you are beginning to change form. As an energetic vapor, you will have the ability to move about the Earth with less effort; you will be able to move in and out of physicality with more grace and ease. This is what it is like in the next Realm where many of you are heading.

Although you will still be in physical form, the molecules in your body will be altered; they will be looser with more space in between. Your genetic codes are being altered to let more light into these spaces. There are no words in your language to describe what is occurring within each of you. Many of you have consciously been working on this Path of enlightenment for years, thus you are more likely to make the transition with greater ease.

Even among the Lightworkers, there is much fear and confusion as to how this ascension will occur. Currently on Earth, there is much emphasis placed upon material wealth and needs. We assure you that as you draw nearer and become more aware of your abilities to manifest all things, you will no longer need the material objects that you currently hold dear. The most important thing you can do at this time is to stay in the moment and pay attention to what is happening around you. Choose to spend your time and energy on things that arouse your passion. Release feelings that keep you subjected, such as the need to save others and the world. Focus on yourself. Once you are fully balanced in each moment, then you can reach out to assist others who wish to experience the same.

Until then, all attempts to save others will be done from a sense of superiority or conditional love. Allow others to choose their Path, assisting those who are ready to receive your help. Anything else impinges upon their free will and has the ability to make them feel as though they are subordinate, which causes more separation. Do you understand what we are saying?

Your lesson today is to ponder this Message. Look at how you interact with others. Seek places where you feel you need to help others. How are you approaching them? Are you giving unsolicited advice or information they are not ready to perceive? Find ways you can communicate with others by talking about things you both have in common. If both of you are open-minded, then nurture discussions of your commonalities and the different viewpoints you have on spiritual topics.

Most conversations are extremely shallow and limited. A huge percentage of your words are best left unspoken. T.H.I.N.K. before you speak (see Day 80) and share with an open heart. When you approach another with the need to save or enlighten them, you automatically set off alarms within them that say, “Alert! Someone is trying to change me!” This puts the other person into a defense mode and closes doors to possible worthwhile conversations.

You may ask, “How can I reach others that I love so they will understand what I wish to tell them?” By your example. When others watch you remain calm in the face of adversity, having the Midas touch and always full of joy, you will gain their attention. When they ask you how you are able to live this way, then you have an open door.

Keep the door open by letting the other person know that they also have within them the ability to accomplish whatever they desire. This is how we approach you in the Mayan Messages. How would you respond to our words if we constantly told you what to do with an air of superiority? Allow yourself some time to think about these statements. Notice how you feel when someone supports you in contrast to others who tell you what to do. Treat others with the same respect and you will more likely keep the doors open for further discussions.

We leave you with these thoughts and hope that you consider them and take them into your heart. We are highly advanced with the ability to be in many places at one time. Just think of us and call our name and we will be by your side in an instant. You also have access to your Higher Self at any moment. Simply call for assistance and know that we are there. Be wary of mental and emotional blocks that stop you from freely conversing with us. Feel the sensations of love that come when we are near. Keep calling on us until you know in your heart that we are with you. As you release the pain and sorrow in your bodies and emotions, you will hear us more clearly. This is our promise.

Selamet!  Ahua 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  121

Imix  4             Remove Your Masks

I am Imix 4. Thank you for joining with us today as we delve deeper into the mysteries of the human experience. We wish to share with you today some of the reasons why humans behave the way they do. Many of you seem to be happy, yet inside are crying deep tears of sorrow. Many of you are confused, yet go out of your way to pretend to be fully understanding of issues you know nothing about. Why is this?

One reason is that you are afraid that it will be known that you are not perfect. Sadness is considered to be weak; lack of knowledge is considered to be a sign of ignorance, so you put on costumes and masks to hide what is going on inside. You have become so engrained with these thoughtforms, that over time, you believe the scenarios you have created.

There is an adage, “What you believe, you will become.” There is much truth in this, for when your emotions are aligned with the scenarios you are role-playing, it becomes your reality. It is difficult for actors when they are playing in front of the cameras. Not only do they become believable to their audience, but they tend to take on these roles as their reality, many times causing great confusion.

In order to break through your belief codes, they must be addressed. You will need to go within and to find what you are aligning your truth with. Look for habits you have that make no sense to you. When you consciously become aware of what you think, say and do, you will begin to notice these discrepancies. Once you find one, take a closer look and decide how you wish to react in future similar situations.

For example, whenever a friend gives you a compliment, instead of feeling gratitude and accepting the gift, you make excuses, denying your worthiness. Once you realize you do this, take time to go within and discover why it is that you have a hard time accepting compliments. Role-play how you will accept compliments in the future. When the next incident occurs, practice feeling gratitude and appreciation for what is being given to you and accept the compliment with grace.

Many of you also suffer from the inability to accept well-meaning advice. Look inside for reasons why you become defensive when someone points out what they consider to be a flaw. There will come a time when it matters not what others think, whether their remarks are positive or negative, for you will be balanced, knowing who you are.

It takes time and effort to uncover the real you, but it is such an important endeavor. You have allowed yourselves to be defined by other people, seeking approval in ways that have been less than honorable. There is no need for this type of behavior any longer. In fact, it is becoming intolerable because these frequencies are much lower than that of the Earth. They do not resonate and the disharmony creates disease in the body and separation in your relationship with yourself, others and Nature.

It is extremely important at this time that you go within on a daily basis and begin to weed out the emotions and beliefs that are keeping you from being a truly loving person. If you wish to ascend into higher Dimensions gracefully, this is imperative.

We take leave of you now in hopes that you will spend time pondering these words and moving forward in your ascension process. It is our hope that you will share these words with others, for you have the ability to reach those that are not in tune with us. We would love to see all of you ascend, although we know that the end time is near and many will not be joining us on this part of the journey. There is no sadness for those who do not join us, for they will continue on a Path of their own choosing, until another time when we shall be re-united.

Selamet!  Imix 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  122

Ik  5             Master Your Life

I am Ik 5. Welcome to this time of sharing. We are very excited to be working with you and witnessing the transcending going on within your Selves and on the Earth plane. We are in awe of you who are rising above your issues of poverty, shame and guilt and finding your way out of the mire and into the Light.

Today we would like to delve deeper into the issue of love. This time we would like to focus more on love of Self and understanding the true nature of yourself as a gentle, spiritual Being. You have been surrounded by people and events telling you what to do, what to say, how to behave and what to believe. There is much confusion as to what is Truth, for one doctrine states one truth while another touts something different.

Each of you must look inside yourself and decide what you will integrate as your own truth. There is undeniably some type of Presence that created this universe; the symbiotic relationship between all things is much too complex to have happened on its own. It is up to you to decide what the Creator Force means to you and to develop a personal relationship. We have suggestions throughout the year and insights into the complex nature of Source Creator. Ultimately, it is you that must decide what your Truth is.

There are many Paths to return to Source; you must choose the Path that holds your interest and aligns with your belief codes. Is it not fair to say that no matter what you believe, it would be in your best interest to shed thoughts, words, actions and belief codes that are harmful to yourself and others? On this, we hope to stand on common ground.

Look around at the complexity of Nature. When you observe animals that live on instinct, yet show wisdom in many instances, can you not believe that the Creator of these animals must hold a higher intelligence? This Creator allows Nature to unfold as it will, which can be seen through weather patterns. Do you not believe that this Creator would also allow humans to unfold at will? The ancient scriptures give human traits to the gods and say that they are sons of God. Is it not fair to assume that humans would have the traits of God?

Who among you loves a parent that abuses or abandons you? How much love can you give to a parent that withholds food, clothing or shelter from you? Many of your religions represent your Creator as having these human traits. Look carefully at these belief codes and determine if this is the type of Creator you wish to place your trust in.

The Earth is bountiful with nourishing foods, yet everyday many starve to death. With clenched fists, God’s children raise angered voices to the heavens shouting at the injustice of the Creator or with heads bowed, they pray for mercy. We suggest instead of blaming the gods, each of you look within and begin to take responsibility for feeding the hungry. In many cases, it was laziness, allowing a few to make decisions for everyone that created the problems. Unnatural farming methods have raped the land, spilling tons of toxins over living soils, creating poisoned deserts that were once lush with vegetation. It was not your God who did this; it was humans. If God is to be at fault, it is for not interceding and allowing humans to have the gift of free will to make choices, no matter how detrimental they would be to the whole of humanity. Can you see this as true?

Many of you hold onto the concept of punishment after death. How can you call your God all-loving and all-knowing when he has the capability to throw persons into damnation for eternity? What would be the purpose in that? Even a shepherd shows more compassion by endangering his life for one lost sheep. Why would your God allow a human to make choices leading to damnation? Perhaps God gave humans free will to choose whatever they wished to experience. It is a human need to punish others for what they consider to be crimes. Yet these same “crimes” may be spiritual Rites of Passage in another culture. Who is making the rules? Humans.

Each human is responsible for his own actions. Many times punishment comes shortly after the transgression, such as when a child steals candy and is caught and told never to enter the store again. At times, the punishment may come after a series of offenses, landing the person in jail. Often, people get away with their sins. Who among you has never told a white lie or justified a behavior that others considered to be wrong?

There has been much written through the ages about karma. We will not go into that subject today other than to say that indeed there are past lives when one who dealt others with acts of malice and unkindness, chose to return to Earth to experience the pain he perpetrated on others. We stress that these persons choose to return, there is no God punishing them or passing a sentence of guilt and retribution.

Once you pass over to the Other Side, you will go through a Review Process and see the life you have just lived on a type of movie screen. At this time, you will not only feel the emotions you experienced during your lifetime, but you will also feel the emotions of those whose lives you touched, whether they were acts of kindness or acts of malice.

Before you incarnate on Earth, you know that you will be sitting in front of this screen when you return. Many of you have lived numerous times on this Earth and are well versed in this process. Each of you, when you incarnate on Earth, feels as though it will be this lifetime that you transcend the low density of the Earth and move forward in your progression back to ultimate Source. There are some of you that come for specific missions or simply for the adventure. You are accountable for every thought you think, every action you take, every emotion you feel and every word you utter.

There is no God over-seeing this project with a judgmental heart. Rather, this Spirit is loving, allowing his children (which are a hologramic part of the Source) to experience whatever they wish within the parameters set for that universe. A wise parent does the same, allowing the children to learn some lessons for themselves. Although it is difficult at times to watch others follow paths you are sure will lead to pain or heartache, it is much worse to coddle them and cause them to miss opportunities to express themselves. We suggest the latter would be the real crime of injustice.

There is much more we could express on this topic. Ultimately, what we wish is to encourage you to look deeply into the belief codes you have surrounding your Creator. Many of you blindly accept what you hear in one pulpit, while denying words uttered by others. Put yourself into a place where you can objectively consider what beliefs you would hold if you were raised in a culture vastly different from what you have experienced. In that case, you would have entirely different belief codes. Attempt to wipe your slate clean, delve deeply into the mysteries of the universe and choose those that express kindness and love to all of humanity, Nature and the universe in which you reside.

We leave you now to ponder these thoughts and wish you well along your journey. Truly, you are sons of God with the wisdom to find the truth that will set you free. Call on us and your Guides for assistance when your thoughts become muddled and your confusion is overwhelming. Your life was meant to be filled with peace, love and joy; anything else is criminal.

Selamet!  Ik 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  123

Akbal  6             More than a Human Be-ing

I am Akbal 6. Thank you for joining us today as we go deeper into your relationship as a human be-ing. We remind you that you are much more than your body. You come from a spiritual Source and you will return to that Source. It will be eons before many of you choose to re-merge with Source. None of you merges with Source directly after an experience on Earth. You choose lifetimes on Earth and beyond, over and over, out of your curiosity and desire to seek things other than pure essence Love.

Why would you wish to experience Not-Love? Because you are adventurers and seekers. Much of your life on Earth is spent as a seeker. Some seek fortune, fame and notoriety. Others focus on pushing their physical bodies to the limit. Many are travelers, proudly displaying decals of all the places they have visited. There is much enjoyment that comes from seeking and moving beyond what you currently know.

There have been many problems for the seekers who inhabit planet Earth, because this Realm is one that is entered with a state of amnesia. It is much like working towards an Olympic medal of honor and one day asking yourself, “Why is this important to me?” You realize you don’t know why, but you choose to continue with the pursuit. However, the love of the honor will be diminished, because you don’t have a real reason why you want it.

When a human enters this Realm, it is a similar circumstance. You seek to know your Maker or to obtain a specific goal, but there is no real value in it, for you have no memory of the reason for doing so. Your actions become worthless, causing you deep depression and listlessness. Unless there is something inside you that is ignited, you are likely to lose interest and momentum.

Many have walls of awards that they display with pride. Yet when an incident occurs, such as the loss of a loved one, the awards lose their importance. The person discovers that there is much more to life than accomplishing a few goals. It is in that moment, that real living can begin. There is nothing wrong with any of your passions. We are simply trying to make the statement that this life is difficult, for you do not enter this Realm with the complete remembrance of your Spirit Essence. We wish to remind you that you are far more than a human Do-ing, that in essence, you are a spiritual Be-ing.

Once you remember who you are, material possessions and kudos from others loses its importance. Once you have fully gained peace and inner balance, you will begin to enjoy every moment of your life. You will feel equally balanced whether someone is yelling in your face or giving you a heart-felt hug. You will know who you are and can appreciate the opportunity of each experience on Earth.

Whenever you have an experience that leaves you feeling anything less than peaceful, take time to look at the event and uncover the reason why you are off balance. Your emotions are an excellent barometer to awaken you consciously to areas in your life that need to be addressed. Each of you is on a Path of ascension. If you resist words such as ascension, interject the words “be a kinder person” and say the same thing. Each of you is on a Path to become a kinder person. We are here to support you. It is our desire to reach all of you, but with the use of words, it becomes difficult, for many of you are locked into a specific vernacular and push away thoughts of equal value because of the terminology.

We suggest that each of you open yourselves to the possibility of the truth that we and others speak, not shutting them out because they are of a different religion or speak words that are different from what your group uses. Find the commonalities between you and have the courage to openly question each other’s beliefs. In so doing, you may find you will have a deeper understanding of each other and some of your own belief codes.

Selamet!  Akbal 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  124

Kan  7             Re-Patterning

Greetings, I am Kan 7. Today we would like to delve deeper into the studies of the human mind and how it operates. Within your brain, there are receptors that link to each other, creating belief codes.

In order to change a belief code, you must also break the intention and the behaviors associated with it.

This is why doctors suggest that a patient breaks the pattern of eating habits associated with obesity. By paying attention to every morsel that goes into the mouth and the patterns associated with over-eating, such as snacking while watching movies and reading, the clients can monitor their behavior and change the codes in the brain.

This is exactly the same way to break a belief code relating to religion, health or any other issue in your life.

Begin today by going within and choosing a code you wish to change.

Note the triggers that cause you to act or react in a specific manner.

Choose the actions you would like to take instead.

Make a list of ways you can change this behavior, perhaps posting them somewhere as a daily reminder.

Then state the intention to change these behaviors, preferably while peering at your eyes in a mirror. Be solid and strong as you make this statement.

Then, lead your life as though the behavior is already changed.

Be mindful of the traps that have kept you imprisoned in these thoughts.

Have the courage to say “no” when the temptation to fall back into old routines presents itself.

Live your life in a way that enhances your new choices. Pay attention to the side tracks that are ever-present with the possibility of ensnaring you again.

You may need to change friends, move to a new location or make some drastic life-altering decisions.

Keep your focus, without falling into the feelings of “woe is me.”

Be proud of your choice and stand firm in the face of adversity.

You are reclaiming your life and working your way towards peace, joy and kindness.

Who can fault you for that?

We wish you well and are here to encourage you as you move forward, taking charge of your life and moving towards the higher vibrations of love and kindness.

Selamet!  Kan 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  125

Chicchan  8             Self Love

Greetings, I am Chicchan 8 and wish you a happy and glorious day! We are here today to remind you that you are a special Being, a spirit full of joy and light that is here on Earth to experience humanity. There is nothing less about you when you enter this Realm. You are always pure Source, a hologramic image of the Creator.

When you incarnate on Earth, you are given temporary amnesia. You know of this when you write your life script. This state of amnesia is how it has always been for the majority of you. However, that time is coming to an end and more children coming to Earth, as well as those who “walk-in” from other Realms, are arriving with full memory of who they are.

Many have come at this time to fulfill a mission on Earth. Some are here just for the experience of physicality. Many are here to clean up the garbage they left from previous lifetimes, such as negative thoughtforms and unloving deeds. Some are here to complete unfinished business. There are many of you who are simply malevolent and desiring a place that will allow you to fulfill your dreams. Earth is one of the rare places this is allowed, due to the law of free will.

You have the choice in this lifetime to experience anything you wish within the realms of the laws of the universe. The rules are very lax, indeed; yet know that you will reap what you sow. Although you can choose acts of unkindness and malevolence, you will not rise above the earth’s frequency and enjoy the fruits that higher frequencies offer.

Those who wish to move beyond these lower frequencies will have to shift their thinking and behaviors to acts of love and kindness. These are the highest frequencies available in your universe. Many have tried to shift themselves by using the frequencies of material items such as gold, essential oils and hallucinogenic drugs, but the shift is temporary and still not as high of a frequency as love and compassion.

Choose acts of kindness, not of servitude, for that places you in a position of insubordination or “less than.” Seek ways to enlighten yourself by overcoming fears and obstacles that keep you from moving upward. Focus your attention on ways you can move forward, leaving behind those persons, places and events that keep you bogged in the mire.

Many of you are afraid to release loved ones, fearing they will be condemned to hell or stuck in their addictions. Know that each person ultimately will return to Source. We also have the desire that all move upward and onward, yet know that many will remain in their present circumstances or worse. When you spend your time “saving” others to the detriment of moving yourself forward, you will become another part of the problem, not the solution.

There will be times when what you do for yourself will be looked upon by you and others as acts of selfishness. At those times, keep your focus and make the choices that lead you to a fulfilling life of peace and joy. When you release the burden of saving others, your life will become such that you can eventually be a role model for those you are concerned about. Until then, you are enabling them, creating in them a sense of helplessness and unworthiness. We hope these words bring comfort to you and that you will have the courage to move forward and make a positive impact on the Earth and her inhabitants for the short time you are here.

Selamet!  Chicchan 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  126

Cimi  9              Create Your Reality

Greetings, I am Cimi 9. Today we are happy to be of service to you with the ability and desire to show you a grander picture of how your life can be on Earth. Many of you are feeling disparaged and frustrated with world events and situations in your personal life. We hope to uplift you this day and let you know that you have within you the power to move beyond your current capabilities. We see the world differently because we are not of your world. We live in higher Dimensional frequencies, ever connected to ultimate Source. Although we at times appear in human form, we are made mostly of energetic matter that is not dense. Soon, you will have this capability, as well.

As scientists rediscover technologies used in ancient civilizations, both on Earth and beyond, they are finding ways to use forces of electromagnetism and more. The field of quantum physics is in its infancy stage and will open arenas that will become available to all of you. There have been many on your Earth plane who have already experienced or mastered the art of levitation, bi-location and astral travel. Can you imagine the implications and possibilities that exist in your daily life once you master these, as well?

There are untold numbers of people using telepathic communication, healing methodologies and prophetic predictions that have increased the well-being of many living on Earth. Can you imagine how your life will change when you master these skills? Many of your systems and policies will change as each of you regains your inner strength and power. Religions will be challenged, for if there is one Source, then the religious institutions must unify in order to express solidarity.

Your governmental agencies, educational institutions and medical industries will all change once the citizens of the planet learn to follow their intuition, knowing what is best for themselves and for the highest good of all. There will not be a need for oppressive leaders whose goal is to enslave you to do their dirty work once you have regained your inner knowledge of how to work together as a team. Allowing children to return to nature, to explore and observe the intricacies of a balanced society, will give them more knowledge than any textbook or series of rote memorizations can provide. You will not need prescription drugs when you have the knowledge to grow and use the herbs that support your health.

As each of you learns to love one another on a higher plane, there will be no need for counseling and social agencies. You will be communicating from a space of love and concern, learning to speak with integrity. There will be more awareness and attention placed on respect of the environment and delicate balance of Nature. Once this occurs, your automobile and construction industries will undergo vast reconstruction.

We could continue at length, but will abbreviate this message. Our goal is to encourage each of you to become responsible for your thoughts, words and actions. It is time to pay attention to the way you affect your world individually. Take time to research the pros and cons of every action you take. Listen to those who have opposing views, for you may find fragments of truth you overlooked in your zealous appeal to be righteous. Take time to read the labels on things you place on your body and ingest, for many are toxic and causing you great havoc.

Rest when you are tired. Eat when you are hungry. Drink when you are thirsty. The best form of nourishment for you is pure, untainted water, which currently is in short supply. Learn to do what Master Dr. Masuro Emoto has observed; pray over your water, asking for it to return to its pure crystalline structure. The ancients have done this for eons; this knowledge is now available to you, again. When you pray, know you have the power within you to create whatever it is you wish to experience. However, be mindful when you pray for others. What you are requesting may not be in their best interest. For this reason, we remind you once again that in all your prayers add the phrase, “for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully.”

There have been many healings that others call blessings, yet in some cases they extended the life of the one who wished to leave this plane. There are many who have crossed over to other planes and are refraining from moving forward in their evolution due to loved ones holding them close. When these things occur, it affects the vibrational levels of all, for these requests come from a base of fear, not love. It is time to release all wants and desires that impinge on what is best for others. Bless them and release them. Know that once you clear yourself of pain and sorrow, you will be able to communicate with them, no matter where they are within or without this uni-verse, for we are all One. We hope these words will inspire you to take the actions necessary to create the utopian society you dream of.

Selamet!  Cimi 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  127

Manik  10               The Grand Experiment

I am Manik 10. Welcome to this grand and glorious day filled with love and light throughout the universe. Although at times, your life and surroundings may be somewhat glum, know that all is well in the unfolding plan of salvation and ascension. No matter how things appear on this plane, know there are roads paved with golden opportunities every step of the way in this Realm and beyond. Know and see yourselves as children of God. Know you are a part of God, not just from seed, but more as a hologramic form. Within each of you is the whole Creator, although of lesser vibration while you choose to remain at this lower density.

What I am about to share with you is difficult to describe in human language, but I will attempt to help you understand more fully how you are in your spirit body while away from pure Source. As each of you left Source and moved into other Dimensions, there remained in you the whole of the Source. It is much like an automobile, having an engine that propels itself forward on rotating wheels and a place for occupants who can drive it to get from place to place. Although autos come in many shapes and sizes, they all perform the same basic functions.

Although you vibrate differently than Original Source, you have the same function, to experience All That Is. The farther you travel from Original Source, which is pure Love, the lower your frequencies become. Original Source is pure energy. As you move “from” Source and choose material bodies, you become denser, yet not necessarily of lower frequency. There are myriads of souls who live in bodies much less dense than you. Due to their closer association with the pure Love of Source, they vibrate at a much higher frequency. Similarly, there are many walking on the Earth inhabiting low-density bodies, but vibrating with high degrees of Love.

Whatever you can imagine, exists somewhere, whether in this universe or beyond. Every soul that has left Source has the ability to create what it is they wish to experience. It may be a short-term experience, while others may wish to stay in the experience for extended periods. Understand that not all places have linear time, in fact, very few do. When a Soul chooses to experience something, “he” can create on two levels: personal or group. Many experiences are simple and can be created by one Soul. Most are larger scenarios that require many to create, such as a galaxy or universe. Once created, then a Soul that wishes to experience something within that universe can simply join a group that already exists.

When there are a group of Souls who wish to have a specific experience, they come together and create the form in which this can occur. This is how your Earth and physical planets came into being. Each galaxy and universe has its own set of rules or parameters designed to allow those who wish to participate to have the experience they desire; not all of these places are material. Most have open enrollment, allowing any Soul who desires to gain admittance. Some places are closed, allowing only those who created it to experience the manifestation. Again, I say, whatever you can imagine, exists somewhere. There are many on Earth who feel they are not of this Earth. Myriads have memories of living on various planets and coming to this Earth for a variety of reasons. In most cases, this is what has occurred, for you are explorers, choosing to experience the creations of others. There is no death. All Paths lead back to Source. At any moment the individual Soul can choose to merge again with pure love.

The basic limitation is the Soul’s desire and sometimes, the ability to resonate with Pure Love. There are many Dimensions where it is impossible to dwell unless the vibration of Love is high. It is also impossible for those who do not wish to leave the higher vibrations of Love to incarnate into a low-density body such as humans. That is one of the laws of the Universes. Although some may be able to lower their frequency enough to be seen by the human eye, these occurrences are generally short-termed, for it takes a tremendous amount of energy to slow a highly charged energy field. It is much like stopping the whirring of an auto’s starter when all the gears have been stripped. Understand that judging another’s actions is purely a human trait. When this galaxy was designed, many wanted to experience emotions that were the furthest from the pure love of Source. Earth, as well as many other planets in your galaxy and beyond were formed, each having specific parameters that allowed for various experiences.

In order to experience Not-Love, temporary amnesia of Pure Love is required. When you left the Spirit Realm and incarnated on Earth, your memories of Pure Source and the higher Dimensions were erased. This was accomplished through the changing of codes within your body structure, mainly your DNA. As time on Earth comes to an end, your body is going through many changes. The Earth was never designed for destruction. In fact, one of the built-in laws of this planet was that most experiences would be allowed unless they destroyed this planet, surrounding planets and galaxies or the entire population of living Beings on the surface and inner Realms of the Earth. There was a reason for this law. Many of you came from planets that were destroyed by its inhabitants. Thus, you know it can happen. Therefore, when the Earth was created, it was decided that intervention could happen outside of the free will of humans if actions were being taken that would destroy the Earth or have detrimental effects on nearby planets. Nuclear war is one such instance in which we have intervened.

The Earth is a living, breathing, conscious organism, a group of conscious Beings who agreed to be the host for this Great Experience. She has not agreed to be blown apart nor annihilated by human or extra-terrestrial hands. Living on Earth, as it is today, is one of the lowest densities in all of creation. Because the experiment on Earth was new, it was granted a specific timeline. It was known that the state of amnesia or forgetfulness of Pure Essence, could go to such an extreme that it would be hard, if not impossible, to get some of the soul fragments vibrating at a level strong enough to have the ability to return to Pure Love. It was determined by the Higher Councils that under no circumstance could a place be designed in which it were possible to lose one soul fragment. In this case, we use the term soul fragment to mean one part of Pure Love that left Original Source.

This Realm has a timeline in which Not-Love or darkness may reign supreme. Each soul incarnating here has the choice to live as much in the light or dark as he/she chooses. We have talked earlier about the repercussions of each action and will not deter from our message at this time. What we do wish to say is that your time on Earth as you know it is about to end. There is no need for doom and gloom, for there will not be an extinguishing of

the Mother Earth group nor all of her inhabitants. Contrary to this belief, the Mother Earth group is ascending to a higher degree of Love. Her contract time is up and she has chosen to move closer to Pure Love. Your scientists have proven that her inner heartbeat is indeed increasing. Yet most of her inhabitants are not keeping up with this increased frequency. There will come a time, like a radio station, that the frequencies will become so far misaligned that no communication can occur. At that time, myriads who are resonating at lower frequencies will vanish from the Earth. They are already doing so at record speeds.

Many of you are feeling a quickening and losing interest in mundane things that kept you entertained for years. There is a resurgence in Truth-seeking as many realize that the belief codes they hold dear to their hearts have lost significance. The lies of government officials and cover-ups are being brought to the attention of the general public, causing anger and resentment, thus moving these people even further from Pure Love. It is imperative at this time that you move yourself into higher forms of Love as soon as you can. This will make the transition easier for those of you who choose to ascend with the Earth into higher frequencies of Love. Even if you do not believe this story, you would still do well to become a kinder and more loving person, would you not agree? Those ready to move more into love are offered these daily Messages. You have within you the power to create any reality you wish. Yet you must make a conscious choice whether to move towards Love or to remain in the lower density frequencies of fear. We offer suggestions on ways to do this. Choose what feels right for you.

In order to experience more Love, you must release more Fear.

We leave you now to ponder these words. Know we are always near, ready to assist you when you request. We find joy in assisting you. Many of us have been in your shoes as humans and know the difficulties you face. It gives us tremendous joy when we can assist you in easing your burden.

Selamet!  Manik 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  128

Lamat  11             The Root of All Evil

I am Lamat 11. Thank you for joining us today for another conversation related to your ascension process. We are pleased to be of assistance to you and able to help you further understand the role you play on Earth at this time. Know that within you is the power to understand all things. You have the right to choose to listen to these words or to ignore them. There is no judgment placed on any decision you make, for all choices lead back to Source.

Today we would like to chat about money and your ties to it. Humans have been led to believe that money is the root of all evil. Some go further to say that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Yet both are far from the truth, although we do understand the basic underlying message. It is the intention of the universe to allow each soul to love all things, allowing them to be as they are, so loving money is not a bad thing.

However, using money to gain control over another is not a good thing. Spending more time focusing on acquiring money rather than taking care of your personal needs and your loved ones can create an imbalance in your life. Using money to buy the affections of another is a very low density proposition, leading to pain. There are many unhealthy ways a person can be attached to money, but it is not the root of all evil.

Although there are a myriad of causes of evil, we would claim that fear is the root of most evil. Understand that we do not use the term “evil” in our Realms, for we do not judge anything as good or bad. We accept all things as choices or experiences. It is up to the individual to decide which path to choose in each moment of existence. We know that each person will ultimately return to Source, bringing with him/her a wealth of experiences that each can share with the whole. Money is a human device designed to gain control over others’ assets. In ancient civilizations up to modern times, natural items were used as bartering devices. Seashells were traded for spices, furs were traded for food, etc. Money, in its modern form is devoid of value in its essence. An ancient person would look at a dollar bill and shake his head in wonder at the person who saw value in it. Can you imagine trading part of your survival food for a piece of paper? It makes no sense, yet it has become a standard today. Most money is based on nothing more than thin air and a lame promise, yet everyday, millions of transactions occur using this device.

There is no evil in money, yet its use is complex and subject to a major downfall in the near future. In your lifetime, there have been countless countries that have lost the value of their currency. What were riches one day could not buy a loaf of bread the next. Can you see the shaky foundation your currency is based on? Then why make it so important in your life? Who is creating the rules and do you wish to remain a part of that reality?

Come together in groups and form your own currency. Barter is an excellent way to live your life. Each of you has unique talents; begin honing those talents and sharing them with others. The biggest problem in your society today is that countless hours and enormous amounts of energy are consumed to make enough money to pay for your living expenses. What if that same amount of time was used doing the things you love, which could then be traded for the things you need? Can you see the beauty in this?

This is how the indigenous people in the world survived and thrived. They made their homes out of natural products. You can do the same today. There is much information available on how to inexpensively build and live comfortably in “green” homes. The indigenous people knew how to grow their own food, forage for medicinal herbs and hunt the food needed to sustain themselves. You have the opportunity to do the same, once you are ready to wean yourself off restaurants and grocery stores. What you don’t grow, you can exchange with a neighbor who does.

There is much you can do to improve your life, thus freeing time and energy to do things you prefer. Look around your home at all the unread books, unused items and clothing you rarely, if ever, wear. These are the things you spent your energy on in order to collect the money to purchase them. Pay attention to your spending habits and eliminate those things that do not bring you closer to living the life you desire.

It is you who will decide where you will spend your time and energy. It is you who will decide which ways you will amass the money or goods that you desire. We do not judge your choices, we simply wish to assist you in gaining more balance, peace and joy in your daily life. We offer our services to you freely, no money need be exchanged between us, for in our Realm, it is worthless. What we exchange is our service, given freely with love.

Lamat 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  129

Muluc  12               Responsible Sex

I am Muluc 12. Thank you for taking time to join with us today. We would like to make a few comments regarding sexuality. Within the realm of humanity, much emphasis is placed on love. Yet the love that most of you are familiar with is far removed from the pure love of Creator. There are attempts made among you to increase your capacity to love through the act of sex. Yet this is a low energy form of love. Most sexual acts are performed for the simple pleasure of the feelings they arouse. Although there is nothing wrong with this, we find that it drains you of energy that could be put to better use.

There are many forms of tantra that can help you understand the energy connections that occurs during sexual interplay. Often, sexual acts are performed as a means to control another person, whether the manipulation is recognized as such or not. Many times sex is performed between two partners who barely know each other. Although there may be pleasure obtained in the moment, the results of the action can last your entire lifetime and beyond. When two come together (no pun intended), an energy transfer occurs. A bonding occurs in which cords are attached that keep you energetically linked to each other. You would be wise to seek assistance from your Guides or those familiar with bonding cords to sever these ties.

When semen is injected into a woman, there is an energy pattern that is seeded in the womb. It is hard for us to describe what fully occurs, but we will attempt to help you understand. Semen has within it a consciousness encoded with the program, “Make a baby!” Although each drop of semen will not impregnate a woman, each thought will. Therefore, when the woman receives the semen in her body, she is accepting that thoughtform into her energy field. Although she may not want a baby, when she engages in a sexual act, there is an unspoken contract that says, “Make a baby!”

Humans have the ability to create with their thoughts, words, actions and emotions. The ability to pro-create follows these patterns. Most of you come into this incarnation with a contract stating how many children you will bring into the world. Although the contracts can be revised, they generally are not. Thus, each female enters this incarnation with a prescribed number of children she will bear or miscarriage. Entering in a state of amnesia many times muddles the plans of those who incarnate on Earth. In the Spirit Realm, you think you will surely remember and notice the markers that you set up as reminders. However, the emotional pulls such as fear and lust often takes one off their Path.

When semen enters a woman’s body, the program is activated, “Make a baby! Make a baby!” Often there are children born in this type of union. Orphanages are full of these unwanted children as the number of single mothers continues to soar. Unwanted children have a very difficult lot in life. Although the words may never be spoken, the thoughtform of being unwanted is impregnated into their energy field. Many are suffering unknowingly from this dis-ease. You would do well to determine if you are one of these children and through the assistance of your Guides or a professional, seek help releasing this thoughtform from your energy field. Can you see why so many people have feelings of unworthiness and abandonment? We ask you to be more careful when you have sexual intercourse; it can be very detrimental to your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health. There are many ways to enjoy the pleasures of orgasm without intercourse with an unsuitable partner.

Many humans feel tremendous amounts of guilt and shame associated with their sexual experiences. This need not be so. We encourage you to release your negative thoughts and belief codes associated with sexual activities. We do not make judgments on your choices, but wish to help you understand what is happening when you perform this act with another. Take into account possible outcomes and choose responsibly, for you may be adding a heavy burden onto yourself, your partner and any children that may be born from this momentary act of pleasure.

Selamet!  Muluc 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  130

Oc  13             Decrease Fear, Increase Love

I am Oc 13. We welcome this time with you with great gratitude, for many are listening to our words and integrating the necessary changes in their lives. As you begin to expand your mind and open to unlimited possibilities, you are becoming more aware of how powerful you are, even while encased in a physical body. There is no stopping what you can do!

We wish to remind you that love-based thoughts are light and flow freely among the universe, giving all in its path an uplifting moment. Many feel the experience, not knowing from whence it came. You may be having a fond memory of someone and in that moment, that thought travels in an instant to the person you are thinking of. On the other side of the globe, that person for an unknown reason feels a little tingly, perhaps has a fleeting thought of you and the good times you enjoyed together. He may call you and be surprised to hear you say, “I was just thinking about you!”

You are all telepathic; this skill can be honed. As the Veils thin, more people are finding their psychic skills are developing, as well. There are countless stories of people seeing extra-terrestrials and spirits, having déjà vu experiences and clearer telepathic communication. There are many books on how to develop your skills. Decrease any fears associated with psychic abilities and increase your love for all life. It is the ability to tap into the higher frequencies of love that allows these abilities to manifest more freely.

In order to conquer your fears, you must face them. Just as a bully often backs off when his target steps up to him, your fears will dwindle and back off when you boldly confront them. Changing the behaviors that kept the fears intact also requires effort and courage, for this is your public statement that you are changing something inside yourself that no longer serves you. You may be encouraged by some and ridiculed by others, but stand fast to your truth and press forward.

Your love will exponentially increase with each fear you release, for you cannot hold on to both at the same time. If you are having an issue with a loved one and harboring anger, hate or frustration, you will block the flow of love. Although some love may filter through, when your time together is going well, the flow is still constricted due to the lower frequencies still targeted towards that person.

It is similar to using a straw to sip a strawberry milkshake. At first, the drink flows freely and then a bit of strawberry partially clogs the straw. You can still sip the shake, but it takes more effort. Then more bits of berry get stuck in the straw, completely blocking the drink from passing through. Although the parts of the shake you ingest are sweet and desirable, the effort it takes to drink it becomes frustrating. When the straw gets clogged, to clear the connection, you have to blow with great force through the straw. This happens often in relationships. Frustration builds until one person blows up at the other. Tension is relieved until the bits of berry clog the passage once again, repeatedly needing to be blown out.

When the straw has repeatedly clogged, there comes a time when the sipper says, “That’s enough!” and throws aside the straw. He then drinks the shake without the use of a straw, consuming it in its entirety. Often, in relationships, the very same thing occurs. One tries to reach the other and after several unsuccessful attempts, she reacts out of frustration and built-up anger, lashing at the other person with a vengeance. At this point, the other person feels consumed, sometimes not knowing why the other person is so upset.

When most enter relationships, they are wearing rose-colored glasses. Everything is going well, until the other person goes against your will. At that time, if your foundation is based on expectations that others will hurt you, that you are unlovable and such, you will react based on these belief codes. Although your partner may be having no malicious thoughts towards you, the scenario you have created in your mind has you reacting as though his intentions were malicious.

The partners you choose will be operating on their own fear-based foundations. Thus, when you react to something that is triggered within you, they in turn will react to something you said or did that triggered an unresolved issue in their life. Thus, wars are waged in the schoolyard, the bedroom and boardroom. When each of you individually faces your fears and feelings of inferiority and overcomes them, you will begin to have functioning relationships.

It is mandatory that you fully love and honor yourself before you can do the same with others. There is no other way to love someone truly from the heart. Many of you think you are doing this until the object of your affection refuses to be the person you expect them to be. Take time every day to go within and find the fears and low energy belief codes and release them. This will open doors to choosing belief codes that are lighter, moving you closer to making love-based choices.

Selamet!  Oc 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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  8. Day 114, Ix 10 Response Ability “…take the time and energy to create the reality that serves your needs… You have been trained to take care of other’s needs above your own. Yet to live a balanced life, you must take care of your own needs first. How can you have the time and energy to assist others when you are depleted? How can you feel energized when you are surrounded with friends and family who suck your energy? … move forward and take charge of your life. It may seem overwhelming at first… However, if you have found that the life you are living is not working for you, what have you got to lose?”


  9. Day 113, Ben 9: Live in the Moment “…This moment is truly all you have, for all other moments have now faded away. All future moments are simply possible moments, depending on what you choose in this moment. Once you truly grasp this concept, you will see that you are totally in control of how you feel and in creating many of the things you wish to experience.”


  10. Day 112, Eb 8: Attend to Your Needs “…There is an enormous amount of time and energy that humans are expending on what they perceive to be the needs of others, while in fact they are simply enabling others to continue in their “woe is me” state of helplessness. (We are not referring to life’s essential needs such as food, clothing and shelter.) The best way to help others is to encourage them to work out their problems. Let them know they have the ability to do this. Do not be so quick to jump in with what you feel is the perfect answer for other’s dilemmas. Allow others to think for themselves and to try various options. Isn’t this what you would prefer for yourself? …”


  11. Day 111: Chuen 7, Darkness to Light “…There are many things you hold dear to your heart and no matter what others say or do, you will continue to hold fast, until you choose not to… this is the beauty of free will… You are the creator of your reality. Yes, there are many things that are beyond your control due to the mass consciousness of large groups. However, these issues cannot affect you on a deep level, if you choose to believe otherwise. Disease, depression, oppression are all belief codes you can hod dear to your heart or reject…” Many have overcome these obstacles, creating a life much better than what they had before faced with these challenges.


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