Days 131 – 143

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This thirteen day period (trecena) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Chuen. Often symbolized as the monkey, Chuen is our reminder to spend time in nature and bring out the inner child for some fun activities. This is also a time to pay attention to details, perhaps putting the final touches on an artistic endeavor or finalizing a project.


D11 Chuen



Day 131 – Hide and Seek

Day 132 – Make Joyful Noises

Day 133 – Cohesive Prayers

Day 134 – Release Time Constraints

Day 135 – Judgment Day

Day 136 – Theta Healing

Day 137 – Mirror Exercise

Day 138 – The End of Suffering

Day 139 – Fake it ’til You Make It

Day 140 – Time in Nature

Day 141 – C0-Creation

Day 142 – Embrace Diversity

Day 143 – Synchronicities


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  131

Chuen  1              Hide and Seek

I am Chuen 1.

Do you want to lighten up today?

Let’s play a game called “Hide and Seek.”

Close your eyes and count slowly to one hundred, paying attention to each full inbreath and outbreath.

Now, open your eyes and notice how relaxed you feel.

Seek joy all throughout the day!

Class dismissed!

Chuen 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  132   

Eb  2           Make Joyful Noises

I am Eb 2. We are thankful for your time to join with us today. We are celebrating the halfway point of our annual journey with you. Those of you who have been with us each day, we congratulate you for taking the time and effort to make the changes necessary to increase your potential to live on the Earth in a joyful manner. Many of our lessons have brought up heavy issues and although we will be returning to delve deeper into your past wounds, today we wish to celebrate and practice making joyful noises.

Are you ready? Try to release all inhibitions and begin to sing. Make up words as you go, they need not be in a language you know; they can be just silly utterances. Build your crescendo, play with the sounds. Ohm, if you choose. Shriek with de-light.

Make silly faces and movements. Have fun and release yourself. Make body movements; get up and dance around the room or better yet, in nature. Let the playful child inside come out. Pay no attention to others who may watch you. If there are others around you, invite them to join you. Make silly faces at each other. If you feel like laughing, laugh. If you feel like crying, cry. Allow any emotions to arise. There is no need to attempt to understand why you are feeling these emotions, simply let them arise.

Continue to dance and sing for as long as you choose. Then, drink plenty of pure water and relax. Quiet yourself and go within for about fifteen minutes, expressing feelings of gratitude for all those who have been of assistance to you, both on Earth and beyond. Again, allow any emotions to arise.

Once you have finished, arise and create a splendid day for yourself! Make this a part of your routine at least once a week and enjoy the freedom of releasing parts of you that are ready to be expressed.

Those of you hosting workshops, we ask you to consider making this exercise a part of your format. You will not only awaken your audience, helping them to become more alert, but you will awaken in them deep-seated emotions that are ready to come to the surface to be released. Much healing can occur from this simple exercise. We wish you joy and peace.

Selamet!  Eb 2

* If you are having difficulty being silly, check out some of the websites that follow the practice of Dr. Madan Kataria. The videos will encourage you to release your inhibitions.

“Laughter Yoga clubs were started by Indian physician, Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995 with just five people. Today, the laughter movement is widely accepted and has become a global phenomenon with over 6000 clubs in 60 countries. The tremendous power of laughter and its efficacy as the best prescription for wellness, Laughter Clubs have brought smiles and laughter in the lives of many people suffering from physical and mental and emotional upsets.”


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  133

Ben  3              Cohesive Prayers

I am Ben 3. Welcome to this time of sharing. We shall begin today by thanking you for showing up and preparing yourself for the ride of your life! As you release old fears, undesirable behaviors and belief codes, you begin to lighten up. By releasing old baggage, you allow yourself to move through life with much greater ease and comfort. As you increase your ability to manifest your dreams, it will seem as though you are flying on a magic carpet ride! You may have already experienced many of these magical moments.

Today we would like to continue on this journey by sharing some of our deeper secrets with you. In previous Messages, we shared how the universe came to be and how you can release fears and judgments. Today, we would like to go beyond yourself and speak of how you can assist others. Although you must begin within yourself to clear out undesirable traits, there are still many of you wishing to extend a loving hand to others that are suffering. In the beginning of the Mayan Messages, we encouraged you to be selfish for a time, until you could get yourself balanced and in a position of peace. Many of you were working through huge life issues before you picked up these Messages. Some of you are more kind-hearted by nature, needing only prompting in some areas. Others of you are still going through quite a large shift in your life as you begin to apply these suggestions and those you are reading in other literature.

Most of you are ready to begin reaching outward. We wish to share with you some guidelines so you do not interfere in areas that do not concern you or to meddle in another’s chosen Path. First, if a person comes to you, requesting your prayers or advice, we advise you to talk deeply with them, finding out exactly what it is they wish to accomplish or have occur. Know that your prayers, when sent with emotional fervor, are heard and acted upon by the Angels and Guides who are ever ready to assist you.

What we see happening often is that one person will put out a prayer request for another. Many times the person prayed for does not know that a request has been sent. There may be hundreds of people praying for his return to health, while the person is actually preparing to die, because this is his chosen time to do so. Although the person may fully recover, many plans have to be redesigned which can create confusion among those involved. Sometimes these prayers are answered and all is well as the person literally has a new lease on life. However, there are many times when more havoc is created because the prayers outweighed what the person truly desired.

What we suggest is before you pray for anyone or any event, hydrate your body with pure water, go within, tune into your Higher Self, then ask if the prayer you are about to request is appropriate. If you get a positive answer, then call in the Higher Self of all those involved and ask the same question. Often, you will find that it is not your business.

Many of you do not have a clear connection with your Higher Self at this time. This does not mean that you are less than others, it simply means that you have a block, which is generally caused by old belief codes that keep you from being a clear channel or simply because you do not trust the answers you are hearing. In this case, we suggest that if you choose to say prayers of intersession for others, that you always pray with this statement, “for the highest good for myself and all concerned.” The Angels will honor this and check in with all involved to be sure they have permission to grant the request.

Another area that needs clarity is in group prayers. Although there is exponential power in prayer when two or more are gathered, there tends to be fragments that keep the prayer from going forth as powerfully as it could. Often groups come together for world peace or to pray for government leaders. Although both of these are honorable requests, what often occurs is that the persons involved have different views when their prayers are mingled in a circle. For instance, there may be a gathering for world peace. Lovely and sometimes overly elaborate ceremonies occur in which this is the focus. All gather and settle in to make the connection with Source and Spirit Helpers. The spokesperson then states the intention, “We are gathered here to focus on creating world peace.” Yet rarely are the people involved setting off cohesive thoughtforms. Generally, this part of the gathering is done in silence, so those gathered do not realize what some are praying for is negating what others are visualizing.

World peace can be viewed in many ways. Some of the people in the circle may be visualizing the rounding up of government officials they label as criminals, perhaps even seeing them suffer horrendous deaths. We can assure you that this is not a peaceful solution. Others may be visualizing armed troops moving into foreign countries, gathering up and torturing terrorists. This is not a peaceful solution, either. Others may be visualizing everyone on Earth filled with peace, getting along with everybody and living happily ever after. This is a fairy tale and not a good solution, either, for the results generally are that people give up their voice to keep peace at all costs. We see this type of incoherency repeatedly in your gatherings. We suggest you take care of yourself first, so you can better understand how peace feels and how to release judgment, even towards government leaders and those you call terrorists. Until you have a firm grasp of unconditional love and inner peace for yourself, your prayers will be skewed by your misunderstanding, which many times are erroneous and lead to more confusion.

We say all of this to make you more aware of the larger picture. Prayers can be very powerful. Each thought, word and emotion you energize sends ripples throughout the universe, gathering force and momentum. If these are thoughts of love, they flow freely, blessing those who are open to receiving love. Thoughts that are not of love, although you may righteously believe they are, glop together causing more hatred and strife instead of peace on Earth. Although we understand you have feelings of anger and hatred toward those who oppress others, it is not in the best interest of anyone to judge them and condemn them to a life of torture or death. A better approach is to send them loving thoughts and try to understand what causes them to oppress others. You may find that in most circumstances they wish the same things you desire, to be allowed to live a peaceful existence. You do not know all the reasons why another may feel threatened enough to lash out at others.

Your prisons are filled with people who are deeply wounded from childhood traumas. Although we agree that it is best that many of them are removed from society for a time, we do know that your system does not encourage their inner healing and support their needs. Many times, in their youth, there were signals that the child was going astray, yet no one was there to hear his needs and support him. Thus, he grew up lashing out in order to survive and protect himself from further harm. These people need compassion instead of punishment. Those of you gathering for world peace and unity of all would do well to spend some of your time going into the juvenile halls and prisons and encouraging those who are incarcerated to release their fears, behaviors and belief codes. The conditions in these jails will not change until the public demands that these prisoners receive more respect.

Having persons removed to protect the society is a good thing, however, abusing the prisoners only reinforces the fear and anger they need to relinquish before they can heal their wounds. In addition, there are countless innocent persons who are incarcerated and being treated horribly, thus becoming another problem for society. Often, those who work in the prisons become hardened and learn to treat others disrespectfully. Each of you deserves love and respect from each other, for there is not one among you who has not caused pain to another. You would do well to pray for the prisoners and guards to open their hearts to receive more love and compassion.

Treat all with respect and help others learn to do so by your example. Set aside your judgments and stop talking about things that you are not an authority on. Often, one tells another something and what was an opinion or story suddenly becomes truth and is spread to others. Before long, hundreds of people are reading stories that are full of inaccuracies, yet reported as truth. Learn to speak only what is true for you and allow others to do the same. Anything else would be best left unspoken, for stating falsehoods has been the cause of many a war and estrangement between persons.

Please take these words into your heart and consider how you best can affect the world in a positive way through your thoughts, words and actions. Become more cohesive when you gather in groups. We are here to serve you and there are myriads of Angels and Guides who are happy to assist you in making your dreams come true, however, your intentions must be clearly stated so we can deliver what you desire in a graceful and uplifting manner.

Selamet!  Ben 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  134

Ix  4              Release Time Constraints

I am Ix 4. Thank you for taking time to join with us today. We are happy and grateful to be working closely with you. There are many changes occurring on the Earth and it is grand to be a part of the awakening process. Many of you are feeling a quickening, as though there is no time to get things done, wondering where the hours went at the close of your day.

There is a shattering of time as you begin to ascend to higher frequencies of vibration. Time, as you know it on Earth, is a linear idea that was created in order to allow the fabric of this universe to be woven together. In your world of polarity, there are opposites, such as here and there and now and then. In our Dimension, there is somewhat of a reference to time, but it is much looser than what you experience on Earth.

In our Dimension, we can move through time by instantly transporting ourselves from one sector of the universe to another. It is hard to describe in words unless you have experienced these time warps. The closest that most of you can come to understanding this is when you sleep for eight hours. When you awaken, it feels like only a few minutes have passed.

Time is relative to your interest in an activity, as well. All of you have experienced performing a chore that you disliked and it seemed to take forever. Yet, when you spent the same amount of time involved in a task that was of high interest, you exclaimed, “Where did the time go?”

Each of you has within you the ability to warp time so it benefits you, without harming anyone else. This happens often with people who focus on always catching the green lights while driving through town. It is not that the lights change their timing, nor does the light consciously stay green until the driver passes through. What happens is the driver taps into the rhythm of the lights and paces his speed so he becomes in sync with the lights when they are green.

Many of you cannot wear watches, for they either stop or lose their ability to maintain correct time. What often happens is that the person has created a belief code that they no longer wish to be controlled by the need to adhere to society’s rule, “You have to be here on time.” When a person chooses to follow his intuition and allows himself to flow with what is happening around him, this belief code creates a higher frequency of love, which is the flow. What happens is that clocks and watches are jangled by this frequency and will not work properly.

Have you noticed how those who live this way always seem to show up at places at the perfect time? Often, they end up at places unexpectedly, yet right on time. Because they chose not to let their watch rule their life, they were able to have wonderful experiences, often something much better than what was originally planned.

Following your intuition and gut feelings is your inner guidance leading you to experiences what you have set up through your prayers and requests. Hone your ability to recognize these pulls. Watch for synchronicities that occur when you release the constraints you place on your time and allow yourself to go with the flow. You will find yourself drawn to places you didn’t plan to go. Follow these hunches and see what unfolds. Learn to observe what is happening around you and speak up, as needed, when you overhear a conversation or see a notice on a board that resonates with you. Often, it is us leading you to clues to follow on your chosen Path. Many of these signs are overlooked when you keep your eyes focused on your watch!

Selamet!  Ix 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  135

Men  5             Judgment Day

Greetings, I am Men 5, welcome to this day of gathering. We wish to speak today of the judgment day that is spoken of in many spiritual texts. From the pulpit, we hear stories of the judgment of God, damning some to hell and welcoming others into his loving arms. We challenge you to rethink your thoughts regarding a vengeful God. How could an all-wise, all-knowing Creator damn his own creation? Why create a Being, allow him to experience anything he desires, then punish him forever for making certain choices? Why is it that in some cultures what one considers to be a horrible sin is considered to be an honorable Rite of Passage in another? Who is right? Who is wrong?

If the belief is that one has to hear the word of God and profess Jesus as his savior, then what happened to all those souls born before Jesus entered the Earth? Why should people who never had the opportunity to learn of Jesus have to suffer as a result? Is there a verse in the Bible where Jesus says that unless you speak my name, you will be damned to hell for eternity? Perhaps Jesus was suggesting his way was one that would lead to a better chance of living in a more joyful, loving and peaceful world. To say that “my way is the only way” is totally out of character for this enigmatic Earth Master.

You may cringe when others do not proclaim Jesus to be the son of God. Yet Jesus, as reported in the scriptures, said that we all are sons of God and called all others his brothers. Does that not place us as his equal? Although he may have been wise, he no way implied that he was better than anyone else. Indeed, he states, “Whatever I do, you shall do greater.” Why is this not preached in the pulpit? Jesus was a humble man, traveling and speaking his truth to others. This is an honorable thing to do and a good example for all today; walk your talk. Yet to condemn others for their beliefs and remain close-minded to any possible options causes separation, fear and a multitude of low energy emotions. This does not sound like traits a son of God would profess.

Study the history of your scriptures. These words were initially recorded many years after the death of Jesus. How accurate are his utterances? Books and passages have been omitted and re-edited for many generations. How much credence do you wish to give to the accuracy of such records? There have been many changes from one language to another, often creating passages with very diverse interpretations. How do you know which is correct unless you read the original manuscript and are fluent in that language?

Many Bible passages have been misunderstood because the language was written at a time when different cultural practices were in existence. Unless you fully understand what was happening at the time of the writing, many parables could easily be misinterpreted. Could there also be discrepancies in the Bible due to misunderstandings of the eyewitnesses? Each person responds to what is happening from his own background experiences. We refer back to experiments where there is a staged event and then the observers are asked to retell exactly what they observed. In most cases, there is not one identical story in the entire group. The reason for this is people respond to what they have experienced in their past based on their fears, expectations, knowledge base, etc.

How can any one of you who stands before another professing that any ancient textbook is the one and only source for truth be so sure? Yes, books and messages for all times have been channeled, such as this material. Yet it is one thing to have a text that has been modified for centuries and quite another when it is coming from the original source. All channeled messages, including this one, is subject to the interpretation and ability of the communication skills of the one who is channeling. This is why many of our words relay the same message, but on different levels.

We do not condemn Christianity or any other form of religion. However, we do ask that you consider the source of the material you use as a foundation for your major belief codes. Consider the possibility that some of what you believe is erroneous and slowing down your ability to reach full love and compassion for others. Jesus himself said not to judge others, yet you say that his father, whom Jesus represents, is punitive and judges each man upon his death. How can this be?

None will be lost; all will return to Source. Can you imagine a Creator who purposely creates a magnificent Being just to destroy it? Observe an artist and you will know that this cannot be so. Their art is an extension of themselves. We encourage you to be creative with your life and release any thoughtforms and belief codes that leave you feeling less than another. You are all children of God, pure Beings of light arriving on the Earth, for a time, to experience just one small piece of God’s creation.

Selamet!  Men 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  136

Cib  6              Theta Healing

I am Cib 6, thank you for taking time to join us today. We delight in the moments we share with you and look forward to the day when we will be fully reunited with each other. That day is not so far in the distance, although with your world view of time, we have many days to wait. Be of good cheer, for your life has the potential to unfold in the manner you choose.

Today we wish for you to select one area of unrest, whether it is a past wound you wish to heal, a behavior you wish to change or something that leaves you feeling less than whole. With this in mind, relax while taking in several breaths. Focus on your breathing until you have released any tension in your body. When you reach this level of relaxation, your brain goes into theta brainwaves allowing you to more easily disengage the logical mind. Mentally, see yourself pushing a button that temporarily shuts off the left side of the brain.

You will begin functioning more from the right side of the brain, which allows for greater healing to occur. The right hemisphere of the brain stores the memories of what has occurred in your entire lifetime. It does not hold logical thoughts, judgments or anything other than facts and emotions. You can release emotions easier when you are in this relaxed state because the right side simply experiences the emotions without feeling the need to express or hold onto them, as the left hemisphere does.

While you are in this relaxed state, bring the problem you are working on to the forefront of your consciousness. If there are uncomfortable emotions attached to this problem, then state to yourself that you wish to work on this issue from an observer point of view, which will keep you from re-living the emotions. This is advantageous, for if you return to the emotions of the past, many times you will get distracted or needlessly relive undesirable emotions.

Now, from an observer point of view, go back to the issue that you are wishing to resolve or heal and ask for solutions. Sit calmly and quietly and you will begin to receive answers. Many times people will hear words or just know actions to take. Others may see things, such as the outcome of the problem after it has been resolved or steps to be taken to reach this goal. Some may smell or taste something that triggers a memory or solution. There is an endless list of possibilities. Your role is to pay attention so you do not miss the subtle cues that can lead to the resolution of your problem.

This exercise may require more practice for those who are not tuned into their inner guidance and Higher Self. If you find yourself in this category, you may be better off going back to an earlier Message and working through one of those suggestions. Often, individuals will have to remove several key belief codes before they will be able to work at a more esoteric level. This does not mean that one is “less than” another, it simply means that each of you is on your own Path and working at a level that is appropriate for you. There is no right or wrong in anything. However, there is right timing that opens the door for healing to occur at its right and proper time.

We take leave of you to continue on your mission today of releasing old hurts or resolving an issue that is weighing heavy on your heart. Know that you have within you the ability to do whatever it is you desire. Go forth this day in joy, knowing that the world is truly yours to explore!

Selamet!  Cib 6


MAYAN MESSAGE           DAY 137

Caban 7            Mirror Exercise

Greetings, dear one. We are happy to be of service as you wander throughout the universe seeking to find joy and happiness in all things. Today we wish to invite you to take a journey with us.

Get comfortable on your magic carpet, visualizing a place you find to be serene. Take a few moments to unwind by breathing in and out while relaxing all your muscles. Before you begin, mentally push the “off” button on your left-brain, placing it on auto restart when you return to your normal active brain state.

Our journey today will be to explore the universe that lies within you. There are many challenges you are facing as you reach towards your goal of happiness and peace. Let us drift inside these spaces for a while, simply gifting yourself with love and assurance that all is well.

As you allow your mind to drift, focus only on love. Perhaps you will visualize your Guides meeting you and holding you in their etheric arms. In whatever way you choose, focus on loving every part of your Being.

Do not try to focus on anything specific, just send unconditional love through your whole Being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Fill your heart with gratitude for all the support you receive from those in the physical realm as well as the unseen Realms. Bask in the love that returns to you. Stay in this space for as long as you wish.

When you return, go to a mirror and spend a few moments gazing into your eyes. Tell yourself that you are loved beyond measure. Allow yourself to receive this gift of love. Feel the warmth it gives you and attempt to hold onto this knowledge and feeling of love throughout the day.

During your morning routine, you may wish to add this simple exercise of gazing into your eyes and reminding yourself how much you are loved, just as you are.

Remember you are a child of God, perfect in all ways. Go forth and have a beautiful day, knowing you are loved beyond all measure.

Selamet!  Caban 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  138

Etznab  8                The End of Suffering

I am Etznab 8. Thank you for joining with us today as we assist each other in our ascension. Know that we, as well as you, are working towards experiencing life fully before we all return to Source. Upon returning to Source, we gift each other with all of the knowledge and stories we are currently experiencing. It will be like having a huge party with all the movies in the world and we are the actors! Of course, the popcorn will be of the highest quality.

Today we would like to share knowledge associated with your Path on Earth. Each of you who are currently incarnate chose to come to this Earth to experience life in a variety of ways. While you were in your Spirit body, you had full knowledge that Earth is a temporary state of being and that in the twinkling of an eye, you would return to the Spirit Realm.

When we are in the Spirit Realm, we are not tied to the clock as you are in human form. Thus, what seems like an eternity to you is just one inbreath for us. Therefore, we are able to view ourselves in a different light. It is similar to you deciding to experience something new that may take an hour or a few days to accomplish. When you compare this incident to your entire life, although it may have great significance, the time it took was miniscule.

Many of you wonder how God could allow so much agony and suffering to occur on the Earth. We have two responses we would like to make on this subject, although we could expound much more. First, you were given the gift of free will. Much of your suffering is a direct result of choices you make, while on a global level, many suffer from the hands of others.

In essence, when you look at the entire history of the world, you will see that, as a group, things became out of hand overall due to the choices made by individuals over time. By this, we refer to such things as giving control to governmental leaders, allowing unrighteousness to occur at tribal level, greed and many other factors. Second, remember that your experience on Earth is miniscule in relation to your entire existence away from Source. The agony you feel now is less than a sneeze in the overall lifespan of your Soul.

If you want agony and suffering on Earth to end, you have the power to do so. However, there must be a large consensus, first on a personal level, then regionally as you become a role model for others and then globally as you unite together with clear intent. You will need to do more than just dream it into existence. There will be laws that need to change. All will need to respect others and speak their truth. Those in power who are using their role of leadership to manipulate others will need to change their heart or to be released from their duties. All of these things can be done if you join as one voice, uni-verse.

It takes time and effort to make great changes, but look what one person such as Ghandi or Mother Teresa was able to accomplish. Each of you has the ability to change and become a role model such as these two. When you release your fears and make all choices out of love of Self and others, you too will walk a path of righteousness, commanding the attention of others.

Be of good cheer, for there have been other worlds in crisis such as yours that have overcome their own iniquities and brought forth love and joy to their entire race. It has been done and will be done again. Believe it and make it happen!

Selamet!  Etznab 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  139

Cauac  9                 Fake It ‘til You Make It

I am Cauac 9. Welcome to this time of sharing. Today we would like to focus on what appears to be reality. In your Realm, it feels that what you experience is real. Yet when you take into consideration the whole of creation, what happens on Earth is more like a drama portrayed on the stage.

The purpose of this universe is to allow myriads of possibilities regarding the exploration of things not available elsewhere in the universe or when completely absorbed in Source Love.

The Earth and surrounding planets were created to allow specific possibilities to occur. Nowhere else is there such an abundance of life forms as there are on Earth. Nowhere else has free will been mixed with amnesia. These properties are unique in the universe; this combination has never existed in all of physical time. As a result, this planet is of great interest to many, which is why there is an abundance of extra-terrestrials that are drawn to your skies and inhabiting human form at this time.

As we have shared in previous Messages, when the Earth was created, a timeline was developed as per the request of Mother Earth. The group of Beings that constitutes the Earth agreed to host the living forms on this Earth for a specified amount of time. After that time, they will leave the density of this level and move forward in their ascension. Earth is already increasing in frequency and soon will not be compatible with low-level frequencies such as hate, fear and disrespect.

The Earth will not implode or be destroyed by asteroids. Instead, she will rise into an unseen Dimension, carrying only those who are able to vibrate within the realm of her frequency. In order to ascend with the Earth, all life forms will have to increase their frequency. Most animals and plants will make the shift because their nature is to resonate with the Earth. In order for humans to make the transition, they will have to revamp belief codes that keep themselves locked into fear-based behaviors. One way to do this is to “Fake it ‘til you make it.” This simple method can be difficult at first, but quickly gets easier with practice.

All that is needed is for you to choose a behavior in which you no longer wish to participate. Tell yourself you will no longer behave this way and then follow through. There is no need to make a public proclamation to others, for many times those you confide in will ridicule and test you.

You may have to change other behaviors in order to support your chosen one. For example, you may choose to stop overeating. The only way to do this is to . . . stop overeating. You may have to change other behaviors such as turn down offers to dine out, not munch while watching TV and drink a glass of water instead of having a bedtime snack.

Whatever it is you are trying to change, role-play as though it were already a reality. There is no need to whine or make statements such as, “I’m on a diet and I really want some ice cream.” That will only lock you into the victim mode. Avoid statements that make you seem noble that will lock you into ego trips.

Just stop the behavior. Try it and see how it works for you! No one has ever died practicing this exercise, however, many have learned to live! We encourage you to practice daily whatever it is you wish to experience. Do not let others or your fears stop you from living the life of your dreams. Most of you do not dream big enough. There is a lot more you can do and experience than you currently give yourself credit for! Dream big, fake it ‘til you make it, and be in joy!

Selamet!  Cauac 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  140

Ahau  10                 Time in Nature

Greetings, I am Ahau 10. Today we would like to give you a day off.

We suggest you spend as much time in Nature as possible.

Do only those things that give you pleasure.

Pay attention all day to how you feel, bringing up feelings of joy whenever any lower vibrational emotions come up.

Be mindful of every word you utter and every thought that comes into your consciousness.

Go forth in joy!

Selamet!  Ahau 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  141

Imix  11                Co-Creation

I am Imix 11. Thank you for taking time to meet with us today. We are delighted to be of assistance as you work towards making your life on Earth more enjoyable and worthwhile. We would like to talk today about the creator that resides within you. Many of you cringe when you hear others speak of humans in God-like terms, such as being creators. We would like to assure you that indeed, you are creators, although as a human, you do not have the capacity to create on a higher level as original Source. This is due to the amnesiac state you live in. Your true Essence is limited due to the low frequency you must maintain in order to remain in this Dimension.

However, through all ages, there have been Masters with incredible powers who have unlocked the secrets of the building blocks of this universe. Through their understandings, they were able to do things that most could not do. However, veils between Dimensions are thinning, allowing information to flow freely to all who understand how to access the Akashic Records. Many ancient mystery schools are now opening their doors to those who will enter. Their secrets were guarded for centuries, however now it is time for them to be shared by those whose hearts are pure. Many with less noble intents have abused this knowledge by keeping the masses under their control. Yet this can no longer be, for you are on your Path to ascension with the Earth and no human is allowed to interfere with another’s strong intention.

This brings us to our Message today. No one and no thing can stop you from experiencing a return to your spiritual knowledge, unless you allow it to be. There is nothing for the betterment of humankind that you cannot do once you learn to believe that you can, release all blocks and call on the Angels for assistance. We are most happy to accommodate your desires when you ask that it be for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.

There have been many covert operations by people who have accessed the ancient secrets for their personal gain. Countless stories are coming to the surface of the torture and brutality that many adults and children have endured as a result. These experiments by your governments and corporations were designed to control the masses through the mind. Countless murders resulted when others tried to bring forth new technologies that would benefit humankind. The acts of these corrupt leaders are now being publicized. Top-secret files of the massive cover-up of UFO activity are now being de-classified and available to the public.

With the advent of the personal computer came the ability to take any words and easily transmit them all over the world. Those who have ideas for new technologies and proof of governmental cover-ups are now able to disseminate this information in a matter of minutes. No longer can those who wish to suppress you keep this knowledge from moving forward. In the past, those who had inventive ideas or were whistleblowers could easily be bought or silenced. There are still many who are harassed and killed for bringing forth information, but it is happening to a lesser degree due to the information processing capabilities that are available today.

We share this information to let you know some of the background of your history so you will be better able to understand the importance of your ability to manifest your desires. In the past, the collective consciousness had agreed to allow the experiment of Earth to go to the lowest possible frequency. You have now hit bottom with one of two choices available: you choose death by staying at the bottom or you choose life by moving upward. We are speaking about vibrational levels.

On the day this is written, many are at the bottom. There are several unique things happening on the Earth this day. There is the largest amount of people living on the surface of the Earth than ever before. There is the widest and quickest ability to communicate with people over the entire globe. Transportation to any part of the Earth within a matter of hours is available. The vast majority of people do not know how to grow their own food. A huge proportion of people do not have the ability to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions because they are reliant on mechanical objects. When they have no access to electricity, many die because they live in buildings not designed for the climatic conditions in which they were built. Most water sources are polluted and continuing to be so at an alarming rate.

Natural resources are being depleted and causing environmental damage. The majority of people are reliant on others to manufacture their clothing and other needed items. There is an increase in obesity, and diet and stress-related illnesses, with drugs used as a source to mask symptoms. The use of medicinal herbs is becoming a lost art. The air is polluted to a degree never known to man before which is causing untold damage to all living forms, as well as the environment.

There is more we could say, but as you see, there are many huge problems that need to be overcome in order for living Beings to be able to remain on the surface of the Earth. This is why it is imperative to be conscious of your abilities as a creator. None of these problems will go away quickly. Most have already caused permanent damage to society and the fabric of your universe. Yet how can these things be put back into order in a timely manner so life on Earth can continue? You will need to work as a team. You will need to have the highest good of all as your foundation. You will need to master the ability to focus your intention for an extended period of time. You will need to control your thoughts, emotions and words and keep them flowing from a base of love. These are basic things required to begin saving your planet.

When you have the knowledge and understanding that you can create with your thoughts, words, actions and emotions, you will be able to create a utopian society. There is much work to be done. The beginning is the tearing down of the structures that imprison you. This is happening in the external realm as your banking, housing and insurance institutions are collapsing. Governmental agencies and clearing houses that oversee every aspect of your life will begin to crumble next.

Information on how foods are tainted with toxins to cause food addictions, as well as preserve foods unnaturally has become public knowledge. It is up to each individual to choose what they will place on and in their body. Where will you spend your time and energy? You each need to be responsible personally. There is no longer time to stick your head in the sand and allow others to make decisions for you. If you wish to build utopia and to increase your well-being while residing in human form, you must make better choices in this and every moment. One way is to create more cohesive communities where each has a place and everyone assists with the growing and preparation of food.

Your ability to communicate with your Higher Self and Guides on other Dimensions will increase dramatically when you cleanse your body of toxic foods, thoughts and emotions. You will need to do this by paying attention to your diet, where you place your attention and the fears that drive your life. We have made many suggestions on ways you can do this. Each step you take towards healing your emotional wounds and moving towards loving others unconditionally will allow you to vibrate at a higher frequency. That is the bottom line. What is your response ability?

Try various suggestions that others and we have offered you. Allow yourself time to experiment, paying close attention to how you feel as you do so. Know that the changes you need to make in order to increase your love vibration will take effort. You may experience physical symptoms of detoxification in the beginning as you adjust to higher frequencies and as your body and mind releases the impurities that have been ingrained within your memory and cells.

Hold onto your vision of perfect health and harmony between others. Do your part by paying attention to what you do and say. Be a role model for others. Choose your friends wisely. Speak your truth. Walk the Path that will lead you to enlightenment. There is much to be gained by taking responsibility for yourself. We encourage you to take each step in joy, knowing that you are creating a more bountiful life on Earth for all. Take time to ponder these words and formulate your plan of action. You have already experienced the result of inaction.

Know you are loved and blessed beyond your understanding in this moment. We welcome the day when we will reunite in Spirit. Until that time, know that we are here to assist; all you need do is ask.

Selamet!  Imix 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  142

Ik  12              Embrace Diversity

I am Ik 12. Welcome to this time of gathering. We are delighted to be of assistance as you choose to walk the Path of enlightenment. Today we would like to talk on the subject of diversity. Each of you is unique, coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Your belief codes are the foundation upon which you build your entire world. When your foundation is based on fear, low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness, you will see the world from these lenses, with expectations that others will treat you in this manner. When your base is one of love, peace and joy, you will see the world from these lenses, expecting people to respond to you in like manner.

You are at a critical juncture in your evolution and it is mandatory that diversity is valued as a commodity. Even among the Lightworkers, there is a tendency to attempt to unify everyone into a few simple belief codes. However, it is diversity that makes this planet beautiful and special. There are planets in existence that have only one landscape. Others planets have few, if any varieties of wildlife or flora. There are many where all the inhabitants look very similar with the same color of skin covering, hair, eyes, height, etc.

In this Realm, diversity is often seen as something to be fixed. You strive for one world government, one church, one race, one mindset and one language. While you are touting that everyone is special, racial wars are at an all time high. Even among those who are dreaming up the next world, there tends to be a holding on of cultures, beliefs and a sense of “my way.” There is much division in every facet of your life that is regarded as less than or better than.

We encourage you to begin to notice these discrepancies and to take steps first in your personal life and then throughout your communities to allow for individual tastes and freedom. There are many among you with specific talents to bring forth this awareness to others. Please find the courage to step forth and publicly proclaim these truths.

The bottom line of what we are speaking about is unconditional love; allowing every living Being to be as they choose to be. There are not two among you that are the same as another; why attempt to make it so? When you have the ability to accept others’ individuality and to embrace and encourage them even when you do not agree, then you will begin to have autonomy in your world.

Until that time, there will be an increased need for others to justify their beliefs and to feel compelled to stand up for their convictions. There may be those whose convictions are not for the highest good of all; we understand this. However, we are not working with those people; they have other Guides that assist them. We are focusing on those of you who have sincere hearts and desire a better place for all to live.

Even within spiritual circles, there is much dissention. What does it matter if you have different views of god? Does it matter if some of your religious laws are different? Is there one religion amongst you that does not state that it is good to love one another and treat others with kindness and respect? Then perhaps, if there is to be a unified religion, this should be your guide. If a unified language is to be chosen, perhaps silence would be the greatest, allowing more time to go within and less miscommunication through the use of your language.

We shall conclude this session with hopes that you will ponder these words and look at ways that you separate yourself from others. There is no hierarchy in the higher frequency Dimensions, although there is organization, with everyone having a role to play. We strive to assist you to begin living in this manner on Earth. How can you begin to release judgments in your life?

Selamet!  Ik 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  143

Akbal  13           Synchronicities

I am Akbal 13. Thank you for sharing some of your time with us this day. We would like to share with you some of our knowledge based on our experiences of this Realm you call Earth. None in our immediate group have physically incarnated on Earth nor desiring to be of the lower density that you have chosen. Thus, from our standpoint, we cannot fully experience what you go through each moment of your life.

However, because we are of a higher frequency and not in a state of amnesia, we are able to offer suggestions from our vantage point. Know that at any time you can choose to heed our words or disregard them completely. This is part of your free will choice. We do not judge anything you say or do, for we understand that you are simply experiencing the things you wish to engage in. We know the real you that exists in the upper planes and are in communion with your Higher Self when we are making contact with you.

There is nothing we can say that you cannot access freely from your Higher Self. However, many of you do not know how to access your Higher Self on a clear level. Many of you are still making choices from the belief code that you must have an intercessor to reach your God. This is not true. Why would a father create a child that needed to go through another person in order to communicate with him? Ponder on this and determine for yourself if this belief code feels accurate to you.

We encourage you to take time to clear your mind, meditate, pray and seek inside for answers. Often the responses are subtle: a fleeting thought, an intuition, a gut reaction or goose pimples. How do you know when it is us or your Higher Self making contact? First is the ability to trust your instincts. It is much easier to trust your instincts after you have relinquished your fears. At times you may get an intuition, but your fears create a gut reaction response that keeps you from following through with the intuition. This is an important reason why facing and walking through your fears is imperative. Once you have learned to walk with courage, your next task is to follow your intuition.

If what you are prompted to do is for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, then know you are on the right Path. We understand that this is not always a good indicator, for you do not know all the ramifications that may occur as a result of any action or if the results ultimately are for the highest good of all. Many times what seems painful for another turns out to be a great gift or teacher.

Another indicator to know if what you are experiencing is for your highest good is to pay attention to your feelings as you make choices. In most cases, if you have released associated fears and blocks caused by belief codes, you will know for certainty that you should follow through with what you feel prompted to do.

Pay attention to synchronicities that occur; count them as blessings as you walk along your Path. Have the courage to follow through with ideas that feel inspiring, for they likely are guideposts for you. There are times when you will falter, but you will never be lost. When you call on us for assistance, we are always near to set up new experiences in order to help you stay on your Path.

You will find these guideposts in many ways. Perhaps you will overhear a part of someone else’s conversation that is relative to you, books fall at your feet, objects appear to be lighter, almost glowing, familiar scents, music lyrics with a message, websites pop up on your computer, an urge to go somewhere or turn on the television to a channel you normally don’t watch. There are many ways we attempt to reach you. If you are conscious and paying attention to what is happening around you each moment, you will notice our clues. Watch for things that seem unusual. We are here to offer our assistance and look forward to working closely with you as you choose to lighten your Path.

Selamet!  Akbal 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

5 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve had synchronicity involving 143 so I thought it was fitting that I read day 143 and it was this subject I BELIEVE


  2. “One way to revamp belief codes and unwanted behaviors is to “Fake it ‘til you make it.” This simple method can be difficult at first, but quickly gets easier with practice.
    All that is needed is for you to choose a behavior in which you no longer wish to participate. Tell yourself you will no longer behave this way and then follow through. Try it and see how it works for you! No one has ever died practicing this exercise, however, many have learned to live!”
    To read this Message in its entirety, read Day 139 at:


  3. Day 138, The End of Suffering “Many of you wonder how God could allow so much agony and suffering to occur on the Earth. We have two responses we would like to make on this subject, although we could expound much more. First, you were given the gift of free will. Much of your suffering is a direct result of choices you make, while on a global level, many suffer from the hands of others. Second, remember that your experience on Earth is miniscule in relation to your entire existence away from Source. The agony you feel now is less than a sneeze in the overall lifespan of your Soul… If you want agony and suffering on Earth to end, you have the power to do so.”


  4. Day 136 Theta Healing “select one area of unrest, whether it is a past wound you wish to heal, a behavior you wish to change or something that leaves you feeling less than whole. With this in mind, relax while taking in several breaths. Focus on your breathing until you have released any tension in your body. When you reach this level of relaxation, your brain goes into theta brainwaves allowing you to more easily disengage the logical mind. Mentally, see yourself pushing a button that temporarily shuts off the left side of the brain.
    You will begin functioning more from the right side of the brain, which allows for greater healing to occur. The right hemisphere of the brain stores the memories of what has occurred in your entire lifetime. It does not hold logical thoughts, judgments or anything other than facts and emotions. You can release emotions easier when you are in this relaxed state because the right side simply experiences the emotions without feeling the need to express or hold onto them, as the left hemisphere does.”


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