Days 183 – 195

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This thirteen day period (trecena) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Akbal. This is a time to embrace the dark side of all things, to find balance both in your inner world and outer realms. As the “Bringer of the Dawn,” Akbal takes you from the dark soul of the night into the morning light of new beginnings.

D03 Akbal


Day 183 – Dimensional Portals

Day 184 – Observing Insects

Day 185 – Block Busters

Day 186 – E.T. Phone Home

Day 187 – Beyond the Portals

Day 188 – Nature Review

Day 189 – Nature Spirits

Day 190 – Dowsing 101

Day 191 – Kineseology

Day 192 – Coning Sessions

Day 193 – There is No Ascension

Day 194 – Out of Body Experiences

Day 195 – Ten Communication Tools


MAYAN MESSAGE          DAY  183         

AKBAL  1        Dimensional Portals

I am Akbal 1. We are very excited to be a part of your consciousness and look forward to the day when we are together once again. Today we would like to talk about transportation. We spoke on this subject briefly before, but would like to expand further. On Day 180, we spoke of physical methods of transportation while on Day 182 we talked of how humans bi-locate, being partly in the physical realm and partially in the Spiritual realm. What we wish to talk about today is the ability to move through portals and beyond time and spatial limitations. Each of you has the capability to do this on a conscious level, although most of you currently travel Dimensionally solely during dreamtime.

In order to be able to move through time portals, you must begin to understand that all you observe with your eyes is not essentially real. Although a table and chair may seem real, in its barest essence it is simply a cloud of energy. Scientists are now proving this true; indigenous elders have known this to be true since antiquity. Therefore, the need to hold onto things due to fear of lack is unnecessary. There is no lack; anything that is needed can be manifested from thoughtforms. This includes your physical bodies.

Time and space are also figments of your imagination, being an integral part of the reality of this planet, thus allowing this game to be played. It is similar to backdrops on stage. There may be painted walls simulating a mountain, but it is not a real mountain. This understanding is crucial in order to have the ability to move at your discretion through various Dimensions.

There are portals or doorways leading to various Dimensions that can be entered by those who know of their existence. Many on Earth have known of these portals used by interdimensional Beings for eons. Government officials have taken over these portals in many areas, locking out anyone who attempts to enter. Those who have been to these sites have on numerous occasions seen E.T.s and many have had contact with them. The mystery of cow mutilations and crop circles are related to these portals.

Some portals are used exclusively as a means to allow souls (ghosts) trapped in this Realm to cross over and continue on their soul’s Path. Some portals are designed to allow Interdimensional Beings to enter the Earth for specific work assignments. These doorways are closed when the work is completed. No other species of Beings are allowed to use these entryways.

Most portals were designed to allow physical Beings from various planets and galaxies to tunnel at the speed of thought to the chosen destination. Transportation as humans know it is archaic. Using human technology would require eons to get from one location to another. However, with the technology of the tunnels, one can go myriads of miles in no time.

It may be hard to understand these truths when you are locked into belief codes enmeshed with the concepts of time and space. However, if you expand your mind and realize that time and space are illusions or part of the backdrops of this experience you call life, you can see a much broader picture.

Most physical transportation currently in use by humans is detrimental to the environment. Those who believe in the existence of UFOs know there are much better forms of transportation available. Greed and desire to control the masses have kept your governments locked in secret alliances, suppressing UFO technologies. Yet they exist and are quite profound, not using any of the earth’s resources and negating the need to refuel every 200 miles. Can you imagine using human methods of transportation to travel to the Pleiades? Not only would it take years to get there, the cost of fuel would place a high toll on the earth’s ecological balance.

Each of you has within your auric field that which is often called the mer-ka-bah. This energy field has the ability to increase your vibrational level, making transportation to various Dimensions available in the twinkling of an eye. The vibration of love makes this travel possible. Soon, all of you will be aware of this bubble of energy that is available to you.

There will still be many who wish to use cars and planes to get from one location to another, but it will be simply for the pleasure of the experience. More of you are already finding that you are mentally able to travel to various places simply through willpower or during meditation. This method of transportation requires none of earth’s resources and essentially takes no time. You can begin to experience this ability as you go deeper into your meditations. You can travel to the Akashic Records at any time and find answers to your questions. Many of you have traveled to the inner Earth and met with those who live there. Many of you have been in the spaceships and work with your E.T. brethren during your dreamtime.

Each portal was designed for a specific purpose, many of which were less than kind. Often they were used for escape to evade unpleasant encounters, such as when their reception was met with hostility. There is no need to use these portals other than to experience other levels of physicality. These portals are not used to ascend or become closer to original Source.

Many of you will be seeing humans shape shift into their E.T. form as the veil between Dimensions continues to thin. Do not be afraid, for they are your brothers. Like humans, some are less than kind, but those with evil intentions are no longer allowed to go through these portals. That part of the Grand Experiment has now ended. We bring up this subject to let you know what is happening around you. There are many wild stories that border on science fiction. In fact, many of your sci-fi authors and filmmakers have been through these portals and seen many of the things that are portrayed on the screen. This is no accident. These books, movies and games have been created to help ease your transition when the appointed time arrives and you begin to meet these Beings. You are being prepared to be united once again with your star brothers and sisters.

There are many factors at play as you move towards mass ascension. Many of your star relatives have a vested interest in Earth. Many of these Beings are coming back from the future to change the course of events in order to make necessary changes to the Earth and her inhabitants. Genetic codes were modified long ago, leading to a race of Beings that no longer have the capacity to experience emotions. As time progressed, they realized the need and purpose of emotions and have now returned to offset the damage currently being performed by geneticists. Your history is literally being rewritten.

Even if all of this sounds like a fairy tale, it is true. We have included this information in these Messages because many of you are now encountering these portals and we wish to give you more insight before you step into one. Know that by stepping through a portal, you may end up in a different time such as was depicted in Jurassic Park. You may find yourself in a hostile environment such as depicted in many of the Star Trek episodes.

In order to protect yourself, it is necessary to be in communion with your Higher Self and to call on your Guides to help protect you. If you do not have a close communion with your Higher Self, we suggest you not step through a portal. It is possible to get lost and unable to return. When it comes to the grand scheme of all things, no one is ever lost, although when living in your environment, it feels very real and frightening.

People have used psychedelic drugs to experience these portals or wormholes. Many have had wonderful experiences that have led to addictions, as they prefer to escape through these portals rather than face the chaos in their lives. Many have gone insane or have died of fright during these episodes. Shamans have traditionally used this method as a means of foretelling future events or to gain spiritual insight.

Travel at your own pace. Out of body experiences can be beautiful when accompanied by your Guides and done for soul expansion. Once you have an experience such as this, your life will have new meaning and your ability to understand the Oneness of All will be greatly enhanced. Work diligently to communicate with your Higher Self, which is your best Guide to other Dimensions and to the deeds that are most appropriate for you during your stay on Earth. Many blessings to you.

Akbal 1


MAYAN MESSAGE               DAY  184         

KAN  2            Observing Insects

I am Kan 2. Thank you for joining with us this day. We are excited to be a part of the merging of Self and Spirit that is currently transpiring on Earth today. It is our greatest honor to assist you during this time of transition.

Today we would like to encourage you to step outside and breathe fresh air. If you live in an area where the air is polluted, then make plans to get out of the city and into an area where trees and other plants are creating oxygen for you.

While in Nature, stand in awe and witness the beauty of what surrounds you. Stare at the ground for a few moments and you will find that you are surrounded by tiny insects that you previously had not noticed.

As you watch these tiny Beings, note their habit of continuing their work, paying no attention to you. If you provoke them, they will either defend themselves or run. They are great metaphors for you.

At first, you did not notice they were there until you drew your attention to the ground. Once your awareness was turned to this tiny area, you began to notice new things. This is true every moment of your life. You will notice things where you place your attention.

If you focus on negative things or all the bad things that could possibly happen, your experiences and conversations will reflect this. Those who focus on happy thoughts and outcomes are less likely to be burdened when sad or bad things occur. Since they regard life in general as good and happy, they will take bad situations and find the good in them, for they know there is good in all things.

A second lesson we can learn from the insects is regarding their work activities. No matter if a huge Being such as a human is standing near them, they continue with their daily routines. They do not stop to engage you in idle chatter. They do not make demands or place judgments on you; they simply continue to be. How many times do you allow yourself to be distracted when others are nearby? Would you be able to
keep your focus on what you desire to do? Do you feel the need to entertain or engage others who are in your vicinity?

Another lesson we can learn from insects is how we react when others provoke us. Would you defend yourself or flee? Do you feel the need to defend your actions and choices? You may wish to take time to discover why you make this choice. Every choice you make is your business; there will always be some who agree with you and some who disagree with you. To be able to stand in courage with your decision without the need to defend yourself is a mark of maturity.

Do you flee when confronted by others? There are times when fleeing or walking away is in your best interest. However, what often happens is people who are provoked become fearful and not able to stand in their truth. They are not comfortable standing up for themselves and choose instead to withdraw. If you find
this is a habit of yours, you may choose to go within and look at why you allow others to intimidate you.

Take time to know yourself and have the courage to become the person you wish to be. Learn to say “no” to requests that are not in your highest good. When others provoke you, learn when it is best to remove yourself from their presence or to speak your truth to them. There are many lessons that can be learned when one takes time to sit in Nature and observe. Set time aside often to relax in Nature and
commune with these highly intelligent Beings.

Have a day filled with wonder. We look forward to our next meeting.

Selamet!  Kan 2


MAYAN MESSAGE                   DAY  185         

Chicchan 3          Block Busters

I am Chicchan 3. Thank you for joining with us this day. We are truly grateful for each moment we have in which we are consciously connected. There are many ways we are connected, since energetically we are of the same Essence. When you are knowingly aware of us and desire to work together, there is a highly charged energy frequency that occurs between us.

This is similar to an electrical conduit. When you have electric lights in your home, they are always hooked up to the same energy source as all the other electrical appliances in the building. When you decide to light up a room, you simply flip a switch and the energy flows through that conductor.

It is much the same whenever you have an interaction with us or any other Being or experience. There is always the possibility for a myriad of choices to occur, yet it is the one you focus your mind on that will manifest. Thus, be mindful of what you wish to experience, for you have within you the power to make it so.

There are often things that manifest in ways you do not desire, there are several reasons why this occurs. Since you live in a world with more than six billion persons, there will be times when you simply are a receiver of something that was not consciously intended specifically for you. If it is something that goes strongly against your paradigm, your Guides will send messages to assist you in avoiding being part of that scenario. It is up to you to be tuned into their frequency and to recognize and choose whether to follow their guidance.

When there are natural disasters, accidents or people affecting others in unkind ways, you may be prompted to avoid going into the areas where these things will occur. By hooking in with your Higher Self and Guides, you will more likely heed their advice and remain safe. There are many who have lost their lives or suffered physically or emotionally because they did not listen to their inner voice.

On a more personal level, when you turn on your connection with your Higher Self and Guides, the lights come on and the current flows, oftentimes bringing you the gifts and joy you desire. To allow the energy between you to flow freely, you must remove any blocks. When you have fear, negative thinking or disbelief, it is like having the light switch in the “off” position; the flow is blocked. When you release belief codes and habits that keep you in fear, it is similar to turning the switch into the “on” position.

How can you keep the flow going? Go within daily and consciously make the changes necessary to overcome fears and unwanted habits. When you have thoughts that are detrimental to your goals, force yourself to literally think again. Continue doing this until the habit is changed. When you find yourself falling into habits you do not desire, stop and choose again. Although it may seem difficult to do, it really is simple, although it takes perseverance, courage and will power.

You have the ability to make these changes within you and assistance from your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and those on Earth who have learned to support others unconditionally. Seek these Helpers and allow them to help you. Go forth with courage and create the life of your dreams!

Selamet!  Chicchan 3


MAYAN MESSAGE          DAY  186    

 CIMI  4         E.T. Phone Home 

I am Cimi 4. Welcome to this grand and glorious day! Although at times your experience on Earth may not feel grand or glorious, when you can see what is happening from our vantage point, you will realize that indeed all is wonderful. Today we would like to share information regarding your star brothers. Some of you reading this may not believe that E.T.s and UFOs exist, although there are volumes of verified documentation regarding their existence. We do believe it is a bit naïve to think that in the expanse of the universe only one tiny section called, Earth, would house intelligent life forms. We know that some of you who do not believe in the existence of Star Beings will be turned off by these Messages. Yet we encourage you to continue to read them throughout the year, for there are many truths and tools that are of value to you.


There is much talk regarding E.T.s and the roles they are playing. There are a growing number of people who have created the belief code that E.T.s will be coming to Earth to save humans from inevitable destruction. We are here to tell you that in essence, this is not true. Your only savior is you. You are fully responsible for what you choose every moment. When you place your hope on a savior, you give away your personal power. This is never a wise thing to do. There are many who have placed all bets on saviors, being irresponsible while waiting to be beamed up to safety. Now you find yourselves penniless, some having given up hope while others still fervently watch the skies.


You are responsible for everything you experience while on Earth, including giving your personal power over to a hopeful dream. To live fully, enjoy each moment filled with love and gratitude, receiving and sharing the blessings bestowed upon you. These blessings are the result of your prayers, yet many do not recognize them as such.


Repeatedly, we hear the prayers of those asking for abundance. Yet they block this abundance because they do not deem themselves worthy of it. Others have strong belief codes attached to money being the root of all evil. Others feel that it is saintly to give away their riches. Often, Lightworkers who have many talents will not accept payment for their services because it is a gift from Spirit. Yet you will pay top dollar for health services provided by professionals who many times create more problems than solutions. When you can see that everything you receive is a gift from Spirit, whether it is words of advice from another, the perfect nail you needed or an intuition, you will find that all things are valuable. Why do you feel that you cannot receive money for your services? Look deep within to find the roots that keep you from accepting money for your services.


Returning to the subject of E.T.s, first we would like to mention that nearly every Being on Earth has lived elsewhere before this incarnation, so essentially each of you is an extra-terrestrial. As a result of sci-fi horror movies, books, negative encounters and such, the term E.T. stirs feelings of uneasiness in most people. You are One with the entire universe, all coming from the same Source. To get past the negative connotations associated with the term “E.T.,” we will refer to them as your star brothers, although some are female and most are androgynous.


Earth was created by a huge group of conscious Beings, including the group that is the Earth herself. Before Earth was formed, there was life on other planets that had been in existence for billions of years. When a group decided they wanted to try a new experiment, they began to have meetings to create this Realm. Most of the parameters for this galaxy were already in place in other galaxies, however, the combination of parameters on Earth is unique.


One of the rules was that upon entry, one would temporarily lose memory of his Spiritual roots. This was necessary to have the experience of Not-Love. It was decided that the inhabitants could go as far into Not-Love as they chose until a specified period of time, which is now ending. It was also determined there would be little to no intervention from other Dimensions, unless there was danger to the fabric of the galaxy, such as nuclear warheads. There have been many negative experiments carried out by your star brothers. These experiments were allowed; the humans involved contracted to be a part before incarnating on Earth. In many cases, these memories were erased so as not to interfere with the human’s daily life. Often the person in human form did not remember the experience, yet the memories were stored in their subconscious and physical body. As is the case in all experiments, learning comes from doing and observing. Thus, there was no malice intended and there were legitimate reasons for each experiment that occurred.


There have been some star brothers who have done things maliciously, with the intention to cause rifts or to gain power over others. Your star brothers who came to this Earth also have free will choices and were allowed to do much of what they wished as long as they followed the rules of this galaxy. As the Earth increases her vibration, there is an incompatibility with those who have unkind intentions. Whether these Beings are incarnated on Earth or living on spaceships, their ability to wreak havoc is rapidly declining.

Intentions based on acts of unkindness have a low vibrational frequency. As the earth’s frequency ascends, a chasm occurs between the two frequencies. As the number of those with the ability to raise their vibrational frequency increases, it becomes difficult for those with lower frequencies to resonate. What happens is that the lower frequencies become scrambled as the higher frequencies gain strength. As a result, you will see many who prefer to experience the lower frequencies begin to lose their power, their health and often their lives.


There will come a tipping point in which the light once again becomes stronger than the dark. This was how the Earth was in its initial state. The slate will be wiped clean as humans once again reside in the Garden of Eden and continue to make choices based on higher frequencies. This is not the first time this has happened. Your world runs in cycles, each round having similar, yet different parameters.


The cycle you are entering allows full remembrance of your Spirit Self while remaining embodied in human form. There are other galaxies where this is also occurring. There are also Beings who are highly evolved living within the crust of the Earth. Many humans have communicated with these Beings and each looks forward to the day when they can walk amongst each other in harmony. There are some conscious Beings who will choose to leave this Realm and return to other planets. These are the ones who will gain admittance to the spaceships, never to be seen on Earth again. Those piloting these ships are not your saviors, they are your brothers who are here as an answer to your prayers.


Be not afraid when you encounter your star brothers. However, be warned that some do exist that are in sheep’s clothing. There are many humans like this, posing as your friends but having underlying motives to swindle you. None of them have the power to steal your soul, but they can convince you to follow their leadership.


If you have worked through the belief codes that keep you blocked from direct communication with your Higher Self, you will never be deceived. You will have direct access to the Akashic Records and knowledge of all that is. Those of lower frequencies prey on those who are gullible and live with victim tendencies. Many of the experiences that those with unkind motives have set up are now crumbling. One thing they did not count on was the availability of the internet to expose their deeds to the masses in such a consistent and timely manner. No longer can they blackmail and kill all of those who would expose them, for the numbers of whistleblowers are too great and the information too readily available.


The End Times are simply the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. There will be no need to seek a savior. If you realized this new world is your creation, how would you act? What would you choose to occur in this utopian society? Visualize the world you wish to live in, then every moment act as though it were already so. You will be amazed how quickly your thoughts will manifest your dreams. In order to do so, you must release the fears and belief codes that enable you to stay in a state of powerlessness. Face your fears, challenge your belief codes and live the life of your dreams.


If you do not like the systems you as a people have set up, take steps to transform them. If you do not like the things people say or do, release your attachment to them. Everything you say or do is in your control. Take responsibility for your actions and choose thoughts that pave the path for what you desire. Know that greed and control over others will no longer be compatible with the earth’s frequencies. If these are things you desire, know that you will be separated from those who wish to continue in the lower frequencies when the time comes for the ascension. We would also like to say that when we use the word ascension we are referring to increased vibrational frequencies. In no way do we judge those who prefer lower frequencies, for everyone is simply choosing what they wish to experience before returning to Source.


Do not be concerned about saving souls; no soul is in danger of being lost. However, share your knowledge with those who are interested in what you say and perhaps they will raise their frequency and be able to join you when the rift occurs.. Many Lightworkers will choose to physically remain with those of the lower frequencies to Guide those who choose to learn how to increase their ability to love and ascend while in physical form. Many of you who resonate at higher frequencies will be able to move to the Other Side and maintain contact with those of the lower frequencies who physically remain on the Earth.


Embrace your star brothers. Love all, no matter what Path they are walking, for in loving your enemy you increase your vibrational level and heighten your opportunity to dwell in Paradise. Feel gratitude for every experience and be willing to receive and share all gifts bestowed upon you, no matter how small or how grand they appear to b


Selamet!  Cimi 4


MAYAN MESSAGES                DAY  187

Manik  5              Beyond the Portals  

I am Manik 5. Thank you for taking time to join us today. It gives us great pleasure to meet with you. We look forward to the time when our communication will be clearer, beyond the limited use of words.

Today we would like to talk further on the topic of transportation. Let us begin by looking at the original roots of this word. “Trans” is a Latin prefix, meaning beyond or on the opposite side. “Portus” is a Latin noun, meaning door.

Thus, the original meaning of the word transportation means to go beyond the door (portus). Do you not think it is interesting that the contemporary use for moving from one place to another has its root in going beyond a door? Were they referring to the door in an automobile? Were they referring to getting from one location to another? Either way, the transportation that we would like to discuss today involves going beyond, through a door (portal).

We are talking about the portals going from one Dimension to another. Earlier this week we talked of several types of portals. Today we would like to talk a little about the various Dimensions. Not all have access to these Dimensions; only a few are open to those in your Realm. There are a variety of reasons for this.

Several of the higher Realms cannot be accessed by humans, simply because the energy frequencies do not harmonize. Again, it is like radio channels on different frequencies. When rotating the dial, as you draw close to a channel, you begin to hear chatter until you are able to get clear reception. Yet there comes a time when you lose the station completely as the frequency goes out of range. You, in your human form are vibrating at a very low density. You cannot tune into certain Dimensions because your frequencies are at a wide variance.

As you become a more conscious and loving Being, you may begin to tune into other channels as your frequency increases. At first there may be static, then you can begin to hear unintelligible chatter until finally you have clear reception.

When you merge once again with your Higher Self, you will be vibrating at a higher frequency. At that time, you will be able to tune into several of the Dimensions that are currently beyond your range. The Higher Selves of various individuals on your planet are at different stages of evolution. Each resonates at a frequency equal to the amount of love and compassion they currently embody. Thus, when you merge with your Higher Self, it is not necessarily true that you will immediately have remembrance of everything. There are still levels to attain before one remembers and understands the essence of initial Source.

When you go beyond the portal and merge with your Higher Self, you will resonate with some higher frequency channels, but not all. We, the Day Keepers, are at a frequency or Dimension just below the Archangels. We work with the White Brotherhood and several Councils that are overseeing the experiences on Earth. Thus, we have a much larger picture and access to knowledge on a conscious level than you currently do. This in no way implies that we are better than you or that the Archangels are better than us. It simply means that we each are on our chosen Path.

We wish to share this information so you have a better understanding regarding inter-dimensional traveling. There are many of you who seek to transport to Realms that are currently impossible for you to enter. Many feel frustrated and lose trust in their ability to reach higher Dimensions.

They feel they are doing something wrong and spend much time trying to find out how to get where they want to go. It is like spinning your wheels in the mud. You may want to get out of the mud and hope to get to dry land, but your wheels go around in the same circle, spinning out of control while sinking deeper into the mire.

If you wish to get advice or support from the highest Realm possible for you, call in the Archangels, Elohim and Seraphim. You cannot go much higher than that, because beyond them the vibrations are so high, you are incompatible with their frequencies.

The Archangels have access to some of the higher Realms because they are resonating at a much higher frequency than you are. Yet there is a point where they cannot access higher frequencies while at their level of evolution. Know that even though these Beings are wise, loving and patient, they are not gods. They are not better than you; they have simply mastered love and joy and chose to move beyond the physical Realm of Earth. Many Masters choose to stay in this Realm instead of moving to a higher vibrational level because they wish to continue interacting with you. If they move on, they will lose contact. Many of them were part of the original team that created Earth and wish to continue to be of help, especially during this time of transition.

When you enter your prayer and meditation time, call on the Ascended Masters to help you solve your problems. Because of their vast knowledge of this universe and how it was designed, they will be able to assist you in a myriad of situations.  There are some of you who wish to experience a merging with Original Source during meditation. Although you may reach a point of nirvana, you will not have access to the sea of Oneness. Once you merge with the Oneness, you will cease to exist as an individual. In your meditations, you have access to the Tree of Life in the no-thing-ness. This is an ideal goal to reach in order to gain a clearer conception of your Self. Although this state of being is very loving, it is nowhere near the state of perfect love that exudes from the Creator.

No matter where you go in your meditations, always ask your Guides to protect you and to return you to Earth at an appointed time. There are many who have been led astray by Beings with less than honorable intentions while in meditation and found it difficult to return. This is because these doorways lead to various time periods and Dimensions. There are no sign posts on the Other Side leading back to the door through which you entered. Shamanic journeys with animals are a unique and inspiring way to visit the underworld Realms. These Realms generally consist of physical places within the world, although there are many paths that lead off world. Stay with your Animal Guide at all times, for there are many ornery souls who would love to ensnare you.

These portals are open to those who are resonating at higher frequencies. You may stumble upon one of these doorways while hiking, meditating or during your daily routine. You may come upon Beings unexpectedly who just popped in from the Other Side. All of the Spirits at this time who are going through these portals are of lighter frequencies. The portals are being closed to those with unkind intentions because their frequencies no longer match the frequencies of the Earth. When you encounter these Beings, accept them and welcome them with love. They are here to be a part of the great transition that is happening on Earth. For eons, they have waited for this moment and await their reunion with you with great anticipation. In the past, many attempted to reunite, but were met with aggression causing them to flee or to become enslaved or killed. This time has nearly ended, thus allowing more to transport safely and freely through the portals.

Be cautious when you approach a portal, for they are not all the same. They resonate at various frequencies. You may become ill if you spend any length of time on the Other Side if it is not compatible with your frequency. Each of these portals have Guards or Angels monitoring them to be sure only those of the proper frequencies and missions go through.

We have spoken enough on this subject for the moment. We wanted to enlighten those of you who are attempting to gain access to Realms beyond your current limits. Ponder these words and wisely choose where you wish to travel in your meditations and ask permission from your Higher Self before entering Realms unfamiliar to you. Seek true shamans, for they are Masters of these Realms and will also be good guides for you. Many tout the use of psychedelic drugs to gain access to these Realms, but they are not necessary and often harmful to those who do not know how to use them properly. Be wise, be clear and learn to be appreciative of the time you have on Earth.

Longing to be elsewhere is a sign that you have not reached enlightenment.

Selamet!  Manik 5



MAYAN MESSAGE               DAY  188

Lamat  6               Nature  Review 

I am Lamat 6. Thank you for joining us this day. Today we would like to give you a little breather.

We ask that you take one of the Messages that you have not mastered or that you would like to further ponder and go into Nature.

Silence your outer world and take as many breaths as you need to relax and release the worries of the day.

Connect with your Higher Self, believing this is possible.

All that needs to be done to make this connection is to go within and ask that it be so.

There is no need to go deeply into a meditative state, to chant a specific mantra or to stand on your head until you are dizzy.

You are always connected, every moment, although stilling the chatter in your head long enough to hear what your Spirit wishes to share may take practice.

The difficulty for most to overcome is the belief that indeed you can connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Once you understand how they communicate through your emotions, senses and intuition, you will be able to communicate more clearly.

Go into Nature. Silence your outer world.

Read the Message you wish to review and ponder its meaning.

Take what feels relevant to you and choose a method as to how you can integrate this Truth into your daily life.

Ask for guidance and listen to the thoughts that come into your head.

Pay attention to the emotions you are feeling and physical sensations such as goose pimples or a fluttering in the heart.

Know that we are always nearby, full of love and the desire to be of assistance to you.

Allow yourself to feel our love by asking for an astral group hug.

Feel the warmth that comes into your heart and know we are near.

Bless this day and fill your heart with gratitude for the opportunity to be walking upon the Earth.


Selamet!  Lamat 6



MAYAN MESSAGE             DAY  189

Muluc  7         Nature Spirits 

I am Muluc 7. Thank you for joining us. We would again like to encourage you to go into Nature today. Tie in with the energies surrounding you by sitting next to a tree or focusing your complete attention on a plant. Make a heart connection with the plant. If you hear thoughts come into your head that do not seem to be your own, know that you have communicated with the plant.


Although a plant’s consciousness differs from that of a human, they do respond to the energy of love. Have you ever seen a plant that was wilting and then quickly perked up after receiving water? They respond equally to musical tones, human emotions and noxious energies in their field. Even the rocks you walk on have a consciousness at this level.


Remember that each of you and everything around you came from the same atoms and molecules. Every atom is alive with energy and contains within it the possibility to become part of any material object on Earth. Within each atom is the hologramic field of original Source, thus everything on Earth has a consciousness within its energy field.


Emotions are different from consciousness. Although a plant or inanimate object may be affected by differing energies such as love, fear or hate, they do not react emotionally. Plants may wither, flourish, die or show signs of stress, but they do not get angry, seek revenge, judge or feel hurt. Their programming allows them to express love through their beauty and unique contribution to the planet by providing oxygen and being part of the food cycle.


All plants have Nature Spirits overseeing them. There are myriads of these Beings living among you. Their role is to assist plants in obtaining their needs. When you go into Nature that is untainted by human hands, notice the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals. There is always a perfect balance.


These areas provide enough food for the wildlife. The number of wildlife in the area is naturally balanced. Trees shade bushes, which provide homes and shelter for animals and smaller plants. Insects assist with the clean up process, breaking leaves into perfect food for animals and plants. Birds have places to roost. Bees assist with pollination.


Nature Spirits assist plants as needed. There are many types of Spirits who have been given names such as: sylphs, gnomes, fairies, elves or little people. They have been spoken about in myths and legends for eons. When you have a yard that is large enough, set aside a special area for them where no humans trod and invite them to dwell in this space. If they accept your offer, you will find that these areas flourish when left undisturbed by humans.


Many Spirits are mistrusting of humans because they have seen the careless ways humans treat animals and plants. Humans who have a lack of gratitude are especially repugnant to them. Some Nature Spirits are delighted when they can communicate freely with conscious and caring humans. At this time in your history, Nature Spirits are open to working with humans, for they are having great difficulty maintaining balance within Nature due to man’s disrespect.


You can call in these Spirits and let them know you wish to work with them. They may not answer at first, but you can be sure they are watching to see how you interact with plants and animals. Not all of you will see them, because their vibrations are rather high. However, when you release your fears and replace them with loving behaviors, you may begin to catch glimpses or have full conversations with them.

Each species of plant has its own caretakers. For example, there are devas of sweet peas, oranges and cedar trees. These devas know what their plant species need. If you have a garden, there is a deva who oversees the entire project and can be invaluable when you are plotting the garden. Pan is the overseer of Nature, often manifesting himself as part man, part goat. He is a real entity and is available to assist with your gardening and landscaping decisions.


When you learn to communicate with the devas of your plants, the results can be astounding. Ask for their advice and know how to listen to their responses. At times, you may receive answers that make no sense, but through time, you may discover why you were given that suggestion.


When you listen to them, they will trust you more and work with you more often. Many are hesitant, feeling a general distrust towards humans. They can read your energy field and know when you are a person of integrity. They will insist that you do not use herbicides or pesticides in the garden. If you choose to do otherwise, they will leave. They suffer greatly from poisonous chemicals and are heartbroken to see plants, insects and animals suffer.


Your gardening efforts will increase exponentially as you attempt to bring Nature back into balance. Tomorrow we will suggest some tools you can use to begin communicating with these highly intelligent Beings. 

Selamet!  Muluc 7






OC  8          Dowsing 101 

Yesterday we introduced you to Nature Spirits and promised that today we would share some ways you can begin to communicate with these Beings. Know they are highly intelligent and can easily read your energetic patterns, thus they know when you speak with truth and integrity and know what level of love you currently possess.


Many are anxious to connect with you and delighted to be of assistance in helping you maintain balance in your yard and garden. Understand that a garden is manmade, it is not the same as naturally occurring spaces such as forests and glens. Therefore, there may be a learning curve on the part of the Nature Spirits, as well as your own. As you work together, your friendship and trust will grow. You have the right not to do as they suggest, but know that if you choose harmful behaviors such as using herbicides and pesticides, they will leave your space.


Nature Spirits can assist you in every phase of your gardening and landscaping endeavors, including: where to plant, what to plant, when to plant, when to fertilize, what fertilizers to use, ways to amend the soil, how to keep a balance between plants, insects and wildlife and when to harvest.


When you ask their advice, you need to be very specific. They do not live in your world and may misunderstand your idioms or sense of humor. Be precise when asking your questions. Learn to use dowsing tools such as kinesiology, pendulums and rods as a means of communication. We will introduce these tools one day at a time. Dowsing has been in use since man first walked the Earth.

Dowsing, in its basic sense, uses the neuromuscular sensations of the body. There are various techniques; you would do well to research and experiment until you find the technique that feels most comfortable to you. We will start with dowsing rods. These rods are made of metal, copper being a good source because it is a good conductor. These rods are generally shaped like an “L.” The shorter part of the “L” is held loosely, one rod in each hand. Often a copper sheath covers the part held in the hand, allowing the long end of the rod to move freely.


Rods are very useful when planning your garden or seeking underground water sources. One benefit of rods is they can lead you to sites that you request. You may ask, “Show me a place to grow onions where they will have the best chance to thrive.” Then follow the rods to the location. They will begin pointing in one direction, simply follow them until the rods begin to cross each other, making an “X.”

You may then ask the Nature Spirits a series of questions. You can program your rods to show you a “yes” answer by crossing over each other. A “no” answer can have the rods moving away from each other. A strong “no” may find the rods moving quickly away from each other as far as they can go. When the rods move slowly or waver, it could mean “maybe,” or perhaps it’s a way to communicate that the answer could be either “yes” or “no,” or perhaps it’s an indicator to ask a more specific question.


Let us say that you are now at the onion planting site selected by the Nature Spirits. You had planned on placing a greenhouse there. Using the rod or a pendulum, you can begin to ask several questions. Is there a better location for the greenhouse? Is there another place where the onions will thrive? How many onions should I plant? When should I plant the onions? Should I start them indoors or plant directly in the ground? Is there a specific variety of onions that would grow best in this area? Are there any amendments I should make to the soil? Should I till the soil?


Keep in mind that Nature Spirits cannot read every thought that passes through your mind. You will need to state your intentions out loud or hold them very clearly in your mind. For instance, when you are preparing to plant your onions, it would be well for you to let them know how many onions you would like to harvest. You may tell them, “ I would like to have enough onions to feed my family of four. We generally use about five onions a week. I would also like to grow fifty pounds that I can store over the winter. I would like to share about thirty pounds with my friends.” With this information, they can give you better advice on how many onions plants you will need. Be mindful that they may try to communicate that you should place the onions in various places throughout the land, so be sure to ask if they suggest one or more planting areas.

Think in terms of questions you could expect to ask a landscaping contractor or gardening expert. It is good to make a drawing of your land, especially those areas you are willing to prepare for planting. Using rods or a pendulum ask the Nature Spirits to help plot the plants you would like to grow. The planning sessions are best done on site but they can be done when you are away from home.


It may be helpful to have a list of flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees and bushes on paper or in books. There will be times when you will need to have specific plants to help balance the area, yet you may not be familiar with the plants that are available. By asking a question such as, “What is best to plant in this area?” If a specific plant does not immediately come into your mind, then you can find the plant they suggest by asking, “Is it in this book?” Then you can go through the index, asking a questions such as, “Is the plant a bush, a tree or a flower? Does the plant begin with the letters A-C?” When you find the answer, perhaps you realize it is a plant that makes you sneeze. Tell the Nature Spirits this and then ask what the next best choice would be.


Always word your questions in a format that can be answered with either “yes” or “no.” With practice, you will know when the dowsing tool is giving you a “maybe” answer or making an indication to ask more questions or be more specific. Before using any dowsing tool, it is best to begin with a series of questions, such as, “May I use the dowsing tool at this time? Can I using the dowsing tool at this time? Should I use the dowsing tool at this time?” If you get a “no” response to any of these questions, it is wise to honor the answer and dowse another time.


Always be sure you are hydrated before dowsing. Never use the tools when you are upset. If you get a “no” answer to using a tool, it is wise to set aside a few moments and center yourself. If you are emotionally charged over something that is happening in your life, it could skew the answers you receive from the dowsing tool. This is especially true when the questions you wish to ask are related to the issue that has you emotionally off balance.



There are many resources available that demonstrate ways to hold a pendulum. To keep this brief, we will give you some simple pointers. Pendulums come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Practice with a variety until you find ones that feel best for you. You can program your pendulums to always show the same movement for each “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” For instance, some pendulums may swing back and forth to indicate a “yes” answer, while other pendulums may swing up and down to indicate a “yes” answer. To avoid confusion, you can tell each pendulum you use to always swing in one certain way, with you determining which way you wish the “yes” to swing.


Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand. Using your pointer finger and thumb, grip the chain (preferably conductive metal) about 2-4 inches from the weight. Spread your other three fingers out like antennas. Some like to hold the pendulum over the palm of the opposite hand. Note that the wind can be a factor when you are dowsing outdoors.


There are ways you can get a variety of answers, such as percentages, specific numbers, etc. For instance, you want to know the likelihood that a plant will survive in a specific location, if you supply water and nutrients. Using your subordinate hand, you can use an invisible line stating where the zero and the hundred are located. Then place your pendulum over the invisible line, ask your question and you will receive your answer in a percentage.


Perhaps you need to know the number of something. You can ask, “How many feet from where I am standing is the site for the tomatoes located?” Then ask, “More than ten? More than an acre? How many seeds should I plant in each hole, 1, 2, 3, 4?” When large numbers are involved, you can ask for ranges, such as between 400-500 or less than 2000.


All questions should be stated in a manner in which they can be answered factually. Pendulums can give statistical answers, but they are not divining tools used to foretell future events. Always use them with respect and test their results by paying attention to your gut feelings and intuition. If an answer does not “feel right” then ask more related questions or choose not to accept the answer.


Dowsing is a fine art and takes time to develop. Do not use it to pry into other people’s affairs or to ask guidance for future events. It is basically a “here and now” tool to be used to answer forthright “yes” and “no” answers. When used properly, it can save you many hours of time and labor. Although we have talked mainly about gardening in this Message, dowsing tools can be used in any area of your life. They are a magnificent way to communicate with loved ones who have passed over, as well as your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.


Like any tool, there can be the danger of over-reliance. The goal is to build your energy level through experiences of love in order to have a more concrete relationship with all Beings. When people get locked into using one tool, they are susceptible to ignoring other tools available to them such as intuition, gut feelings, emotions and innate wisdom. Develop your inner ear and ability to receive love and inspiration from your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Nature Spirits. One day, you will not need these tools to communicate, that is the ultimate goal. Until then, swing away and practice your dowsing skills. The Nature Spirits are waiting!

Selamet!  Oc 8



CHUEN 9 Kinesiology

Kinesiology has been in use and applied in many ways. Doctors and chiropractors have been using kinesiology for years to determine what procedures and formulas are best for their patients’ well-being. Kinesiology is also a method of communication between your body and your Higher Self. We will show you one method, although there are many alternatives. We choose this method because it is simple, you can do it yourself and it can be used without drawing attention to yourself when in public. Like any tool, the more you practice, the more proficient you will become.

Be sure you are hydrated. Clear your mind of chatter and be certain you are centered or else your answers may be skewed.

On your subordinate hand, touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your little finger on the same hand, this will close an electrical circuit in your hand.

To test the circuit, place the thumb and pointer finger of your dominant hand inside the circle you created with the thumb and little finger of your subordinate hand.

The remaining three fingers on each of your hands act as antennas. Be sure they do not touch each other.

Ask yourself a question that you know can be answered with a “yes.” Using equal pressure, try to pull the thumb and little finger apart, using the thumb and pointer finger of your dominant hand. Press the inner thumb against the outer thumb while pressing the index finger against the little finger.

If the answer to the question is “yes,” it will be difficult to pull the circuit fingers apart. Your body’s muscles remain strong when standing in their truth. However, answers that are not truthful weaken the muscles and the finger circuit will easily come apart.

Practice asking yourself “yes” and “no” questions that you know the answer to. Observe the difference between positive and negative answers. Notice how the muscles remain strong when the answers are “yes” and weaken when the answers are “no.”

This method of kinesiology can be used in many applications. While in the store, you can focus on an item while using finger kinesiology. You can ask, “Is it in my best interest to use this product?” You can also ask for dosages. “How many of these vitamin C tablets should I take today? How many times today should I take them? Should I take them with a meal or on an empty stomach?”

Research ways to use kinesiology and practice before using it as a reliable source of information. This is not a tool to foretell future events. Your emotions can skew the results, so always be centered and to ask the three questions suggested in yesterday’s message. “Can I use this tool? May I use this tool? Should I use this tool?”

Your body will respond using the data it has stored from your lifetime of experiences, innately knowing what is best for you, so questions related to health are appropriate. However, it does operate off your current belief codes, thus your fears may override what is best for you. For this reason, it is good to release negative thoughtforms and habits that keep you locked into limiting patterns. Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy this day!

Selamet! Chuen 9



EB 10 Coning Sessions

Whenever you wish to call on a group of souls for guidance, you can open up a conference call that is often called a “coning session.” The term “coning” was used originally by those who could see spirals of energy which appeared in the shape of a cone. There are many ways to open a coning session. Research various methods and choose what works best for you. We like to keep things simple, thus the method we are about to share with you is a simplified version.

Anytime you wish to call on guidance, it is imperative to quiet your outer world and become centered. The quickest way to do this is to take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax. It is best to orally state that you wish to call a coning session. It is good to use the term coning session because it is one most Guides and Nature Spirits are familiar with. By talking out loud, your intentions are clearer. Nature Spirits cannot read your inner thoughts, especially when there is a lot of distracting chatter going on in your head.

Like the advice given in the previous two Messages, it is always good to be properly hydrated and begin by asking your Higher Self, “Can I do a coning session at this time? May I do a coning session at this time? Should I do a coning session at this time?” If you get a “yes” to all three questions, then proceed. If you get a “no” to any of these questions, then quiet your inner and outer self and ask again. If you still get a negative answer, you can try to determine why or schedule a session at a later date.

To open the coning session, state your reason for the meeting. Then call in those whom you would like to be in attendance. First, invite your Higher Self. You are always in touch with your Higher Self, but stating the invitation out loud helps to establish a stronger connection. Then begin to invite the others you feel are appropriate. We will give you some examples: The Overseeing Deva of your property, Pan, specific Masters or Saints you work with, appropriate members of the White Brotherhood, your M.A.P* team for medical assistance, the Higher Selves of others involved in the topic of the session, specialists in any area of concern, such as computers, automobile repair, etc.

The dialogue may go something like this, “I wish to open a coning session to get assistance on the problem I am having with my boss at work. I call in my Higher Self. (Wait a moment to connect.) I call in my Guardian Angel. (Wait a moment to connect.) I call in Saint Germaine. (If he is someone you work with and you want to help transmute energies.) (Wait for his arrival.) I call in the Higher Self of my boss. (State the name of your boss and wait for his Higher Self to arrive.) I call in the appropriate White Brotherhood (Wait a moment for them to arrive.) Thank you all for being here.”

You can also ask your Higher Self to invite any other appropriate Beings. Sometimes it is good to name the Being you are inviting by repeating the invitation three times. For example, “I call in Saint Germaine. I call in Saint Germaine. I call in Saint Germaine.” This helps focus your attention in order for them to realize you are requesting their presence.

You are now ready to begin your coning session. State the problem and issues you would like to resolve. If you do not have clear communication with Beings on the Other Side, you can use a rod, pendulum or kinesiology and ask for answers using the “yes/no” format. Be mindful of your wording, being sure not to ask more than one question at a time.

Pay attention to your intuition and gut feelings each time you receive an answer. Question any answers that do not feel right. Perhaps the initial question needs clarity or it could be that you are being advised to do something beyond your comfort zone. For example, you ask, “I am having problems with my boss. She treats me disrespectfully and never pays me on time. Should I quit my job? I am really fed up with her!”

Within that dialogue, you asked only one question, “Should I quit my job?” This is really not a data question and should be asked with the statement, “Is it in my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully, for me to quit my job?”

A better approach may go like this, “I am having problems with my boss. I do not like the way she treats me, it feels disrespectful. Often, she gives me my paycheck after the appointed time. I do not like this. I would like advice on how to work with her in a way that is beneficial for both of us. I would like to be shown if I am doing anything to cause this rift between us. I would like to receive my paychecks on time. I would like advice as to whether it would be in my highest good and her highest good if I should seek employment elsewhere.”

In the latter example, you open the door to the possibility that your actions and attitudes may be part of the problem. Otherwise, you are taking on the victim attitude that other people are the cause of the problem. You also are asking for advice for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. This is a very important request. We also suggest that you always ask for a solution that is graceful. You are then more likely to get advice that is less stressful; the quickest solution is not always the easiest route.

Keep your sessions to the point and as short as possible. While in the coning session, limit the dialogue to the initial reason you called the conference. Once all your questions are answered, end the coning session, thanking all who were present. If other issues arise during the coning session, make a mental or written note and come back to it after the initial problem is resolved. To resolve other issues, it may be in your best interest to end the initial coning session and begin another with different members in attendance.

When you are finished with your coning session, release all who are present by thanking them individually and requesting they disconnect from you. If this is not done, often they will linger in your energy field and can significantly drain your energy. (This does not apply to your Higher Self.)

In the coning sessions, use the same courtesies you would if this were a meeting of persons in the physical realm. You would not call a meeting, state your problem, ask their advice, then walk out. You would end the meeting by thanking all present and then depart.

There are many articles written on coning sessions. We will not elaborate further in this Message, for this is not the place. Our goal is to introduce you to this method of communication with Spirit Helpers. There are a myriad of ways you can communicate with those you cannot see. Try them out and use what works best for you.

Enjoy the day and we will see you tomorrow! Eb 10

* M.A.P. Team (Medical Assistance Program)



BEN 11 There is no Ascension

I am Ben 11. Thank you for joining us this day. We would like to thank you for the work you are doing as you recognize your Spiritual Essence and share your knowledge and skills with others. As each of you increases your capacity to hold light within your cells, you affect all others on Earth. We are in awe of you and the abilities you have shown to master the Earth Realm. We know this is a difficult place to reside, a place that is beautiful, but full of Beings that make no sense. Thus, we are here to support and encourage you to continue forth in your plans to find the passion within you and to express it while embodied in human form. We see you as marvelous Beings, showing tremendous fortitude in your daily lives. If there were brownie points given out in heaven, many of you would have to lug them around in huge caravans!

Today, we would like to talk more on the subject of transportation. This time we would like to focus on the aspect of ascension. There are many misunderstandings related to what this term means. We hope to give you a little clarity. Ascension means to rise above. In essence, there is no space to rise above or descend to. The Realm that you physically reside in is in essence an illusion. Therefore, no one truly ascends or rises above the illusion.

Your Realm is similar to watching a movie. When the movie is completed, you leave the theatre and continue with your life. There is no ascension process; you simply progress onward. In the same manner, the ascension that many of you aspire to is simply another step in your daily routine. Granted, for some, the next step will be out of your body. Yet there is no rising above or going to a higher place. There are different Dimensions however, that exist in all places; some of them are layered in areas where you currently reside. This can happen because the frequencies of those residing in these Dimensions do not interfere with one another. When one’s frequency begins to elevate, there may be times when there is a bleed through and glimpses between the veil occurs. There is no rising above or having to perform certain deeds or needing a savior in order to reach these places.

Your Higher Self is in charge of where you go when you leave this plane. Once you have re-merged with your Self, the “you” that is now in physical embodiment no longer exists, although there are Essences of you that remain. These are your memories and experiences. The emotions and thoughtforms are left behind, but the data of the memories are recorded in the Akashic Records where the Higher Self can revisit them at anytime.

It is what the Higher Self wants to experience that decides where your Essence will go next. There is a Review Board that one must attend in preparation for a physical incarnation. The Board helps to direct the flow of traffic to various places so the balance of bodies does not tip too steeply. In other words, population control must be maintained in the physical realms.

At times, the life chosen by one’s Higher Self needs to be modified before gaining the Board’s approval. Before incarnating, your Higher Self chooses the main things desired to be experienced and the proper parents to help make these goals a reality. The Being that is “you” will come into existence sometime before, during or directly after the birthing process. When the Higher Self fragments a part of itself into human form, it is no way considered a de-scension, at least not from the Spirit’s point of view. It is simply an experience desired by your Higher Self. Therefore, when you leave the earth’s plane and return to re-merge with your Higher Self, it is not ascension. It is simply a rejoining, another step along the Path.

The common use of the word ascension implies that you will be rising to a higher level. In one sense, this is true because as you re-merge with your Higher Self, you regain your expanded consciousness. Yet nothing has happened to the Higher Self that has made it rise above or be closer to God.

We hope this has given you some clarity. These concepts are difficult to describe using human language. Know that you are perfect, you always were and you always will be. You do not need to do deeds to earn your way to heaven. You do not have to perform specific tasks or do anything in order to ascend. There is no place you are rising to. Go forth this day and relax, knowing there is no place you need to go, nothing you need to do and no one you need to save. Allow yourself the freedom to simply be and to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Selamet! Ben 11



IX 12 Out of Body Experiences

I am Ix 12. Welcome to this time we have together. We would like to talk today about transportation, this time looking at the aspect of out-of-body experiences. There has been much research on this topic, so we will not spend many words here. We do wish to let you know that before you incarnate, you are given possible exit points that are determined by your Higher Self and the Review Board before you.

The exit points are times when you may choose to leave the Earth. It is up to the Higher Self to determine whether the aspect that is you will stay or go at these times. These exit points come at times when it is likely you will have attained the experiences or reasons you came to Earth. Because of the state of amnesia when you enter this Realm, many take longer than anticipated to get in touch with their Higher Selves and thus wander off their chosen Path.

Others may have finished what they came to do, yet choose to stay longer in order to experience other things or to continue with their chosen work. Sometimes your Higher Self sets up scenarios in which you nearly die as a way to wake you up to get you back on track. This is why some people dedicate their lives to spiritual endeavors after having a near death experience. While they were clinically dead, they met with their Guides or Higher Selves and were shown what they needed to do to get back on their Path. They were told they must return to Earth to complete their chosen mission. Usually, they return with fervor, consciously remembering the reason they came to Earth, having the directions and connection to keep them on track.

You have no need to depend on others to help you find happiness or your mission. You can find it by remaining quiet and listening to the voice within to inspire you. Oftentimes, people will feel inspired to do something or make changes in their lives, then due to fear or old belief codes, they choose to ignore these inner proddings. This is sad indeed. We hear them in conversations saying things like, “I wish I knew what I was supposed to do. I need some direction in my life. Why am I here?”

It is imperative to get past the blocks that keep you from having direct communication with your Guides and Higher Self. Once you do, your life will amaze you. As you release the need to do things out of obligation or expectancy, you will find yourself energized and with more time on your hands to do what brings you joy.

We encourage you today to go within and seek those things that will assist you to get back on your Path. In your prayers, always remember to ask for guidance and that it be for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully. In doing so, you will less likely find yourself in a hospital bed, wishing you had listened to that inner voice!

We say kudos to those who are on their Path. Stay in constant communication with your Guides and Higher Self and continue to enjoy the blessings of the Earth as you move forward in your ability to love unconditionally. This is your passport to Heaven on Earth!

Selamet! Ix 12



Men 13 Ten Communication Tools

I am Men 13. We welcome this time with you today. We are most anxious for the arrival of the day in which we can commune together in a more intimate manner. The words that are used to communicate our thoughts are very debilitating, for the language we speak is of a higher frequency. We do not speak with words among ourselves. Between us there is closer to what some of you experience as telepathic communications. Although in one sense it seems like words are being transmitted, this is not what occurs. What transpires is images, thoughtforms, knowingness, sensations in the body and a host of other indescribable interactions.

Human language is a primitive means of communication. This becomes evident when you realize how often something one says or writes is misconstrued to mean something other than intended. Oftentimes, it is not due to the words themselves, but is a result of the sender and receiver’s belief codes.

At times, one intentionally does not speak the full truth, allowing innuendos to be purposely misconstrued. These are sometimes referred to as “little white lies” and have been the cause of much suffering. Many times humans do not express their full truth in fear of being judged or abandoned. In such cases, it is not the language, but the sender leading the receiver astray.

There are times when miscommunication occurs because of the receiver’s filters. Some of these filters are physical. Perhaps the receiver did not hear all of the words due to hearing loss. Often, a sender will begin speaking without first announcing to the receiver that a message is about to be transmitted. In these cases, by the time the receiver realizes someone is talking to him, he has missed the first part of the message. Many times the conversation continues to ensue without clarity, resulting in misinterpretations.

When a receiver hears words from another, he filters them through his own belief codes. If he is living from a victim mentality, it is likely he will be suspicious of compliments and question the sender’s motives. Often, messages are comprehended in relation to prior experiences. If the sender repeatedly makes statements that in the past were not followed through or drones on continuously about things that are not of interest to another, it is likely the receiver will tune him out and miss an important or interesting message. Human’s attention spans are rather short. Thus, if a speaker rambles on for any length of time, he is likely to lose the interest of his audience. The receiver is likely to be distracted by events happening around him or by his own mind chatter.

Another problem exists when communication comes in the form of the written word, especially in written dialogs such as letters and emails. Much of your communication comes from body language and voice inflections. These are lost when words are transmitted through written sources. Body language is lacking as well during telephone conversations. Below are a few simple suggestions to develop better communication skills.

1. Make sure you have the full attention of the person to whom you wish to speak. Ask them if this is an appropriate time to have a conversation. It would be good to give an approximate length of time you expect to converse. Thus, you are more likely to have the full attention of the one you wish to communicate with.

2. When you are in conversation with another, give them your full attention. Many people are performing several activities, including doodling while others speak. This is a sure sign that your thoughts and interest are not in the Now moment and are focused elsewhere.

3. Stay focused on one topic to avoid confusion. When appropriate, repeat what the speaker is saying in order to gain clarity. This may seem tedious, but can avoid confusion and emotional upset if the meaning is understood.

4. Avoid unnecessary chatter. This tires out the listener and is likely to keep him tuned out. Keep your conversations to the point and relative to the issue at hand.

5. At all costs, avoid idle gossip. This not only hurts the person who is the target, but also has the potential to decrease others’ trust in you. They know you are just as capable of talking badly about them. By remaining optimistic and refusing to participate in gossip, you will gain the respect and trust of others.

6. When topics are important, meet with that person face-to-face. Conversations that allow each person to see their body movements and hear their voice, are less likely to be misinterpreted.

7. Develop your intuitive skills. If you have a sense that the other person is not expressing their truth, let them know they can trust you and encourage them to speak from their heart. If you typically react emotionally to what other people are saying, it is less likely they will feel comfortable sharing their heart-felt emotions with you.

8. Release your fears, judgments and stinking thinking. These blocks hinder you from having a heart-to-heart connection with others. Once you learn to love yourself and to gain confidence in yourself, you will more likely have conversations that are more productive.

9. When both persons are mature and not reactive to what the other says, communications are likely to be productive, even when they disagree on the topic. When a person learns to allow others to express themselves without feeling the need to judge or defend their beliefs, he is well on the way to better communication with his fellow man.

10. Practice gaining the attention of the person to whom you wish to speak. Let others know when your communication is complete, then allow the listener a chance to respond. This gives the listener confidence that he will be able to be an active part of the dialogue and will less likely feel the need to interrupt when you are speaking.

Communication on higher frequencies is much different than languages spoken by humans. We are similar to radio frequencies, able to move the dial when wishing to connect with specific Beings. Full attention is given, for we know what the speaker wishes to portray is of importance and not chitty-chatter.

Those of us who do not reside in physical bodies can actually enmesh our energies, knowing what the other wishes to impart. Once the message is complete, we move apart and continue with our lives. We are not distracted by words, exterior noises, concerns about daily activities nor the inner chatter of the mind.

There is much you can do to enhance your ability to communicate more clearly. We suggest you make this a priority, for miscommunication is the cause of much of the strife in your personal relationships and global environment.

We leave you with these thoughts and the desire that you will heed our words. Know there are many layers to the words you are now reading; there is much love and many prayers imbedded in these words. These written Messages are not our preferred method of communication, but for many, this may be the only way they will have access to our knowledge. We send blessings to you and give thanks to those who are communicating with us. Share these words with others. Good day to you!

Selamet! Men 13


I hope you found these Messages inpirational and of value.

Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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