Days 40 – 52

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This Trecena (thirteen day cycle) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Ahau, who is symbolically represented as the Sun or the Lord of Light. During these 13 days, call on Ahau to assist in illuminating the dark shadows within so that you can shine your light without. Ahau also represents the Flower, the blossoming of one’s life while walking gently on the earth.




Day 40 – I am That, I am

Day 41 – Purpose of Polarity

Day 42 – Integration

Day 43 – Conscious Living

Day 44 – Balancing Act

Day 45 – Twelve Step Healing Process

Day 46 – Balance Point

Day 47 – Gateway to Paradise

Day 48 – Enjoy the Journey

Day 49 – Here and Now

Day 50 – Energy in Motion = E-motion

Day 51 – Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Day 52 – Masters in the Making


MAYAN MESSAGES        DAY 40       Ahau 1

I Am That, I Am

With the Tone of 1, which is symbolic of Unity, this is a power-filled day to focus on being One with All.

Take time today to clear your mind of all things.

Enter the space of No Thing and allow yourself time to become one with all. This is best done in Nature.

Focus on a person, place or thing.

Repeat in your mind, “I am that, I am.”

Consciously look at similarities you have with the person, place or object you are focusing on.

Make a heart connection, creating an energetic flow of energy between you.

Well up feelings of gratitude. The goal is to develop a sense of Oneness, knowing that you come from the same Source.

Go deeper into the feelings of actually being that person, place or thing.

With practice, you will begin to merge as One.

As you go about your day, consciously connect with others, mentally repeating the statement, “I am that, I am,” until you begin to feel one with all.

Take time to do this often and your life will blossom in all areas as you rediscover your true Spiritual Essence and re-member who you truly are.

I am YOU, I am!  Ahau 1



DAY  41     Purpose of Polarity

As the first Day Keeper in the Tzolkin calendar, one of my aspects is new beginnings. In conjunction with Tone 2, we create a unique blend of energy designed to enhance your ability to look at Polarity with new eyes.

Polarity has an important mission in your world; without it, your world could not exist. It is designed foremost for the ability to experience what is, as well as what is not. From our perspective, all is Love and we have no desire to experience Not-Love, which is why we choose to remain on the Other Side.

However, among you are those who expressed a desire to experience Not-Love. This does not make you lesser when you are having this experience. It simply makes you an adventurer like the skydivers, racecar drivers and river runners in your Realm.

Within the realm of polarity, there is always the need to be balanced. There is nothing wrong with going overboard and experiencing being an alcoholic or a Bible thumper. There is nothing wrong with any opposite extreme. You are here to experience this reality and live life to its fullest.

However, the majority of you also came to Earth with a mission or two. At times, you may go to extremes; sometimes this is actually necessary. When you learn to balance the extremes and become more centered, you are then able to empathize with others who have been where you were and to assist those desiring to overcome experiences you have mastered. This is what great teachers are made of.

Be careful not to judge those who are doing what you would label as outlandish things. You have no idea what their full agenda is. Most of you aren’t even sure what your own agenda is.

This is where the power of Imix and 2 come into play. Tone 2 is representative of polarity. Every thing in the physical world has an opposite. You, as a human, have the ability to choose how you will experience polarity. This often happens on a subconscious level, especially when you are not being aware and not living in the moment.

Imix is the overseer of new beginnings. With our assistance, you can start anew and leave behind the extremes of the polarities that are stopping you from living a joyful life.

What we ask is that you take time this day and any other day to quiet your inner and outer mind. Look at the things that are happening in your life: your actions and reactions, your re-creation, your relationships, your eating habits, your belief codes, etc.

If it is joy that you wish to experience, look carefully at each of your behaviors and step by step, begin to walk towards the goal of the most blessed and bountiful life you can possibly imagine. Play John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” and dare to create that kind of life and more for yourself and your comrades on Earth. Believe it and it is yours, now and forever more!

Be in joy!  Imix 2


MAYAN MESSAGES          DAY  42    


Yesterday we spoke on the purpose of polarity in your Realm. This day we will speak of how to integrate polarities in order to create a balanced life full of love that will fuel the fire of passion for the mission you chose to accomplish during this lifetime. Polarity is simply a word meaning “opposite.” Where there is up, there is down. Where there is hot, there is cold. Where there is joy, there is sadness. The song, “Turn, Turn, Turn” speaks volumes on this subject.

Why have worlds of polarity? Through eons of time there have been many who wished to experience Separation and Not-Love. Starting with Creator Source and down through many dimensions, all that exists is Love, the pure Essence of energetic love. This Realm is indescribable to you because it is beyond emotions.

In the beginning, with great passion, groups gathered to create various worlds, dimensions and experiences. The one you are currently experiencing is only one of a myriad within all time and space. It appears real because it is real. You are here and you remember little to nothing of the other realms where you have resided. This is how it should be, for it was part of the contract for those who signed up for Mothership Earth. You are here. Although it is a delightful place, it does create handicaps with the limitations that were created to make this experience a possibility. You were very excited to be one of the chosen Spirits to enter into this incarnation.

Each individual on Earth has a unique reason for incarnating and specific goals to accomplish. Many of these goals overlap, but each of you is unique in how you will pursue and accomplish these goals. Many incarnate in this world of amnesia and polarity as adventurers, sure they will be able to find their way back to Source during their lifetime.

Unwittingly, many turn against their spiritual guidance and intuition and not pursue the goals they intended before incarnation. There is no “sin” in this; however, you will be breaking the contract you set up for yourself. Within that contract, you have assigned Spirit Helpers, as well as your own Higher Self to help you stay on the Path to your desired goals. There are also other Spirit Beings who have incarnated and have agreed to be a part of your reality.

You come to Earth with a spiritual GPS system. When you make a wrong turn, you receive a warning that you are off your chosen Path. It will then set up a new route to get you back on track. You can always exercise free will and turn your GPS off. This is akin to not following your intuition or synchronicities. Maybe you intentionally choose another path or set of experiences. The GPS has no judgment regarding your changed destination. It simply creates a new route for you to follow. When you divert from the new path, it gives you a warning. This is like changing your life script while still following your intuition. However, if it is too far off the Path you chose before incarnation, you will continue to get reminders that you are off track.

Many of you simply turn the GPS off. This is a sure way to set yourself up for a bumpy ride. It is your intuition and Spirit Helpers that clear the path for the intentions you set. However, if you choose to create a new Path without their assistance, they cannot intercede. The main reason you enlisted them to help you stay on track is because all of you were fully aware that the veil of separation and not remembering would cloak you as soon as your Spirit entered the human body.

No matter which route you choose, one fact remains; this is a world of polarity. You can choose whatever you wish to experience. Throughout your life, you will experience many things. You will learn that if you touch something very hot or very cold, it will hurt. At some time, you may become aware that the extreme opposites actually feel the same. Have you ever been extremely happy or sad? In both cases, the tears flow and the emotions feel the same. It is good to experience the opposite ends of some polarities. That is one reason why you are here, to experience new things. It is your choice at any step along the way to choose to either ride the rollercoaster or the tunnel of love.

Today we are talking about the integration of polarity which can be accomplished in two ways. You can choose to experience both sides of a specific polarity, such as love and fear or you can choose to experience a balance of the two in order to reach your intended goals. Either way, you will experience the integration of both. You will reach your destination either after many rides on the rollercoaster, the ups and downs of life; or you can reach it by choosing to ride the tunnel of love without experiencing deep levels of fear.

Those who wish to integrate the polarities in life with grace, we will show you a way to accomplish this by introducing the energy of Tone 3. This is the energy of the trinity. For today’s illustration, three is symbolic of the two points of polarity with the addition of the middle or balancing point.

Do you remember studying the number line when you were in school? The line begins at “0” and stretches infinitely to the left (negative numbers) and infinitely to the right (positive numbers). A little dot represents a number or place on the line. That is how your world of polarity works. You can choose an infinite number of negative possibilities or an infinite number of positive possibilities.

The little dot on the number line is where you are NOW. At any point, you can choose with clear intention and passion whatever you wish to experience. By the time you read this, it is certain that you have been all over the number line. You have chosen both negative and positive circumstances, both consciously and unconsciously.

What we offer today is a smoother road. Better choices. More balance. You no longer need to experience the extremes. Now is a good time to get balanced and back on your Path. You have learned how much smoother, calmer and wonderful the ride is when you are balanced and near the center point on the number line. We ask that you share your wisdom with those who are still struggling against their Guidance. Share with others the ways you hook into your inner self. There are many paths to the same goal. As you share, be mindful that you are simply stating ways that helped you. Let the listener develop his or her own Path, with your support.

In order to balance your life, we encourage you to quiet your inner and outer mind. Soon, you will once again hear your inner voice. Soon, you will release the fears, behaviors and belief codes that keep you habitually returning to old ways that keep you from your wildest dreams. As you learn to step from dot to dot on the number line, you will become more balanced. It is like riding a bicycle, requiring concentration and practice until you master the skill. Once you learn to ride the bike, you will get faster and be able to zip past those dots at record speed.

The trick is to know when you have arrived. Many go overboard and become zealots, feeling the need to save others from what they have gone through. If you realize you have passed your mark, turn your bike around and retrace your steps until you find yourself in a place of peace.

You are not here to save the world, but to be a part of the world.

By asking for guidance from your Spirit Helpers and tuning into the guidance of your Higher Self, you will soon know why you are here and be able to stay on the Path more readily. It is much easier to ride a bicycle on a path that has already been paved for you. You will find watering holes, resting places and repair shops appear whenever you need them.

Once your basic needs are met, you will be better equipped to make this world a better place simply by being who you are. Your level of happiness, joy and love will grow exponentially. This energy will flow out of you and permeate all. You will create and enjoy with passion, sharing the unique gifts you have by simply be-ing. Once you have integrated the polarities in your life, you can now enjoy the rollercoaster and tunnel of love without wreaking havoc on your emotional state of being.

Have fun, stay focused and enjoy the ride!

Ik 3



Conscious Living

I am Akbal and today I join with you to discover the belief codes that keep you from experiencing all that life has to offer. With the assistance of today’s Tone 4, we will help you to uncode your dreams and unconscious thoughts that hinder you from moving forward.

The aspect of 4 that we will look at has to do with four corners where pillars are placed to create a strong base for any building. On a more etheric level, we will view these four pillars in this way: truth, strength, honesty and desire.

From birth onward (and also from previous lifetimes) each of you has unique life experiences. Along the way, you make choices. These experiences imprint in your memory, which are then stored in your physical and aural bodies.

These events can seem small, but being the basic foundation, they receive more strength as you have more experiences. As an example, let us say that when you were very little, you were hit by a car while crossing the street. Your injuries were minor, but it traumatized you. From then on, you became more wary whenyou entered roadways.

You became sensitized to cars. Your ears perk up when you hear ambulance sirens or hear about car accidents, traffic jams, etc. Depending on your belief codes at the time of your accident and the reactions of others surrounding your car experience, future events such as being in a car accident again and many other factors will play a role in what belief codes you have attached to each of your pillars.

Let us look at possibilities surrounding each of your pillars. First, we will begin with truth. After being hit by a car, your initial belief code may be, “That was painful; going into the street can be painful.” As time and events occur in your lifetime, you may get to the point where it is fearful for you to cross the street or you may become wiser and always look before you cross the street.

Another pillar, strength, could be affected in a myriad of ways. Perhaps your incident will cause you to have more inner strength and not only cause you to be more cautious when crossing streets, but in other areas of your life, as well. You could go to the opposite extreme and be fearful in other areas, too. You’ll do anything to avoid pain and the other emotions and events surrounding being hit by a car. This is the beginning of phobias.

Your honesty pillar could be affected in a variety of ways. You may not accept responsibility and blame everyone else for your incident: the driver should have been able to miss you, your mom should have been there to keep you safe, the world is not a safe place, etc. If you choose to believe that the world is not a safe place to be, then your future experiences will attach to that pillar and could grow to such a proportion that you become a recluse.

The fourth pillar, desire, can also be affected tremendously by this one basic event. You may have really wanted to get to the other side of the road to pet that kitty. Now that you have been injured by the car, your desire to cross the street has diminished. In your young mind, a possible thoughtform could be, “When I am curious, I get hurt.” If you are in a situation where your parents are over-protective and most of what you hear when you are curious is, “No, no, no!” then it is likely that your level of curiosity will be greatly diminished.

Now, we realize there are a myriad of possibilities for each pillar. Our desire is that you see how each person could respond in a myriad of ways to each basic event. That event causes an initial belief code. Reactions and belief codes triggered by future events will be added to the pillars. Through time, the pillars become stronger until you have an entire building with walls that are impenetrable.

I would like to take time to make a distinction between love-based belief codes and fear-based belief codes. Love, in all forms, whether they are thoughts, words, actions or emotions are free flowing. They wisp in and out, flowing through the Universe, creating waves of sensuality and causing tides of yumminess. Fear, on the other hand glops together, creating a dense mass that is hard to penetrate.

Fear-based emotions and thoughtforms are what we are addressing today. As your pillars were constructed with fear and negative thoughtforms, they created a substantial web of interrelated belief codes. The physical pillars are within your body, being charged with neural sensors and deposited in various locations in your body.

Through time, they will destroy your health as they manifest in a variety of diseases. Please read Louise Hay’s* books to understand how to de-code the physical manifestations. With sincere desire, you will be able to uncode these thoughtforms before they manifest physically. In addition, they must be eradicated from your aural field in order to not cause you problems in the future.

To change these belief codes, they must be unraveled, one at a time. At times, they’ll be like dominoes; when you break through one belief code, many others that were built on that premise will fall, as well. What is happening within your body is that you are re-wiring the neural transmitters in your brain. There is scientific evidence to help you discover the reality behind this.

With assistance from Akbal 4, we invite you to look into your shadow sides, whether they are from dreams or your awake time. Listen to your body; the belief codes are stored there. For example, when you were hit by the car when you were little, it was your right leg that was most affected. As you grow older, if you still hold onto the belief that if you cross the street you will get hurt, then it is possible that every time you cross a street, you get a pain in your right leg.

These codes can take years to unravel, but the good news is that there is a fast track. Love is the answer. Facing your fears is your homework assignment. You can begin today by facing your fears, observing and knowing what is stopping you from reaching a goal. By walking through your fears, the belief codes will start to tumble.

The key is to look at the base of your pillars: truth, strength, honesty and desire. Each step you take towards speaking your truth, standing strong for what you believe in, being honest with yourself and others in all aspects of your life and the desire to move forward to experience your passions will lead you closer to living the life of your dreams.

Most of you will need to chip pieces off the pillars and do minor repairs while many of you may have to blast the pillars down and totally rebuild. Either way, as you rebuild your pillars, you will be rewarded with a life full of hope, promise and incredible joy.

Happy Building!  Akbal 4



Day 44     Balancing Act

Greetings, dear ones. Today with the energy of Kan 5, we would like to discuss the topic of “balance.” This can mean many things to many people. However, the aspect that we choose to focus on today is being balanced in your human body. It is easy to rush day after day, doing this and doing that. Before long, years have passed and many things that were of utmost importance to you were never accomplished. We ask that you consider taking time each and every day to slow down. Take time to go within, to meditate, pray, contemplate and breathe.

Begin first thing in the morning before you arise. Feel gratitude for the experience and blessing of being on the Earth at this time. Be mindful of all the blessings you have. Set your intentions for what you choose to create this day. Be grateful for every experience you have.

Now you are ready to arise and begin your day. When possible, follow the lunar and solar cycles. Arise at dawn and gaze at the sun while filling your soul with love of the universe and all it contains. Do you have any idea how important sun gazing is to your physical form? The indigenous ones know and have followed this practice for centuries.

Clear your physical system by drinking plenty of water. If you must have coffee to start your day, we suggest you have at least a glass of water first to help cleanse your liver and system of toxins that accumulate overnight. Like a cat, take time to stretch your body with gentle techniques such as yoga or chi gong. Do this in the sun when possible, allowing your body to enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays as well as absorb necessary nutrients. Take time to eat a hearty breakfast. Eat in a relaxed setting with your loved ones, when possible. Bless your food, giving thanks to all that were involved in getting it to your table.  Grow what you can or share a garden with another. Mindfully chew your food.

Now you are ready to begin your day with an energized body, mind and spirit. You are now ready to face any obstacles and receive any blessings that come your way. Throughout the day, be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. Are you staying in your integrity? Are you moving towards your stated intentions or goals? Are you feeling balanced, relaxed and peaceful? Are you experiencing joy? Are there obstacles that need to be addressed? Are you staying in the moment rather than worrying about the past or future?

Being balanced is a skill, similar to riding a bicycle. At first, it is tedious as you pay attention to every detail. However, as you practice balancing your body, it eventually becomes second nature and your subconscious mind takes over. You are then free to become more creative, such as riding with no hands or paying more attention to what is happening around you. Notice the wonders of Nature as you pedal along.

However, there are dangers to watch for such as cars, loose gravel and mud puddles. With practice, you learn to avoid these pitfalls, gracefully. If you lose your balance and fall, simply get up and start over. If you get tired, rest. Take a nice easy pace. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Take a lunch, sit under a tree and appreciate all the beauty this world has to offer!

Selamet!  Kan 5



Twelve Step Healing Process

I am Chicchan, the serpent. Together with today’s Tone of 6, we would like to focus on your second chakra, the energy field within your body that houses creativity and sensuality. Chakra fields are unique, allowing a variety of remembrances and sensations in every experience.

The second chakra allows for the creation of the things you would like to manifest in your life. It is sometimes called the passion center. When this area is blocked, your ability to create is stunted. In worst-case scenarios, they are blocked to the point where you experience dis-ease. These diseases are manifested in areas such as the lower digestive system: the intestines, the colon, the stomach, as well as the reproductive organs and lower back.

How do these areas get blocked? By your thoughts, emotions and belief codes. Starting at birth and beyond, through experiences, whether real or imagined, you begin to build your belief structures. The more intense the emotions surrounding the events in your life, the more these thoughts are anchored in your chakras. Let’s use an example of sexual experiences, which seems to be one of the most taboo subjects in the human experience. As a baby, you have just gone through the traumatic birthing process. As an infant, you still recall where you came from and perhaps you are experiencing concern about your sanity, wondering why you chose to return to this dense Realm. These emotions are stored in your body.

As you grow, you have many more experiences, some de-light-full and some not so light. On several occasions, you have gotten caught “playing with yourself” and were seriously reprimanded. You still enjoy the sensations of masturbation, but now you have to sneak and do it or not do it at all. Either way, you are likely to have experienced embarrassment, guilt and shame. These emotions are stored in your second chakra.

When you are reprimanded or stunted while you practice your creativity, the resulting emotions are also stored in your second chakra. For example, coloring on the walls and being abused or ridiculed for it, being told to stay in the lines while coloring in a book, being forced to write letters in a certain way and only on certain parts of the paper, being told that boys play with trucks and girls play with dolls, etc.

Each time you are shut down while being sensual or creative (or creatively sensual), the associated emotions start glopping together. We have talked before how positive thoughts and emotions are always flowing and light. The dark energies of guilt, shame, loss of power, etc. glop to each other and start forming a many-layered mass of density. With Kirlian photography, these negative thoughtforms can be viewed. As they continue to grow and cling to each other, eventually they create a physical malady in the body. This is how your chakras get blocked. They are no longer swirling and healthy; they become dark and dense. The stronger the emotions that are attached to this area, the more blocked and the more diseased they become.

It is not unusual for children who were sexually abused to have diseases in their sexual organs. It is not unusual for people who hold back their creativity out of fear of resentment and ridicule to have difficulty in their abdominal cavities. It is not unusual for people who have been overly controlled to have lower back issues. Again, we refer you to Louise Hay,* her works can help you find the underlying cause of the aches, pains and dis-eases within your body and those you love.

On this day of Chicchan 6, we would like to help you clear energies in your second chakra and open up the pathway for you to be able to create and release negative thoughtforms that hold you back from manifesting your desires.

You can do this any day, at anytime. If you are blocked, we recommend doing it often so you can get on with the mission and purpose of your life: to be able to love all unconditionally and manifest a life of Heaven on Earth. Most of you have already had more than your share of hell on Earth. Dream big and reach for the skies!

The process is simple; the difficulty is directly related to your ability to observe your past with clear and open eyes. No one needs to know what you are doing. No one is recording your past behaviors as you look back on your life. No one is judging you. We are here to help you clear up the oil spill so your ocean of emotion is pure and teeming with life again.

All inner work starts at the same place, finding a quiet spot in Nature and becoming still. Focus on your breathing as you relax your body and release the thoughts of the day. At this time, you can ask for us or any of your Spirit Helpers to assist you. If you are familiar with the White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program, then call in your specialized MAP* team. These are a group of Spiritual Beings that are always available to help you with mental and physical problems.

Choose an area of your body that is causing you discomfort or has been diagnosed as diseased or one that you just don’t like. Gently tap on this area over and over. The purpose for the tapping is to help keep you focused, for it is easy for your thoughts to wander. However, if the tapping causes a distraction or too much pain, then you need not do it.

If you have access to Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body,* you can also look up the area of your discomfort. Many times reading her words will help you recall the moment you had the first negative thought associated with this area. What you are trying to do is find the reasons why you have an energetic blockage in this area.

If you are intuitively clear, you will have greater success. For many people, the events associated with the dis-ease were so traumatic that the memories have been deeply buried. You will only have success if you are able to objectively go back and review these events. One way to do this is to tell your Guides that you want to return as an observer and that you do not want to feel the initial pain or emotions. Your goal is to unravel the layers of emotions that have blocked you.

This could take a long time; it may require professional assistance. We would highly recommend that you find a trusted and experienced spiritual healer to help uncover the deep, dark wounds, especially those associated with incest, severe emotional and physical abuse or other extreme experiences.

Most of you can do this on your own. However, it is important that when you return to these past events that you forgive yourself and any others involved. It is unforgiveness that has caused most of the problems. You may wish to choose smaller issues first. As you gain experience, you will also gain confidence in your ability to heal yourself.

Keep in mind that you are unique and each of the experiences you have is unique. Below is a simple healing process; there are many variations available to you. The more skilled you are at accepting spiritual guidance and the more skilled you are at facing your fears, the easier this process will be for you. By inviting the assistance of your Spirit Guides, you will be shown ways that are unique to assist you in the healing process. The basic steps are as follows.

 1.  Find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed, preferably for at least an hour. A peaceful place in nature is ideal.

 2.  Quiet your inner and outer mind by focusing on your breath and relaxing your muscles. There are a myriad of techniques to help you with this process, choose one that feels comfortable to you.

 3.  Call in your Spirit Helpers, your Higher Self and your MAP team. Ask for protection from any outside forces of interference. State your intention by naming the past wound and current malady that you wish to heal.

 4.  Choose the physical site on your body to work on. State your intention (My liver is healthy and fully functioning.) Begin to gently tap on that area of your body. Pay attention to the thoughts and physical sensations you feel.

 5.  Many things can happen at this point. You may remember a traumatic event from this life or a past life. You may see or hear the name of a healthy food or vitamin supplement. You may see yourself in a practitioner’s office. A person may come to your mind.

 6.  Pay attention to any emotions that arise. Let them bubble to the surface. If you feel like crying, then cry. If you feel like dancing, then dance. If you feel like drawing in the soil, then do so. These are ways to release the emotions that have become squelched and stagnated.

 7.  If an event or person comes to your mind, allow the remembrance of it, as you initially experienced it. If it is too painful, ask your Guides to let you view this objectively, as though you were watching a movie. Sometimes you may need to release your emotions by punching something or screaming. Perhaps you will release guilt associated with the event if you had believed you were bad when the incident occurred. The general idea is to forgive yourself and all others involved for whatever happened. Forgiveness, in its simplistic form, is knowing that you and the other person were doing the best you could at the time. Even if a person knows they are being unkind or disrespectful, they are responding and acting as a result of their life experiences. You do not know their full history and they do not know your life story. Just as you do not want to be judged by others, it is fair for you not to judge others. Forgiveness is a fundamental step towards unconditional love.

 8.  As best you can, bring up feelings of forgiveness and love for yourself and all other persons involved in whatever memory comes to you. This may take several sessions for some issues. Be patient and “fake it ‘til you make it.”

 9.  Visualize yourself as fully healed. Gently and lovingly stroke the area involved. Thank your body for its assistance with the healing process.

10.  Thank the Spirit Helpers that are assisting, even if you don’t quite believe they exist. Once you have experienced a few miracles and heard enough miraculous stories, you will eventually know that something bigger than you is happening!

11.  Close the session by thanking all that were present.

12.  As best as you can, do not speak words or dwell on feelings that will re-create the dis-ease. For example, when you stub your toe, every time you focus on the sore toe or bring attention to it by talking about it to others, you will continue to add energy to it. This will keep the pain persistent. How many times have you had an ache and totally forgot the pain when your thoughts were engrossed in something else? Keep your thoughts focused on your total body as being healed and healthy.

When you have a thought you don’t like or want to foster, think again!

Call on us anytime to help with problems and issues you wish to release. We are always here and look forward to assisting you. That is our soul/sole mission, to help each other.

Selamet!  Be in joy! Chicchan 6



Balance Point

Greetings, I am Cimi, Keeper of the Death Gate with the Tone of 7. Today we will look at the process of death, not in a physical sense, but on the etheric, energetic level relating to the release of belief codes and old habits. In this case, 7 is represented by the foundation of humanity (5) in attunement with the polarity (2) of this special realm (5+2=7). The death we speak of is the releasing of what is unwanted after observing or experiencing either end of any polarity issue. What is it you wish to lay to rest, to release? What is not working for you? What habits keep you from living the life you now only dream of? What behaviors keep you locked into patterns of distrust, unhappiness and unfulfillment? What fears hinder you from being loving and kind? Take time each day to look at these issues. Be honest with yourself and dream big. Step by step, start releasing the old habits that no longer serve you. This may include finding new friends who are supportive of your ideal life. This may involve finding a new career or changing an attitude you have in your daily job with your work associates.

Uncover belief codes that do not feel right. Have the courage to face your fears. By walking through the veil of fear, you enter the Death Gate. This is not a physical death, although for many it may feel that way. The Death Gate is a space where humans go to be purified upon releasement of each and every layer of negative thoughtforms. It is where you go to be showered with love and support from the Other Side.

Whenever you release dark thoughts and belief codes, you are physically and etherically encoded to receive more light within each and every one of your cells. This is what is referred to as enlightenment. It does not happen in an instant; it occurs step by step. As “free will”  Beings, you can choose from moment to moment whether you will lean more towards the dark or the light end of any polarity issue.

Know that in all polarity issues, the middle is where you will find balance. Any part of an experience can be exciting and rewarding. However, there will come a time when the experience will no longer hold the excitement it once did. You can see this in your own life by reflecting back on things that you have already experienced. The first time you have an experience, you may have had an adrenaline rush. After a few times, the rush may lessen and in many cases, the same event becomes undesirable or boring. You may lose interest in pursuing that event any longer. In fact, many times, it became a burden for you. It is at this time, that you may long for the opposite to be a part of your life. You may then feel the same rush of excitement as you experience the opposite side of that event. Many times, it is exciting simply to be released from the burden the initial event had created in your life.

The goal is to find a balance point, a place where you can feel at peace while appreciating the experiences you have.  Enjoy the wonderful experiences of being a human with free will to choose your heart’s desire. What knowledge do you gain from your experiences? Can you see how this knowledge can now be shared with others who have experienced the same or who are seeking a way out of their current experience? Sharing knowledge brings you closer to others. This is what creates the unity that so many of you are currently seeking.

Experience whatever you wish. When you are ready to set aside the things that no longer serve you, walk through the Death Gate, enjoy your loving and comforting shower. Receive the love that fills your cells and be prepared to change the habits that locked you into those experiences. As you do, new doors of opportunity will arise. With your past experiences, you will gain insights that will help you make appropriate choices each day. Do not be surprised to find yourself in situations where you can be a wonderful sounding board for those who are going through the experiences you had. Like attracts like. When you seek higher good for yourself, you will attract those who are seeking higher good for themselves. When you have reached levels of understanding and compassion, the Guides from the Other Side will work overtime to connect you with those who are in need of an understanding ear and compassionate heart. Follow your intuition and synchronicities and you will find each other. The encouragement may come in the form of smiling at a stranger, a brief conversation or simply being observed by others. Your deeds do not go unnoticed.

Be of courage. Enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy whatever portion of the polarity you currently find intriguing, knowing your life will be more fun and graceful when you are being kind and loving. All other experiences may bring feelings of euphoria in the beginning, but you will always have to deal with your actions somewhere along the way.

Cimi 7



Gateway to Paradise

I Am Manik, Keeper of the Gateway to Paradise. It is through me that you can seek assistance and passage from one realm to another. By this, we mean any realm, whether they are Dimensions outside the Earth plane, leaving behind a behavior that no longer serves you or releasing relationships that lead you off your Path. When you come to the realization that something in your life is not working and you make the conscious intention to make the necessary changes to become more in balance, call on me and your Spirit Guides for assistance.

It is a Universal Law that when you ask for Spirit Guidance, you will be supported. There are myriads of us on this Side patiently and excitedly waiting for you to make the call. Once the call is made, immediately we set into motion events to support your intended desire.

Your job is to state your intention clearly and to be passionate about what you want. As a human, your mind is endlessly filled with scattered thoughts and the majority of your words are endless chatter. We do not monitor all this gibberish. What we do monitor is the feelings, the emotions and the passion behind your requests.

You have heard stories about people in emergencies who are able to do unheard of things. Many times, this is a natural phenomenon due to the releasing of adrenaline into the body. However, how do you explain the things that are out of the natural realm? Those are times when you can see us in action. There are many stories of people seeing angels or a deceased loved one during times of emergency. It was the passionate pleas for help or heightened emotions that were heard and answered. This assistance is available to you anytime, not just in emergency situations.

Simply let us know, with clarity, what you want to experience. One major pitfall is the wavering of thoughts after setting an intention. “I want a mate. I don’t want a mate; that sets me up for more pain. I am lonely today; I want a mate. I am having so much fun with my friends that a mate would mess things up; I don’t need a mate. I am sick today; I wish I had a mate to care for me. I feel so healthy and vibrant today and am enjoying what I am doing; I’m glad I don’t have a mate because I’d probably be doing what my mate wants instead.” It is this bantering back and forth between what you state you want that gives us etheric headaches!

The prayers that get answered are those that are stated clearly. For added fuel, express love and gratitude toward the unseen Helpers who are putting your prayers into motion. To receive what you wish to create, stay aware and look for clues.

Many times what you pray for doesn’t show up in the time frame or parameters you expect. The steps to delivering what you intend can be very complicated. Some factors to consider are your ability to keep a clear vision of what you wish to experience, your expectations of the outcome (We have a bigger picture and may choose higher options for you.), fears or blocks to receiving the gift fully, missing the clues along the way, choosing different options, the number of people involved in the process, etc.

The more conscious you are and the more conscious all the other players are, the easier it is for us to set up the scenarios for you to co-create the experience. Be assured that this is a co-creation process. Like any business transaction, when all players are of high integrity and working as a team to reach one goal, the goal is likely to come easier and faster, many times with a better outcome than was expected. We will talk at later times about the exponential power of creating in groups and how your desired experiences can be greater when you dream higher and release fears.

Let us look at what happens when you have set a clear intention and the experience is at hand. Perhaps this experience brings you to a higher vibration of love as you change a behavior to a higher frequency. For example, instead of gossiping, you are more respectful toward others. Perhaps you choose to leave behind a relationship that has kept you in lower frequencies, such as an abusive lover.

Those who intend to create a higher vibration of love have the opportunity to enter the Gateway to Paradise. This is like entering the gate to a beautiful garden. Once you enter the Gateway, you will notice there are many Paths leading to various areas in Paradise. Each time you release fear, forgive others and move closer to unconditional love, you are able to walk a different Path.

There will come a time when you will leave the human Realm and spend all of your time in true Paradise. That is the ultimate goal. However, I wish to warn you that walking the Path is the reason for Paradise. Enjoy the journey along the Way. Many want to “be there now” and don’t realize they came to Earth to experience this Realm. Not one of you came to this Earth with a mission to be somewhere else. It is the Beauty Walk that is the purpose for your existence here.

Each one of you came from Paradise and will return to Paradise. You originally came from a place of love, energetic love, where nothing else existed. Each one of you chose to experience either Not-Love or wanted to experience various facets of love: forgiveness, physicality, adventure, etc.

We encourage you to enjoy the walk in the garden, smell the roses, greet the sun, meet the fairies and be kind to others. Enjoy the variety of emotions. Enjoy the taste of food. Enjoy physical sensations, for you will take back these memories and share them with others for eternity.

When you return to Paradise, you take with you all things you experienced on Earth. These memories are stored in the Akashic Records, which is similar to going to the library and checking out a book or movie. However, this is high tech stuff. In the Akashic Records, you can view all of the experiences and you can feel all of the emotions. It is like walking into the actual historical experience or viewing them as an observer to gain the knowledge you are seeking.

Without your experiences on Earth and other Realms, there would be no Akashic Records. Know for certainty that whatever you experience during each moment of your life is being recorded. Know that when you have an experience, others can experience it through you. That is how important and significant each and every one of you are.

There is no judgment associated with these records. There is no hell, fire or damnation unless you choose it for yourself. These records are for the curious, the interested and for yourself. You will review these records once you leave the Earth plane and when that time comes, you will re-experience all your deeds. Know that you will feel what others felt as a result of your interaction with them. The purpose of this reflection is to assist you in making decisions about what you wish to experience with the next segment of your life, whether it be on Earth or elsewhere.

We invite you to choose experiences of high integrity, those that bring you closer to unconditional love so you may join us for strolls in the Garden of Paradise.

I Am Manik, on this day of Tone 8, Selamet!


MAYAN MESSAGE   DAY  48                LAMAT  9   

Enjoy the Journey

I am Lamat. Thank you for being here today. With the Tone of 9, we would like to share with you the aspect of completion. What we encourage you to do is to enjoy each step of the journey, knowing that nothing is ever complete. All things are always in a state of growth or decay. There is no stagnation. Even during times of apparent stagnation, there is still movement and evolvement. What we wish to point out to you today is that any act of completion is a doorway to a new beginning. Once you have finished a project or a journey, it is time to do something else.

Many times an old project is put aside and you begin a completely new one. You have learned skills and made belief code updates while working on the old project. Those skills and codes will rule your life until you enhance or change them. Thus, when you start a new project, you will be working within the paradigm that you created for yourself.

It is wise to review your behaviors daily. As objectively as possible, evaluate your reactions to various situations: the words you speak, the thoughts you think, your behaviors, etc. You may discover some situations which you would have liked to have handled more gracefully. It is good to role-play in your mind a new way to act if and when a similar situation occurs. Practice this often until it becomes second nature to you.

By peeling away unwanted behaviors, belief codes and reactions that keep you from being in joy, step by step you will walk towards a life filled with magic that at this moment may be totally unimaginable to you. We suggest you take time to imagine the unimaginable. Dream high and dream big! Co-create with others who are like-minded and desire the same things you want to experience. There is power in group intention. Never underestimate this power. Call us in from the Other Side to help manifest the reality you aspire to. Together we will create Paradise on Earth.

As you peel away layers of fear and old negative patterns, new doors will open to you. If you have done your homework, when you have completed one project, the next project you choose will bring you closer to what you truly desire. You will do this over and over until you find yourself living the life you barely dreamed possible.

Along the way, you will constantly have choices to make. Keep a focused intention regarding the things you would like to experience. Learn to say, “No, thank you.” to offers that come along which lead you from your dream. In the process, you will become more intuitive and better equipped to recognize the clues and synchronicities along the way to your goals.

We would also like to warn you about putting aside the time to enjoy loved ones and other pursuits by becoming too focused on getting the job done. Remember there will always be things left undone when you leave this planet. The Earth has serious problems and you have serious problems to resolve, but you can still enjoy each moment in joy. Make it fun, every moment. Be in joy. Smile. Lighten up. Take time to check out the Laughing Clubs started by Dr. Madan Kataria.*  He is proving that laughter is the best medicine.

Selamet!  Lamat 9



Muluc  10    Here and Now

Hello, I am Muluc. Yesterday, we talked about completions and how each time you complete something, it opens the door to a new beginning. In the initial beginning of the universe of which you were a part, there was only light and love. Many of you are curious as to where this light and love originated, however, there are no words, no concepts and no comparisons upon which we can impart this information to you. Even the most enlightened among you can barely grasp the beginning of this universe. There are many historical references related to the beginning of your universe and the planets on which you dwell. A simplified, yet highly accurate version is the de-light-full book, The Little Soul and the Sun,* by Neale Donald Walsch.

What we will focus on today are beginnings that are more relevant to your life, here and now, where you currently are in your life. There are infinite possibilities in every moment from which you can choose your next project or experience. How do you narrow the possibilities without becoming overwhelmed? This is the subject we would like to address at this time.

We invite you to dream your highest dream of what you wish to manifest in your personal life, your public life and the planet as a whole. Go beyond what you think is possible and let your imagination run wild. Set aside quiet time each day for this purpose. As you envision the utopia you wish to experience, begin jotting down ways you want to be a part of creating this dream. Don’t be concerned with any current fears you have: money issues, lack of education, belief codes. You are in the imagining stage, honing down the limitless list of possibilities to a more manageable size.

As you list possible ways to help co-create this utopian society, pay attention to how each idea feels. It is also good to reflect back on the experiences you have already had, paying attention to those that energized you and got your passionate juices flowing. Perhaps there were certain aspects of a particular job or project that you liked although you didn’t care for the other parts. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Now it is time to get your creative energies flowing. Start looking at possible ways you can weave the parts you are passionate about with the exciting experiences you wish to create along your Path. Remember to push away fears of possible outcomes, monetary or educational needs and all other issues that might block you from the pursuit of your ideal Earth. Continue to dream big!

Like a cheerleader, energize this vision with love, golden light, joy and a knowing that it can happen. During this process, it may be best not to share what you are doing with others. If they are of a lower frequency, they may negate your dreams to the point where you fall back into the humdrum. Worse yet, psychics and well-meaning friends may impart their ideas into the way your utopia should look. Without realizing it, you may be persuaded to change your selections and end up going down paths that don’t energize you.

The next step is to start choosing ideas that feel good to you. Does the thought of one part of a project generate excitement and an array of creative ways to make it happen? Does the thought of another part of the project feel heavy, leaving you with thoughts of, “Oh yuck, I’ll have to do this or that to make it happen.” Start listing the pieces that excite you. Consider ways to help energize those parts of the dream: posting a list, drawing pictures of it, creating a vision board, etc. Start looking at the steps you need to take to reach these goals. Are there classes to take? Do you already have the skills? If so, have they been on the back burner and is it time to take steps to turn the heat up a notch?

Know that you are not locking anything into place. You still have free will and the creativity to modify your choices. The key is to start making active choices. Every one of you has the same amount of time in a day. The choice as to how you spend this time is yours. Your dietary and resting patterns will help increase the amount of energy you have to put towards any of these goals. Once you have your ideas firmly planted, then it is good to sit with your Guides and set clear intentions on what it is you choose to experience. You can ask for their help in clearing the paths and helping you recognize the persons, places and events that will energize and support the goal to reach your dreams. At this time, with discretion, you can share your dream with others. Surround yourself with those who support you. Find those with the same intentions and work together. The power of focused group intention is exponentially stronger with each person who adds their intention to the dream. Together, you can create Heaven on Earth.

Selamet!  Muluc 10



Oc 11    Energy in Motion = E-Motion

We welcome you to this day of new beginnings. Yesterday we shared our wisdom regarding the process of choosing which new projects and behavioral changes you would like to embark upon. Today we will set these new beginnings into motion, fueled with your emotion. There is nothing in this universe that is static or stands still. The closest you can get is stagnation, which generally smells bad, such as a pond that does not receive adequate oxygen or water flow. You have a term called “fence sitters” to describe those who are stagnant, muddled with indecision, unable to move backward or forward. Now is the time to get off the fence and create the reality you set forth using yesterday’s process. Please refer back to that information whenever you are ready to move forward with new goals.

After you have made the list of things you would like to experience in your life, energize them. Clearly see and feel them coming into your reality. Perhaps you have found others with similar intentions and have created pods to help co-create your dreams. Now what? Walk through the door and enter this utopia that you envision. It is already here, even if you can’t see it. We will share some ideas with you.

There are many ways to accomplish staying on your Path. Each one of you is unique; each Path is different. We encourage you to be fearless and creative in all your endeavors. Before arising each morning, build a sense of love by creating an attitude of gratitude, thanking all persons, places and events, in all the Realms for the gift of the present moment.

You are now on the threshold, ready to leave unwanted patterns and belief codes behind. Take time to mull over your dream or project and ask for guidance throughout the day to recognize the clues and synchronicities that will come your way. Bring up feelings of trust that all is in motion and that in essence, it already exists. Some call this, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” On one level, this is very accurate. Feel what it will be like to walk this Path in joy. Feel what the outcome will be like.

Pay attention to each choice you are presented with this day. Take time to reflect on whether this might possibly lead you to your goal, in a graceful way. There are many ways for you to experience any event. It is up to you to choose an easy or challenging route or one in between.

There will still be many people and behaviors that can easily keep you locked into your old paradigm. Others may be resistant to the changes you are making for a variety of reasons. We will not go into all of these possible scenarios at this time. Just be aware that when you change your paradigm, it also shifts the paradigm surrounding you and ripples all the way throughout the universe. You are that powerful.

As your day unfolds, be mindful of your thoughts. Whenever you find yourself indulging in stinking thinking, simply think again! This may take practice; most humans are compulsive thinkers. Daily meditation and short breaks throughout the day in which you train your mind to shut off are highly recommended.

Be mindful of every word you utter. Are you speaking your truth? Are your words honest or full of gossip? Are you speaking out of turn, letting your ego get in the way? Is what you choose to say relevant or necessary? Are they words of kindness and wisdom? Learn to discern when it is best to speak and when it is best to remain silent. Be conscious of your listening skills. Do you allow others to finish their sentences? Most humans are so busy trying to be heard that they have lost the skill of listening.

Pay attention to your actions. Whenever you choose to break an old habit, you will find there are many behaviors that are so ingrained that you don’t even notice you are doing them. It is a good practice to write down the behaviors that no longer serve the new paradigm you are creating and to read this list out loud to yourself often, until the habits are broken. These actions incorporate your physical senses of sight, hearing and touch while making your mind aware and conscious. You literally become more mindful of what you are doing.

Thus, when you engage in the list of undesirable behaviors, you are more likely to notice you are doing them. You will then bring these unconscious habits into your consciousness. When you become aware that you are participating in an unwanted habit, you can make the conscious choice to stop and make a new choice.

Others may notice you are changing. Perhaps you stop judging others. Maybe you react differently to reckless drivers or choose to find another job. Be mindful of your feelings and intuition; these are inborn traits designed to lead you toward or away from your goals. If something makes you uneasy or doesn’t feel right, pay attention to it. Try to discern if this is an old fear or your inner guidance directing you toward a better route.

To reach your desired goals, you must walk towards them. This means becoming aware of each foot as you place it in front of the other to take the next step. At first, this may seem tedious. However, as you practice, the old habits will fall away and your new way of living will become second nature to you. Thus, your desired behaviors will now become habitual and happen on the unconscious level, allowing you to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds you. It can be likened to riding a bicycle. At first, you are totally absorbed in where to place your feet and hands. You are spending much time looking down at the wheels and the roadway while focusing on your balance. As you master the synchronicity of the movements of your entire body working in cooperation with the bicycle, you become more agile and able to enjoy the beauty of the flowers as you glide past them gracefully.

At any time, movement toward your goals may come to a halt if you succumb to fear or indecision. We encourage you to face your fears and acknowledge them for the role they played in your life. Then recognize that you no longer need to have that fear in your life and walk past it.

This can be accomplished in many ways. Some people like to challenge themselves by actually doing what has been fearful to them as a means of overcoming it. Others may de-sensitize themselves by slowly working through the layers of fear. Choose whatever you are most comfortable with, while allowing yourself to move out of your comfort zone from time to time.

We encourage you to seek guidance from your Spirit Guides. We are here to help set your intentions into motion and to guide you along the Path. Always remember that you are not alone. It is our desire that you walk each step with a sense of empowerment and joy. Remember that life is not a destination, it is a journey. With that thought, we will close and wish you well on your travels!

Selamet!  Oc 11



Laughter is the Best Medicine

Good day to you. I am Chuen with the Tone of 12. Together we welcome you to this grand and glorious day and encourage you to take care of yourself and truly lighten up. Humans tend to take themselves and their situations way too seriously. Let us begin by laughing. Take time now to laugh. Deep, hearty, belly laughs.

Get your energy flowing. Work your internal muscles. This will energize you. Do this anytime your energy is feeling low. Although it may not be socially correct, do it anyway and encourage others to laugh with you.

How many business meetings would be less boring and more energized if they began with a good belly laugh? Wow, wouldn’t those creative juices flow then? Those who work with children, take laughter breaks. So often in your educational settings, their giggles and laughter are reprimanded. Get them laughing and watch their attention spans increase dramatically!

When you have gatherings of a spiritual nature, take time to have laughter sessions. Rejuvenate the energy and get it flowing. Joy is the essence of your Being. Feel the joy awaken as you laugh with uncontrollable mirth. Laughter is wonderful exercise for your internal organs. Laughter is the best medicine and it’s free! There would be a lot less reliance on your medical systems if people would laugh away their woes.

Instead of a dozen or more pills, simply laugh. When you feel sad; laugh. When you feel tired; laugh. When your energy runs low; laugh. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!

There are Laughter Clubs* springing up all over the world. Globally, people are reaping the benefits of gathering to laugh. As each of you comes out of the closet and allows yourself to laugh when you need it, doors will open wide for others to follow suit.

Laughter from deep inside releases hormones at subatomic levels. It enhances awareness as you inhale more oxygen, bringing more creativity into your life. When you yawn, you are bringing in more oxygen as you relax. When you laugh, you are bringing in more oxygen as you prepare to be more active.

Selamet!  Chuen 12

“Laughter Clubs use a systematic program of deep breathing, gentle stretching and laughter exercises that encourage playfulness and a balance of mind, body and spirit. We don’t use jokes or comedy routines, so all you need to bring to a Laughter Club meeting is the willingness to laugh. Come spend time with friendly people who laugh with each other, not at each other. Our laughter fitness program will prevent hardening of the arteries and hardening of the attitudes.”

Dr. Mukund Mehta



Masters in the Making

I am Eb. Today I share this unique day with Tone 13. This Tone is symbolic of Mastery. You can think of it as 5+5+3=13. The first five represents the fullness of humanity. The second five represents the consciousness of spirituality while in the human form (Higher Self). The three is symbolic of the trinity, all that is. Put them all together and you have the abilities of the Masters. By Master, we are referring to the ability to know your Self as a Spiritual Being having a human experience. With the essence of three, which represents the trinity of all things, the Master receives full power and understanding of all things being available to him/her.

When a human is fully conscious, following the path of the Lightworker and striving for unity through unconditional love, all things are available. There have been many Masters who have walked the Earth in human form. These Be-ings are able to do amazing things: heal the sick, resurrect the dead, teleport, manifest objects from thin air, etc. Within each of you is the ability to be a Master. It is through facing your fears and learning to love all Beings unconditionally that your gifts will be restored to you. True unconditional love comes from understanding that each and every one of you came from the same Source and will eventually return to the same Source.

There is no one to forgive; there is nothing that is lesser or greater than another. There is no place to go. There is nothing that needs to be done. Each of you is here to experience events and share them with those who are interested. “I know I have a mission. I know I came here for a reason. The Earth is in dire straits and is on the edge of disaster ecologically. People are killing people. Food sources are being tainted. Governmental systems are corrupt. How can you say there is nothing to be done?” This is what may be going through your mind. From the Realms above, from where we sit, all is well. We have the added bonus of knowing that in essence, there is no time, there is no space, there are no things. Eventually, all will return to the higher Dimensions of love and light.

What you have forgotten when you entered this Realm is that all is well. You chose to come into this Earth to experience its wonders. The tricky part is that your spiritual memory is lost as soon as you enter the density of your planet. Before incarnating, many of you have been certain, over and over, that you will not lose your memory. Yet over and over, you do. We have no control over this, for this was the way the Creators, of which many of you were the original creators, set it up. It was a new experiment and it is now coming to the end of its time. There are many from all ends of the universe who have come to help you get out of this cycle of karmic indebtedness. Through the years, many have gotten caught up in the eddy when they jumped into the pool to save you.

What is happening now is that many children are incarnating with full memory from whence they came. You label many of these children as indigo, crystal or rainbows. There are also many who have never walked the Earth before who are arriving as walk-ins. These souls have contracted to take over the bodies of souls who wish to leave the Earth plane. Some of these souls come in as fully realized Masters with abilities that astound you. They are psychically capable, with abilities of telekinesis, mind reading, prophecy and healing. Please do not deify them or put them on pedestals. They are simply in remembrance of their abilities. Unlike you, they have not had their memories erased. As each of you begins to have more understanding of unconditional love, one by one, your abilities will return to you.

When you chose to incarnate on Earth, you were given specific DNA codes that allowed you to live as a human. Now that this era is coming to a close, you have the opportunity to re-code your DNA in order to move into higher Realms of light. Each time you have an experience of love and integrate this understanding, your DNA changes. There is much data now available that can explain this to you. Your sciences are on the verge of understanding how the universe works. There will be no time available for those with dark agendas to receive this information and develop it in order to control those of you who wish to move closer to the light. Their dark agendas have been allowed to transpire for eons, but that time has now come to a close. What is most important is that your Mastery skills are used in a loving way. If you choose to do as the dark-siders do and use your skills to gain control over others, you will not be able to ascend with the planet. This time is coming very soon.

Take time to look at the dark energies within you, those shadows that are less than loving and kind. Clean out the cobwebs by facing your fears, apologizing to others and taking responsibility for your actions. You cannot rise vibrationally as long as you harbor dark feelings towards others and blame them for your station in life.

Dark thoughtforms glop together. Love flows freely. In order to raise your vibration, you must lighten up and let loose of all dark thoughts, words and actions. Set your intentions to live the life of your dreams and visualize the utopian society you wish to dwell in.

Do you want peace in the world? Then learn to be peaceful in every situation. Do you want there to be less disposable trash in the world? Then recycle and refuse to purchase plastic items or those that are detrimental to the earth. Do you want there to be fresher air? Then figure ways that you can walk or ride a bicycle to get to your places of employment. Are you upset over the food additives and strange things being put into your food sources? Then grow your own food. Are you upset over corruption in your governmental offices? Did you do your homework before you voted someone into office? Do you even vote?

There is much whining and groaning among you. Yet only a few are demonstrating and choosing to take the steps to reach their desired goals. As a society, you have become lazy. You now feel cornered and hopeless because there is so much imbalance in every sector of your existence.

As a nation, you have given your power to others. It is now time to reclaim your power. We have sent many emissaries to help you. However, there are many of you who are still in hopes that a savior will come along and get you out of the mess that you have created. Many would respond by saying, “I didn’t create this mess!” I would challenge you by saying that, “Yes, indeed, you did allow this to happen, for many of you have lived many lifetimes on Earth. Each lifetime, including this one, you have left negative imprints every time you engaged in a negative emotion, conscious thought or spoken word. You are now personally reaping what you have collectively sown.” That is what I mean by accepting responsibility for your actions: in your personal life, in your governmental institutions and in all aspects of human living. You can continue to whine or you can start cleaning up the environment within your mind and body.

Again, we say there is no-thing to do. You simply have to be. Take time to ponder on this. Imagine what would happen if in this very moment, each of you on Earth chose to be silent for five minutes. During this silence, you accepted your role in all of the events that are now occurring on Earth. What if each one of you decided that from this moment forward, you would treat all with kindness, respect and unconditional love? Can you imagine what would happen?

There is enough food on the planet at this moment to feed all. There are enough seeds to plant to continue to feed all. There are enough clothes on the Earth to clothe all. There are enough ways to continue to clothe all that would not create imbalance on Earth. There is enough technology and money available to no longer need to rape the Earth of her precious gems. There are enough houses already in existence to shelter all and enough resources to build homes where they are needed. It is your greed and need to control or be “one up” from each other that has created the imbalances on Earth.

I repeat myself, there is no-thing that needs to be done, other than to wake up and lighten up. We encourage you to ponder these things and to find ways to create the world you want from the inside out. Stop pointing fingers at each other and take responsibility for your own actions and inactions. Each of you are Masters. It is how you handle these abilities that will determine the outcome of your experience on Earth. She is shifting. She is ascending. She is moving on, with you or without you. She welcomes each of you to join her in this ascension process. Will you choose the dark or the light Path? We take leave of you and hope that you will ponder these things and join us on the Path to en-light-enment!

Selamet!  Eb 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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  2. […] CONSCIOUS LIVING “Belief codes can takes years to unravel but there is a fast track, love. Begin today by facing your fears, observing and knowing what is stopping you from reaching a goal. Each step towards speaking your TRUTH, standing STRONG for what you believe in, being HONEST with yourself and others in all aspects of your life and the DESIRE to move forward to experience your passions will lead you closer to living the life of your dreams.” Experience more of the power of Tone 4 by scrolling to Day 43, Akbal 4 at: […]


  3. […] Days 41 – 50 […]


  4. Posted by Liliana on August 23, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Theresa your words came to me in the right moment as always…
    Thank you very much…
    And yes I will enjoy the ride… in grace, with joy…


  5. Posted by Liliana on August 12, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Thank you Theresa for emailing this message. Most of all I have to say that the synchronisity is awesome. So grateful for recieving this post today.
    Unconditional love .


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