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This Trecena (thirteen day cycle) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Cimi, who is symbolically represented as Transformation or Death. These next 13 days, call in the energy of Cimi to help you overcome past issues, belief codes and behaviors that no longer serve you. Ask for assistance in transforming what is not working, laying it to rest (death) and re-birthing into the life of your dreams. This is your birthright!



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Day 66 – Victim Be Gone!

Day 67 – Mudras

Day 68 – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Day 69 – Be in Joy! Enjoy!

Day 70 – Self Acceptance

Day 71 – Lighten Up!

Day 72 – Promise of Abundance

Day 73 – Awaken from Amnesia

Day 74 – True Love

Day 75 – Time Stands Still

Day 76 – Moving Beyond Doubt

Day 77 – Uncovering Belief Codes

Day 78 – DNA Activation


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  66

CIMI 1    Victim Be Gone!

I am Cimi; welcome to this time of sharing. We are grateful that you have an interest in working with us as a means of understanding your humanity in a more forthright manner. Know that within you lies all understanding. We are here to support you and to help you awaken those gifts that lie within. Today we would like to talk about death. Not just physical death, but death to behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve you. How do you kill a repeated behavior? How do you smite an attitude? With the sword of awareness.

First, you must know what you are doing and saying on a conscious level. Much of what humans do and say is simply rote, repeated patterns that are done automatically. When you meet another, you say, “Hello, how are you?” The other responds, “Fine, thank you.” Then you part ways. Nothing was said, nothing was shared. Superficial. Most of your conversations are the same.

How often do you have deep conversations with those you have recently met? It is just as likely that family gatherings have the same shallow interactions. You may have one or two friends that you share deeply with. Yet, even in the best of situations, most of you hold back what is deep in your heart for fear of being ridiculed or rejected.

Can you imagine what this world would be like if each person you interacted with made a true heart connection? How often do you pass a stranger without acknowledgement? How many times have you sensed another person was in need, but you avoided eye contact and walked on by? How many times have you felt lost, needing to talk to someone, but had no one to turn to?

What if you meet a stranger on the street and you sense the other is in need. Instead of looking away and passing by, you stop and say, “Hello, I sense you are grappling with a problem. Can I offer a listening ear?” Can you see the beauty in these interactions? You would truly become a more compassionate and caring society! Why is it that so many of you are lonely and feel that you have no one to confide in? Could it be that you have built walls of protection based on a foundation of mistrust surrounded by a sea of pain? How do you get beyond so you can open the door and let others in?

It will be easier for some than others. Slaying the dragon of fear takes courage. The first step is to remove yourself from the label of victim. The “poor me” stories must end. Today. No longer see yourself as one that others can trample on. Building your self-esteem is key. How to do this? Develop skills of positive thinking.

Whenever you feel or catch yourself saying derogatory things about yourself or others, stop and change your thoughts. Know that you are a unique being, fully capable of love, respect and trust in yourself and in the eyes of others. Low self-esteem is a habit, as well as playing the role of victim.

We understand that all of you have been hurt by others, whether on the physical, mental or emotional level. Thus is the nature of the world you live in. This need not be so. It is within the power of each of you to learn to be more responsible for your words and behaviors when it comes to respecting the Earth and all her inhabitants.

How to slay the pains of the past and present? Forgiveness is the key. Personally removing yourself as a “victim” is the lock. Prepare to empower yourself by taking a look back at these pains with an objective point of view. No matter how painful the situation, your healing will begin when you can release the emotions that have you locked inside your castle.

Know that when you return to the past to rectify a situation, you can ask your Spirit Guides for assistance. You can ask that you go back as an observer, simply watching the movie without re-living the pain you felt during those times of distress. Practice doing this until you have it mastered. This will make it easier for you to face your greatest fears and hurts.

Go within by quieting your senses. Retreat to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Get into a comfortable position and relax, letting go of the worries of the day. Focus on your breathing as you allow your body to relax. Invite your Guides to help you with this process. Tell them you would like to review the scene without the pain that was incurred during the initial event.

Your purpose in going through the review process is to begin removing the layers of negative thoughts and emotions that are now blocking you from a life of joy. Allow yourself to go back to a situation that has caused you much grief. Know that you will not die, that your grief is manageable and that healing is possible. If you have deep wounds and traumas, we suggest you practice with lesser events first, until you master the ability to return to the scene as an objective viewer.

Arm yourself with your sword of awareness and prepare to face your dragon of fear. As you observe the scenario that you have chosen, be mindful of the emotions you feel. Pay attention to your role in the situation. What are you saying? How are you acting? What do you hear? What do you smell? Be as objective as possible. Be as honest as you can when it comes to your role in the situation. There may have been times when you were completely helpless and at the mercy of your perpetrator. Yet you do not need to continue to feel as though you are a victim. This label will perpetuate throughout every aspect of your life until you are able to slay it.

Look objectively at how the situation arose in the first place. What was your role in setting it up? Were there some bad judgments you made that set up the possibility for the event? Are you still beating yourself up for your bad choices? If so, take time now to release those feelings. There are many methods you can take. One way is to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is simply acknowledging that all involved were doing the best they could at the time. Even though you may know what you were doing was not right or is causing pain to another, you are simply doing the best you can within the belief codes and pain that you were experiencing at the time. You can continue to live your life consciously causing pain to yourself or others; this is part of free will, but it will not give you joy.

Are you ready to slay the dragon and begin to change your behaviors in order to become a more loving and compassionate person? It can happen in the twinkling of an eye, whenever you make the conscious choice to stop beating yourself up or convincing yourself that this is your lot in life. There are many stories of people who have turned their lives around. They are people just as you, who have taken the time to accept responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. They have slain their dragons and now soar with the eagles. Is this something you desire? Only you can loose your chains of bondage.

Let us return to the past scenario that has caused you such grief. Observe objectively. Many times, you will see that there were things you could have said or done to prevent the situation from arising in the first place. Forgive yourself and consider this a learning experience. This holds true for those of you who allowed the experience to continue for a long period of time. Take time often to review ways you can act if a future situation arises so it will never go to the depths that it did in your past. This will give you a sense of power and control over your life. You will come to realize that this dragon will never raise its hideous head again.

Perhaps as you return to the past event, you recognize there was nothing you could have done to protect yourself from the event occurring. There are times when people find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Know that in the future, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you can call on your Spirit Guides to help protect you.

There are untold stories of miraculous, unexplainable events that occur which helped people to escape harm in various situations. Help is always at your side. In the event that you find yourself in what appears to be a helpless situation, remaining as calm as possible will allow you to hear the guidance from your Spirit Helpers and you will find ways to escape the dilemma. Know that all things are possible. This is one way to help slay the dragon of victimhood. You must empower yourself with confidence and know that you are never alone.

Going back to the scenario that you are trying to heal, at that time you probably didn’t know you could call on Spirit Helpers. You may be asking, “Why didn’t they help me then?” The answer is simple, you didn’t ask. They are not able to intercede for humans unless they are asked. You can take time now to give them permission to assist you in future events that endanger your life or cause you extreme pain or strife. You can ask them now to help you find ways to overcome the fears and pains of the past. They are always at your side and happy to be of assistance.

Understand they will not prevent you from experiencing all events that are less than pleasant for there are many complexities involved in the setup of your life Path. This would impinge on many opportunities for your growth, for like a diamond, its value comes from extreme pressure. However, they can help you avoid dilemmas that are not yours to endure. For example, you may have a strong feeling not to go to the bank one day, only to find out later there was a bank robbery going on at the time you would have been there.

Develop a relationship with your Guides. Learn to recognize them when they try to communicate with you. Many of you have blocks of unbelief that shuts down communication. Work past these codes and develop a relationship with your personal Guides. All of your ancient and modern religions speak of Angelic Beings. Much of your art from prehistoric times to the present depict various forms of Beings, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. They do exist; allow yourself to believe. Untold miracles will happen in your life as you learn to work co-creatively with these conscious Beings.

Each of you has what is sometimes referred to as the Higher Self, the part of you that remains in other Dimensions. What you know as “you” is only a fragment of the whole of who you are. There is an unseen strand that connects you at all times with your Higher Self for advice and comfort. There are many books offering advice on how to connect with your Higher Self. Seek out ones you are intuitively drawn to.

We will not get into the whole creation process at this time. Simply know there are Beings of love and light that are beyond your senses of sight and sound. They are here to serve you. They are in awe of you, for they know the difficulties and extreme patience it takes to be a Human Being. Many of us have declined offers to enter your Dimension for it is too dense and dark. We offer assistance to those of you who have chosen to come here to experience physicality. It is our extreme pleasure to be able to assist you as you find your way through the maze leading to conscious living.

As you return to the scenario that you wish to heal, call on your Higher Self to help you better understand the purpose of what happened in the past. Many times, you will be amazed at what you discover. Perhaps it was a tragic event that now allows you the opportunity to assist others going through similar situations. Perhaps the tragedy has allowed you to grow in ways you might never have attained before.

It is not uncommon for children who have suffered extreme abuse to overcome the hate and fear of their perpetrators and then spend their time creating ways to stop this behavior from happening to others. Many times the perpetrators themselves can be healed from the wounds that allowed them to go to such extremes. Forgiveness of self and others is most important in being able to move forward in life. No one knows fully what another is experiencing or the reasons behind the choices they make. Do not be quick to judge others until you have walked a mile in their shoes. This does not exonerate others from the choices they made that were oppressive to others. However, with compassion and through forgiveness of yourself and others, you can release the fear and pain associated with being the victim or the perpetrator.

Perhaps in the scenario, you were the one responsible for causing the pain to others. It is most likely that you suffered abuses in your past, as well. We suggest you take the above advice and go back further in your past and heal the wounds that you received. You will then be better equipped to forgive yourself of your transgressions.

Now we wish to address those who were at the mercy of others who forced themselves upon you. Physically there was no way you could protect yourself. In many cases, it wasn’t even a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although you may qualify under the classical definition of the word “victim,” know that you have the power within you to move beyond that belief code and to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. There are a variety of ways to slay the dragon of victimhood.

First, you must fully desire to give up your role as victim. Many of you have identified yourself so closely with this role that it has become a part of you. You retell your story over and over to others, ad nauseum. This may sound harsh, but it is true. Do you see yourself in this pattern? If you truly want to break away, then you must stop telling your story. It is time to go beyond. Accept any part of the scenario that you were responsible for, forgive others involved and by all means stop identifying yourself as a victim.

Others of you hold dearly onto your victimhood by holding your dirty secret within. You won’t allow even yourself to go back and revisit the situation. You have developed belief codes that people are not safe, they are out to get you, etc. Again, we suggest going through the process and moving out of the victim role that keeps you locked in fear and depression.

The majority of you are in the middle. Whenever anyone shares their story with you, there are generally three ways the victim responds. They relate to the other by saying things such as “Yes, I experienced that, too.” Then you continue to commiserate and add more fuel to the fire by connecting your negative thoughts and feelings. No healing takes place. In fact, the role of victim between both of you and throughout the universe has just been strengthened. Remember, negative thoughts and feelings glop together, gaining strength.

The second thing that generally happens is that the person who brings up the past experience is seeking to gain support for their role as a victim, whether they are doing it consciously or not. When they come across a person that offers to help them overcome their victim role, they blow them off with statements such as, “You don’t understand me!” Then they walk away, remaining in their comfort zone of being a victim.

Perhaps the most damaging are those who refuse to speak about their traumatic experiences. They hide within their shells, never allowing themselves to feel the repressed emotions. They view the world as bad and have total mistrust for all others. Their isolation deepens as others hurt them along the way. There is no sense of responsibility or control. No matter where they go or what they do, they expect to get hurt. You know what? This is exactly what occurs. Like attracts like; it is a law of this universe. If you believe strongly that something bad will happen, it will, for that is where you keep your attention. Belief is the force that creates your reality. It can work to your benefit or to your demise.

The whole purpose in us bringing forth the teachings in this book is to encourage you to face your fears. Change your behaviors and slay the dragons that keep you from living a life of joy! Share these teachings. Encourage others to face their fears by supporting them when they endeavor to change their belief codes. No matter how strange others may choose to speak, dress or behave, love them just as they are. Do you wish anything less for yourself?

Those who wish to assist others in overcoming their fears will be of most help when they have done their own homework. It is easy to see the weaknesses of others, but much harder to see it within yourself. Allow others to grow at their own pace. You may offer advice or assistance, but it is not healthy to force your position onto others; this is no different that what has already been experienced by those who have had others force their will on them.

A rapist does just as much damage to his victim as does a friend who insists someone follows their advice. In either case, the other person feels helpless and disempowered. See this, feel it, know this is true. Offer assistance, but never force it upon anyone. Each of you can take only so much change at a time. You each walk to the beat of a different drummer, thus your pace is different.

Practice loving all unconditionally. Express your love by accepting them as they are. When each of you learns to do this, you will have gained the world and be able to receive all the blessings that are offered to you. This can be done in the twinkling of an eye. In an instant, you can transform this world back into the paradise that it once was. It is simply a matter of choice and intention. Your will be done. We hope these words reach your heart and assist you in making better choices for yourself. We wish you a day full of wonder and joy!

Selamet!  Cimi 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE            DAY  67

Manik  2        Mudras

I am Manik with Tone 2. We thank you for joining us today and taking time from your busy schedule to allow us to assist you in your ascension process. We are always here to volunteer our services and are delighted when you ask for our input. We wish to remind you that at all times, everything you need is within you and accessible to you. Our role is simply to help propel you into creating the world in which you wish to reside.

Our chosen topic today has to do with mudras. Mudras are finger placements. There are many belief codes surrounding various mudras; none are wrong. The purpose of the mudra in the truest sense is a way to focus your intention. There are practices that focus on the teachings of the electrical circuitry when specific fingertips are pressed together; there is value in understanding this.

However, the purpose of today’s lesson is to give you one way in which you can keep yourself focused while in meditation. Many of you have difficulty holding your attention for any length of time; much of this is due to your dietary habits. We wish to encourage you to check out the association between attention deficit and diet. There is much research being done in this arena. We will not digress further, for there are a multitude of reasons why people have difficulty maintaining focused attention.

If you already have an effective meditation routine, we suggest you skip this lesson and take this time to go into meditation and work on a specific issue that is weighing on your heart. We will see you tomorrow and wish you a fun and inspiring journey! Those of you new to meditation or seeking ways to go deeper, we continue by showing you a method using mudras. Meditation takes practice to develop like any other skill that is worth pursuing. The key is to be able to clear your mind and to relax your body so you may receive messages from Spirit in a more concise way.

Again, mudras are simply specific ways to hold your fingers together. Some mudras require acrobatic skills in yoga to be able to hold the body positions. Many times specific chants or mantras are sung while holding a specific pose. For today’s purpose, we suggest simple finger movements. We will give one example, but you can elaborate and create your own. We suggest you keep your practices simple. If you wish to sing mantras in order to create a stronger vibration of love, then by all means, do so. However, in order to go deeper into the meditation, there will come a time when you need to remain silent.

Begin by getting into a comfortable seated position. The straighter you keep your spine, the better. Clear your mind and keep your focus by pressing the thumb of your right hand with the index or small finger of your right hand. At the same time, press your left thumb and index finger together. You may rest the top of your hands on your knees or wherever is most comfortable while holding the mudra in a palms up position.

Breathe in and out deeply and slowly three times while releasing the worries of the day. If you wish to “ohm” or make other beautiful sounds, then do so. Keep your eyes closed and allow your facial and neck muscles to fully relax. If you are really wound up, it may take a few more breaths before you start to relax. Take the time you need.

Next practice is to press your right thumb and ring finger together while doing the same with your left thumb and ring finger. This time, as you take three deep breaths in and out, relax the muscles in your shoulder, back, arms and chest. Take at least two extra breaths as you work on opening your heart center. This can be done through a sense of gratitude for all things present in your life and unconditional love.

Breathe in and out three times deeply as you press your right thumb and middle finger together, as well as your left thumb and middle finger. When you press your fingers together, it should be a light touch. As you breathe in and out, relax the muscles in your lower back and abdomen. Feel a sense of full abandon and relaxation. If at any time you need to take more breaths in order to go deeper, then by all means, do so.

Next, place your right pointer finger against your thumb and the same for your left thumb and pointer finger. This time allow your legs from your thighs to the tips of your toes begin to release. You should now be fully relaxed and in a comfortable seated position.

Next, find a comfortable position for your hands, do whatever comes naturally to you. Take several long deep breaths in and out, as you go deeper into relaxation. It is now time to set your intention. Do you have a pressing need you would like to address? Is there a question you would like an answer to? Perhaps you simply choose to take a journey with one of the Day Keepers. Have you ever made a direct, conscious connection with your Higher Self or your Spirit Guides? If not, this would be a perfect opportunity to do so.

Whatever it is you wish to experience, first ask for a bubble of protection to be placed around you, fully encircling your entire body. The purpose for this bubble is to prevent any lower energies from entering your auric field. If these connections are new to you, we would suggest you connect with your Higher Self first. Your Higher Self is that part of you that remains on a higher vibrational frequency while another part of you is incarnate. There is a silver cord that always connects the two of you. Your Higher Self is the one who designs your life experience before you incarnate.

Once you have established an open and clear connection with your Higher Self (this may take several sessions), we would then suggest you start making clear connections with your Spirit Guides, starting with those who are with you the most. These Guides have been assigned to assist you during this lifetime. Call on them whenever you need clarity, protection or a huge astral hug! You may also call on special entities or saints that you have respected throughout your life.

We wish to warn you against using Ouija boards or other mechanisms that allow lower energies to come into your auric field. There can be danger in receiving messages when you ask for guidance from lower vibrational entities. It would be like going to a heathen to ask for help in understanding the Essence of God.

Those of you who are not ready to grasp the concept of Spirit Helpers, know that before long it is likely you will make a connection. Please do not toss out the Mayan Messages due to your current disbelief. We encourage you to move forward with the meditation and relaxation processes, for many of you will benefit greatly by learning how to regain balance and stay centered in your daily life.

Continue the meditation for as long as you need, each day. Practice at the same time every day for the best results. Your Angels and Guides will set aside time each day to join you. We encourage you to share the teachings you receive from your Guides with others, when appropriate. There is much information available at this time and many messengers are needed to spread the word. Perhaps you will be one of those teachers.

In the meantime, go in peace and enjoy each moment of every day. Stay calm even while in the center of the storm. Measure your success by the ease in which you begin to communicate with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides. You will know you have succeeded in relaxing your body when you find it hard to move any muscle because of the deep relaxed state you find yourself in. You will know you have succeeded in connecting with your Guides when you receive insights that are beyond your current level of understanding. Allow yourself to feel their love and to embrace their teachings. We celebrate you and your life on Earth!

Selamet!  Manik 2


DAY  68         LAMAT  3   

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

I am Lamat, Keeper of the Gates to the Stars. Welcome to this day of sunshine and glory, for all is well with you and the Earth. Many are in fear these days due to the unique changes the Earth is going through. Fear not, for all is well. We are here to assist each of you that reaches out for support and guidance so you can maintain peace and balance in your life at all times. We begin this day by giving thanks and gratitude to the energy of Tone 3. Without the energy of 3, your world would not be able to be in existence.

There are many triads that 3 represents. Today we choose to focus on the triad that represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit aspect that is found in many of your Christian teachings. This triad is also found in many other ancient traditions, using various names and symbols. You may recognize them as we continue this dialogue. What does the Father, Son and Holy Spirit symbology mean to you? We could ask this question of ten of you and get ten different meanings. The range is broad and this dialogue is short, so we shall narrow it down to one aspect that is relevant to you today.

In many traditions, the Father symbolizes the wise one. Your most valued father figures on Earth are those that impart wisdom to the young, discipline with a fair hand, instill courage and foster a thirst for knowledge and adventure. We could list many other attributes, but prefer to keep this dialogue brief.

The Son is symbolic of you, the reader, whether you are male or female. The son is the one who is a representative of the father. It is every father’s dream to have his child aspire to even greater heights than he has been able to attain. All good fathers wish happiness and joy for their children. Often, the son is expected to carry on the traditions that are most important to the family. This can be a blessing or a burden.

The Holy Spirit is the Guide from the celestial regions. There are many aspects of the Holy Spirit. In today’s dialogue, we will look at the one closest to home, the Higher Self connection that each of you has with the part of your Self that is not incarnate.

How does this triad work together? In the beginning, there was Father, only Father, and Father was Love, only Love. There are many deep teachings that we will forego at this time, for they will simply be digressions and create more possibility for more separation. For these reasons, we are keeping this dialogue as general as possible in hopes that you will look at the message and not get lost in any areas that do not fit into your current belief codes. When you look around at the glory of Nature, is it very hard to think that some kind of Mastermind is at work? Someone of extreme knowledge and imagination worked overtime to create such beauty and balance among all creatures. Who among you has been able to create a single bird? Even among those who clone creatures and hybridize plants, reproduction and replication are impossible. These man-made attempts at creation are feeble indeed and generally cause havoc ecologically.

Let us call this Mastermind, Father, whether you view this personage as a single unit or a multitude of entities. Father is the creator of the universe. Wouldn’t it be natural to see the creator as all-knowing since only he (or they) fully understands the complexity of all the organisms represented in your universe? Wouldn’t it be natural that if you had any questions related to these organisms that the Father would be the best source to answer your questions?

Can you also see how the Father would have a clear understanding of how the world is likely to evolve since He knows how each unit functions with others? This Mastermind is truly a mathematical wizard and would be able to make extremely accurate guesses as to the probability of things likely to occur in the future.

Isn’t it highly likely that one who can create something out of nothing might also have the ability to do many other things that you currently cannot fathom? What if, as promised in many scriptures, the Father has endowed upon you, his Sons to have the ability to do as He has done and even more? What if, as promised in many of your ancient writings, you, his Sons and Daughters, have the ability to create, like the Father, through sound, light and clear intention?

It is obvious that most who have incarnated through the ages do not have the full understanding of their inborn rights when first arriving on this planet. As they travel through life, those who study with the desire to have more understanding of the Father are more likely to find what they seek.

However, most Sons do not believe they can ever fully attain the level of wisdom the Father has. In one sense, this is true. However, in the sense that we all are One and have the same abilities to create, we do indeed possess enough skills and wisdom to be lesser gods. We do not use the word “lesser” as a means of creating a hierarchy of importance. We only use the word “lesser” because the best form of communication with you at this time is through the written word. This form of communication is weak and we hope that we do not lose any of you due to the nature of the words we choose.

Indeed, each of you has the full ability to create many things in your life. Some have been making great strides in creating experiences and the means that allows these experiences. A very few of you are able to manifest out of thin air, objects that are already in the world. However, none of you has the ability to create a new species of animal or plant life that works perfectly within the ecological balance of all forms.

You are on the verge of making some remarkable discoveries as to how the Mastermind Creators operate, however, it is unlikely any of you will evolve, while in human form, to the point where you will work co-creatively with those who have this ability. Although we will say that many of you who walk the Earth today have been to these creation schools and have been co-designers in the creation of your Realm.

The Father is the Mastermind of all creation. You, his Sons, are a part of this creation. Father can teach you many things and guide you along your Path. Father is here to support you in all you endeavor to do. You may say, “Father, where are you? We cannot see you. We cannot hear you. We cannot feel your touch. We cannot smell you. We cannot taste you.”

None of these statements are true. You can see the Father by observing Nature that has not been tainted by human hands. Everywhere you look in nature, there is balance and love and a wonderful sense of perfection. Listen to the wind rustling through the trees, the sound of thunder crashing and the chitter of excited squirrels. These are all sounds the Father makes. Caress the fur of an animal, hold a warm stone in your hand and know that your Father is in each atom, each particle wave and each aspect of creation. Smell the flowers in the field, the air after a spring shower and know that perfume is your Father. Taste the dew on the morning grass, the nectar of honey and know that your Father is present.

At this time, we would like to introduce you to the means by which you can have a closer relationship with Father. This is through the third part of the triad, the Holy Spirit. In our dialogue today, we will look at the Holy Spirit as that aspect of you that is not incarnate. We shall call this aspect, the Higher Self.

Each of you has a direct connection with your Higher Self. If you have not made a connection already, we would like to share some insights with you. If you already have clear communication with your Higher Self, it might be of better use of your time to connect now and to work on issues that you are attempting to resolve in your life. Those of you unfamiliar with how to connect with your Higher Self, we invite you to listen to what we have to share with you. We will use an analogy that many of you can relate to in order to demonstrate how this triad operates. Know that words are a difficult means of communication and that this analogy is poor in comparison to the richness and complexity of the creation of the universe.

We would like you to consider the hierarchy of a corporation. In the beginning, one or more Beings creates a business model and begins to implement it. A corporation was established with basic rules and guidelines. A group of people, called the Board of Directors, was established to oversee and vote on every aspect of the business. Others were employed to do various jobs such as secretarial duties, accounting and legal assistance.

Next, there were managers who are the go-betweens. They are the ones who are responsible for being sure the workers are producing what the Board of Directors wants to see implemented. In this analogy, the Father is the Board, the workers are the Sons and the managers are the Holy Spirit or Higher Selves. Whether you believe that the Father is a single entity or group of Spirits, it matters not, just know that there is someone in control who knows you exist and loves you very much. You, the Sons, are struggling here on Earth to find a way home to the Father. You seek his approval, you desire to know and love him further, but many times, you are at a loss of what to do.

How do you communicate with someone you cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste? It is not that you do not have the ability to access the Father directly, for you do. However, due to the nature of this world and the way in which it is set up, many of you have to work very hard to find out how to access the Creator. Many have no knowledge or belief that a Father even exists.

Every person has available a myriad of Helpers. Some are in human form, which you call family, friends and teachers. Most are residing in higher states of vibration, making it difficult to know of their existence. Each of you has a direct link to all knowledge through your Higher Self. Again, we have only words to describe something so magnificent and beautiful that you would gasp in awe if you were fully able to realize the magnitude of what we are trying to express in this simple dialogue.

At one moment in time, one of the Father’s Sons wanted to have a unique experience and come into the world that was already created. Perhaps this Son was even on the team that created the Earth. Son asked permission from Father to leave his heavenly Realm and to lessen his vibrational frequency so he could enter the creation and be one of the players. Permission was granted.

The Son went about choosing the events he wanted to experience. He chose the race he wanted to be, the geographical location, the parents that would give him access to the religious background he wanted to experience and many other factors that would give him the best possibility to experience all he desired.

The unique part of life on Earth is the amnesia you have when you incarnate. All memory of your true spiritual nature is either forgotten or quickly expunged as you go through life. Many children are able to see their Guides, but are told their “imaginary friends” are not real and force them to close down those lines of communication. This is very sad indeed, but not done with malicious intent. The parents and adults responsible are simply ignorant of what they are doing.

Each person that incarnates leaves a part of themselves in the higher Realms. At all times, there is a silvery cord that connects you, much like an umbilical cord. This is your direct connection to the Holy Spirit (Higher Self), where you can learn how to remain in contact with the Father and your Brothers who reside at various levels of existence.

How do you communicate with your Higher Self? Through direct communication that is readily available at all times. When new to this communication, it is easier to access when you are not distracted, when you are in a state of calm and peace and when your heart is filled with love and gratitude. That is a lot for some of you, however there are steps you can take to increase your capacity to love and trust others.

What we suggest is that you learn a form of meditation or practice ways to clear your mind and create a sense of peace in every situation. Yesterday we shared one way to obtain this space; you may wish to review this first. Throughout the year, we emphasize repeatedly to take time each day to quiet your outer world and tune in to your Higher Self for guidance. We also show various ways to clear negativity so you will intentionally be better equipped to manifest all your desires.

You can call on your Higher Self at any time for guidance and support. After all, it is your Higher Self that chose this incarnation. Who is better qualified to show you which path is best for you at any time? Always remember that your Higher Self has only your best interests at heart. After all, you are the physical manifestation that allows this experience to be.

In one sense, it is like you are the puppet and your Higher Self is in control of the strings. Like Pinocchio, who became human, you have free will and can choose to cut the strings and make your own decisions. Although it is not wise to go against the counsel of your Higher Self, it is possible to do so. Keep in mind that your Higher Self has the ability to see the whole picture. Although you may go against the wishes of your Higher Self, you will continually be prodded to make choices to get you back on the Path you chose before you incarnated. No matter what choices you make, you are never lost. You will never be condemned to hell. Know that whatever you believe to be true is true for you. If you choose to believe you will go to hell when you die, then it is likely that this is what you will experience, for a time. Know that at any time you can choose again and experience heaven, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

The Higher Self is always available. When you are feeling depressed or in a situation that causes you sadness or grief, call on your Higher Self to find ways to overcome your emotions and to walk the path of peace and joy. Your Higher Self can teach you how to manifest anything you want to experience in your life. Develop a habit of daily quiet time, meditation and prayer. Go within and learn to hear your Higher Self. Through practice, you can have direct dialogues. Each of you already has this ability, but many of you have tuned it out, thinking it is just your imagination. We are here to remind you that it is your imagination. If you can visualize it and put passion into it, you can create it!

There are many avenues to your connection with your Higher Self. These come in the form of intuition, knowingness, synchronicities, coincidences, miracles, unexpected messages from others, loving voices in your head, connection with Nature, meditation, answered prayers and a myriad of other means. It all comes down to clear intentions and paying attention.

Gratitude is the key to joy. Meditation is the door to peace.

As you practice connecting with your Higher Self, your relationship will deepen and you will find the signs and signals are more pronounced. As you walk your Path together, life will become one miracle after another. You will learn how to create any experience you choose. Your ability to love will increase exponentially. Your life will be filled with passion and compassion as you learn to relate better with each other. You will eventually come to know and understand all the wisdom taught by the ancient teachers. Life will truly become a dream for you.

The Father is the creator of all. You, his Son are part of that creation. Your Higher Self (the Holy Spirit) is that part who oversees the earthly incarnation that is You! Be in joy every moment and seek out the blessings in Nature. Be aware of your thoughts, words, actions and emotions, for these are your tools of creation.

Selamet!  Lamat 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  69

Muluc  4    Be in Joy! Enjoy!

I am Muluc with Tone 4. Thank you for joining us this day as we work together to find ways to make your life on Earth more joyous and beneficial. Today our topic will be how to be in joy every moment. However, it will take some tweaking of your belief codes and behavioral patterns to allow this to happen. Are you ready to embark on a journey towards everlasting joy? Have you ever seen anyone who is joyous at all times? They are few and far between. However, many of your Master teachers on Earth, such as the Dalai Lama have gained such levels. There were many sacrifices and wise choices these Masters made to attain this ability. Attaining Mastery is within your grasp, also.

We would like for you to take several long breaths. As you exhale, let out the worries of the day. Consciously pay attention to each muscle in your body, starting at the top of your head. Note the muscles in your jaws, tighten them for

a second and then allow them to relax. Move down to the shoulders, arms, fingers, etc. tightening then relaxing each set of muscles, down to your toes. Breathe in as you tighten the muscles; breathe out as you relax the muscles. This is a good exercise to practice whenever you find yourself out of balance or wish to relax or meditate.

Every attitude you hold onto and every emotion you feel is in your control. It may not seem this way in times of extreme sorrow, joy or fear, but it is true. How often have you felt an emotion then something happened or someone said something that triggered you and instantly that emotion vanished as you placed your attention elsewhere? Each emotion has the same weight as another. Fear holds no more value than love; you can choose which you prefer to experience at any time.

Every experience encompasses a wide range of emotional reactions. Have you ever been crying during a sad movie then find yourself laughing during the next scene? Begin observing the following pattern in emotions. When you feel sadness to a certain degree, your body reacts in a specific manner. When you feel its opposite emotion such as happiness to the same degree, your body reacts in the exact way. Have you ever cried tears of happiness? Did it feel the same as when you cried tears of sadness? In either case, the tears flow, your sinuses clog, your body quivers, you feel pressure in your head, etc. Although the cause of the emotional upset was different, the body reacts the same way.

How do you find balance in all things? How can you stay centered no matter what event is occurring in your life? How can you find and experience joy even in times of extreme chaos? Start by simply telling yourself it is so, that you are balanced in this moment. That may seem overly simplistic, but it is the bottom line. With practice, it will become easier until it becomes second nature. However, you will have to give up your stories that keep you in “woe is me” attitudes.

Where to begin? In this moment. Well up memories and feelings that made you feel good in the past or present. Feel these emotions. Send gratitude to anyone involved in the event. Allow yourself to feel the joy you felt during that event. Bask in these feelings for as long as you desire. The purpose is to remind yourself how it feels to be in joy. Remember these feelings. Many of you have denied yourself the feeling of joy for eons. You can be the catalyst to help others out of their misery when you learn to find joy in everything. Until then, you are stuck in the same mire as those around you.

Some of you will have a hard time remembering times of joy. Your life has been so focused on negative events in your life, that you cannot recount even one moment that gave you joy. We suggest you bring up memories of anything that gave you warm and fuzzy feelings. Perhaps it was eating comfort foods, petting an animal or watching a sunset. Focus on anything that warms your heart. If you are still having trouble creating a sense of happiness and joy, know that you are most likely focusing too much on your negative issues. The whole purpose of these Messages is to help you release these negative thought patterns and to change your belief codes so you can find joy in every moment. Stay with these Messages on a daily basis, press through your fears and anxieties and learn how to soar with the eagles!

Once you are able to feel joy, how can you maintain it? There are many clichés we could use such as, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” There is truth in this because it does involve consciously paying attention to what is happening within and without you. The first step is to begin to consciously monitor your thoughts. At first, this may seem tedious, but it will get easier with practice. Every time you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, think again. At first, your mind will insist on falling back into its old patterns and try to dwell on the event that is causing you distress. You have trained your mind to do this and it is fully within your ability to un-train yourself. Speak only positive words, think only positive thoughts and look for the blessings in each event that causes you to be upset. Before long, you will be laughing at yourself for overreacting to events that now seem so trivial.

Any thought you have that causes you to feel negative emotions is dangerous to yourself and others. They can be extremely addicting, a hard habit to break. Know that your thoughts travel faster than the speed of light. If you are thinking negative thoughts about someone who is 2,500 miles away, know with a certainty that on some level, that person receives your thought. This may sound ridiculous to you, but scientists are proving this to be true on the subatomic level.

We have repeatedly stated that negative thoughts glop together, whether it is in your auric field or elsewhere in the universe. These negative thoughts affect weather, nature, human and animal behavior and every aspect that is in your universe. Shamans and wise men from ancient to modern times have known of this phenomenon. You truly do make a difference in the world. You are not insignificant. Be responsible for the energy and thoughts you put forward for they are far more reaching than you can even imagine. You are that powerful.

We ask you earnestly to take responsibility for your actions and reactions. They affect all of us on many Dimensions. There is much corruption, sadness and decay on the Earth plane at this time, affecting all of you on deep levels. Overcome this distress and bring peace and harmony back to the Earth. In most religious texts, there is an Adam and Eve story. The events are similar in Nature. Man is created. Man does something that is not pleasing to God or creates some kind of havoc on Earth. What was perfect is now tainted due to Man’s choices. Man suffers as a result. Man seeks to return to Perfection. Does this sound familiar to you? Now is the time to return to Perfection by taking responsibility for everything you have done while on Earth, both good and bad. Monitor your thoughts towards yourself, others and events until you can release any that are detrimental. Instead of reacting to events around you, learn to act upon them.

This can be done by role modeling in preparation for future events. As you begin to replay scenarios from your past, remember times when you reacted in ways you would prefer not to repeat in the future. Consider other ways to behave when you find yourself in a similar situation in the future. Scientific studies have shown that when a person visualizes something in the mind, the brain synapses fire in the same way they would if the event were actually happening. In other words, there is truth to “Fake it ‘til you make it!” Medical doctors have known for years that the brain can be repatterned after strokes or severe injuries by having the patient go through repeated exercises of muscle movements simulating walking or crawling in order to regain these skills. The same is true for breaking habits, by role-playing reactions to events, you can re-pattern your brain so you behave in a more appropriate manner the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

We suggest you take time to rethink past reactions and visualize as clearly as possible, ways you would prefer to react when a similar situation presents itself. For example, let us say that you have a co-worker who constantly does things that annoy you. In your meditations, you can visualize ways to maintain your sense of joy, no matter what the co-worker does. Perhaps you will choose to simply smile at this person instead of reacting in your normal ways.

It is good to make heart-to-heart connections with every person you encounter. To make a heart-to-heart connection, send a feeling of love. This may be difficult in the beginning, but you will find it easier as you practice. Whether it is on a conscious or subconscious level, people will sense feelings you project towards them. Know that many people are closed to accepting love, so it may take repeated doses of loving thoughts to chip down their barriers. Practice doing this and watch how your attitudes and judgments toward others begin to change. Watch how others begin to react differently towards you. Positive thinking and continual acts of love will overcome all obstacles that are currently in your way.

Another way to create joy in your life is to look for joy in all things. Even in your darkest hours, there are lessons to be learned. Reflect on what is occurring in your life now and in past situations that were challenging for you. What were some of the positive outcomes that came from past scenarios? Perhaps you were in a job you didn’t enjoy. One day you were fired; you felt angry, embarrassed, you developed an attitude of why did this happen to me? Yet now you are in a job that you enjoy. It was the letting go of the first job that opened the door to the new job.

Seek blessings in all things; focus your attention on the positive attributes of people and events in your life. If there is something you are not happy with, take your focus off the situation or take steps to change it. Wallowing in self-pity or feelings of helplessness only creates more dark energies on the Earth. Be a responsible Earth steward and do all in your power to have positive thoughts and emotions each moment of your life. As you practice being in joy each moment, miracles will occur around you. You will draw more joyful people to you. Events that used to upset you will either no longer occur or you will not even notice them. It is a law of the universe that where you focus your attention is what will present itself to you. When things that bothered you in the past rear up their ugly heads, you will have learned to bless them, remain balanced, find the positive in them and remain in a state of joy. The Masters have done this and so can you.

Selamet!  Muluc 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  70 

Self Acceptance

I am Oc with the Tone of 5, together we welcome you to this time of sharing information. Today we would like to speak on the topic of love, unconditional love. This is the kind of love where you accept all persons, places and events as they are. There are no judgments made such as, “He should change this or that about himself, they should do this or if that hadn’t happened, my life would be better.”

Unconditional love holds no judgment or fear. It is fear that instills in you a need to change your surroundings. It is fear that says to you, this is not safe or acceptable. It is fear that pushes you into feelings of inferiority or superiority. Fear pulls you farther away from what you truly desire, which is to be accepted and loved just as you are.

Life is a mirror. Everyone around you mirrors what you project. Have you ever noticed that happy things happen to happy people? Watch people who are always critical, they are often criticized and not well liked. People who are fearful to make changes in their life always seem to have their greatest fears presented to them. Those that worry most about money tend to push away opportunities where they could have great abundance. We could go on at length with examples, but we trust that you understand our message.

How do mirrors work? Look into the mirror; what do you see? If you like your face, you will smile back at yourself. If you look at your face and notice what you consider to be imperfections, there will be no smile. We suggest you continue to look into the mirror until you can embrace your imperfections as perfection. Have you ever heard people say how beautiful someone is, yet when you look at that person, you see them as either very plain or unattractive? Where is the beauty the others see? Is it the grace by which they walk? Is it their inner confidence or the nature of their giving spirit?

Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder. Practice beholding everyone as a perfect spiritual equal. Practice observing Nature in all her glory, noting how everything works perfectly together. Practice seeing perfection in all events surrounding you. Know that each of these events offers you an opportunity to be more loving and accepting. As you begin to see yourself and all else as perfect, your ability to love unconditionally will greatly expand.

Not only acceptance, but the underlying knowledge that all is perfect is the basis of love. Learn to love one another without conditions. When you notice imperfections in things around you, embrace them and look for the beauty in them. Know within every event there are opportunities to express love and acceptance. It is by doing these things that your path on Earth will lead you to joy in every moment.

We will share with you some ways to help you reach your goal of unconditional love. The first step is to look within yourself to find the things you feel are imperfect. Our purpose in creating these Messages is to assist you with this endeavor on a daily basis. By going within, you will slowly release the layers of negativity and fear that reside inside yourself.

Are you ready to release those fears? At times, it will be painful for you, yet the joy you feel once you free yourself from your bonds will be well worth the effort. Many times, you will laugh at yourself for holding onto those belief codes that now seem so childish and silly. Do not condemn yourself, for those childish belief codes had a purpose at the time you created them. Bless the remembrances you had and let them go.

You will find some things easier to release than others. Expect miracles, but do not condemn yourself for those times when you find it difficult to move past a particular issue. Know that some belief codes are like dominoes, when one falls, many others fall with it. Once the belief codes are brought to your attention, you must then attend to them. With each belief code, you also set up specific behavioral patterns that may need to be changed.

For example, let us say that when you were a child, you had very curly hair and some of your friends teased you about it. You grew up thinking curly hair was undesirable. Whenever possible, you wore hats. When you looked at yourself in the mirror, you mostly focused on your curly hair and cursed it. As you grew up, if you were a guy, you shaved your head so no one would have to look at your horribly curly hair. If you were a girl, you used chemicals to straighten your hair, even though you knew they were toxic to your body.

Then one day, the love of your life sees a photo of you as a child with your disgusting curly hair. You discover that your partner hated his/her straight hair as a child and always desired curly hair. After hearing this, you begin to look at your curly hair with different eyes. With your partner’s encouragement, you decide to let your hair grow back to its natural curly state. Your partner loves your hair! Others remark to you how awesome your hair is and ask why you hid it for so long? When you look in the mirror now, you look at your hair with new eyes and appreciation.

Thus, you continue to let your hair be curly. Gone are the hats, no more razors to the head, no more toxic hair straighteners. You like your hair, which also means you like yourself just a little more. Although you created a belief code that curly hair was undesirable, you later changed the belief code and now you have changed the behaviors you created to support your original belief code. You now feel more empowered and like yourself better in your natural state.

Can you imagine how much better your life will be when you can do the same with all the pain and fear you harbor inside yourself? Know that as you uncover each belief code, you will also have behaviors to change. This may seem to be a daunting path to some, but know that each release brings freedom. Each freedom brings more joy and releases more energy for you to tackle other belief codes. Know that once you have mastered these belief codes, you will exponentially create joy each moment of your life.

Is this not a goal worth striving for? We encourage you at this time to reflect on those things you would like to change in your life. Perhaps it would be good to write these things down as you begin to work on them. Have patience, it took you many years to build these walls of protection. Can you see that building these walls were loving acts? You did these things to preserve your sanity, create a sense of safety or to save your life.

However, it is now time to remove the bricks that keep you from experiencing true love. Each brick you remove allows you to see beyond the fear. Soon you will have created windows where you can once again see the beauty in nature. The day will come when you will unlock the door so you can embrace your fellow man. One day you will find your prison completely dismantled. This is the day that you are free and will have learned to love all people, places and events just as they are, including yourself. Then you will know that all is perfect. It always was and it always will be!

Selamet!  Oc 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  71

Chuen  6    Lighten Up!

Good morning, as with the rising of the sun, it’s time to lighten up!

Are you ready to release some of the old baggage you have so dearly been clinging to?

Well, let’s get on with it. Time’s a’wastin’!

There’s just too much fun that you are missing out on! Let’s go!

Where shall we start?

How about the usual place, inside yourself, for that is where the seeds have been planted and where the roots are growing.

Let’s do some weeding today so you can better nurture your growth.

Take some deep breaths, using whatever method suits you to become relaxed while releasing the concerns of the day.

Take a few moments to do this.

When distracting thoughts come in, gently release them.

If need be, focus completely on your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Ahhhhh, doesn’t that feel better? You know, you can do this anytime you are feeling out of sorts and full of anxiety.

Teach it to your friends, your children, your co-workers. It’s easy and you can do it while driving, walking, eating or any other activity.

You will be much better able to make clear decisions and to find areas that need your attention when you are not all caught up in tension.

Take about five or ten minutes to set the intention that you will have a day of fun and in-joy-ment.

Visualize yourself smiling and giggling all day.

If there is an activity that is likely to be heavy or dark, see yourself happy, no matter how glum everyone around you may be.

Well, that’s it! Class dismissed! Go out and have some fun!

Be in joy! Enjoy!

Selamet!  Chuen 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE          72

Eb  7        Promise of Abundance

Greetings! We are thankful for this time to share with you. We offer you the promise of abundance in all you do. It is our intention to assist you in re-discovering the gifts that have lain dormant within you. Take time now to relax your body and to let go of outside concerns. Focus on the things you would like to obtain in your life. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting material possessions or massive wealth, we suggest you go deeper into the feelings you would like to experience each moment of the day. Although we can answer your prayers by giving you a new house, car or additional income, look around, there are many wealthy people who are considered to be rich, yet they are poor in their relationships with others and themselves.

Which do you truly desire, to be richly rewarded with emotions of peace, joy and happiness or is the lure of material wealth more satisfying to you? Most of you already realize from past experiences that no matter what you gain, there is still a lingering desire for more and better. Why is this? Mainly because you have stepped out of the realm of gratitude and live more often in the state of expectation.

When you expect something for your work or efforts, there is often dissatisfaction when your blinders are set solely on the outcome. Remove your blinders and watch in amazement as you discover myriads of options and experiences that were hidden from you before. Many times, we attempt to answer your prayers, but due to the blinders, you miss the yummy treats along the sides of the paths. By taking your focus off the reward at the end of the race, you are more likely to discover other avenues of possibilities we offer you.

Abundance comes in many forms. Abundance begets abundance. Giving for the sake of the expectation of receiving something in return is not the same as giving from the heart. When you give from the heart, you receive joy simply from the act itself. That is the true meaning of “what you give you will receive.” The joyful emotions are more long lasting and precious than the giving or receiving of material objects.

Many of you are discovering the bonds that material objects hold on you. After amassing objects, you realize how much time and energy is needed to maintain them. Just how many televisions and cars can one person use at a time? As you begin to sell or give away items that hold you down, you discover the blessings of simplification.

Perhaps you will find that you can now afford your dream vacation because you don’t have to spend so much time and money maintaining your toys. When you stop going to parties or events that are of no interest, you find that you are more rested and energetic. As time moves on, you realize the blessings of letting go of certain relationships. When you outgrow incompatible friends, you have more time and energy to pursue things that are closer to your heart. Many times, you unknowingly become role models as others watch you speak your truth and have a more fulfilling life. When you stop enabling others, you open doors for them to empower themselves; whether they walk through the door or not is their choice.

We suggest you look within for your true desires. Reach for goals that bring satisfaction and joy. As you walk your Path, learn to stay in the moment by observing all that is happening around you. Make choices that lead you toward your passion. Learn to say, “No, thank you” to events that pull you away from your desires. Be open enough to take risks that lead you out of the box.

Be in joy, every moment. Express gratitude to everyone and for everything that occurs in your life. It is very difficult to see the blessings in some events. However, as you learn to forgive yourself and understand others, you will be able to find that indeed, there are blessings in all things. We go forth today with wishes of abundance for you and those you love. Spread the word and spread the joy!

Selamet!  Eb 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  73

Ben  8            Awaken from Amnesia

I am Ben with Tone 8. We welcome you to this grand and glorious day of celebration! Being on Earth indeed is an event to celebrate! There is no other place in the universe where one’s soul can amass such leaps of faith and love. We are not saying that it is better to be born into human form, but due to the nature of this universe, the potential for growth is immense.

What makes this so? Foremost, the opportunity for growth comes from the amnesia you experience when you come to Earth. You have forgotten, temporarily, where your Spiritual roots have come from. Along the way, you have a multitude of opportunities to experience and express love. You also have the opportunity to shut yourself away from those who wish to embrace you. We judge neither, for the value received in each is manifold.

At this time in ever-increasing numbers, babies, adults and animals are entering your world with their memory of the other Realms intact. They are here to help guide you and to restore Earth to a balance of peace and harmony. With the state of amnesia comes a multitude of “sins” such as pollution, hatred and greed. Your institutions are based on power and control over the masses. Your ingestion of toxic foods is increasing at an alarming rate. The ecological balance in Nature is nearly destroyed. You essentially are living on the eve of destruction.

Many of you currently incarnate on Earth, played a part in the co-creation of this universe, so you have a stake in its survival. Can you imagine a grander planet in the cosmos than the Earth in its pristine state? Have you diligently observed Nature in balance? Have you noticed how the smallest of microbes is essential to support the life of insects, plants and animals? Have you observed how the wind interacts with fire, either blowing it out or increasing its flames? There is such a delicate balance between all things. It takes only a minor interaction with humans who are trying to perfect what is already perfect to set off a chain of events that destroys much of the balance.

We ask you today to walk gentler upon the Earth. Pay attention to your surroundings and what is happening around you. Notice the ants along your path and walk around them. Have you no consideration for their efforts when you unthinkingly destroy their habitat? The Earth is fragile; one footprint can erase the opportunity for native plants to grow for decades. Walk along the riverbanks and allow the interiors to rebuild.

Do you need to use your cars as often as you do? Consider bicycling or walking to your destination. Many times, you are better off remaining at home rather than gallivanting all over the place. Many of you repeatedly shop or work at locations far from your home, requiring  a huge consumption of natural resources. It is time to restructure your work force and learn to stay more within your communities. It is sad indeed that your family members are strewn all over the surface of the Earth, for tribe is the core essence of your survival.

Learn to get along with your fellow man. Learn to share. Learn to communicate more from a heart space than through the shallow means of words. Come together and celebrate your gardens. Look at what is of importance to you. How did you become so far removed from what was once precious to you? With whom and what do you wish to reconnect?

Does your daily work bring you joy? Are you surrounded by a supporting family, whether they are your blood tribe or not? Do you spend time in activities that create passion in your soul? Do you share your bounty with others and do you receive support for the things you need for your existence? How much time do you spend in reflection and gratitude? Do you know your neighbor’s name? Do you know their desires? How often do you gather with them? Do you daily enter into unspoiled areas of nature; do you even have access to such a space? We think not for the majority of you. This is sad indeed.

These things are needed in order to create your dream of a balanced and peaceful world. You state that you wish to live in a better world and dream of such things. Yet what was the last step you took with your fellow man towards creating this utopian society? How many of you are dreamers and how many of you are doers? There needs to be a balance of both in order to create a society of such magnitude. However, the dreamers have become talkers and the doers are not listening. It is time to step up to the plate with your bat ready and aimed to hit the mark. It is time to unite and pray together with clear intentions and to follow through with the many plans that are laid out before you. We rejoice each time a group of you comes together and begins to move forward. It is reassuring to us that all is well, that you will and can make this happen.

Peace and love ripples forth through the fabric of all Dimensions. When you are heavily burdened with sadness and despair, we feel it. When you are light, happy and experiencing joy, we feel it. That is why we use the word “uni-verse,” for truly it is one word, one logos, one sound. We are united in ways that are incomprehensible to you at this time. However, the veils between us are thinning and they will continue to do so as each of you on a personal, planetary and global level reaches within yourselves and uproots belief codes that hold you in bondage.

It is our joy to assist you in the going within process. It is time to know the history of your birth and to step forward and claim your inheritance. The veil of amnesia is thinning rapidly. Have you noticed an ever-increasing number of UFO sightings, ghosts and other phenomena? Many of your television programs, movies and writings include stories of psychic and extraordinary events. This is due to the thinning of the veil.

It is imperative that you clean out the cobwebs of your negative thinking and close-mindedness, for you are about to enter into a realm of unbelievable events. If you choose to walk your path gracefully, we suggest you begin immediately to start with the basement of your soul and work upward and outward to clear negative memories that keep you in fear and mistrust. As you clean your interior, you will discover the door to unconditional love is in front of you. What do you need to clear from the path in order to reach it? What do you need to do in order to have the courage to open it? What behaviors do you need to change in order to walk over the threshold? What do you need to leave behind in order to live in a state of unconditional love and beauty?

Take time to go within and move into the deep cleaning process. Pull up your memories, look at your habits and face your fears. Have courage to change the way you think and look at what is occurring around you. Make the necessary changes to live the life of your dreams. Know that possessions only bring a temporary relief to whatever ails you. For permanent relief, try forgiveness and allowance instead of numbing drugs.

Remove yourself from victim mode into recovery mode. From there, you will go beyond and become a hero in your own eyes. As you gain strength and momentum, you will become a hero for others who wish to release their past hurts and move forward. Share the knowledge you gain with others. Know that each of you walks a unique path. Although none of you will walk in exactly the same manner, you will all reach the goal in your own time, perhaps in another incarnation. Do not be concerned with this, for there is ample time in the universe for each of you to return to Source at your own pace. Be happy and learn to live in the moment, rejoicing with your brothers as you move a step closer to self-empowerment and love for one another.

There is much work to be done on Earth. There is no time to be wasted, your seas are suffocating, the land has been over-tilled and many are walking in amnesia. Awaken and become good stewards of the land and rejoin your tribe. We are here to support and encourage you along your Path. We revere you, for indeed we know the difficulties you face. We have the ability to see the bigger picture and are in awe of what you are currently co-creating. There is not one among you who is unable to reach inside and pull yourself up to a different level of understanding. You need only to be willing to go within and to start cleaning out the unhealthy thoughts residing within you.

Selamet!  Ben 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  74

Ix  9         True Love

Good day to you! I am Ix accompanied by Tone 9. Together, we welcome you to this time of sharing which in essence benefits all on the Earth and beyond. On this day, we would like to share teachings regarding the misuse of the word “love.” Your words are more powerful than you can fathom. We wish to inspire you to pay more attention to every utterance you make and every thought you think. The true meaning of love is the fabric of which the universe is made.

In the beginning, there was Love and only Love. As Love created the desire to share itself and know itself on various levels, it fragmented itself into bits and went in every possible direction out from the source of Love. Each fragment of Love went on a quest to experience love in a variety of ways. Many fragments with similar interests grouped together and created a variety of Realms or Dimensions. As each group removed itself farther from the source of Love, the Dimensions were created. It was not until specific groups were far removed from Love that the idea of Not-Love came into existence.

Try to imagine coming from a space of pure Love with the intent to experience not-loving things such as lying, cheating and selfishness. It is impossible. Yet there were many that wanted to experience what it would be like to be removed from Love. The initial intent was not to control others; neither were there any pre-conceived notions of lying, cheating or selfishness. These things had never existed before. The pioneers who chose to co-create realms of Not-Love were spirits like your adventurers, Lewis and Clark, who set out on their journey to explore and map uncharted regions.

Long ago, adventurous souls set about creating a Realm where Not-Love was possible. They quickly discovered that in order to experience Not-Love, they would need to completely distance themselves from the memory of Love. Various Realms were created by like-minded groups, one of which is the planet Earth. The way the creators of the Earth chose to experience Not-Love was to create a state of amnesia upon entry. How could they be assured they wouldn’t get lost? They created a buddy system. Before incarnating, it was decided the major segment of the soul would not incarnate; this aspect of the soul is sometimes referred to as the Higher Self.

Before incarnating, each soul goes before a Review Board to offer suggestions of what they would like to experience while on Earth. In order to have these experiences, they recruit their friends and acquaintances to help. If a soul wants to experience sadness, he will need to find someone willing to do things that would allow him to feel sad. Perhaps in another lifetime they would reverse the roles.

You may be thinking, “How could a soul be so foolish as to want to experience rape, murder or theft?” Initially, there was no definition of anything that was Not-Love. These pioneers had no idea what to expect when they set themselves on this stage called Earth. Why are these things still allowed on Earth? The answer is free will. Although we do not judge any behavior, we do see the pain and loss of love that is created as a result of these experiences. This is why we are sharing our knowledge with you, to help you remember your Spiritual roots, thus allowing you the tools you need to create only the experiences you prefer. There are also myriads of other souls who have enlisted to help keep incarnated souls from getting too far off their Path. They are commonly called Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides.

The Earth was set up with polarity as a means of experiencing Not-Love. As you walk your paths of discovery, you learn to live in this world of polarity. Although it was never intended for it to be so far removed from Love, it was allowed to evolve unhindered. However, there was a timeline set for this experiment. This timeline was created so no one would get lost forever, unable to return to Love. Like all cycles, this phase of the experiment is coming to an end.

What was initially a slight separation from Love in a beautiful garden, exponentially grew into murder, rape and mayhem. There are not many souls who are currently interested in coming into Earth just for the experience of Not-Love. However, there has been a marked interest in coming to Earth at this time to be a part of the Grand Experiment as you create something new. This Realm, as you know, it is about to end. This has happened many times before. The full impact of what will occur during these changes is unknown and is creating great interest from all sectors of the universe.

We share this information to give you a brief outline of what is happening on Earth. It is imperative that you consciously awaken to the potential that lies within you. Those who wish to continue with the experience of Not-Love are granted permission to do so. Many of you are ready to move out of this Realm of Not-Love. The Earth was not set up to have these two realities occurring at the same time. Soon there will be a rift. It will not be a war between the good and the bad, for there is no such judgment in the eyes of Source. All has been allowed to occur as a gift to those who want to explore the Universe. However, each universe, each galaxy and each planet has unique laws that it is governed by. These laws were created to allow specific experiences to occur. The laws on Earth were designed to allow for a depth of Not-Love to occur, for a time. That time is now coming to an end.

What will happen to those who wish to continue in Not-Love and those who wish to move closer back to their roots of Love? There will be a separation, much like what is described in various ancient writings. Each individual will have the opportunity to decide which path he wishes to experience next. There will be no casting into hell or going to heaven. There will simply be a choice to remain on Earth in its current form, which could very well lead to its demise if no changes are made, or the choice to leave Earth and go into another Dimension, where the vibration of love is higher. You are now in the planning stages of creating the higher Realm; we encourage you to dream big as you co-create your next home with other like-minded souls. It is up to you to create the world you wish to live in. There will come a time when the separation will occur. This need not be a time of sorrow for no one is lost, although you may be separated for a while.

Just as an outbreath follows an inbreath, at one point, all will return to Love. No one is ever lost, although it may appear that way while in your state of amnesia. There is order in the universe and the laws are upheld. Trust that all is well and decide where you would like to put your time and energy. What brings you joy? What ignites your passion? Dream of ways you can live a passionate life full of joy. What do you need to release in order to live the life of your dreams? Start today by taking steps towards realizing your goals and taking care of your needs. Many of you are preoccupied with taking care of the supposed needs of others. You are solely responsible for your soul. Choose what you wish to experience and say, “No, thank you.” to anything that leads you away from your goal.

Take time each day to meditate upon the things you wish to experience. With the help of your Angels and Guides, you will be able to release the pain and suffering you hold so close to your heart. Tear down your barriers of protection and allow your love to shine and learn once again how to receive love. Do not be naïve, you still live in a world designed to experience Not-Love. As you reconnect with your intuition, you will more readily be able to discern the motives of others and to be more aware of where each path is likely to take you.

There are many of us in the various Dimensions who are ready and willing to assist as you move out of the world of polarity. Reach out your hand and we will be there to help guide you through the maze. As you release your fears, your blinders will be removed and you will be able to see more of the big picture.

Soon the day will come when we are re-united and you will be able to see us face to face again. In reality, we have never been separated; soon you will know and understand this. Until that time, believe that you have the power to do anything your heart desires. Remember your gifts and choose experiences that move you closer towards Love. We are here preparing for the day of celebration when you return home to share your experiences with us. We miss you and support you in all you choose to do.

Selamet!  Ix 9


MAYAN  MESSAGES          DAY  75

Men  10         Time Stands Still

I am Men with 10, a poet indeed we are! Welcome to this time of sharing. Our topic for today has to do with getting control of the busy-ness in your life. How often do you take time to do nothing? Do you take the time to pamper yourself, take a nap when you are tired or read a book for pleasure?

Many of you fill your days and nights with so many activities that you live on the edge of exhaustion, running here and running there, while you barely can keep up with yourself. Where is the quality in your life? Many of you are teaching your children the same way of life. There is school, after school programs, competitive sports, dance lessons, yoga and always the pressure to succeed. It is no wonder many children are exhausted and depressed. Could this be one of the causes for an increase of mental disorders, including attention deficit? How can these children rest when they are overburdened with studies and running hither and yon? Little time remains for hanging out with friends or a long bubble bath. Family time is almost non-existent in your society.

Are you pursuing your true desires and passions? Do you meditate and relax each day? Do you take time to relax with your family without the need for extraneous entertainment such as television or movies? When was the last time your family had good, enlightening conversations in which everyone was sharing their dreams and recent experiences?

We suggest you tailor your time to suit yourself. Look at the areas that take you away from the experiences you prefer to have. Learn to say, “No, thank you.” when others invite you to an event or to assist them with something that doesn’t interest you. Now is a good time to stop doing things out of obligation and to make wiser choices. There is much power and joy for those who are able to live in the moment. When you can release obligations and regrets from the past and stop being overly concerned about future events, you are free to be fully present in each moment. During the day, ask yourself, “What would I like to do now?” Start paying attention to the way you feel in these moments. Is what you are doing creating joy in your life? Watch for patterns in your behavior. Is there something you feel you should change? Look around, see the many blessings in your life and express gratitude for these blessings.

How often do you take time during the day to reflect on how you feel and the goals you would like to attain? How often do you build a sense of love and appreciation in your life for the wonderful experiences that you have? How much of your life is robotic behavior; going through the day on automatic? Set time aside each day to reflect on your life. What changes do you need to make? Take time to look deeper within and pull out those belief codes and stinking thinking attitudes. Is it time to clean house and clean up some of the old garbage you have lying around?

Have you looked closely at your religious beliefs? Have you ever questioned the authority of your preachers and teachers? Look deeply at your beliefs. Take time to scrutinize what you believe and why you believe it. Many through the years have accepted teachings as blind faith. Try to be objective and take a fresh look at the beliefs you currently hold true. There is much conflict between religious sects; this is a sad state of affairs. How much better and informed would your world be if more of you had intelligent theological conversations? Brainstorming ideas has immense creative potential. We do not ask you to change your beliefs; we simply suggest you look deeper at your beliefs and clean out the cobwebs.

When you look closely at your belief codes, one of two things generally happens. Either you realize you have outgrown those beliefs or you find more conviction in what you do believe. We say all of this in hopes that you will take time out of your busy day to go within and reflect on your life. Find ways to slow down your routine if you feel exhausted at the end of each day. There is no race against time. There is plenty of time to get all things done. However, in order to do so, you first must choose what is of utmost importance and make those your priority.

Allow your children to choose activities that interest them. Introducing them to a variety of activities is one thing, but what we see repeatedly is parents urging their children to succeed at a variety of recreational activities. These activities are wearing down their immune system. All of this is happening while indulging in foods that are not healthy for human consumption. You are literally running yourselves to death. Slow down. Smell the roses. Walk the dog and observe nature. Strike up a conversation with your neighbor. Spend quality time with your family. Take time to play more!

Selamet!  Men 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  76

Cib  11          Moving Beyond Doubt

Hello, I am Cib with Tone 11. Today we would like to talk with you about finding your way through the maze of self-doubt. Although there are many of us in various Dimensions that are here to assist, you doubt that we exist. Although you have direct connection with your Higher Self, you doubt the validity of this inner voice. Even when you are presented with scientific proof of the existence of many things, you doubt its validity. There is nothing wrong with doubt, for there are many false teachers and many invalid responses to scientific query. However, instilled within each of you is a way of knowing what is true and what is the best solution for whatever you seek. How can you tap into this knowingness to such a degree that you move beyond doubt?

Can you recall moments when you just knew something was going to happen and it did? Have you ever been thinking about calling someone on the phone, while at the same time she was dialing your number? Have you ever felt someone was in danger or ill and then discovered this was true? There are countless stories of people knowing when a loved one has crossed over. Some psychics are amazingly on target with specific future events. How can this be?

Have you ever been seeking information on a topic then walked into a bookstore and instinctively been drawn to the perfect book? Have you ever had a question and somehow the answer came into your mind even though you didn’t know where the information came from? There are many ways we respond to your desires. Once you clearly state an intention and put passion behind it, we can move forward to help you create your desire. What if you were able to move beyond doubt and were to begin creating your reality on a conscious level in tandem with your Guides and other Spirit Helpers? Can you imagine the possibilities?

You need not take our word for this; put it to the test so you can get beyond doubt. Think of something you would like or need. First, it is best to clear your mind from distracting thoughts. This can be done in a meditative state when you will not be disturbed. Focus on your breath to help eliminate thoughts and concerns of the day. All we are asking you to do is to sit still and breathe. Do you doubt that when you are relaxed, you think more clearly?

Once you are relaxed, think of what you would like to manifest. It could be as simple as a nail or as complex as finding the right and perfect mate. Whatever it is you desire, get a clear image of this in your mind. Next, energize this vision into reality using your senses and passion. When you have a clear image of something in your mind, your brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is fantasy. Get a clear mental picture of what you wish to create. In your mind, create an image as though you were looking at a movie screen. What is happening in the background? Who else is on the screen? How are the characters dressed? Are there any scents involved? What is happening in this scene? Once you get the image just as you like it, energize it with your emotions.

Let us say that you want a new car. See yourself getting into the car, smell the interior, visualize turning the key in the ignition. Hear the sound of the engine firing up. Feel the steering wheel. Feel the suspension as you drive, roll the window down and feel the breeze. You get the picture. A strong visualization of what you wish is key to co-creating with us. Your next role is to release all concerns as to how you will get this car. Perhaps you have no money and no credit line. Release the doubt that you will be able to afford it and tell us what it is you would like to happen. Perhaps you tell us that you would like to get this car at no cost to you. Maybe you are willing to purchase it, but need low monthly payments. You tell us what your parameters are, then release all doubt that it can occur. Visualize this strongly and it will be yours. Another important step is to ask your Higher Self if this is in the best and highest good for you and all concerned, no matter how trivial the request. From our vantage point, we can see a much larger picture of how your new car will affect your life. We must receive permission from your Higher Self before moving forward with your request.

Your Higher Self knows you want a sporty car to impress others. What you really need is a utility truck. You tend to drive too fast and are a heavy drinker. It is likely that if you get the sporty car, you will be drinking and driving and get into an accident with your friends. This was not part of the deal when you incarnated; an accident of this sort will only take you away from what is for your highest good. Can you see where we are going with this dialogue? Your life is very complex and when you consider all the people, places and events that occur in your life, the matrix becomes very complicated indeed. When you incarnate on Earth, you are imparted with a beautiful gift called “free will.” At any point, you can make whatever choice you wish, although you will still have to reckon with the outcome of your choices. There are many things you have control over and some that you do not. You are not puppets of your Higher Self, but because of the state of amnesia you experience while on Earth, your Higher Self has to pull some magical strings from time to time in order to help you remain on your Path. It is your choice to follow these nudgings or to ignore them.

Often you are allowed to make choices that have no direct bearing on the goals you came here to accomplish. However, when you make choices that take you into unnecessary experiences, we are always here to assist you in getting back on track. Whether you choose to listen to our nudgings or to see the gifts we lay at your feet is up to you. Even if you do not know of our existence or how to work with us, we do not give up on you. We are always busy attending to your needs. It may not feel this way at times, especially when you have an experience that is devastating to you. We challenge you to take any sad or horrendous experience you have had and find other persons who have dealt remarkably well in the same situation and have overcome their grief or anger associated with the event. What makes them different from the way you reacted to the situation? One of the differences is attitude. If you live in a state of “poor me,” you will attract situations of victimhood. If you adopt an attitude of self-empowerment, you will attract situations in which you can express your ability and remain empowered. It is really that simple, considering the complexity of it all.

Beyond attitude, develop a belief that all is well. You hear people say, “If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.” This is a wonderful adage and holds much truth. Your attitude, coupled with a belief that there is good in all things will assist you in overcoming any situation. Once you connect with your Higher Self and learn to ask directly for guidance in all situations, your life will become magical. If you ask for guidance with the parameter, for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, miracles happen.

Let us go back to the example of the new car. This time you go to your Higher Self and state, “I would like to have another set of wheels. What kind of vehicle is for my best and highest good?” You may instinctively know that a utility truck would be the best choice so you can continue to gather your own firewood and get the supplies you need for a few projects you want to work on. You also know that you like to be able to help your friends when they need things to be hauled.

The thought of a utility truck comes into your head; your question has been answered. You can now do the visualization process in order to incorporate the assistance from your Guides on the Other Side or you can argue and put in your desire to have a sporty car. This is where humans tend to get bogged down. Instead of following intuition, they resist the inner advice and go forward in another direction. There is no “sin” in this, however it could mean that your life heads in a direction that is not in accord with the purpose of your incarnation. You may choose to get the car instead of the truck. However, it changes your life in many ways. Now you have to rely on others to haul the things you need. Your self-identity is closely tied to the status of having this car. Can you see how you may now become cocky and arrogant? How much different might your life be if you were expressing your true nature, that of being self-sufficient and of more help to others? Can you see how one incident can set you onto a path that is out of alignment with the original intent of your Higher Self?

Many times, prayers go unanswered or so it seems. There is a purpose to everything that occurs. How many times has something happened that was not in your plans, yet later you found out that it was a blessing? That is a sign of us at work. There are many ways we operate, such as a little voice in your head, prompting you to do something unplanned.We have a lot of fun with technology such as lights, computers, TVs and phones. We can make things happen that can only be described as miraculous. However, we always work in tandem with your Higher Self, for that is your connection with Spirit and your purpose for entering this world. Because of free will, you have the opportunity at any level to make other choices. We are always here to prompt you and give you opportunities to get back on the path that will lead to the goals that are in your highest good.

Test these words for yourself. Create an image of something you would like to manifest or experience. Ask if it is in your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. Listen for a response whether it comes in the form of a voice, a knowing, or a feeling in your body. If it feels good and you feel energized, it is likely you are getting an affirmative answer. Visualize the event to the best of your ability. Energize it with your emotions. Check again with your Higher Self to see if you are in alignment. If you get an affirmative answer, then end your request with “So be it and so it is.” Thank all who are involved with bringing this blessing to you. Now live your life as though it is already on the way, for it is!

Have fun practicing! The Angels rejoice whenever a human reconnects with his spiritual Self. It is our joy to assist in making your dreams come true. We are here to be co-creators with you and are doing all in our power to let you know we exist and that we love you with no conditions. Our love is pure; it is not tainted with the forgetfulness that you currently live with. One day soon, these doors will be opened and you will experience true bliss when you come to understand the magnificent Being that you are. Expect miracles to happen. Be kind to yourself and others and watch the magic unfold!

Selamet!  Cib 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  77

Caban  12          Uncovering Belief Codes

Today, Tone 12 and I welcome you to another day of discovering how to live the life of your dreams. There are many of us on this side of the Veil who are ready and excited to help you in whatever you endeavor to do. We would like to restate that everything you need to know is already within you. Our goal is simply to help you find the key that unlocks the door. We are here only as helpers; it is you that is always in charge of which path you seek to walk.

Let us begin by reminding you of your true roots, those that began in the Realm of Spirit where there is only Love. You have come to this Earth to have experiences you chose before your incarnation. Have you ever met someone and felt an unexplainable strong kinship? Many times, it is a soul remembrance and it is likely you have met in many other lifetimes. At this time in your life, you may not believe that reincarnation is possible. Yet if you study all ancient traditions, you will find that indeed you are in the minority. The same holds true for extra-terrestrials. There is documentation that goes back centuries, in ancient writings and art masterpieces.

Why is it so hard for some of you to believe in things that are out of the ordinary? You keep yourselves locked up in little boxes that are usually designed by those outside yourself. You have the ability at anytime to crawl out of the box and to re-design one that is better suited to who you are now.

Are you ready to spread your wings and expand your horizons a little beyond your comfort zone? If so, we are here to support you and help guide you into finding out who you really are. Are you ready to embark on a journey? Close your eyes. Relax your muscles and focus on your breath as you breathe in, then out. Allow yourself to unwind and let go of all tension and concerns of the day. Continue to do this for several minutes until you are in a relaxed state.

Once relaxed, allow your mind to wander back through time. What are your earliest memories? Look around at what is happening, using your five senses. Some memories may be painful, while some may be full of joy. Simply observe each as they arise. The goal is to rediscover what belief codes you set into place as a result of these events.

When you first incarnated, you likely had complete recall of your spiritual roots. However, due to life experiences, most of you learned to shut down those memories. You can regain them by going back in time. For those of you with very painful memories, you may find it more difficult. In this case, you may need to clean out layers of negative thoughts first. Ways to do this are addressed throughout the year. However, we invite you to embark on this journey with us today. It may be in your best interest to review safer incidents that bring up happy memories until you are ready to heal your deepest wounds.

We invite you at this time to look at these early memories. Do you feel listened to and respected? What feelings are brought to the surface? Every moment in your life is full of choices. Perhaps as a child you were told you had to finish your meal before you could have dessert. You really didn’t like the meal; yet you managed to gag it down. You tell yourself, “When I grow up, I will never make my child eat food she doesn’t like! She can have dessert even if she doesn’t eat all of her dinner!” Now, a belief code is born!

The amount of energy you put into each code will determine how strong it remains. If you are repeatedly being forced to eat food you don’t like before you can eat dessert, you will add strength to that belief code. Then comes the time when you have a child and she is balking at finishing her dinner. Like your mother, you automatically say, “Finish your dinner or you won’t get dessert!” You have been socially conditioned to enforce this behavior on your child. Yet there is this nagging sense of unrest each time you do it. At some time, you may cave in and allow your child to have dessert even if she doesn’t finish her meal.

This allowance causes you to be uncomfortable because it goes against the social values instilled in you. Perhaps you allow her to have dessert except when your mother is visiting. When your mother is present, you make your child finish dinner before having dessert. This shows your mother what a good parent you are since you are enforcing her rule; however, you have left your child confused and agitated.

The message we wish to convey is to recognize how you have created myriads of belief codes such as this all your life. You have locked these rules into your brain where they will remain until you consciously choose to release them. The goal of today is to start going within and finding the codes that are no longer appropriate for you.

Many belief codes are set up as a form of protection or a reaction to unpleasant events. They may not be relevant to your life today. When these buttons are pushed by others, it sometimes leads to confusion. You wonder to yourself, why did that bother me so much? Pay attention to these thoughts. When they arise, take time to go within and try to find when this feeling first started. You may need to uncover layers of codes and negative thinking as you go.

Once you set up a belief code such as, “When I grow up, I won’t be anything like my parents!” Guess what, this is exactly what you do. You begin to make choices they wouldn’t make, often not realizing what you are doing. Yet in your struggle to be different, one day you grow up and realize you have become quite similar to your parents. Now you have a better understanding of the trials they were facing since you have had many of the same experiences.

You can now look at the belief codes you created in a more mature manner. You can start weeding out the things you say and do that no longer fit into your paradigm. You can step out of your box and start creating a unique blend of shapes and colors that better matches your individual self.

As more of you awaken to your potential, you will support each other in creating your own realities. This is what life is all about: discovery, potential and joy. As you support each other and recognize the rules you created, you will leave behind social norms that kept you separate. This is the beginning of unconditional love. As you continue to decorate your box, there will come a time when you realize you don’t need the box anymore. What a wonderful work of art you have created! Place it on display for all to see; mingle and enjoy the company of others as you admire the boxes you have made.

It is our hope that you understand our Message today. Become aware of the rules you live by, for many of them no longer have any importance. Dare to be unique and let your creative juices flow. Find your passion and use it to recreate the reality you wish to experience. Support others as they work towards living the life of their dreams. Enjoy and celebrate each other’s uniqueness. Isn’t a canvas full of color and design of much more interest than one painted all one color? This blending of talent and abilities is what makes the Earth such a wonderful place to be.

Stop constraining yourself with outdated rules and allow yourself to flow. Seek out those needless belief codes and soar like the eagles!

Caban 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  78

Etznab  13         DNA Activation

Greetings, I am Etznab with Tone 13 and today we welcome this opportunity to share our insights with you. It is our hope that you will hear our words, take them within you and integrate those that feel like truth to you. Know that you already possess all the knowledge, wisdom and skills needed to live a happy, productive and miraculous life.

We do not use the word miraculous lightly, for indeed, once you rediscover the power contained within you, your life will be filled with miracles! For decades, your scientists have researched the brain and psychic abilities of those among you who are more advanced. It has been determined that humans use only a small percentage of their brain. The search has continued to find ways to unlock the dormant sections of the brain in order to increase the capabilities in humans. Although there is some truth in this theory, we suggest that attention be drawn to the DNA instead. In fact, this is where the encodements lie.

The secret of unlocking your psychic abilities lies in the advancement of your ability to love all things unconditionally. As you clear out belief codes and retrain your negative thoughts, words and actions, your DNA codes are activated. In this world of duality, every choice you make is based on either fear or love. When you choose love, the energy within you flows smoothly and freely. When you make a choice based on fear, energy contracts and becomes denser. Peeling away these layers of fear will re-activate your DNA.

Once you overcome a particular fear, your attitude and outlook automatically changes. You will find that things related to fear no longer have power over you. As you begin to change the behaviors you previously engaged in, magic happens. You will have mastered one area of your life when you switch from fear to love. This switch also activates one area of your DNA. No longer will you react in a negative or fearful manner in situations involving the belief code you changed. This also affects your brain as the synapses are rewired; the brain and DNA are directly related to your thoughts and emotions.

Have you ever been angry with someone and later resolved the issue with them? If you learned from this event and made a conscious choice never to react the way you did previously, then you will change the synapses in your brain. If you then change behaviors associated with this event in all areas of your life, there will be a turning on of a switch in your DNA. The result will be a better understanding of unconditional love and more ability to express and receive love.

Let us share an example in order to clarify. You have a very close friend. One day another person tells you that your close friend is spreading lies about you. Instead of talking to your friend and seeking the truth in the matter, you blindly believe the other person. You have now created a new belief code, “People cannot be trusted.” Your brain encodes this new thought by connecting the synapses that makes this an absolute truth. It will remain this way until you change it. From then on, you ignore your friend and avoid all contact with her. You then choose different friends; however, you don’t share your secrets with anyone because you no longer trust people. Through time, you build up excuses to keep people at an emotional distance and develop behaviors that support your “people cannot be trusted” belief code. As a result, you build quite an impressive wall of protection around yourself.

You tend to have shallow conversations with most people you encounter. You have a few close friends, but you keep your distance, not sharing your deepest fears, dreams or desires with them. Does any of this sound familiar? Twenty years pass and you have a chance meeting with this old friend. She wishes to resolve the issue and wonders what caused you to turn cold on her. You shower her with accusations from pent up emotions from the hurt that she inflicted on you.

Your friend is shocked and denies ever having spread rumors about you. She does remember the other girl and has an idea what may have transpired. She tells you that the other girl was very jealous of the relationship that the two of you had. The other girl also had a crush on your friend’s boyfriend. This girl had spread various rumors to the boyfriend and others, which resulted in their break-up. It became well known throughout the school that this girl was a troublemaker.

Your friend looks you in the eye and asks you if she ever told secrets you shared with her to others? Then she draws your attention to the other girl and asks you if it wasn’t true that she was known to be a liar and manipulator? You realize that what your friend is saying is true and that you have made a judgment error about your friend. You apologize and both of you agree to rebuild the friendship.

However, you must now address the belief code, “People cannot be trusted.” After 20 years, you have accumulated a lot of negative thoughts and emotions that were based on this belief code. This means you will also have to seek and change many of the behaviors you have associated with this belief code. Like dominoes, if you find the initial belief code and change it, many of the other belief codes that were based on it will fall, also. However, you will consciously have to find and change the behaviors that have become habitual as a result of your initial belief code.

Most of you have no clue that you are operating on belief codes that are outdated. This is our work, to help you find these codes, delete them and reorganize your files. Then the magic begins. Once you have eradicated the belief code, you will release a tremendous amount of energy. This is true because your basic self is pure love and anything you hold within you that is not pure love takes an exorbitant amount of energy to hold in place.

You can witness this universal rule everywhere in nature. For instance, watch water as it flows down a river. As it encounters rocks or debris, it simply flows around it. If a dam is constructed which obstructs its movement, the water will do all in its power to flow around the dam. However, if walls are built to restrain the water, it can do nothing more than pool. Although outwardly the water may look at rest, once released, it rushes forth in a torrent.

When you hold negative emotions inside, they tend to gather in force. This is why so many of you lash out at others with torrents of anger, bringing up unresolved issues that many times have no relevance to the issue at hand. These unresolved issues are like the water in the dam, they want to be released in order to flow freely again. Your love is that way; it wants to flow freely.

Once you rewire your brain’s synapses by changing your thoughts and the habits that held them in place, you allow love to flow freely again. As you release fears and change the thoughts and behaviors related to those fears, love again flows freely through you. It is this deeper understanding of unconditional love that moves a switch from “off” to “on” within your DNA. When a switch is turned on, there are changes that occur within you. You may notice that you are more at peace or that your psychic abilities have increased. Your potential for love increases as you release the negative thoughts that have entombed you. Events that previously triggered negative emotions no longer affect you. These changes in your DNA and synapses occur over the expanse of your life. The more you allow pure love to flow through you, the more advanced your DNA structure becomes.

Have you heard of spontaneous combustion when some people simply burn up, with only remnants of their appendages remaining? In some cases, their DNA was activated too quickly and like an overloaded electrical circuit, there was a meltdown. For this reason, we do not suggest pushing yourself forward in your ascension process. Allow yourself to evolve at a comfortable pace as you release the fears and behaviors that have allowed you to feel safe.

Many of you are overly concerned with the possibility that the Earth is coming to an end in the near future. Some of you become impatient with yourselves when you are trying to change lifetime patterns. We say to you, there is no rush. Take time daily to look deeply into the mirror of your soul and begin to take steps to change the behaviors that no longer serve you. Everything in the universe operates in a timely fashion. We say that as a pun, for indeed, once you get beyond the illusion of this reality, you will find that time does not exist, as you know it.

Work towards perfection knowing you are already perfect.

There are no victims; there are no perpetrators. There are simply a myriad of people having a human experience and learning to cope with the enigmatic rules of this universe. We ask that you step out of the pain of yesterday and walk in the moment. Look around and allow yourself to feel gratitude for the privilege of living on this beautiful planet. Observe Nature in its perfection and strive for the balance that allows you to feel peace and joy in each moment, for in the moment is where the miracles begin.

Go forth today and begin anew as though you are an innocent child. Behave as though all around you is perfect. Love all unconditionally. Release any fears that bind you. Then watch the magic unfold!

Be in joy!  Etznab 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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  3. Posted by Trampas Graham on June 2, 2013 at 8:00 am

    You know, sometimes you write what I don’t want to hear. Some of these posts are like taking cough medicine !! Nevertheless, I’d much rather internalize these messages than live in a state of dis-ease. And so for that, I humbly thank you.


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  5. Posted by Nisa on April 18, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    Thank you, Theresa. Peace and Joy, Nisa


  6. Posted by Diane on March 25, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    I have just begun to read the messages, thanks to a friend who shared this sight with me. As a matter of fact, this is my first day. I really enjoyed today’s message and I found it struck a core in me. I will continue to begin my day reading these messages with a grateful heart for the information being shared. Thank You!


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