Days 92 – 104

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This trecena (thirteen days) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Eb. One facet of Eb is the spiritual pathway that all seekers of Truth traverse. Eb is also symbolic of the grass that grows alongside the path, providing sustenance along the way. During this trecena, call on Eb to guide you through life’s trial and tribulations, while providing assistance in a graceful and nurturing manner.



Day 92 – Feed Each Other

Day 93 – Move Beyond Lack

Day 94 – Overcoming Obstacles

Day 95 – Connect to Higher Realms

Day 96 – Veil of Separation

Day 97 – Breath of Life

Day 98 – Mirror Images

Day 99 – The Path to Peace

Day 100 – Ascension Process

Day 101 – Random Acts of Kindness

Day 102 – Return to Tribe

Day 103 – Go Within or Go Without

Day 104 – Manifestation Process


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  92

Eb  1            Feed Each Other

I am Eb 1 and we welcome you to this time of sharing. We have much gratitude and gain much pleasure when we are able to share time with you. As you gain knowledge and remembrance of the power that lies within you, we ask that you always choose to use these things for the betterment of yourself and all people. Many through the ages have misused this knowledge and have created much sadness and despair. This is now a time to come into balance with all things and to reclaim your inheritance of peace and harmony. Today we would like to focus on the issue of poverty. Many among you are homeless and starving, more than ever before, as a result of war and mismanagement of resources. Not one single person on this Earth needs to die of starvation. There is plenty of food available, but due to greed, ignorance and superstition, many die while lying in fields of plenty.

One huge issue presenting itself is the corporations that have led your government officials astray by gaining control over farming methods and the proprietary use of seeds. Genetic modifications are harmful to those who ingest these products. Corporations have gained control over the source of seeds through patents by creating products that will not seed themselves. If not for those who have taken special care to keep the heritage seeds alive, all would be lost for humanity. Thank these wise people when you meet them.

It is imperative at this time that each of you grows your own food. You can begin with one or two plants inside your home, in pots. Expand as much as you possibly can, learning from gardeners who are using organic methods. Do not be deceived by large corporations that claim to be organic; know that they wrote the rules that state they are organic and there is no one watching over them to ensure what they place on their labels is the truth. Seek out groups or individuals in your area that are using organic methods and learn from them. If you are unable to grow your own food, find ways to support those who do. You would be wise to buy your produce and meat from those who are using organic methods. Nearly all manufactured food is processed to such a degree that there is no life force in it. In most cases, many chemicals and preservatives are added that are toxic to humans.

Are you aware of the huge increase of obesity and malnutrition in your westernized societies? The starving children in third world countries are better off in many cases than those who have huge stores of fat in their bodies. Both are starving, yet western societies are overloaded with toxins that their bodies do not know how to process. Gain control of your food sources and enjoy a healthier life. Many countries with a high increase of starvation have plenty of sources for nourishment. However, their governmental regulations and religious beliefs keep them from partaking of what they need to sustain their lives. There are many entrenched belief codes to break that must be addressed in order to save lives. One way to do this is to share information, as well as bags of rice.

Start at home, where you live. Look around; there are bound to be homeless people in your area. Find out the needs in your community and choose ways you can assist in solving the problem. Perhaps you can house a homeless person until she can get back on her feet. Maybe supplying a food bank with provisions or volunteering your time to deliver these goods is appropriate for you. Consider fasting once a week and giving the food you would normally eat to someone who has not eaten in days.

Many of you have the means to work on a more global level. Again, find the need and choose a way you can be of assistance. It is hard to break through a culture’s religious beliefs, but this will be imperative in some cases. Even though you personally may not be a meat eater, it may be crucial for another’s survival. Your body was designed to eat the flesh of animals and plant life; it is not a “sin.” Be careful not to place your belief codes or values on another.

The goal is to assist others in being able to support themselves. Teach them how to garden, how to fish and how to prepare foods in a healthy manner. Warn them of the dangers of GMO foods, pharmaceuticals and the interference of large corporations. Have compassion for your fellow man. It could very well be that the knowledge you share may save a country from the devastation wreaked by these corporations.

Think communally; you all are brothers and sisters. Set aside your differences, rebuild your war-torn cities and nurture each other as equals, knowing that each of you is a child of the same God. We ask that you begin today to find ways to help and support one another and to build a global community.

Thank you,  Eb 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  93

Ben  2            Move Beyond Lack

I am Ben with Tone 2. We are grateful to share this time with you. Indeed, you could do many things with this moment; we are honored that you find our message of importance. Thank you. Today we would like to look at the prevailing issue of lack. There is much thought given to unworthiness when it comes to being wealthy. Many have been taught, “Money is the root of all evil.” We would like to dispel that belief code, for it is causing much concern for those  who are wishing to break free. Lack not only refers to monetary wealth, it also permeates feelings of being successful or notable. Lack is an attitude that can be changed with different thinking and a few behavioral changes. Lack is deeply ingrained in many societies, making it difficult for those who are breaking out of the old paradigm.

Many religions were created to gain control over the common people. Churches have provided a safe haven for many and have been a great source of community for the masses (pun intended). They give hope to the hopeless and direction to the lost. However, in their zeal, they have created separatism and elitism when they preach that their way is the only way. This is not true and is dangerous because it limits your birthright of free will. The whole design of Earth was to explore and experience various avenues, not to be locked into one set of beliefs. The worst digression was the invention of hell and the belief that those who do not follow the path of a particular religion would be condemned for eternity. This does not make sense. Why would a god set up a religion in one region, punishing those who never had a chance to hear his word? Does this sound like a loving God? Seek within yourself to see if the doctrines you adhere to are in your best interest.

Read the history of your religion. You will find much common mythology between most religions. This is not to say that many of these events actually happened as recorded, for many are archetypes, based on human experiences. Once you understand the symbology of archetypes, you will better understand the foundation upon which many religions are based. Study other religions and have reasonable talks with those who have different beliefs. You will then be better suited to make a decision based on what feels right for you.

Tithing is one form of gaining control over the masses. It is one thing to tithe to a church to support its members and pay for its administrative costs. Pressure is commonly placed on members to give more than ten percent of their earnings to pay for extravagant buildings and administrative fees. From the pulpit have come many sermons injecting members with the belief that being poor is a good thing. Those who strive to be successful many times are criticized for being materialistic or even demonic. This is hogwash. Each of you has the ability within yourself to manifest anything you want in life. However, it is our hope that you use your bounty for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.

Why are prostitutes paid top dollar while preachers are barely getting by? Is it because prostitutes value themselves more? Not likely. Is it because society values them more? Not likely. Could it be the belief code, “Money is the root of all evil?” This more likely is the case. The preacher who has this belief code will keep himself in poverty to prove to himself and others that he is righteous. The prostitute either doesn’t have this belief code or feels she is evil due to her source of income; therefore, making money may not be an issue for her. Those who carry the “money is the root of all evil” belief code and are financially successful may give much of their wealth away to prove they are not evil. Sometimes this is to their detriment and not in their highest good.

Our goal is to open your eyes to see the correlation between wealth and lack that has been placed on you by various governmental and religious leaders. We wish to encourage you to look into the history of your churches and governments. Gain a broader perspective of what is happening in your world and create belief codes based on what you believe rather that what you accept as blind faith. Find the pieces that sound like truth and begin to fit them together.

This world has an unsurpassed amount of abundance available to you. Having a sense of lack in any area is not healthy. Break through these codes and the behaviors that keep you in the poorhouse. Expand your worldview and way of thinking and allow yourself to flow with nature and enjoy the blessings offered freely to you. Return to your roots where life is simpler, less stressful and full of healthy food and family values. You have lost your sense of tribe. It is time to gather with like-minded souls and create communities in which you support and nurture each other. These communities can provide great wealth in food, knowledge and love. What better commodities can you think of?

Selamet!  Ben 2


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  94

Ix  3              Overcoming Obstacles

I am Ix 3. We are happy to be of service to you this day. We are in awe of the things accomplished by you. Many of us have never incarnated on Earth, for the densities are too low for our comfort. We are appreciative to experience this density through you and are thankful for your diligence and perseverance as you go through your daily experiences.

Today we would like to speak on the topic of diligence. We would define the word diligence as moving forward regardless of obstacles to overcome. All of you on the Earth plane are diligent, some more than others. Is there one among you who does not face obstacles? Some of you move rather gracefully over, around and through these obstacles. The majority of you stumble and fall over the same obstacle several times before finally making forward progress. How can you move more easily around these obstacles without falling? There are many ways to move around these obstacles. We hope you will share the wisdom you gain with others as you learn to navigate your Path in a more gentle and graceful manner.

One way to gracefully overcome obstacles is to prepare yourself before you stumble. Just as you would arm yourself with a coat, flashlight and drinking water before hiking on a dark trail, you would be wise to arm yourself with a few tools before heading out on your life Path. Each of you wears a different tool belt; it is up to you to choose whether or not to wear the belt and which tools to place on your belt.

We would like to emphasize the importance of role-playing in order to prepare for obstacles you are most likely to encounter. Many of you stumble over the same rock several times and either are unaware of repeating this pattern or once aware, you decide to take measures so you will not stumble on the rock again. This is the difference between unconscious and conscious living. When you pay attention to what is happening around you, the life you live becomes more meaningful and magical. Once you are consciously aware of the rock, you come up with solutions to avoid stumbling over it again. In your mind, you see yourself either stepping over the rock or around the rock. Perhaps you choose to move the rock to the side of the path. Maybe you choose to put a colorful flag or sign next to the rock to alert yourself the next time you walk the path. Perhaps you choose to paint the rock a bright color.

Whichever choice you make creates a different impact upon you and the rock. However, the result will be the same; you will break the pattern of stumbling over the rock. You may find that your first choice isn’t effective. Let’s say you chose to place a flag next to the rock, but the wind blew the flag over and you stumbled on the rock again. Simply choose another method until the pattern is broken.

The best choice you can make with any pattern you wish to change is to stay in the moment. Be alert to what you are thinking, saying and doing in each moment. There will be less accidents and much finer living when each of you is paying full attention to what is happening around you. As each of you learns to appreciate the blessings in the current moment, you will realize how rich you are and how splendid the world is. We encourage you to look at behaviors and patterns in your life that are not working for you. List those you wish to change and visualize yourself responding in the manner in which you would prefer until they become habitual.

Many times, much underlying work needs to be done because your habits are closely related to your belief codes. As you walk your Path, you will need to change the habits that do not support your new belief codes. Do all in joy and do not beat yourself up when you falter. This Earth is all about possibilities and opportunities. Enjoy life and all it has to offer, for it will be over in the twinkling of an eye. Experience the things you dream of, for your experiences are enjoyed and shared by all, even those who are not incarnate. We know when we say this that many of you will not understand or believe and that is fine. Yet we know it is truth and simply wish to impart to you that everything you do is felt by all. There is no separation in our Realm and no need for privacy for we all are One. As you move beyond limiting belief codes, you will understand more fully. We look forward to the day when we will again be face-to-face with you, our siblings.

Watch for obstacles along your Path and do not be ensnared by the habits of the Earth that keep you tied into the lower densities. You literally can rise above and shine your light for all the world to see!

Selamet!  Ix 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE            DAY  95

Men  4            Connect to Higher Realms

I am Men 4. We welcome you to this day of wonder and bliss. Our topic today is about elevation. Like the eagle, you can soar to greater heights! With practice, you will learn how to tumble and fly with greater ease. In flying, tumbling is a practice of losing control then regaining it, simply for the pleasure of the experience. It is similar to the reason why many of you incarnate on Earth. Here you are given a space to fall out of love then regain it, simply for the adventure.

However, the world as you know it is about to end. Like all cycles, there is a beginning and an end. You are at the end of the cycle that will allow you to fall out of love. It has been known since the beginning of time that this cycle would end. Many forecast doom and gloom during this time, however, the transition need not be a bumpy ride.

Thousands of you have awakened to the reality that you can co-create a better existence when you band together with conscious intention. It is your responsibility as an individual to gather with the group that intends to create a Garden of Eden or to continue along the path that leads to mass destruction. There is no right or wrong, for all paths ultimately lead back to Source Creator. However, for every action you take, you will reap what you sow. What is it you wish to experience? If it is a world filled with joy and peace, then read on, for this is our goal. Those who wish to remain in the mindset of war and control will not hear these words, for they resonate at a different frequency.

Those wishing to elevate to new heights, we encourage you to set time aside each day and connect with your Higher Self for insight and guidance. Your Higher Self is that part of you that remains in the Spirit Realm while you have your human experience on Earth. The connection is simple, but entails that you get out of your left-brain logical thinking patterns. You may find it interesting to learn how to go from your everyday alpha brain state to a theta state of mind; for it is in theta that the magic occurs.

When you make it a daily practice to go inside for guidance, you are less likely to be swayed from the Path you chose before incarnating into this Realm. Many teachers, including us, have wisdom and knowledge we wish to share with you. Each of you is walking a unique path. There is not one teacher among us that can direct you each step of the way, or else you would merely be a puppet. You each possess the wonderful gift of free will that allows you to choose what interests you from a smörgåsbord of delightful treats.

In order to elevate yourself to a higher vibration, you must learn how to give and receive unconditional love. The frequencies of love and gratitude are the highest vibrations possible in the etheric realm. Have you experienced moments of elation when everything felt perfect and peaceful? Did you find these moments to be fleeting? Do you have the desire to experience those feelings again? Would you like to have the experience every moment of your life?

It is possible to create a life filled with moments of love and peace. These feelings elevate you into a higher frequency, one in which magic is easier to manifest. You truly feel like an eagle or an Angel, floating in the clouds with no cares in the world. To get there takes effort, however. Come back from the cloud and land yourself so we can take off on a longer flight after a little ground school training.

Many of you have never hooked up with your Higher Self on a conscious level, although you are always connected. It takes a little practice and a lot of belief to make the connection. Some ask, “How do I know if what I am hearing is my Higher Self?” This is a valid question that can be answered in several ways. Many times when you are in an emotional state, the connection can be muddled, thus it is important that you gain control over your emotions.

Be wary of lower energy entities that like to play tricks on humans. The logical brain likes to maintain control and can get in the way, bringing up fears that can block you from making good decisions. As with all things, perfection comes with practice. One way to practice is to study these Messages on a daily basis, for what we are trying to accomplish with you is a way for you to release negative thinking, old belief codes and murky emotions attached to them.

People who connect with their Higher Self have a variety of experiences: some hear the voice clearly, some simply know when they are connected, some may have “god bumps” or smell a specific scent, while others feel a specific sensation in their gut or other place in the body.

When you are feeling agitated or emotionally distraught, do not try to connect for advice until you can clear the emotions. When you are tired or overly stressed, get some rest before you ask for advice. Clean up your diet and drink plenty of fresh water before meditating, for the water in your cells is like a battery and is crucial to making a good connection. Learn to free your mind of expectations or telling your Higher Self what to do. Go in as though you are approaching a wise sage for advice. Listen to the advice and choose what feels like the best choice for you. There is no right or wrong path; all lead to the same Source. Allow yourself to stumble and learn from each experience.

The best measure for knowing whether the information you hear is from your Higher Self or Spirit Guides is the feeling of peace and love that comes from the message. Although you may have to make an uncomfortable decision or one that others may not like, work through your fears and press forward. Pay close attention to your gut feelings, for these are directional signposts, much like GPS mapping systems that lead to your destination.

As you practice tuning into your Higher Self and your Guides, you will soon know them by their frequency. It is similar to recognizing your good friends on Earth. There are things about them that are different, not only on a physical basis, but also energetically. In the near future, you will be able to see entities residing on the Other Side more clearly.

Trust the information you hear. Decide which tidbits of advice are of value. Take the steps necessary to integrate them into your life. Transform your life and share your knowledge with others.

There are other ways to connect with your body and Higher Self, such as dowsing with pendulums, rods, body movement and muscle testing. We briefly share how to use these practices in later Messages. Try them out and determine if any of them feel appropriate for you.

We bid thee farewell for the moment. Know that all you need is inside you. Call on us whenever you want information, advice or a big ethereal hug!

Selamet!  Men 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  96

Cib  5               Veil of Separation

Greetings! I am Cib 5, we are happy to share this time with you. Our knowledge comes from many sources, through many eons of time and to be able to share what we have experienced with you gives us great pleasure. Although in essence we are all One, there is still a sense of separation that exists among us, both in the seen and the unseen world. Soon, there will be no such distinctions for the Veils are thinning and our days of separation are coming to an end.

In the beginning of your world, this sense of separation was created in order for you to have an experience in the physical realm. Like any experiment, there have been surprises along the way. No one could foretell completely what would transpire in a setting that included time and space. Before your world came into existence, neither of these phenomenon had occurred in this galaxy.

The illusion of separation created an ability to experience various emotions, which also are fairly new in your galaxy. In the Spirit Realm from whence you came, there was only Love. Many of you expressed a desire to experience Not-Love. There was a growing excitement among many of you as together you created a realm of physical existence, which you know as your galaxy. The combined group that created your galaxy had a collective consciousness.

Rules were created and a timeline was set up for specific experiences. Some of the parameters that were created in order to have these experiences are:

Ecological balance


Temporary amnesia from Spiritual Essence

Time: past, present and future

Space: here and there

Co-creation of minor events through thought, word, emotion and action (“Minor” means those beyond the basic parameters.)

Physical limitations, with the ability to go beyond the five senses

Law of attraction: like attracts like

The original collective consciousness group that created this Realm also made it possible for anyone who desired to follow the rules to be a part of the creation by incarnating on Earth. This could be a short stint, such as a one-celled amoeba or a longer stay such as a redwood tree. This may be surprising to you, but insects, plants and animals have a consciousness too, beyond instinct and survival.

In order to experience Not-Love, you would have to erase the experience of Only Love. Can you understand the necessity of forgetting your spiritual Oneness with All in order to have this experience? You may ask, “Why would anyone in their right mind want to leave perfection and come to this place full of hate and sorrow?” This is a good question. You are the adventurers, the ones that wanted to smell flowers, eat fruit you have grown, explore the Earth, drive cars and many things that are not available in the higher Realms. Although we can create these experiences in the Spirit Realm, the experience is very different from those in the physical realm.

Coming to Earth is like choosing to be an actor on stage. You choose your roles, dress up in the appropriate costumes and play the part. Coming to this planet is like playing a game where you are dropped off in a remote region with only a compass and enjoying the process of finding your way home. There are myriads of reasons why each of you chose to incarnate.

Some find the separation when arriving on the planet too unbearable, this is why many infants die soon after birth. It is one thing to choose to incarnate on Earth and quite another to enter this dense field. Only the most courageous enter this Realm and return for many lifetimes. It is the challenge and the diversity of emotions that draw you here. While in the Spirit Realm, you know this is an illusion and only temporary. There is no hell, fire or damnation, only experiences that result in a series of actions and reactions.

What is happening at this time on your planet is what is referred to as a thinning of the Veils. Do you think it is a coincidence that so many movies, books and songs are written about ghosts, the afterlife, E.T.s and Angels? More people are experiencing these things as well as a heightening of intuition and psychic powers.

In ancient times, only the shamans and high priests had these abilities. Nowadays, more people are incarnating with these memories and abilities intact. The mystery schools of old that harbored their secrets to the point of death have now thrown open their doors for the common people. Review these tomes and understand more fully the capabilities you have within you. The separation you feel from your God is waning as you yearn to know more of what is Truth.

Many of you have come to realize that material possessions hold no charge for happiness. Possessions come to own you, demanding more of your time and attention. Families are scattered across the world, communities have lost their cultural roots and the sense of tribe is lost. It is time to gather again and to lay aside the differences that keep you separated. Learn to love each other unconditionally, for it is your uniqueness that makes you special. In the past, it has been your uniqueness that has kept you apart. That time is now coming to an end.

There is much talk about the end of the world coming soon. Let us assure you the world will remain, however, the Veils of Separation are rapidly dissolving. What does this mean to you and how will it affect you? Soon you will see that each of you are brethren. Not only do you all have the same blood running in your veins, but you also have the same spirit connection on the Other Side. You truly are children of God; in fact, you are gods, each of you being one aspect of the whole. Many have already grasped this teaching; most of you are still grappling with it, not understanding how we can all be One. We suggest you take time each day to go within and find ways to make this connection with your fellow man and all of creation.

There are a few things that need to be addressed in order for you to prepare yourself for the removal of the Veil. We address these issues in various Messages throughout the year.

We will enumerate a few key points here:

Think only positive thoughts.

Build a feeling of love for all of creation.

Allow everyone to be who they are.

Face all fears.

Forgive yourself and all others for past wounds.

Focus your attention on what is happening in the moment.

Follow your intuition each step of your journey.

Many of you are feeling deep sorrow and isolation from loved ones, both those living on Earth and those who have crossed over. We encourage you to find joy in all things and to spend time creating in your mind what you would like the world to be like. Working together, you are creating a collective conscious group similar to a board meeting where all come together to reset company policy and revamp the system.

The door is now open for this to happen on Earth, for the original timeline is now ending. It is time to create the Earth as you have always wanted it to be. Soon, the dark and light forces will part ways. Those who wish to continue to experience war and famine will go one way. Those who wish to experience physicality in a harmonious and balanced setting will go the other way. Neither path is right or wrong, both eventually lead back to the Source of All.

We are here to assist those who are choosing the Path of harmony and balance. Call on us whenever you seek advice or encouragement. All you need resides within you. We are here to help you reconnect with the part of your Self that was temporarily shut off when you initially incarnated. We are also here to assist you in regaining full remembrance of your spiritual roots. We are grateful for all of you, for we too have much love for this planet and galaxy and wish to continue to have the opportunity to use this playing field for enjoyment and adventure.

Selamet!  Cib 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  97

Caban  6                Breath of Life

Welcome, I am Caban with Tone 6 and today we wish you the grandest of all adventures, the gift of life! To live in this Realm is truly a blessing, although it may not seem to be the case for those of you still living with your fears and old belief codes. Trust that as you shed each layer of negativity, your burdens will lighten and the weight of the world will be replaced with the airiness of butterfly wings. Once you have removed the blocks that keep your energy compressed, there will be nothing that can stop you from flying!

There are many forms of light, for it means many things to different people. The light we wish to talk about today comes from within; it is the eternal flame that comes from your Creator. Once upon a time, there were no individual lights, all of you were an integral part of the whole, similar to the light that shines forth from your sun. At one point, this light fragmented to allow for a variety of experiences.

This light inside your heart is similar to one candle flame. Each of you has this flame of God Essence within you. Even those that do the most horrendous deeds on Earth have this light within. Many of you have hidden this light so deeply that you cannot enjoy its flame. Yet no matter how deeply it is hidden, this flame can be brought forth to shine brightly. All it needs is a little oxygen. We call this oxygen “breath.”

Your breath is the most important element you need to exist on this Earth. Try not breathing for just a few minutes and you will understand what we say. In order for your light to shine brightly, it needs oxygen. Breathing consciously while setting intentions is very powerful. There are many techniques on how to use the breath to energize the body, mind and soul. We suggest that if this is not a part of your daily life, that you make it so. Those of you who are not familiar with controlled breathing, we encourage you to seek information and to choose a format that feels most comfortable to you. No technique is better than another, each is valid, choose one that fits your individual comfort zone.

At first, conscious breathing methods can seem tedious as you learn to quiet the mind, which is constantly chattering and demanding attention. Yet, when your mind is calm, there is truly a peace that surpasses all understanding. We encourage you to find a form of breathing that feels comfortable to you. In the beginning, it may be difficult, but keep practicing until it becomes second nature.

Once your mind and body are calm, it will be easier for your Spirit to assist you in making life choices that are for your highest good. You will soon learn how to connect with your Higher Self and the Angels and Guides who surround you every moment. There are many Helper Beings available to you, but first you must believe they exist, acknowledge them and give them permission to assist you. It is their delight to be of assistance to you. They chose the role to help you even before you incarnated. Many of these Beings have been with you throughout several lifetimes and adventures.

Know that within the Spirit Realm, there are no time and space limitations. Many of you do not ask your God for help because you feel your issues are not that important and don’t want to bog him down. This is limited human thinking, a belief code that needs to be banished. The universe is abundance. There are many Helpers with various talents who are available to assist you, even computer geeks!

The more adept you become at oxygenating your body, the easier it will become for you to shine your inner light. There are many healing modalities and exercises such as yoga, tai chi and chi gong that are also extremely helpful when it comes to moving energy throughout your body.

The reason we repeatedly talk about releasing old belief codes and negative thinking is because fear-based emotions literally block the flow of energy in your body and auric field. It is like having a clogged drain in your sink, which is also similar to having clogged arteries in your bloodstream. Until the clogs are removed, the flow is blocked.

Within your body, when the energy is blocked, it pools in specific locations. This is the first step in the process of manifesting a physical disease in your body. Add negative thoughtforms such as, “That’s a pain in the neck. I am sick and tired of this.” and you will create a recipe for disaster.

When you keep your energy flowing and base your life choices on love,
life is wonderful and disease cannot exist in your body.

Please re-read this until you fully grasp its significance, for truly disease is a product of the human imagination. Have you ever wondered why Angels don’t get sick? Have you noticed that more enlightened Beings such as Mother Teresa and Ghandi were able to do remarkable things even in their old age? Once you get beyond limited thinking, you will realize that the aging process is simply a belief code that can be over-ridden.

Currently, there is much emphasis placed on preventative medicine. This de-lights us to no end for we know that this is the preferred method of living in human form. Once you integrate the secrets of living a life filled with joy and abundance, you will eradicate all forms of disease, including mental distress, from your consciousness. This is the way to create the utopia that many of you dream about, a world where all is beautiful, peaceful and abundant.

The grids that hold these belief forms in shape are already constructed. It is time to begin reaping the benefits of what you and others have sown. Join together, build communities and enjoy sharing the bounty of your gardening efforts. Share your knowledge and the wisdom you have gained over eons of time. Let your inner light shine for all to see. This utopia will not need a sun to warm your skin, for each of you has enough light that will be pooled together to create all the warmth and light you need.

Know these words we speak are Truth and find ways to let your light shine forth beginning in this moment!

Selamet!  Caban 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  98

Etznab  7              Mirror Images

Welcome to this day. I am Etznab 7 and am pleased to have this time to share with you. One of the qualities that I am known for is that of being a mirror. In order to release negative thoughtforms and old belief codes, it is imperative that you first look inside yourself to discover these areas. We suggest you take time each day to go within and to look at the source of each area of contention in your life.

When you feel emotions such as anger, fear or frustration, it is the result of an unresolved issue. Like a mirror, the person or event triggers a past experience, which was either too painful or too bothersome to deal with when it first occurred. It is imperative to live in the now and deal with all issues as they arise. This will keep your energy clear and retard any stagnant issues that cause disease in the body or emotional realm.

Your senses also bring up emotional issues from the past: photographs, scents, songs, fabrics and tastes all have the ability to instantly take you back to a memory, sometimes ones that have been deeply locked away for years. If the memory that arises causes you distress or discomfort, take time to go back and observe the event. Find ways to release any negativity related to this event. Perhaps there is someone you need to forgive, maybe your behavior was less than honorable and you need to forgive yourself. If you hold a victim mentality regarding this issue, now is a good time to release it. Accept full responsibility for your actions without beating yourself up with shame or guilt.

If there is any action you need to take to rectify a situation, do so. Send love to all involved, no matter how deeply wounded you feel. Know in your heart that you all come from the same Source and one day you will all return to the same Source. In the meantime, each of you is having a human experience. Some of you inherently have loving natures while others do not know how to express love.

It is imperative to forgive others; anger and resentment is always mirrored back. What you put out will return like a boomerang. If you tend to gossip, others are likely to gossip about you. If you are a sharing person, it is likely people will share with you. This is one of the basic laws of this uni-verse. You all have one voice that ripples forth like waves when a rock is thrown into a stream. What you say and feel goes forth instantaneously and is felt by all. Although much of this happens on a subconscious level, it is part of your reality.

Have you ever had people say something that you knew was not their truth? This happens far too often in this Realm. If each of you were to know what your Truth is and were to stand in integrity each moment, the world would be a much better place. Issues dealing with “control over others” also need to be addressed. Most perpetrators were victimized when they were young and now do the same to others as a means of gaining self-empowerment. They do not realize that what they do sabotages what they desire, to be loved unconditionally.

This happens frequently in subtle ways. Whenever you ask or tell someone how to do something and they resist, either one or both are responding to belief codes related to control. Even when the intention is for the highest good, the resistance to being controlled bubbles to the surface.

Whenever this happens, it is an opportunity to talk with the other person or if this is not appropriate, go within and have a chat with yourself. If you find that several people resist you, it could be possible that you are giving unwanted advice. It matters not if this advice is good, it still will not be received if the delivery sets off the person’s control issues. You may find that you are resistant to receiving advice from others due to your control belief codes.

There are a variety of ways to communicate your desires to each other. Verbal language is a weak method of communication, yet it is the most widely used at this time on your planet. We suggest making a heart connection whenever you begin a conversation with another, whether it is face-to-face, on the phone or through the internet. This heart connection simply means sending love to the person you are communicating with, no matter what your relationship is with them.

By sending love, you will open a pathway for energy to flow. The other person need not know what you are doing. Although no words are spoken, the emotion of love will be felt on whatever level the recipient is able to receive. It is also dependent on your ability to send perfect love.

Love is universal; it is the highest frequency of energy that exists. If you open your conversations with this energy, it is much more likely you will communicate thoughts of highest integrity. You will find that you use new words and new ways of expressing yourself as you practice this method. You will also notice that others become more responsive to you. If they feel you are speaking words of integrity, they are more likely to listen. Whether or not they choose to integrate your words into their reality is up to them. At least you have been heard. Magically, you will find yourself giving less unsolicited advice. Each person is walking a unique path and what works well for you may not be beneficial to another.

You will also find that you have less attachment to your advice. There will come a time when it matters not if someone follows your advice. There will be no more feelings of, “I told you so!” Those resistant to accepting advice from others will begin to find themselves listening more closely to what others have to say. They will become more adept at accepting these words as the others’ truth and will be respectful of that. No longer will the resistant control buttons be pushed, for the listener will have enough self-control to either choose to follow the advice or not. He will have learned that only he has the power to control himself. Even those who find themselves incarcerated with no privileges will be content, knowing they have mastery over their inner selves.

The primary message I wish to impart to you is to look inside and find the areas that cause you unrest. Be objective and take responsibility for your actions. Forgive others, allowing them to be whomever they choose to be. This does not mean that you have to like what they say or do; it simply means to allow them the choice to be who they wish to be. Wouldn’t you wish the same for yourself? This is a good case of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Practice self-control. Give advice only when solicited. Do not be discouraged when others resist you. Allow yourself and all others to walk the path of their choice. Be happy and express your joy through heart connections with others. There really need not be words spoken when you make these heart connections, for all everyone truly wants is to be loved. Actions do speak louder than words. It all takes practice and practice makes perfect!

Love yourself and all Beings!  Etznab 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  99

Cauac  8               The Path to Peace

I am Cauac 8. Welcome to this day of peace and love. Although your life may be in turmoil, you have within you the ability to stay calm and peaceful every moment of your life. Like any attitude or emotion, you are fully in charge. Can anyone else make you happy? No, you may feel happy, but that is your choice. It is this way for all emotions. In your daily life, your attitude of gratitude will open doors to realms of deep personal peace that you have possibly never experienced before. You may ask how you can maintain a sense of peace when you are surrounded by strife. There are many tools you can use to achieve a state of peace in all circumstances. The first we would like to mention is daily meditation. This can mean several hours of sitting quietly or simply setting your intention for the day each morning when you arise.

If you often get upset over small details or things that others say or do, it is likely you would benefit by taking more quiet time to remain balanced. With practice, you have the ability to master your emotions to the point where nothing can upset you. You will understand that each is walking their Path and responsible for their actions. You will be in a place of unconditional love, knowing you are responsible only for the things you say and do. Within you lies the ability to overcome any obstacle, whether it is a physical ailment, difficult relationship or challenging event. You have the ability to choose what you wish to experience. With your conscious intention and focus on changing speech patterns, negative thinking and reactionary behaviors, you will mold your life into magic, experiencing peace beyond understanding.

To get to this point of peace, it will take much attention, especially in the beginning. At first, it may be tedious to monitor your thoughts, however, with diligent practice you will quickly realize your weak areas and be able to change them. Each habit you master opens new doors of healing. As you change your way of thinking and monitor related habits, your brain waves change as well as the patterns that holds these habits in place. You now have the ability to change the old tapes and re-write new patterns and habits more fitting for the life you wish to live. There is no bad memory or wound that cannot be changed by consciously paying attention to it. Setting the intention and taking the necessary steps towards acting in a more suitable way is the natural step that follows.

Begin today to monitor every word you utter. What was the underlying thought that prompted those words? Were they necessary? Did they come from a place of past hurt that is still raw and needs to be released? Pay attention to your reactions to what others say and do; they are indicators of your internal health. If you have any dis-ease within your body, pay attention to it. Learn to connect with your body to find out what it needs. Many have direct conversations with their bodies, knowing it is capable of communicating its needs.

If you are unable to talk directly to your body or are unsure of what you are sensing, you may want to try a dowsing technique. There are several methods; muscle testing and kinesiology are two of these forms. Research available methods and choose any that feels right for you. Some people train themselves to feel specific sensations when testing the body to see which foods or products it prefers to maintain perfect health. Others have the ability to speak to the body in direct communication, like talking to a friend. Honor your body by giving it the nutrients and exercise it needs to maintain perfect health. Change negative thinking patterns to positive thoughts; this will enhance the vibration capable of healing all disease and create the peace and harmony you are seeking. Even the aging process can be stopped by dropping belief codes. Another important method to maintaining a peaceful environment is to eradicate stress in your life. This could include a cluttered living space, too much volunteer work, physical labor that drains you, relationships that require a lot of energy or constantly being on the go. Music, movies and books have the potential to raise or lower your vibrational level.

Living consciously involves looking at every aspect of your life, every choice you make. Once you are consciously aware of your patterns, you can make the choice to keep them or to change them. Your patterns must be constantly monitored until your desired habits become first nature. You will then remain in peace no matter what circumstances are presented to you. Read about people who have mastered their lives and gain insight into ways that were successful for them; integrate their ideas that resonate with you. Once you make the choice to gain mastery over your life, you will find clues to help you along the way. This intuition comes from within as well as without, with assistance from your Angels and Guides in the unseen world who are ready to assist as you progress towards your goal of peace and harmony.

Selamet!  Cauac 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  100

Ahau  9              Ascension Process

I am Ahau, Lord of the Day Keepers. It is I who oversees the ascension process, although in reality, we are all One and there is no separation. In our desire to experience “other than Source,” we, like you, have chosen, for a time, to leave our Home in order to have a variety of experiences. Those who have chosen the Earth as a temporary home are courageous individuals indeed, for this planet is a tough environment. Coming into such a dense field and choosing the route of amnesia, is quite an adventure! Thousands of you are now waking up and realizing there is more to life than what you sense with your physical body. Now, more than any other time in earth’s history, humans are raising their vibrational level and having their psychic senses restored. This is more than just your birthright; it is your true Essence.

The word “ascension” has many meanings, depending on your cultural beliefs. The term literally means, “to rise above.” What is it that you are rising above? It is the menial nature of humanity. All of you have the ability to rise above mundane living and live in a world you co-create with others, both on Earth and with those living in other Dimensions. Time and space are illusions to allow this experience to feel real. There was no other way for you to have the experience of Not-Love when you were fully immersed in Love. Birthing into a Realm where you have forgotten your true roots allows you this experience. However, that time is now drawing to a close.

Many of you have been on Earth for scores of lifetimes and have now tired of the tedious nature of mundane living; having experienced all there is to offer here. There is much news from most of your religions about the End Times drawing near. Choose carefully that which you wish to adhere to. Your thoughts and emotions will affect your experience, for indeed the world is shifting dramatically. There is much conjecture as to the date when the world will end, this is a concern that every generation has faced. The problem with concern over the future is that it affects your today. How can one live his life with hope for the future if he believes he will die soon?

We suggest you no longer be concerned with the “what ifs” and spend your time making the changes necessary in order to fill today with joy and peace. What do you need to do in order for this to happen? It is imperative that each of you takes time each day to monitor what you are feeling and then make changes in the areas that cause you unrest.

Have you noticed the feeling of quickening time, where things seem to be happening faster? Did you know that the heartbeat of the Earth is pounding faster than ever before? Scientists who have been measuring the hertz frequencies of the Earth have noted this. What does this have to do with you? You are essentially a child of the Earth; you are made from the same molecules that she is made from. She is your host; try to live without her! As her vibration raises, so must yours. The human vibration raises with the energy level inside you. This energy level is raised or lowered by your thoughts and emotions. Emotions such as anger, hurt and fear create lower frequencies. Those with a war mentality are having difficult times because they are not in harmony with the earth’s frequency. Those who are mastering love, kindness and gratitude are raising their individual frequencies to match those of the Earth. This is where the magic begins.

Once you have cleared negative energies from your field, your intuition and ability to manifest your desires increases. Look around at the people you keep company with. Do they tend to speak and do honorable things or are they complainers? Seek the company of those who are on the ascension path, for together you will create a utopian society.

Working with the Day Keepers throughout the year is one way to help increase your frequency. Use whatever tools you have to release negative energies within your auric field. Change habits and relationships that keep you locked into negative thinking. There is no need to worry about the future. Your best choice is to pay attention to what is happening in your life now, in the present moment, and make choices that lead you to peace and happiness.

There is much work to do in order to overcome the human condition; yet it can be exciting and adventurous! Much of what is happening on Earth at this time has not been experienced anywhere else in the Universe. We watch in awe and are honored to assist you. For us, it is like watching someone fall off a cliff with a debilitating injury and manage to work his way out of a canyon and get himself to safety. Although there is much struggle along the Path, the outcome is bright. Go forth and create your day, for this moment is all you have. You cannot experience anything in the past or future, you can only experience in the present moment. If your desire is to ascend and be the best that you can be, NOW is the time to do it!

Selamet!  Ahau 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  101

Imix  10           Random Acts of Kindness

I am Imix 10. Greetings to you this fine day. It is our wish that you continue to meet with us daily, for it gives us great joy to watch as you transcend from a mortal Being into an immortal Being while enjoying the splendors of Earth. There is much more that you can and will attain in this lifetime, if you pay attention to what you say and do each moment of your life.

Kindness and mercy are the two greatest gifts you can give to yourself and others. In so doing, all other gifts are naturally bestowed. Kindness is the topic we would like to focus on today, for without kindness, there can be no compassion, without compassion, there can be no mercy and without mercy, there can be no true love.

Kindness goes far beyond opening a door for someone. Kindness comes from the heart, when you give to others without expecting anything in return. Kindness is the act of looking at the needs of others and filling those needs in ways that empower the receiver. When you respond to someone kindly, your words and actions ripple across the Universe. On a level that is deeper than the ocean, these acts are felt by all Beings on a subconscious level.

Today and everyday, plan ways you can show kindness to others. As you go through your day, look and listen as others interact with you. When they share things that are pressing on their heart, support them in ways that will help them along their Path. However, it is important not to give unwanted advice when a listening ear will do.

When you share what is on your heart with others, note the difference in feelings when the listener responds by talking about themselves, changes the subject, gives you advice or simply lets you vent. Each response is likely to evoke a different emotion within you. Pay attention to these and learn to treat others as you wish to be treated.

Many times, when the listener gives unsolicited advice it may cause the other to feel less empowered, as though he can’t resolve his own issues. To be kind, the listener would do well to develop skills that empower others. Each of you has the ability to pull yourself out of any situation with grace. Recognizing the difference between giving advice and sharing an opinion is important. In some situations, they may seem to be the same, yet they can be vastly different.

Developing friendships with others also has the ability to create networks of helpers when someone is in need. Perhaps when another shares his burdens with you, it may not be you who can assist personally, but perhaps you know of someone who might be able to help.

What we see happening quite often is when you meet someone, instead of getting to know each other, you exchange pleasantries, then spend the remainder of your time in baneless chatter. An opportunity has been lost to reach into the soul of the other and connect. Perhaps one of you had information that could have been useful to the other. Communicate more deeply. Listen to each other. Support each other. These are the foundations of kindness.

It might be wise for you to contemplate on times in the past when you did things that were not kind, whether it was intentional or not. Go within and look for the possible reasons why you acted in such a manner. Then role-play ways that you could act in a kinder fashion when a similar situation occurs.  When appropriate, take time to apologize to the person for your unkind action. By clearing the air, you will remove layers of negativity from yourself, the other and the universe.

You can clean the energies of the Earth as you become more mindful of your thoughts, words, deeds and emotions. If every one of you residing on Earth chose to be kind to all others in this moment, can you imagine the difference that would happen in the world? It may be chaotic at first, for there would be mass unemployment as soldiers laid down their arms and systems based on greed dissolved. Governments and most corporations would need to be restructured.

If all were to choose kindness in this moment, the impact would be felt throughout the universe. War, famine, dishonest dealings and the use of toxic substances as well as many other actions that are not of the highest good of all would dissolve in an instant.

These institutions are already beginning to crumble. The truth surrounding the dealings of those who are and have been in control of the masses is now rising to the surface. Much care must be given to forgive these individuals so fear and injustice do not pervade your ethers. You must also take responsibility for allowing much of this to occur, for it has been the masses of common people who have allowed the few to gain control over their lives. Some of you were duped by dishonest dealings. Yet for the most part, the last two generations have been lazy, allowing others to make choices for them that are now wreaking havoc in every area of your lives.

Be of good cheer, this can be turned around. First, it must begin within yourself. When you are kind to yourself, you then have the ability to reach out and be kind to others. It is kindness that will save the world, not a person, not an idea, not a thought. It is the act of being kind to yourself and all others that will set you free.

Begin today to take steps that will lead you to the place where everything you say and do comes from a space of kindness and watch the world literally change before your eyes. Even if very little changes outwardly, you will find that inwardly, you are changing. As you become kinder, your vibration increases. You will find your thought patterns change and you will see many things in a different light.

Your actions and reactions will become balanced; people will notice and respond to you differently. You will draw unto yourself those who are in need as well as those who will support you. This is the rebuilding of tribe and community.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These are not idle words, but the foundation of a world filled with peace and love that many of you seek. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Seek and you shall find. Can you see how these words apply when your focus is on kindness? If you truly wish to live in a society of peace and love, it all begins with acts of kindness.

We leave you now with the hope that you will take time to allow these words to enter your heart and to begin to make the changes necessary to create a world filled with kindness.

Selamet!  Imix 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  102

Ik  11            Return to Tribe

I am Ik 11. Welcome to this time of gathering. We would like to talk about what it means to gather for the sole (soul) purpose of connecting with the Oneness of All. Many speak of unity, yet among some groups there are many factions. Unity is truly a uniting or merging of all Selves into One with the express purpose of creating or re-creating something new.

At the base of unity, there is family. Each family unit, when intact, has a basic premise of working together as a team to support each other for survival and for pleasure. Next, there is the unity of tribe, in which various families work together for the same common goals of survival and enjoyment of life. When tribes unite, they work together as one governing body. However, at this point and beyond there are usually so many breakdowns, this level is rarely functional on Earth. Although there may be some religious sects that are functioning well together, they are rare.

In the Spirit Realm from which you all came, the unified groups work very well together, for love is their basis. There are not all of the hardships and factions associated with being human. It is hard for most people to imagine a world of peace and harmony, for there are no adequate role models on Earth.

How do you create unity among your fellow man? The first step is to go within and learn to love yourself, all of your Selves: your body, your mind, your soul and your spirit. This will take effort, for there are many things you need to forgive and release before you can move forward. Take time each day to go within and face the fears and belief codes that no longer serve you and quickly you will overcome your shadows and learn to let your true nature come forth and shine.

Once you truly love and accept your Selves for who you are, it will be possible for you to feel the same about others. As you practice accepting all others, even those who cause you harm, you will be better equipped to move forward and to start living with a communal state of mind. This does not mean that you have to live together physically nor does it mean that you need to build a new community.

Living with a communal state of mind means that you are ready to assist others when needs arise. The concept of “mine” begins to break down as the sense of “we” begins to take foothold. You will begin to see all in a new light. With that comes the understanding and responsibility of taking care of the needs of all who reside on this planet and of the planet herself. Mother Earth is very forgiving, yet she is slowly dying each day as humans continue to burn her blood for fuel, pollute her oceans with plastics and taint the air with technological machines. What can you do to take better care of the Earth? What can you do to help your neighbors? What can you do to help yourself? These are good questions to ask yourself.

Many of you are on autopilot as you go through daily routines. The alarm tells you when to awaken. You have a morning routine that leads to your workday routine. You arrive home to begin your evening routine. The clock tells you when it is time to go to bed and off you go to start another round. Living for the weekend becomes the only satisfaction you have and many times the weather or exhaustion changes those plans. Does this sound familiar? Is this the way you wish to spend your remaining days?

Take time today and begin to dream big. What do you want your life to look like? What are your passions and how can you fit them into your life? Begin to create what you wish to accomplish through clear visualizations. If you can see it in your mind, you can create it in your reality.

Allow yourself to be the person you wish to be. Work through issues that leave you feeling as though you have little worth or self-esteem. Know you are a magnificent Being of light, here on Earth for a moment’s experience with plans to return to the Source from whence you came.

Once you can accomplish these goals, you will be able to unite as One on Earth. Erase any feelings of separation and embrace each other as brothers and sisters. Remove any thoughts of racial or intelligence domination. All are One, no matter what culture you come from, no matter what belief codes you choose, no matter how you behave toward others. You still all come from one Source and one day you will all return to one Source. Try to hold this image in your mind.

Each time you meet or greet another, look into their eyes. See them each as a child of God, your equal. Release any judgment against them and any feelings of inferiority or superiority over them. Make a heart connection with each. You all are walking different paths, yet each path is necessary for the survival of all. Try to build a home by yourself and you will understand what I mean. Feed yourself with no help from others and quickly you will realize what a boring diet you have. Be responsible for clothing yourself and learn what limited resources you have.

It takes individuals to make a tribe. Every emotion you have is a choice, yet most of you operate on subconscious levels and have not realized that you have control over how you feel and react to others and to situations that arise in your life. You have the choice of being the grumpy one in the bunch or a happy member of the community. Take a conscious look at how you respond to others and take responsibility for your actions, both past and present.

There is no need to load feelings of shame or guilt onto your back, your load is already heavy enough. However, observe your past behaviors and role-play ways to respond when similar situations arise in the future. You can be assured that every unresolved issue you have will rise to the surface time and again until it is resolved. It is up to you to make the conscious choice of how you wish to act and react.

If you truly desire to have a utopian society filled with peaceful and loving members, then you must be what it is you wish others to be. When enough of you take steps to move out of your shells of conceit and righteousness, then the plan will begin to unfold. There are many of you dreaming the dream. You have every opportunity to create your dreams into reality.

We wish you well in your endeavors to move forward on your path of enlightenment. It gives us great pleasure to be of service to you. We offer ourselves anytime, day or night. We do not operate in a realm of time and space. Come as often as you wish. We have the ability to be in many spaces at one time, so there is no need to limit what you ask for.

If it is unity you desire, then it is unity you will achieve. We only work with those who are of the Light. If it is unity of darkness or greed you desire, we will not be of service to you. It is your choice, which path do you choose? If you choose one of light, love and compassion, we are here for you!

Selamet!  Ik 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  103

Akbal  12            Go Within or Go Without

Good day. I am Akbal 12. At this time, we would like to share with you some teachings regarding the way you hold yourself. By this, we mean the way you walk, your posture, the way you dress and the manner in which you speak. The way you present yourself to others speaks volumes regarding who you are inside. There is an old adage that says, “As above, so below.” We say there is another that is equally true, “Go within, or go without.”

Do you have any friends you trust who speaks honestly with you? You may wish to ask them how others tend to perceive you. Do others see you as warm and someone they can entrust their secrets to? Do you have an air of confidence? Do you dress in a manner that makes you feel good? How about your hair, do you wear it in a style that becomes you? If you would like to add a little adventure in your life, try asking strangers what type of character you portray. Are you open or elusive? Do you speak kindly to others? Do you have an air of inferiority or superiority?

When others share their problems with you, are you one who has all the answers or gives unsolicited advice? Do you listen to what they are saying without interrupting? Do they want advice or just a listening ear; do you know how to tell the difference? Are you one who takes control in every situation or one who sits back and waits until asked for help? There is nothing wrong with any of these choices, unless you are imposing on another’s free will.

The way you dress, the manner in which you speak and the way you hold your body are learned behaviors. Have you taken time to pay attention to why you choose certain colors of clothing or the style of clothes you wear? Are you comfortable in your clothes or choose items because it is what you feel society expects? If there is something in your outward appearance that you find disdainful or lacking, be assured there is an inward root cause. Go inside to find how the behavior first started, if possible.

As you look at yourself in the mirror, pay close attention to every detail of the way you present yourself to others. Starting from head to toe, look at everything: your hair (or lack of hair), make-up (or lack of make-up), jewelry, clothing styles and colors, shoes, why you do or do not shave various parts of your body, tattoos, nails (manicured or not, painted or unpainted), perfume or cologne, beauty products, etc.

As you look at each detail, take time to notice how each makes you feel. If you like the effect, then keep it. If you don’t like the effect, then make the conscious choice to change it and take the steps to do so. You may find it interesting to discover the various reasons why you have developed these patterns. Do the same with your wardrobe, then go through your home and do the same with each item. Keep the items that give you a warm feeling.

By surrounding yourself with items and clothing that uplifts you, your energy will be uplifted, as well. Possessions have a way of bogging people down and enslaving them. Many times, people’s identity is associated with their possessions. Each item you allow into your personal space carries energy with it. The energy comes from those who manufactured the item, those who have handled it, as well as your reaction to the item based on any memories it brings to the surface.

Purge your environment from any items that bring up bad memories. Take time to look at the memory and heal the situation. When you can look at all things without judgment or feeling any emotional reaction, you are well on your way to living a life of pure joy. We are not suggesting you bury or deny any feelings that arise.

We are suggesting that by healing your past wounds and choosing to look on the positive side of all things, the joy in your life will abound. Emotions are choices. If you respond in ways you do not like, then change your attitude by healing the issue that arises when you have that emotion.

Surround yourself with items and people that bring you joy. Learn to take back your time and energy by saying “no” to things that do not move you toward your goals. Let go of all emotions that bring your energy level down. Face your past hurts and forgive yourself and all others involved. Release any feelings of being victimized or wronged, for those labels will keep you in a cycle of wanting and neediness. Many wait decades for others to apologize or undo their wrongs before allowing themselves to move on. In the meantime, they shut down joy and tend to project their feelings of mistrust, hurt, anger and such onto others.

The victim mentality can easily spiral out of control, as well as other feelings of injustice. This belief then permeates all relationships. Trust and doubt come to the forefront and stops unconditional love from blossoming. This can easily be seen in many relationships. If someone hurts another by telling a secret, committing adultery or gossiping to others, it is difficult for the one who feels like a victim to be able to go into loving and trusting relationships with others, for they are always expecting or looking for the new partner to do the same.

It is important for parents to be honest with their children. Trusting others is an important foundation that begins at birth. Overprotective parents who don’t allow their children to falter along the way inhibit the child from learning to trust himself. As the child moves beyond the family circle, he is likely to meet others who will say and do things that are not kind and undermine his self-esteem. When a child is gifted with a good foundation of trust and given the assurance that no matter what choices he makes, he is still of value, he will be better equipped to handle the unkind words of others, knowing that he is still a capable and loving Human Being.

Look closely at any issues of trust that burden you today. Seek out the root cause and change the behaviors, emotions and belief codes they were built upon. Trust your judgment when it comes to every aspect of your life, whether it is your clothing, where you live, how you support yourself, your material possessions or your associates.

Many of you have never given conscious thought to why you choose many of the things you say and do. In order to be authentic, you will need to make conscious decisions of who you are within and how you will present yourself to others without.

Go within or go without!

Selamet!  Akbal 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  104

Kan 13              Manifestation Process

I am Kan 13. Welcome to this day. We are excited to be a part of your life and to share the knowledge of the ages with you. It gives us great pleasure to share these words and hope that you will take them as Truth and integrate them into your daily life. There is much on Earth that you can accomplish and enjoy once you have left all belief codes and fears in the past. Your ability to create will allow you to experience every pleasure known to man and beyond.

We would like to talk more about the process of creation at this time. There are many ways to accomplish what you desire. There are certain limitations in our ability to assist you, mainly because we are of the Light team and are not interested in helping those who have greed and acts of unkindness as their primary goal. All else is within our realm.

The first step to any successful creative session is to have a goal in mind. What is it you wish to create or experience? Once your goal has been established, state that you would like to experience this within the realm of what is in your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. This sets our parameters and helps us to know how best to assist you. The next step that many overlook is a simple addition to the criteria, to experience this act gracefully. By adding on this parameter, it limits what we will bring to you, but your ability to enjoy the experience will be greatly enhanced.

After you have stated your intention with the “gracefully” clause, take time to muster up the emotions and sensations you expect to feel when this act of creation becomes a reality. The more you can visualize it, the likelier it will occur as you intend. Know that intentions involving others may be a little harder to create. This is because of the free will of you and all involved. You may set an intention that you wish to marry a specific person. However, if it is not in the highest intention of both of you, we will not put energy into creating it.

However, we may know of other persons that would be a more suitable mate for you and will set up circumstances to draw you to each other. It will be up to each of you to be open and aware so you will not miss the opportunity to meet. Can you see how the co-creation process is much more effective when all involved are taking a conscious role?

It is unimaginably difficult for us to answer many of your prayers when they are not specific or too stringent. When a person becomes so focused on their prayer being answered in a specific manner, what could be a better opportunity is often missed because the person fails to recognize or accept what we have laid at his feet.

When you wish to intercede for others, such as prayers for their health, wealth or enlightenment, it is important to call on their Higher Self, as well. The thoughts you are sending may not be in harmony with what is best for the other person. This creates disharmony on an energetic level.

When a person prays fervently for the health of another or for them to change in any way, we have to honor what is best for the other person. At times, it may be appropriate for the other person’s life to end. Many times, the unhealthy experience is what leads the other person to an answer to their prayer. Have you ever heard stories of people who have changed their lives dramatically after a traumatic episode? It could very well be that before the trauma, they fervently wanted a change in their life, but didn’t know how to go about making the necessary changes. The trauma was a means to answering their prayer. Maybe they didn’t ask for the experience to arrive gracefully. We do not purposely look for traumatic ways to answer your prayers, but sometimes it is the best solution. Can you see how complex answering prayers becomes when we are working with the intentions of several billion people?

Often, people complain that their prayers aren’t answered. There are many possible reasons why this may appear to be so. However, we do wish to inform you that all prayers are heard, but not all are fulfilled due to a variety of circumstances. In many cases, they were answered, but not recognized.

Our group does not answer prayers that create chaos. There are many whose goal is to dominate all humans; there are also many whose goal is to be free. Since our group works with the Light, we are more likely to work towards helping others be free. All Angels, Guides and those in the invisible Realms also have free will. We can choose not to participate in answering specific prayers. We do not judge what you wish to experience, however, we do have a right not to participate in making certain experiences a reality.

It is important to tune into your Higher Self and your Guides and to ask that all things be for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully. There are many Spirit Helpers who delight in causing havoc and are more than willing to give you advice or set up circumstances where you can experience what you wish, but the consequences may be painful, harmful or lead to events that are not for your highest good.

Your Higher Self is the part of you that does not incarnate, but stays in the Spirit Realm. You are always tied together with a silver cord so you will not be lost when you enter the realm of forgetfulness on Earth. It is your Higher Self that wrote the script for what you wish to experience during this lifetime. It is imperative that you learn to tune into your Inner Guidance, especially when setting conscious intentions.

When you are in tune with your Higher Self, there are ways you can communicate so you will know if what you are asking for is in your highest good for the life script you created before incarnating on Earth. There is nothing wrong with choosing experiences that are not on the Path you chose before incarnation. There are many of you with wild and adventurous natures that love the drama and enjoy occasional off-road experiences. However, the majority seek a more balanced and peaceful life. We are here today to help show you how to manifest those things that keep you in joy and peace.

The point we wish to make is that you first contact your Higher Self for guidance and permission related to what you desire. You may feel a gut reaction or knowingness as to whether your request is appropriate for you. If your prayer involves others, always check with their Higher Self for permission to intercede. In all cases, ask for what is for the highest good for yourself and all concerned and finally, add the statement that you would like to experience this gracefully.

Be clear on what it is you wish to occur. Empower the request by visualizing the outcome, using your five senses. Know that the more passion and fervor that is placed into this dream, the more likely we are to know that you are serious and want this to occur. We wish to remind you that we only monitor thoughts that are highly energized with emotion. Otherwise, it is likely we will not know that you are making a prayer request. We have lives, too, and you must get our attention or we are likely to miss your call.

There is one other point we wish to make. We have the ability to see much more than you, so we may take liberties and fulfill your dream in a way that is similar or even better than what you requested, although it may not come in the way you expect.

With this in mind, we ask that you be specific about what you want fulfilled, then be open-minded and pay attention to your intuition so you do not miss the mark. We rejoice in the heavens when a prayer is received and especially when the person making the request consciously realizes it was our co-creative abilities that made it happen. Most of all, it is an attitude of gratitude that makes it all worthwhile for us to assist you.

We are not paid to assist you. We do not get bonus points or extra credit when we work with you. We do it soul-ly out of our love for you. We know that we are all One, coming from the same Source. We understand that You are a part of Us. Your growth is our growth. Your emotions are our emotions. Now you can see why we like to help you as you work towards peace and happiness. What you experience, we experience. What you feel, we feel.

The same goes for those who work for the dark. They enjoy the havoc and chaos they create. Their motivation is to have these experiences, which are also a part of the Oneness. There is nothing wrong with these choices; be careful not to judge decisions made by others. Simply be discerning so you will experience what you choose. It is fine to say “no” to anybody or anything that comes before you. This is your life and you are accountable for every decision you make.

You will feel every emotion you intentionally cause another to feel when you go through the Review Process at the end of your life. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to what you say and do to your fellow man. Those who follow a path of kindness will go through the Review Process feeling elated and ready to move to a higher path of consciousness. What generally happens with those who have not chosen kindness is that after experiencing the hurt they caused others, they choose to reincarnate again to rectify the pain they have caused. This tends to happen repeatedly.

Although humans fervently believe they will remember their Spirit roots when they incarnate, the vast majority of these memories are erased or ignored by the time they are old enough to do anything with them. This is why we are here, to help you to remember and to reconnect with your inner guidance, your Higher Self. Each of you has the ability to connect to your Source and to make decisions based on what is for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully. We hope these words encourage and enlighten you more in the understanding of your true nature.

Selamet!  Kan 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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  1. Day 100, Ahau 9, Ascension Process “…There is much work to do in order to overcome the human condition, yet it can be exciting and adventurous!… Although there is much struggle along the Path, the outcome is bright. Go forth and create your day, for this moment is all you have. You cannot experience anything in the past or future, you can only experience in the present moment. If your desire is to ascend and be the best that you can be, NOW is the time to do it.”


  2. Day 99, Cauac 8, The Path to Peace: “…Living consciously involves looking at every aspect of your life, every choice you make. Once you are consciously aware of your patterns, you can make the choice to keep them or change them. Your patterns must be constantly monitored until your desired habits become first nature. You will then remain in peace no matter what circumstances are presented to you… as you progress towards your goal of peace and harmony.”


  3. Day 97, Caban 6, Breath of Life: “…When you keep your energy flowing and base your life choices on love, life is wonderful and disease cannot exist in your body… Once you get beyond limited thinking, you will realize that the aging process is simply a belief code that can be over-ridden… Once you integrate the secrets of living a life filled with joy and abundance, you will eradicate all forms of disease, including mental distress, from your consciousness. This is the way to create the utopia that many of you dream about, a world where all is beautiful, peaceful and abundant.”


  4. Day 96, Cib, Veil of Separation: “These are a few things that need to be addressed in order for you to prepare yourself for the removal of the Veil: Think only positive thoughts. Build a feeling of love for all of creation. Allow everyone to be who they are. Face all fears. Forgive yourself and all others for past wounds. Focus your attention on what is happening in the moment. Follow your intuition each step of your journey.”


  5. Day 95, Men 4, Connect to Higher Realms “…When you are feeling agitated or emotionally distraught, do not try to connect for advice until you can clear the emotions… be rested… hydrated… free your mind of expectations…Feel the inner peace and love that comes from the message… work through fears and press forward… pay close attention to gut feelings… As you practice tuning into the Higher Realms, you will soon know them by their frequency… like recognizing your friends on earth…”


  6. Day 93, Ben 2, Move Beyond Lack: “…Having a sense of lack in any area is not healthy. Break through these codes… allow yourself to flow with nature and enjoy the blessings offered freely to you… Return to your roots where life is simpler, less stressful and full of healthy food and family values. You have lost your sense of tribe. Gather with like-minded souls and create communities in which you support and nurture each other… they can provide great wealth in food, knowledge and love. What better commodities can you think of?”


  7. Day 92, Eb 1: Feed Each Other: “Find the needs in your community…assist in solving the problem of feeding the homeless and those in need… help supply the food banks, volunteer to deliver these goods… Consider fasting once a week and giving the food you would have normally eaten to someone who has not eaten in days… assist others in being able to support themselves…”


  8. Day 91, Chuen 13: Share Your Knowledge “…There are many ways to be of service, yet the most overlooked is the simple act of sharing what has been of value to you. This does not mean that what works for you is the best for all; it only means that you have found something of value that may be of assistance to your fellow man…”


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