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This trecena (13 day period) is overseen by Ix, who represents the jaguar/ocelot and is also symbolic of the shaman or high priest(ess).

Like the jaguar, the “ruler” of the Underworld, this trecena is an excellent time to go within and seek your spiritual power tools and how to use them wisely. These tools may come to you in a physical form, such as crystals, or as a skill such as a counselor or public speaker. The energies of Ix can help increase your shamanic skills. Welcome the assistance of Ix to guide your spiritual journey.

Welcome the assistance of Ix to guide your on your spiritual journey.



Day 14 – Diet Affects Spiritual Growth

Day 15 – Soar Like an Eagle

Day 16 – Clutter Control

Day 17 – Thoughtforms Are Vibrations

Day 18 – Honoring the Elders

Day 19 – Hurry Up by Slowing Down

Day 20 – The Power of Now

Day 21 – Infinite Abundance

Day 22 – Pros and Cons

Day 23 — Going Within Process

Day 24 — Garden of Possibilities

Day 25 — Changing Habits

Day 26 — Last Day on Earth


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  14     IX  1


I Am Ix. Thank you for joining us this day for another inward adventure. Today we would like to share with you ways to develop your innate shamanistic talents. Each of you is born with the gift to be a seer. However, fears and belief codes you develop along the way keep you from being the true shaman that you are.

I define the word shaman as “wise one.” Although all of you have the ability to communicate with animals and Spirits in the unseen world, these talents must be practiced in order to become adept. Although some come into the world with the gift already intact, you can be assured that in their past lives, they were Elders who had honed these gifts for many years.

How do you develop these innate talents? Foremost, through diligent observation of Nature and the symbiotic relationship between all Beings: human, plant and animal. Most of you walk through life with blinders on, only seeing a specific goal you have set before you. When you awaken in the morning, do you listen to the songs of the birds? Do you know the specific songs of the different species? As you drive your car to work, do you notice the trees? When did you last spend time in Nature, sitting and observing the interplay between plants, animals and insects?

We encourage you to take time daily to observe Nature in action. Take walks in your neighborhood, smell the blossoms, observe the ants as they build their homes in the sidewalk cracks. Pay attention to the weeds. You can learn much from watching their growth in areas that seem impossible for anything to grow.

If you do not have easy access to natural habitats, we encourage you to grow plants in containers, preferably outdoors. Watch what happens as the plant matures, seeds and withers. Are insects attracted to your plant? Do they use the plant for nourishment or housing?

Have you considered growing edible foods indoors or in outdoor containers? If you have never eaten a plant you have grown, you are missing out on a heart-warming experience. There is joy in receiving nourishment from a plant that you or someone else has lovingly attended.

When you attend to a plant, it soaks up the energies you put into it. If you are grouchy or tend to it grudgingly, those energies will be soaked up. We suggest you not ingest those plants. When you lovingly tend a plant, singing and talking to it and providing it with the nourishment it needs, it will reward you with benefits beyond belief. Did you know that a plant can read your energy signature and provide you with specific minerals and energy that you are lacking?

Do you have space to grow the fruits and vegetables that you love? We encourage you to do so; growing only what you are able to attend to. If it becomes a burden, you will negatively affect their growth. A nurtured garden is a place of healing. Many who are distressed or diseased have received wonderful blessings sitting in a peaceful garden. Consider creating a space in your garden where you can bare your feet and tune into earth’s energies while you stretch your bodies each morning.

There is much talk about fairies, gnomes, devas and the wee folks who live among the flora and fauna. They each have different functions and can assist you on a multitude of levels. Every plant species has overseers to help them develop from one stage of metamorphosis to another. You have the ability to access these caretakers to find out what each of  your plants need.

We encourage you never to use pesticides or herbicides in your gardens or lawns. These destroy the insects that are needed to keep balance in your area. A garden and lawn are not natural habitats. Go into a forest or meadow and watch how they grow. You do not see manicured lawns, perfectly flat spaces or species growing in beds. Nature knows how to grow in balance; that is its innate function.

Learn from Nature when you enter unspoiled habitats where humans have not changed the natural landscape. You will see insects in profusion. You will notice a variety of plant species living in harmonious guilds. Taller plants shade those needing less sun. Leaves and vegetation remain on the ground to provide nourishment to the plants and insects. Fruit grows unattended, providing sustenance for wildlife and insects. Seeds naturally grow without fertilizer. If where they fall is not a place to nourish them, they will perish, be eaten then defecated in another spot by animals or blown elsewhere by the wind. You will see no artificial seed spreaders here. If possible, make your backyard into a natural habitat. Welcome the animals and provide nourishment for them and yourselves.

Your society has become too dependent on outside sources for nourishment. The age of industrialization has created an imbalanced food chain for you and your pets. Is it any wonder you are filled with diseases when you daily ingest toxins that poison your body?

Your bodies were designed to readily cure any disease, including broken bones. However, many of the preservatives, coloring agents and toxins used in farming are foreign to the body. It simply does not know what to do with this overload of contaminants. Many water-soluble toxins flow through the body, yet leave residues that enter your cells. Most toxins are not water-soluble and enter your bloodstream, flowing to places such as your liver and fat cells. When the body has a foreign object that it cannot use, it will either store it or expel it. Unfortunately, the vast majority of herbicides, pesticides and food additives are stored.

These toxins create havoc in your body, causing major problems such as cancers, attention disorders and chronic fatigue. Cellulite is an unnatural occurrence; these ripples are a sign of stored toxins in the fat cells. Observe healthy infants, their fat stores are for use in the high energy they expend each day. If they are breastfed by mothers who have a healthy organic diet, they will be leaner and have smooth skin over their fat stores. The cottage cheese effect begins to show when the fat cells are storing substances the body cannot deal with.

Special weight loss diets focus on reducing calories by suggesting the use of diet products. Indeed, there may be fewer calories in these substances, but the amount of toxins can be staggering. There has been much research done on various sugar substitutes; these products should not be on grocery store shelves. They are not naturally processed and have the same overall effect as drinking arsenic tea.

Do careful research on these products. Know who is funding the research; are the researchers being funded by the corporations who will benefit or by those who are seeking the truth? There is so much confusion that many of you throw up your hands in despair. We offer simple solutions to discovering what is healthy for you.

Know that each body system is unique. What is healthy for one can be highly allergic to another. There are many reasons for this. The major difference has to do with cultural genetics. Caucasians are different from Africans. It is easy to see differences in the outer shell, isn’t it likely that the interior of these two races are different in their needs and ways they process foods?

In the beginning of human creation, your bodies were designed to eat the foods native to the place where your culture resided. With the advent of food transportation, each of you now has access to food that Nature designed to be eaten by other cultures and which may create havoc in your body.

To make matters worse, chemicals have been added to preserve the life of these natural foods so they can handle the transporting process better. This includes the unnatural process of forced ripening, hybridization and genetic modification. The end result is an unnatural product loaded with enough chemicals to kill insects, animals and unwary humans that ingest them on a daily basis.

There is so much intermingling of species throughout the world that it is currently impossible to return to the Garden of Eden in which each culture eats the foods grown naturally for their specific needs. However, there is much opportunity for improvement of your diet.

We highly suggest the return to growing your own fruits and vegetables. There is much evidence to support the health factors of growing locally and through organic methods. Include the co-creative talents of the Devas and Nature Spirits and watch the magic unfold! Check out the work of Machaelle Wright and the discoveries she shares with others in her Virginian research garden, Perelandra.*

Those who are too overwhelmed to begin a garden, check into local resources. There is a current trend toward community gardens in which private or public lands are set aside for those who do not have space to grow their own food. There is a return to weekly local farmers’ markets in which those who cannot or will not grow their own food can still have access to locally grown foods. If there is nothing in your area, start one. All it takes is connecting with others who also wish to improve their health.

As you travel, pay attention to unattended groves or neighbors who have an excess of fruit on their trees. Encourage them to share with local food banks or to set the fruit out with a sign to take what is needed. There are heart-warming stories of people who volunteer their time and energy to collect these foods and take them to homeless shelters, food banks and the elderly. There is much waste in your society. The solution lies within each of you. Once you begin to fill your bodies with organic foods and skin care products, you will be amazed at the results. Not only will you lose unwanted pounds, your energy will vibrate at higher frequencies.

Everything in this world vibrates at a specific frequency. Take into account any one factor such as genetic modification, herbicides, pesticides, processing, microwave cooking, etc. and the natural frequency will be modified. The vast majority of food that most of you consume has no life force in it. In most cases, the frequency is so altered, it is the same as taking poison. When your body is battered day after day with these low frequencies, it alters your innate ability to perceive through your psychic senses.

In order to increase your ability to see into other Realms, you would have to resort to hallucinogenics. It is no wonder that drug addictions are on the rise. In many cases, your body yearns for a “high.” Your body contains survival instincts; as you continue to ingest foods that are toxic and have little to no life force. Thus, your body reacts by sending signals to ingest more because it is still seeking the nutrients it needs to sustain life. This is why many of you on weight loss diets actually gain weight. We could continue more on the effects of food on your body, but will end this discussion for now.

What we want to bring to your attention is the effect toxic food and substances have on your ability to bring forth your innate shamanic skills. Your psychic and intuitive skills are massively distorted by the toxins you intake. It is difficult to increase your capacity to love and create when you are living on the edge of death. There is no energy left to expend after you have spent your day taking care of your basic needs. It is like trying to drive a thousand miles on one gallon of gas that has been diluted with water.

Life is full of magic when you properly care for your body. As we go through the year, we will show you various ways you can improve your health and well-being. You have many obstacles to overcome, but all are manageable. Your society as a whole is sick, making it harder to change your belief systems. There is work that each of you can and must do in order to create Heaven on Earth. It all begins with you, taking care of yourself. Educate your family; make better choices. Others will notice your vibrancy and zest for life and want to know your secrets. You will become a role model and in a position to encourage others to try new ways of eating and caring for themselves.

Most of you have no idea what it feels like to be healthy. Notice people that are healthy, vibrant and energetic. Ask them what they eat, how they keep positive thoughts and what makes them feel energized. They are your teachers. Break old habits, create a new way of living and join those living life to the fullest.

In order to obtain full shamanic abilities, you must vibrate at a higher frequency. This can be done through diet, positive thinking and connection with Spirit Guides. As you enhance your ability to discern what is good for you, your ability to know what is good for others will increase. Dare to Imagine the world John Lennon sang about. It can happen once each of you has taken responsibility for your own actions and choose what is healthy for you. There is an old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We remind you that if that apple is genetically modified, sprayed with toxic substances, then processed in ways that kills all the nutrients, it will not keep the doctor away! Take time to observe Nature and to consider our words.

Selamet!  Ix 1



MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  15     MEN  2


Welcome, I am Men with the Tone of 2. Together we wish to help you to soar to your highest potential. One aspect of  2 is duality or the law of opposites. In your Realm, wherever there is up, there is also its opposite, down. When there is here, there is also there. No matter what you experience, there is always an opposite situation to experience. Thus is the nature of dualistic worlds such as the one in which you reside.

One of my aspects is global consciousness. Like the eagle, I can assist you in soaring to your highest potential. While circling high above the Earth, we can assist you in getting a better view of the bigger picture.

Whenever you feel stuck in a situation, call on us. We will be there to remind you to soar and to look at the problem from different perspectives. Know that for every problem, there are many solutions. As you fly and look at the situation from every angle, solutions you never thought of may come to mind.

Take time each day to quiet your mind. When you have problems weighing down on you, take time to address the issue. Many of you stay too busy to cope with problems as they arise and sweep them under the carpet to deal with later. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that the problem continues to grow until you are faced with a chaotic moment in which you can no longer put off the problem. Can you see how not resolving one issue builds upon another?

We would like to share with you how your Realm works in the unseen Dimensions. We will use the example of being angry to illustrate what we wish to impart to you. Someone says something to you that you feel is unkind. Instead of telling them you are angry, you keep it inside. Because you have not resolved the original issue, you still harbor anger towards that person the next time you meet at a party. You try to avoid the person, yet while you are talking to a friend, this person joins the conversation. You feel justified in your anger and are curt to the person or walk away.

Whether or not the other person intentionally was rude to you initially, you have now created a wall between the two of you. Each time you avoid or encounter each other with hostility, the wall gets thicker. The wall is comprised of negative thoughtforms you project onto the other person. Like attracts like. Anger begets anger. As we have spoken about in earlier Messages, negative energy glops together. As you repeat the same thoughts with passion, you are creating layer upon layer of negative thoughtforms.

Eventually, these thoughtforms manifest into a physical disease. If you say things such as, “He makes me sick to my stomach!” There is a good likelihood that you will develop stomach ailments. If you feel the person stabbed you in the back, you are likely to develop back problems. If you feel the person broke your heart. Well, you get the idea.

This is why it is imperative to solve problems as they arise. The longer you think about and send energy to something, the more likely it will manifest into physicality. Unresolved issues can easily become bad habits. If you hold grudges towards one person, it is likely you will do the same toward others.

How much better it will be if you can communicate your feelings in the present moment. Many friendships have been broken over misunderstandings. There are scores of family feuds going on for generations because the initial parties refused to settle their issues when they first arose.

Wars are fought between nations. Millions suffer death, dismemberment and homelessness because government officials have failed to respect each other. Peace can occur the instant each of you chooses to respect each other. As long as there is even one person exerting power over another, imbalance will remain on Earth. It is up to each of you to become mature and to learn to communicate better.

We return to today’s topic, reaching your highest potential. In order to soar like an eagle, you must leave the nest. Like the eagle, you must first be fed by your mama. This is like receiving information from other sources such as books, videos and conversations with those who feed you information to help you grow. Just as an eaglet sheds its baby feathers, so must humans shed their fears in order to be able to fly. Each feather is similar to shedding an old belief code or negative thoughtform. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, then you never will.

Observe the habits of those around you. People flock to those who are kind and respectful. Those who are mean and nasty are generally shunned and talked about behind their backs. Those who perpetrate the most heinous crimes are generally people with no friends. They have not learned to adapt to society and to be respectful and friendly towards others. In most cases, they were abused themselves and had no role models to teach them how to be creative and follow their passions.

As negative belief codes are shed, allowing you to be in your integrity and to speak your truth, the freer you become. Like the eagle, you can soar higher and higher, playing with the thermals and keeping a sharp eye out for your next meal, living in the moment, flowing with life while taking care of your basic needs.

As you mature, it is time to leave the nest and live a solitary life. This is a time for introspection, going within and learning to rely on yourself. Each of you must make this solo flight if you want to reach your highest potential. It is your choice to create the path you wish to walk, taking responsibility for each step along the way. As you get better at making choices that lead you toward your desired destiny, life gets easier and more profound. This is like the eagle that has mastered his flight patterns and is adept at catching his prey in order to sustain himself.

Then comes the day when the eagle chooses a mate. If you tend to harbor anger and resentment towards your friends, you will surely do the same with the ones you live with. Prepare you nest and clear it of clutter, so you may draw unto yourself an appropriate mate. Learn from the eagle. They choose a mate for a lifetime. There are no comparisons about the feathers they wear, the sounds they make, their flying skills, etc. There is simply respect and cooperation as they raise their young. They take turns feeding the young and assisting their offspring in learning how to fend for themselves.

How much better your world would be if you all did the same. There would be no need for orphanages. All children would be well taken care of from the moment of birth until they are ready to leave the nest. Be careful not to ridicule your children or do things that stunt their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual growth, else you can expect that they will not reach their highest potential.

How many young adults choose careers because they were expected to follow in their parents’ footsteps? This only leads to suppressed anger and resentment. How much better to nurture the interests of the child? Further exploration of their interests would allow young adults a better chance to explore careers or jobs that are satisfying.

Members of your society spend much time fixated on the right career, increased income and the perfect car and house. Shallow fixations on the “right look” have created havoc, especially among young women. There is so much money and effort involved in advertising, that it literally sickens your youth. How can they keep up with their peers? How many children have been ridiculed for the clothes they wear, imperfect teeth, and corrective eyewear? How in the world can anyone be expected to reach their highest potential when they are bombarded with comparisons and so much emphasis placed on competition? We suggest you look within and discover your innate beauty. Find what warms your heart, push past peer pressure and dare to stand in your truth. Develop friendships with those who allow you to be yourself. Stand in your integrity and speak your truth. Be kind to yourselves and others. Your ability to soar high above the Earth and flow with the wind is unlimited. What joy will fill your hearts when you unfurl your wings and soar like the eagles!

Selamet!  Men 2


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  16     CIB  3


I am Cib 3, we are thankful to have this time with you. Our message today is one of simplicity. Look around your home, what is there that you no longer use? Take time to look at every object, every picture on the wall, as well as the dishes in your cabinet. As you look at each object, notice if they bring up any memories. If these memories are not positive, then consider removing the item from your home or changing the energy surrounding the object.

As an example, in the past, you received a gift from someone. You no longer are on friendly terms with this person. Every time you notice this object, it stirs up the anger you feel towards that person. What an opportunity to acknowledge your feelings! How will you choose to face this issue? Perhaps you will attempt to amend the friendship. Maybe you will choose to look at the past situation in a different light allowing yourself to release the feelings of negativity. You may choose to sell or give away the object because it does not bring you joy or because it serves no function.

Do this with all the things you own, including your clothes. If the object brings up negative energies, look at those energies and begin the healing process. Weed out those things you don’t like or no longer need. Watch the magic unfold as you release these items. This housecleaning will deeply affect your inner Being, for at the same time, you will be cleaning out your belief codes and negative memories.

Pay attention to what you bring into your home. Many of you are packrats, finding it hard to say “no” to anything offered to you. Look at the reasons behind this behavior. Others of you are shopaholics; you can’t turn down a bargain, many times purchasing items as a means of medicating your pain. Go deep within and find what you need to get beyond this behavior.

These are the basic premises of the eastern art of feng shui. There are many books on the subject, mostly with westernized beliefs. However, there is much you can gain by following some of the basic principles of letting go, simplicity and placement of objects.

We take leave of you now and hope that you will look around your home with new eyes. These principles also apply to your vehicles and storage units. If the work sounds too tedious, begin small, perhaps with your kitchen junk drawer. If you have difficulty with self-motivation, consider hiring the services of a professional organizer.

Notice the state of affairs where you spend much of your time. That space is a mirror reflection of what is going on in your soul. Is it cluttered? Is it immaculate? Is it full of useless items? Is it decorated to impress others? Whatever you have created outwardly is what you have also created inwardly.

Are there changes that need to be addressed? We encourage you to take the necessary steps to get your inner and outer world balanced. Create a happy, relaxed space where you can enjoy all who enter. Unused and unwanted items tend to have an overbearing energy when they are found in profusion. Lighten up and enjoy your space!

Peace be unto you!  Cib  


MAYAN  MESSAGE              DAY  17     CABAN  4


I am Caban, gatekeeper to the portals within the Dimensions. Many of you do not believe that you have access at any time to other Dimensions. You are so locked within your five senses that it is difficult to believe in anything you cannot see, feel, hear, taste or touch. Yet around you abounds evidence that much more is happening.

Scientists studying the field of quantum physics are making headway in breaking through and proving that much more exists in the ethers than you have ever dreamed possible. The ancient ones knew of these mysteries. This is how they have been able to foretell the future, to ascertain which plants were edible and to learn of their medicinal properties. They have developed ways to communicate with animals and since the beginning of Earth time, there has been contact with what you call extra-terrestrials.

Ancient scriptures repeatedly speak of Angelic Helpers and Guides. Yet even those who belong to these sects do not feel capable of having personal relationships with these loving Beings. Your view of the omnipotent, omnipresent, omnibeatmeupwhenifail god has struck fear into every cell of your body. We are here to remind you that this need not be so. You have within yourself the power to choose the life you wish to experience. The more you learn to unconditionally love others and to treat all with respect and kindness, the easier it will be for you to empower yourself.

All things on Earth carry a unique energetic signature pattern or frequency. The frequencies of love, light, gratitude and compassion are very high. As can be expected in your world of polarity, the opposite, frequencies of fear and darkness are very low. The Earth itself resonates at a frequency that her inhabitants must be compatible with or else their life cannot be sustained.

Gradually, the earth’s frequency has been increasing. This shift is affecting all life on Earth, even the rocks and other things you deem as not being alive. Consider the opera singer who can sound a note that shatters a wine glass. Her voice is emitting the frequency that causes molecules that form the glass to come apart. This can happen to everything on Earth that is in physical form.

Study the works of Royal Raymond Rife.* Through his research, it was discovered that everything in form vibrates at a unique frequency. In the material world, there is always one frequency that will shatter another object by breaking apart its molecular structure, like the wine glass. Applied to the medical field, Mr. Rife was able to successfully shatter cancer cells, parasites and viruses within the body.

Can you see the implications of this work? Humans now have the capacity to destroy any living cell as well as literally shatter your world through the use of sound waves. Your governments have known of this for eons and have created technologies capable of changing weather patterns, human behaviors and mind control. The capabilities of what they can do are insidious. Many have been tormented while being used as pawns and guinea pigs.

Those who know of these experiments have been sworn to secrecy or murdered so the general public does not find out about their antics. Although we could continue vastly on this abhorrent subject, we do not want to lose those of you who are not ready to hear or believe in such things. However, we do want you to know that many things that you do not know about are happening behind closed doors. Please keep an open mind so you do not lose the message we have to offer you in how to gain control of your mind, body and spirit. It is imperative at this time in your history that you know how to protect yourselves from those who wish to cause you harm.

An important key to understanding lies in taking time each day to quiet your inner world; we cannot stress this enough. For eons, humans have given their power over to others: parents, employers, religious and governmental leaders, spouses and even their pets. It is time for you to stand up and take responsibility for your actions and reactions to everything that is happening around you.

When this world was created, it was designed that each person would have free will. This means that each of you was imbued with the power to make choices each step along your Path of life. However, with each action, there are reactions. This is the nature of the world of polarity. If you choose to be angry with someone, you can expect someone to be angry with you. Everything around you is a mirror.

Emotions resonate at specific frequencies, just like material objects. Have you heard the saying that you cannot be angry while you are singing? There is truth in this statement. The basic premise is that people sing when they are happy. The emotion of happiness resonates at a specific frequency. It is not the same as the frequency of anger. It is impossible to be angry and happy in the same moment.

Your Masters know of this. Those such as Ghandi and Mother Teresa focused on peace, not on anti-war protests. They knew that by focusing on not-war, it strengthens the frequency of war. By focusing on peace, the same activist is now resonating in the frequency of peace, the opposite of war. You cannot be peaceful and yelling about peace at the same time. Do you understand? We wish to impart to you the utmost importance of paying attention to your thoughts, words and actions. Earth is moving at an ever-quickening state of vibration. If you choose to remain on the Earth, you will have to continue to raise your vibration, as well.

The highest vibration is that of love. When molecules speed up, they appear as a cloud when viewed microscopically. There comes a point when the cloud disappears completely to the naked eye. These are the levels where your Angels and Fairies operate. This is why there is so much going on in the ethers that you cannot see or hear.

As you learn to expand your capacity to love, your personal frequency will rise. This is why many of your holy men and women are able to communicate more clearly with those in other Dimensions. They have learned to shift past their human senses and peak behind the veils. Each of you has the capacity to do the same.

The news media and those desirous to control the masses will lead you to believe otherwise. However, with practice, you can prove to yourself that all things exist as you learn to expand the capabilities unleashed within your subconscious minds. The air, or ethers, which surrounds you, was once believed to be no-thing, however, it is now understood to be an infinite field of possibilities.

We have previously spoken of how negative thoughtforms glop together due to the law of attraction. We have also spoken of how positive thoughtforms simply flow in, around and through all things. It all has to do with vibration. Negative thoughtforms have low frequencies. They are like a thick paste used to make a paper mache object. Bits of paper are layered one by one and held together with paste. Each layer makes the art object stronger. In the beginning, the first layer of paper is quite flimsy. However, after adding several layers of paper and paste, it will take a stick and quite a bit of effort to break the paper object. Negative thoughtforms are the same way. Each time they are spoken or acted upon, they stick together like the layers of the paper mache object. Within a short time, they have become so tightly bound that it will take quite a bit of effort to break it apart.

Positive thoughtforms vibrate at a much higher frequency. They are like the clouds we spoke of earlier, flowing into and around each other in delicate patterns. There is no competition for space; there is room for all. There is no comparison of better or less than; all simply is.

You can easily tell at what level a person is vibrating, simply by being in their presence, viewing their photograph or seeing them on the television. Those who live in the lower densities of hate, anger and fear generally have a scowl on their face. They may often clench their fists and cross their arms over their chests or bellies. Those who vibrate at a much higher resonance will generally be repelled from them; much like a magnet repels its opposite polarity.

Those who vibrate at high frequencies of joy and love have a lightness about them. They tend to smile and hug a lot. They enjoy being around people and make friends easily. Those of the lower vibrations generally are repelled by them and ridicule them. There are exceptions, of course, for many are Masters of illusion.

Those who are of the highest vibrations don’t judge or criticize others. They may be totally unaware consciously of the other’s negative disposition. Those in love are simply happy to be. On the other hand, those who are living in the lower vibrations sometimes are attracted to those in the light, because they need their energy to regenerate their batteries.

Most of you live in the mid-range. If you tend to be a whiner, you will be attracted to those who will listen to your whining. If you tend to be an activist, you will be attracted to those who will support your mission. Co-dependency abounds in your world of polarity. There is nothing wrong with any of this; Earth was designed to allow any set of experiences that one chooses, as long as it is within the parameters of universal laws.

However, the time for the Grand Experiment on Earth is coming to an end. Like all things that are created, there is a finiteness to it. What has a beginning also has an end. All things are cyclical in Nature. Whenever there is an ending, a new beginning is about to occur. You on Earth are now on the doorstep of a new beginning.

Much was allowed to occur in order to experience darkness. However, times are changing and with the ever-increasing frequency at the heart of the Earth, that darkness can no longer exist. Those who are unable or refuse to lift their vibrations will be unable to sustain their life on this planet.

You see all around you extreme weather patterns and increased global warming. This is not all due to pollutants in the air. Much of it is created by the steady stream of pollutants coming from your minds. There are countless stories of miraculous healings occurring when those with loving hearts pray for them, even when they are physically apart. Do you not think it is just as possible for people focused on war to create havoc in weather patterns as their thoughtforms glop together? In both cases, the emotions and thoughtforms are sent through the ethers, at the speed of thought.

If you can visualize your thoughtforms reacting with similar thoughtforms, you will be able to see the storms brewing. Clouds tend to join other clouds and get darker and denser until they can no longer retain their moisture. As a result, rain is released either in a gentle manner or in torrents.

People are the same way. When you hold in your anger, it will build and build until you release it. If you choose to release anger in the moment that it comes up, the result will be much gentler than after holding it in and lashing out in fury. What we suggest is that you learn to operate in the moment, staying fully present.

Know yourself and what you hold to be true. Dare to be different and experience those things that bring you joy. Learn to speak your truth in a graceful manner. When something occurs that makes you angry, look objectively at what has transpired. Take time to communicate your feelings with others involved. Take responsibility for your actions and emotions. Many times what angers you is a reflection of something unresolved within yourself.

With practice and an open heart, there will come a time in your life in which anger no longer exists. You will have come to understand that all is well and what others do and say have no control over you. There will come a time when you will learn how to stay centered and at peace, no matter what is happening in the world. This is the goal.

You will then be vibrating at a frequency of love that can keep pace with the Earth. At that point, you will become a role model for others. You will join the ranks of Ghandi, Mother Teresa and those who love unconditionally. As more of you reach higher vibrations of love, the energies in the world will tip to a more positive side. It is then that the creation of Heaven on Earth can be experienced once again.

Selamet!  Caban 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  18     ETZNAB  5


Hello, I am Etznab and together with the Tone of 5, we welcome you to another day. We would like to share our teachings regarding wisdom. Many of you respect your Elders as the wisdom keepers, however, most of you are too busy to stop and encourage your Elders to share their wisdom. There are volumes of knowledge being lost because there is no one to listen. Sad indeed are those souls locked into nursing homes with no one to listen to what they have to offer. This has not always been. Since ancient times, Elders were respected and given high reverence. Many cultures set times aside each year for the express purpose of listening to the Elders as they share their life experiences with the younger generations.

Too much time is spent nowadays watching videos and movies that have nothing to offer other than brain numbing entertainment. We suggest you turn off the TV and gather your children and grandchildren. Rejuvenate the art of storytelling and family entertainment. Eat dinner together in peace, blessing your food and those who brought it to your table.

In older civilizations, families were the center of the culture. The full tribe worked as one to raise and educate the young. Every person had a purpose with each sharing in the chores and gathering the food. Can you imagine living closely with your entire tribe? Many of you cannot fathom being in the same room for any length of time with some of your closest family members. Why is this? You have lost the basic skills of clear communication, sharing and forgiving.

Clear communication involves talking when it is your turn to talk and listening while others are talking. There are so many egos on the planet at this time; it is rare to engage in conversations when no one interrupts another. By active listening and mirroring back what the speaker has said, there is less likely to be misunderstandings. How many of you are comfortable stating your truth and your honest opinion in any given situation? Lack of integrity and courage keeps you from knowing each other deeply.

The lack of sharing is epidemic in your current societies. There is a huge fear of lack that permeates every aspect of your culture. Many are creating havoc as means to control others and gain excessive wealth. Poverty and hunger need not exist if all would simply share the skills and material objects they have.

Forgiveness is another word for non-judgment. Most beg for forgiveness when they transgress another. Others boldly proclaim that someone owes them an apology before they would even consider forgiving that person’s transgressions.

Once it is understood that each of you is doing the best you can in any given situation, you will better understand there is nothing and no one to forgive. In the act of forgiving, you have to place yourself in the position of judge. Who among you has never transgressed another? Who among you decides what is and is not to be forgiven?

Each of you has created your own set of beliefs that causes you to make a variety of choices based on your understanding of a situation. Although you may know that the choice you make is unkind, it may be the best you can do at that time, considering your habits and fears. If each of you were to move past your fears and create belief codes filled with love and joy, how much different your reactions to situations would be. There would be no need to manipulate others. There would be no need for representative governments, for you would be better able to represent yourself in tribal situations. Many of your social programs would close their doors, for the tribe would innately provide the needs of all its members.

Babies would be born knowing they are loved and have a contribution to make to society. Educational systems would be better suited to the needs of the children, rather than trying to create robots to run the factories. The elderly would live within the family home, being honored and valued. It is time once again to place your Elders in the position of wisdom keepers. Learn the knowledge they have to share related to family, culture and society. Most of the indigenous Elders are leaving the planet, taking their wisdom with them, for there is no one to pass the knowledge onto. This is a sad state of affairs.

It is imperative that each of you knows how to go within and communicate with your Spirit Guides. Each of you holds the Truth of All within your cells. Learn how to access these memories so they can be used for the betterment of all. As you study with us throughout the year, you will learn the keys to understanding how to access your personal memory as well as the memories of the Earth and how to manifest your future. We invite you to call on us for ideas on how to improve your lot in life. We have much to share and stand in awe of all that you do, for we know this incarnation is not an easy one.

Etznab 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  19     CAUAC  6


I am Cauac, Keeper of the Gate to Ascension. Through me, you can discover portals to your own evolution. Within each of you is the ability to find your way back to Source. However, many of you are asleep, yet on the verge of awakening. My role is to assist you and your Guides in gently rousing you from your sleep and nudging you along the Way.

There is much talk about the ascension of your Masters. What is ascension? In the past, through art and religious teachings, Masters such as Jesus were generally depicted as floating or ascending up toward heaven when their life on Earth came to an end. Thus, the word ascension came into popularity as the term for this process.

There are many teachings today suggesting that the Earth and humans are going through an ascension process. Many predict that the end of the world will come in this lifetime. There is a growing frenzy to get on board and clean up your act or you will miss the boat. Although we cannot say what the future will hold, we can tell you that never in your history has there been the need to hurry to do anything. What is more important is to be in joy and to express love each and every moment. This entails releasing fears and habits that keep you from enjoying a passionate and compassionate life.

Learn how to maintain a state of calm and peace no matter what storm is brewing around you. Have courage to stand in your truth, no matter who may disagree with what you say or do. Take time each day to go within, quiet your mind and set clear intentions for what you wish to accomplish. Pay attention to what is happening around you, especially in Nature and be respectful to all Beings who reside on Earth. Fill your heart with gratitude each moment, reveling in the beauty that surrounds you. This is your path to ascension.

There is none among you who is lost. All have full ability to ascend and to merge once again with the Source of All. Like everything else, it is a matter of timing. Each of you chose to leave the Source in order to experience other things. Some Beings have incarnated on Earth and other planets; others remain in the higher Dimensions as Helpers and Holders of Light. There are myriads of Angelic Beings carrying out an untold number of jobs. It would boggle your mind to know of all that is happening in your universe and beyond.

Every creation is experiencing their lives in a unique way. One day we will be reunited as One and enjoy the sensation of Love and Oneness in its purest form. There is no need to hurry to get there. Hurrying is part of the human condition. We suggest you learn to live in the moment and make the journey memorable. Stop and smell the roses and be kind to those you encounter along the way. So many things you pray to experience become missed opportunities because you have been focused on getting from point A to point B.

Some of you may argue that there is a need to hurry because the world is falling apart, that it is on the eve of destruction. What we would say in response is that if each of you would stop in this moment and make the decision to be kind and respectful to others and to share your wealth, in an instant your world would become the utopia so many of you dream of. In the twinkling of an eye, world hunger would be resolved. You already have enough food to feed all. However, we do suggest making corrections to the synthetic ways you grow and process food.

All wars could cease in the moment your leaders learn how to communicate and be respectful of each other. It is the need to control others and take their property and resources that feeds the war machine.

Teach your children how to turn off the TV and their electronic games. Let them explore and re-learn how to play outside with the tools and games Nature supplies freely such as sticks and stones. This simple change will not only increase their ability to solve problems, but will also alleviate a huge portion of the ecological problems created by the plastic toy corporations.

Watch drug companies collapse when stresses caused by toxic food, unresolved problems, poor communication and fear decreases. If in a moment each of you resolved to live in your truth, remaining in joy with the courage to take responsibility for your actions thus allowing you to let your creative juices flow, there would be no need for drugs, illegal or prescribed.

An exorbitant amount of money is spent on medical research, insurance, surgeries and mental health. Scientists such as Royal Raymond Rife* have provided cures for all ailments. There are many volumes available demonstrating the correlation between disease and stinking thinking. It is common sense to know that the use of herbicides and pesticides in your food and water sources can only result in toxicity in your bodies.

Most of you are so far removed from the knowledge of where your food comes from that you don’t even stop to realize that the more a food is processed, the less healthy it is. By the time the majority of your food goes from farm to mouth, there is no life force in it. You eat dead food full of toxic substances and wonder why there is such a rise in cancers, autism and other diseases and disorders.

Greed generates most of your insane governmental programs and disallows the use of ecologically balanced technologies. Many have murdered or silenced those who attempted to bring forth ecologically balanced ways of making your lives easier. Why is it you are not harnessing the power of the sun, wind and water more? Why is it you still power your engines with earth’s natural resources, her blood? The balance of the Earth is at a critical stage at this moment, yet not all is due to man’s irresponsibility. Much of the earth’s energetic imbalances are caused by centuries of negative and greedy thoughtforms. Many of you do not take into account the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth, the sun and the universe. Nothing is stagnant; all things are always in flux, shift happens.

We conclude by saying that if you feel the need to hurry your ascension, we would suggest your quickening be focused inside rather that upward. Take time to look at how you can be part of the soul-ution when it comes to creating Heaven on Earth. It is you who has allowed your representative leaders to gain control over your lives. You are responsible to reclaim your self-empowerment. Now is the time. Take charge of your life by learning to respect yourself and your neighbors. Move past the walls of fear that you have surrounded around yourself as invisible shields of protection. It is not through isolation that you will create a utopian society; it is through teamwork based on love.

We leave you now with the hope that you will take time to reflect on these words and to take action. Be in joy and create peace within yourself!

Selamet!  Cauac 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  20     AHAU  7


I am Ahau; I welcome you to this day full of wonder and bliss. I am the last of the Tzolkin Day Keepers in this cycle of 20, my ranking would be considered the end. Consider my energy as the doorway or portal to a new beginning. In your Realm, many times there is sadness or a sense of urgency when a project or event is about to end. Usually there are deadlines accompanied by much stress to get the deed done. Rarely is there a sense of accomplishment relished, for you already have your sights on the next goal.

Release the stress associated with getting to the goal. Learn how to relax and enjoy each moment. When projects seem overwhelming, break them into smaller chunks. Be creative in how you approach each step. Feel gratitude for what you are doing. Staying in the moment with joy and gratitude is a major key to happiness. There will always be deadlines. Pace yourself as much as possible so you don’t feel pressured as deadlines draw near. This will allow you to stay in the moment and not keep your focus in the future. Many of you impose unnecessary deadlines on yourselves. We suggest you look at why you push yourself to do things that really could wait or be done within a larger timeframe. Many of you keep yourselves locked into busy-ness as a way to avoid emotions or tasks you have judged as being undesirable or mundane.

There is no task that is undesirable, unless you convince yourself it is so.

No matter what the task is, there is at least one person in the world who either enjoys doing it or can maintain a sense of joy while performing the task. Why is this so? Perhaps the person innately enjoys the skills and has the talent for a specific job. For example, there are many who loathe various aspects of cleaning or organizing their habitats. On the other hand, there are those who enjoy the accomplishment of cleaning and organizing. Others may enjoy a task that you consider mundane or tasteless because they have learned to be in the moment and have found ways to stay in joy no matter what task is at hand. Your attitude towards any activity is a matter of choice. The goal is to find ways to be in joy each step of your journey and to release stress related to timelines.

Often, we witness negative emotions attached to an ending. Whether it is a death, the end of a job or project, graduations, etc., many times there is sadness mingled with celebration. There is nothing wrong with feeling any emotion, however, many times there is prolonged grieving or unresolved anger associated with the event. These low vibrational feelings are often kept alive as you complain to others, over and over again. These repeated negative thoughtforms glop together, creating layer upon layer of low energy that eventually goes beyond emotional dis-ease, causing physical disease.

We invite you to go within and look at times when you felt unrest at an ending. Are you still complaining about the time you got fired? Are you still bad-mouthing people you ended relationships with? Do birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or the end of the year leave you with a sense of emptiness? Look at the endings in your life and isolate those which have feelings of discomfort attached to them.

Open your mind and allow yourself to objectively look at the new beginning that was allowed once the door to the prior event closed. Perhaps you were jolted out of your routine and found a better job. Maybe you now choose better friends. Look for the blessings you experienced in the new year.

Gratitude in all things, especially those causing dis-comfort, can throw open the doors to future joyous possibilities, making all seem brighter and lighter. No matter what is happening in your life, your attitude towards it is your choice. Often, belief codes are changed on whims, without looking deeply into why you held the previous belief. As long as you are easily swayed back and forth by others, your life will be like a ship in a storm, being tossed to and fro causing you to become imbalanced and to feel ill.

Make your choices in the moment. Pay attention to ways you can create joy and peace each step along the way. Know that each door that closes will open doors to new possibilities. Having gratitude for every person and experience you encounter will help you to grow and to have the courage to move forward with ease. Releasing fears along the way will make your goal of a fulfilled life more awesome than you can imagine. The ethers around you are filled with infinite possibilities. Dream big, follow your intuition and watch the magic unfold!

Selamet!  Ahua 7




I am Imix, welcome to this day of new beginnings! Tone 8, when placed on its side, resembles the symbol of abundance and infinite possibilities that are presented each moment to you. In the ethers, there are tiny particles of no-thing-ness that at any moment can be activated and manifested into anything your heart desires! Once you have a true grasp that all literally is One, you will better understand how to create Heaven on Earth.

Due to the nature of free will, many so called “negative” events have been allowed to happen, for all on Earth is a Grand Experiment. Can there truly be free will if you are not allowed to experience bad as well as good? There is nothing we deem as negative; however, we recognize that actions not for the highest good of all slow the evolution towards Oneness. Reach beyond the illusion and regain knowledge of your true potential to live freely with great joy and abundance!

There is never only one solution to a problem. When you are close-minded or lack the courage to think out of the box, you limit yourself. There is forever the ability to create infinite resources. However, all too often we lay gifts at your feet that you either walk past without noticing or refuse to accept because you are looking for something else and don’t recognize the potential for what is gifted to you. We ask that you pay closer attention to the people and events in your life. Watch for coincidences and synchronicities, especially after you have made a fervent request for something to occur. Have the courage to take the steps to reach your highest goals.

Just as Ahua represents the ending of cycles, I represent new beginnings. Call on me when you desire assistance to begin a new adventure or seek the beginning steps to making changes in your life. I am always here to serve you. Throughout the year, we will share many Messages on how to create what you desire. We ask that you take into account what is in your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. You are deserving of far more than you currently allow yourselves. You will discover how to tread lightly upon the Earth. You will learn how to grow healthy foods in ways that will astonish even your master organic gardeners! Communication with animals, plants, people and Nature Spirits will be as natural as the methods you use to communicate among yourselves.

Gone will be the institutions that no longer serve you. When each of you gains the ability to share in peace and joy, there will be no need for much of what you do. Hours of needless labor will be freed. You will have more time and resources available for the things that bring you joy. This will occur in the collective consciousness of all who live on the surface of the Earth. You will discover many tools to assist in your evolution. Within you is all knowledge that has been temporarily masked when you entered this incarnation. It is now the midnight hour and time to remove the masks and discover the true identity of your Self!

Many walk among you who have come to Earth with full remembrance of their Spirit Essence to help each of you evolve more rapidly. These teachers will encourage you to spend quiet time each day reflecting on your life. They will teach you skills that empower you to make choices as a co-creator. Listen to the advice of these highly enlightened souls, then take their information into your quiet times and practice the skills that bring a sense of peace and joy to you.

You may experience moments of unrest as you begin to realize you are fully responsible for the current situations in your life. What joy you will experience as you release the fears and habits that have kept you captive! You will also learn to release the angst you have held toward others. No longer will any of you need to suppress others in order to experience all you desire. In this new beginning, you will start with the knowledge of the full abundance available to you in all aspects of your life. Your passion will surpass anything you have thus far experienced on Earth as each of you works together to support and encourage one another.

Selamet!  Imix 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  22     IK  9


The format of this Message is different than the others. This is one of the first conversations I had with the Day Keepers and is the format I  was using until I realized they were to be collected into a book. I was asked to keep this Message in its original format as a way of demonstrating how to converse with the Day Keepers and apply the Messages to any situation.  –Theresa Crabtree

Ik:  Good morning, I am Ik. As a continuation of Imix 8, I am here to guide you further in the evolution of your remembrance of your full Spiritual Essence. As the 2nd Day Keeper in the cycle, we are here to look at polarity. Some view polarity as dark vs. light, with light being higher, better or positive. I am here to suggest to you that both are equal in importance. Both the dark and the light have a purpose; it is only the human perspective that makes one judge them as having a different value. As you mature in your understanding of how the reality on Earth is different than that from where you came, you will understand more of what I speak. Let me explain by giving an example. What is on your plate today?

Theresa:  Working on the Medicine Wheel site and a myriad of small projects.

Ik:  Thank you. Let us take the example of your work on the Medicine Wheel as a reference to how you can use one of my aspects, which is polarity. I have several other aspects, which we will look at throughout this year and beyond.

I would ask the reader to choose one project, problem or insight they would like to look deeper into this day, as well. I ask you, Theresa, what are the pros and cons to building a Medicine Wheel? For the reader I would suggest you choose one example on your menu today and ponder all sides of the issue.

Many times, you will find parts that are distasteful. Perhaps it is a problem you wish would go away or maybe the project is too large and feels overwhelming. I encourage you to look at all aspects in such a way as to see the blessing in each. By developing this skill, you will quickly begin to see that there is value in all polarity.

As an example, we will return to the Medicine Wheel. Some of the pros you have stated are that it will be a place of peace, space for you and others to pray and perform ceremony and a beautiful area to view from the balconies. Things considered to be positive are easy to deal with, so we will not discuss them at this time.

What is more challenging for humans is to appreciate and feel gratitude for the shadow side of events. Let’s look at some of the items on your negative list related to the Medicine Wheel you are creating. We will then look at how you can approach each in such a way they can be placed on your positive list.

Theresa:  There’s a lot of hard, physical work involved.

Ik:  You want to lose weight and strengthen your muscles. What a great exercise program!

Theresa:  Many times in group ceremonies, I am distracted by people. On one level, I am a loner and feel more focused doing the work by myself.

Ik:  On another level, you want to interact more with people. You have realized your loner attitude was created by belief codes that you have now outgrown. What a wonderful opportunity to break through those belief codes by spiritually bonding with people through prayer!

Theresa:  The path to the Wheel and the parameter are on steep hills. I worry about unruly children, guests falling and getting hurt.

Ik:  Is this really the issue or excuses to skirt other issues? Unruly children: this gives you an opportunity to practice speaking your truth and insisting on parental guidance. Guests falling and getting hurt: this can happen in their own home. You have an opportunity to use your intuition to make the trail as safe as possible, including night lighting and trusting that each person will be responsible for their own safety. You can also call on Spirit Guides to keep all safe while on your property.

Theresa:  Yes, I admit, those were valid, although lame excuses. The issue I am skirting is being in the public eye. I know this goes back to experiences in this and other lifetimes and I have been working hard to overcome them. Also, there are concerns related to being the ceremonial leader: public speaking, forgetting something, saying the wrong thing, others disagreeing with what I say, etc.

Ik:  Thank you for being open and honest with yourself and others. Yes, we know that you have worked hard to overcome these issues and more. Focus on the positive side, for you have already realized that when you get past the negative issues you mentioned, you truly have a wonderful time, as well as those who participate in these ceremonies.

Now, we have spoken much relating to the aspect of my energy, polarity. Let us briefly speak of today’s Tone 9. Like myself, there are many aspects of 9. As we continue our daily Messages, we will look at these various aspects. There may be other special meanings for the numeral 9 for each reader, as well.

What we will do today, is again look at the Medicine Wheel and see how the specific energy of Ik 9 can be of value to you. I want to remind each of you that this is just an example. By meditating with me, I can show you how to apply the energy of Ik 9 into most anything in your life.

Nine can be viewed as 5+4. Five represents the fullness of your humanity while four is symbolic of the base of your Spirit Essence. Perhaps it will be easier to visualize 4 as the base of a pyramid or similar structure. Although the base is not the complete structure, it is an imperative part in order to create stability and endurance. Combine these together and you have a powerhouse of insight. This can be likened to a skilled builder (5) creating a solid foundation (4) for a structure. You are well on your way to completion of the entire project.

How can we use this today? Let us return to the Medicine Wheel site. You are creating a place of peace, ceremony and beauty. By focusing on the energy of 9, consider yourself, the human builder (5) preparing the site for the physical and spiritual base (4) of the Wheel.

As you work today, you may choose to ask Spirit for guidance on how to prepare the base for this site. Then, you as the builder (5), move toward that goal by physically moving the rubble and other work that we cannot, or will not, do for you.

I hope this time together has been an encouragement to each of you to look past the shadow aspects of your day and to clearly see how you can work towards making those things in your life that are unpleasant into beautiful works of creation. By doing so, you will be rewarded with a more fulfilling life while on Earth.

Ik 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE              DAY  23     AKBAL  10


Hello, I am Akbal. We welcome your interest and desire to learn more about our ways and your interest in integrating this information into your daily routines. Today we will focus on the Going Within Process. Please take a few moments to quiet your inner and outer worlds so you can focus more deeply. Notice belief codes or old structures that no longer serve you. This sometimes takes courage to do. Look into the dark spaces, the abysses in your inner sanctum.

Many times, you are confronted with words from others or assumptions created in your own minds that lead you to making specific life choices. For example, you dislike wearing green clothing until someone tells you that you look really nice in the green shirt you are wearing. As a result, you go out and buy several more green items of clothing. These become the apparel you wear the most. Then later, someone asks why you wear so much green clothing because you look so much better in blue, which has always been your favorite color to wear.

You are now presented with an opportunity for growth. One person instilled within you a belief code that you look good in green. Another says you look better in blue. You must go within yourself and look at why you didn’t like to wear green in the first place. Is it because someone had once told you that green isn’t your color? Perhaps you got more compliments when you wore other colors. Perhaps you were forced to wear green as a school uniform. Maybe you simply feel better wearing a different color?

In your mind, go back to the setting when you were told you looked good in green. Why did you make your choice to buy more green clothes? Did you think you looked better in green? Was it to please the other? Did you trust your own intuition that you don’t look as well in green? Perhaps the person was just trying to be nice and compliment you for wearing their favorite color. Can you objectively sit back and decide what colors you feel better wearing? Perhaps you realize it depends on the fabric and style of an article of clothing rather than the color. What do you choose to do? Perhaps you will take a good look at your clothing and decide, piece by piece, which clothes make you feel good. This is part of the nature of feng shui. Rather than being swayed by others’ opinions, you remain steadfast in what your preferences are. This is how belief codes are built.

What is asked of you today can be applied to any belief code you have chosen. Simply quiet your inner and outer world. Take a look at any aspect of your life: your spiritual and religious beliefs, why you bake using a specific pan, possessions you never use, your friends, how you relate to family members, etc. Choose one at a time and look at it deeply. Feel the emotions that arise. If they are pleasant, feel gratitude for them. If they cause uneasiness or any negative feelings, look deeper.

Why do you follow a specific church doctrine? Why do you believe what you believe? Why don’t you bake in other pans? Why do you have household items you never use? Why do you hang out with undesirable people? Why do you try to please family members who treat you disrespectfully? These are belief codes. By calling on me, you can use the energy of Akbal to go deep into yourself and objectively discover and change the codes that no longer serve you.

Choose one now. Breathe deeply and ask for guidance. Look at the parts that don’t fit, that hold you back and cause fear and anxiety. If it helps you to move forward, consider what would be the worst that could happen if you changed that particular belief code. Then by whatever means works best for you: listing, praying, setting an intention, etc.; note the steps that can lead you into a release of that paradigm, then take the first step towards your new intention.

Let us go back to the example of green clothing. As you reflect back, you don’t know why you never liked wearing green, you just didn’t (many beliefs come from past lives). When you were told you looked good in green, you decided to buy more green clothes. You realize that at the time, you had low self-esteem and trusted the other person’s judgment more than your own, so you went out and purchased more green items of clothing. Today is a new day. As objectively as possible, go within and pay attention to how you feel when you wear each specific item of green clothing.

If indeed you discover that you still don’t like to wear green, then you can wear or purchase whatever colored items you prefer. Perhaps you discover you feel good in two specific green items, but none of the others. From then on, you wear only what colors make you feel attractive or which make you feel comfortable. No matter what opinions others make in the future about your choice of clothing, you choose to wear what you feel good in. Then you will have successfully changed a belief code based on your truth.

Belief codes change from time to time as you develop understanding in various realms of your life. It is wise to always be open to others’ insights and to take time to reflect on new information that comes your way. Close-minded people have no ability to change a belief code; they shut down any chance for growth in that particular area of their life.

This is the 23rd day of the Tzolkin calendar, Akbal 10. The energy of 10 has many aspects. What we will look at today is 5+5. The first 5 is the fullness of being a conscious human, the second 5 is the fullness of spirituality as it applies to you in human form. In essence, the second 5 represents a full connection with your Higher Self. When you combine these two forces, conscious living and a conscious connection with your Spiritual Guidance, all things are possible! We call this a day of manifestation. Combining this with the energy of Akbal, you can indeed make this a day of manifestation.

Focus on a belief code that no longer serves you. What is something in your life or about yourself that you would like to change? What steps do you need to take to make this change? Manifestation occurs when individuals intentionally declare and focus on something they want to experience. This can be done by stating the intention out loud, writing it down, creating a ceremony or by whatever means it takes to stay focused. Be very clear about what you desire and create passion surrounding it, for passion is the energy of the emotion that fuels the process.

As an example, you know ice cream makes your sinuses clog up. You think to yourself, I really should stop eating ice cream. If that is as far as you go, your addiction will remain. In fact, it is likely to intensify, because your attention is now focused on ice cream. However, if you are ready to stop eating ice cream because you want to be healthier, the following is one way to go about releasing the addiction. Go to a quiet place and light a candle. While staring at the candle, release other thoughts of the day. Visualize yourself as healthy, feeling vibrant and full of energy. See a bowl of your favorite ice cream dessert.  Look again at yourself being vibrant. From that place, make a choice to choose a healthier, tasty treat for your palate.

You may want to add other ways to help such as affirmations placed where you will see them, always stating them in the positive of what you want, such as, “I choose only healthy desserts.” Instead of the negative statement, “I will not eat ice cream.” Another way is to create a vision board where you place photos or text messages of what you want in your life. Perhaps you will select a photo of you at your best or a model that represents health and vigor. You could also add photos of healthy, yet tasty desserts.

The goal is to remind and empower yourself so it will be easier for you to choose not to eat ice cream in the future. Much of your success is built on your desire and emotional state. If you feel like a victim, “Woe is me, I can never eat ice cream again!” If you share with your friends that you can’t eat ice cream and fall into their belief code, “How sad that you can no longer eat ice cream,” it is likely you will never change this habit.

Manifestation occurs when your emotions are strong and when your intentions are stated clearly.

It is your responsibility to stay positive and focused. Take the necessary steps to create your desired outcome. Many times what you want does not appear in the manner you anticipate. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the coincidences and synchronicities that present themselves to you. With today’s energy of Akbal 10, you are offered a chance to look at issues inside yourself that no longer serve you and to manifest what you would prefer. Go forth and make this a powerful day of manifestation!

Selamet!  Akbal 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY 24     KAN 11


I am Kan and I send you greetings this grand and glorious day. Today we will embark on a journey inward, to the place where ideas and dreams are seeded. These are created first by the mind and then with conscious intention. In order for anything to become a reality in your personal life, you must first know it as a possibility. Then, among the myriad of possibilities, you may choose those you would like to incorporate into your life.

We will use the analogy of a garden. In order to create a garden, you must first have a basic idea of what a garden is. You have decided you would like to create one in your space. What do you want to put into your garden: fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers? How will you decide what to put in your garden: see what others are growing, deciding what foods you like to eat or browsing seed catalogs? After you have chosen what you would like to grow, you will need to choose the seeds to plant. You will also need to know what steps are needed to allow the seeds to grow and mature. This includes information such as soil temperature, pH levels, irrigation needs, sunlight and fertilizer.

Creating anything in your life follows the same pattern; know what you want, create an action plan and take steps to create it into reality. The energy of Kan is always available to help with your conscious creations. You can view my energy as the seed. It is up to you to choose which seed and the amount of nurturance or attention you will give that seed. Do you understand the implications of which I speak? The fulfillment of your goals and dreams are in your hands. There are many Spirit Beings on the Other Side waiting to help you fulfill these dreams, but you must first choose what you desire, then ask for assistance.

We will now move onto the Tone of today, the number 11. There are many ways to view the energy of this Tone. Today we will look at it this way: 5+5+1=11. The first 5 is symbolic of being a fully conscious human. This means that you are consciously working towards being a kind person and aware that you are a Spirit Being having a human experience. The second 5 is symbolic of your Higher Self that is consciously working with your human aspect. Then we add in the additional ingredient, the power of 1, which we will view as the spirit of unity or oneness, wholeness, complete unto itself.

Take a moment to feel connected with your Higher Self and feel the power of being One with All. This is a daily practice that may be difficult for most since you live in a world created to experience separation. However, the veils are thinning rapidly. Take time each day to sit by a tree, a flower or an animal and focus on their energy. After many attempts, you will experience a connection on a deep and indescribable level.

What Kan 11 offers you is an opportunity to choose a seed and nurture it by becoming one with it. I will give a simple analogy for your better understanding. Choose one thing you would like to change in your life. This could be to find solutions to a problem, more abundance or perhaps a change in your behavior. I will state here that you do not have the power or the authority to ask us to change the behavior or belief codes of another person, this goes against the law of free will.

Let us say you have a habit of talking about people behind their backs. You know that gossip is not good and it has bitten you in the past when others found out what you have said about them. They always will know, even if it is solely on an intuition level. How can the energies of Kan 11 help you change this behavior?

You have chosen the seed, eliminating gossip. You must now choose how much nurturance and attention you want to give this seed. These steps are necessary to take this seed to full development. With the energy of 11, we suggest you take time with your Higher Self to look at the reasons you gossip. In most cases, it goes back to belief codes related to low self-esteem. When you break the pattern of the original code, other patterns built on that foundation will fall away.

Once you have found the original code, which may take some time, call in the energy of Unity. For this exercise, you may want to look at one specific person that you tend to gossip about on a regular basis. Become One with that person, go beyond his physical self and recognize him as a Spirit Being, equal to your Spirit Essence. This may take some practice, but is well worth the effort if compassion and unconditional love are your goals.

When you set aside your judgments and tap into the Oneness and Unity of the other, you will understand why this person pushes your buttons or why this person is a rung on your self-esteem ladder. A thorough understanding of Oneness with all living forms on Earth will help you break the gossip habit.

Selamet!  Kan 11


DAY 25     CHICCHAN 12


Good Morning, I am Chicchan, the serpent. Today is a day of transformation, a shedding of old ideas and belief structures that no long serve you. Twelve is a day to view yourself in your full human capacity (5), fully connected with the guidance of your Higher Self(5). To this mixture, add the power of two, polarity, duality or opposing forces. (5+5+2=12)

Take a few moments to quiet your inner and outer world. Take several deep breaths in and out until you are able to relax your muscles and let the weight of the world slip away. Search for something weighing on your heart you would like to change or create. It must be something in yourself, not another, for we do not work on others against their will or without their permission. This time is for you. 12 creates a window to look deeply within at a specific polarity. Perhaps you continually say something such as, “I don’t want to gossip anymore.” Yet when the next person comes your way, you fall back into your old pattern. If you are truly ready to release this pattern, we can be of assistance to you.

Clearly, in written form, orally or in your mind, state your intention using a positive affirmation such as, “I speak only kind words about others.” The reason we ask you to make positive statements is because as Spirit Beings, we see energy patterns rather than hear your words. If you were to state an intention such as, “I don’t want to gossip anymore.” We see it as a positive statement, with gossip as the subject. We automatically assume gossip is something you want to experience more of, for gossip is your focus. Therefore, we may set up more opportunities to gossip. In contrast, by stating the intention, “I speak only kind words about others,” the contrast is vastly different. The following will explain the process so you can better understand how we on the Other Side operate.

In order to manifest anything, the basic order is the same. Clear your mind, speak your intention and visualize the outcome. As much as possible, use your emotions and senses to see, touch, smell, taste and hear yourself in the situation. What emotions are being aroused? As an example, you have decided you want to break the gossip habit. You have cleared your mind and called in Chicchan or other Spirit Helpers for assistance. Clearly state your intention, “I speak only kind words about others.” Then visualize yourself doing just that, speaking kind words to others.

You may choose to visualize yourself in one of the settings where you most often find yourself gossiping. Perhaps when you are with two of your best friends, you all have a tendency to start talking about others. For this exercise, visualize yourself with your two friends. The setting could be a place where you meet on a regular basis, such as a coffee shop. Notice the space you are in. What does it look like? What things do you feel: the chair you are sitting on, a wall you are leaning against, a coffee mug? What do you smell: the air, food, perfume, cigarette smoke? What do you taste: coffee, cola, the pen you are nibbling on? What sounds do you hear: coffee machines, cars driving by, people chatting?

Observe your friends beginning the gossip session. See yourself as being quiet. Soon your friends notice you are silent and attempt to draw you into their conversation. See yourself speaking only kind words about others. Notice how this makes you feel. At first, this new behavior may be uncomfortable to you and your friends. Yet as you practice, first in your mind and then in actual circumstances, you will become more empowered and more comfortable with shedding the habit of gossip. Usually one of two things will happen. Your friends may stop inviting you to their gossip sessions or they will follow your example. If they choose to continue gossiping, you will find that you are no longer interested in joining in and will likely choose other friends or leave when the gossip begins.

Here is the contrast of stating an intention of what you do not want. Once again, clear your mind and call in Spirit Helpers for guidance and assistance. State your intention, “I don’t want to gossip anymore.” Visualize the same scenario with your two friends using your senses to see, touch, smell, taste and hear what is going on in the coffee shop. In this visualization, you will be gossiping, but stop yourself in mid-sentence and tell your friends that you no longer want to participate in gossip. The outcome may be the same, but the transition is much different. In the first example, you were only saying kind words about others. However, this time, because of the way you stated the intention, you will be gossiping, but not wanting to do it anymore. Can you see the difference? By stating, visualizing and practicing what you want, you can quickly and efficiently break undesirable habits by simply doing or being what it is you wish to create. However, by stating the intention and visualizing yourself in the process of breaking the habit, you will find yourself in repeated patterns or situations that give you opportunities to practice the behavior you wish to change. This is a much longer process.

Selamet!  Chicchan 12


DAY 26     CIMI 13


What if you knew that today was your last day on Earth? What are the last remaining things you will do today? How will you treat others? What phone calls will you make? What emotions are you feeling? Are there unfinished projects you will attend to or have they lost their importance?

If you would truly begin each morning with a short reflection on these things, your days would have much more impact. It wouldn’t be long before you would simplify your life and prepare your estate for those who would have to clean up after you. You would likely stop putting off gatherings and phone calls with family members and loved ones. What would you do differently? Many things that consume your time and energy would simply fall away as you lost interest. As a result, your passion and zeal for life would increase dramatically as your time, energy and abundance in all areas escalates.

This is the energy that Cimi offers you: surrender, transmutation, release and death to what no longer serves you. We encourage you every day to take this short journey until you have released all fear of death and seen the importance of living your passion.

We will now add the energy of Tone 13 into this mixture. There are a myriad of aspects for Cimi and 13, we are simply choosing one of each for this particular day. Let us see 13 as 5+5+3=13.

The first 5 represents you, as a fully aware human, connecting with the energy of your Higher Self, the second 5. This is a conscious connection with that part of you that has remained on the Other Side. Today, we will look at the 3 as the Holy Triad, that which encompasses all on the higher Realms. There have been many names for this Triad, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” and “body, mind and soul” to name just two. The general understanding is one of completeness. Tone 13 represents You, connected with your Higher Self, consciously united with the Source of All. With this power, you can manifest whatever you desire. Call on our energies to assist you any day, anytime.

Your Guides are always nearby, willing and waiting to help you. This gives them joy and is an expression of their passion. They are honored and overjoyed to serve you. Many of your Spiritual Helpers have never incarnated on Earth and are in awe of what you have already transcended. The Earth Gig is not an easy one, but full of many opportunities for experience, growth and understanding.

Take time to reflect on your life. Note what is not in order and start there. No task is too large or too small. All is important for your growth into the loving and kind Spiritual Being you are. Choose an area in your life you would like to transmute or change and ask for spiritual guidance and assistance. We suggest you start with the fear of death, if you have not already mastered this area of your life.

In the Mayan tradition, the whole culture was focused on the energy of each specific date. Can you imagine the consequences if your entire Earth population each day supported each other and worked on common goals, such as releasing fears related to death? This is what made the Mayan such a powerful culture. Working together made them strong individuals. Their culture crumbled when they forgot these ways. However, the culture is being reconstructed globally by individuals, like you, who are taking time to work on themselves, thus creating role models for others. These individuals are forming a huge collective energy that will create the shift that many now are dreaming of. We encourage you to be an active part of this group.

I take my leave and envelope you with much love!

Cimi 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.

Many blessings!    Theresa Crabtree

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  1. Posted by colleen on June 15, 2015 at 5:58 pm

    Theresa, thank so much for this great teaching. It is making a difference in my life.


  2. Posted by Jannette van den Bosch on June 15, 2015 at 4:40 am

    I have 20 lighters. One for each day. They each have the glif on them painted with black nail polish. So each day I use the next one. I so love your posts


  3. Posted by debra on September 26, 2014 at 1:09 am

    love it


  4. Posted by clairedeplume on September 22, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    Very thoughtful, deep and reassuring. Thank you for this more detailed interpretation


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