Readers’ Comments

“Many write yet few succeed in delivering truly practical and illuminating messages for navigating the waves of change that come with expanding consciousness. Theresa Crabtree has done just that in Mayan Messages. A ‘must read’ as preparation for what lies ahead!

The Mayan Messages contain every day comforting, practical, illuminating messages to guide each reader toward inner peace, expanding joy, and personal freedom in the days ahead! This book is a wise investment and great companion for everyone living in today’s world.

This experienced teacher is a Master, imparting practical knowledge and illuminating wisdom through easy to read and understandable daily messages that move the reader to successfully navigate and transition through our birthing cycles of chaos into order each day. A great book for empowering anyone feeling stress about the known or unknown – regardless of background, beliefs, or creed.”
Suzanne Grandon, Innovative Visionary, Blue Lotus Journeys, Giza, Egypt

“The Mayan Messages are easy to understand, practical and very easy to implement in one’s life. Thank you for the voice of reason in the wilderness of chaos.”
Arianha Bialon, Minister, Church of the Golden Age, Sedona, AZ

“I enjoy life in a manner that you reflect with the messages from my Peoples, People, the Mayan. I honor your work and hope to utilize some of the special messages to help my family and others consider what this teaching represents for peace within. For many to be able to explore the wisdom within their hearts, within the universal truth you are representing.

I say to you with my heart full of a great feeling of light and love, for being here to help us remember peace, for respecting ourselves and learning how to do this for others outside of ourselves, many Oohweehoo’s.”
BlueThunder, Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River Indian Reservation,
Riverton, Wyoming.

“I enjoy the Mayan Messages. The images are beautiful and uplifting. May we all use wisdom, light and love to see our families and humanity through the coming times into the continuation of life on Earth.”
Judith Jubb, Metempyrion Foundation

“The Mayan Messages touched areas in my life that needed remembering. To name a few: to tend my garden, to balance wisdom and compassion, to love without attachments and to act joyously silly, especially when I feel that way. Thank-you for the delightful and (often) thought provoking lessons.” Bright Blessings.”
Bernyce Barlow, author, Sacred Sites of the West

“Theresa’s giving voice to the Day-lords of the Mayan calendar is a fascinating step towards bridging the traditional Mayan calendar with modern New-Age channelings from Seth and Jane Roberts, Abraham-Hicks and Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God. I know that traditional Mayan shamans would feel lightning-in-the-blood while counting the days during an oracle reading. Now the same spirits are communicating to the modern world through Theresa Crabtree’s writing. This is very exciting.  Thank you Theresa.”
Carlos Cedillo, author, Cosmicjaguar’s Soul Kin Journal and music producer,Violet Flame Records, Carlos also uses the Day-lord energies to create new music.

“I feel like I have slipped into a gleaming, glistening new skin that is birthing me anew. With each reading, I am moved into a deeper internal place of knowing and remembering. It is massively comforting and hopeful. An adventure into our precious life gift. Through the guidance of the DayKeepers I am able to feel and resurrect my unique light. I wish this experience for everyone!”
Ann Raabe, Boulder, Colorado

“These messages are incredible!”
Bonny K.

“This book is a gem! The inspirational words resonate in the mind, the heart and the spirit. Its deep insights give us a wider view of the true reality of life.”
Jeanne Passin, Valdez, Alaska

“I am to be on your email list for the Mayan Message. The beautiful words you write always arrive at just the right moment, and are so positive! As I read them, I feel encouraged and inspired. Thank you so… much for sharing your very special gift!”
C. S., Sedona, Arizona

“Theresa is performing an invaluable service by agreeing to be a conduit for the Mayan Messages. For me, they are a gentle reminder of my path on this Earth plane. What I like about the messages is that they profess heartfelt wisdom directed at our everyday living. There’s an understanding of our challenges on the human level and advice on how to manage and view the complexities of being human in this world.”
Beth Bishop, Ansonia, CT

“When I started reading the Mayan Messages, I realized there are a lot of common things among all religions and teachings such as LOVE and how beautiful and how powerful we are. Then I realized it’s not too late to reach for my goals and follow my path.”
Songul Koca, Istanbul, Turkey

“While in the garden I was speaking with my ‘angels’ and asked for more connection to love and people on this path.  Checked my email and bingo…there it was…Mayan Message Day 4 Kan 4.”
C. M., Williams, Arizona

“I have found dissolved into the love, kindness and concern of each Message a true desire to guide us into hope, fearlessness, acceptance of ourselves and joy in the knowledge that can set us free from duality, personal limits, sickness, sorrow and the fear of Death. A Magical book of Reality, perhaps life-saving, at the least, enlightening and inspiring, empowering and perhaps Critical as we move into 2012.”
Ditoh Rohrig, Kroeger Health Practioner

“Connecting with the Mayan Messages is a key part at the beginning of each day; when I read, journal and meditate. I especially enjoy The Messages, because for me they are a synopsis and summary of many of the books in my metaphysical library collection. During a most challenging time experiencing a dark night of the soul, I was using every tool in my metaphysical tool box to manage the fear and stress I was feeling. Being with the channeled words of the Day Keepers, through Theresa Crabtree, allows me to feel connected to something greater than myself, and helps me to rise above the human condition. 

At times when I cannot wait for morning to be uplifted and inspired, I read for hours before falling asleep to comfort myself. The Messages are a calming influence in a world that seems insane to me at times. The good news is that each new day brings another opportunity to do it better with encouragement from the Ones Above. It is a delight to be reminded each day of key concepts. The Messages are practical and simple. I love them!”
Jeannie Bloomfield, Intentional Interiors, Sarasota , Florida

“I truly enjoy reading them and look forward to each new Day.  I feel has through I am on a journey. Thank You!!!”
B.T. Clarkdale, Arizona

“These messages are incredible!”
Bonny K.

“Your ebook about the Tzolkin calendar, the mayan day keepers and their messages has helped me tremendously in my own journey and personal work! The format of daily messages from 1 to maybe 5 pages was perfect for me as I’m kind of a slow reader and get discouraged sometimes taking on any book that’s a 100+ pages. I have followed the messages almost every day with few exceptions and loved every single moment of it. It has given me countless insights and continues to do so! One of the messages that really hit me was about the difference in “giving advice” and simply sharing… that point alone has been valuable to me beyond measure. From the bottom of my heart and depths of my soul, THANK YOU! :)”
Christopher, Santa Cruz, California

“I have begun reading the ebook, and just from reading DAY 1, my heart became so full of releasing tears (yeah i really needed it.) I have been able to grow and realize and release old belief codes…the Mayan Messages have surely been a Blessing! Thank YOU! ;~))))”
ABW, Bedford, Ohio

“The daily readings are deeply insightful. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.”
Charles W., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“This is very timely. Exactly what I needed.”
David M., Sterling Heights, Michigan

“I just read your Mayan Day Keepers: Trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit.  It is so RIGHT ON and I loved it.”
J. Gibson, Camp Verde, Arizona

“I’m enjoying your messages very much; even more than just enjoying. I read your daily reading every morning, and it’s good for tuning into a subtle kind of rhythm, the kind that resonates across time and the globe, from Arizona to the Middle East.”
E. S., Israel

“The moment, I came in contact with your site and read the first words of what you have to say, I immediately got aroused and all bells rang true. I knew that a new channel just had opened, offering again highly valuable information, pure wisdom to me. Since I bought the whole book, it is almost a daily source of wisdom and inspiration for me. Direct vibrational contact in love. Constructive support at its best. Thank you for spreading the word, Theresa. Full of love and gratitude.”
Hans W., Berlin, Germany

“I appreciate all your efforts to promote inner well being. Although at times I cannot absorb the message fully, I have been able to find friends who seem to be waiting for just that message and so I have passed on the email.”
John S., Bay Port, New York

“All the Mayan messages bring peace and enlightened and leave the sensation that the change of our world starts by changing each of us first…So the more I read, the more I want to investigate, share with others to dismantle all the belief of fear that certain persons have planted in the heart of human beings.”
L. Arreaza, Zulia, Venezuela

“Your messages are such a source of support and clarity. I appreciate all you have done for me personally. You are a conduit for change and support to us and the earth. Big thanks.”
S. G., Camp Verde, Arizona

“I follow your book every day.  I just love it.”
Linda L.

“One thing that struck me as so true in this when I read how difficult it is to ‘appreciate’ and feel gratitude for the ‘negative’ side of events. But when you do ponder and see how much growth and other wonderful gifts come from any kind (or even depth) of adversity it makes you realize that everything happens for a reason.”
Teresa L., Mansfield, Texas

“The Mayan Messages is my Bible!!  I love it!!  Thank-you for sharing!  I have grown so much since reading this book on a daily basis.”
Diana Clark, Sarasota, Florida

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  1. I have been reading these messages and letting their wisdom sit deep within me. In doing so, I helped to manifest a gift of a campus worth over $8M!!! Knowing this wisdom while we prayed, meditated and allowed this amazing thing to occur was like having a personal spiritual cheerleader each time I would open my emails and read the mayan messages.
    I look forward to sharing this book through our bookstore on the campus.
    We are so powerful, beyond our wildest dreams!!


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