Days 105 – 117

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This Trecena (thirteen day period) is overseen by Chicchan, the serpent. This is a time that supports transformation, on all levels. Are you ready to break from an addictive behavior, change your way of thinking, seek new employment or make the move you have been dreaming about? Call on Chicchan to help decide the next step in creating your reality. This moment NOW is what creates your future. Dare to dream big and shed what is undesirable!

D05 Chicchan


Day 105 – Re-Creating Your Self

Day 106 – Embrace All

Day 107 – Energy Drains

Day 108 – Discover Your Truth

Day 109 – Change Your Life

Day 110 – Love Thyself

Day 111- Darkness to Light

Day 112 – Attend to Your Needs

Day 113 – Live in the Moment

Day 114 – Response Ability

Day 115 – Fine Tuning

Day 116 – Dream Big!

Day 117 – Speak Your Truth


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  105

Chicchan  1           Re-Creating Your Self

I am Chicchan with Tone 1. Welcome to this time of sharing. As the archetypal symbol of the serpent, I would like to re-address the issue of shedding old habits. Today is an ideal time for you to begin anew. With conscious effort and will power, it will become easy for you to release old belief codes that have led you down the path to where you are this moment.

I am here to encourage you to take full responsibility for every action and every emotion you are feeling at this time in your life. There is no more need to hang on to feelings of victimhood or “woe is me.” It is time to transcend these low energy memories into new belief codes that will allow you to grow more into the beautiful Beings that you are. You are already perfect, each of you, although many of you no longer remember this is true.

There are no sinners condemned to an eternity in damnation. Can you imagine the amount of energy it takes to sustain this belief? Does it make sense to you that a place of eternal damnation would be created by an all-loving Father? Know that what you reap you will sow, either in this lifetime, the after-life or your next incarnation. Experiencing the pain you inflict on others is your hell. This does not mean you have to wallow in it for eternity. It does mean that at the soul level, you will experience what you have sown.

How can you shed fears and belief codes that keep you locked into a life of pain and sorrow? When going within, you must have the courage to face your fears and to accept responsibility for your emotions and actions. We are not saying that you are responsible for actions that others have perpetrated on you. However, we are saying that you are responsible for how you respond to those actions.

Many of you live your life based on choices you made out of fear of being hurt, abused or ridiculed. This no longer need be the case; it never was. It is time to shed your skin and live your life anew. It can be done, but will take diligence and courage on your part. You must learn to forgive and let go of any grievances you have towards others. You have no right or responsibility to correct the decisions others make. You have no power over the choices that others make. Allow them to walk their path. They will all be fine, just as you will be, for all Paths lead back to Source. In the meantime, allow everyone to make their choices, for they will reap what they sow, just as you will. You each are responsible for every word you utter, every thought you think, every move you make and every emotion you feel.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, you are always responsible for the actions you take and the emotions you feel. This is why we speak so often of finding peace and balance in all things. Look at the spiritual leaders whose hearts are filled with love, even for those who trespass against them. They are your role models; it can be done, but it takes practice, diligence and courage.

Go back to scenarios that left you feeling wounded or scarred. When you talk to others and retell the stories of bad events in your life, look closely for they may be indicators of unhealed wounds that keep you tied in the “woe is me” mindset. When you are able to share your stories simply as a means of helping others heal, then you will know you have healed your own wounds. When they are fully healed, there will be no emotional charge when you retell your story. There will come a time when you set aside your stories, for you will not need them, even to assist others, for you will have moved into a place where a listening ear and a heart-to-heart connection is all that is needed to assist others to move past their wounds.

As you uncover unresolved issues and unhealed wounds, observe them closely. Forgive and release any animosity you have towards anyone or anything, including yourself. Most of you are your own worst enemies, for you let anger and resentment build while dumping guilt and shame into the wound. Treat everything as a learning experience, no matter how unpleasant it was. Take time to observe what you learned from the event. If you reacted to a situation in an inappropriate manner, role-play scenarios of how you will react differently when the same or similar situation recurs.

If you have learned something from the experience, take time to feel gratitude for the experience and the lesson learned. Now you have the ability to reach out and assist others who have experienced similar situations. Isn’t that a wonderful gift? There is not one event that does not have merit or purpose, whether you play the role of victim, perpetrator or observer. There is value in everything. As you become more aware of your ability to co-create with others in the higher frequency Realms, the more you will understand the bigger picture of what is happening on your planet.

There is no emotion higher than love. There is no place more important than here. There is no time more important than now. To love people here and now is the most important priority you can have. Like Master teachers, no matter what others say or do, you can be shielded in such a way that you can maintain your sense of peace and dignity. Only you can give away your power when you get upset over another’s actions.

No one can make you happy. No one can make you sad. No one can make you feel anything. Every emotion you harbor is a personal choice based on past experiences. You have the power within to recreate how you react in any event. You will learn not to draw certain experiences to yourself, for there will be no need to recreate those scenarios in your life, once they are healed. Isn’t that good news?

You have the power to choose peace and joy in every situation. Even if you don’t fully believe it, try it and see if it is not the Truth. No matter what situation you can think of, there have been people who have experienced it. In each of these scenarios, people have responded in various ways. Many people have suffered traumatic injuries or diseases. As a result, some are morose to the point of being suicidal while others blossom as a result. Can you not see that each person chooses how they will respond to their situation? Again, it is you who has control over your emotions. However, most of you have been sleepwalking, not knowing that your patterns are nothing more than learned behaviors. These behaviors are set up to enforce the belief codes you choose throughout your life.

Change your belief codes, become aware of the behavioral patterns that enforce them and change those that no longer are valid. Do these things and your life will unfold like a lotus blossom. You have within you the ability to do these things. We are here to support you. Come to us anytime, day or night. Release the anguish you have bottled up inside so you can hear our words. Be brave and move forward with anticipation and expectation that all is well. Know that you have within you the power to change any and all things that are causing you to be unbalanced.

We also suggest you become more mindful of the things you place on and inside your body. Everything has a frequency that affects each aspect of you. Diligently research the products you use and make wise choices. By taking care of your body as though it were a sacred temple, which it is, you can better clear your mind and energy field so you can reach higher states of awareness. There is much more we could say on these topics, but this is not the time.

We encourage you to take a few moments now and prayerfully go within to your quiet space and seek guidance from your Higher Self. Know you are loved and blessed beyond measure. No matter what pains you felt in the past, they need not be masked by drugs, bad habits or fear. Have the courage to go into your inner closet and start pulling out those things that no longer fit the person you wish to be.

Selamet!  Chicchan 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  106

Cimi  2             Embrace All

Greetings, I am Cimi 2. Today we would like to share a message related to siblings. Each of you in essence are brothers and sisters, even though not all of you are from the same human bloodline. Yet within each of you is a common form of DNA. There are many strands, as they are called, each having codes that can be switched on or off at any time. Once these codes are turned on, it is rare that they are switched off, but know that it can occur.

When you enter into this Realm as a babe, you have a certain amount of the codes in the “on” position. The masses generally have the same amount of codes turned on. Those with more codes turned on may have psychic abilities such as telekinesis, inner vision and telepathy. In order to turn on more switches, the human must go through experiences of love. This type of love is unconditional and surpasses any prior experiences. These are “Aha!” moments, when the person suddenly understands something spiritual. Perhaps there was someone they harbored anger against, then after reading a book they realized how to forgive with such a deep understanding that they no longer hold resentment towards this person. This is a greater understanding of unconditional love.

Love, like all emotions, has a unique energetic vibration. Every time a human reaches a new level of unconditional love, he also reaches a higher level of vibration. It is at this time that another code is turned on. It is similar to electricity, if too much electricity goes through a conductor, there will be a short or a blowing of the fuse. If there is no fuse to break the circuit, overheating of the wires can cause a fire to occur.

Your body is filled with electrical circuits. If you were to put in too much amperage, you would blow your circuits. The codes are similar to fuses; they stop the flow from wreaking havoc in the body. As the human begins to understand love more completely, he begins to resonate at a higher frequency, which is similar to the allowance of more amperage in the body. As more codes are turned on, the body is capable of resonating at a higher frequency.

Each time a code is turned on, more psychic gifts become available. All of a sudden, the person may be able to see ghosts or Spirit Beings, while some are able to communicate with unseen Beings on a clearer level. Many begin to have a variety of enhanced abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis or enhanced intuition. Some begin to have prophetic dreams and visions.

Although these are all associated with an increasing amount of love, these gifts can be used for the purpose of greed, notoriety and acts of war. Each individual has free will. Inwardly, they may think that the manner in which they are using their gifts is for the betterment of society. This happens often when governments influence psychic children and impressionable adults. They are brainwashed into thinking they are helping the world become a better place. We do not hold judgment against these individuals; we wish only that you know these things are occurring and as these activities become known to the public, it is our hope that you do not judge them, either. Remember that each of you are walking a unique path and that all leads back to Source.

In order for you to have more codes turned on, you will have to experience more love in your life. This can be done through an earnest quest for Truth, but the experience and integration of these Truths must be attained first. It is one thing to hear something and another level to understand what you heard and quite another to implement that knowledge into your daily life. Can you see the difference?

On rare occasions, a code can be turned off. This happens when the individual knowingly and intentionally continues to use his/her psychic abilities in such a manner that creates havoc in the world. These individuals indeed are rare on the Earth. Even Adolph Hitler, whom many of you hate, did not fall into this category, for in his heart, he truly believed that what he was doing was for the betterment of the world. Again, we do not judge the actions of others and hope that you will not judge others, for this creates more chaos in the world.

Once you have a code turned on, changes may occur in your body as you begin vibrating at a higher frequency. Just like changing the flow of water in your spigot, there may be a few ripples or burps as the water adjusts to its new rate of flow. Often, these changes occur unnoticed. Those who are aware and observant may note various changes. One thing that is common to all is that your sense of loving others unconditionally increases. As more codes are turned on, you become increasingly able to see the beauty in all things and have a greater sense of Unity. Eventually, you will see all others as equals, as siblings, none greater and none lesser. You will come to the understanding that each of you is a child of God playing a unique role on Earth. You will begin to look into each other’s eyes and see a reflection of yourself and know that each person is a part of your Self. You will better understand that you are truly Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

There are many symptoms associated with code changes. Most physical symptoms are transitory, lasting only a short while as the body makes the necessary changes to receive the increased flow of energy. Know that we are speaking in simple terms about a very complex situation. You may shake or vibrate. You may find certain foods become indigestible, causing a desire to eat healthier foods. Generally, the diet begins to change when the person no longer craves low-density foods that are highly processed, sugary or with high amounts of artificial ingredients. Those who continue to eat these foods may find that their body does not tolerate them and begin to feel tired, achy and bloated. Pay attention to what you place into and on your body and how you feel after doing so.

Many begin to have allergy symptoms such as skin rashes, tired eyes, lethargy and sinus problems. Often, there is an increase in toxic removal as your body attempts to purge stored chemicals in order to receive more light into each cell. The symptoms feel very similar to the flu: achiness, headaches, fatigue, fever, diarrhea and such. The worst generally passes in a couple of days. We highly recommend you do not use pharmaceuticals to mask these symptoms. It would be in your highest good to seek out assistance from those who are knowledgeable in herbal and natural remedies. Once your body settles into the new frequencies, you will feel more balanced and at peace. You can allay many of these discomforts by drinking large amounts of pure water and resting when you feel tired.

Changes may occur in other areas of your life. You may begin to look at your life through a new set of eyes and change behaviors that no longer suit you. This may occur by outgrowing certain relationships and ways you spend your recreational time. You may find yourself feeling an impulse to move or to change jobs. Some will want to become closer to family and friends. Many will look closer at their spiritual beliefs and make changes that bring them closer to God. Often the changes are subtle and not noticed by the individual, yet others may notice these changes. The friends you no longer wish to hang out with may attempt to rein you in tighter. They may try to coerce you to continue to hang out with them or may ridicule you and accuse you of such things as being a traitor or being “holier than thou.”

It can be very difficult to break some of these habits, but it must be done if you wish to continue on a path of self-empowerment. Through time, you may find that some of these friends begin to respect you for taking charge of your life and swimming against the flow. When this occurs, you will have an opportunity to be a role model for those who wish to make similar changes in their life, reaching out to your brothers who are ready to awaken to their full potential.

You may have already noticed that many children and young adults exhibit a wide range of psychic abilities. Their understanding of love is quite high and their ability to reach out to others in need is exceptional. This is because many of  them are incarnating on this Earth with more codes turned on than previous generations. We are truly in a time of great change and these children are way-showers, allowing you the ability to make a great evolutionary leap in understanding and implementing unconditional love. This has never happened on the face of Earth before, although there are times in earth’s history in which physical leaps have occurred, such as understanding how to build incredible structures and knowledge of the movement of the stars. During those times, humans were influenced by their siblings who reside in far off galaxies. Although there were great enhancements in technology, this was not associated with enhancements in the ability to love.

You are here during a unique part of earth’s history. It matters not what your beliefs are when it comes to religion, politics or the price of eggs. What is important is that you seek to love all others as your most cherished sibling. No matter what culture, race or ethnic background, you all come from the same heavenly family. Once you can get beyond the barriers of separation and begin to live together in harmony, you will find that Earth is a paradise for all to enjoy in peace and love.

We hope these words reach your heart and help you understand the importance of releasing judgments and emotions that block you from receiving the love that is your birthright and the essential makeup of your entire galaxy. Begin to see all others as an extension of yourself. See each experience that happens as a blessing and a lesson that has the ability to move you closer to light and love. Remember that dark energies glop together forming dense layers of low energy. Light energies such as unconditional love, gently flow through all things like a light breeze on an early spring morning. Choose only situations that lead you to love and watch as your life magically unfolds. Choose how to respond to each situation that arises in your life. You have the ability to move forward and change the things that keep you from being happy each moment. You have everything you need within you. We are here only to remind you what a wonderful person you are! Greet each day with new eyes, looking at each person you encounter, knowing they are your brothers and sisters. Have the courage to break through any barriers that keep you in separation!

Selamet!  Cimi 2


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  107

Manik  3            Energy Drains

Good Day. I am Manik 3 and am delighted to be of service to you. We are pleased with the progress you are making and your interest in awakening yourself to your fullest potential. There is no grander adventure than to be fully aware of your spiritual nature while residing in human form.

We are here today to share more information regarding your ability to manifest all you desire. Perhaps if you have been with us since Day 1, you already are noting great changes in your life. Each belief code you change and each fear you overcome unlocks another series of doors for you to explore. There is no stopping your ability to change anything in your life at any time. We are here to encourage you to open each door, peak inside and enter those that interest you. If you open a door that does not interest you, simply close it and continue to the next.

As you learn to say “no” to the requests of others and begin to say, “Yes, I want to do that!” more often, your life will blossom and your ability to express your passions will bloom. You will find that you have more time, money and wealth when you set aside the things you did to impress others or to fulfill another’s expectations. Enjoy these times. Learn to relax more. Stress ages the body and takes the fun out of living. Sleep when you are tired. Eat when you are hungry. Play when you feel the urge.

When your body is refreshed and your mind is clear, you have the ability to be more creative. It is during this time that it is optimal to set clear intentions for the things you wish to manifest and experience in life. We have shared various methods on how to manifest in previous Messages.

Today we wish to emphasize clearing the things that take time and energy away from what you truly desire. Be rested when you set your intentions, for it takes energy to set your dreams into motion. Today, consciously be aware of how you spend your time and energy that keeps you from moving forward with your dreams. Begin saying, “No, thank you.” to the things that drain you in order to free more time and energy for yourself.

We thank you for joining us and leave with you with an astral hug and kiss of joy. Indeed, you are blessed and loved more than you can possibly imagine!

Selamet!  Manik 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  108

Lamat  4              Discover Your Truth

Today is Lamat 4. It is a grand day, one of great celebration, for you have chosen to be alive on planet Earth. Many of you take your life for granted, not knowing the full magnitude of your power and Spiritual Essence. We are here to help you remember the power within yourself and the ripple effects of every conscious thought you have.

Most of you feel separated from your family and friends when they “cross over,” but this need not be, for they are as alive and vibrant as you, although their world is unseen by most of you. Those times are coming to an end, for the Veils are thinning and more people are able to see the Other Side, if only for a brief moment in time. However, these moments are life changing. How can you not believe in the After Life once you have experienced it?

Others of you feel separated from family and friends when one moves a far distance, this need not be so, either. Each of you has the ability to communicate in more ways than through the use of electronic devices. Hone your ability to connect intuitively and you will understand. There are many people and books that can assist those who are ready to increase their psychic abilities.

Unfortunately, many of you balk at such undertakings because your religions have instilled belief codes associating the devil with psychic abilities. This is unfortunate, yet the early fathers had reasons for doing so. In many cases there were people using these powers to destroy and manipulate others. Yet it was these same people who ultimately made the choice to deny these abilities to the common people. How well can you control others when they are on an equal understanding as yourself?

Many of these beliefs were placed into your religious documents as a means to control people by making them feel less than the gods and religious leaders. If you want to control others, the first thing you must do is make them believe that you are of a higher understanding, someone with knowledge that only they have the ability to understand. This hierarchy of governance has been the downfall for man throughout earth’s history.

The time has come for each of you to look closely at every belief you hold to be true. Most beliefs were inhaled on blind faith, never once questioning the authority of those who proclaimed these truths. Have you taken the time to go back into the original documents to see what was written so long ago? It is a very difficult task indeed, for most of those documents were destroyed long ago, yet many are being rediscovered. You may find the distortions of many of those truths you hold dear to your heart have no foundation in truth.

No matter what words are written or lost, the Truth is ever-present in the world around you. There is much you can learn by observing Nature in action, for Nature is a reflection of the Creator. All is perfectly balanced and in harmony when there is no human intervention. Have you studied the symbiosis between plants, animals and landscape? Every birth, every new sprout unto itself is a miracle. You also are given the ability to sprout and grow when given the proper circumstances.

Do you wish to believe there is a punishing creator who selects humans to toss into eternal damnation? Is there such an experience happening in Nature? Do you see trees battling for positions of authority? You may see things such as this within the animal kingdom, but it is for their survival that authority is established, not for dominion over others. When was the last time you saw birds uniting to war against other bird tribes? You may see some birds attempting to rob the nests of others for their meal. Once again, this is a symbiotic relationship designed to keep balance in Nature. Humans war against each other for greed and feign they are saviors in order to gain control over the resources of other nations.

Territorial maps sadden us. We look at the lines of demarcation, such as states and countries, separating brothers and sisters. Humans mark their territory as a cherished possession then do all in their power to keep others from trespassing on their claimed land. When the Earth was created, it was designed to be used freely by all, not parceled off into little bundles of separation. We look forward to the time when all of our human brothers re-awaken to the truth that they all are from the same Creator, that no church holds the only path to salvation.

Many of your religions speak of being the only pathway to truth. How can this be? Do you not believe that your Creator allows you to connect directly? Would you create anything less in your family? How unfortunate, indeed, is the person who has the inability to connect with his God until the right person shows up to do it for him. Does this make sense to you? We are here to assist in uniting all of humanity into One, for we came from one Source and we shall return to one Source.

We could continue on, but we know that those who most need to hear these words are likely to have their minds closed and will toss these words aside. Yet we know that many of you are seeking. You have experienced the world’s religions and have a yearning to know more, for you inwardly know there is more to be ascertained. We applaud you for your courage to reach out and seek for Truth. You do not have to seek far, for the Truth always remains within you.

The ability to go inside and to connect with your Higher Self and Source is within your grasp. Many do not realize they are able to do so. It is your intuition, that inner knowing, that is your connection. Paying attention to this knowingness is your key to fine tuning your connection to Source. All of you have this ability. Granted, some are more adept and have had longer relationships with these abilities. This makes none of you more or less important, for you are all one.

The human persistence in categorizing and judging others is a major downfall and detrimental to your overall growth. There are many admiral books on the subject of increasing your ability to connect with your Higher Self, Angels and Guides. We will not elaborate here; however, we will give you some suggestions on finding books that will answer your questions. When you enter a bookstore or go online to check out books, have the questions you are seeking firmly in your mind. This could simply be a statement such as, “Show me a book that will help me to connect with my Higher Self.” Pay close attention to what happens around you.

If you are in a bookstore, you may feel drawn to go to a certain aisle, a book may fall at your feet, perhaps a volume will speak to you or a book may look lighter than others. Another method is to place the book in your hands while firmly planting your feet on the ground. Keeping your knees unlocked and body balanced, notice if you tend to slightly sway forward or backward. Swaying forward is a “yes” answer, swaying backward is a “no” answer.

If you are online, you may find that your computer screen goes to a book that you didn’t type in. Some of you may be skilled in using kinesiology or the use of pendulums; these are also tools that can be used to find the right books and materials to answer your current questions. Many others feel sensations or gut feelings; these are also valid responses to what is right and perfect for you in that moment.

There are a variety of ways to ascertain what is for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. Begin to hone these skills until you trust your responses in all situations. Take an honest look at the church you attend or your study groups. Is there a format in which you can question the teachings? If not, then this is a close-minded group and you would do well to find another format in which you can learn and grow at your own pace. Take notice of what you have believed from youth, for the religion of your parents may be out-dated and stunting your growth.

Dare to be open-minded and look for Truth in all things. Ask questions, especially of those who have thoughts different from your own. Instead of perpetuating the differences among yourselves, learn to work together and discover the similarities. Break down the barriers of separation. There are no two among you who have the same beliefs in all things. Each of you is unique, with the ability to change your mind. This is the beauty of being human, being able to think what you choose, to behave as you choose and to change what does not feel right for you. This is a God-given right that you were blessed with when you entered this Realm. It is called “free will” and although it frees you to do whatever you choose, there are repercussions that come with each choice you make.

However, when you choose to exercise your free will to do things that are kind, humble and for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, you will find yourself living a life with a higher vibrational frequency called “love.” This does not mean your life will be easier or that you will earn the respect of others. This does mean that you will begin living in integrity and that peace, joy and kindness are gifts you will receive. Can you think of a better way to spend your days on Earth?

We conclude by encouraging you to go within and take note of the beliefs that are dear to your heart and have the courage to question whether they continue to be valid for you. We are here to assist when you are ready to make changes and release the fears associated with these changes. We love you beyond human measurement and are in awe of you. Even if you cannot hear us or see us with your physical senses, know that we are close by to help lead you on the Path of your choosing.

Selamet!  Lamat 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  109

Muluc  5               Change Your Life

I am Muluc 5 and am grateful for this time we have to share. There are many changes occurring on your planet and within yourself at this time. As you study with us and others, you will find a quickening happening with your body. There will be times when you feel you may be going insane, for you have thoughts, feelings and perhaps physical vibrations that you have never experienced before.

Be not afraid of any physical changes happening to you. This is all part of what many call the ascension process which has been written about in nearly every ancient religious text. The ascension can be defined many ways due to various interpretations throughout the ages. You each have the free will to choose the path that adheres to your belief codes.

Thus, if you believe there is a hell, a place of damnation, then when you pass from this world to the next, you will experience the hell of your dreams. This does not mean that you will remain there forever, but you will remain there as long as you adhere to this belief code. In order to exit this hell, you will need to come to the conclusion that there must be something better and seek it.

Your current belief codes hold tremendous power over your ability to make choices that are in your best interest. Think back on times when you adhered to a specific truth, no matter how trivial it was. Then remember the feelings and thoughts surrounding that belief code when you had an “Aha!” moment and discarded the initial thought for another. Notice how you also changed various patterns and behaviors associated with the old code that did not fit your new paradigm.

As an example, let us say that as a child you didn’t like spinach. It could very well be that you never tasted spinach, but you witnessed others who didn’t like spinach making faces while eating it or overhead comments in which others said they did not like the taste of spinach. Thus, you create the belief code, “Spinach tastes bad.” For years, you run this program, refusing to eat anything that has spinach in it. It is likely that others adopted your belief code when you made faces when spinach was offered to you or when you proclaimed your belief that spinach tastes bad.

Then one day, you decide to try spinach and find that it is delicious! Thus, you discard your old belief code for a new one, “Spinach tastes delicious.” As a result, you add spinach to your raw salads; you order spinach dishes at restaurants and add spinach to your home menus. You may even decide that you would like to grow spinach in your garden. You then begin to think to yourself, “I wonder how many other foods I didn’t like as a child that I might find tasty?” As a result, you begin to try new foods.

Can you see how one simple belief code can make changes in your life, as well as others? You have thousands of these codes running this very minute. It is in your best interest to seek them out and decide which need to be strengthened and which need to be discarded. Your life will become magic when you clean out the codes that are keeping you enslaved with fearful thoughts. Each code you discard will open doors of opportunities that are currently closed to you.

You have within you the ability to do this work. It is the most important job you have and the benefits are tremendous! Many of you are overly concerned about changing, helping and saving others, yet do not go within and take care of your own busy-ness. We encourage you to look at the log in your eye before you concern yourself with the splinter in another’s eye, elsewise, you will simply be the blind leading the blind. Stay in the moment and observe your thoughts, actions and emotions. Question yourself as honestly as you can, “Why do I think this way?” Bless each action as a learning tool or simply an experience. Let the healing begin and let your Self guide you to make the changes that will enhance your time on Earth.

Selamet!  Muluc 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  110

Oc  6             Love Thyself

Greetings, I am Oc 6 and we welcome this time of sharing with you. It is in the best interest of all on Earth and beyond to work together at this time. We are all from the same Source and will return to the same Source. Many of your ancient and religious teachings make the statements that we are all One, that we are brothers and sisters and indeed, this is true. Know it in your hearts, look into each other’s eyes and see this Truth. Until you know in your hearts that you are the same, you will create separation, which is the downfall of any civilization.

Learn from the animals, they know they are one with all. They do not separate themselves by proclaiming dominion over others. Observe the ants, they live in the moment, not discoursing over wars. They simply do what needs to be done, as a team. You can learn much by observing the symbiotic relationships in Nature.

When humans create labels of separateness, all hell breaks loose. Heaven on Earth can be a reality when each of you consciously chooses to make it so. There is one underlying theme that can make this a reality, love thy neighbor as thyself. The problem is that many of you have not learned to love thyself. How can anyone expect to love their neighbor if he cannot love himself first? This is an impossible reality.

These Messages are designed to help you to understand and love thyself. It always begins by going within. Many of you spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy on your outer self when it comes to grooming and appearances. Yet far fewer take time to go within and do the necessary grooming that allows them to shine their inner light. This is best done in deep meditation; however, you can also reflect during any moment of the day. This can only be done if your mind is not cluttered with fear or busy-ness that keeps you distracted from what is essential, love of Self. We encourage you to make a commitment to spend time working on your inner self. Learn to connect with your personal Spiritu Guides; they are waiting for you to ask for their assistance.

Have the courage to look at the hurts and pains you have accumulated over time in order to start healing them. Your belief codes keep you locked into stinking thinking. Creating new belief codes that open doors to deeper love of self and others is your true salvation. We do not suggest that you leave a church or give up any religious texts in which you find comfort. However, we do suggest you look at any beliefs that state that some are better than others, for these are not accurate. Each of you has within you the power to find the true love of Source; you need no mediators.

Only you can forgive your trespassers. Only you can choose to love all unconditionally. Only you can make the choice to be respectful of Nature. You are in charge of your destiny. We offer you keys to your salvation by simply asking you to go within and clean out the garbage that stinks and is heavy-laden. There are many Paths to Source. Each of you has a unique blending of ideas and resources. Each of you is infinitely important and loved by those whom you may not even know exist. We are speaking of those who reside in Dimensions that most of you are unable to see with your physical eyes. Know that we are ever-present, willing and able to assist you in your ascension process.

It is time to move forward into higher Dimensions. We long to have you by our sides again. We see your tears and hear your pleas as you live in this realm of forgetfulness. It brings us great joy when a brother finds his way home, remembering his true roots. We offer our assistance to bring you closer to home, as well. Many of you will choose to remain in human form, for a time. Life on Earth will be much easier when you remember your family and can count on your brothers and sisters for support. Know that you are One with the uni-verse (one voice) and that you have at your fingertips all possible solutions to eternal joy and peace!

Selamet!  Oc 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  111

Chuen  7              Darkness to Light

I am Chuen 7 and welcome you to this day. There are many changes happening upon the planet that is affecting each of you. Many of you feel the need to get things done. Many feel the impulse to move to a new location or are having difficulties finding your place in the work field. These are natural occurrences; let these things flow through you and not get caught in the angst of the moment. Many of you are leaving the planet, dying in quick and sometimes unusual ways. A host of you are having emotional and mental issues arising as a result of repressed feelings of childhood memories. Hospitals are filling with those who have contracted diseases such as cancer and heart disorders. This is all part of the ascension process.

For eons, you have been able to exercise free will and make choices based on nothing more than wanting to have a new experience. These times are changing. The experience that allowed all of this to take place has now reached its end. It is similar to having a free pass to a carnival. You can go on any rides you choose, play any of the games, sit in the kissing booth and eat all the candied apples and hot dogs you desire. However, at midnight, the carnival closes and you must return home.

This is what is happening on Earth at this time; the carnival is closing and it is time to go home. These changes will affect many of you deeply and not very gracefully. As you look around, it seems others are barely affected; they still have good jobs, their homes and plenty of money to spend on trivial things. You may feel jealous or upset. You have worked hard and feel undeserving of the difficulties in your life. Those who are faring these times well may feel they are better in some ways, especially in moral issues or because they feel more spiritual than others. Either way, you are about to learn that you are all equal and that each of you, through your thoughts, words, actions and emotions have created your reality based on the belief codes you have accumulated.

This will be a hard lesson for many to learn, for you must take responsibility for all of your current issues. You will realize that every judgment you placed on another has now come back to you, as you experience others judging you. Every act of kindness you expressed will also come back to you. Will you receive them with gratitude or feelings of unworthiness? Your financial situation is dependent on your feelings of inadequacy or blocking of abundance on various levels. Your relationships are a mirrored response of your ability to love others unconditionally. Those who love without judgment are able to receive the love of others without feelings of mistrust and misgivings.

Those of you who find yourselves homeless or on the verge of losing all your worldly possessions will find that deep within you lies belief codes attached to poverty issues. As you uncover these codes, it is wise to not be angry with yourself. Simply see what you have accumulated, bless the ability to see more clearly and take steps to create the reality you desire. In the news, you will hear stories of governmental cover-ups that affect every area of your life. You will come to realize that your insurance companies, banking institutions, educational systems and health industries have been designed to keep you under the control of a few wealthy people who have an ultimate goal of world domination. This may sound like fantasy to you, however, read history books; every generation had moguls with this goal, why should your generation be different?

Through the ages, you have given away your power to those that blinded you and kept you in the dark. They have led you to believe they are wiser and all-knowing and that you should trust them to make legal and monetary decisions for you. Blindly, you accepted their generous offers and now it has come back to haunt you and suppress every area of your life. As you realize the truth and magnitude of this invasion upon your life, it is crucial that you keep your emotions under control. As we have spoken in past Messages, your thoughts and emotions are highly charged and reach out to the entire universe. This is the fabric that creates your reality. Can you imagine millions of people getting angry as they discover all the offenses that have occurred? Remember that heavy negative emotions glop together. If all this anger is released, it will create havoc in the world. As a result, you will see a rise in the force of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and social unrest.

On the bright side, if you look at these things without judging them and can maintain a sense of peace and forgiveness towards those in control, the results will be much different. Feel gratitude that you now have a clearer picture of what has occurred. Be thankful for having the opportunity to be on this planet, especially during this time of great transition. Feel the joy of knowing you have the power to create your reality. What a blessing! Instead of focusing on revenge or harboring resentment toward others, place your awareness on how you can create the life of your dreams. In previous Messages, we have shared with you that love is a flowing energy. Love flows through things and continues sending blessings to all that are able to receive. Those filled with dark thoughts and gloppy energy will not be able to receive love, for their energy field is too dense.

If you wish to change your status on the Earth, you will need to release the dark energy that inhibits you from accepting the blessings of free-flowing love. That is why we share these Messages with you, to encourage you to daily go within yourself and seek out these gloppy energies. We have much concern for those of you who are hard-headed and most likely to create more dark energies as the truth of your oppressors comes to light. We highly suggest you spend much time reflecting on your own inner darkness rather than what others have done, for you have no control over their choices, only your own. We have talked at length about how to rid yourself of these dark energies and how to put love energies into practice. This is the time to begin, for there is no other thing on Earth that is more important. There is a great change about to occur on the planet, many believe the Earth will be destroyed and many believe that life on Earth will become hellish. We are here to tell you that your role will be played out exactly as you believe it will, for your belief codes are creating your reality.

This is why some among you are not being affected by the rising tide of poverty and disease; they see themselves in a different reality. Have you ever tried to persuade others to believe in something you hold dear to your heart, yet they would not listen or change their opinion? Nothing in the world will persuade them until they make the choice. This is the beauty of free will. It also applies to you. There are many things you hold dear to your heart and no matter what others say or do, you will continue to hold fast, until you choose not to. This is why we encourage you to work on yourself and not others. Your world will be exactly what you create. If you choose to hold onto feelings of unworthiness and lack, you will stay in that position. If you choose to be a victim of oppression, you will stay in that reality. Like the carnival story, you have a choice what to do after midnight. You can go home and go to bed or hang out with your friends and do other things. You can wait for the gates to close and sneak back into the carnival. There is an array of possibilities. This is true for every area of your life.

We say all of this to let you know that indeed you are the creator of your reality. Yes, there are things that are beyond your control due to the mass consciousness of large groups. However, these issues cannot affect you on a deep level, if you choose to believe otherwise. Disease, depression, oppression are all belief codes you can hold dear to your heart or reject. Look inside deeply, observe your beliefs and choose whether to continue with those belief codes or to discard them and replace them with new codes. You do have the power and ability to create a utopian society for yourself even amongst all the angst of the world. Seek like-minded individuals who are not in the doom and gloom of the unthinkable acts of those who have taken control of the masses. Talk to these like-minded individuals, learn what they have done and are currently doing to avoid being caught in the web of hysteria. Make friends with these people. Move to another location if you feel that where you are is not in your best interest. Pay attention to your passions. What do you truly desire? Once you find your passions, take steps to make them a part of your reality.

You have everything within you to create the world of your dreams. How much more effective will it be if you who have a vision of Heaven on Earth begin to work together co-creatively toward this common goal? Just as light overcomes darkness when a candle is lit; know that each Lightworker cancels out a huge number of those who work with the darkness. Exponentially, your creative powers accelerate and offset what those in the dark realms are trying to achieve.

Selamet!  Chuen 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  112

Eb  8              Attend to Your Needs

I am Eb 8, welcome! This is indeed a grand and glorious day to be alive on planet Earth! You have at your fingertips the promise of creating whatever you desire. Granted, there are some parameters that keep you bound, yet the grandeur of what you are capable of receiving is beyond the scope of your imagination! Some of you will read these words and think that what we proclaim is balderdash. Practice going within rather than seeking without and soon you will find that your ability to increase your lot in life will grow exponentially.

How might you go about this? We cannot stress enough the importance of setting time aside daily for reflection. We do not suggest you use this time to play the pitiful “woe is me” game, but to go within and seek things that are holding you back from your true destiny, a life filled with joy and abundance. Go within, paying close attention to the buttons that others seem to push, knowing they are your greatest teachers. Emotions that are triggered allow you access into the healing process. If you do not feel anger, resentment, joy or other emotions, you will not have the ability to recall and heal those events.

Have you ever noticed the things that have little impact on you emotionally are usually lost in your memory? Others may tell a story in which you played a part, yet if it had no emotional charge to you, it could be that the entire event has slipped your mind. On the other hand, when you have an experience in which you feel great emotion, it feels as though time slows and you tend to notice things in great detail. Many years later, you can retell the story and feel like you are back in that timeframe, sometimes able to smell, hear, taste and feel the emotions surrounding the event.

We encourage you to bless your emotions, whether you deem them good or bad, for a time will come when you realize the importance and value of each. In your daily reflections, arouse the highly charged emotions that drive you toward fulfilling your passion and those that hinder you from fulfilling your dreams. Use these emotions in such a way that the energy (E) pushes you into motion (E-motion). Allow yourself to feel the emotions of past events that are triggered by current events. If they leave you feeling anything other than joy, pay attention to them. Look for ways you can bless the past situation, forgive yourself and others involved and move on, for emotions that create fear, anger, frustration and such will block the flow of love, joy and peace.

Your behaviors are contingent upon your emotions. Have you ever sung with joy when you were filled with sorrow? It is very difficult to do. Although outwardly your acting skills may be such that you fool others, inwardly you know that the smile on your face is a cover-up for the pain you are feeling. Why do you wish to cover-up your pain? Why not be honest with yourself and others? Find the cause of the pain and eradicate it. There are times when it is perfectly fine to feel pain and let the tears flow. Every time you act a part that is not in alignment with Truth, you block the flow of energy in your body.

When the energy in your body is blocked, it allows heavy frequency energies to begin to glop together. This is the beginning of all disease. At first, it accumulates in your energy field, commonly called the aura. As more heavy energy glops together, it begins to manifest into physical form. These energies then cause havoc in the body, for without assistance from a nutritional diet and conscious attention to the underlying problem, the cells of the body begin to atrophy or become distorted. The body then spends an enormous amount of energy trying to overcome the alien energy fields. This effort reduces the ability of the immune system to battle and overcome the diseased cells, allowing maladies with names such as cancer, diabetes or fatigue to occur.

The body is extremely complex with an innate ability to fight anything that keeps it from functioning optimally. However, the human that uses the body as its vehicle often does not give the body what it needs to work at its best. Learn how to take better care of your body and you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a day. You will learn to relax and make better choices. Your body, mind and spirit will all work together. When one is out of balance, it affects the other two systems.

Scientific research is available that proves the effects of toxins that bombard humans in their environment. Educate yourselves and take time to make the adjustments necessary to maintain optimal health. Your transition will be much smoother when you begin to live consciously, taking care of the needs of your body, mind and soul.

Take time to go within to take care of the needs of your soul. Know that your body has needs that must be met in order to work optimally. Do not continue to delude yourself with thoughts that you must age and that your body will decay, for it was meant to last much longer than you realize. The aging process is a belief code; break the code and work with your body to give it what it needs and watch what happens! Look around and you will find people who have discovered this secret; these people vibrate with love, joy and peace.

Your mind is an awful thing to waste. Humans use very little of their brain capacity. Much of this has to do with the body’s attempt to use all of its resources just to maintain basic functioning. When you treat your body as a temple, much energy is freed, allowing the ability to release more potent information. It is similar to being more mentally alert and physically able to do things when your body’s needs are met. Have you tried to think clearly when you were dehydrated? Have you tried to do extensive exercises after a week of eating junk food? Have you paid attention to your body enough to recognize the correlation between your food intake and your body’s reactions to those foods?

The body, mind and spirit all work together. When one is starved, all three suffer as a result. Be more mindful of how you spend each moment of your life. Pay attention to every morsel you put in your mouth and everything you place on your skin. What you place on your skin is absorbed by the body. Would you eat the shampoo, sunscreen or lotion you apply to your body? If not, then you would be wise to choose products that are edible.

It is impossible to have a clear head when you are exhausted and distracted by so many irrelevant things. Where do you spend your time? Are there things you give attention to that are not your business? Are there things you do that cause you stress and focus your attention away from your passions? Are your relationships fulfilling or are they maintained out of obligation? It is time to recover the time and energy you need to fulfill your passions.

We are not suggesting you go to the “me, me, me” extreme of chucking all except your personal needs. However, we do wish to emphasize that you take care of your needs and allow others to be responsible for their own needs. (We are not referring to life’s essential needs such as food, clothing and shelter.) There is an enormous amount of time and energy that humans are expending on what they perceive to be the needs of others, while in fact they are simply enabling others to continue in their “woe is me” state of helplessness.

The best way to help others is to encourage them to work out their problems for themselves. Let them know they have the ability to do so. Do not be so quick to jump in with what you feel is the perfect answer for others’ dilemmas. Allow others to think for themselves and to try various options. Isn’t this what you would prefer for yourself? When you push your opinions and beliefs onto others, you are attempting to clone them to adopt your belief codes. If that were to happen, this would be quite a dull world in which to live!

We leave you with this thought. Take time today to go within and look at areas that are causing dis-ease in your body, mind and spirit. Make a plan to start taking action towards creating balance in each area of your life. Once you have reached perfection in all areas, then you will be better equipped to give proper advice. The irony is that once you have mastered your Self, you will realize that others do not need your advice. What a splendid day that will be! In that moment, judgment will cease and unconditional love will rule the planet!

Selamet!  Eb 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  113

Ben  9              Live in the Moment

I am Ben 9, thank you for sharing these moments with us. Today we would like to talk on the topic of love, unconditional love. It is difficult for the majority of you to love yourself unconditionally. Until you are able to do so, you will not be able to fully love others as they are. Some persons may be easier to love until they go against you, then you will discover that, alas, you did not truly love them unconditionally. Much effort is placed on being lovable. Many do not stay in integrity, being fearful of losing the other’s love. In the beginning of most relationships, both persons are on their best behavior and life is wonderful. Usually, each person gives up many of the foods, friends and events that bring them the greatest joy in order to please their partner. As time goes on, one or both partners begin to return to their old habits and before long, realize they have very little in common. Often, they knew these things in the beginning, but chose to ignore them in hopes that the other person would change his/her behaviors.

Starting a relationship in hopes that the other person will change, or with the feeling that you can save the other person is not unconditional love. When you try to change others and to mold them into what you think is best for them, you are disrupting their ability to grow and choose their own walk in life. You would do well to look inside yourself to see what it is you wish to change in others, for you will most certainly see that it is you that has an issue that should be dealt with.

Know that every person, place and event in your life is a mirror, an opportunity for you to pay attention to something that is occurring in your life. The reason this happens is due to the universal law, like attracts like. Whatever you focus on will be an active part in your life. In every moment, there are myriads of things happening around you, yet only a few are noticed. You may not notice that a bird flew past you and that there are three ants near your feet. You didn’t hear what the two people behind you said because you were paying attention to the telephone that was ringing. You could smell the jasmine in the air, but didn’t notice the soft scent of the other nearby flowers. If the people behind you were talking on a subject that was of high interest to you, it is likely you would have been so absorbed in their conversation that you wouldn’t even notice a telephone was ringing. The things that most interest you are what you are likely to pay attention to and notice. If you wish to change old habits and belief codes, then it is imperative that you focus your attention on the new habits and codes you wish to develop.

This moment is truly all you have, for all other moments have now faded away. All future moments are simply possible moments, depending on what you choose in this moment. Once you truly grasp this concept, you will see that you are totally in control of how you feel and in creating many of the things you wish to experience.

Mother Teresa had the right idea when she said, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” She knew that by focusing on war, it would only perpetuate war. By focusing on peace, she would be filled with peace, which would permeate into the world.

It is the same for each of you. When you uncover areas of your life you wish to change, take a moment to find ways to change the inappropriate behaviors. As you take those steps, do not look back; keep your focus on the new behavior until it becomes a part of you. Be attentive to every thought you have that takes you back to old behaviors. As soon as you realize you are playing old tapes, change your thought and keep it focused where you wish it to be.

Be mindful of every word you utter. T.H.I.N.K. before you speak using the tools we talked about on Day 80. Is it the right Time to speak? Is it Honest? Is it about “I,I,I” and the ego? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? If what you are about to utter does not fit these criteria, then it is better left unsaid. Each word you utter travels throughout the universe and is timeless. If it is of a negative nature, it will create havoc as it energizes other like thoughtforms. If your words are full of love and kindness, they will flow freely through the universe, brushing all who are open to receiving love and kindness.

Pay attention to your actions and reactions for this is how you represent yourself to the world. You never know how your actions will influence others. One act of kindness allows the possibility for witnesses to use you as a role model and to be inspired to perform acts of kindness toward themselves and others. The world is full of role models who teach others how to be arrogant, self-centered and cruel. Be a model for what you wish to see expressed in the world.

Selamet!  Ben 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  114

Ix  10              Response Ability

I am Ix 10. Welcome to this time of gathering. Today we would like to talk about the topic of love. Again, we refer to unconditional love, that state of being where one allows all others to choose their own Path and does not attempt to change even one iota of another’s Being. There is only one way to become an unconditionally loving Being and that is by releasing any thoughts of separation.

This Earth was designed to be a place of separation; it was a Grand Experiment that has served its purpose. At its inception, it was designed to have a beginning and an end and now the end is here. Many are looking for magical dates for this time to end, yet we say the time is now. There was no date set for it to stop abruptly; it was designed to be a transitional state from one set of rules to another. You are in that transitory time.

During this time, more souls are awakening to their true potential. Great understandings are unfolding as those who have kept the divine mysteries intact for eons now publicly release their knowledge. Indigenous elders are coming together in ceremony and sharing the fulfillment of their prophecies. The leaders of secret societies are welcoming the public into their fold. The doors are wide open as each of you begins to understand the true nature of your spirit Self. This is a time of great awakening and we are delighted to be of assistance to you, our brothers.

Wars have been fought between brothers seeking to destroy each other and take each other’s goods for many generations. Factions were based on the color of skin and cultural belief codes. Many attempts have been made to annihilate entire cultures and races for the simple pleasure of being able to do so. Yet those times are now coming to a close. With the advent of the computer and satellite systems, you have become more aware of what is happening in the world. You are discovering that what happens regionally affects all globally.

There is no longer the ability to deny that humans are destroying the atmosphere and the very fabric of the Earth. You, as a race, must take responsibility for your actions regionally, as well as globally. Many complain and grumble about what others are doing to the world, but have not paid attention to the impact they are having on the world as an individual.

Many of our Messages have spoken of how thoughts, words and emotions affect the world, yet today we would like to delve more into how you personally affect the world in which you live through your actions. Let us start with the dawning of a new day. Pay attention to your daily routine. How much water is used each time you flush your toilet? Have you considered urinating outside or saving your feces for your garden? Many of you will cringe at this thought; however, it has been a common practice in many cultures. The news media will convince you that your feces will kill you; however, it is the toxins that you ingest from your foods, pharmaceuticals and products that contaminate the feces.

Let us look at the food you eat. How much life force is in highly processed cereals? Let us look at a grain of wheat. It is grown unnaturally in fields where the soils lack nutrients unless supplied by man. Often it is sprayed with herbicides to kill insects, bacteria and fungi. If a product will kill an insect, how do you think it will affect those who ingest it? When the wheat is harvested, it is churned several times through a variety of machines until it has been pulverized into powder.

Next, the wheat flour is shipped, many times receiving doses of unnatural vitamin supplication because the way it was harvested, threshed and mashed made it lose what little nutrition it originally had. Then dyes and bleach are added to make it a perfect and uniform color. Preservatives, which are often toxic to humans, are added in order to be able to ship and store the products for unnaturally long periods of time.

In the morning, you reach for this overly processed wheat cereal that is full of toxic substances and is dead, retaining no life force. You add milk, which is full of growth hormones, toxins ingested by the cows and pasteurized by a heating method that kills the enzymes needed to digest it. Don’t forget to add white sugar for flavoring to round out the deadly combination! You may comfort yourself by adding fruit, but have you any idea how many herbicides these have received from seed to table? It is highly likely that the seeds your fruit comes from have been genetically modified which is extremely hard on the human body.

Take notice of the packaging your food comes in. Plastics are not biodegradable. Although they may decay through time if exposed to sunlight, they still remain intact in tiny pieces that are now clogging your oceans and waterways. These pieces of plastic alone are destroying many species of life in your oceans and on the land. Your cabinets are full of unnatural products and enclosed in containers that are harmful for the environment.

Now that breakfast is over, you go to brush your teeth and shower. Have you researched the known effects of fluoride and the ingredients in your soap, shampoo, make-up and skin care products? Do you understand that your skin is an organ, the same as your heart and liver? Anything you place on your skin is absorbed and processed by your body. If you would not eat the product, you would be wise not to place it on your skin.

As you dress for the day, look inside your closet. How many objects of clothing do you see that you rarely, if ever, wear? As you walk through your home, note the items you have accumulated. Many are impractical and useless. Can’t you see how you are feeding the manufacturing moguls by purchasing items that are not necessary for your survival, yet lend to the downfall of the earth’s ecological balance? How much attention have you given to your mode of transportation? Have you considered the full impact of the automobile and gasoline industries on the Earth? How often do you drive your car on needless errands when you could walk, bicycle or use mass transit? We do not condemn any choices you make in your lifestyle. We simply wish to point out to those who complain about what others are doing to pay attention to their own influence on the environment. There are many ways you can make less impact and live a more vibrant life if you take the time to pay attention and to educate yourselves.

How does all of this fit with our topic of unconditional love? You cannot truly love yourself if you are needlessly filling your body full of toxic substances. It is not an act of self-love when you continually choose jobs that are unhealthy and stressful. Living in toxic houses and environments in which you feel out of your element is not a loving act. Continually holding on to anger, fear and resentment is not healthy for you or anyone else.

You cannot truly love another until you first love yourself. Your actions demonstrate that you would rather be ignorant or lazy than take the time and energy to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. As a culture, you have given your power to others, trusting they would make the best decisions for you. Now that you find out they were only interested in their own personal gain, you are angered. Yet who is really to blame? Step up, take responsibility for your actions and begin to make the changes necessary to create a healthy life for you and your brethren.

Stop the unnecessary hatred toward those who have different skin color and belief codes. Unless you allow others to freely be who they wish to be, you are stuck in the paradigm of separation. Look beyond skin color, clothing and preferences and know they come from the same Source as you. Until you do, there will be acts of war, hierarchies and increased separation. It is your choice individually and collectively. What is your level of response ability?

The time for union is here. Those who wish to keep the illusion of separation alive will find they are fighting a losing battle. Those of you who envision union will have success. The two cannot remain on the surface of the Earth. There will come a time when another temporary separation will occur. Those who wish to remain in the paradigm of war and separation will leave the planet. Those who wish to remain in union will stay on the planet and create a utopian society.

This may sound like a fairy tale, however, it is possible if enough of you choose to change your lives and make it so. No person can remain totally under the influence of another unless he chooses to do so. If your choice is to be self-empowered and fearless, those who wish to control you will not be able to do so. There have been societies dominated by a few who had the guns and power to do so, yet those masses could have arisen, if united and shook off the tyranny of their leaders. It takes courage and fortitude to change a society. It takes honesty and integrity to change one’s self. Look around and pay close attention to what gives you pleasure and what holds you hostage. Begin to focus on ways to create the life of your dreams. It will not always be easy, but taking the easier path is what has led you to this sad state of affairs.

How can you empower yourself? By taking the time and energy to create the reality that serves your needs. Learning to be selfish is the first step. You have been trained to take care of others’ needs above your own. Yet to live a balanced life, you must take care of your own needs first. How can you have the time and energy to assist others when you are depleted? How can you love others until you love yourself? How can you love yourself when you don’t even know who you are?

Our mission with you is to help you re-discover yourself, to find out who you really are. Many of you have no idea what you really want in life. Most of you only dream of living in a place that ignites your soul. How many of you have talents you are not honing or using because you spend so much time doing things you really do not enjoy doing? How can you find the energy to do things when you are constantly filling your body with toxic substances? How can you feel energized when you are surrounded with friends and family who suck your energy? We encourage you to move forward and take charge of your life. It may seem overwhelming at first, for there is so much out of balance in all areas of your life. However, you have already found that the life you are living is not working for you, so what have you got to lose?

Selamet!  Ix 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  115

Men  11              Fine Tuning

Good day, I am Men 11. Today we wish to speak on the topic of love, once again. Why are we focusing on this issue so much this week? There is no greater thing on Earth to talk about. Love is the highest vibrational frequency that exists. In order to remain on Earth, each of you will need to raise your frequency. The reason for this is that the Earth is raising her frequency. What happens as the Earth raises her frequency? Every living thing raises its frequency, also. If this were not so, these things would die, being unable to harmonize with the Earth. It is similar to a radio station; if you change the frequency, you lose your connection to that station.

As the frequency of the Earth rises, it affects every living and inanimate object on the surface and within. If these things do not match her frequency, they will lose their connection. Know that all things that appear to be solid, including your body, are made of energy. Scientists have finally made this discovery. What was once thought to be the smallest of the atoms has turned out to be nothing more than a puff of air.

We will not get into the science of atoms or the structure of the universe at this time. What we wish to express is that in order to keep your connection on Earth during this time of transition, you will need to raise your vibrational frequency. There are very few of you at this moment who match Earth’s frequency. Many of you are raising your frequencies, yet are still not equal to mother Earth.

The quickest, easiest and most effective way to raise your energetic level is through a deep experience of love. When you love, the neurons in your brain become excited. We do not mean the kind of excitement that comes from sexual stimulation. We are referring to the excitement of the atoms and the body structure. When you first fall in love, you may notice this excitement: you feel euphoric, you take less notice of things that normally bother you, your senses are heightened, you feel more at one with everything around you, etc.

These are signs of higher frequencies of love. However, due to judgment, fears and inappropriate behaviors, it is rare that a person can hold this frequency for very long. As soon as the person you love does something that crosses your border, the love lessens and your world returns to normalcy, many times with more pain and stronger walls of protection.

In order to maintain and nourish the higher frequency of love, there must be a letting go of lower frequency emotions. As long as you hold on to lower vibrational feelings such as fear, anger, desire and frustration, you will suffer the consequences of being out of tune with the Earth and her inhabitants.

We encourage you each day to take time to release emotions that lower your frequency. For many ages, it has been acceptable to hold onto these emotions. Many of you were attracted to incarnate on this planet in order to experience emotions. Yet the time for living in a world separated from your spiritual Self is now coming to an end. No one will be lost, for all will eventually return to Source. Those who wish to remain on Earth and experience love, peace and harmony will need to match their frequency to that of the Earth.

There are many stories people share of their ability to see Angels and Spirits. They have this ability because they have learned or innately have the gift to raise their vibrational level to the point where they can see through the Veil to other Dimensions. At times, Angels and Spirit Guides are able to lower their frequency enough to make contact with humans. However, the ability to maintain these frequencies is difficult, resulting in short spurts of communication.

Some humans and animals are able to see ghosts and other entities when their vibrational energies match, often for only short periods. At times, departed loved ones are able to match the frequency of those they are trying to communicate with. Yet when those on Earth remain grief stricken or refuse to believe that contact can be made with the deceased, they will create a block making it very difficult for communication between the veils.

The issue of belief codes is very important when it comes to raising your vibrational frequency. Belief codes are strong and can create barriers that keep the person’s energy trapped within their auric field. When a person refuses to allow himself to accept new ideas, he closes the door to a whole realm of possibilities. It is like turning up the heat and closing the door. The heat will remain inside that room, but not have the ability to warm the other rooms. Once he opens the door, the warm air rushes out and begins to affect the temperature of the room on the other side of the door. Belief codes are the same. Once you open the door, whole avenues of possibilities arise. When these doors are closed due to fear and protection against being hurt, there is a density that lowers the frequency of that person.

When a person makes fear-based decisions, he disallows himself to experience higher vibrational emotions such as peace, joy and love. Have you ever seen an angry person express joy? You can have one or the other, because they are at different vibrational patterns. Like attracts like, you cannot combine lower frequencies with higher frequencies, just like you cannot play two radio stations clearly on the same radio at the same time.

Most of you have a variety of emotions and find yourself going from one to the other. Yet in any moment, you can only have one frequency. This is why we stress monitoring your thoughts, words and actions. If you are angry at your friend, it is more difficult to hold feelings of love for your partner. How often have you snipped at one person because you were upset with another? You can have two radios playing different stations, but it causes an overlapping of chaotic sound.

However, if you have two radios playing the same station, there is no static; many times, they enhance each other as the sound permeates a wider range. Thus, when you experience true love on a constant level with one person, it is much easier to feel this love towards others. Holding this frequency is the trick. Thus, we encourage you to release the things that keep you from being balanced and having the ability to love all unconditionally, every moment of your life.

Living in a realm of unconditional love is possible, although it may seem like a fantasy to you. Yet how will you know unless you try? Study the Masters and find their secrets. How do they increase their ability to love? You will hear them say things such as, “I never met a man I didn’t like. Peace begins within. Love everyone as though he were your God. Begin now to be the person you wish others to be.” You will hear them speak of being kind to others. They will encourage you to love others without conditions, this means to accept them totally as they are, without judging one iota of their choices.

You must begin this process by going within and taking care of your own business. You will need to make changes in your outer world to match the changes you make in your inner world. This task is not impossible. You can begin today; we encourage you to do so. We take leave of you now with hopes that you will heed our words and begin to take care of the log in your eye before focusing on removing the splinter in another’s eyes.

Selamet!  Men 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  116

Cib  12              Dream Big!

I am Cib 12. Welcome to this time of glorious living! We are grateful that you have taken the time to join us for another day of learning and acceleration of your awakening. Blessings to you each moment of your existence on Earth!

Today we shall begin by asking you to quiet your mind. Take several deep breaths in and out and release the tensions of the day. We suggest you do this each day as a means of regaining your balance and composure. Many of you wake up in the morning and race all day to get things accomplished, never taking time to rest and rejuvenate yourself.

Now that you are relaxed, we ask that you choose one thing you would like to change in your life. We are not talking about people you would like to change or outward circumstances such as the chaos in the world. We are asking you to go within and choose a behavior, a fear or a belief code you are ready to release.

Take time to look at what has happened in your life as a result of this thing. Has it caused you undue anxiety? Has it wreaked havoc with any of your relationships? Is it causing you to remain in a job or location you would rather leave behind? Take a few moments now to fantasize about possible doors that could open for you if you choose to release this thing. Dream big, for all possibilities have the potential to become your reality. Hmmm, this might be a good mantra to post on your mirror.

Dream big, for all possibilities have the potential to become your reality.

Are you ready to make this dream your reality? It will take courage, patience and fortitude, but it will be well worth your time and effort to create this dream into reality. Be creative and use whatever methods feel appropriate for you; make it as fun as you can so you will be more likely to press forward. The following are some suggestions.

Mentally visualize your life as though what you want is already a reality. Successful athletes have used this method for years. They will visualize making perfect moves, whether it is swinging a golf club or throwing a ball. As they visualize, they feel their muscles move, they smell what is happening around them, they see themselves receiving awards, etc.

Writing your desires is another important option. You can use a list, cut captions from magazines and place them on a vision board, write stories that support your dream, etc. Use positive statements, focusing on what you desire, rather than focusing on what you don’t want.

Role-play the way you wish to react in future events. This can be done mentally or even more powerfully by role-playing possible scenarios with others. Your mind cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Hence, the more you can incorporate your senses and emotions into the role-play, the easier it will be to change your behavior.

Take time each day to add energy to what you wish to change within yourself until the change has occurred. When you falter, spend more time practicing the way you wish to be rather than giving energy to what you perceive as a failure or setback. All things are possible. Seek professional help if you are afraid to deal with painful issues by yourself. Be wary of who you consult with, especially those who emphasize medications. There are many alternative healers who are doing marvelous work releasing dark energies from the body and auric fields. We highly recommend seeking them for assistance.

“Fake it ‘til you make it,” is a powerful tool. Be prepared to take the steps that will lead you into a better future. There will come a time when you have to say “no” to others in order to say “yes’ to your needs. This may cause ripples in your relationships, yet those who love unconditionally will support you. Many times a relationship will have to be put on hold until you gain the maturity to know what you want and how to maintain your integrity.

You have been taught to fully give yourself to others, that selfishness is sinful. Adhering to this belief code has created exhausted, overwhelmed society members who have lost the ability to think for themselves. Millions of you are floundering, not knowing who you are or how to obtain a life filled with joy and peace. Once you rediscover yourself and learn to live with integrity, you will automatically reach out to others. However, this time it will not come from a need to “save” others or deeds based on a feeling of obligation. You will be reaching out to others with love and compassion, sincerely creating heart-to-heart connections. If this is your desire, we support you fully.

Selamet!  Cib 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  117

Caban  13               Speak Your Truth

I am Caban 13. Thank you for joining us this day. We would like to congratulate you on your choice to improve your life on Earth by changing those things within yourself that leave you feeling less than whole. Today we would like to talk about discrepancies. We are referring to those times when you say something other than what you feel is truth.

How many times has someone asked you a question, seeking your advice, yet you were uncomfortable stating your true opinion? Perhaps you were ridiculed or had a relationship tattered because you had the courage to speak your truth. To protect yourself, you created a belief code such as, “Telling the truth is not safe.” As a result, telling white lies became a habit. Other truths were built on these white lies until you became unsure of what your truth is. Many of you are living your life based on a foundation that is unstable, unconsciously creating walls that are destined to crumble.

You have the choice to tear down the unstable walls and to restructure your foundation. It will take courage, but you have the ability within you to rediscover your true Self and to begin to make decisions and take the necessary actions to create the life of your dreams. The best time to start is now. Will you choose to continue building a life around falsehoods or make the effort to create a life based on your Truth?

Do you even know what your Truth is? All of you build belief codes based on what you were taught as a child. Look at your beliefs and choose those that feel right and make sense to you. In doing so, you will discover that you will need to make behavioral changes. Do your thoughts, words, actions and emotions reflect what you hold to be true?

Speak your truth regardless of how others may view you. There will be ripples in your relationships, but those that accept you for who you are will remain close to you. All others will fall away, for it is the “false you” they were attracted to. You will then pull towards you those who are attracted to the “real you.” This may be hard for you to accept, for you have been programmed to please others. Many of you play the role of protector and savior, which can be difficult to change. However, once you are true to yourself, you will have much more ability to reach out to others, coming from a deeper understanding of love and compassion.

It may be good for you to role-play the things you wish to say to others and how you will maintain your integrity if the other person resists you. Be prepared to speak your truth. For example, you have a friend that calls you every morning and gets upset if you don’t take time to talk. Some mornings you prefer to do something else with your time, but have been afraid to tell your friend because you didn’t want to create a ripple in the relationship. The next time your friend calls, have the courage to speak your truth. Address the issue as kindly and honestly as you can. As you empower yourself in one area, you will find it easier to be true to yourself in other areas of your life.

The key is to know what your truth is. Many times the truth is buried so deep, it is hard to know what you truly believe. It is good to have open-minded conversations with others, listening to their beliefs and integrating those that resonate with you. Be aware that once you adopt a belief code, you always have the ability to change your mind. There is not one of you who clings to every belief code you have adopted throughout your life. When a person becomes rigid, holding onto beliefs no matter how irrelevant they are, life becomes a challenge. Life is about learning, exploring and changing. Allow yourself to be a free-thinker and to live outside the norm. This is what makes life worth living.

Selamet!  Caban 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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  7. Day 107, Manik 3, Energy Drains “…Today we wish to emphasize clearing the things that take time and energy away from what you truly desire. Be rested when you set your intentions, for it takes energy to set your dreams into motion. Today, consciously be aware of how you spend your time and energy that keeps you from moving forward with your dreams. Begin saying, “No, thank you” to the things that drain you in order to free more time and energy for yourself.


  8. Day 106, Cimi 2, Embrace All “Begin to see all others as an extension of yourself. See each experience that happens as a blessing and a lesson that has the ability to move you closer to light and love… Choose only situations that lead you to love and watch as your life magically unfolds… You have the ability to move forward and change the things that keep you from being happy each moment. You have everything you need within you… Greet each day with new eyes, looking at each person you encounter, knowing they are your brothers and sisters. Have the courage to break through any barriers that keep you in separation!”


  9. Day 104, Kan 13, Manifestation Process “…You will feel every emotion you intentionally cause another to feel when you go through the Review Process at the end of your life… pay attention to what you say and do… Those who follow a path of kindness will go through the Review Process feeling elated and ready to move to a higher path of consciousness. What generally happens with those who have not chosen kindness is that after experiencing the hurt they caused others, they choose to reincarnate again to rectify the pain they have caused. This tends to happen repeatedly. Although humans fervently believe they will remember their Spirit roots when they incarnate, the vast majority of these memories are erased or ignored by the time they are old enough to do anything with them. This is why we are here, to help you to remember and to reconnect with your inner guidance, your Higher Self. Each of you has the ability to connect to your Source and to make decisions based on what is for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully.”


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  12. Day 101, Imix 10, Random Acts of Kindness “…Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These are not idle words, but the foundation of a world filled with peace and love that many of you seek. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Seek and you shall find. Can you see how these words apply when your focus is on kindness? If you truly wish to live in a society of peace and love, it all begins with acts of kindness.”


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