Days 235 – 247

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This Trecena (thirteen day cycle) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Men, who is symbolically represented by the eagle. This is a time to soar high, gaining a larger view of your Life Path then swooping down to create your reality. Eagle also represents family, suggesting a time to gather together with loved ones.




Day 235 – Joy In Every Moment

Day 236 – Take Time to Make Time

Day 237 – Lightworkers Unite

Day 238 – Introductions

Day 239 – Breathing Exercise

Day 240 – Visualize Then Realize

Day 241 – Walk Your Talk

Day 242 – Two Person Muscle Testing

Day 243 – Connection to Source

Day 244 – Celebrate!

Day 245 – Enlightenment

Day 246 – Your Future Begins Now

Day 247 – Be Love All Ways, Always


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  235

Men  1          Joy in Every Moment

Greetings, today we would like to begin by thanking you for showing up. We know that each of you has a very busy life, doing what is important and what is not important. The important thing is that you find joy in everything you do. We begin this message with a wish for you to find joy in every moment (in-joy-moment).

When you wake in the morning, feel gratitude for everything in your life; this will bring you joy. When you arise and go about your morning routine, be thankful for everything including your toothbrush, water, towel, food, beverages and razor. As you prepare to go about your daily chores, be mindful of everything you touch: your car, telephone, light switch, keys, etc. Everything you use has been touched by others; send blessings to each of those people, as well.

Feel joy in everything you do: washing dishes, changing diapers, repairing items and your work, no matter how mundane. Be thankful that you have the ability and skills to do these things.

Pay attention to your body, showing it thanks by feeding it nutritious foods and plenty of fresh water. Keep its temperature moderated with proper clothing. Rest as needed. Feel joy in the freedom you have to move your limbs or smile at another. Inwardly, thank your Self for guiding you along your Path. Be grateful to God for allowing you the opportunity to be on Earth at this time. Thank your Spirit Guides for their assistance.

Walk in Nature, enjoying the beauty and bounty of all. Send love to the birds, cats, dogs, squirrels, all animals that you encounter. Be thankful for the wasps, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators that make food production possible.

When you retire in the evening, be thankful for printing presses and those who make it possible for you to enjoy your newspaper, magazines and books. Be thankful you have a bed to sleep in, blankets to keep you warm and a roof over your head.

Have you ever taken time to realize how many people are involved in something as simple as a t-shirt? The idea begins with a designer, then the cotton farmers, those who make the tractors, the oil wells that produce the fuel to run the tractors, those who spin and dye the cotton into thread, the tailors and buildings to sew and fabricate the shirt, the buyers, the shopkeepers and those who built their shops, the truck drivers and those involved in the auto industry, etc. How much do you take for granted when you buy a single t-shirt?

Joy is an attitude. It is a choice one makes every moment. The key to joy is gratitude. When you can be thankful for whatever experience you are having, your whole Being energetically opens to the possibility of feeling joy.

We encourage you to spend time this week being in joy, every moment. Continue with this practice until it becomes habitual. You came from a place of joy and soon you will return to that place. In the meantime, you have the right to be filled with joy. It is your choice!

Be in joy! Be joy!  Men 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  236

Cib  2            Take Time to Make Time

Greetings! We are happy to have this time with you. Please understand that we know your life at times is very difficult and that you have time burdens. Yet in truth, there is no time. Humans create deadlines as a means to ensuring a job gets done, yet all it creates is stress. There is much stress involved in waking up at a certain time, getting to work, getting the children off to school, eating lunch at a specific moment, returning from lunch, finishing chores before you get off work, getting to church, meeting friends for dinner, making it to the movies on time, getting to the store before it closes, postponing fun until the weekend or retirement and the list goes on.

Have you ever wondered about remote tribes who do not own clocks? How do they handle time constraints? Their clock is the sun and moon and the relationship of the movement of stars to Earth. They rise at dawn, you can be assured if they are tired, they might sleep later. They go to bed when the sun sets or build a fire if they plan to stay up later. During the day, they eat when they are hungry. They meet each other by blowing a horn or banging a drum to alert others to gather. Their lives are not dictated by the boss or storekeepers. Yet their life runs smoothly, without all the stress that is killing those in mechanized worlds.

Most of you do not have an interest in living in such a primitive manner, so how can you find balance in a world filled with deadlines? You could begin by taking an inventory each time you look at your watch or clock. Begin to notice the things you do that involve being somewhere at a specific time. Also, notice your relationship to time. Do you feel anxious if you are running late? Do you rush through other activities to be sure you get to the next location on time? Are you enjoying the moment or fixated on the future?

Begin to find ways you can simplify your life, if you are feeling rushed all the time. There are many things that can be left undone or are not yours to do in the first place. Let others be responsible for the things they choose to do. Learn to say “no” to things that are not of high interest to you. Many of you are in relationships with people who distract you from doing things that would ignite your passion. Take a look at the time and energy required to keep these friendships alive. Maybe some of them need to go by the wayside, at least temporarily.

Each moment of your life can be enjoyed fully. It is when you overbook yourself that the in-joy-moment begins to fade. Before you arise in the morning, take an inventory of what you wish to accomplish during the day. As the day progresses, weed out those things that take you away from your desired goals. Learn to do this each day and eventually you will gain full control over your time, doing those things that bring you joy. Begin today. What better time than now to change a habit?

Cib 2


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  237

Caban  3           Lightworkers Unite

I am Caban 3. Welcome to this time of gathering. Today we wish to share with you information regarding the networking of Lightworkers. It is time to share your abilities and to use the skills you have learned, whether they be in the field of health, education or recreation. There is much need on the Earth at this time for a sense of camaraderie and community.

The internet is a wonderful tool to meet new people. It is also a fabulous tool to gather for ceremony and as a means to organize global endeavors. Never before has there been such an abundance of mass media, allowing people worldwide to connect instantaneously.

Those of you who are authors and songwriters, the path has been cleared for you to get your messages out faster and inexpensively. Use these tools. Never before has there been so much channeled information available from those of us on the Other Side. We are here to assist you to move as gracefully as possible through this time of Transition.

Never before in your history have so many changes been taking place in such a wide variety of arenas. As your government, corporations, banking, health care institutions and educational systems go through massive upheaval, there will be much chaos rippling down to every person on Earth.

It is time to gather together and visualize the world you wish to create. Working together, take the necessary steps to create this dream into reality. No longer can you sit idly by waiting for everyone else to do the work. Roll up your sleeves and delve into the work at hand. Together you can make it a reality. As long as you continue to allow others to make choices and changes for you, the enslavement will continue. Most leaders in power do not have your best intentions in mind. They are more concerned with their ability to gain material wealth and control.

Each of you has unique talents. Decide for yourself what role you wish to play during the transition. No role is too small; however, there is the risk of taking on too much. Decide for yourself which skills you have that you enjoy, then find ways to use them to build the dream. Be creative and think out of the box. How can you gain the food, clothing and shelter you need by using your skills?

Leave plenty of time for rest and recreation. You only bring more negative energy into the world if you push yourself too far and become exhausted. Do what brings you joy and energizes you. Treat each other with respect. Focus on your commonalities, opening your minds to new ways of thinking.

Take time each day to take care of your needs and then spend as much time as you choose taking care of the needs of others. Get a clear focus of how you want to live your life and then take the steps to create it. Decline offers that lead you from your Path. Stay focused each moment.

We wish you these things and hope you choose to move forward with anticipation and great joy as you create your future.

Selamet!  Caban 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  238

Etznab  4          Introductions

Greetings, I am Etznab. Today we would like to talk briefly on the subject of handshakes. Each culture varies differently in their method of greeting one another or finalizing a contract. We encourage you to consider the following ways to greet people.

When shaking hands, look them in the eye. Look deep into their soul and recognize that this person is an extension of yourself, that at one time, you were both part of the wholeness of Source.

Without saying a word, send love to them.

Choose to be kind to them in this moment and any time in the future. Send this message to them through your eyes.

Make a heart-to-heart connection by welling up feelings of love in your heart. Send it to their heart with the feeling of kinship and trust. No words need be exchanged while this is happening.

If someone greets you with a hug, allow yourself to receive this gift. While embracing, remain silent and allow the love in your heart to be sent to their heart. Let the initiator decide when the hug ends.

If you initiate the hug, be sure to pay attention to the comfort zone and cultural practices of the individual. It may be appropriate to ask permission to initiate a hug. End the hug as soon as you feel the other person pulling away.

When you are being introduced to others, pay close attention to their name, asking for it to be repeated, if needed. While maintaining eye contact, tell them you are happy to meet them, while sending love to them.

When it is time for the introductions to end, repeat their name, this will help you to remember their name when you meet again. It also makes them feel recognized and honored.

You have now made a loving connection with another Human Being. Practice doing this every time you meet someone.

Many lives have been saved as a result of one person acknowledging the presence of another, especially those who are downtrodden.

Celebrate the divinity within each other!

Selamet!  Etznab 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE        DAY  239

Cauac  5            Breathing Exercise

Good day, I am Cauac 5. We are most honored that you have chosen time to spend with us. We know your time is precious and there are many things you need to attend to. Taking care of your inner self is of utmost importance and we are happy to know you realize this, as well. Today we would like to touch briefly on the subject of love. The aspect we would like to shine our light on today is that of unconditional love for yourself. Without the ability to fully accept oneself in all forms: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, you will never be able to extend this love to another.

While in human form, unconditional love becomes very difficult for those who are not clearly and consciously connected to Source. When you feel separate from your Maker, feelings of anger, frustration and the evils of the world can become overwhelming. We would like to begin by showing you a simple way to connect with Source. This can be done anytime you are feeling anything less than love. By connecting consciously with Source, you will harmonize at a higher frequency, making it easier to regain your composure.

There are many ways to connect with Source. If you have a method that works for you, continue what you are doing and consider sharing your method with others. One method we suggest is very easy. Simply quiet your outer world. Practice this with eyes open or closed, for there will be times when you will be driving or in a conversation and you will need to have your eyes open.

Slowly, take in three deep breaths. If you are in a conversation, tell the other person you are going to take a breather and invite them to join with you or ask them to wait while you calm yourself. If tensions are too high, excuse yourself and set an appointment when you can continue your conversation, which could be in five minutes or five days. The important thing is to allow yourself the time you need to converse while you are in a state of balance.

As you breathe in slowly and deeply, consciously ask Source to fill your heart with love. Visualize an experience that invokes feelings of peace and love in your heart center. As you slowly exhale, release this love, allowing it to surround you and the person you are conversing with. You can also project love into any situation, person or place that is causing the imbalance. With practice, three breaths will generally be enough to get you focused, relaxed and centered. If you need more time to unwind, then do so.

We would also like to say that this may not work in all situations. You will encounter people and situations that are very demanding. In some cases, you could be endangered. In those situations, we suggest you remove yourself from that person’s presence and deal with them from a distance or stay away from them altogether. What is most important is for you to build a sense of calm, then work on sending unconditional love, even if they do not know you are doing so.

Every day, practice sending love to people, places and situations you find challenging. When you focus on positive attributes and sending love that has no judgment, you will become more adept at accepting every person or thing you encounter each moment. No matter what is said or done, you will have the capacity to be graceful and in a state of peace. This is the goal.

Live in the moment, aware of your pureness and the love of Source within yourself and all others. Feel gratitude for every experience you have and allow yourself the freedom to not be shackled by anyone else’s desires or belief codes. Live the life of your dreams, be aware of your perfection in each moment and make choices that bring you joy.

Selamet!  Cauac 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  240

Ahua  6           Visualize Then Realize

Greetings on this fine and grand day. We are here to share with you another insight regarding how your world functions.

We encourage you every day to spend time visualizing how you would like to live your life on a personal level and within the global community.

Take into account governmental leadership, corporate leaders and the lay of the land.

How do you wish to commune with Nature, by living in a setting near a forest or the beach?

Do you wish to grow any of your own food or have a local source for fresh foods?

What types of skin care products do you wish to have available?

Do you prefer doctors who prescribe toxic medications or herbal remedies?

Think of every aspect of your life.

Pay attention to your daily activities. Be grateful for every experience.

For the activities you wish to change, dare to dream out of the box and take the necessary steps to create that reality.

Begin now, do not settle for anything less than what you desire.

Within you lies all possibilities.

Dream big, dream with love and dream for peace to prevail in the hearts of all men.

Anything you can visualize you can realize! Ponder these words and take action.

Selamet!  Ahau 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  241

Imix  7           Walk Your Talk

Today begins our last round of twenty. We look forward to sharing deeper with you each year as you clear away thoughtforms and belief codes that keep you ensnared in the feelings of separation.

Today we ask you to spend time going within to find your heart’s desires.

Most of you came into this incarnation with goals and desires to fulfill.

By tuning into your Higher Self, you can remember what those wishes were and continue to map the trail of your life Path.

This can be accomplished after you have cleared the fears, negative thinking and reliance upon what others think of you. Until then, your messages will be skewed with stinking thinking and fear of moving forward.

Break through the belief codes that bind you and keep you from expressing yourself freely.

Learn to pay attention to your body, for within its subtle talk lies the knowledge you seek.

Pay attention to aches and pains, gut feelings and bodily sensations. These are ways your body and inner guidance are attempting to communicate with you.

If something does not feel right, it is usually due to one of two things, you are either afraid on some level or it is not good for you.

Breaking free from constraints due to fear and outside influences is important so you can tell the difference.

Can you imagine living your life free from what might happen and what others might think of you?

Would you enjoy making choices, knowing with certainty that these choices would lead you to the life you desire?

To live your life free from concerns of the past and worries surrounding the future is your birthright, it is your present (pun intended).

By living in the present, you will be gifted with the freedom to experience from a feeling of love, peace, joy and gratitude.

Begin today to remove the blocks keeping you from living fully in the moment!

Be well, be happy and we shall see you in the next round!

Selamet!  Imix 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  242

Ik  8           Two Person Muscle Testing

Thank you for joining us again this day. In showing up, you make a statement that you are seeking and ready to make changes in your life. In order to make those changes, you show us that you have the courage to face your fears and to press through them. Know that on the other side of every fear there is freedom. When you look into the mirror and see what is inside yourself, you will be better equipped to do the work to portray your outer image to others.

Many have blazed the trail for you to follow. There are countless books, videos and CDs available to help you along your Path. At times, it can be overwhelming to know which information is best for you. The easiest way is to follow your intuition and to notice synchronicities. If you have not learned how to communicate clearly with your Higher Self, there are a variety of methods you can use to help discriminate which information is best for you.

One reliable method is called “muscle testing.” An accurate method involves you with another person. Everything has an energy field around it. This field interacts with your energy field when in close proximity. When you hold an object next to your heart, the energy it emanates will react with the energy of your heart, body and chakras. The muscle test determines which energy fields strengthen or weaken your energy field.

muscle test

Place the arm of your dominant hand straight out from the side of your body. Make a relaxed fist with this hand. With your non-dominant hand, hold an object (book, medication, herb) next to your heart. The other person uses two fingers and with gentle pressure on top of the wrist of the outstretched arm, attempts to push your arm downward. At the same time, you resist the pressure by attempting to keep your arm outstretched.

If the energy of the object strengthens your energy field, your arm will remain outstretched even while the tester is pushing down on your wrist. Conversely, if the energy field of the object weakens your energy field, the muscles in your arm will be weakened and your arm will easily be pushed down with the pressure of the other’s two fingers.

Using this method, you can find which books, food, medications, jewelry, herbs, clothing, CDs or anything, strengthens or weakens your energy field. There are other methods of dowsing such as the use of pendulums and rods (Day 190) and kinesiology (Day 191) that can also be helpful. The goal is to clear your blocks and inner circuitry so you will just know what is best for you at any moment.

Go forth today and practice the skills that lead you toward walking a clearer path, free of obstacles. Enjoy each step and be grateful for every experience that comes your way!

Until the next cycle, Selamet!  Ik 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  243

Akbal  9          Connection to Source

Greetings, dear one. Again, we are thankful for this time together. Soon this cycle of the year will end, beginning a new cycle in which to go deeper. It is our hope you will continue for the rest of your time on Earth to study our Messages, each time going further within to release accumulated fears and negative thoughtforms.

We hope you choose to continue going within to connect with God Source and All That Is. As you clear blockages from the electrical circuits in your body, your ability to tune into God Source, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides will increase.

Know that every moment in your life, you are at the wheel. You have the free will to choose the emotions and events you wish to experience. Although you are somewhat hampered due to the rules of your universe and interactions with other Beings, you still choose how to react in every situation.

We suggest you work diligently to increase your ability to love all Beings and experiences unconditionally, without any form of judgment. Allow all to be. Just as you are desirous of the ability to express your free will to do what you choose, allow others the same freedom.

Be careful not to judge the choices of others, for you do not know the full reasoning behind their choices or the growth that can occur between those parties. For yourself, if you choose love, peace and joy in each situation, your body will vibrationally increase and your experiences will manifest in ways currently beyond your understanding.

We encourage you to choose an emotion or situation that you wish to bring to the light. Choose one of the methods we have suggested or another that you prefer and go within. Connect with God Source, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, asking for wisdom to choose what is for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned in a graceful manner.

Pull out the negative thoughtforms that have glued unwanted belief codes in place. Replace them with thoughts of love, peace and joy. Give gratitude for past experiences and for all the blessings you are receiving in this moment. Release the hurts and fears of days gone by and release the concerns over days to come. Pull yourself into each moment, grateful for each experience on Earth.

You do not need to look outside yourself for happiness or anything that is of joy, for God resides within you and you are a part of this Source. You are always connected, rooted together forever. Never forget this. Break free from thoughts of separation. You are never alone, only lacking memory at times. Connect each moment with gratitude and the desire to remember your connection and the holiness that is you.

Go forth today in joy, blessing all you encounter, soaking in the rays of love from all Beings capable of sending such to you, for we are many!

Selamet!  Akbal 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  244

Kan  10          Celebrate!

Greetings and salutations, dear one. We are soon coming to the end of this cycle and look forward to continuing our work with you as the new cycle begins. We have seen much growth in those of you who have diligently worked on increasing your understanding of the universe and your relationship within it.

Can you feel the growing excitement as you and others begin to lighten your load and enlighten your circuitry? Can you feel the joy each time you break through bonds that held you in fear? Are your passions being ignited as you release negative thinking that kept you from changing the events in your life? Is your ability to love increasing? Can you feel the sensation of love when you make heart-to-heart connections with others?

Have you been changing your eating habits, choosing smaller portions and foods that are healthy and alive? Have you been exercising your body and becoming stronger and more vitalized? Are your relationships smoothing out, becoming less demanding with the ability to communicate deeper and with more truth? What areas of your life are fulfilling your heart’s desires? Are you daily clearing things that bring you down?

Have you seen growth within yourself and maturity in your choices this past year? Take time to reflect on those changes, perhaps writing them down in a list for your review. When you come to those moments when you feel despair or uncomfortable in any situation, you can glance at your list of accomplishments and remember that all choices are within your grasp. Remember that at first they were difficult, but with effort, you took the actions to set your dreams into motion, making whatever changes were necessary to reach your goal.

What are your dreams this year? What areas of your life do you choose to focus on? What changes do you wish to make? Perhaps you can write these down or create a vision board to help keep your goals present before you. Remember to act as though these goals have already been attained, choosing only actions that will help you reach your desired outcome.

Choose love, go within daily and move forward, knowing you have Helpers with you and the presence (presents)of God within you. What else do you need? You are supplied with all when you trust and your heart is filled with love. Take each step with courage, knowing you are at the wheel and have control of the throttle.

Have fun and enjoy the day in joy!  Kan 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE        DAY  245

Chicchan  11          Enlightenment

Greetings, dear one. Again, we wish to thank you for the time and effort you are placing on becoming the best you can be. The closer each of you comes to being in Oneness with each other, the sooner the planet will be able to complete her ascension process. It is our hope that all will choose to come to the Light, relinquishing their need to control others and allow themselves to accept the love of Source. We know in the full spectrum, there is no such thing as darkness, yet in your realm of belief it exists as though it were real, thus making it so. Within you lies the ability to change yourself. Accomplish this by accepting that your life is an illusion. Although it seems very real, a lifetime on Earth is just a blink of an eye. As you continue to release negative thinking and behaviors built on fears and erroneous beliefs, you will understand this more. Until then, believe that all is within your power to mold yourself into the person you choose to be.

There is no one who can change your thoughts, although they can attempt to do so when they share their beliefs with you. Unless you are in a prison environment, there is no one to force you where to go, when to arrive, what to say, etc. All of these choices are yours. We encourage you to shed old skins of mistrust, unhappiness, powerlessness, comparisons and all things that keep you feeling separate from others and Source. These are all illusions, part of the play that you have been engaged in. At any time, you can consciously connect with Source. You are always surrounded by Angelic Beings who await your pleas for help in order to fulfill your wishes. None can or will interfere with your choices. We can only intercede when you request we do so. If you continue to have thoughts of “Woe is me, all I ever have is bad luck.” Know this is a choice and indeed, you will create this reality. We can only assist in those things we know you are passionate about. Thus, if you continually radiate thoughts and feelings of health, beauty and happiness, we can lead you to these things through intuition, thoughts and synchronicities. You must choose and believe which course you wish to take.

Be clear about the things you wish to experience and how you wish to experience them. Let us know by making your requests clear. Actions speak louder than words. When your emotions match your actions and words, we can assist in creating your vision. Be mindful of what you think and feel when you are attempting to change behaviors. Keep your thoughts positive, not falling into old patterns of “Woe is me; I have to do this or that.” Be joyful in every choice you make, choosing only those things you wish to experience. When behaviors need to be changed, be thankful for every step you take, no matter how fearful or challenging. Stay in the moment, with gratitude, and you will find that behaviors can be changed with little effort.

Being aware and conscious of what you say and do is enlightening. Changing those things that no longer serve you is enlightenment.

Lighten up and experience life to the fullest! You have all you need within you to shed the skins of defeat and negativity. Wrap yourself in your new skin, loving every part of your new self. Share what you learn with others, giving them hope that they, too, can shed behaviors that keep them in a state of separation. Always remember that you are fully connected to Source, not by a string, but within every cell of your body. You are a part of God, not just a son of God. Within every element of your physical Being and energy field is the hologramic image of the One. This interweaves you with all others, for they too are a part of God. This is the Oneness we speak of. You are not just brothers and sisters, you are your brother, you are your sister, you are the trees, you are the birds. Ponder these words until you fully grasp their meaning.

Selamet!  Chicchan 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  246

Cimi  12          Your Future Begins Now

Greetings! We are excited to have this time to share with you. Thank you for considering our words and integrating those that resonate with you. On Earth, there is much light and increasing sound frequencies as more of you tune into your Spiritual nature and elevate your capacity for love. As ripples go forth when a stone is tossed into a pond, so the frequency of love emanates from you. Love is an energy vibration that knows no bounds. It continues onward from you throughout all of creation.

This is how God is able to love each of you. It is through the vibration of love traveling in an instant throughout all of creation that allows all to be in continual contact with Source. Dark thoughts glop together, like a tacky substance to other dark thoughtforms, unlike the free-flowing essence that thoughts of love emanate.

When one fills their mind and daily activities with low energy thoughts of fear, anger and hatred, their energy field collapses, allowing very little forward movement. These thoughtforms stick within one’s energy field, not traveling far from the human form. People who live in this state of mind attract others of like-mind to themselves. This is the law of attraction in operation.

You will find that people who spend much time dwelling on negative thoughts are generally more at risk for disease, loneliness, depression and a host of maladies. In order to cure any disease, one must first monitor his thoughtforms. Have you ever tried to help someone by suggesting something to them and they reject the advice? No one can receive your advice unless they are willing to give it some thought and then choose to integrate it into their belief code.

Once again, we stress the importance of belief codes. If you are having problems with your heart, it is likely you have belief codes dating back many years associated with thoughts such as, “I had a love who broke my heart. My heart isn’t in my work.” Perhaps you have blocked the flow of love due to past wounds, thus affecting the flow of bloodthrough your heart.

Every negative thought you harbor affects your physical body and will lead to disease if not attended to. These dark glops of energy block the flow of love within your body. Not only will you create disease in your physical form, you will also break the circuitry in your Spiritual flow. This is why many people are close-minded when it comes to spiritual conversations that do not follow the pattern they have accepted as true. This close-mindedness also affects one’s ability to tune clearly into God Source and one’s Higher Self and Angelic Guides.

Mentally, the close-minded are just that, the doors are closed to learning anything new related to the subject they refuse to adopt. This will lead to headaches, migraines, brain tumors, aneurysms and such. By blocking the energetic flow, the physical flow is also affected. Eastern medicine has been aware of this for centuries. The affects are clearly shown by the effectiveness of acupuncture needles that release blockages from the body’s meridians. If one chooses to hold negative thoughtforms in place, they will continue to build energetic blockages, wreaking havoc on the body.

All of you have witnessed the emotional results of yourself and others who have held onto negative thoughts of fear, anxiety, mistrust, etc. When a belief code is established, all other belief codes that follow are built upon that foundation. We have spoken of this before and will not reiterate other than to remind you that your thoughtforms fuel your emotions.

Do all in your power to remain neutral no matter what situation arises. Meditation, prayer and quiet time are needed on a regular basis in order to maintain a sense of balance and harmony. As you study our words throughout the year, you will be given many tools and suggestions on ways to go about this. Your thoughts and belief codes are the foundation of your overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of Being.

Each moment, pay attention to your thoughts. If they are not supporting you, they are destroying you. Do all you can to change your thoughts to higher frequencies, thus creating health and balance. Catch yourself anytime you are about to do anything that causes your energy level to plummet. This includes your thoughts, words, actions, foods you ingest, places you visit, people you are in communion with, your workplace, choice of recreation and everything you say and do.

The current moment is the beginning of your future. Choose wisely how you spend this moment. Ooops, there goes another moment! How will you spend this moment? Live in the present and enjoy the gift of life!

Selamet!  Cimi 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE        DAY  247

Manik  13          Be Love All Ways, Always

Beloved, know that you are loved. Be love in all ways, always.

Make this your daily practice and be watchful as all fears and forms of disease fall to the wayside.

Celebrate yourself and stay connected with God Source, allowing all blessings to flow freely through you. This can best be done through maintaining positive thoughts, words spoken only in love and actions that are kind. All else is unworthy of your time and effort and leave you feeling separate from your Creator and your fellow man.

Go forth today, shining your light of love from within and outward to all that you encounter.

Be grateful for every opportunity that arises, looking for the blessing in all things. Some may be harder to accept as blessings, however, there is a gift in everything that occurs to you. Be mindful of this and for those things that happen that are less than pleasant, ponder ways to avoid these things in the future, for with the law of attraction, on some level, you have attracted it to you.

Empower yourself with the knowledge that God resides within you, not as an entity that you must beseech.

Know that you have the ability to create your future with each moment and action that you encounter in this moment.

Choose all experiences wisely, accepting as truth only those things that bring kindness, love, abundance, joy, peace and hope to you and from you.

Selamet!  Manik 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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