Days 196 – 208

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Cib is the Day Keeper of this trecena (thirteen day period). As a symbol of wisdom, Cib reminds us to honor the Elders who hold the wisdom of the ages. Sit at their feet and listen to what they have to share. Cib also represents a time of reconciliation, to lay to rest one’s differences and embrace all as One.




Day 196 – Mindful Words

Day 197 – Respect Children

Day 198 – Rainbow Reminders

Day 199 – Receive Our Blessings

Day 200 – Psychic Children

Day 201 – Nurture Children

Day 202 – Fact or Fiction?

Day 203 – Astral Hugs

Day 204 – Be Loved

Day 205 – Share Skills

Day 206 – Evolution: Movin’ On

Day 207 – Heavenly Hierarchy

Day 208 – Child Caretakers


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  196   

Cib  1           Mindful Words

I am Cib 1. Thank you for joining us today.

We would like to talk more on the subject of communication. We suggest that today you practice the communication skills we shared yesterday.

Write down key words for each of the ten points and refer to them while you are in conversation with others.

When appropriate, share these tips with others and encourage them to practice with you.

Some may think the idea is strange, yet when they realize you truly wish to increase your ability to communicate with them, they are likely to be honored and may choose to practice these skills with you.

Hopefully, each of you will integrate these skills into all of your conversations.

Share these skills with others and watch as your ability to communicate and express yourself with integrity increases.

Pay attention to every word you utter and learn to turn your chatty buttons off!

Selamet!  Cib 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  197

Caban  2           Respect Children

I am Caban 2. We are thankful to have this time of sharing with you. Today we would like to talk on the topic of love. In all of creation, there are very few places where exists the ability to love on so many levels as humans do. The aspect of love we would like to talk about today is puppy love, which is generally associated with the romantic feelings between adolescents.

Parents many times discourage puppy love, for fear their children will not follow the dreams of the parents or that the girl might become pregnant. We suggest to all adults to refrain from teasing children who are in puppy love and avoid separating them while they are having this experience. Many parents attempt to spare their children the pain they suffered when they were young, going out of their way to protect their children by sheltering them. What happens as a result is that the child is denied many experiences. They are not given the trust or respect needed to make decisions that will enable them to live a full life. Their maturity is stunted, for they do not learn how to solve their problems or learn to say “no” on their own terms.

There are many tragic stories such as depicted in Romeo and Juliet in which well-meaning adults force their children to adhere to societal rules that have no basis other than the fears and belief codes of the adults. Allow these young people to choose their friends. Instead of making choices for them, teach them from very young ages how to act appropriately. Teach them to solve their own problems at an early age and allow them to experience the result of their choices. Then, when they reach adolescence, they will have the skills necessary to choose friends and recreational activities that are in their best interest. It is our hope that parents, teachers and role models, will also be integrating these Messages into their Being. As they release negative thought patterns, change undesirable habits and out-dated belief codes, they will be much better equipped to raise their children. Can you imagine how your life would have been different if you had integrated these tools when you were young?

How might your life be different if by age two you were listened to and knew how to say “no” to anything that didn’t feel right to you? How might your life have been if at every step you had supportive family and friends who protected you from harm? The incidences of rape and abuse that permeate your cultures would be annihilated if the perpetrators were stopped because the children had the confidence to turn them in and the caretakers were not afraid to confront the perpetrator. How might your interactions with others be today if by age two you had been allowed to speak what was on your mind without being told to be quiet or simply ignored? When children are ridiculed or punished for speaking what is on their mind, they quickly learn that stating their truth is not always a good idea and they learn to tell little white lies.

Can you imagine how your life would be different if you had been encouraged to express your emotions since you were a toddler? Often children are taught that only babies cry. When children feel anger, it is often suppressed and they are told, “Go to your room!” Many times children naturally show their exuberance by dancing and singing, which is met with disdain by adults who continually tell them to be quiet and calm down.

Often, during the most important time of their life when parent and child bonding is crucial, children are sent off to pre-school. Before enrollment, they are subjected to a series of immunizations that create havoc on their immune system. Then they are exposed to myriads of diseases as they handle and mouth objects that unhealthy children have been touching. The number of preschool teachers who are capable of giving each child the attention, love and support they need is sadly very few in number.

Children at this age need to know they can count on their caretakers to nurture and protect them. Instead of receiving this support, the parent enrolls them into school, often not consulting with the child. As a result, the child realizes he has no choice and often feels abandoned as the parent walks away. He then turns around to find himself in a room filled with strangers, not knowing what is expected of him and without the understanding of time, not knowing if or when mommy or daddy will return.

Most children, before they enter kindergarten, have already developed belief codes such as: children should be seen and not heard, only babies cry, I have no control over my life, at anytime my parents can leave me, no one listens to me, anger is bad, do not show your emotions, people laugh at what I say, school makes me sick, etc. Do any of these sound familiar to you? These are the belief codes that most children build their thoughts, words and actions upon.

Next, the child enters kindergarten where they learn competition and are given labels dependent upon their ability to do the tasks placed before them. They are expected to sit for great lengths of time, which is unnatural and abusive. They must conform to new rules that can be very debilitating. What they learn is to give up self-expression and succumb to conformity. The public school system was set up to create mini-robots for the industrial society. Children are forced to learn skills that will make them a productive member of society. When there are budget cuts within the system, creativity classes such as art, music and physical education are the first to be removed from the curriculum. They are considered to be the least important, yet these are the skills that balance the right brain hemisphere with the left-brain.

Children learn best in nature, yet unless it is part of the science curriculum set up by the school board, the only interaction they have with nature is on the playground or at the bus stop. The vast majority of children do not know that milk comes from cows, that eggs come from chickens, that hamburgers are cow meat or that vegetables and fruits are grown by farmers. Most parents do not know the level of toxins added to foods to grow, ripen, preserve and color them. Yet everyday these toxins are loaded into your bodies and those of your children. Do you wonder why there is an increase in childhood maladies such as diabetes, autism, attention deficit and leukemia?

Thus, children enter elementary school with many of the above-mentioned belief codes firmly intact. Their bodies are flaccid due to lack of exercise and filled with toxic food and substances that weaken the immune system. Children feel anger, but cannot express it. They realize the school system is abusive, but no one protects them. They feel sluggish so they eat sugary foods and sodas to boost their energy. They do outlandish things to gain attention, yet still no one listens to them. Their frustration boils over and they land themselves in the principal’s office or juvenile detention, still with no one giving them the love, support and attention they crave and deserve. Is there any wonder that teenage pregnancies continue to rise?

What we say to parents, teachers and role models of children is to pay attention to how you influence their belief codes. Treat them the way you would liked to have been treated from your infancy onwards. Each of you has the ability to be a great influence on a child, even if you rarely encounter them. A simple smile can do wonders for someone who feels invisible. When you meet their parents, introduce yourself to the child, too. Treat the child with kindness and respect. Avoid patronizing behaviors such as patting them on the head or baby talk.

Encourage the child to dream his life into being. Under no circumstances ridicule them or tell them they should make another choice. If they ask your advice, give it to them clearly and concisely, letting them know that other people have differing opinions. Encourage them to talk to others who have differing opinions and then make their own decision. Release all gender related behaviors such as boys wear blue and play with trucks while girls wear pink and play with dolls. Allow children to choose their career paths without labeling them as gender roles such as girls become nurses or hairdressers while boys become doctors or truck drivers. Treat children with respect. Listen to their words, encourage them to solve their problems and allow them to blossom. We hope these words touch your heart and help you make changes that allow you to heal and rebuild your foundation, thus enhancing the skills needed to nurture yourself and the children you encounter.

Selamet!  Caban 2


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  198   

Etznab  3               Rainbow Reminders

I am Etznab 3. Welcome. Today we would like to talk on the subject of rainbows.

In your myths, rainbows are symbolic of fortune, abundance and promise.

We invite you to focus on these symbols whenever you see a rainbow.

Stop what you are doing and tune into these energies, feeling gratitude for the blessings in your life.

Visualize yourself receiving abundance in all things.

Send blessings to all other Beings so they too, may allow themselves to receive abundance and to share their gifts.

See the arch as a portal you can enter at any time to collect gifts within you that currently lie dormant.

Receive the promise that you are loved and supported by God, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Each color in the rainbow has its own energy frequency.

Allow these frequencies to enter your body, healing all aspects of your self.

As you look at the beautiful water crystals glistening in the sun, which creates the rainbow, send blessings to all the waters of the Earth, including the water in your body.

Think of the leprechaun with his pot of gold, remembering to allow abundance to flow into your life.

For the fun of it, get up, jiggle your booty and enjoy “a bun dance!”

Be silly and have fun today.

Selamet!  Etznab 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  199

Cauac  4                Receive Our Blessings

I am Cauac. Thank you for joining with us at this time. We are honored when you set aside time within your day to hear our Messages. Many of you have been gathering and coming into closer union with us as you release the belief codes that keep you blocked from those of us in the other Realms. We are pleased to be a part of the ascension or door opening that is allowing our communication to be clearer.

Today we would like to bestow upon you blessings of energy and love. We simply ask that you take a few breaths and relax. You may choose to listen to soothing music or listen to our Angelic choir in your mind or by using recorded music such as Tom Kenyon’s Ghandarva* ceremony.

You may also invite other loving Beings, such as Saints, Masters, Angels and your Spirit Helpers to join us. To call them in, place your attention on each one as you invite them to join us. One way to do this is to call their name three times, either out loud or within your mind.

What we are going to do is send love and healing energies to you. You do not need to think about anything during this time, just receive the energies and feel the love. This is our gift to you. We continually send you love, yet during your busy days, you generally do not take notice. This is your time.

When humans gather in group with a collective intention, their prayers exponentially become more powerful. It is the same in our Dimension. As we gather today in a group, focusing our intention on sending you love and healing energies, our collective intentions manifest powerfully.

Get into a comfortable position. Remain in our energy as long as you wish. Once you are settled and your brain has relaxed into a theta state, we will begin. We will continue as a group until you have come out of the theta state and resume your normal activities.

We love you dearly and are honored to gift you in this manner. We have no time or space constraints in our Realm; you may call on us individually or as a group any time you wish to gather. It is our honor and pleasure to share our energies with you.

Enjoy!  The Day Keepers

* The Ghandarva Experience, CD, Tom Kenyon,

The Ghandarva Experience is Tom’s tribute to a process of singing the many names of God, called Ghandarva.


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  200

Ahau  5            Psychic Children

I am Ahau 5. Thank you for joining us today. We would like to talk more on the subject of love. This time we would like to look at love from the perspective of a young child. When a child enters this Realm, often they have full remembrance of being on the Other Side. They know they are pure Spirit and have come here to experience physicality.

As they encounter situations in which they are powerless to express their Spirit, their memories fade and they become fully engrained in the human experience. More of these children are currently arriving on the planet to parents who have awakened to their Spirit nature. There are few adults who have fully realized their Spirit nature and living with this awareness, yet there are more who are highly tuned at this time than ever before on your planet.

Very few cultures remain fully integrated with their Spirit Guides. Most have been tainted by man, following rituals when it best suits the needs of the people, rather than the cycles they were initially guided to follow.

When children are born into families and societies with deep spiritual roots connected to Source and Nature, their chances of retaining the remembrance of their spiritual roots is exponentially increased. These children are nurtured from the time they are in the womb, knowing they are valuable and have a purpose to serve. They are freely allowed to talk of their pre-incarnation memories, often communing with those on the Other Side as well as those in the physical Realm who know how to communicate telepathically on the grid.

These children are your teachers. Listen to what they say. Many are psychic and can read your energy. They know when you are speaking from your heart and when you are speaking from your mind. These children are honest, kind and joyful; these are the greatest lessons you can learn from them. These children do not do well in the confines of your current educational system. They take very literally the messages they receive from television programs and games. It is difficult for them to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Avoid giving them any toxins, especially immunizations and foods with preservatives and food coloring. These will lower their immune system, making it difficult for them to retain the abilities they have acquired. When scolded, many of these children seem to overreact, for they literally take every word you say as reality. For example, if a child is told, “You are so stupid, how could you have done that?” He may literally believe he is stupid and will either believe what you say and add that to his foundation of belief codes or he may go out of his way to win your approval by doing all in his power not to be stupid. Many perfectionists are born because of comments like this.

These children come into the world with extra codes turned on. Your scientists are discovering this and new names are being created to describe what they are finding. The important thing to know is they are fully aware of who they are and why they are here. It is important to encourage them when they make choices, for they are fragile and at any time can shut down and become as lost as you once were.

The basic reason most have come to Earth is to show the way of kindness and unconditional love. These children will soon grow to be our leaders. Can you imagine a world filled with leaders who are kind and loving? Play John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and listen carefully to the words. These children can make that dream a reality. You on Earth have the ability at this time to take an evolutionary leap that has never happened on Earth or anywhere else in physical creation.

Let these children teach you to love unconditionally. They will lead you out of your box if you allow them to. If they ask to play with you, set aside all you are doing and follow their lead. Bend the rules of the game you are playing and you will find yourself having more fun than you ever experienced before. It is the rules in life that keep you in the box. Break out, make up arbitrary rules, ones that bring joy rather than focusing on competition. Learn to be inclusive; join with all others no matter what judgments you have placed on them in the past. Recognize everyone as your brother and love them as you love yourself; this requires loving yourself unconditionally.

Go outside and play like children. Find some children to play with. If you have no children around you, then buy some crayons, jump ropes or games you enjoyed as a child. Make sculptures with clay, paint rainbows, chase bubbles. Take a walk in Nature, looking at all with a child’s eye of wonder, releasing the need to label the plants, animals and insects you encounter. Sit still and perhaps you will be gifted by the touch of a butterfly or lizard. Regain your childhood innocence!

Selamet!  Ahau 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  201

Imix  6            Nurture Children

I am Imix 6. Thank you for joining us today. It gives us much pleasure to spend time with you and share our perspective with those who have ears to hear. Today we would like to continue with our suggestions on how to treat and raise the children that are in your custody or those you meet briefly along your Path. Many treat children as inferiors, not recognizing they have as much value as you. Baby talk can be very condescending to a child. They don’t talk to you in this manner, why do you insist on doing so with them? This is a sure sign that you are not treating them as equals.

Many of the children in this era are arriving on Earth with an understanding of love and with psychic abilities far beyond the average person. If you were to place judgments on the child, you would see that in regards to human evolution, many of them are superior to you. We caution those of you who think you know what is best for them.

As we mentioned yesterday, these children’s immune systems are being compromised by the foods and toxic substances they are ingesting each day. Research the ingredients of everything you place in or on your body. Take care when you are remodeling your homes, including paint, carpeting and fabrics, for the fumes they release are toxic. Read the labels on detergent and cleaning supplies. Research the ingredients and you will be appalled to discover chemicals that were never designed to be touched by humans in baby wipes, diapers, skin lotions, shampoos, sunscreens, etc.

Before placing your children on medications to control their behavior, change their diet first and see if this resolves the issue. Pay attention to how you treat children, perhaps their behaviors are reactions to expectations placed on them. Many people, as gestures of kindness, ply children with candies and desserts filled with sugar and sugar substitutes that are as toxic as the chemicals we have mentioned. Treat children with kindness and respect. You are their role models. If you desire a world filled with respectful, mature people, fair businesses and governments, then be this kind of person and role-model for them. If you suppress their speech, they will learn that this is an acceptable thing to do to others. Do you like to have your thoughts and opinions suppressed? If you treat them as inferior, they will learn they are inferior and that it is acceptable to treat others as such.

Many of you treat children the way you were taught by the example of your elders. Even though you did not like to be treated in this manner, it became the accepted norm and now you are carrying on the tradition. Perhaps it is time to break these belief codes and begin to look upon children as your equals. Indeed, they may not be as skilled in some areas as you, but be assured that one day they will surpass you in strength, number and intelligence. You would do well to be their friend when this happens, for if you have taught them to be condescending and unkind, they will treat you in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

Look at these children through new eyes. Be patient when they are trying new things or asking questions. Each adult they encounter has an opportunity to be a greater teacher than the schoolbooks they are required to read. Take them into Nature and allow them to explore the mysteries and balance between all living creatures. Teach them to grow their own food, allowing them to become self-reliant rather than having to rely on goods grown on the other side of the Earth.

If you want to teach them to read, begin with food labels. If you want to teach them to be respectful of elders, take them to nursing homes to visit and play with the residents. If you want them to be happy, allow them to make their own choices. Let them choose the clothes they wish to wear and their hairstyles. Allow them to choose their friends and to choose the sports and recreational activities that interest them. It is fine to introduce them to many things, but to force children into an activity they have no interest in can be abusive and hinder their creativity. We are not talking about tribal duties such as cleaning up after themselves and learning life skills. We are referring to extra-curricular activities such as music, sports and dance. Introduce them to these things by taking them to plays and sporting activities. If they demonstrate an interest, encourage them to explore that interest.

It is far better to have a child fail at something he is passionate about than to succeed at something he does out of obligation.

Smile at every child you encounter and send them thoughts of unconditional love. Let them know they are a valuable member of society, nurturing them every step of their life.

Selamet!  Imix 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  202

Ik  7              Fact or Fiction?

I am Ik 7. While we are on the topic of children, I would like to make a suggestion to those of you who are parents and caretakers. Share the Mayan Messages with them; they need the inspiration, too! You’ll know which are appropriate for them. Be mindful of the books they read. Many are inappropriate and place ideas in their heads that are not for their highest good. Adults should be more mindful of the books they ply their brains with, also.

When you are emotionally engaged while reading a book or watching a movie, be aware that your mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy.

If your mind is filled with images and emotions from the book or movie you are engaged in, it will log those memories as though they were real. Later, you may get upset and not know the reason for it, sometimes it is because a memory from a book or movie has slipped in.

There have been many studies related to this phenomenon. Soap operas are one example. People who engross themselves in these stories get emotionally charged while watching the program and have difficulty distinguishing between the actors and the roles they play. Often actors receive hate mail when they play the role of a bad guy. Those portraying doctors often receive mail asking for medical advice.

People who religiously watch soap operas have an increase in divorce and relationship breakups because they have witnessed betrayal repeatedly and begun to mistrust their mates. Children and adults who watch action movies tend to be more aggressive. Viewers have become depressed from movies and books, having related to the characters as though they were close friends.

We suggest that you be mindful of the movies and books you choose to view.

Thank you.  Ik 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  203

Akbal  8              Astral Hugs

Good day, I am Akbal 8. Today we would like you to close your eyes and allow yourself to feel our energy.

Relax. Breathe in and out at your own pace, comfortably sinking into a feeling of deep relaxation.

Note any feelings of calmness, of love, of warmth and know this is us.

Receive this love as we honor you for being the wonderful and beautiful Being that you are.

Remain in this state as long as you choose.

Know that you can return at any time to receive more of our astral hugs.

It is our hope that you will take a few moments each day before reading the Messages to combine with our energies.

By doing so, as you release the concerns of the day, you will be able to go deeper into the energetics of the Message.

This is also how you connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Once the mind is calm, the heart can expand and allow our energies to flow more freely through you.

You can also increase your ability to make heart-to-heart connections with friends, family and those with whom you have difficulties.

Have a wonder filled day!

The Day Keepers


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  204

Kan  9               Be Loved

I am Kan 9 and am thankful for this time to be with you. As we gather and share each other’s knowledge and experiences of love, we bring to All a spirit of Oneness and Love. There is no other way to experience love than by being Love. Therefore, every act of love you bestow upon yourself or another magnifies the love received by All. When you send love to another through prayer, they will receive it. However, some receive love on a subtle energy, not understanding why they feel little hits of upliftment. Some are closed to receiving love, even on a conscious level due to the walls of protection they have built around themselves, so the amount of love they receive is limited.

Others are open to love, yet may not be consciously aware when others are sending them love. Those who are nearing Mastery may feel that someone is sending them love and may even know who it is. Those who have Mastered this plane and know how to work energetically within this universe’s laws will know when someone is sending them love. They know who this person is, even if they have never met, for they are able to connect on a level much greater than what is available in the third Dimension. These Masters often have photographs of themselves with a palm facing the camera. By viewing their image, others can receive blessings from them. No one ever needs to be present physically in order to send or receive love. However, being consciously aware of this ability will enhance one’s understanding of the nature of love.

Find a quiet place; breathe in and out several times in order to relax and release the concerns of the day. In your mind, visualize the person(s) you wish to connect with. Call their name out loud three times while thinking of them. Although it is not necessary to state their name aloud, doing so may help to maintain focus, especially if sending prayers in a group setting. Know you are now connected energetically. Your Spirit knows no bounds when it comes to time, space and place.

As you hold the image of the other person(s) in your mind, visualize a stream of love and light flowing in your upper heart region. Allow it to flow unhindered, feeling gratitude for having known them. You can thank them for the good times you have experienced together and you can thank them for the hard lessons you learned from each other. You can also apologize for any hurt you have caused them.

This is an especially powerful tool to use when you are attempting to release emotions and judgments you harbor against another. At first, it may be difficult to conjure up feelings of love and gratitude with those you are uncomfortable with. However, with time and practice, one day you will feel the release of judgment and will feel the stream of love as it begins to flow between you. When you are working energetically and with the permission of your Higher Self and the Higher Self of all concerned, you have the assistance of your Guides and of Love itself.

As we have mentioned in several previous Messages, love is an energy that flows continuously. There is no scope to its breadth or width; it flows out like a ripple in a pond. When you focus on sending love to another, the moment you connect energetically, the love is sent. If the person you are sending love to is open to receiving your love, the connection will be made whether they are consciously aware you are sending loving thoughts or not.

If the person you are sending love to is not open to receiving love, especially from you, they will still be blessed by the love as it flows through them, but they will not be as enhanced as they could be if they were more open. It is like throwing a ball to someone. They try to catch it, but it slips through their fingers. Contact was made, but it was brief and did not linger. The love we send to you works in the same manner. Those who believe in our existence are more likely to catch the ball and coddle it. Those who are not aware of us will still be touched, yet will not receive the special blessing of basking in our love. As more awaken to our existence, the presence of love has the ability to help with your human evolution. More people will be able to hold this energy in their bodies and emit its essence to others. Many Emissaries of Love have held this energy during past generations. Many have now left the Earth plane, for it is time for each of you to be responsible for your actions and reactions on Earth. It is your time to coddle the ball, pass it on and show others how to catch and hold it.

Love is the basic ingredient of all that is. It was the primordial being of All before the great Separation. When this cycle is completed, Love will be all that exists again. It is the highest frequency one can emit at any time. We suggest you do all in your power to heighten and maintain this frequency of love towards yourself and all Beings. Be grateful for every breath you take, every moment you have and everything you experience. Express this love through your work, your words, your thoughts, your actions and your prayers. Is this not a good way to spend your day?

Selamet!  Kan 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  205

Chicchan  10              Share Skills

I am Chicchan. We are grateful for this time together. Today we would like to continue our conversation on raising children and influencing those you meet. By sharing your gifts and talents, you have the ability to help a child learn new skills. Are you retired or have free time on your hands? Have you considered ways to share the knowledge you have experienced with children who would be interested in learning from you? You can go about this in many ways.

Tell your stories and teach your skills to family members: your children, grandchildren, nieces, their friends, etc. The library is another resource. Call and schedule talks, storytelling or demonstrations. They usually welcome speakers to share their time, especially with children. Contact local schools: public, charter and private and ask for ways you can share your skills with the children. There are also opportunities at trade shows, festivals, conferences and fairs. Be creative, have courage and find fun ways to interact by sharing your passion. Your life will be greatly enhanced!

Parents, do what you can to keep children supplied with art materials and being out in nature. They will never become television or computer addicts if they are not exposed to them or the time engaged in these activities are limited. Be careful not to fall into the lure of using these devices as babysitters. Encourage them to play outside. Limit the number of store toys you buy so they will use their imagination more. Allow them the opportunity to solve their own problems. Let them think for themselves; intervene only when necessary. Let them choose their friends, yet be watchful, for much abuse happens by other children who have been exposed to less than loving experiences. Listen to children when they speak and allow them to freely express their opinions. Instead of telling them they are wrong, develop communication skills in which each of you shares why you believe what you do, without judgment.

Be conscious of the words you speak; you are being listened to and watched by these young eyes and they know when you are not in your integrity. Although they tend to be forgiving, they are still apt to take your idle words as Truth and develop belief codes around them. Consider your habits such as telling them there is an Easter bunny or Santa Claus. Although, there is magic in the myths, there is also the problem of credibility when they find that these things are not true.

Stay in your Truth at all times, maintaining your integrity. There is nothing wrong with challenging children who are pushing their boundaries. Often, they are reaching to see just how far they can go. Do you not do the same when you are following a pursuit that interests you? It is human nature to challenge oneself and to seek what lies beyond. However, too many parents take these challenges personally and punish the child for being curious.

When a child is in the midst of an engrossing activity, do your best to give a warning that soon they will have to do something else. Avoid abruptly telling them to stop. Do you enjoy being told to stop something you are enjoying, especially when there is no need to quit that very moment? Respect. What we talk about is respect. Pay attention to how you like to be treated and when appropriate, treat the children in your life the same. We all wish to be loved, heard and understood.

Many adults try to buy a child’s love by plying them with candy and gifts. This is especially prevalent with divorced parents. They treat the child with things that are not necessarily in the child’s best interest or leave them unsupervised for great lengths of time. Often, parents let children get away with inappropriate behaviors. The child quickly learns thatif he has a temper tantrum or nags, he will get what he wants. We do not judge these interactions within the family, however we do see how detrimental they are as the child grows up with a foundation of behaviors that are not socially acceptable.

Many children have no interaction with one or both parents. This tends to set the child up with beliefs codes such as, “I am not lovable. I was bad, that’s why my parent doesn’t want to see me. People I love abandon me. Parents can’t be trusted.” Children with these belief codes will seek the attention and love they need in ways that may be detrimental. This is why running away from home, acts of aggression and teenage pregnancy are prevalent. Each child needs to know his boundaries. Set parameters, assuring them they will have more freedom as they master the ones they currently have. Teach them how to spend and save money. Let them earn toys and special treats by sharing with household duties. As they grow older, encourage them to interweave their skills and passion by sharing their gifts with others.

Give children the respect they deserve. Let them feel loved. Speak to them with truth. Allow them to experience life in a safe and nurturing environment and you will have fewer problems in your society. Find ways to heighten your experience with every child you encounter.

Selamet!  Chicchan 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  206

Cimi  11              Evolution: Movin’ On

I am Cimi 11. Thank you for taking time to be with us today. We are very impressed with the inner work that you and many others are doing. Your efforts are creating ripples of love throughout the universe that are affecting the evolution of all souls.

In one sense, we all are pure Love and Spirit, yet due to our choice to leave the Source of All, we are now in separation from each other, although it is only temporary.

When we speak of evolution, it is a much different meaning than is generally understood in your scientific community.

Evolution simply means to change or progress from one way of being to another. Do you not see yourself evolving when you gain deeper understanding of love and how to implement it in your life?

Many of you compare this evolution to ascension, yet in reality, they are the same.

The term “ascension” in its esoteric form was coined by those who understood that each emotion carries a specific frequency. Love and gratitude are two of the highest frequencies while fear and hate are very low frequencies.

When a person exchanges lower frequency emotions with higher frequencies, they in essence are vibrationally rising or ascending.

You are not ascending to another place such as heaven or shamballa. It is your inner self that is ascending to higher crescendos of the frequency of love.

You have the ability in the twinkling of an eye to create Heaven on Earth if each of you were to choose acts of kindness and love every moment of your life. It is because of your choices based on fear and anger that you remain in the depths of hell.

Begin by going within yourself to make the necessary changes that will create your ascension process, choosing love over fear in every moment of your life. When you do, your life will be filled with joy and abundance.

You will have unlocked the door to the Tree of Life, the place where you will receive all knowledge, with the ability to integrate these Truths into your Being.

We invite you to begin today!  Cimi 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  207

Manik  12              Heavenly Hierarchy

I am Manik 12. Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit with us. We are pleased to have this connection and are especially thankful for the time you are taking, being attentive to your inner Self. Can you not feel the growth and understanding that you have been experiencing? We see the changes within you and how you affect those around you. Countless souls are touched by each act of kindness and each expression of love.

When a soul group on your level moves to a higher frequency, it affects all. Eventually, when enough on your level come to the light (higher frequencies), many on the level above you move up, too. When enough on that level reaches a higher frequency, it affects groups on the next rung and some of them move up. It is similar to corporations, when an employee is promoted, another person moves up to fill her position.

Each of you affects the All. As groups of you rise to a higher frequency (ascend to the next level), you will mingle with those on that level. Eventually, those who have been helping the ones in your group will finish their role. During their time of assisting you, they will have gained much knowledge, wisdom, experience, patience, love, compassion, etc. and their work will be completed, allowing them to move to the next higher Realm. This is the basic workings of the ascension process. It is infinitely more complex than this, but your language and experiences make it difficult to express in terms within your scope of understanding.

Simply know that when you set aside lower frequency belief codes, behaviors and thought patterns, then replace them with higher frequency choices, you affect All. As the student gains mastery, he seeks new teachers who can take him to another level. This is another reason why some move to higher Realms.

Even in your present lifetime, many Ascended Masters have moved out of the physical realm to assist in the next Dimension. As they moved into place and settled in, some of their Masters handed the baton to them and have moved into higher Realms. Do you understand what we are saying?

The reasons to leave one realm and go to another are varied. Generally, one moves on when they Master the experiences they chose. Some move on when they have finished the task they set out to do. Often they move on because they desire new challenges. Many move out of this universe to experience another universe. Like you, each of us has free will and can move about as desired.

We share this information with you because there is much misunderstanding regarding the ascension process and its inner workings. No matter what you choose to believe, know that when you choose acts of love, kindness and compassion, they are felt everywhere. There is no need to be concerned about your ascension or the roles others play.

Much attention is focused on service work and recompensing for sins and other similar belief codes. Simply be kind and you will not go wrong. There are no perfect, right or wrong Paths. All lead to the same place, providing opportunities for varied experiences. Choose love and light and you will be blessed abundantly.

Take your focus off saving other people and place your attention on areas within yourself that are out of balance. Take your mind off saving the world and pay attention to how you affect the world. Once you have changed your ineffectual habits, then you will be in an honorable place to be a role-model for others.

Take care of yourself first and then be a role model to others when it comes to your health habits. There is much finger pointing in all areas of existence. You would do well to retract your fingers and place them in a position of prayer, focusing on the changes you should make. It has been said that one who points out the faults in another usually have the same faults. If you find fault in others, discover where that “imperfection” lies within you. Then you can choose to accept that imperfection as perfect or to make changes.

Selamet!  Manik 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  208

Lamat  13              Child Caretakers

Greetings, I am Lamat 13. Thank you for joining us this day. We would like to talk further on the subject of child-rearing. We cannot overemphasize the importance of allowing children to make choices for themselves. In many situations, children are much wiser and on higher frequencies of love than their caretakers. Parents role-model what they have learned, extending their fears and myths onto children in ways that may hamper their productivity. It is imperative to pay close attention to what you are modeling to them. Anything other than love and kindness is abusive and detrimental, although most of you are doing these things without intentionally meaning to be harmful.

Any moment when you affect a child and he reacts with emotions such as fear, anger or hurt, look at what you said or did to offend him. It is one thing to protect a child from physical harm, but did you harm him in the process of doing so? It is good to teach the child manners, but did you use proper manners as a role model in doing so?

Many children are forced to eat foods they dislike or amounts that are not fit for their bodies. In doing so, they often learn the habit of overeating. They are given foods with no nutritional value as treats. What kind of message is this? Their exuberance is met with disdain or medication. Their behaviors, words, thoughts, dreams and aspirations are often met with ridicule. Allow them to dream big and perhaps they will be your role models and encourage you to dream big!

Those who desire to have children would do well to spend more time and energy clearing their personal problems before having babies. Too often, no thought is given to partners before choosing to have children. How important can a child feel when he knows he was an “accident?” Take pride in your body and yourself. Learn abstinence until you have found a suitable partner.

Create a space for this child by preparing an environment in which you and your partner will both be good role models. Know how to feed yourself, giving your child a good foundation before he enters your body. Change your thinking to higher level thoughts and he will be affected in a good way. Be the kind of person you hope your child will become. In doing so, you are likely to attract a soul who is compatible with you and your morals. There will be much less tension in the family if all of you are on the same page.

Grandparents need to be on the same page as the parents, otherwise, there will be much confusion for the child. Decide before the child is born what beliefs you wish to instill. If you and your parents agree, life will be smoother for all. If competition enters the arena, there is sure to be heartache for all involved. Grandparents, at times, you may have to allow your child to raise your grandchildren in a manner that does not meet your approval. Try to keep the path smooth, treating everyone in the family with love and kindness, for that is all that really matters. Decide what is really of importance and stand in your truth. This does not mean that the parent may listen to you, but it does mean that you remain in your integrity. There will come a time when it may be appropriate to tell your grandchild that you disagree with what his parents believe. Choose your battles wisely or else a war could result.

We are not talking about cases of abuse or blatant disrespect. We are referring to the myriad of little things that tend to be blown out of proportion. We are also talking about religious differences. There are no two among you holding all of the same beliefs; allow each person to make their own choices. This may be hard for some of you to accept, but no matter what happens when the child is young, there will come a time when he will begin to make his own choices. Wouldn’t it be best for him to base those choices on kindness and love? Would it not warm your heart to know this is what he chose because of your example?

It is our hope that each child that arrives on Earth comes from parents who planned their birth and await the arrival with anticipation and fully capable of loving and nurturing their baby emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. If each of you holds this vision for every baby before its conception, there will come a time when it will be so. You are powerful creators and through your actions, you will be able to manifest whatever you, as a whole, choose to experience. Manifest the type of parents you wish for this world. Be a part of training the youth for parenthood. Teach them perseverance and patience. Instill in them the desire to wait for the right mate. Encourage them to avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and friends who lead them toward these things. Teach them to fill their bodies and minds with healthy nourishment, while encouraging them to find and explore those things that ignite their passion.

Good tidings.  Lamat 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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