Days 248 – 260

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This Trecena (thirteen day cycle) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Lamat, who is symbolically represented by the rabbit or the stars. In both cases, multiplicity is the key idea. This is a time of abundance, of manifesting your desires, of moving forward both giving and receiving in countless measures.



Day 248 – Baggage Check

Day 249 – Positive Activism

Day 250 – Choices! Choices!

Day 251 – Turn on Your Heart Light

Day 252 – Inner Peace

Day 253 – Serenity Path

Day 254 – Go Within Daily

Day 255 – Ten Keys To Ascension

Day 256 – Emotions

Day 257 – Avatar Training

Day 258 – Choose Love

Day 259 – The End is Near

Day 260 – Endings Are Beginnings


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  248

Lamat  1          Baggage Check

Greetings and salutations! We are most grateful for this moment to be with you. All of us are happy that you are taking time to go within and clear out the baggage that has kept you overloaded and weighed down. How does one get weighed down so readily in this Realm? Negative belief codes are like magnets, drawing unto them more negative thoughts and beliefs. Know that when we say “negative” we are not judging its worth, only attempting to make connection with you in words that you will understand. These negative thoughtforms glop together, creating quite a mass of entangled energies that reach, like antennas, out to the universe, saying, “Here I am, come join me!” Once one begins to understand the nature of thoughtforms and how they manifest into physical reality, one can begin to unravel the entangled mess, one layer at a time until it is fully dissolved.

Like any void on Earth, once something is removed, something else attempts to fill the void. Thus, it is important to fill the gap of the unwanted thoughtforms with those that are more appealing. Thoughtforms create reality, so choose those that will lead you to the outcome you desire. When you have a thought that is unsettling or undesirable to you, immediately think again by choosing thoughts that will lead you toward your chosen destiny.

Low-density thoughtforms vibrate at a slower speed. This slow speed allows it to interact with physical matter. In this way, diseases are born. Higher frequency vibrations run through the body, sending sparklets of light and love as it flows through. In this way, when you exchange lower thoughtforms with those that are of higher frequencies, such as love and peace, you in essence are lightening your load. You will fly through your day with less weight bearing down upon you.

As your energy vibrational patterns increase, you will draw unto you similar situations and people. You will find that many things you did before are no longer appealing. You will find your relationships more enjoyable and mature, and that you spend less time with those who vibrate at lower densities. Your interests in recreation, work, where you live and what you do will begin to change as you seek higher vibrations.

You will also begin to notice changes in your choice of foods and method of living. Things that once held you captive will fall away as you learn to exercise your freedom of choice and methods of relaxation. Life will take on new meaning as you let loose of ideas and beliefs that consume your time and energy. Your passions will blossom as you take your renewed energy and channel it into things that bring you joy and pleasure.

You will begin to understand that you are One with the universe and all its inhabitants. Once this reality sinks into the memory of your cells, you will learn patience and acceptance of all things. No longer will you worry about the “what ifs” of future possibilities of negative occurrences. You will focus more of your energy on the “what ifs” of future possibilities of favorable occurrences.

All of these possibilities begin in this moment. What is it that you desire? What steps can you take in this moment to lead you toward your desired goal? How can you obtain these goals? Begin to walk your Path, taking side trails as desired, always returning to the main trail once you have acquired the skills and experiences the side trails offered you.

Do not concern yourself with the “what ifs” that contract your energy field. Focus only on the “what ifs” that allow you to expand. It is your time to fly. Enjoy life to the fullest. Be kind and respectful to yourself and others. Know that your destiny is in your hands. There are many of us on the Other Side that welcome every opportunity to assist as you make choices that lighten your burden. Come fly with us through eternity as we move ever closer to living the way Source intended, with pure Love for all.

Selamet!  Lamat 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  249

Muluc  2          Positive Activism

I am Muluc 2. Welcome to this time of gathering. Thank you for being an active part of the ascension process of the Earth and her inhabitants. Without your help, it would be much denser in your world. Each of you who brings light into the world, assists in this process. Although there would be nothing wrong if the world collapsed this day, there would be many of you wishing you had done more in your power to save the planet from destruction.

You may be asking, “What can I do to assist in the ascension process?” One of the main things that each of you can do is to increase the vibration of love within your physical Being. If each of you were to do that in this moment, all wars would cease, hunger and disease would cease to exist and utopia would immediately manifest itself.

There are many who fight wars aimed at peace. Many peace activists are carrying arms to force their way upon others. Although these measures may have love and peace at their root, they still are creating much unease and distress in the energetic matrix.

We ask that you do all you can to share your goals, dreams, visions and actions with others in a peaceful and graceful manner. The universe will support these measures for they are harmonious. When an angry person demands peace, there is disharmony in the energetic field. Anger and peace cannot co-exist in the same field. There is such a thing as righteous anger, yet it is still anger. If one can change their anger into a state of acceptance, even if they do not agree with what others are doing, they will be more effective.

For instance, many activists are involved in saving marine life. This is a noble and just cause, for indeed many marine life species are dying needlessly. When a particular activist gets angry, that energy permeates his energy field. Anger is an aggressive emotion and can be the basis to accomplish much. It is how that anger is expressed and internalized by the person that is important to understand.

An angry person can accomplish much if that anger is used to fuel the steps to solving a dilemma. If the anger is internalized and not expressed, it can fester in the body, disempowering the person. If the anger is used to resolve situations, it can be used in one of two ways. The negative way is through violent actions such as physically harming those who are damaging the ecosystem of the animals he wishes to protect. In this case, the activist is involved in the same sins as the aggressor against the animals. Anger begets hatred, leading to violence. This is not the best way to create a peaceful universe.

On the other hand, an activist can be angry and use this emotion to fuel positive solutions. Perhaps instead of terrorizing his opponents, he will attempt to educate them. The opponents’ livelihood may depend on his harvesting the ocean, so his need for income would have to be considered, as well. Corporations can be better dealt with through legislation, taking actions to change laws to save the oceans and its inhabitants.

Can you see the difference? When love is used as the base to make changes, everyone will win. When anger and fear-based emotions are used to make changes, it only adds to the problem. In most cases, it is control, greed and power that fuel those who are destroying the environment and peace on Earth.

We implore you to seek within yourself to find ways you can enhance your planet and its inhabitants through the use of high-energy frequencies based on love rather than fear and hate. It can be done, you have many examples of people who have done just that. It is a noble cause to do all within your power to increase the vibration of love within yourself. If you do nothing else in your life, you will have done well if you connect yourself to Source and emit love on a daily basis. This does not take money, education, physical abilities nor anything other than the will to do so. It is your choice. Choose wisely.

Selamet!  Muluc 2


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  250

Oc  3       Choices! Choices!

Greetings, dear one. Can you feel the excitement in the air when you make a decision that feels right? Have you ever wondered where that feeling comes from? Why do some decisions feel right while at other times you battle within your mind to choose the best outcome for a situation?

Often, there is a knowingness that something feels right because you have set a clear intention. In these moments, you are in flow with creation. You know what you want and you know what to do to obtain it. No matter what anyone else says, you know you will move forward, taking the necessary steps to attain that goal.

When a person has this surety, we on the Other Side can assist in making this a reality. It is like having a work order in which one states exactly what they want. We look at the work order, which is a clear intention fueled by passion and begin to mold whatever we can into leading that person towards his destination.

What often happens is the person waivers, falling into snares of unworthiness, doubt, anxiety, fear, etc. These often are fueled by well-meaning friends and family who express their concerns. If the person continues steadfast in his goal, we can continue to place before him opportunities to move along his Path. These synchronicities will continue, leading him toward his destination. When this occurs, one can know he is on the Path. However, we wish to remind you that even if there are subtle fears, they can impede progress, so go within and seek any belief codes or negative thinking that may hinder your ability to progress towards your dreams.

We would also like to add a word of caution to all of you. Although your intentions may be well-meaning, you can cause another to falter in their decision by giving inappropriate advice. No one fully knows the capabilities or desires of another human. Thus, one may feel the need to save another from making a mistake or have the wish to control another because their new dream is not in alignment with one’s own desires.

It is imperative that each person pay close attention to their thoughts before they are expressed in words and actions, making sure that in no way do they deter others from following their dreams. Speak your truth, but know that it is just that, your truth, your opinion. When it differs from another, allow it to be. Do not impose your wishes upon another, for in so doing, you could crush the passion and life force that fuels their very essence. Would you appreciate another who suffocates your passion?

Be mindful so you do not fall into this trap, especially under the guise of, “I only want what is best for you.” Allow yourself and all other Beings to make their own choices as to what is best for them. Even young children should be allowed to make their own choices in small measures. This is the nature of free will and experience, the main reasons why each of you incarnated on this plane of existence.

We leave you with these thoughts. Ponder them, take to heart and integrate those that feel truthful to you. We have your best interests in heart when we share these Messages with you, however, we know that each one of you is walking a unique Path and not every Message will be understood, appreciated or relevant. We simply wish to share possible solutions to problems you are wishing to resolve.

We love you beyond measure and look forward to the time when we can speak in ways beyond the written word. Go within during your daily meditation and call our name. We will be there to support and encourage you, for we are all brothers and sisters from one Source and will return to Source when the time is appropriate.

Choose peace, joy and love!  Oc 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  251

Chuen  4          Turn on Your Heart Light

Greetings, dear one. As we come to the close of the Tzolkin cycle, we hope you will continue as the new cycle begins. With each cycle, go deeper within yourself, having the courage to face the hurts and pains that have created blockages to receiving energy directly from Source.

It is when you feel separated from God that you experience low energy emotions such as anger, fear, depression and abandonment. Whenever you feel yourself slipping out of joy or peace, take time to go within. Breathe and relax until you feel yourself centered once again.

There are many ways to consciously connect to Source. Although you are never truly disconnected, low density emotions make it feel as though you are. Try a variety of methods until you come upon one that can instantly reconnect you, reminding you that you are a beautiful, Spiritual Being experiencing a short term of humanity on the Earth plane.

One way to connect is to become quiet. Focus on things that make you feel happy. Well up feelings of gratitude while focusing on your blessings. If a negative thought enters your mind, dismiss it and choose another that brings you joy. It is through gratitude that love is expressed. When love is expressed, the door to receiving love is opened and allows an inrush of high-level energies to permeate your Being.

Meditate daily, even if only for 10 minutes. Choose to become an active meditator, focusing on what is joyful, loving and peaceful each moment of your life. There are many Avatars walking the Earth who have reached this level of existence. They no longer toil doing work they once despised. They are in excellent health, choosing only foods that heighten their body’s well-being. They allow all other Beings to do as they choose, only intervening when called to do so. They have reached the level of understanding that all is well. No matter what things are happening around them, they have the ability to focus on the beauty of each experience.

Practice every moment living the life of an Avatar until you become one. Each of you has the ability to do so. However, many are blocked due to old belief codes and behaviors. Look deep within yourself every day, having the courage to face the shadows within you. Shine your light on them by accepting what happens and releasing any low-level energies associated with them.

When you turn a light switch on, darkness is eliminated. When you turn the light switch off, the darkness returns. It is the same within your electrical system. You cannot have both the dark and the light running at the same time. Your circuitry is designed to let light flow through every cell in your body. When you focus on the darkness inside yourself and others, you attract more of that energy to you.

If you wish to have a life filled with love and joy, then place your attention there, every moment. Each moment that you focus your attention on the shadows, you will draw more of them to you. For this reason, it is imperative to find the areas that block your circuitry and to take the necessary actions to get the lights turned on again.

Take time to go inside today and bless your shadows. Release the dark shadows that no longer serve you. Turn your heart light on and go forth enjoying each moment with a heart filled with love and gratitude. Not only will this change your life, but you will also affect every other soul in the universe, for we are all connected.

Peace be with you!  Chuen 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  252

Eb  5             Inner Peace

I am Eb 5, thank for joining us today. We would like to encourage you to go within daily.

There is no more important activity that you can do each day, besides breathing and eating!

There are many health benefits associated with meditation and daily prayer.

Physically, you will experience health benefits as you relax and relieve stress.

As you work through problems, you will become better equipped to handle stressors as they emerge.

Mentally, you will become more alert and focused.

Emotionally, you will learn to balance yourself in all situations, regaining your composure more easily.

Spiritually, this is the most important practice to remain consciously connected to Source.

Whenever you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, off-center or need clear answers, take time to go within.

Train yourself to instantly go into a relaxed state of consciousness.

This comes with practice, but is well worth the effort when it comes to helping you achieve a sense of well-being.

There is much more we could say on this subject, but like many things, experience is a far better teacher than an orator.

Thus, we leave you with this message in hopes that you will take time to go inward these next few moments.

Selamet!  Eb 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  253

Ben  6             Serenity Path

Blessings dear one. We are most grateful for this opportunity to share our gathered knowledge and wisdom with you. Know that within you lies the ability to gather all wisdom from the universe. You must first trust that you have this ability then clear any circuitry that stops the flow of love within yourself.

This can be done through diet, clear thinking and the emotions of love and gratitude. When any of these are lacking, the connection gets muddled, affecting the clarity of reception. There are those among you who are psychic from birth, yet your circuits can become muddled from diet and accumulated emotional pain. This is why it is imperative to clear your energy field on a regular basis.

Each morning as you arise, set aside a few moments to appreciate everything in your environment. Thank Creator for your opportunity to walk the Earth in physical form. Send waves of gratitude to the multitude of Guides who support and assist you. Be grateful for your body, paying attention to its needs. Begin to work together as a team with your body in order to increase your well-being and the circuitry that allows you access to All. In every moment, see yourself as whole and complete. Know that your body is a temporary dwelling place, a temple, and deserving to be treated as such.

Throughout your day, be mindful of all you say and do. Be kind to others, no matter how they treat you. Be careful not to judge others or to make assumptions as to why they behave as they do. As you gain self-control and love of self, you will be able to emit these belief codes from your pores, resonating them out to others.

Smile at everyone. Make heart-to-heart connections with all you meet. When thoughts that are unkind come into your conscious awareness, bless them and think again. When you think of others that you feel unkindly towards, take a moment to emit love to their heart from your heart. They will receive your feeling of love no matter where in the universe they currently reside. As you release bad feelings towards others, you increase the capacity of love to flow freely among all on your plane. This love emits waves that flow freely throughout the universe.

You have full control over how you feel and how you react to others. Anything less than love is an acquired habit that can be changed. Often there are feuds that began centuries ago, yet the hatred lives on in your generation. These ties can be broken, allowing love to flow between all families, cultures and races. Embrace your differences with others, enjoying the variety each of you has to offer.

There is not one among you who is of more importance than another. Release any feelings of unworthiness or superiority that allow these thoughts to penetrate your Being. Many who are in control do so as an attempt to mask their feelings. These behaviors are dangerous to all involved, causing separation from each other and disconnection from Source.

Do all in your power each day to stay connected to the feeling of love provided by God Source. It is your birthright to be happy and in joy each moment. The ways of human life have been detrimental to this connection, yet in the twinkling of an eye, it can be restored. The choice is yours.

We understand that it is difficult to live in your Realm as it exists today. Yet there are many who have ascended above the chatter of unkindness and currently reside in states of bliss on your planet. Seek these Avatars, whether personally or through their first-hand writings to discover the means by which they gained constant connection with Source.

You will find that each of them followed a unique path, each had clues that can assist you to gain the same destiny. Use your common sense and intuition to forge your own way. It will take diligence, paying attention to all you say and do and enormous amounts of self love and discipline to become capable of being loving and in joy each moment. Can you think of anything else more important in your life?

Focus your intention and attention on things that bring you joy. In so doing, you will be the reflection of God that you are seeking. Do not worry for your food, or sustenance, for all you need will be provided once you are in the flow of love. This may sound airy-fairy, however, it is true. Much bliss can be found when lifestyles and material objects are simplified. This is not to say that the wealthy cannot be blissful, although it does take more time and attention to take care of the possessions one holds.

It is the seeking for more and better that is the demise of many. The attainment of material possessions becomes a god to many. This search for more has led many off their Path to serenity and joy by consuming much time and effort. Those who gain their wealth by exploiting others have an even greater time releasing the need to be in control. Therefore, we suggest always being kind to others and in service to all. When you have an attitude of service and sharing, your heart expands fully.

We do not mean that you should always put the needs of others first, for this creates imbalance. However, we suggest that putting your talents and skills to work taking care of your needs and those of others will increase your capacity for joy. Even those who abuse the rights of others enjoy being appreciated, thus an attitude of gratitude has much importance.

Many are seeking their mission on Earth. Yet we tell you that many are here simply for the experience of living in a physical vehicle. Others are here simply to experience and manifest love and joy. Seek work that satisfies you. Even the jobs considered unimportant are of high value when done with love and joy.

Many souls have been enlightened simply by the smile of a stranger. You know not how you affect others by your words and actions. When you leave this plane, you will go before a *Review Board and reflect upon your life on Earth. Consider this often and make choices that warm your heart. What changes would you make in this moment if you realized you would be reviewing every thought, word and deed?

Practice being the person you wish to be in each moment. Visualize in your mind how you choose to react in moments that in the past have brought you pain and sorrow. How will you choose to respond to those who have been unkind to you? Choose kindness and acts of love each moment and your life will be greatly enhanced.

We will stop at this juncture, although we could continue forever to encourage you to recognize the perfection that you are. We are overjoyed each time one of you catches glimpses of your true Spirit nature. We enjoy working with those who are sharing these glimpses with others. We are overjoyed as these glimpses become a way of life. It is your birthright to live each moment in joy, love and peace. Be thankful for all that comes your way and focus your attention on the positive always, all ways.

Many blessings to you, Ben 6

* The Review Board is a personal experience in which you will review your life. This is not an act of judgment, just a review of your actions and reactions throughout your life. All things you think, do and say are recorded in a personal life record. The review process is similar to watching your life on a screen. One thing to be mindful of is that during the review, you will see things from a different perspective; you will experience and feel what everyone around you experiences. Keep that in mind especially during your relationships with others. If you treat them unjustly or without kindness, during the review you will experience what they were feeling as a result of your actions. The main purpose of the review is to see what worked and what didn’t work. As a result, you will choose or be assigned to various places on the “Other Side.” The review process is also an integral part of the planning process for those who will re-incarnate on earth or similar planets.


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  254

Ix  7            Go Within Daily

Welcome. It is our pleasure to spend a few moments with you.

As we end this cycle of the Tzolkin calendar, we look forward to beginning a new cycle with you.

Many of you are accelerating rapidly along your Path of understanding.

You are being assisted by movies, books and clearer communication with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and those of us on the Other Side.

When you feel despair of the world’s situations and those closer to home, take time to go within and center yourself.

Once balanced, you will be better equipped to receive Guidance and to act rather than react to situations that formerly upset you.

This is our entire Message for you today.

Go within before arising in the morning, when you retire in the evening and every moment in between when you feel anything less than joy and perfect love.

Soon, this will become second nature to you and your life will blossom.

Enjoy this day in joy!

Selamet!  Ix 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  255

Men  8           Ten Keys to Ascension

I am Men 8. Thank you for joining with us this day. At this time, we would like to say thank you for choosing to come to Earth. With this choice, you have decided to do many things while here.

Those of you reading these words have chosen the Path of Enlightenment. In one sense, you are already perfect and pure, but in another sense, there is much you wish to experience, thus you have temporarily separated yourself from Source.

Know that you are truly not separate, for within you resides the Oneness of Source. You have chosen individuation, just for a time. In the Earth Realm, it was decided that this feeling of separation would be allowed to exist. Although no one consciously chose to feel separate, it was allowed to happen as you made choices in your evolution, as a race.

Many of you sense that time is near its end and are thus propelling yourselves forward at a speed that is unrecorded in the history of the universe. There is much interest from your star brothers as they watch the unfolding events on Earth and within yourselves.

To best ensure your success in these endeavors while embodied in human form, consider the following.

Rest when you are tired.

Eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.

Be kind to yourself and others.

Laugh often.

Enjoy life.

Choose jobs that give you joy.

Be respectful of the beliefs of others.

Pay close attention to your own beliefs.

Pray often.

Feel gratitude in every moment.

These are ten key ingredients in your ascension process. Develop your daily routines around them and watch as your life unfolds before you as beautiful as the opening of the lotus blossom.

Selamet!  Men 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  256

Cib  9            Emotions

Blessings, dear one. As we close this cycle in preparation for the next, we welcome the love you are sending. As you open your heart, you are like an antenna, able to receive and send clear emissions of love, joy and all of those wonderful emotions that are unique to Earth. We are thankful for each moment you consciously choose to be with us.

Today we would like to share more information on the topic of emotions. Many in the Earth Realm do all they can to deaden emotions labeled as negative. However, we encourage you to embrace all emotions, for within them lies the clues to finding true happiness and joy.

When you are sad, there will come a time when you will say, “Enough of this sadness, I am going to change my attitude and behaviors so I can experience happiness.” Thus, the sadness leads you to your desired goal of happiness. At times, it feels good to express sorrow or pain, for within these emotions, you are connecting to others on a very deep level, which has love as a foundation. We suggest you pay attention to your emotions as they arise. Do they have a message for you to pay attention to? Are they a means to express your love for self or others?

Compassion is demonstrated by actions of love and creates feelings of joy. Grief is an emotion of deep sorrow. Although it has its place, it is on the outer spectrum and can cause imbalance. Often people get so caught up in grief that they cannot think beyond themselves and become entangled for years. This is a trap that one must be wary of.

Any emotion can be taken to the extreme, whether it is considered to be positive or negative. Balance is the key, for when one is centered, he remains in control. Whereas when one allows himself to remain in a state of extreme emotions such as grief or giddiness, he can easily lose control of his reality and become lost on a side path.

This is best demonstrated by one who uses drugs to remove himself from a state of depression. The drug brings him moments of euphoria. He will do all in his power to get from one emotional state to another. Although this person may have been of high integrity before sinking into depression, he now will steal, lie and murder to get his fix.

Thus, it is important to take care of problems as they arise. This includes a healthy diet, rest and exercise. When your body is in good health, you are better able to handle stressors as they arise. By maintaining emotional balance as you walk your daily path, you will be more able to stay centered when confronted with issues that could upset you.

Your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health are entwined. When one facet of yourself is off balance, it affects the whole. Do all you can to keep yourself healthy in all of these arenas.

Take time today to meditate on ways you can maintain your balance by role-playing various scenarios that are likely to occur. For instance, if there is someone at work that you dislike and everyday their presence makes you upset, look at ways you can change your attitude and behavior so you do not lose your balance.

Role-play things to say and do when you encounter this person. Send heart-to-heart love connections, even if at first they feel phony. With practice, there will come a moment when you will accept this person unconditionally. It is not unusual for these relationships to develop into deep friendships, for you will have connected at a soul level, one beyond the bounds of judgment and criticism. Pay attention to your emotions, for they are your greatest teachers!

Selamet!  Cib 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  257

Caban  10            Avatar Training

I am Caban 10, the Staff of Life. Come to me whenever you feel you need a shoulder to lean on.

Within you lies all answers to any problem or situation you encounter.

Know that you need no one to tell you what to do, or what is best for you.

Trust your intuition and inner guidance.

We are all here to help and support one another, but the ultimate choice of what is best for you in the moment, has much to do with the preferences you choose to experience.

The best solutions may be tainted by fears and belief codes that keep you blocked from making choices that bring you joy.

Clear these blocks on a daily basis, connect with higher guidance and choose what feels best for you.

If it is ascension or an evolution to higher frequencies of love you wish to experience, then make choices that bring joy to your soul.

Be kind to others in all situations and go within daily to keep yourself balanced in all areas of your life.

Review yesterday’s Message and implement those suggestions in your daily routine.

Live life to the fullest, for it is fleeting and the time is moving rapidly to when you will no longer reside on Earth in physical form.

Lighten up by releasing anything that burdens you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Once complete, you will live the life of an Avatar, always at ease in every moment of your existence.

The concerns of the past and future will melt away, being only fleeting moments of recall that has nothing to do with what you choose in this moment.

When you stay present in the moment, you will have no concern for past deeds or misdeeds.

You will be aware that your future is secured by the choices you make in the present moment.

Choose the things you wish to think, say and do, then relish all experiences that come your way, recognizing them as blessings.

Selamet!  Caban 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  258

Etznab  11            Choose Love

This is my last Message for this cycle. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to clear your body of toxic substances, to clear your mind of thoughts that do not focus on love and to clear your environment, including relationships, actions and behaviors that are anything less than kind.

Know that within you always is the ability to choose what is best for you.

There are many signs that allow you to know when you are on the best path, leading to what you choose, whether those choices are conscious or unconscious. These include a feeling of knowingness, when everything easily falls into place, luminosity (when things seem to glow), goose bumps, extraordinary happenings, coincidences and synchronicities, to name a few.

Choose love in all situations. If love seems to be too far out of your reach, focus on kindness, to yourself and others.

Be in joy.

Seek the advice of others who have surpassed what you are grappling with.

Take time to meditate, turning your life into one continual prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Look for the positive in all things.

Do what brings joy to your heart and increases the passion for those things you love.

Life on Earth is about to change dramatically. Many of you feel this, some are filled with dread while others are filled with excitement. The outcome you experience will be affected by the way you feel in this moment and the next.

Choose the feeling of excitement, knowing that what lies beyond is more beautiful and magical than you can imagine.

Be prepared to share your hope and messages of love with others who are willing to listen. For those who are not ready, simply hold love in your heart and know that it will be felt on a level they can receive.

All is well. No one knows what day or time the “End Times” will begin.

There is no need to worry or focus your attention there, for this is beyond your control. However, living in the moment, choosing joy, love and peace is within your control and is the key to opening the door to your ascension.

See you in the next round!  Etznab 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  259

Cauac  12             The End is Near

Greetings, I am Cauac 12. We have been most grateful for every moment that you have consciously aligned your attention with ours. We know how you yearn to connect to Source on a deeper level and that many of you are desirous to return home. Yet we remind you that home is wherever you are. There is no need to pine for future events, for in a moment you can be wherever you choose, perhaps not in your body, but in your heart.

Before long, there will be a great transformation on the Earth. Many are feeling that something grand is about to happen. Do not go into fear nor let your mind wander to those who focus on evil or hearsay of gloom or damnation, for these are not true.

The Earth has gone through many cycles, this is just the ending of another. The new cycle shines brightly for those of you who choose to view it that way. Wherever you place your attention and your beliefs, your reality follows. If you choose to believe that the Earth will fall apart and that you are doomed for destruction, then on one level, this is what you will experience. It matters not what happens, for your role in physicality is but a drop in the bucket of time. You choose what you wish to experience. Thus, it is necessary to do just that, choose what you wish to experience.

There are many who believe in the existence of a hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. For many, this is their reality on Earth while others fear this is their destiny upon death. It is a belief code entrenched by those who wish to keep the masses under control. Does it seem viable that a God who has control of all things would allow such things to occur to an innocent child? Are you not innocent if you don’t know the word of God? If your God is one that is all love, this would not be in His realm of thought. Even an earthly father who has the tiniest ability to give or receive love would never think to impose eternal damnation onto his child.

We say all of this to remind you to be wary of your thoughts and beliefs. Many are worried that the End Times will bring darkness and fear. Yes, there will be darkness, but only for a short while as you adjust to the frequency changes that will be occurring. At first, you may be fearful, but please remember these words when that time comes. Dwell in your heart, maintaining a sense of peace and love no matter what occurs in your life. By keeping your focus on love at all times, there is no evil that can harm you. Look forward to the Transition that is about to occur, for it is indeed a blessing for those who wish to rise above the chaotic nature of the world and man-made societies.

Do not be concerned for others, for all is well. There is no hell; there is no punishment. All will go to a place where they can continue to experience what they choose. It is wise to share what you know with others, but do not be overly concerned for their well-being. In the end, all will be reunited with Source. You can be assured that you will see your loved ones again, perhaps in another lifetime or on another planet. Mmmm, doesn’t that sound mysterious!

Be happy, be well and be loved, Beloved!  Cauac 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  260

Ahau  13              Endings Are Beginnings

Greetings, dear one. Welcome to this, the last day of the Tzolkin cycle. Tomorrow begins the cycle anew. This Cycle of days has been in existence for eons, even before the Earth was formed. Be assured that this cycle will continue as long as time exists. The Tzolkin was designed to be used as an oration tool, one that allows those living who follow it to be brought together in closer communion. This calendar and the calling of the day’s energies have many complex, yet simple implications.

Those who tuned into our Energies daily, especially when in groups such as an entire tribe, were able to integrate the energy much more solidly. Children incarnated on days that would support their life’s role. Can you imagine participating in a society in which all were daily working through past issues, releasing fears and creating their reality in communion?

When a society works together, supporting all of its members, there are very little past hurts to work through. When it is in your daily consciousness to be kind and respectful to others, there are very few wounds. When a society agrees that some behaviors are not acceptable, then it is less likely anyone will choose this behavior, especially if they knew it would cost their life or possible exile.

Modern societies are far removed from the sense of family and community. It is this sense of separation that has caused much grief and strife in the world. There must be a coming together of all cultures before unity of thought can be achieved on Earth. Relinquishing the need to be right or better than others is also of paramount importance.

There will be many who will not give up their desire to be better than or to control others. Do not be concerned for their souls, for they will be fine. They will have their experiences and each of you will have your own chosen experiences. When the time is right, you will all come together again as one large inhale then breathed back into the essence of Spirit from where you all came. Until that time, work to overcome any feelings of separation, for these are what cause the most harm. Release judgments and accept others as they are. Be loving, kind and most of all, simply BE!

We look forward to working with you as we begin the new cycle. Join us each day and go a little deeper into the feelings that bring you discord, changing them into feelings of love and kindness. Remain balanced no matter what happens around you. It is fear that lowers your frequency and love that raises it. Choose what you wish, but know that every choice you make will bring you either closer to love or farther from it. What will you choose?

Celebrate this last day of the Tzolkin cycle and we shall see you in the morrow as a new day and cycle begins!

Selamet!  Ahau 13

There you have it! Another cycle completed, ready to merge into the beginning of the next cycle. We are pleased beyond measure to be working with you on a conscious level. The more you apply these Messages into your daily routine, the deeper you will delve each time you repeat the cycle.

It is our hope that you will notice and appreciate the changes you feel on each level of your Being as you release the belief codes and fears that have kept you from experiencing your true nature while in physical form. Tomorrow, return to Day 1 and begin anew.

Be in joy!  The Day Keepers


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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