Days 27 – 39

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This Trecena (thirteen day cycle) is overseen by the Day Keeper, Manik, who is symbolically represented by the deer. In glyphs, Manik is often represented by the following mudra. Both deer and this mudra are symbolic of the power of going within, being still in nature and reflecting on what is important in one’s life. This is also a good time to nurture yourself.



Day 27 — Heavenly Theatre

Day 28 — Stargate Experiences

Day 29 — Divine Trinity

Day 30 — Relationships

Day 31 – Paths of Joy

Day 32 – A Bun Dance

Day 33 – In Courage

Day 34 – The Dark Night

Day 35 – Dream Symbols

Day 36 – Heart Connections

Day 37 – Staying Centered

Day 38 – The Shadows Within

Day 39 – Man-Infestation


DAY 27     MANIK  1


Blessings, I am Manik. Like the other Day Keepers, I have many aspects. Today we will talk about going with the flow. This time you have chosen to live on Earth is extra-special and unique. No one knows what the future will bring, since you are fledglings in learning how to create your reality. We wish to assist you in avoiding the many pitfalls that lie ahead. It is easy to get absorbed in the negativity surrounding the collapse of the institutions that you, as a race, have created in the past.

Going with the flow is all-important. Watch your words, monitor your thoughts and intentionally choose your actions. Be creative. See your life as an empty canvas with the ability to choose your subject, colors and mediums. Think out of the box. Each fear or belief code that you release allows more flow into your life. Seek ways to remove layers of fear and negativity. We are here to assist you with these very things. The energy I work with is to help release the things that are a burden to you. Together, we will simply set them out to sea.

In your inner mind, visualize yourself at the seashore. You are comfy, the sun is warm and the light salty breeze is balmy. Listen as the waves gently lap on the shore. You can hear the gulls in the distance. What issues are weighing on your mind today? Bring them up, one by one and lay them onto the barge, docked at the water’s edge. Watch as the barge leaves the dock and slowly heads out to sea. As it floats away, watch it slowly dissipate, atom by atom, until nothing remains. Know that these thoughtforms have now transmuted into pure light, returning once again to the sea of possibilities.

Now enter the water and bathe your skin and hair, a baptism of sorts, as you soak in the healing essence of the water and rinse away any residue of unhealthy negative thoughtforms. You are now whole again, ready to fill the void with new and wondrous beliefs! Take a few moments to lie on the beach, soaking up the sun’s rays as your body is warmed and rejuvenated. When you are ready, return to the present moment and begin your day anew.

We now turn our attention to Tone 1, an aspect of unity. Unity is symbolic of becoming one with all, being united and working as a synergistic team. Within your uniqueness, there can still be unity with others. You need not be concerned that you will lose aspects of yourself, for in the new world you are creating, this is impossible. You are moving into the awareness that truly all are created equal. Everything each of you experiences is unique, yet you share these experiences with the whole.

It is not possible for one entity to experience all there is, unless you spend many lifetimes on each possible planet and each area of no time, no space. However, what one can do is experience what they choose, on any Realm or Dimension. Everything else can be experienced by observing what others do. This can be done from various Dimensions, without the need to incarnate on Earth. The Heavenly Theatre is similar to going to the movies; you choose to view the films that interest you. Yet in this movie, you feel what the actors are feeling, you smell what they smell, etc.

You can have a taste of anything you desire without having to live through the whole experience. For example, a Spirit Being wants to experience taste. Many of his friends have been on Earth and talked about ice cream and hot dogs. He is curious, but doesn’t want to experience a full incarnation. He goes to the Heavenly Theatre and chooses a movie where he can watch and experience ice cream and hot dogs. Perhaps the movie he chooses has you as the star. The movie begins when you are a child at an amusement park with your family. For lunch, you have hot dogs and french fries. Later that day, you have an ice cream sundae. The moviegoer is able to tap whatever senses and experiences he chooses in this movie. This allows him a taste of the earthly experience without having to go through a full incarnation. When others experience through you, this in no way draws energy from you. Before incarnating, you have each done the same thing, for a variety of reasons. This is one aspect of the unity we speak of today, sharing with the whole.

We invite you to flow with all that is presented to you this day. Know that even if what you are doing is tedious, perhaps someone else will one day experience that tediousness through you in the Heavenly Theatre. Be assured this viewing is done without being an invasion of privacy. Those viewing on the screen are not interested in you as a person; they are simply watching actors play out scenarios that are of interest to them.

Your days will be most enjoyable if you focus on a positive attitude and choose activities that delight you and feed your passion. This can be achieved even during everyday, mundane activities such as washing dishes. Whatever you do affects All in the Uni-verse (one voice). Be assured that all is well and you are not alone in this vast space we call Eternity.

Selamet!  Manik 1 




Welcome, I am Lamat, Keeper of the Stargates. We are here today to look at ways you can expand your consciousness. Let us look at Tone 2 and the aspect of polarity. Although in your Realm, there is an opposite to everything: tall, short . . . old, young . . . black, white . . . peace, unrest, you will not find this polarity in many other Dimensions and Realms, for it has no place there.

On Earth, polarity was created as an experiment. Many of you, while in your soul forms, requested the opportunity to experience Not-Love and darkness. Together you co-created and devised the Earth. We will not go further into this today, but if you want to learn more about this part of earth’s creation, call on me and we can go through the stargate to gain more understanding of the dynamics of this wonderful opportunity you call life.

The unique aspect of this day, Lamat 2 in the Tzolkin calendar, allows each individual to choose one or more polarities to focus on, perhaps to change a behavior or to experience something for a short time, instead of going through an entire experience. Perhaps you find that you gossip too much. You can go into the stargate and experience not-gossip and gain insight into the behavior you would like to defeat. Perhaps you have never been drunk, but would like to experience the feeling of drunkenness and a hangover, without drinking any alcohol.

Whenever you choose to have a stargate experience, request that your Guides remain with you at all times, so you don’t lose your focus or self, especially if you are drunk! At anytime, you can stop the experience and return. What a gift to be able to stop a hangover when you choose!

What polarity would you like to focus on today? Know that your belief codes will limit (or unlimit) your ability to go through the gate. Some experience going through a stargate as a physical event. They actually walk through and know they are in a different time or place. Some are transported beyond the earthly Realms to space ships or other planets. Some experience nothing. Many experience a feeling of peace or calmness. Most receive an answer to a question, a solution to a problem or a deeper understanding surrounding an issue that is important to them. These stargates are always found in Nature, generally in areas of spiritual activity, such as ceremonial sites, new and ancient.

Quiet your inner and outer mind. If you have difficulty quieting your mind-chatter and tuning out distractions, tell your left-brain to rest during this time. This will stop the analyzing. Tell your body you are safe and to set your body at a temperature that is perfectly comfortable, so it is not a distraction. Tell your ears to close during this time. Place your body in a position that is comfortable and perfectly balanced.

Close your eyes and visualize a doorway in front of you. As you stand before this doorway, mentally state your intention for entering the stargate. Once stated, ask permission of the Gate Keeper(s) to enter. Before entering, ask your Guides to remain with you, to protect you and allow you to have a pleasant and magical experience.

At this time, make the declaration that you will fully return to this time and space within the next ______ minutes of Earth time. You are now ready. Relax and in joy, walk through the doorway. Allow your mind to wander; notice where you are. More than likely you will either be at the place you can experience what you intended, although it may be nothing like what you had thought. You can ask to move to various places to further the experience or gain the knowledge you seek.

The main thing to remember is that to fully experience all you wish, you must fight any fears that may creep in. Know you are safe, ask your Guide to remain with you, then allow the experience. It may be difficult to want to return when your time has expired. You may find yourself in a place of unconditional love and wonderful coziness. Know that you can return at anytime. Return gently to your place of origin, allowing yourself to integrate slowly and peacefully. When you are ready to walk, go slowly, for you have expended a lot of energy and may have gone through some physical changes. Be sure to drink several glasses of water during the next 24 hours.

Often, it is difficult to let go fully in order to enjoy a stargate experience. Have patience, continue to practice, and in time, you will understand more fully many of the movies and books that are being produced, such as Star Trek, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, for these are experiences the writers and moviemakers have had during their quiet times. Be assured that in time, you too will have these out-of-body experiences, as well.

Lamat 2


MAYAN MESSAGE     Day  29            Muluc 3


I am Muluc, Keeper of the Light. My energy can be symbolized as the beacon of a lighthouse. By focusing on my energy, you will be guided away from the rocks and kept in the safety of the harbor. Like a beam of light, my energies guide you through your life. Ask and you shall receive the guidance you seek. On this day of Tone 3, we will look at the aspect of the Divine Trinity within your Self. The elements of three can be seen as your Inner Self, your Outer Self and your connection to your Higher Self. When you are operating from a conscious level in all three arenas, you have the potential to fully create your reality.

Let me explain further. The Inner Self is the “knowing” within each and every one of you. It comes from Source and is your inherent birthright. It is mostly known as intuition or a feeling of knowing when something is true for you. Many times, through life experiences, this knowingness is ignored or mistrusted. However, at any point, by simply paying attention and trusting in this inner guidance, your ability to hear and listen can dramatically improve. By following the leads that generally appear as coincidences and synchronicities, your life can truly become magical.

Your Outer Self is centered around your five physical senses. It is your physical body and includes the way you portray yourself to others. Many believe that the body, in this lifetime, incorporates your entire experience on Earth. This is not true. There is much documentation to prove there is life beyond physical death. It is up to each of you to decide what you wish to believe. The parameters of your life on Earth will be dictated by these choices.

Your Higher Self is that aspect of you that does not incarnate. It is your direct connection to your Spiritual Essence. When you have chosen to incarnate on Earth, the majority of you come into existence with much of your spiritual memory erased or forgotten as you grow into adulthood.

It is essential that part of your Spiritual Essence remains on a higher Dimension to help guide you during your chosen time of amnesia. It is similar to being in a play. The Higher Self is the actor, who makes choices to bring the character to life. The physical or human part of your nature is the character. Once the play is completed, the character is gone, while the actor walks out the door.

At any moment in time, you are free to connect with your Higher Self and ask assistance for anything, no matter how trivial. Your Higher Self oversees the Angels and others who assist you to remain on the main Path you have charted for yourself before entering this human vessel.

When you realize that your Outer Self is a vehicle that allows you to experience life and are fully in your integrity, able to speak your truth in any experience, then you will have incorporated one phase of your Divine Trinity. When you use your Inner Self to connect with your Higher Self and take notice and act upon those clues to help you stay on the Path, you are then a fully realized human be-ing; all else is a human do-ing.

See yourself as a beacon of light. Have courage to speak your truth and shine your light on others so you will see them as the perfect Spirit Beings they are. Be a role model to those you encounter. Shine your light inwards to reveal those parts of yourself that you are now ready to change. If you are not living your full potential, what light can you shed on the fears that hold you back? In the twinkling of an eye, each of you has the ability to re-member who you are, where you came from and where you have been thus far. It is our honor and desire to work with the human race during this time of great transition. Be bold, be honorable and be in joy!

Selamet!  Muluc 3


MAYAN MESSAGES      DAY 30     OC  4


I am Oc, Overseer of relationships. By calling in my energy, I am ready to assist you with any problems you encounter with other people. These relationships can be with lovers, friends, co-workers and others that come across your path during your daily journey. On this special day, let us look at the unique aspect of Oc 4 as the foundation of all things.

Think of the base of a building in which there are four pillars. If one pillar collapses, the building will fall. The four basic pillars of relationships are love, kindness, empathy and trust. Each of these encompasses a broad range of emotions and possible experiences. Love ranges from absolute hatred or fear to unconditional love. The parameters of kindness range from co-dependency to allowing others to follow their dreams. Empathy ranges from being completely ignorant of another’s emotional state to a feeling that you must persuade others to embrace your beliefs. Trust ranges from total wariness to seeing another as a great Master.

Some foundations will remain at a superficial level. These are generally relationships with people you’ve just met or run into occasionally, such as the grocery store clerk, post office personnel and people you meet on the street or at social gatherings. Your relationships with these people are dependent on your life experiences and belief codes.

If the pillars (belief codes) you have set for your relationship foundation include, “If I let someone get close to me, they can hurt me. If someone is kind to me, then I will have to repay that kindness. I don’t want to be bothered by others’ problems; they need to take care of their own problems. People have to earn my trust.” Your relationship will likely not grow beyond the moment; there is no bonding.

If the pillars you have created include belief codes such as, “In essence, all people are good. I love all without conditions. People are kind. I am available to help anyone who wants my help. People are trustworthy.” Can you see the different way you are likely to interact with others you encounter?

People who have created foundations that allow and welcome strangers are more likely to create friendships with everyone they meet. Have you known people who seem to know the names of the clerks and perhaps, the clerks remember them by name? It is because each of them has on some level connected, made possible by the pillars they built their foundations upon.

You were born into a family that includes a myriad of people. At birth, they are all strangers to you. It is through life experiences that foundations are built. Beginning at birth, you live with other people: parents, siblings, grandparents, boarders, etc. Unlike people you meet on the street, you interact with the people you live with on a regular basis. It is your foundation and each of their foundations (belief codes) that will determine how you interact as you get to know each other better.

Throughout life, you have the opportunity to build stronger or weaker foundations. If you choose positive belief codes (love all unconditionally, be kind even to those who are unkind, have empathy for all and trust without reservations), your relationships with strangers, family and friends will be strong or at least as strong as the other is capable of receiving what you offer them. At the least, you will be a good role model.

Those who have difficulty breaking through fear and past hurts will have difficulty relating to others due to their inability to love, be kind, have empathy or trust. They are destined to a life of loneliness and despair unless they break through their belief codes and patterns.

The foundation you build with another person will determine the strength, length and endurance of your friendship. As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” No matter how strong of a foundation you create, your relationships will only be as strong as the amount of love, kindness, empathy and trust each of you has built into your foundation.

What I offer you as Oc 4 is the opportunity to look at each of your foundations and to give professional advice as an architect as to how you can strengthen each pillar. It is up to you to build the foundation yourself. The time and energy spent doing so is essential to creating strong relationships. I am available 24/7 for free consultations. Simply quiet your inner and outer mind and call on me and I’ll be there in an instant. Happy building!

Oc 4


MAYAN  MESSAGES          DAY 31      Chuen 5


I Am Chuen, your reminder to be playful and to lighten up. Many on Earth are so focused on their enlightenment and the future prospect of ascending that they totally miss all the pleasures of being in the Now. Many who are not consciously moving towards enlightenment are doing the same. It is understandable, for at this time on Earth, many cannot grasp even the basic necessities to stay alive such as food, shelter and clothing.

I ask you to look around and notice how many cheerful people there are who are in dire need. Ask them what their secret is. “How can you be so happy when you live in a cardboard box and forage food from garbage dumpsters? Your loved one recently passed away, how can you be happy instead of overcome with grief? You lost your job and your spouse has left you and you now say you are happy because new doors are open for you? Help me to understand.”

These people are the way-showers. They can be of tremendous value in helping you find joy in your life. There are an endless number of Paths to happiness and joy. It all comes from within, going back to the belief codes you have created and built your foundation upon. With diligence, you can break through the codes that keep you locked into sadness, victimhood and depression. Call on me when you seek Guidance on how to create joy in your life. I am ready and willing to assist you in any moment.

You can begin today by calming your inner and outer world. Clear all thoughts racing through your mind. Clearly state that you intend to bring an abundance of happiness and joy into your life, now. There are a myriad of ways this can occur. I will give you an example, but please choose the route your intuition takes you, for each of you is unique.

Let us say that you are unhappy because you are lonely. No one comes to visit anymore. You never receive personal letters. Your neighbors rarely acknowledge you when they see you. You have no interest in going to church, joining any groups or social activities. This is where objectivity is crucial. Be willing to take responsibility for your past actions. This is necessary in order to recognize the belief codes you have and to be able to break through and change them. There are many processes available to do this and it would be wise for you to seek them out in order to get through these limiting thoughts much faster.

If you are able to be objective, you may recognize that you had low self-esteem as a child. The low self-esteem created shyness because you felt that people were judging you and you avoided that pain by staying away from others. In essence, you learned to judge and criticize others as a coping mechanism. Your wall of protection now has a strong foundation.

As time progresses, you continue to build your wall of protection. As you go through life dealing with friends, family and others, you diligently categorize, judge and find ways to keep them at bay. You realize that each time you let someone get close to you; they hurt you in some way. You no longer want to be hurt.

You decide to stop visiting others, which in turn, they stop visiting you. You stop writing personal letters, so others stop writing to you. You stop smiling at your neighbors, you never invite them over and you only wave to them if they wave at you first. Soon, they start treating you the same way. You quit going to any kind of social functions, which ensures that you don’t make any new friends. You are lonely. Can you see why?

There are ways to break out of this dilemma. One way is to go back into your past and start unraveling when, where and how this isolation began. Forgiveness and release are important factors for growth. Once you have accomplished breaking through one belief code, it affects many others, and like dominoes, they begin to fall. This is scientifically proven, you can do research on the neural connectors in the brain and how they are changed when your thoughts are changed. Fascinating bodies you have on Earth!

Another method is to convince yourself that the past is history and from this day forward, you are going to chase away each negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. You will also need to monitor your behavior and change those that no longer serve you. For example, a drug addict will need to go through a physical detox, change his diet, stay away from the people who supply his drugs and surround himself with supportive people.

If you are lonely due to some of the reasons stated above, the first issue to address is your self-esteem. Every time you pass a mirror, say to yourself, “I am a wonderful, kind and perfect person.”

Some of your outward behaviors need to change, as well. Call up someone and set up a date to visit with them. Write a letter to someone telling them how they were a good influence in your life. Go out of your way to smile or wave at your neighbors or gather them together for a block party. Go to social functions and be the first to extend your hand in introduction. It may be hard at first, but it does get easier with practice. Always remain diligent to negative thoughts or putting people in boxes.

Your goal is to see all people as perfect, knowing they make their choices dependent on their belief codes. None are wrong. It is not your place to judge or criticize them. Know that each of you has everything within yourselves to break these codes and to live a life full of wonder, excitement, peace and joy.

One aspect of Tone 5 is symbolic of the foundation of humanity, living in the physical body, fully tuned in and capable of experiencing humanity to the fullest. I welcome you to call on your intuition, your Spirit Helpers and myself when you want to strip away any belief codes, which in essence are blobs of negative thoughtforms. We will help you to hold up the mirror so you can look yourself in the eye and say, “No, thank you. I choose to believe in something else.”

Go outside and play! Skip, jump and laugh deeply. Bring the innocence of the child back into your life and lighten up!

Selamet!  Chuen 5




Welcome, I am Eb. On this grand and glorious day, I would like to invite you to “a bun dance.” Come on, let’s get silly! You earthlings tend to take things a bit too seriously. Let us lighten up this day and see what fun ways we can create the life that you barely let yourself even dream of.

First, let us look at Tone 6 as a unifying force of you, as a fully conscious human be-ing (5) and the first step of consciously uniting (1) with your Spiritual Essence (5+1=6). View yourself as One with your Creator or Source. Know that not only were you created; you also had a part in selecting how you were to be created. This may be a stretch for some of you at this time, but it won’t be long until you understand. With my energy of abundance, aligned with the energy of 6, which is you plugged into the creative Essence of your Spiritual Self, let the music play while we create “a bun dance” party!

Do you want an abundant life filled with joy, happiness and all the creature comforts? Well, let’s make it happen! Here’s how it works.

First step is to believe you can have whatever you want. It may take years to clear old belief codes to get to this realization.

Second step is to identify what you want. You can be general wanting things such as health, wealth and happiness or more specific, desiring things such as a new car, dream vacation or recliner chair.

Third step is to begin the visualization process to get these things to materialize for you. The visualization process includes a few steps. First, clearly intend what you want by making a written list or statement to others or your Spirit Helpers, create a vision board, join intentional prayer circles, etc. Next, visualize what you want, for example, a new car. In your mind, see yourself driving that car. What colors are the exterior and the interior? Smell the new upholstery. Feel the cushions under your buns (this is “a bun dance,” after all!). Feel your fingers wrapped around the steering wheel. What kind of options did you choose: hardtop, convertible, sunroof, power steering, 4-wheel drive? Is the wind blowing through the windows or do you have the convertible top down? Are you sipping on a drink? Do you have music playing? The point is to make the visualization as real as possible, for the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between factual and fantasy, it thinks everything is real when the visualization is clear.

Fourth step is to set the creation process into motion. This can be done in many ways. You must remove any obstacles, such as, “I can’t afford it. I don’t deserve it. I have to save for 20 years to get this. I am being selfish and unrealistic.” If necessary, start small and build your way to larger things. Within yourself is the power to start as big as you want, it depends on your ability to believe and instill passion into your creation.

Now watch the magic begin! There are myriads of Angels and Beings on the Other Side who are happy to service you and provide your dreams for you, but you must ask and really desire what you want. They will lead you, however, you must notice the steps. Fear and disbelief can instantly shut off the quickest and most graceful route. Through diligent attention to coincidences and synchronicities, you will reach your goal. Sometimes, you may have to go outside your comfort zone, but if it feels right inside and it doesn’t hurt anyone, including yourself, go for it. Know that the final outcome is not always exactly as you dreamed, but that many times it is better than you allowed yourself to dream!

Fifth step of the “a bun dance” is motion. When you notice things happening that might possibly lead to your desired goal, you must take action. This could mean phone calls, research, paying attention to possible clues, asking questions, quitting a job, moving to a new location, breaking away from people who are not healthy for you or changing dietary habits. You set the intention into motion and you are responsible for creating the fuel to get you to the desired outcome.

Sixth step is gratitude. Always thank the Spirit Helpers and humans who helped you reach your goal. With an attitude of gratitude, you will create a field of endless possibilities. Let the music play, wiggle your booty and enjoy “a bun dance!”

Selamet!  Eb 6




Good day to you! I am Ben and pleased to be of service to you on this day of wonder and splendor. With the assistance of Tone 7, we would like to embark on a journey of courage and bravery with you.

Let us discover the mystery of one aspect of the number 7 by viewing 5 as the foundation of your humanity in full consciousness, knowing who you are in this Realm, plus 2 as it represents polarity. Being a fully aware human, able to choose between each issue of polarity without fear, brings much joy and freedom.

With my enhanced energy of courage, I can help guide you to higher Realms. How does this work? Let me begin by expounding more about polarity, so you will have clarity.

As you go through your day today, you will be presented with a countless number of choices. When you wake up, will you have something to drink or eat? What clothes will you wear today? Will you make the bed or not? Do you work or relax today? Do you walk or drive where you need to go? What shall you prepare for each of your meals? Do you smile at everyone you meet or not? These are polarity issues.

Often, you are on autopilot, there is little to no conscious thought about many things you do. These are habits, part of a daily ritual. My challenge to you is to be more observant and look at each of these choices to determine if they are in your best interest or not.

What is your highest goal for yourself? If you intend good health for yourself, be cognizant of each choice you make in your food intake, habits and what substances you put on your largest organ, the skin. If you intend abundance, what limiting thoughts and behaviors are stopping you from reaching your desire? For each of your intentions, monitor your thoughts and behaviors diligently in order to catch the belief codes and unconscious habits that keep you off your Path.

Each one of the changes you need to make requires a specific amount of courage. That is one of my areas of expertise. With the specific energy of Tone 7, which is to help you choose what is for your highest good, we make quite a team and are here to encourage and support you.

With courage and fortitude, you have the power within to change each belief code and behavior, allowing you the freedom to choose what is best for you in each and every circumstance.

Go forth and seize the opportunities of this day!  Ben 7


MAYAN  MESSAGES     DAY 34      IK 8


I Am Ix, the Keeper of the Night. The aspect of Tone 8 that we will look at today represents abundance and how to apply it in a specific manner. The energy of Ix that we will look at is regarding the dark areas that dwell within your physical Being. This also refers to dark nights, when sadness and despair may seem overwhelming to you.

To understand better, let us create an illustration. First, look inside yourself at the dark areas. Before diseases manifest as a physical ailment, such as a cancerous tumor, they first begin as negative thoughtforms that glop together. These dark thoughts in your auric field can be seen been by psychics and Kirlian photography.

With today’s energy of Ix 8, you can call on us as well as your Spirit Helpers to bust these dark areas out of your system. This can be done through prayer and meditation when you are by yourself or with the assistance of others who are skilled healers, whether they are near you or far away.

What is crucial to breaking up these accumulated thoughtforms is the belief that indeed a full healing and clearing can occur. The main thing to know is that these dark energy patterns are created by your thoughts, words, emotions and actions. There is a universal law that like attracts like. Light thoughts flow in energetic patterns; dark thoughts glop together like a sticky substance. Be aware of your words. The first time you say something like, “I am sick and tired,” you will have created a dark thought pattern.

The next time you repeat the same words or energy pattern, with feeling, this thoughtform will attach itself to the first thoughtform. As time goes on, if the attitude remains the same and the feelings occur over and over, this dark glop of energy will grow and grow. Let’s use the example of your job. At first you say, “I am sick and tired of this job.” This feeling intensifies with your dissatisfaction, yet you continue to go to this job every day. Each day, you add more energy with statements energized with a variety of feelings. “My boss is a pain in the neck. This job is going to kill me. I have to stay here because I need the health insurance (that in itself opens the door to the possibility of health problems).”

At one point, you adopt the belief code that this job is not good for you. The people you work with are no good. You are stuck because you need the pay and benefits, etc. Once imbedded securely, this glop of dark energy becomes so large, tight and energized that it actually manifests into a physical disease within your body.

Your Spirit Guides are here to help you manifest whatever you energize. They don’t place value judgments on what you wish to experience, they simply feel your energy and do what they can to set up circumstances for you to experience what you are feeling. With thoughts such as, “I don’t want to work here anymore. I am sick and tired of this job.” Your Guides may take you literally and help you get fired or open up a new job while you create sickness and tiredness in your body. The pattern remains the same for those going through emotional dark times filled with grief, sadness, despair, etc. The energized thought patterns continue to collect in glops until these feelings become a part of your belief codes.

How can you break through these patterns, whether they have already manifested physically or still in your auric field? Take time to quiet your inner and outer world. Call in the energy of Ix 8 and Spirit Helpers. Clearly state the intention of what you want to occur. In this case, you could ask for full dissipation of the dark energy glops related to your work experiences.

Tone 8 has the added pulse of abundance. It is like having a booster on an electrical appliance. I am the Keeper of the Night, meaning I am a Master at breaking through these dark energies. With our unique combination, it is like going to a doctor who specializes in your specific ailment.

Through focused intention and pure thoughts, you can undo these glops. However, in order to keep them from accumulating again, there is inner housecleaning to do. It is helpful to discover the belief codes that keep you in this way of thinking. You must take action to change the thoughts and behaviors that keep you in this mindset.

When you ask for assistance, you may know or have a feeling to do certain things. Perhaps you will feel the push to seek another job. Maybe you will become more open-minded and change your attitude towards your boss or co-workers. There are a myriad of possibilities. Your responsibility is to follow the clues and make choices based on your highest dream, not allowing fears and limiting thoughtforms to keep you from pursuing your new goals.

The same goes for those who feel deep despair. First, you must know the reason why you feel this way. Many times this goes back to beliefs you created in early childhood. Take notice and responsibility for the belief codes you set up. They had a purpose at one time, but may no longer be appropriate.

A child might have been told, “Never touch the steering wheel of the car!” When the child becomes a teenager, he may feel anxiety about driving, unless he changes the original code. Perhaps, in order to control the child’s behavior, his mother clearly stated, “You could die or cause the death of others if you touch the steering wheel.” When the child reaches the age to legally drive a car, he may be scared to death to drive. Perhaps the father told the child, “Do not touch the steering wheel until you are trained and have a license.” That child is more likely to have no fears about driving. Can you see the direct correlation between the belief code and behavior? Add to the child’s original belief code a variety of life experiences (car accidents, others’ fear of driving) and you can pretty well guess what the outcome will be.

This is why each individual is unique. Each belief code is energized by a variety of life experiences, values and judgments. The beliefs and emotions that are energized become that person’s reality.

Whatever you create, you can un-create.

In order to progress towards love, you will need to change limiting belief codes and energize them with new and positive behaviors. As you master this code structure, your life will blossom. You will experience less dark nights and more sunny days. There is no other way! Isn’t that good news? Be of good cheer, for you have all the power within yourself to create a life of light and abundance!

Celebrate!  Ix 8




There is much written about dreams and their significance that is true, yet there is more. The value of dreams cannot be overstated. Perhaps you have a problem to be solved and that night you dream of a wonderful solution. At other times, dreams are entangled masses of events or thoughts you had that day or in the recent past. Dreams, such as premonitions that come true can be very profound. Flying, being naked in public places and other such non-reality dreams often are symbolic and sometimes provide clues to intentions you set in your conscious state. These are the ones we will look at today.

These symbols are archetypes or representations of emotions, objects or events. Where many authors such as Carl Jung fall short is when they focus only on ancient or cultural archetypes. For example, one person may dream of roses. When they look up the symbolic meaning of roses in dream interpretation books, they are confused because that archetypal meaning does not apply to them. Their past experiences may override the archetypes of the culture they live in.

Look deeply at the archetypes in your dreams and what they mean to you, personally. For some, roses are symbolic of Mother Mary. Perhaps for you, the smell of roses reminds you of a loved one who grew beautiful roses and has now passed away. In your dreams, it is possible this loved one is trying to contact you. When your mind is relaxed during sleep, it is sometimes easier for those on the Other Side to make contact. Paying attention to your dreams and making notes of objects and events, especially when they seem out of place, can be beneficial for you to decode your dream symbols. For example, you find yourself in a train that is flying. The two archetypes are being in a train and flying. Keep a log of these archetypes and the emotions you felt during the dream. Emotions are the catalysts and many times the true meaning of the dream.

For example, you have a recurring dream that changes through time. Each time, the setting is similar. Sometimes you are at a party or various other group gatherings. Over a series of months, your dream evolves. The common denominator in the dream is that you wind up in a small circle and before long, the gossip begins. In the beginning, you may start the gossip. Other times you are an active member in keeping the gossip alive. Through time, you try to change the subject and get others out of gossip mode, yet they continue. Perhaps they criticize you for trying to change the subject. Maybe you don’t leave the crowd because you don’t want them to talk about you behind your back. Maybe you silently wish they would change the subject but stay in the group to avoid being criticized. Later, your dreams change and you try your best to either change the subject or convince the others that gossip is harmful and a waste of time. Eventually, they either follow your example or you make the choice to walk away.

In your waking time, you have been a gossip and wish to change this behavior. Then you begin to have recurrent dreams that offer you opportunities to express the clear intention you made, “I choose to speak only kind words.” These types of dreams are like dress rehearsals, offering you a safe way to practice the behavior you wish to change.

Once you master one step in changing the behavior, the dream changes and takes you to opportunities to master the next step. Can you see the progression in the dream example above? The dreams begin where you currently are in your life, an active gossiper. At some point, you make the conscious decision to stop gossiping. Your dreams reflect this decision as you begin to face your fears of criticism, being judged and not fitting in. If you practice these things in your awake time, you may then have dreams of confronting others, speaking your truth or walking away. Once you have mastered these new behaviors in your awake time, you are likely not to have these dreams anymore.

Perhaps in the future, you have a relapse and get involved in a gossip session. If you feel guilty about your behavior, you may have another dream. It is likely this dream will give you an experience that allows you to get past the guilt. Maybe you simply recognize that you fell back into an old pattern and vow to be more careful. Then it is likely you won’t have a gossip dream, because you have learned to solve the problem in your conscious time. Instead, you may have a dream of a celebratory nature as a result of mastering one aspect of your life, such as gossiping.

This is just one way that dreams can be helpful. Some dreams are just fun, they may reflect how you felt after having a day where everything flowed well. Some dreams are just plain strange and may reflect several issues your busy mind is working on. We invite you to share your dreams with us for assistance in interpreting and using them to solve your  problems and lead you to a life of abundance, peace and joy.

Dream on!  Men 9


MAYAN MESSAGES    DAY  36      CIB  10   


I am Cib with Tone 10. We welcome you this day to chat with us, for that is our specialty: communication. We invite you to go beyond the means you currently use to communicate and use your telepathic skills more often. Within each of you is the innate ability to communicate without words. Observe Nature: do animals speak with words? Do plants transmit thoughts with words? No, they use energy transfers, body language, instinct and telepathy to transmit their desires and concerns.

How many times have you experienced or heard stories that someone knew when a loved one was ill, injured or had passed away? Have you ever experienced thinking about someone then they call you on the telephone? Are you aware that you have Angels around you at all times that you can consciously communicate with?

We would like to introduce to you a better means of communicating with those you encounter. By making a heart connection with others, you will be better equipped to communicate on a deeper level. The heart connection can be made with people, animals, plants and even the rocks!

Typically, when you meet another person, whether it is someone you know or a stranger, there is an initial greeting. A common greeting in the U.S. is, “Hello, how are you?” The usual response is, “Fine, thank you.” How many of you really feel fine when you answer the question? How many of you truly want to hear how the other feels in that moment?

Look at the word “communication” for a moment; the root word is “commune” which means “to be one with.” How many of you truly become “one with” another during a casual conversation? Generally, each person interrupts the other so they can be heard; deep listening and empathy rarely occurs. Much of what is uttered are words of scorn, judgment or silliness. It matters not to us what you choose to do, we simply wish to bring to your attention the low level of communication most of you use. We use the words “low level” because on a vibrational scale, much of what you utter has low or negative frequencies. Negative thoughtforms vibrate at a low frequency. They are slow and dense, which is why they stick like glue when they collide into similar thoughtforms.

Sound sets into motion the creation of all things. Words can be more powerful than thoughtforms when the thought behind them holds passion and belief. There is an overabundance of thoughtless forms floating in your ethers, colliding with similar thoughtforms and words. Many of these thoughtforms have collected into huge masses capable of creating havoc with your weather patterns and reinforcing “stinking thinking” belief codes.

Once a word is uttered, it cannot be un-said. It continues to float around your uni-verse for eons, seeking other words and thoughts to adhere to. This may sound like fantasy, but be assured that what we speak is the truth. Your scientists are proving the truth in these statements as they go further down the rabbit hole while studying quantum physics.

It has repeatedly been proven that when a cell is divided then separated by great distances, one cell will respond exactly as the other at the same moment the other is manipulated by the scientist. Does this infer there is some type of communication going on between cells, the building blocks of your universe?

Have you ever watched a group of birds in flight? Their ability to maneuver as one while making sharp turns at high speed is astonishing. Not one word is spoken, yet they move as one. Listen to the animals in Nature. Although they do not speak with words, there is communication going on everywhere. The squirrels and birds make a distinct sound to alert all that danger is near. Ants and bees have developed sophisticated methods to tell others where to locate a food source.

In recent times, there has been an onslaught of media presentations on the topic of telepathic communication between humans and animals. Pets exhibiting strange or neurotic behaviors are able to tell the animal whisperers what is upsetting them. There can be no doubt that some type of communication is going on between the two when you witness these stories.

Communication also occurs within plant species. When there is a forest fire, pinecones will close up to protect the seeds within its shells. It has been observed by researchers that simultaneously pine trees far removed from the fire close their cones at the same time.

How are these things possible? Each species on Earth is connected to each other through an invisible grid system. These are energetic lines similar to radio frequencies. Everything on your planet vibrates at a specific frequency. All pine trees vibrate at the same frequency. When one pine tree experiences being cut down or engulfed in flames, all pine trees on the surface of the Earth have the same experience, to a lesser degree.

There is also communication between species. Observe animals in nature, as well as domesticated pets. There are an untold number of sightings by researchers such as National Geographic, which record animals in the wild working together to solve problems, assisting each other, with no words being spoken.

The trick to communicating with others is to learn their language. Much communication within all species is body language. The tone of voice many times is enough to alert others to what is being said, even if the words are uttered in a foreign language. Deliverance is another indicator; slow and mellow words set a different tone than fast and frenzied utterances.

We could fill volumes of books related to the topic of communication. However, we would like to spend the rest of our time sharing techniques that will allow you to commune deeper with the people, animals, plants and rocks you encounter. Your life will be immensely enriched when you take time to commune at a deeper level with all who inhabit the Earth.

We are speaking of heart connections. We call it the heart connection because of the association between the heart and love. This could easily be called a love connection, however, in your language, this could create an erroneous message that we are setting up a dating service.

We spoke previously that negative thoughts and words operate at low and dense frequencies. In your world of polarity, the opposite holds true. Loving thoughts and words operate at high frequencies. These frequencies do not glop together like lower frequencies. They flow seamlessly throughout the universe, touching all like a magic wand, gifting each with a wonderful blessing.

Your ability to make heart connections will increase as you drop defenses that keep you separate from others. As you drop negative habits and increase your ability to love others unconditionally, your heart connections will become stronger. The reason is because you will be increasing the frequency at which you vibrate. Animals in the wild don’t hold grudges. They don’t discriminate, based on human judgments, which animal they will alert to danger or which will become their next meal. They operate basically on pure instinct. However, we would like to mention that many animals and plants are much more intelligent than humans give them credit for.

To make a heart connection, it is imperative that you focus your attention on the person, animal, plant or rock you wish to connect with. In your heart, well up feelings of love. This is best achieved by feeling gratitude for all the blessings in your life. Focus on the other and be grateful for the opportunity to be with this entity. Look beyond their physical body and attempt to see them as they truly are, a reflection of God, pure love. This may take some practice, but will bring you one step closer to loving all unconditionally.

Look into their eyes. Although this is not always a good idea for wild animals, as this may be a sign of aggression. Also, know that in some cultures, eye contact has a variety of meanings, usually associated with subordination. Making a heart connection and eye contact will create much more depth than what most of you are currently experiencing when you exchange niceties.

Now that you are giving the other your full attention, consciously send them a wave of love and appreciation. No words need to be spoken; the other need not know what you are doing. Even if the other has no idea what you are doing, there will be an energy exchange that will be felt. If the receiver is open, he will feel a sense of calm and will be more relaxed in your presence. You will be able to sense the receiver’s response, even if he does not consciously return your love.

Be aware that many people have closed their hearts due to past wounds. Even if they reject your love at a subconscious level, you can be assured they will remember you. You may be the only person who has tuned into them for any length of time. Many of the plants, animals and rocks are pleasantly surprised to have you acknowledge them, as well.

Once you have made the heart connection, you may wish to use words as is customary in your society. However, this time when you ask someone how they are, it is much more likely that a true communication will occur, rather than just a rote response. You can do the heart connection anywhere, anytime. Smile and send a conscious burst of love to people you pass on the street, the grocery clerk, the gas station attendant, pets, wild animals and the roses in your neighbor’s yard. You can also send silent greetings to those who are miles away from you.

Each heart connection brings you closer to unconditionally loving all Beings.This is the true essence of communication.

It is our hope that each of you will practice this skill until it becomes second nature. The blessings you give and receive will create a tremendous amount of change on the Earth. The effects will ripple much farther than you can imagine. Trust that the waves of love will flow continuously for eons. How much more powerful can this simple act of connection be if you teach it to others? You can begin with people and in groups that you feel comfortable sharing with.

There are other methods to make a heart connection even more powerful, such as when you use the gift of touch. Place your right hand on the area between the other person’s heart and throat. Have them place their right hand between your heart and throat. This area is called the heart chakra and generally vibrates at the highest frequency in your body. Next, each of you places your left hand over the right hand of the other person. This sets up a frequency exchange similar to electrical wiring, allowing the energy to flow freely. If you both are comfortable looking into each other’s eyes, do so.

Begin to send loving energy to each other. Focus on the highest sense of unconditional love you can muster. Continue until one of you feels it is time to stop. You will know when the time comes when one of you relaxes your hands and starts to pull away. You have now made a heart connection on a soul level, sharing love with another. This is a true blessing.

At times, you or the other may not be comfortable receiving touch or it may be inappropriate to touch. Perhaps you are in a large group and it would take too much time to make heart connections with everyone present. We would like to share another technique for those situations.

Have everyone involved place their right hand on the area between their own heart and throat. Next, have them place their left hand over their right hand. With eyes open or closed, once again send the highest frequency of love to all who are present. Continue for a few moments. You will feel warmth in your chest and a sense of peace. Know that you have connected and are increasing each other’s capacity to love.

Practice these techniques with people you trust and share them with others. Before touching anyone, gain their permission. Explain to them what you want to share with them. Respect their choice if they decline your offer. You can still send them love at any time.

Know that whenever you send love to another, it increases the vibration of love over all the Earth. Although you may not be able to see the effects, know it exists and continues on forever. It is love that will set you free from your bondages of fear and negative belief codes. Go forth and make heart connections with all  you meet! Trust in the magic!

Selamet!  Cib 10


MAYAN MESSAGES   DAY  37     Caban  11


I am Caban. Welcome to this day full of wonder and joy. We appreciate the time you take to join us in these Messages. It gives us much pleasure and satisfaction to help those of you who are ready to progress in your evolution. The topic we would like to bring to your attention has to do with centeredness. All is available to you in moments that you remain centered, especially in times of stress. When you are able to keep your focus and remain level-headed, you are able to make better decisions. Clarity comes from remaining peaceful. When you are stressed, your body reacts by pumping adrenaline into your system. Adrenaline is designed to give you an extra push you may need in the time of an emergency or during an event that is out of your normal routine.

At the time of the adrenaline rush, all of your senses are heightened. Time seems to slow, allowing you to make clearer decisions. However, many of you live at this heightened sense of emergency during most of your waking hours. After a time, your adrenal glands become over-stressed and stop working properly. This is when exhaustion sets in, which is your body’s way of trying to gain your attention, by forcing you to rest. Unfortunately, many of you still continue to over-pressure yourselves, which inevitably leads to disease.

We would like to suggest that you slow the pace of your life. Simplify. Some of you will argue and say that you can’t. We disagree. We encourage you to monitor where you spend your time and energy each day. How often do you feel rested and centered? When you learn to live in the moment, you have the opportunity to be at peace and centered, no matter what is happening around you.

Instead of using stress, caffeine or pharmaceuticals to create adrenaline to get you through the day, you have the ability to live each moment in a state of peace. This is much better for your body. Instead of exhausting your resources, you will be able to energize your body even during times that would normally deplete you.

How do you begin? It is imperative to find time each day to quiet your mind, perhaps before you get out of bed in the morning. Others do better when they retire at night. Take time throughout the day to nourish yourself and replenish your store of energy. Those who are not used to setting aside daily quiet time may find it beneficial to spend quiet time seeking ways to free up time and energy during your daily routines. Some of you feel guilty for taking time for yourself. We encourage you to change this belief code. You will always be better equipped to handle stress and have more quality time with others when you are refreshed.

During your quiet time, look at ways gain control of your time and energy, remaining as objective as possible. There may be activities you are currently engaged in to escape the daily routine or to relax. We suggest you look closely at these. Many of you read books or use television to numb your mind after a hard day of work. We do not judge anything you choose to do. However, if you wish to accelerate your evolution, you may be wise to alter some of your current habits.

We wish to re-mind you that your subconscious mind does not know the truth between reality and fantasy. If you have ever read a book or watched a movie and found your heart racing, cried or felt other emotions, you will understand the truth in this statement. Although on the conscious level you know the difference between a movie and reality, your body and subconscious mind reacts as though it is reality.

Thus, when you watch action-packed movies, your body tenses during the action scenes. When you overload on police stories, your mind logs the information as though it really occurred, thus creating suspicion and fear. Soap operas create havoc within real families and relationships as day by day the viewers soak up the scenarios like sponges. It is not unusual for character actors to receive hate mail for things portrayed on the screen. It is not uncommon for characters portraying doctors on TV to receive letters asking for medical opinions. These characters become so real that even the most intelligent among you form opinions about actors as a result of the roles they play.

Some of you may adamantly defend your choice and insist on continuing to engage in these types of activities as a means of relaxation. We do not judge this. However, let it be known that you are creating unrest in your bodies at a time when your body most needs to relax. Your body is stressed as it reacts to what you are watching or reading. Many others of you participate in sports for your recreation. Although there is nothing wrong with this, be aware that you are putting a tremendous stress on your already over-worked bodies. Add competition to the mix and the adrenaline resources are depleted even more.

Your diets are another cause for overtaxed bodies. It is no wonder that diseases, especially those related to chronic fatigue and cancer are on the rise. Your lifestyles already have you maxed to the limit. Then you feed your body foods that have little to no life force in them. You push your body to perform at peak levels while giving it inferior fuel. Then you pump in drugs to remove the symptoms that are designed to warn you of system overload. In addition, you take pharmaceuticals to enhance your ability to push yourself further by creating muscle mass. Laboratories work 24 hours a day to produce thousands of products designed to do what your body does naturally when given the proper amount of rest and nutritious foods. It is up to you personally to regain control of your life. Quiet moments are a must to even begin the process of slowing down. Look at your routines and find ways to fully relax every muscle in your body. Return to Nature for quiet walks or sit next to a tree and simply be. You have become human do-ings instead of human be-ings. Your body was never meant to operate this way. Your society as a whole is moving at lightening speed with everyone trying to improve themselves at the expense of their mental and physical health.

Take time to get off the rollercoaster and ride in the tunnel of love for a while. It is in the tunnel that you will find peace. Learn to be alone with yourself. Practice be-ing. Seek ways you can cut back on needless activities that drain rather than energize you. As you work through fears and belief codes that keep you entrapped in old habits, you will find yourself refreshed, energized and encouraged to make decisions that will make your life more fulfilling. It may take stepping out of the box to reach your goals.

Many of you are in jobs that are not suited to you, remaining there for the company benefits or because it is a steady income. You spend an exorbitant amount of time associated with these jobs, including travel time to and from and all the conversations you have with others regarding your work. Do you not think that all of this time is draining you? It is no wonder you numb your minds with senseless activities. There is no energy left to be creative. You are simply living for the basics in life: food, shelter and clothing.

Others spend their relaxation time buying or playing with material objects. There is nothing wrong with this as long as there is balance. What we see all too often is that you become slaves to your toys. Much time is spent with basic upkeep, repairs, insurance, etc. Often, there is a need to make more money to pay for these expenses. Soon, you find yourself in a vicious circle, having to work more hours to pay your debts, while at the same time you keep purchasing more. We say all of this to make the following point.

In order to be centered, you must create balance in all areas of your life.

If you are exhausted most of the time, it is likely you are pushing yourself too much. How can you pull back to regain your balance? If your body feels sluggish or you are not at an optimal weight, look at your eating and exercise habits. How can you find balance there? If you constantly talk of past events or worry about future events, it is likely you are not spending a balanced portion of your time in the current moment. It is in the present moment that you will realize that past events no longer need to have the charge they once had, especially if they are detrimental to you. It is in the present moment that you can plan the changes you wish to make in order to experience a fulfilled future.

You are the creator of your reality. Our goal is to help you to remember the power you have within your body and mind. We cannot assist you when you are exhausted, for you have no energy left for creative endeavors. We can only help you when you are alert and willing to take the steps necessary to create your fantasy into reality.

Most of you have realized that material wealth does not bring you happiness. You will soon discover that happiness only comes from within. You have the power to choose how you feel in any given situation. You have the ability to choose what to do with your time and energy. You have all the power you need within you. There is no need for teachers or gurus, although others can be great role models for you. No matter what techniques are presented to you or where you find yourself in this moment, it is up to you to choose what you wish to experience.

We wish to encourage you to find ways to remain centered by balancing every aspect of your life. You live in a world of polarity; there are an infinite number of possibilities available to you at all times. Look around, expand your horizons and make the conscious decision to create a better life for yourself. We will assist by showing you various opportunities available to you. These come in the form of coincidences and synchronicities. Stay alert and have fun along the way!

Caban 11




I am Etznab, the hall of mirrors. Seek me when you are ready to face your shadows by looking within. Each of you have issues to deal with that are buried deep within. It is time to bring them to the surface and to scrutinize them. Once the shadows are lit, they hold no power over you.

Many of you still live within the illusion that others are to blame for the outcome of your life. You make “shoulda, woulda, coulda” excuses which keep you from living the life of your dreams. We ask you to prepare to take full responsibility for all of the belief codes that you now hold. Surely, others you have trusted led you to believe many of these truths, but now it is time to look closer and see which ones no longer serve you.

Where to begin? Pay attention to times when your buttons are pushed causing you to feel angry or frustrated. Look at any health issues that are plaguing you. Anytime you are off balance or blaming others for what is happening in your life, you can be assured you are operating from a negative belief code. You may feel righteous in your anger; this is your choice. However, let it be known that whenever you react to anything or anyone, you are responding from a state of immaturity.

Before you get upset with these words, consider the Masters. When they are assaulted or crucified, they do not lash out. When they are humiliated or ridiculed, they do not defend their actions. True Masters are those who maintain balance, for they have grown to understand that everyone is simply doing the best they can in the moment. Masters are not affected when others insult them. They know they are perfect, as well as their accusers. When a Master is handed a lemon, he will make lemonade and be grateful for the nourishment.

There are countless stories of people who have maintained their balance during all kinds of untold strife. These are the things saints are made of. These people give tirelessly of their time, money and energy for causes they believe in or simply as acts of kindness.

How can you join their ranks and live a more balanced life? By going within and clearing out the clutter that you collected since childbirth. Start by noticing times when you are at unrest, when people or events knock you off balance. We have spoken previously how negative thoughtforms attach themselves to each other and create physical ailments within your body. Thus, you would be wise to pay attention to any dis-ease you are experiencing.

How to find the root cause of your un-rest or dis-ease? Go to a space where you will not be disturbed and quiet your outer world. Have the courage to look at what is currently upsetting you. If you had an altercation with another, be as objective as possible and look for your words and actions that worsened the situation. Go back as far as you can in your relationship with this person to find unresolved issues that have been ignored and allowed to fester.

Sometimes you may find that it is best to break ties with this person, especially if your safety is at risk. We do not suggest trying to save a relationship with one who has a history of physically, mentally or emotionally abusing you or others. Those relationships are better dealt with professionally or in the spiritual Realm.

When issues with people are looked at thoroughly, there generally tends to be something that was said or misunderstood which began the initial bickering. Many relationships can change and be renewed when both parties accept responsibility for their part and apologize to each other with the full intention of letting the past go and rebuilding the relationship together. This takes maturity on the part of all involved.

Even if you never have another conversation with the person you are upset with, it is in the best interest of your health and well-being that you come to the point where you are able to release any negative emotions. Try replanting negative emotions with positive emotions and you will eventually feel acceptance and gratitude for the experience.

In this world, it is your interactions with others that allows you to have a human experience.

Think on this for a moment. What if there were no other people on Earth? How would you be able to experience forgiveness, sharing or any multitude of events? The world would be a lonely place. If you believe in the premise that man was placed on this Earth to experience its bounty and to share with one another, then how far is it for you to stretch your mind and accept that perhaps this world is also a place to experience the negative side?

How much more will a person grow when they have been through the fires of alcoholism, abuse or hunger? We are not condoning anything that is unpleasant. The point we are trying to make is that this is a world of polarity. It was designed with basic rules that allow humans to experience free will. Many of the choices made are not in the highest good of all, yet they afford those who experience them to choose whether to react in their highest good or not.

When you react to another’s words or behaviors in a way that causes you unrest, you have an opportunity to look within to see what it is that is upsetting you. From this realization, you can then choose how to react in future situations. With practice, you can choose to change your belief codes and habits associated with this event. This is growth.

With growth comes the ability to help others who have followed your path. Many times, the best teacher is someone who has been where you have been. Understanding comes from having passed through the fire. As each of you strengthens your belief codes and chooses those that are more in alignment with your highest good, you will become much better equipped to assist those still struggling with similar issues. That is what being a good steward is all about, helping your fellow man. Many religions speak of karma and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. When more of you actually practice these tenets, your societies on Earth will begin to reflect your inner self. In order to have the utopian society that most of you dream of, it will take effort on the part of each one of you.

Currently, you live in a world of separation. There is so much judgment placed on things such as race, gender and creed that you have created walls around yourselves to keep the wolves out. Yet with each condemning thought and harsh word you utter, you push the wolves away and judge them with the same words you use against others. Lighten up and look at yourselves with fresh eyes. Seek out the good in others. Stop your needless comparisons; they only cause greater separation. Go within on a daily basis and seek ways to change your habits of judgment and condemnation. You will first have to discover your inner beauty before you can see it in others.

Watch your words and pay attention to your feelings. Start to notice how often what you say about others is a reflection of a weakness you perceive in yourself. Perhaps you say things to be cool or to not rock the boat with your peers in fear of being ridiculed or outcast. If you find this to be the case, then you would do well to dwell within and find the reasons why you go to such low places to maintain friendships with those who tear others down in order to feel good about themselves. We sincerely hope you will take time to go within and pay attention to those things that cause you uneasiness. We encourage you to be objective and seek ways to empower yourself so you can live a truly joyous life.

Looking at the shadow self is not an easy task. We understand this. We also know that hiding in a castle with walls and a moat filled with alligators can be very lonely. You built the walls and moat and you can tear them down and let love shine within. Seek guidance from your Angels and from those who have overcome obstacles in their lives. Having assistance from those who have been where you are can be of tremendous value to you.

When each of you learns to love and trust each other, you will have reached a utopian society. Each of you is unique and has special abilities that you can share. Find these, hone them and share with those who are ready to accept you as you are. We wish you the best.

Selamet!  Etznab 12




I am Cauac and with the energy of 13, we will peer into the spirit of manifestation. In our Realm, all possibilities are ever-present. In your temporary home on Earth, the manifestation process is a learned behavior. The word “infestation” is defined as a presence of a large number of pest organisms in or on a host. As a word play, we can look at the word “man-infestation” as applied to the large number of pesty thoughts that flow into your conscious and unconscious mind every moment.

How do you create all that you want? You look around and notice that some people pray, pray, pray and still live a dread-filled life. While for others, everything comes easily, even their dark days leave them with a smile on their face. What is the secret behind the serenity that you see in the Dalai Lama and others?

The first ingredient is love. Unconditional Love. Love that allows all others to be who they are, without judgment or criticism. It is not easy to acquire love when your world is filled with limiting beliefs. However, it is possible to change your thoughts and attitudes, with attention and intention. “How can I do that?” you may ask. It is simple, begin by monitoring your thoughts. In the beginning, this requires much diligence, however, like any skill, with practice it gets easier until it becomes automatic.

How to control your thoughts? The first step is simple observation. Pay attention to your thoughts. How do you feel when you have this or that thought? Which thoughts do you respond to, which do you ignore? The next step is to look closer at your thoughts. Are some persistent? Which ones give you joy? Which ones create fear? Which ones would you like to act upon? Which ones would you like to ignore?

This is where intention comes in. We have spoken about setting intentions on other days, so we will not dwell on it here. The main emphasis of intention is to know and declare what you wish to experience. Once you have this clear vision, it is your responsibility to take your e-motions and put that energy into motion.

As you pay attention to your thoughts, nurture only those that lead to your desired outcome. When you have thoughts of fear, emotions you don’t like or persistent negative thoughts, then literally, think again. This is where practice makes perfect. When you have thoughts that lead you away from your intention or anything less than love, choose something else to think about. It is rather simple, but like any habit, it takes practice to change behaviors.

I am available anytime to assist you in overcoming your incessant thoughts. Today’s Tone of 13 is here to help you with the manifestation process. Together, the three of us are a dynamc team. You have everything within to create the life of your dreams. No matter what happens to you, it is possible to maintain balance, poise and grace. No matter how anyone treats you, it is possible to love yourself and your perceived enemies. You have the ability to heal anything that ails you. No matter what behavior you have, the power to change and be all that you wish to be resides within you. It is simply a matter of monitoring your thoughts and best of all, it’s free! Be sure not to feel shame or guilt when you fall into old patterns. As the old song says, “Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again!”

Have a wonder filled day!  Cauac 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.

Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree


4 responses to this post.

  1. How could I find out what a Tone (like Tone 1) is?


  2. Posted by Trampas Graham on April 30, 2013 at 8:08 am

    I will meditate using Oc today, but I must admit, my belief codes–as they are called here–have been shaken to their very core in the last two years. In fact, the statement, “Trust is something to be earned,” is a statement that I have actually grown into through therapy. There was a time when I was simply too trusting. Still, I read this with an open mind in the spirit of healing. Thank you for all that you do in providing this service.


  3. Posted by Ingee Yeend on April 29, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    Thank you very much for the many helpful wisdom. I enjoy reading tour messages alot.
    in love and peace ingee


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