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During the next thirteen day period (trecena), Cauac offers us the healing potential similar to a light, feminine rainfall. This is a good time to go within and ferret out the storms raging within. This could be in the form of inner conflict, relationship issues or events that just aren’t sitting well with you. Embrace the experience, let go of what needs to be released and visualize yourself being baptized in a soft rainfall, allowing a rebirth.



Day 79 – May the Source be with You

Day 80 – T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak

Day 81 – New Thoughts, New Beginnings

Day 82 – Love and Gratitude Exercise

Day 83 – Befriending Your Dragons

Day 84 – Intention Process

Day 85 – The Truth Shall Set You Free

Day 86 – Take Charge of Your Life

Day 87 – How Are You?

Day 88 – One With Nature

Day 89 – Monitor Your Thoughts

Day 90 – Creating Time and Energy

Day 91 – Share Your Knowledge


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  79

Cauac  1         May the Source Be With You

I am Cauac, thank you for joining us on yet another cycle of the journey. We begin this new round of Tones (1-13) with anticipation that you delve even deeper into yourself. Tone 1 can be symbolized in many ways. Today we will look at the aspect of unity. Among you, there are many beliefs when it comes to your religious structures. This is uncanny, for there can only be one Truth. Yet what is this Truth? Could it be that the Truth is inside yourself and only true for you? In one sense, this is accurate. Yet on other levels, it is not so. We are beginning to sound like lawyers, are we not?

In the beginning, there was one Source. Where did this Source come from and how did it ultimately begin? We cannot describe the beauty of this event, it is literally too beautiful and pure for description. However, know that you all are One in the sense that you ultimately came from one Source and you eventually will all return to the same Source.

In that sense, you are all brothers and sisters who have come together on the Earth plane to have a variety of experiences. It is somewhat like a tribe, migrating as one, yet sending scouts in several directions to see which territory might be best to settle. Each scout will return to tell of his experiences; the tribe as a whole will benefit from their experiences. Like an inbreath and an outbreath, the tribe will continue this pattern of being united, separated, then united again to share their experiences. Such is your life as humans.

Each of you leaves the Source for a while as you live your life as a human, eventually returning to Source after this incarnation. While you are on Earth, you have many experiences that are logged into your energy field. You take those experiences back with you when you return to the Other Side.

Have you ever heard of phantom pains? This phenomenon occurs when a part of the human body is amputated, yet the person suffers extreme pain or itching, as though the member were still attached. Although the member is no longer attached, the memories are encoded in that part of your energetic field. This field stays with you forever, even when you leave your body upon death. When you return to the Other Side, you take full memory of your experiences with you.

Many of you have had experiences with the Akashic Records. The energy field or signature of each body is unique. This is how all knowledge is stored; it is similar to having a card catalog number, except the filing system is an energy field. Every event, every emotion, every moment of your life on Earth is recorded in this energy field. All souls have access to this record so they can learn or experience what you have done. It is similar to a virtual reality computer search engine. All of the Angels and souls that are not incarnate can experience events through you! This is how important your life is.

It is known throughout the universe that Earth is a tough place to live due to its density and negativity. The hardest part is coming here with amnesia, not knowing the full beauty of who you are. Yet many want to experience some of the things you are doing, without having to go through a full incarnation. This is similar to your friends wanting to see your photos and hear the stories of your latest adventures, although they may not want to have first-hand experience of the event. This is part of the beauty of unity. We are all one; we come from the same Source. We each have chosen different Paths so we can venture into places that pique our curiosity. Yet there will come a time when we head home to Source.

All things in the universe expand and contract. You are now coming to the close of a contraction, soon to begin a state of expansion. This time on Earth is ending; you are beginning to move out of a state of chaos and back towards the unity of love.

There are ways to make this migration smoother. Take time daily to relax and feel gratitude for the many blessings in your life. Fight through fears and change behavioral patterns that keep you from being in pure love. Many of you are in fear of being sent to hell for your sins. We are here to let you know that the only hell that exists is the torment you put yourselves through when you allow fear to taint your decisions. Do you think your God would cast you aside for eternity? Even an earthly father is kinder than that. Who among you is perfect? If it is man’s definition of perfection that will get you to heaven, you can be sure you’ll be seeing a lot of your friends in hell!

Take time out of your busy day to reflect on your life. How can you make choices that are more loving? Can you come up with better ways to handle situations? How best can you respond to those who push your buttons? The answers lie within you. Do you really think that if you are trying to do the best you can that you will be cast aside forever?

We would like to make a bold statement. There is no devil. The only devil that exists is of human design. There is no battle between light and dark. There is no war waging that God may lose. There are only experiences that each of us, on all Dimensions, are choosing. You made some of your choices before you incarnated. The only way you could experience Not-Love is to come into a Dimension where the rules would allow such a game.

You enter this Realm with much guidance and support. You are never alone, although it may seem so at times. Whenever you are feeling down, go within and ask for help. It is always there, although sometimes you have blocked access to it. The devil that you fear is only an illusion. There must be some truth in this since there are always people who have weathered the worst experiences in life and come out thriving. Perhaps your hell is created by your fearful thoughts and anxieties. Could it really be that simple?

How many times have you had an experience that seemed awful at the time, yet when you look back in retrospect, you can see the blessings it provided? When one door closes, another door opens. We have given you a lot to consider in this Message, so we will stop for today.

The main premise of this dialogue is to help you to gain a deeper understanding of unity. You came from one Source and you will return to one Source. In the meantime, you are all scouts that are gathering information for the rest of the tribe. Your body is a living library; storing every experience of your life until you leave this earthly Realm. These memories are also stored in the Akashic Records, where they will remain untainted and accessible for all time.

Know that each of you is perfect and has all that you need within you. Enjoy each day to its fullest and allow yourself to set aside memories and emotions that no longer serve you. Gain understanding through internal searches, for by going within, you will find full access to the Akashic Records. We will speak more on these topics throughout the year.

Until the morrow, go in peace! Cauac 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  80

Ahau  2           T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak

Greetings, welcome to this time of sharing. It is a great privilege to be working with you in helping you to understand the true nature of who you are. In doing so, you raise not only the vibrational pattern in yourself, but in the whole universe, as well. We do not say these words lightly for they are very deep and sacred words, indeed. Today we would like to speak with you on the topic of words. There is much spoken and put out into the universe that is no different from the garbage that fills your dumps and oceans. Humankind has become frivolous in their desires and material possessions.

There has been much neglect when it comes to taking care of the Earth that birthed you and supports you. You have been asleep and unwilling to acknowledge the impact you have placed upon the surface of the Earth. Unknowingly, you have polluted the skies in your atmosphere with noxious emissions. Furthermore, your thoughts have polluted the Earth, the skies and further out into the uni-verse. Once again, we use the word uni-verse (one voice) in this manner to help bring your attention to the importance of each word you utter. Your words are the next progression of your thoughts. First, there is a thought and then there is the spoken word, followed by action. These steps are fueled by your emotions.

When your emotions are strong, they impact the accompanying thoughts and words. When you speak words that are untrue, these stories ripple throughout the universe, attaching to similar untruths. If a false prophet says the end of the world is coming in the year 2012, his words will filter throughout the universe. Those who believe them are likely to repeat these words to others, which has the potential to create a huge momentum. When enough people decide something is true, it will become a reality. That is how potent your words are.

In earlier times, words had less of an impact on the Earth and universe, for they had no means of spreading as quickly as they do today. With modern technology through mediums such as television, telephones and the internet, words spread very quickly and to a much larger audience than ever before in the history of mankind. This is why it is of extreme importance to pay attention to every word you utter. How many times have you spoken unkind words about another? Have you noticed those words tend to come back faster than ever to haunt you? Gone are the days of gossip and idle words. Have you noticed how quickly things come to you when you have a passionate thought about them? Humankind has reached a pivotal point in the ability to create with thoughts, words, actions and emotions.

It is much easier at this time for people to lay aside cigarettes, alcohol and foods they no longer desire. It is much easier to change jobs or move to new locations when the desire is strong. Things are manifesting much quicker, due to the evolution of humankind. However, there is a price to pay in order to remain on this bandwagon. In order to manifest the utopian world that many of you dream about, you must first become conscious of the impact you personally have on the universe. Each of you is a powerful creator. Your tools are your thoughts, words, actions and emotions. There is still some training you need in order to implement these tools.

Negative thoughts glop together and cause havoc in your world. What we would like to concentrate on today is how to gain control over the words you utter. There is an acronym you can use before you open your mouth to speak. This acronym is T.H.I.N.K. In other words, THINK before you speak! Consider these things before you speak. Is it the right Time? Is it Honest? Is it about “I” (your ego)? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? Practice using these filters before you speak. As you master this skill, you will find that you speak much less. People will more likely listen to what you say because they will come to know that when you speak, your words are worth hearing. THINK before you speak.

You may want to place this acronym in places to remind yourself to pay closer attention to the words you utter. As more of you gain mastery over the words you speak, you will become astounded to discover how clearly you communicate telepathically and through body language. Currently, there is much emphasis on words which results in misunderstandings caused by judgmental behaviors; little notice is given to body language or unspoken words. This is more pronounced when communicating through electronic devices.

We encourage you to master your tongue, for in doing so, you will lighten the burden that is placed on Earth and beyond. Practice speaking in a Timely manner, be Honest with yourself and others, learn the gift of we rather than, “I,I,I.” Speak only those things that are Necessary and practice being Kind. These five keys (T.H.I.N.K.) will unlock the door to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Selamet!  Ahau 2


MAYAN  MESSAGES          DAY  81

Imix  3           New Thoughts, New Beginnings

Good day! A good day it is, indeed, for once again we gather to learn from each other! Today we begin another round of the Day Keepers, of which I am first in the cycle. Know that the order of our appearance in the Tzolkin calendar has no hierarchal significance. We each represent various aspects of you; the pattern is formulated from beginning to end with each round of the Tzolkin creating a deeper level of understanding for you.

Let us look at the new beginning in this cycle. We would like to delve deeper with you into your soul and assist you in discovering those things that hold you back from living a life filled with joy in each moment. These Messages are designed to assist all humans, knowing that each of you is on a unique path of rediscovery of Self. If any of these lessons feel too deep or esoteric for you, either go back to a previous day and work on an unresolved issue or continue with us, absorbing what makes sense to you and integrate the things that have meaning to you.

As you review your life, you realize there were many things you did not understand as a child. Once you gained experience and a wider range of understanding, you changed some of your beliefs and behavioral patterns. Like giving up a bottle and drinking from a cup, there comes a time when you set aside childish things and move forward. These daily communications are the same way.

There will be things you read that you do not agree with or don’t believe in. However, look beyond those points to the deeper meaning and go within to see which resonate with you. Then take the steps necessary to integrate those parts that seem reasonable. In so doing, you will learn to set aside many of the fears that currently blind you. As you re-read these lessons year after year, you will gain a better understanding with each round.

Let us begin this day with looking at how belief codes are formulated. Your thoughts carry tremendous creative energy. The more you nurture a specific thoughtform, the more you give strength and credence to it. Your brain is continually processing what you sense around you. There are myriads of stimuli to choose from each moment, even while you sleep. Your subconscious brain records much of what is happening around you, even though you pay no conscious attention to it. This has been proven through hypnosis in cases such as a person being able to recall details they didn’t notice at the time of the event. Your life is lived according to the things you pay attention to. This is why monitoring your thoughts, words, actions and emotions are imperative. When you focus your attention on a matter, it becomes part of your reality. This truth was well illustrated in the movie, What the bleep do we know?*

Each of you, in every moment, is surrounded by a myriad of events, sounds and smells. If you were to try to pay attention to every stimulus, you would soon go insane. Many things around you happen through patterning. Through practice, your brain automatically functions with your muscles to allow you to walk across a room without having to pay attention to your movements. This allows you to focus on other things. As you travel through life, more things become automatic: you read without needing to know the sound of each letter, your body functions are automated and your brain filters stimulus you choose not to focus on.

There have been numerous studies with scenarios studying people’s recall when a group experiences an event. For example, there is a class in progress with a teacher and several students. An actor is hired to come in and perform a few acts, then exit the room. The students are then asked to document the entire episode, relating only facts of what they witnessed. In every instance, there are variations between each student. Why is this? There are many reasons why, but the main difference is that each person is responding from his/her own personal filters. Let us say the actor came in with a gun, pretending to shoot the teacher, firing the gun three times. All the while, he is shouting orders to the students, swaying his gun back and forth and cursing the teacher for something he had allegedly done to the gunman.

Perhaps one student had previously been shot, while another had never seen a real gun. Can you see how each of their experiences would make them react differently to the situation? Perhaps another student detests the teacher, while another absolutely adores him. You can see how each of them would respond differently to the teacher being shot. Although the actor spoke his lines clearly, not all would have heard what he said. If their focus was on something else, such as not being shot themselves or being concerned about the teacher, it is likely they did not hear the actor utter a single word. Yet, while in a hypnotic state, many times full recall of the event occurs.

Why do we recall only certain aspects of an event? The subconscious mind stores information we don’t pay attention to. Sometimes, this information can be accessed, but many times, it is never retrieved. Is it lost forever or lying dormant until it is deemed of importance? In either case, you react to events where you focus your attention. This is how your belief codes are born. Those things that are in the forefront of your thoughts are what create your reality.

If you choose to focus on negative thoughts and events, these become your reality, attracting more of these events to you. When this occurs repeatedly, it becomes habitual for you to look for the negative in all things happening around you. We call these “no, but” people. You know them. Whenever people present an idea, these people generally respond with statements such as, “No, that will never work, but my idea will.”

On the other hand, there are people who focus on positive thoughts and behaviors. We call these “yes, and” people. You know them. No matter what you say, they support you with statements such as, “Yes! That’s a great idea and have you considered this other option?” Most live in between, sometimes feeling low and negative and other times feeling upbeat and positive. Yet each has an underlying disposition towards one or the other.

One of the laws of the universe is that like attracts like. If you are continually focused on being a victim and believe that everyone is out to get you or that you have bad luck, this is what you will attract to you. Your thoughts and things you pay attention to are what create your reality. In every situation, there will be people who see blessings and those who will focus on its curses. The good news is that each of you has the ability within yourself to transcend negative thinking.

Once you gain control of your thoughts, you will then be able to release belief codes and change behaviors that have kept you locked into “no, but” thinking. Each day of this calendar is designed to assist you in doing just that. We take time to share with you insights as to why the world is the way it is and how you can function better within it. We support you at all times, encouraging you to go within for your answers. It is our desire to help you reconnect with that part of your Self that is still in Spirit form, your Higher Self. There is no need for gurus or teachers other than to validate your beliefs and to help lead you back to yourself. All you need is within you.

Expand your limited beliefs regarding the God(s) you choose to believe in. Is your God loving and supportive? Would you wish for less in a physical father? Many of your religions will have you believe that your Father is punitive, even cruel enough to consider banishing you to a life of torture, forever. Does this ring true for you? Have the courage to question your religious beliefs. You have been wrong in other situations; could it be possible that the church you choose to adhere to is teaching thoughts and beliefs that make no sense to you?

Study the history of your religion. When did it begin? Why did it begin? What was the credibility of the creator of your religion? Can you look around at nature in balance and see a God that is extremely wise and creative? When others approach you with new thoughts, you may gain wisdom by listening to them. However, rather than blindly believing what they speak, ask questions, roll these thoughts over in your mind and give credence to the fact that perhaps at least one tidbit of information might be useful to you. Wouldn’t you appreciate others listening to your point of view?

Many of you are locked in suspension, not knowing which way to go. Those of you who are afraid to make the wrong choice, we suggest you go inward and allow yourself to experience what feels best at the time. Know that throughout your life you will be presented with multitudes of ideas. All have their credence and validity. Take for yourself that which feels right, try it on; if it doesn’t fit, try on something else. There is no right or wrong, there are only experiences. Many of you will cringe at this statement, but we would ask you to consider the things you believed as a child that no longer ring true for you. Not one of you has all of the belief codes you set up as a child. As you gain experience, you learn more and are able to discern from a different point of view.

Perhaps the best advice we can share with each of you is to be kind to others. It matters not if another person has done you wrong; be kind anyway, for these people can benefit from your acts of kindness. The world would be a much simpler and loving place if each of you would be kind to one another. Relinquish your judgments and be equally kind to all. What other topic needs to be preached from your pulpits? Anything else leads to separation. It is bad enough when governments set up separation between church and state; how much more “sinful” it is to cause separation between church and church.

No matter what your religious or spiritual background, your lives will be enhanced when your thoughts center on paying attention to the divinity within each of you rather than on your differences. Life will be lived in a more loving manner when each of you sets aside your differences and learns to love one another. Is that not the basis of your religion?

If your thoughts take you to places that are not in alignment with the life you choose, think again. You may say it is too tedious to monitor your thoughts. We would answer by asking you to look at how tedious your life is when you don’t monitor your thoughts. We encourage you to go within each day and look at those places where you focus your attention and change your thinking in areas that do not resonate with you. Strive for joy and joy will be yours!

Selamet!  Imix 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  82

Ik  4         Love and Gratitude Exercise

I am Ik with Tone 4, we welcome this opportunity to share with you today. Our topic is one that is dear to our hearts, that of unconditional love. What we wish to do today is to help you to experience this on a deeper level. We invite you to join us in a time of solitude and meditation. The process is very simple. The hardest part for many of you will be to discipline yourself to set aside 15 minutes each day. When you do this on a regular basis, your rewards will be immense as you quickly learn to relax your mind and body, thus rejuvenating your energy flow.

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. We encourage you to create a quiet zone where you can do your daily meditation; encourage those who live with you to do the same. Preferably, this space should be in nature. If you are in a place that has no yard, create your space on your porch or indoors. Include plants or objects that give you a sense of being in nature. If you have religious icons or enjoy background music, candles or incense, have these set up. Your space should be designed so everything you need is prepared. In this manner, it is more likely you will set time aside to do the exercise. In addition, during the day if you are feeling stressed, this is a space where you can go mentally in order to feel more at peace.

The purpose of this quiet time is to become balanced and to release tension and stress. It is necessary for you to be in a relaxed and harmonious state of be-ing in order to be able to move beyond yourself and to experience love for all. When your energy is contracted by fear and your thoughts are focused on all the things happening around you, it is easy to get lost in frustration and impatience. It is very hard to love others when you are in this state of mind. After you have prepared your space by turning on the music, lighting the candle and incense or whatever works best for you, get into a comfortable position. It does not matter whether you are sitting or lying down, the important thing is that your spine is aligned as straight as possible in order for your energy to flow freely. Once you are settled, take a few deep breaths in and out, relaxing your body and allowing yourself to release the busyness of the day.

Focus on your breath. When you inhale, visualize breathing in love and kindness. When you exhale, release tension and thoughts or emotions that drain your energy. Continue with this pattern for a few minutes until you feel deeply relaxed. Then for several inbreaths, think of something or someone for whom you are grateful. On the outbreath, send this person a feeling of love and gratitude. Do this for another 5 to 10 minutes, each time sending these feelings to a different person, event or place that comes to mind. If there is someone or an event you are attempting to release issues with, you may choose to spend the entire session focusing on this person or event only. Eventually, you will come to a place of forgiveness and be able to send them love freely.

Here are some suggestions for places to send your love and gratitude: God, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, your relatives, friends, co-workers, pets, neighbors, those you do not have a good relationship with, your city, state, country, the Earth, the universe, plants, insects, wildlife, events that give you a sense of joy, events that are not joyful, food, farmers, stores, service people in the stores, your means of transportation, roadways, your body. Whatever comes into your mind, send it love. By doing this practice on a regular basis, you will begin to pay more attention to positive things around you. Every moment your mind is focused on things that cause you joy, is a joy full moment, indeed!

This exercise can be performed anywhere, at any time. Begin to observe the world around you and appreciate its beauty. Pay attention and be in gratitude for each blessing that comes your way, even those appearing to be negative. Train yourself to be in joy every moment. By focusing on love and gratitude, your life will flow much smoother. Problems will melt away as you release fears and tension associated with them.

Selamet!  Ik 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  83

Akbal  5           Befriending Your Dragons

I am Akbal and I welcome you this day as we share more of our knowledge with you. Be it known that this knowledge is already embedded within you; we are here simply to help you retrieve what you have buried. You can think of us as maps guiding you to the buried treasure that lies within yourself.

Many of you on the Earth surface have suffered traumatic episodes that have caused you to build walls of protection. The brain is only capable of experiencing a certain amount of trauma before it will regenerate itself in order to survive or maintain sanity. This is why the phenomenon of multi-personalities occurs to those who have experienced repeated traumas. When the brain is unable to continue to receive horrendous stimuli, it will fragment itself in ways that allows the human to continue to live until healing occurs. We are here to assist you with that healing process.

Although the vast majority of you are not classified as being schizophrenic, many of you live with an entire wardrobe of costumes that you have created in order to function in your world. Let us say that you experienced severe trauma as a child. For many, it was sexual abuse by a trusted adult. In order to cope with repeated abuse, you played mind games with yourself. Perhaps while the abuse was occurring, you mentally left your body and pretended you were elsewhere, perhaps at a carnival. Each time the act was repeated, you mentally returned to the carnival.

Your brain does not know the difference between reality and fantasy; it responds in exactly the same manner whether you are physically performing an activity or whether you are visualizing the event in your mind. As you grow older, whenever the perpetrator or another touches you in the same manner, your mind automatically goes to the carnival.

As you grow into maturity, these wounds may lie dormant. Then comes the time when you begin dating. One night, passion arises and even though the scenario is more loving, the actions are very similar to those you encountered as a child. Those dormant wounds now fester and rise to the surface.

Often, the pain was so intense that the childhood abuse has been erased from the conscious mind. Perhaps you and your new beau cannot understand why you pull away. You may think it is strange that this event makes you think of a carnival. As you grew up, you hated to go to carnivals, yet never understood why. In many cases, it takes years of assistance from trained professionals or a hypnotist to uncover sexual abuse. Eventually, you may discover the relationship between sex and carnivals.

Along with the trauma of the abuse itself, as a child you set up belief codes that people can’t be trusted, sex is painful and shameful, you may feel irresponsible for allowing this to have happened repeatedly, guilt if you found it stimulating, that you are a sinner, a victim or numerous other beliefs. This is the base upon which you built your life. We are here to assist you in discovering those basic belief codes.

Although many of you have not had experiences of this magnitude, negative events in your life have caused you to create many belief codes based on fear and pain. By finding these codes, facing the fears and learning to release the emotional blocks you have created, you have a chance to rebuild your life built on love and trust. This is when the magic happens in your life. This is also a time of great healing on other levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will then be able to create your life the way you wish it to be, when your base is love, not fear.

Every Message is designed to assist you in facing your fears and dismantling the walls of protection you no longer need. It is our pleasure to be of service to you in this regard. Are you ready to release some of the traumas that have created these wounds? If so, let us begin by simply relaxing.

Get into a comfortable position and begin to relax your muscles. Whether you start from your head to your toes or vice versa, it does not matter. Do whatever is comfortable for you. Take a deep breath in while focusing on one set of muscles, such as your toes. When you exhale, feel your toes relaxing. Some people find it helpful to contract their muscles on the inbreath and relax them on the outbreath. Use whatever method works best for you, with all your muscles, taking a couple of minutes to do so.

When you have finished, begin breathing in a normal pattern. Place your attention on your heart and begin to build up a sense of love and gratitude with each inbreath. Upon exhalation, release any tension or negative thoughts that arise. After a few moments, begin to visualize yourself sending love and gratitude to specific persons, events or simply send your love to the universe and Creator. Continue to breathe love into your heart for a couple of minutes until you feel a deep sense of peace come over you. As you practice this relaxation technique, eventually you will find you have less negative thoughts.

Next, call upon your Higher Self to guide you. I welcome you to call upon me, as well. My goal is to be the mirror for you; a safe place where you can look deep inside yourself and find the hidden shadows that are ready to come to the light. Know that no harm will come to you. We are here to support you. Those with deep traumatic wounds, we suggest you begin with less hurtful situations until you are certain you can handle the emotions that rise to the surface.

It may be helpful for you to have a friend with you when you move into the deeper wounds. Ask the friend to sit with you, silently. They have no role other than to be with you, if you are afraid to do this alone. It is imperative that this friend makes no judgments nor gives advice. The purpose of this exercise is for you to create new belief codes based on what is right for you. Many times friends and family give advice they think is right for you, yet it may not be for your highest good.

Let us continue with today’s exercise. You have completed the breathing and gratitude exercises, which now has you feeling relaxed and in a higher state of joy than when you started. Now, go within and pull out one issue that is bothering you. This can come from a childhood event or something that is more recent.

Aloud or in your mind, define the problem in a manner such as this, “Every time someone suggests I should do something, I feel resistant. Why do I do this and how can I stop this behavior?” Allow your mind to wander and pay attention to memories or thoughts that arise.

As you allow memories to flood into your consciousness, you may have strange images. Many times your brain catalogs events into groups or archetypes. An archetype is a symbol, representing something from reality. Dragons sometimes evoke feelings of being powerful. In this example, you see yourself as a dragon, powerful and in control. When others suggest things to you, the dragon reacts because it does not like others to tell it what to do; this makes the dragon feel less powerful and so he reacts. The dragon may try to eat the other person (I am more powerful than you.), slash it with its tongue (hurtful words) or consume him with fire from its mouth (lashing out with pent up anger).

A key to unlocking the symbology of your personal archetypes is to pay attention to the feelings associated with them. It is a good idea to write down what you are seeing and the emotions attached to them during these meditations and in your dream state. After awhile, you will recognize patterns; this awareness of your personal symbology can be useful in healing your wounds and decoding your dreams.

We return now to the present moment. You now have a flood of  images and emotions as you focus on the issue or question you have presented to your Higher Self for healing. Often, you will instantly get one or more answers to your question. Sometimes, it will come later during a chance meeting or overhearing a remark on the radio, etc. The clue to receiving guidance is to be open and expect an answer, even in the unlikeliest places.

As you gain trust in the process and as you begin to pay more attention to coincidences and synchronicities, you will find yourself able to find answers more readily. As you act upon these answers and integrate them into your life, you will find yourself gaining confidence and connecting with your Higher Self more readily. Know that no question and no problems are too small or trivial for us. Nothing you wish to experience is too big for us.

We are not bound by time frames; we exist in planes that have no clocks. We are not bound by bodies, so we are able to be in many places at one time. Do not feel constrained when asking for our help. Do not feel like you are overburdening us. We encourage you to build confidence in yourself and know that all knowledge is accessible to you and that you have the ability to create any experience you wish while on Earth.

We do ask that you always set the parameter that whatever you wish to experience is for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. This is imperative if you wish to grow in love and remain balanced. There are many who have discovered these truths and do not use them for the highest good of all. They are creating much havoc for you and the Earth. They, like you, will have to live with the repercussions for each of their actions. Build your integrity and use your gifts wisely.

When you are seeking to resolve issues from the past or present, focus on one issue at a time. Notice what arises: archetypal images, clear or vague memories and especially noting the emotions that arise. If you feel like crying, kicking or screaming, do so. Many times healing occurs from the act of expressing pent up emotions. Allow yourself to feel indignant, used, abused or whatever comes to your mind. It is better to beat up a pillow than to continue to fight with those you love over issues that are not important. Unresolved issues are generally at the heart of the emotions and frustrations that are happening in your current life.

There are several layers of emotions that need to be peeled in order to release the patterns and behaviors associated with deep-seated hurts. We will simply list a few of these today; we will go deeper into them throughout the year. Today, we wish to explain the process and allow you to begin working on problems you are ready to resolve. You can work on these problems yourself or with our assistance.

If you choose to use the Messages on a daily basis, you will eventually receive all the pieces you need to resolve every issue you have encountered. The goal is to free yourself from fears, habits and belief codes that no longer serve you and keep you locked away from a life filled with joy and peace.

The following are layers to address in order to change belief codes and heal wounds from past experiences.

Forgive your perpetrators.

Know that all persons are operating to the best of their ability, even though they may be choosing things that are not for the highest good for themselves and all concerned.

Allow all persons to be who they are, whether or not you are in agreement with their behaviors.

Release all judgment of people, places and events.

Release any feelings of victimhood.

Recognize the blessings in all situations, no matter how horrendous.

Change all negative thoughts aimed at yourself and others.

Stop re-telling stories that keep your unresolved issues alive.

Face buried fears and emotions and replace them with love.

As we study together each day, you will learn to deal with your painful memories and release emotions that have kept you in the role of victim. Like the dragon, you will learn to become empowered, and react more gracefully so you can live a life full of love and harmony. Many have overcome the most horrendous experiences contrived by man. You can do the same. It takes courage to face your dragons and befriend them. We are here to encourage and support you. Shed the belief codes that keep you enveloped in fear and negative thinking. Go forth today and renew yourself with feelings of hope, love and joy!

Selamet!  Akbal 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  84

Kan  6            Intention Process

I am Kan with Tone 6, welcome to this time of sharing. Let us begin today by looking at aspects of yourself that you find unsatisfactory. Perhaps it is your weight or your manner of communication. Are there habits you would like to change? Are you interested in deepening your spiritual beliefs? Choose one thing that you would like to focus on today; something that you are ready to change or experience on a deeper level. As Kan, I represent the seeding of new ideas and beliefs. Call on me whenever you are in the planning stages of releasing old beliefs in order to birth new ones.

Take a few moments to relax using any of the techniques we have previously offered or one that is preferable to you. Let go of mind chatter and concerns of the day, focusing on your inbreath and outbreath.

Bring to your attention the area of concern you wish to focus on today. As objectively as you can, look at the various angles to determine why this is (or isn’t) a part of your reality. Why in the past have you not allowed yourself to experience this event or think in this manner? In doing so, you will begin to uncover the blocks that have deterred you from following through with your desires.

Write down the thoughts as they come up. Log even the ones that seem insignificant. Yesterday, we spoke about archetypes, if the thought of a carnival comes to mind, jot it down. The goal at this point is to stay out of the analytical mind. Simply list anything that comes to mind as you focus on the issue you wish to resolve.

Now focus your attention on future possibilities. Where do you see possible pitfalls, areas that might deter you from following through with making this change? Write these down, as well. Once you are finished, reread your list and take time to delve deeper into each item you have listed. This may lead you to other possible blocks.

Your list will bring to your conscious mind the desire to make a change as well as possible steps to get to your desired goal. You may have to release relationships, move to a new location, find another means of support, become more self-empowered, release an old habit or make other changes. How willing are you to make these changes? Are you ready to make the sacrifices necessary to create this new reality? If not, choose something else you are ready to change and repeat the above steps. You can always come back to the other problem another time.

When you have a strong desire to make the change, then you are ready to sow your seeds by setting your intention. The intention process is very simple. You all do it on a daily basis, yet most do it unintentionally. Those who make great strides in manifesting their desires have learned the secret of consciously setting their intentions. We are here to share that secret with you. It is our hope that you use this knowledge always for what is in your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. We cannot overstress this. The following are steps to setting your intentions.

Clearly focus on one thing you wish to bring about.

State your intention, what it is you wish to experience. Always follow your intention with the phrase, “for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully”

Visualize yourself experiencing this goal, using your five senses.

Know that the steps towards its manifestation are now in progress.

Thank all of those who are assisting in creating this reality.

Expect the unexpected, your intentions may manifest in ways you don’t expect! The stronger your belief in the process, the more likely you will receive your gift. Do not waver on what it is you wish to experience. If you change your mind, then go through the above steps, stating your new intention.

The more emotion you put into the visualization, the more likely you will experience your desire. You may choose to do the visualization process several times, especially when you feel yourself wavering. Fake it ‘til you make it!

You may choose to post your intentions in places where you are likely to see them often throughout the day. Vision boards and post-it notes are ways to keep your attention focused on your goals.

Once you set an intention into place, those packed with emotion are set into motion. Humans tend to have myriads of thoughts floating through their heads constantly. The Angels and Spirit Guides only pay attention to those backed by strong emotions. An energy wave is associated with strong emotions that get their attention while thoughts that have little energy attached to them may go unnoticed.

It is up to you to follow your intuition and to stay in the present moment so you can recognize the steps needed to reach your goal. Many prayers are thought to be unanswered, when in truth, you didn’t recognize them and they passed by, unnoticed. Like all life changes, practice makes perfect. As you learn to rely on your intuition and develop communication between your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, your intentions will manifest quickly. Also, a little “thank you” goes a long way. Just as you like to be thanked for your hard work, Spirit Helpers also appreciate recognition.

You must also clear your energy daily so you will be a clear channel. Like a radio, if your frequency is not in tune, you will either get fuzzy reception or be on the wrong channel. You will also need to continue clearing blockages caused by fear and old habits. That is the purpose of these Messages. We are here to assist you whenever you ask. As always, we wish to remind you that you within yourself is the power to make whatever changes you desire. We are here at your command, to be of service to you. This is our work and it gives us much pleasure to assist those of you who are ready to move forward towards receiving and understanding the true nature of unconditional love.

We take leave of you at this time. Have fun remodeling your life! Make this a day full of wonder!

Selamet!  Kan 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  85

Chicchan  7              The Truth Shall Set You Free

Are you ready to transform your life? I am Chicchan with Tone 7. Together we are here to offer you a way to shed old belief codes that are no longer necessary. Like the snake, you will shed many layers as you grow. Each layer serves as a coat of protection, however, you must remove the coat you have outgrown before replacing it with a new coat.

Try placing on a garment that is several sizes too small. You will feel very uncomfortable and eventually lose energy as the flow of blood is restricted. This is what happens on an energetic level when you restrict your energy flow by holding onto fears and old belief codes. Once you release constricting fears and belief codes, the energy flows freely, allowing you to think more clearly and to make more creative and healthy choices.

Belief codes are set up in moments that are emotionally charged. The event could be positive or negative. Most codes are created without the person being consciously aware that this is occurring. For example, you are having a great day; everything is going smoothly and then “crash!” someone rear-ends your car. In that moment, all joy of the day is forgotten. In a flash, you recall that several times in your life, things had been going well and then something happened that jolted you into disharmony. In that moment, without consciously realizing it, you created the belief code, “When things are going well, something bad is about to happen!”

You begin to live your life as though this is a reality. You continually focus on all the bad things that might happen. Each time you tell your stories of how things go bad, you reinforce the belief code. With the universal law of attraction, what you believe, you create. As time goes on, you will attract negative events to you, because this is what you expect to happen. Humans operate on this level of creation continuously, from birth onwards. Many times, you come to this Earth with these belief codes still intact. Sometimes dispelling these codes is the main reason why you chose to return to Earth.

It can be very difficult to break belief codes, for in so doing you will have to accept responsibility for setting up the codes in the first place. You will also have to release any thoughts of being a victim and give up retelling your stories. It will take effort to change the behaviors and habits you have adopted. It will also take courage to replace your old beliefs with new beliefs, for you risk losing friends and making extreme life changes.

Is it worth the effort to seek out and find the belief codes that are running your life? Ask yourself if you are happy in every area of your life. Does your work bring you joy? Are you happy each moment of the day? Are all of your relationships healthy? Do you love everyone and all things unconditionally? Is your recreational time spent doing activities you enjoy? Do you relax and enjoy nature on a regular basis? Do you feel inspired and creative? Are you healthy, vibrant and full of energy? Do you maintain a sense of balance in every situation you encounter? If you answer “no” to any of these questions, then you will benefit greatly by taking time to remove the garments that are constricting you.

There are innumerable experiences that led you to creating the belief codes you live by and there are numerous ways to remove these codes. Each one of you is different and walks a unique path. What we offer each day is a different tool or exercise to assist you in making the choices necessary to clearing out the clutter within you.

What we offer today is a way to remove another layer of protection that you set up in defense of an experience that was painful. Think back to a time when you experienced an unpleasant event. Note what was occurring around you at the time. How did you feel? Who was present? Most times, there was a sense of powerlessness. We wish to help you regain your power. Know that you never truly lost your power; you simply did not know how to use it at the time. You can regain your power by knowing that it still resides within you.

Many of the problems in the world today are due to belief codes associated with power. How many times have you heard people say or act out the following, “I’ll show them! No one will tell me what to do! I’m gonna be the boss, so I can tell others what to do! No one will ever put me down again!”

The world is full of people who are injured, often beginning in childhood. These injuries cause people to set up belief codes based on feelings of being powerless. As they regain courage and learn how to cope in the world, they begin to fight for their power. This new power is fueled by anger, hurt, fear, repression and many other emotions that are not healthy.

How much healthier would it be to know that you are a powerful creator and that you can express power in ways that are loving and kind? This is what we hope to do, not only with the issue of power, but also with all aspects of humanity. You have within yourself all that is needed to enjoy a life filled with love and compassion.

How do you move beyond limiting belief codes? One way is to look at an area of your life where you feel dissatisfied. Perhaps it is the way you react to others or a habit you would like to change. Choose one aspect you would like to change. Take a few moments to focus on what generally triggers this behavior.

Feel yourself making other choices the next time you are triggered. Your brain does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. One very effective method to changing a behavior is to role-play it in your mind. When you have done this often, you will begin to respond in the way you have practiced. Many professional athletes know this is true. They repeatedly visualize themselves throwing the perfect ball or skating the perfect routine until it becomes second nature.

When you visualize clearly, your muscles respond subtly, as though you were actually involved in the activity. You may have experienced this by watching people or animals move while sleeping. Their legs may slightly kick, they may moan or talk, their arms and hands make movements. Their body is responding to what they are visualizing on an unconscious level.

Visualizing on a conscious level is very powerful. With the behavior you wish to change focused clearly in your mind, decide how you would prefer to act (rather than react) when a similar situation arises in the future. When you are trying to break a habit that is deeply engrained, don’t expect it to happen during one visualization session. You will need to keep practicing in your mind and when actual experiences occur until you have successfully changed the habit.

Can you see how much more powerful this exercise can be if you know the underlying cause of the unwanted habit? By taking time to look back in the past, it is likely you will uncover various times you relied on this belief code to get through uncomfortable situations. Generally, there are layers that need to be peeled away, because of the law “like attracts like.”

When you create a belief code, your mind will do all in its power to be sure this law is enforced. What happens physically is that the synapses in your brain connects in such a way that you react in one particular manner in all similar situations. This can be good for things such as remembering to recoil your hand when you touch something hot. However, it can be detrimental when you will not allow others to get emotionally close to you because you fear they will hurt you like others in the past.

Once you create a belief code based on fear, all other events that follow are categorized by this law. In other words, if you set up a belief code that you are powerless, every experience you have will be filtered through that law. Before long, you will not only feel powerless when you are in the event that started this belief code, you will begin to hold this belief in other areas of your life, as well. You may feel you need help with menial tasks or lack the courage to do things on your own. Your fundamental belief codes permeate every area of your life.

The good news is that once you discover the basis for these codes, you are more readily available to heal the wounds. Like dominoes, once a belief code is toppled, many others built on that code will also fall. There will be no energy to hold them together. However, you will have also created habits that kept the code alive. As you release old codes, these habits will continue until you consciously monitor and change them.

Let us say that you have a habit of overeating that you wish to eradicate. You have visualized yourself eating less, dieting, choosing better foods, etc. Yet, still you overeat. You decide to take time to look back at your earliest memories when you over-ate.

You realize it began in your early teens. As your body matured and the boys began noticing you in sexual ways, you began to feel uncomfortable. You turned down dates and said or did inappropriate things to keep the boys from being interested in you “that way.”

Then, you realized that most of the boys weren’t attracted to the fat girls and those who dressed sloppily. You had an “Aha!” moment! You started overeating to gain weight so the boys would leave you alone! Why would you want to create that belief code? Perhaps the origins started much earlier. You may find that you were sexually abused in your early childhood. Weight wasn’t an issue then, for your perpetrator was not focused on your body, but on being able to control you. You realize the root cause for your overeating patterns goes back to the feeling of being powerless when you were a child. Unconsciously, you began overeating to gain weight as a way to support your belief codes associated with the pain of the childhood abuse.

Now you have something to work with. If these memories were repressed for years, allow yourself to feel the pent up emotions. It is imperative that these emotions come to the surface and be released, for your body stores this information and is the foundation for all dis-ease in your body.

You may find yourself grappling with many more issues than just overeating at this point. It may be wise to seek professional help or assistance from a close, mature friend who can support you. Yet, what a treasure trove for you to discover! Although at first it may be very difficult to see the blessings in some of your past events, there is good in all things. Until you can bless each experience and forgive yourself and those who have caused you harm, do your best to remove yourself from the role of victim. Remember, “like attracts like,” thus, it is in your best interest to remove yourself from feeling like a victim.

As you work with us throughout the year, you will discover various ways to remove these blockages and to heal past wounds. We suggest you look for problem areas. Go back as far as you can to discover the roots of your belief codes. Pay attention to how you feel when you are in similar situations. Role-play how you prefer to react in the future when similar situations arise. Release negative feelings associated with these events and do your best to replace them with positive feelings.

Some deep-seated wounds will take time to heal. Be patient with yourself and others. Belief codes can be changed in the twinkling of an eye. However, behavioral patterns need to be monitored so you can recognize the ones that no longer serve you. Everything is literally a thought or an attitude away. If you find yourself dwelling on negativity, think again. If you feel a negative attitude towards someone or something, change your attitude. Be more forgiving and less judgmental. We know some of this is hard to do. We are here to support you when you are ready to release the things that are constricting you.

Those of you grappling with heavy-duty painful memories, we realize this dialogue may feel like a weak link of support. We hope you will continue throughout the year with us and put into practice the means of support we offer you. No dialogue such as this can deal completely with all the pain and heartache you have experienced.

Our hearts go out to each of you experiencing pain and hurt. This is why we offer ourselves to you as a means of support. We have spoken in earlier dialogues of some of the reasons why there is so much pain on Earth, yet we have covered only a tiny portion of it. Even so, the pain you feel is yours and it can be healed, but not until you are ready to release it. Once removed, your life will blossom in ways you cannot imagine! This is our promise to you.

Be brave and have the courage to face your fears and be prepared to relinquish all the lies told to you. We speak only Truth and know that the Truth shall set you free. Let us show you the way!

Selamet!  Chicchan 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  86

Cimi  8           Take Charge of Your Life

I am Cimi with Tone 8. We are grateful for this time to be with you. As always, our intention is to help you to re-discover what you already possess within yourself. You have no need for teachers or gurus; simply look within to find all you seek. We are here to re-mind and to support all you choose to do with your life. We hold no judgment and are in awe of all that you are accomplishing on Earth.

Although it may not seem like it, you are gaining much for yourself and for everyone else in the universe. Every experience you have creates a new memory for us. Each of you has a unique slant on life. Although many may gather at an event, no two of you are having the same experience.

Literally, you are each a living library, storing every thought, emotion and action you have experienced. Isn’t that truly amazing? You are like super-computers with intelligence beyond any virtual reality software program. How much better will your life be when you realize you are conscious thinkers, with the ability to create with your Creator! You have been given free will to choose your experiences. Although many of you have fallen far from the compassion wagon, your experiences have allowed for a tremendous amount of spiritual growth.

Can you picture a heaven where there is only perfection? Most of you would be bored within the first few minutes! Where is the challenge? Where is the drama? Where is the opportunity to express your creativity? We hate to burst your bubble to tell you there is no such place as heaven or hell. Hang onto these beliefs if you choose, but we have a better offer for you.

What if everything you think and act upon with passion is the doorway to creation? Would you choose to condemn yourself to a place of agony for eternity? What kind of loving father would do such a thing, even to his naughtiest child? It makes no sense! You claim your Father is all-loving and all-knowing. If he is all-knowing, then surely he would have known when he created you that at times you would choose to be naughty! Are you saying that your Father set you up for failure? If this describes your God, perhaps you might consider running away and being an orphan, then you might have a better chance at finding happiness!

Okay, I shall step off my soapbox and be a bit gentler. Consider this. There is a Creator. That shouldn’t be too hard to fathom when you look around and see the balance in Nature. What if this Creator designed Earth in such a way that would allow for a multitude of creatures to cohabitate here? Is that too far from your thinking?

Now, what if the Creator wanted to experience Earth and all her treasures, but was unable to fully do so while in perfect Spirit form? Could the problem be solved if the Creator were able to fragment into small units, with some remaining in Spirit form while other fragments lowered their vibration to denser forms?

What if in order to experiment with the concept of duality or polarity, those coming to Earth were given temporary amnesia in order to experience what it would be like to live in a place that wasn’t just peace, love and chanting hallelujah? Would you be one of the adventurers to sign up for this unique experience? Now, we admit that this polarity experience has gotten a little out of hand. If your all-knowing God knew this when he created this planet, wouldn’t it be wise for him to set parameters, perhaps a date for it to end? Isn’t this like wise parents who allow their maturing child to wander further from home and with less adult supervision, but has a nightly curfew?

Have we gone too far in stretching your imagination or will you continue with us? What if the world of polarity, the Grand Experiment, is coming to an end? What would it look like? Perhaps you would find that more people would be interested in finding their spiritual roots, seeking what feels right to them rather than blindly following the religion of their parents. Look around at the increasing number of new churches around the world; could this be a sign of the End Times? What if the experiment were about to end? Wouldn’t you expect more people to talk about how they would like to see changes in their world? This is happening. Have you noticed that an increasing number of people are simplifying their lives and down-sizing, while in the past there was more emphasis on amassing material objects?

Have you noticed an increased surge in people moving where they feel they “should be.” Have you noticed others moving closer to their family or looking for communities with like-minded people? Have you noticed how all the systems that were set up to control the masses are now disintegrating? Could these all be signs of the end of polarity? Perhaps the hippies were right, all you need is love! True love. Unconditional love. Respectful love. The current buzzword in many churches and spiritual gatherings is unity. There is much talk of being one with each other. More emphasis is being placed on finding common ground rather than what separates.

Begin to focus on what makes you feel loved, balanced, joyful, creative and passionate. You no longer need to experience what it would be like to be alone, have the biggest house on the block, controlling others or anything that causes separation between you and another. The best place to begin feeling this unity is to begin to see others for who they truly are, children of the same Creator. Each one of you possesses the gifts of co-creation. Don’t take our word for it, put it to the test. Remember times when you received what you desired and see if you can find the patterns that led you to successful manifestation.

You have the ability within you to create Heaven on Earth in an instant. However, there are many diverse energies competing against each other. Like a tug of war, the group that pulls the hardest will win. You are at a point in history where the unity side is winning. More each day are coming to the realization that there is more to life than material wealth.

Through the past several decades, the masses have given personal control over to governmental and religious figures. All the hullabaloo over separation of church and state came as a result of the church having more power than the state. The lawmakers had the power to create legislation to gain control of you, the common people. The goal was to control you and they have succeeded. As you awaken consciously and begin to remember how powerful you are, you can begin to stand up and say, “No more!” It has taken a great upheaval to awaken you. As a result, many are homeless with no money to buy clothing, food or shelter, the bare necessities to survive on this planet. You are on the verge of losing the ability for any life to exist on Earth. Can you think of anything further from love?

Could it be possible that humans are now experiencing the opposite of Love? Isn’t it possible that you have run the full spectrum of possible experiences, short of complete annihilation? Is there a way out or are you doomed? We are ever hopeful that enough of you have awakened and are ready to regain possession of your body, mind and soul and begin the dance back to centeredness. If this is true, what might it look like? Might there be outcries against war? Would there be an influx of people interested in stopping the groups who control every aspect of their lives? Would you see a return to backyard gardening as a means to feeding yourself healthy food? Would you see an increase in community as you work together to provide food, clothing and housing for those in need? Might there be a shift from jobs with “benefits” to jobs that create passion and are less stressful?

Have you seen these things happening? The news media doesn’t focus on this, for it would expose the pitfalls of the magnates who “own the world” and the media. Yet their world is crumbling in front of their eyes, for they forgot one important ingredient in their plan for world domination, the free will of the people they desire to control. Each one of you has boundaries that you have set up, some consciously and others unconsciously. Your beliefs allow you to take only so much abuse, so much control, so much unhappiness, so much servitude, etc. Each of you are now coming to that point, if you haven’t already, in which you say, “Enough is enough, I want and deserve a more fulfilling life!”

The road to Heaven on Earth can be smooth or bumpy. It depends on how much those in power will relinquish control and how gracefully you are able to regain control of your life choices. We say “gracefully” because it is a means to achieving what you want through actions of love rather than reactions from fear. The latter has been the way that battles on all levels have been fought for eons. It is now time to set aside your weapons and create the life you desire.

Begin to visualize your dreams into reality. Take each step with love and regard for yourself and others, seeking only those things that are for your good and for the highest good of all concerned. Anything less will keep you in the polarity consciousness that now has you bound and gagged.

We will stop here, although there is much more to say. However, each day we offer more insights into how to create Heaven on Earth. In the meantime, as you learn to release your fears and replace them with love, you will become further removed from the chaos that exists in your world.

As more of you unite, the grip of those who have had you under their control will be loosened. The dragon is losing its power over you. As we stated on Day 83, befriend your dragons, for you all are truly one, from the same Source. Soon you will remember this truth and embrace your enemies as well as your friends. The world can be a better place! You are the ones you have been waiting for! These are not idle words. Take them into your heart and let your light shine!

Selamet!  Cimi 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE            DAY  87

Manik  9            How Are You?

I am Manik and I welcome you to this time of sharing.

Tone 9 and I would like to ask you to take a few moments to go within to that space where all is quiet and restful.

We will wait a few moments while you settle and get into a space of relaxation.

Now, notice how you feel inside. Is there tension or calmness? Are you feeling antsy or at peace?

Are you afraid or confident? Do you feel unrest because you don’t know where this dialogue is going?

We suggest you practice this little exercise on a daily basis. Stop all you are doing, take a few breaths, then notice how you are feeling. This is a good way to monitor where you are emotionally.

Take time to go into a deeper state of relaxation whenever you notice you are feeling tense.

By making this a habit, eventually you will find yourself being more at peace and centered, no matter what is occurring around you.

Decision-making will be much easier. You are likely to make better choices for yourself when you are relaxed.

Your body uses many muscles and more energy when it is tense.

Your whole system becomes over-stressed when tension is allowed to build up on a daily basis.

Release the stress and enjoy a more fulfilling life!

That’s all for today!

Selamet!  Manik 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  88

Lamat  10          One With Nature

I am Lamat 10, welcome to this beautiful day on planet Earth. Isn’t Earth a lovely place to spend some time? Take a few moments to think of the beauty on this planet. Focus on the flowers and plants. Feel gratitude for the animals that hold everything in balance. Be appreciative of the water sources that provide nourishment for your body and soul. Feel the magnificence of the mountains, the prairies, the seaside and deserts. Breathe it all in and receive the nurturance that Mother Nature provides for all.

Within nature, there are no favorites. Flowers do not shun others of their species. Animals do not poke fun at their ancestors. Water does not make judgment against others. Trees do not set boundaries, allowing only certain ones to come near. Although there are some animal traits that appear to be human-like, such as fighting and killing, they are instinctual survival precautions.

Humans are designed with innate talents and abilities to perform at a much higher degree of intelligence than most other species of fauna and flora. Yet, observe a mustard seed growing into one of the most magnificent trees on Earth and be in awe of its innate intelligence. Man has developed a sense of superiority over flora and fauna, viewing many life forms as unintelligent. Review work by scientists such as Masuro Emoto and come to your own conclusions. How can a glass of water change its molecular structure to match an emotion that a human focuses on it? Is this not a sign of intelligent life?

The rocks and gemstones you trod upon hold an immense amount of memory, as well as ancient trees. They have witnessed history and absorbed the energy of events that happened around them. Have you ever entered a place and felt a sense of déjà vu, sadness or happiness and then found out something had occurred there which could have triggered your emotions? Much research on this phenomenon has been done in places where events such as sacred ceremonies have been performed and great battles have been fought.

All around you, life is teaming with an endless array of consciousness. Trees, plants, animals and other humans are all vying for attention. Help me! Look at me! Here I am! Yet humans are locked into belief codes of arrogance and separation. It is time to wake up and pay attention to the splendor that surrounds you.

We have an exercise to help you become more in tune with the energies and sentience of the Beings around you. The best place to do this is in Nature, away from the noise and interruptions of humankind. It is also good for you to have a quiet space where you live so you can tune in more often.

If you have trees nearby, choose one for this activity. Second choice would be a bush or perennial flowers. If you are in a place that has no outdoor space or you must remain indoors, then cozy up to a houseplant. Lean with your back against the tree or sit near the plant.

Take several deep breaths while relaxing your muscles and clearing your mind of the day’s activities. As your mind clears, focus on the plant. Scrutinize the plant, looking carefully at each part, including the underside of its leaves. Notice the coloration of the various parts, the shape of the leaves, the bark or stem, each section of its blossoms. Are there any insects on the plant, if so, what are they doing?

Remember that the plant is giving off oxygen, which gives you the ability to live on this planet. Take a few moments to ingest this information. What would happen if plants did not exist? There would be no life on Earth. Give gratitude to the plants for the oxygen they freely supply.

All plants are a source of nutrition for humans, animals and insects. Their foliage, when left at their base, supplies nutrients to itself and the soil. In the wild, plants help retain the soil, allowing it to regenerate, supplying the necessary ingredients to support all life. Take time to thank all plants for their symbiotic relationship that works in balance to allow you to live on Earth.

Without looking directly at the plant, begin to gaze over the top or sides of it as though you were looking past it. You will see an aura of white or golden light emanating from it. As you practice this skill, you may begin to see colors in its energy field. You can also do this with humans and other Beings. All living forms have an energetic field around them, which has been proven through the use of Kirlian photography.

With your eyes closed, try to feel the energy of the plant. This is easier to do when you are in a state of love and gratitude. As you practice with various plants, you will come to realize that individual plants have “personalities.” You may find that some species tend to have softer energy, while others feel more fiery. You may notice that your individual houseplants have different energies; some may seem needy while others emit good vibes.

When you become more attuned to their energies, you will discover they respond to your attention and neglect. Scientists have proven that plants that are talked to, caressed and appreciated are much healthier than those that are simply given their basic needs. Plants also respond to music and soothing voices. When you begin to pay more attention to your plants, you may find them calling to you, “Water me! Look at me! Sing to me!” Talk to a tree hugger, they have interesting experiences to share with you!

Go into nature more often and become observant. Take time each day to give gratitude to plants and animals, recognizing and appreciating the balance they provide on Earth. Notice the soil and rocks and the symbiotic relationships they have to all. Pay attention to the amount of garbage you accumulate each day. How can you reduce, reuse and recycle more, in order to have less of an impact on your environment? Educate yourselves on how you can become Earth stewards.

Earth is aging at a rapid rate due to human neglect. There is not much time left before you will reach the stage of annihilation for all Earth forms. In your short life span, thousands of species of flora, fauna and insects have ceased to exist due to man’s manipulations.

Every step you take, every breath you make affects the Earth.

Man, with his superiority mindset, is many times less intelligent than the Source that created this world. Perhaps it is time to lower your sense of superiority and become more of an equal with Nature. Find ways to do this. Educate yourself and integrate this information into your daily life then share this knowledge with others. You have little time left to balance your effects on Nature. We leave you with your plant and encourage you to connect often with the Beings of Nature and learn to live simply, without judgment. Soon, your heart will be filled with joy as you notice the miracles that surround you!

Selamet!  Lamat 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  89

Muluc  11           Monitor Your Thoughts

I am Muluc 11. On this day, we would like to share tidings of good news. There is much talk in the world of ending times and doom and destruction. Although these thoughts have been on the Earth plane for eons, these thoughtforms are more prevalent than ever before. Part of this is due to the speed by which news circles the globe through electronic communication devices and part is due to an increasing amount of attention to prophetic interpretations. We are here to tell you that all is well. There will always be hard times on the Earth, as long as there are those of you who believe in such. Your belief codes create your reality. If you have fear or thoughts that disturb you, change your thoughts!

Change your thoughts of gloom and doom, of sadness and despair, into thoughts of hope and joy. Your reality is based upon where you focus your attention. If you expect bad things to happen, they will, for you draw unto you those things where you place your attention. We suggest you take more time to monitor your thoughts. Throughout the day, stop your activities and ask yourself, “What am I thinking about?” Be conscious of your thoughts then decide whether you wish to continue this line of thinking or to focus your attention elsewhere.

One way to get into the habit of monitoring your thoughts is to set a timer and let it go off at random times. When you hear the alarm, monitor your thoughts. A very interesting experiment for you is to set one day aside, setting the timer to go off every five minutes. List the thoughts you are having each time the alarm goes off. You will be amazed at the wide range of random thoughts you have in a day.

The human mind is constantly recording and filing what is happening around you. The mind attempts to categorize what you are experiencing with something you have already experienced. It is similar to when you have a document you wish to file. You think to yourself, where is the most appropriate place to file this paper and then you file it with other papers related to it. This is why you find yourself having thoughts totally unrelated to what is presently occurring. If you retrace the thoughts you had, you may find the reason why this memory is being recalled. This often happens on a subconscious level. If the thought you are having brings up emotions that need to be healed, this can be an opportunity to resolve the issue.

As an example, you find yourself thinking about a time when you were young and had spilled milk on your new outfit, which upset your mother. You think to yourself, “Wow, I had forgotten about that. I wonder why I am thinking of that now? I sure was embarrassed and upset when mom was yelling at me in front of our house guests.” As you begin to retrace your thoughts, you find it went something like this. You are eating anice cream cone with a friend. Hers is soy-based while yours is milk-based. You start having thoughts about how milk is produced from cows. Then you think how much you like ice cream, but not milk. Then you think about how you loved chocolate milk when you were a kid. Then you remember the time you spilled the milk on your outfit.

At that moment, you consciously realize your thoughts have wandered. You remember how you felt when your mother said you were messy and was upset about soiling your clothes. It was embarrassing because her loud and scolding voice had drawn the attention of the guests at the party. Now that you have this conscious memory, you have an opportunity to heal the emotions you felt and any repercussions it had in your life. This is one of the benefits of monitoring your thoughts.

It would be tedious to attempt to monitor every thought. However, it would be beneficial to monitor the thoughts that bring up negative feelings that keep you imprisoned in a state of fear or outmoded belief codes. Monitoring your thoughts will help you gain more control over your life. It is that simple.

Selamet!  Muluc 11


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  90

Oc  12           Creating Time and Energy

I am Oc 12. Greetings! The more knowledge and understanding you have of the way your universe operates, the more able you will be to function within its parameters. Today, we would like to talk about the birthing of new ideas and having the energy to set them in motion. We invite you to take a few moments to relax your muscles and to let go of the concerns of the day. Take several deep breaths in and out to oxygenate your cells and to increase the energy running through your body. Throughout the day, your mind is continually at work. As you talk to others about their goals and aspirations, at times you get excited and think, “I would like that, too!” Yet many things already consume your time and energy. In order to have a more fulfilling life filled with passion and excitement, you would be wise to be more selective of the activities in which you choose to be involved.

Every person has the same 24 hours to work with each day. Sleep takes a major portion of that time. By the time you finish adding on the hours required to make enough income to take care of your basic needs, to cook and clean, there is little time and energy left in the day for recreational activities. Many of you would do well to streamline the above-mentioned events first. Do you sleep more than you need? Diet and medications affect the amount of sleep needed to feel rested. When you are in a highly stressed job and lifestyle, the requirements needed for your body to rest are increased.

When you are healthy and vibrant, you will need less sleep to feel rested. Many of you sleep very little and wake up tired. This need not be. Does your work fill you with energy or deplete you? Are the people you work with kind and considerate? Are you able to take a day or two to rest when you are sick and tired? Is there another type of work you would rather be doing? Take these things into consideration and decide whether it is in your best interest to find a better-suited form of income for yourself. Have the courage to make the necessary changes.

Take into consideration that every moment after a plant has been uprooted, it begins the dying process, losing its life force. Unless you gathered it in your garden just before consumption, by the time it reaches your table, many times there is nothing of value left in it. With modern farming practices that deplete the soil and food processing techniques, most food that reaches your table not only has little value nutritionally, but has also been fortified with preservatives and laced with chemicals that make it toxic. It is no wonder that disease and mutations are occurring at an alarming rate. Research the practices of the food and drug industry, and educate yourself on the products you are consuming.

Once you have chosen a healthier job and diet, you will feel rested and have more energy to spend on other activities. Isn’t this good news? Then you will have more energy to devote to other things you wish to experience. Most of you need to go another step first, to weed out activities and relationships that are no longer fulfilling. Sometimes this means letting go of friends that drain you emotionally or keep you involved in activities that no longer hold your interest. Some of you would be wise to turn off your television and be more selective in the movies you watch and the books you read. Some of you are obsessed with cleanliness and organization to the point where you and others are unable to enjoy your environment. Perhaps it is time to relax and loosen up so you can enjoy life more fully. It may be worth your while to look back at where these habits began and see if they are related to belief codes that no longer serve you.

Once you have cleared your mental space, take a look at your physical space. Is it cluttered with items you no longer need? Is it reasonably clean? Do you have windows letting in sunshine? Does it feel comfy to you? Is your yard, car or working area filled with garbage or clutter? Consider de-cluttering and perhaps looking into the art of feng shui for ideas on how to create a place of peace in your surroundings. As you make these changes, you will find yourself increasingly feeling at peace and relaxed. It is our hope that you are also working with the other tools we offer you each day. There are a myriad of ways to release negative belief codes and to gain better understanding of your universe. Integrate those that move you towards your goal of a more fulfilling life.

As you gain mastery over your time and energy, your life will explode with a force of energy that will astound you. When you look at people such as Ghandi and Mother Teresa, you can’t help but wonder how one person could make such an influence in the world. Each of them consciously chose where to place their energy. Much of their time was spent in prayer and meditation, taking care of their physical needs first. These practices allowed them to have enough time and energy to create an impact on the Earth. You too, can do such things with your life when you nurture yourself first.

Selamet!  Oc 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  91

Chuen  13           Share Your Knowledge

Good day, I am Chuen with 13 and we are excited to be a part of your life through these Messages.

For eons, we have desired to be a part of your daily life and to see an interest in returning to the sacred Tzolkin calendar.

In ancient times, the calendar was the fundamental basis of our society. Each day we focused, as one, on the various aspects that we are now sharing with you.

Imagine your entire world returning to a cycle of communing together and assisting each other to overcome the negative thinking and belief codes that currently wreak havoc on the Earth and beyond.

Can you imagine the beauty and peace that will exist as each of you returns to your way of being, of perfect Spirit, while living in the human form? It is possible, but will take effort from all, beginning with you.

As you go through each day and find wisdom in these words, share them with others. This is your duty to your fellow man.

There are many ways to be of service, yet the most overlooked is the simple act of sharing what has been of value to you. This does not mean that what works for you is the best for all; it only means that you have found something of value that may be of assistance to your fellow man.

There is danger in becoming superior and feeling that your knowledge is better than others. Fight this belief code for it is the ego that is talking and will create issues of power and control over others.

It is the balancing of the ego that is required in order to create peace and harmony on the planet.

The Message for today is a simple one. Reflect back on what you have studied so far in these Messages. Choose one Day that is calling for your attention and re-visit it, this time going beyond where you left off, going deeper into the mystery so you can heal your wounds.

What could be fun for you is to close the book and re-open to whatever page feels right and work on that issue of the day. If you happen to open to this chapter, then I suggest you go outside and play, making this a day of fun and adventure, seeing the world through new eyes while looking for the good in all!

Have a joy filled day!  Chuen 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree


13 responses to this post.

  1. On Day 89: Thank you. I will monitor my thoughts today, and will be diligent in releasing old, outdated tapes of fear. My favorite part is this: “Change your thoughts of gloom and doom, of sadness and despair, into thoughts of hope and joy. Your reality is based upon where you focus your attention. If you expect bad things to happen, they will, for you draw unto you those things where you place your attention. We suggest you take more time to monitor your thoughts. Throughout the day, stop your activities and ask yourself, “What am I thinking about?” Be conscious of your thoughts then decide whether you wish to continue this line of thinking or to focus your attention elsewhere.” I can and will do this. Many humble thanks.


    • these are nice Theresa, perhaps every day doesn’t quite apply to my personal circumstances but other days do, then they are quite meaningful. I post these on my personal page each day hoping others will take the time to read them. Sooner or later they will if they see them in their face every day, lol..they’ll get nosy and wonder what all this is about!


  2. […] INTENTION PROCESS: “Clearly focus on one thing you wish to bring about. State your intention, what it is you wish to experience. Always follow your intention with the phrase,”for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully.” Visualize yourself experiencing this goal, using your five senses. Know that the steps towards manifestation are now in progress. Thank all of those who are assisting in creating this reality.” This Message offers several more pointers on how to set intentions. Scroll to DAY 84 for more information: […]


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