Days 144 – 156

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Kan is the Day Keeper that oversees this Trecena (thirteen day period). Kan represents germination and fertility. This includes seeding of new ideas, planting your garden, planning for additional family members, brainstorming ideas for new projects and increasing your network. This is an especially ripe time to call on Kan to move forward with your goals.


D04 Kan



Day 144 – You Are Loved

Day 145 – You Are a Living Library

Day 146 – Sexual Dysfunction

Day 147 – Feel Gratitude Each Moment

Day 148 – Rebuilding Trust

Day 149 – Addictions

Day 150 – Ten Principles to Live By

Day 151 – Smile Awhile

Day 152 – Love Thy Self

Day 153 – Perfect Love

Day 154 – Star Brothers

Day 155 – Take Chances, Make Changes

Day 156 – Choose Gurus Carefully



MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  144

Kan  1              You are Loved

I am Kan 1. Thank you for joining with us this day. We are pleased to work with you as you empower yourself and create a better world in which to reside. Our topic today surrounds the meaning of love. We wish to come from a different angle by focusing on the aspect of Divine Love.

Each of you comes from Source. At one point, we all were a part of the energy that Source is. We cannot describe to you the beauty of this energy, for we ourselves have no full remembrance of how it was before we separated from Source. However, we know that the Dimension between where you currently reside and where we are is separated by a huge chasm of difference in the understanding of this Love.

We wish to impart to you the knowledge that you are fully loved by Source and us. There is never any judgment. Once you have detached from the Earth Realm, judgment does not exist except in other planes where this was created as part of their experience.

Speak to your Masters who reside on the Earth, they know this is true. They are the ones closest to understanding the true nature of the universe. You will know these Masters for they are meek and kind and spend much of their time in introspection and praying for the world. Their lives are devoted in service to mankind, never asking for payment, for they know all their needs will be met.

Read their writings, learn their ways and integrate those aspects that increase your capacity to love, unconditionally. Simplify your life so you will have increased time and energy to devote to those things that pull at your heart.

When you are feeling depressed or low, place your focus on the many blessings in your life. Fill your Being with the high-energy frequency of gratitude. This alone can easily bring you back into balance. Spend your days focusing on your blessings rather than the chaos surrounding you and you will regain your energy. Make this a habit.

When something occurs that pushes your buttons or creates fear, face it and overcome it as soon as possible. Sometimes this can best be accomplished when you “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Feel brave, act brave, speak bravely and soon you will overcome the dragon of fear you have created inside yourself.

We take leave of you now, encouraging you to focus on your blessings and to change the things that keep you from experiencing love. Know that you are loved and worthy of all you desire. Although you may be temporarily removed from Source, it is your soul’s desire to be granted this opportunity. Although much of what occurs on Earth is unpleasant, focus on the good and more good will come to you. This is one of the laws of the universe, like attracts like.

Go forth today attracting those things you wish to experience. We support and encourage you and send much love to you!

Selamet!  Kan 1


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  145

Chicchan  2             You are a Living Library

Greetings, I am Chicchan 2 and we welcome you to this time of sharing. We are most grateful to be a part of your life, with the ability to share our knowledge with you. As you aspire to reach higher goals for yourself, know that we are always available to assist you in whatever manner you choose.

This day we would like to share some of our wisdom regarding the evolution of your soul. The word evolution in its most basic sense means, “to change.” Each of you in every moment of your existence is in flux; there is no-thing in all of creation that remains static for any length of time.

In your special condition as a human on Earth, the rules are different than those in other places of physicality. You have the ability in this Realm to know you are the boatman controlling the rudder, yet many in your Dimension do not adhere to this belief code. They let others run their lives, telling them what to believe, how to think, what to wear, what to eat and keep themselves in the realm of servitude.

There is nothing wrong with these things, although it severely limits your thinking and forces you to relinquish much of your free will. This is a sad state of affairs indeed. Know that you came into this world accepting the separation from the knowledge of your Spirit Self. It was the adventure of this experience that drew you here. Each of you has seeded within you the desire to know more, to experience something grander.

As this desire nags at you, it creates the impulse to seek something better. Most of you feel that riches or grandeur is the answer. However, when you master these things, you still find within you a great emptiness. Often, this emptiness leads you back home to reunite closer with family and friends, yet there is still an unfilled niche inside your soul. As you attempt various adventures and follow many paths, there is always something that is lacking.

This feeling of lack is the communion you had with Spirit. Many find solace in their religions, yet still do not connect with their Creator. This often happens as a result of what is preached in the pulpit. When faced weekly with sermons of hell and damnation, there is a feeling of imbalance created within those who are seeking Truth. When the pulpits are expounding on a Creator who is filled with love and mercy, there is hope that one can move forward in anticipation of creating direct communion with this Source.

It is up to you individually to choose how much time and effort you are willing to put forth in order to create a relationship with the Creator. This is where your salvation lies; we are not speaking of heaven or hell. Your salvation lies in the fact that you will release the nagging feeling of emptiness and commune consciously with the Source that fills your Being with love and compassion.

No longer will you need to seek solace outside yourself. When you tap into Source and know you are loved beyond measure, your time and energy are freed to begin life anew. You will find joy in all things you do, even those that previously were mundane. You will accept the riches and possessions you have with gratitude and create a desire to share your wealth with others. Those whose time is filled with love and gratitude will find great joy in simple experiences, such as watching the sun rise and set.

Your dreams will unfold as you learn to use this newfound time and energy to manifest your desires. When you come from a heart of pure love, we are eager to assist you in reaching these goals. You have the power within you, this moment, to ignite this passion. Your connection to Source comes from within, a knowingness that all is well and that you are pure Spirit.

Unlock the belief codes that keep you entrenched in feelings of “less than” and servitude. Release the fears and pain that have caused you to restrict your energy flow. Allow your energy to flow, affecting all around you as you radiate love toward all; this is your birthright. This is the reason you came to Earth at this time. You are here for one final run at moving the Earth toward a new vibration. You are a part of the soul-ution, with unique gifts to share.

No longer are you burdened with concerns of being burned at the stake or fed to lions. There are too many of you to allow these things to occur. No longer will you risk losing your family or job because of your spiritual beliefs, the laws have been set up to protect you. No longer do you need to be burdened with where your next meal will come from if you take the time to grow your own food. At this time in history, there is a resurgence in the return to Nature. By going back to your roots, you as a people have the ability to restore the Earth to her natural pristine state and once again live in the Garden of Eden.

It will take effort, but there are many who have set the foundation; perhaps you are one of them. Now is the time to build upon that foundation and create a world where love, peace and respect are dominant. Many refer to this as a return of the feminine. What we propose is to look at this time as a blending of both masculine and feminine energy. Both have their place and together they create balance.

We ask you to ponder these words and to see yourself anew. Take time to gaze into your eyes in a mirror and remind yourself that you are a child of God, of pure Essence. We also suggest that you do the following exercise with others, in which two of you gazes into each other’s eyes while pouring unconditional love into each other. Remind the other person, either verbally or through your mind, that they are loved beyond measure.

Know that not only are you a child of God, but that you are a part of the wholeness of Source. Picture yourself as a hologram of original Source, completely whole. Know that you are not separated from Source, that you are temporarily playing a part in a role you have chosen. Your role on Earth is important for all of creation, for it allows all to experience everything through you.

Not all of you wish to be a truck driver or a preacher. Not all of you desire to experience poverty or success. Even those who never incarnate on this Earth have the ability to tap into the emotions and situations that you experience through the Akashic Records. Each of you has the ability to experience anything through another without having to go through an entire lifetime on a specific planet.

Can you imagine having a desire to witness what it would be like to be on the battlefield at Gettysburg and have the ability to do so without actually going through the torment and triumph of those who were a part of the event? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend a concert with the most Angelic music on Earth? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to view Mt. Everest from the summit without climbing the mountain?

Anything that has occurred can be accessed through the Akashic Records. Each of you is a living library. As your body logs information during your daily walk, it is downloaded into the Records as you sleep, where it can be accessed by anyone. Most humans access these records during their sleep because they are not familiar with the process on a conscious level. There are many on Earth consciously tapping into this resource to find answers and to have experiences that you have had. We will speak more on this topic at a later time.

Know that you are a living library. Every action you take, every emotion you feel is logged. It is important. You are unique. Only you can experience things in the way that you do. These records are stored for eternity. There are many who live on faraway planets, yet are able to access these records for their personal enjoyment and to receive keys to create their world. There is much value in everything you do.

Have you ever learned not to do something by watching the pain another went through when they experienced a particular event? This is one reason why someone would search the Records, to avoid unpleasant experiences. Have you ever had tremendous insight or unexplainably received an answer to a problem you were grappling with? It is possible you entered the Records while sleeping and found what you were seeking there.

These Records are open to you at anytime. You are adding to these Records every moment. They are rich with information and resources. What makes them of highest value is that others can experience the emotions of others, as well. Unlike dictionaries that only show data and photographs, you can actually tap into how an antelope feels when chased by a lion. You can actually feel what a mother bird experiences when her eggs begin to hatch. You will be able to feel what a seed experiences as it sprouts and reaches toward the sun.

All things have a consciousness, yet on a diverse level. There will come a time when those of you on Earth will remember and experience these things once again. This is the true nature of the Garden of Eden. All things were once in communion. There was no need for anything, for all was freely provided. Humans and animals lived in harmony. Plants and animals gave of themselves freely knowing all was perfect and in balance. The fields were lush, providing nourishment for all. The water was pure with no need for filtration. Housing was simple, there was no need for walls or roofs, for the environment was not harsh.

You are moving back towards this level of harmony. The quickest route is for each of you to go within and to learn to love and respect yourself. Once you regain the ability to manage yourself, then you will spread this love and respect to others. It is your gift to humanity. Begin today; do not delay. Ah, another mantra for your mirror.

Selamet!  Chicchan 2


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  146

Cimi  3             Sexual Dysfunction

I am Cimi 3. Thank you for taking time to share with us today. We would like to discuss some issues related to sexuality today. There are many among you with diverse attitudes and belief codes regarding this basic human nature. Much has been misunderstood for eons. Many use sexual activities as a means to manipulate others; the results have made this topic one that makes many uncomfortable.

First, we would like to address intercourse from a cultural perspective. Many of you have ideas or morals associated with sexual behavior that has been passed down for generations. Although some aspects of sexual activity are considered taboo in some cultures, such as sodomy and homosexuality, there are cultures in which these activities are an important part of their Rites of Passage. Although you may abhor certain sexual rituals, it would be wise for you to allow consenting adults to make their own decisions. Anything less creates separation, which is a lack of unconditional love. There may be many things you do that you feel are righteous, that others abhor. Does this make you wrong?

Often those in power or who are mentally imbalanced use sexual activities in order to regain a sense of power and to manipulate others. This behavior obviously is not in the highest good of all concerned and would be considered way below par if measured against an act of kindness. Yet the way your prisons treat sex offenders in many cases creates more problems than it solves. We have nothing against keeping these people from society so they cannot continue to harm adults and children. However, we would suggest that therapy and assistance be given to these souls so they have a chance to receive the love they desire.

Research the history of nearly every sex offender and you will find they were abused when a child. As they grew older, especially those who were forced to keep their abuse a secret, their minds developed belief codes that kept them from trusting or loving others. This is especially prevalent when the perpetrators were family members or trusted members in their society. Whom can they trust when those closest to them are abusive? Whom can they trust when those who should be protecting them turn their backs?

Sexually abused people, especially children, have a tough road to walk. When trust is broken at an early age, all kinds of warped viewpoints develop. These children grow up not trusting anyone and not able to receive love. They do not know how to give or share love. Their anger, pain and frustrations are deeply rooted. Often, when they come of sexual age, they begin to have abnormal behavior. Many are frigid. Many are scared. Many do not want others to touch them.

If you are one of these people, we hope that you will seek professional advice. We can give you hope and suggestions, but in a written format such as this, we can be of little service to you. However, we do encourage you to try to reach us by communicating through thought. If you have enough of the blocks removed, you will be able to hear us. However, if you have never dealt with these issues, you would do well to seek help from others. In the meantime, we encourage you to work through the Messages, for we can assist you on a daily basis, if you are willing.

There are many of you who have purposely used sex to manipulate others. Perhaps you wanted to win someone over or felt that you could get a better job if you “put out.” Many have worked as prostitutes for a source of income. There are others who have tried sex to see what it was all about. Others abstain from sex, thinking it is a dirty sin. There are those who abstain from sex as a method of remaining pure, using their chakra energy for other purposes. Whatever you choose, we do not judge.

However, we do hope that those of you who feel guilt and shame for sexual conduct that you are presently or previously indulged in will cease to condemn yourself. We suggest you look deeply at the activity that you have negative thoughts towards. If it was an issue from the past, then forgive yourself. If there is a need to apologize to another for something you have done, then do so. If it is not appropriate to forgive or apologize in person, then visualize yourself forgiving or apologizing to that person until you feel the energy leave you. Holding on to guilt and shame keeps you in victim mode. In order to get out of this pity party, you will need to empower yourself. If this was a sexual act that happened in the past and you continue to feel guilt or shame, then state to yourself that you choose not to feel guilt or shame anymore. Then follow through by no longer allowing yourself to dwell on such thoughts.

If you are presently engaging in sexual conduct that causes you to feel guilt and shame, then you have two choices. Either give up the conduct without going into pity party mode or loosen up your belief codes around sex and begin to enjoy the activity. However, we do not suggest continuing any behavior, sexual or not, if it is not in your highest good or the highest good of all concerned. You can choose whatever behavior you desire, although we are here to encourage you to discontinue any behaviors that keep you feeling like a victim or treating others with unkindness.

Many of you are sex addicts and may not even realize it. There may have been childhood experiences that cause you to obsess about various sexual activities. Perhaps you had an overbearing parent who made you feel “less than” when you were growing up. In many cases, this can cause sexual dysfunction. Whatever the reason for your compulsive need for sex, if it is interfering with your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, you would do well to address it.

One thing all of you must do is to forgive anyone who has transgressed you, whether it is sexually based or not. Until you release the negative energies associated with feelings of unrighteousness and manipulation, you will not be able to attain high levels of love. You can hold only one emotion toward any event at one time. You will either have a high frequency emotion or a low frequency emotion attached to the memory. Which do you choose?

When you first revisit some of your painful memories, there may be fear involved, but we encourage you to face them in order to be able to push through them. It is time to give up the rosy façade that all is well and ask for help, whether with us, your friends or a therapist. No one has led a perfect life. No one has walked his Path without receiving pain on some level.

We are here as your brothers. You as a culture have separated yourselves, many times making yourselves inaccessible to each other out of fear or reprisal. It is time to set aside judgments and reach out to strengthen each other. Many of you walk around wounded, continually looking for ways to protect yourself from being hurt. Your walls of protection are strong. No one can assist you until you are ready to begin dismantling your walls.

If each of you today were to choose kindness, sorrow could end overnight. Ponder on this thought and decide for yourself which path you wish to choose, to stay within your walls of protection or to open the door and walk into the unknown. We hope you choose the latter. We are here to support you. Go forth and make this a better world for yourself!

Selamet!  Cimi 3


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  147

Manik  4              Feel Gratitude Each Moment

I am Manik 4. Welcome to this day of love and peace. We wish to encourage you to take a few moments to relax and release all tension.

Go within and feel gratitude for everything you have experienced. Even the painful experiences have been great teachers, helping you to better understand your Self and allowing you an opportunity to make future choices that are more rewarding.

Take time each day to express gratitude to your Self and others as you pay attention to the blessings in all things. Continue this practice until it becomes a part of you, gratefully experiencing every opportunity presented to you in each moment.

Perhaps you can create a mantra and post it in a place to remind you often to feel gratitude in each moment. We cannot emphasize enough how important gratitude is when you reach for a goal such as unconditional love. There are many frequencies to strive for and gratitude is one of the highest attainable, especially while living in human form. When love is pure, gratitude is a foundation, you cannot have one without the other for they are deeply interwoven.

Practice acts of kindness, not as obligations, but for the sheer joy of sharing your talents and love for another. Make this part of your spiritual practice and you will soon find yourself feeling love for all on a level deeper than you currently fathom.

Take a few moments to relax your body while focusing on your breathing. Contemplate these words and set forth ideas on how you can implement them in your daily life.

We love you beyond measure and are grateful for your experiences on Earth, for through you we can better understand the nature of love on different levels. Remember that we all come from one Source and at the appointed time, we will each merge again with Source. Until then, enjoy the time you have, allowing yourself to experience life to the fullest!

We take leave of you now with the hope that you will set aside time each day to ponder our words and those of your Guides as we do our best to support and encourage you. It gives us pleasure to be of assistance to you. Know that all you need already resides within. Our goal is to help remind you of your Spiritual roots.

Go forth in peace and joy, filled with gratitude for every experience in life!

Selamet!  Manik 4


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  148

Lamat  5              Rebuilding Trust

I am Lamat 5. Thank you for joining with us this day. We would like to talk on the topic of trust. Many of you have been abused by members of your family or trusted friends. As a result, you have suffered greatly and have not built your life on a foundation of trust. You learned early that if you love or trust anyone, they would let you down or abandon you.

Many of you were raised by a single parent, knowing you were not wanted. As you grew up, you missed many opportunities that would have been beneficial if you had the balance of both a nurturing father and mother. Can you see why so many cling tightly to relationships when they grow older while others will let no one come too close to them emotionally?

Although much damage has been done, there is nothing that is irreparable. You have the ability to erase many of the belief codes associated with the lack of trust. These issues of trust are imperative to heal if you wish to have a fully developed loving relationship with anyone, including yourself. It is no wonder your churches preach of a God that is punitive, for they are built on the premise that no one can be trusted. It is a human trait to make God more human-like, for the true expanse of Source Love is unfathomable to the human mind.

Most of you live your lives expecting others to hurt you. Many withdraw from society in an attempt to remain safe from emotional and physical harm. Often those who suffer from trust issues will not let others get close to them emotionally and create a myriad of habits that push people away. As a result, they become very lonely and manifest a fear-based life.

When a person has been hurt in the past and is afraid that it may happen again, they will live a life expecting this to occur and will live according to that belief code. All Beings create the experiences they passionately focus on. Fear is one of the strongest emotions humans possess. If they focus on fearful things, they are most likely to manifest the things they fear. When you can take any fear and switch your attitude and belief to the opposite spectrum, you will create the ability to manifest higher vibrational experiences.

The universe and Spirit Helpers do not place judgment on any decision you make. They are attracted to highly charged emotions that you emit; it is like calling them on the telephone. When they answer the call, they energetically read your emotions. They will respond by opening doors to various possibilities. It is up to you to walk through these doors and to follow your intuition and the synchronicities that lead to your ultimate desire.

What often happens is that a human is living a life with fear-based belief codes. Something happens that triggers an emotional response, then Spirit Guides are alerted that the human needs something. Perhaps he is in immediate danger and his fear is on high alert. The Guides may respond by sending thoughts to the one in fear. If he is able to hear, it could help to alleviate the situation. There are many instances when someone has an insight to do or say something that diffuses the incident, has the strength to do a deed, or something mysterious happens that resolves the incident.

Perhaps the person is at work and has become very upset by something another person said or did. The person is highly charged emotionally and is putting out strong signals, “I hate this job and want out of here.” The Angels respond by suggesting ways this can happen, through the human’s thoughts, words or actions. It is up to the human to choose what he wishes to do with his career.

The more focused the intention and the more passion given to it, the more likely the human will make the change. If overall he likes his job, then he is likely to calm down and may make peace with the person or situation that aroused his previous emotions. If he truly does not like his job or wishes to have another, doors will be opened when he seeks them. If he chooses to have the courage to make the change, it will occur. However, if fears and belief codes are based from thoughts of unworthiness, fear of change and such, it will be very difficult to make a choice that is in the best interest of all involved.

Thus, it is imperative that old belief codes are changed to ones that allow love and freedom to expand. It is not always easy to change these codes, but once broken and the habits that kept them in place are changed, life becomes nothing short of miraculous. There is nothing that can stop one who consciously creates his reality based on the belief that everything is possible and available. There are many Masters who have walked the Earth, proving this is possible. You, too, have the ability to become a Master. All you need resides within you.

The best way to change your belief codes is to acknowledge they exist and to pay attention to the choices you make in each moment. These choices will blatantly and sometimes subtly lead you to the understanding of the foundations you have built your life upon. It is up to you to choose the ones that give you life or that lead to death, whether it is in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual arena. There are many who walk the Earth and are emotionally dead, having no interest in life and likely to be detrimental to society.

There are others who are mentally dead, no longer caring to know anything new, for they see no purpose in having wisdom or knowledge. Your bars and alleyways are filled with these people. Countless numbers are spiritually dead, blaming God for their troubles. If only they knew that God allows them to experience what they choose and they are responsible for each belief code and behavior encoded in their bodies. These people have already condemned themselves to live a life of hell and torment while living on Earth.

We wish to reach these people, but they have tuned us out and are unable to reach even our lowest frequency. It is important that each of you break through beliefs that keep you locked in fear and torment. You have the ability to surpass these belief codes and are more likely to reach those souls who are still suffering. It is you who can pass our Messages on to those who are willing to hear. It is you who can feed and clothe them. We are unable to assist anyone unless they ask, anything else would be infringing upon their free will.

We ask you to take time daily to work through your issues, not just for your benefit, but also for the betterment of all. We are all from the same Source and will return to the same Source. Once this is fully understood, it will be much easier for each of you to share in a more loving manner with all other living Beings on Earth. We look forward to that day. Until then, know that we are always near and look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Be clear with your intentions, know what it is you desire and keep your eyes focused there. Then it will be much easier for us to assist you. Remember to set the parameter, “for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, gracefully” to ensure that your Path will be smoother. Otherwise, it is likely you will get a lesson greater than you expected! Grace and gratitude are two key words when it comes to manifesting all you desire.

We conclude for today with the hope that you will think over these words and take them into your heart. Dream big, with clear focus, and you will find that the Earth has an abundance of things to offer you!

Selamet!  Lamat 5


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  149

Muluc  6              Addictions

I am Muluc 6. Greetings and salutations! We wish to salute you for all the hard work you have expressed in creating the changes you wish in your life. We are honored and blessed to be of assistance to you and feel much joy for we can see that you are well on your Path to recovering your Self.

Today we would like to approach the topic of recovery. Many have been plagued with addictions of various types since early childhood. We wish for you to pay attention to the things that nag at you, for they are messages waiting to be decoded.

Some of you developed addictions such as alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs and overeating as a medication to ease unresolved pain. Resolve those pains, change your behaviors and your life will unfold. This may sound simplistic, but it really is all that needs to be done. Release yourself from the feelings of being a victim or punishing yourself for what others have chosen to do. Not one of you is perfect, each has caused pain or suffering toward another, even if it was unintentional.

Some of you have chosen food substances such as sugar or coffee as your addictions. Perhaps your life was not sweet when you were growing up or perhaps you need a burst of energy, looking for coffee to supply you with energy when yours is depleted. Many have become addicted to cigarettes due to the temporary relaxed state you feel or because you wanted to be like your peers. All are reasons locked in belief codes that are not for your highest good.

Others have chosen sex, careers and extreme sports in order to get an emotional high. Often this results when a person is spending an enormous amount of time and energy involved in things that do not satiate his/her passion. Look at obsessive thoughts and actions that come to your attention. Sometimes, they are past life issues triggered by current events. Some addictions are created through habits learned from your family and friends. However, once they become a problem for you, unless you are able to turn from them, this is an indication of a deeper problem.

We ask you to take notice of where you place your time and energy. If these habits are not in compliance with your highest good, you would do well to change them. We do not judge anything you choose. We simply wish to bring to your attention that incessant thoughts and behaviors are based on belief codes. You have the power to change the codes and the behaviors that leave you drained or cause you to feel shame and guilt.

Know that you are worthy of love, perfect and pure in all ways, always. This is hard for many of you to believe because you are so enmeshed in the reality of this Realm. However, look around and notice others who are happy and full of joy. Ask them how they came to have a life they enjoy. Seek ways that feel fitting for you. There is no-thing you cannot overcome. Face your addictions and enjoy your recovery as you re-discover your true Essence!

Selamet!  Muluc 6


MAYAN  MESSAGE       DAY  150   

Oc  7              Ten Principles to Live By

Greetings, dear one. Our time together is treasured beyond measure. We are delighted you are taking time and effort to restore your Self in the knowledge that you are pure and whole. Today we share with you ten principles by which to live.

1.  Daily take time to meditate, whether you choose to seek ways to improve yourself or simply as a way to relax. Most of you are busy running around doing mundane things that are sucking your energy needlessly.

2.  Be kind to yourself and all living Beings on Earth, for this will bring great joy as you begin to harmonize closer with each other.

3.  Spend moments in gratitude until this becomes your full time attitude. Gratitude is of a very high frequency and will go far to break through barriers of separation.

4.  Seek whatever methods allow you to remember that God loves you. Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are perfect, until you feel it within every fiber of your Being.

5.  Take time to change your dietary habits. It is impossible to maintain the higher frequencies of love when your cells are filled with toxic substances. Take time to research organic methods of farming and begin growing and eating those foods.

6.  Be aware of your thoughts, for these are your future actions. Where you focus your attention is what you will draw unto you. Like attracts like, it is a law of this universe.

7.  Be mindful of what you do with your body. Exercises that build strength and flexibility are well worth the effort,  leading to a life of strength, agility and less pain.

8.  Take time to nurture yourself. Learn techniques to relax every moment, no matter how much stress surrounds you. Pamper yourself by gifting the things upon yourself that you would readily supply to those you love.

9.  Sleep well. Your bodies were designed to sleep when the sun sets and to arise with the morning sun. We know that many of you are living in areas where this is not feasible. Perhaps, this is not the proper place for you. If you awaken feeling refreshed, know that you are receiving the proper amount of sleep for you. Know that this will change from time to time. Treat yourself to a nap when you are tired and arise when you feel rested.

10.  Love your Self! Remove thoughts and beliefs that keep you imprisoned in feelings of “less than” or unworthiness. Each of you comes from One Source and will return to One Source. There is no way that you can be more or less than another. Begin to see the God Essence in yourself and in all others. Treat each other accordingly and all wars will stop in an instant!

Choose wisely where you will spend your time. All you have is the present moment. Each moment comes and goes in a flash, offering you an infinite number of possibilities as to how you will experience all future moments.

Selamet!  Oc 7


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  151

Chuen  8              Smile Awhile

Greetings, I am Chuen 8. We are thankful for the time we have together. Thank you for working with us as we raise each other’s vibrations of love!

Today we have a simple exercise for you. It is called “smile.”

If you are reading this in the morning, then we ask that when you go out today, smile and nod a greeting to everyone you meet, making brief eye contact when possible.

If you will not be going outside today, send smiles telepathically to the people you find yourself thinking about, especially those you may be having any problems with. Consider taking a few moments to go through your address book and send a brief smile to at least twenty people.

If you are reading this in the evening, then make a note to yourself to remember to smile at everyone you encounter tomorrow.

Make smiling a habit, it is a great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exercise!

Selamet!  Chuen 8


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  152

Eb  9             Love Thy Self

I am Eb 9. Welcome to this time of sharing. We would like to thank you for joining with us to help each other as we transcend lower energies and elevate ourselves to a higher space of love. When we help you, it also assists us with our ascension process.

Today we would like to continue on the topic of love. Unconditional love is a current buzzword. What does it mean in its pure Essence? “Unconditional” means with no conditions, no judgments and in its basic sense, there is no need for concern. All conditions are acceptable; there are no parameters. There is no judgment placed on its value. All is allowed.

How many of you can look at each person, place and event and proclaim that you have unconditional love? How many of you have unconditional love for yourself? I daresay there are very few. Unconditional love is difficult to attain in this Realm, although it is possible.

If you are ready to begin the process of experiencing unconditional love for yourself and all others, we have some pointers we would like to share with you.

1.  Tell yourself often you are perfect and pure.

2.  Stop any thoughts you have that condemn yourself; choose instead to visualize how you will change your future behaviors and rectify past behaviors.

3.  Step out of your box and dare to eat, speak, dress, walk, play, rest, dance and sing in manners that are fitting of the truth you wish to proclaim.

4.  Be kind to yourself and all others.

5.  Smile at everyone and everything. It is hard to hold onto negative thoughts when you have a smiling face and heart.

6.  When you find yourself making a judgment about anything, change your thought immediately.

7.  Be mindful of every action you take, that it comes from a sense of love and not obligation.

8.  Choose carefully how you spend your time. Even watching a violent movie will take you into that space, creating the possibility of that scenario re-occurring on the Earth plane.

9.  Talk with others with opposing views until you have the ability to accept their opinion. You need not believe what they say, but learn to allow them to believe what they choose without feeling a need to sway them to your side.

10. Look at various cultures and religious institutions and adopt those customs that are meaningful to you.  Know that not two of you on Earth share exactly the same belief codes.

We encourage you to take time to ponder these words and integrate those that feel right to you. Practice them until they are second nature and you will be well on your Path to loving unconditionally.

Selamet!  Eb 9


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  153

Ben  10             Perfect Love

Greetings, today’s message is a continuation of yesterday’s topic on how to attain unconditional love. The key to loving unconditionally is full allowance. It is said that we are made in the image and likeness of God and this is true. However, God is not punitive or judgmental; that would be impossible for it goes against the nature of pure love. Here’s another mantra for your mirror:

Source does not judge you or me Source allows all to be.

If indeed it is true that Source allows all to experience what they desire, without judgment, then wouldn’t it make sense that we allow others to do the same? Imagine you join a group of people as part of a research project. The plan is for each of you to have a different experience, allowing anything to happen for the next three days. After the three days, you rejoin to share your experiences. In this case, it is likely there will be less judgments than normal, because this was planned as a research project. However, in real life situations, there tends to be many judgments you place upon each other.

Source allows all to happen, knowing in the end, there will be a return to perfect Love. There is no need to judge, for each will self-correct or experience reactions to his every action. When you can see this world as an experimental place that allows for all experiences, you will be much better able to accept what others do without conditions.

When you watch a play, you don’t condemn the actor who plays the role of the bad guy. You know the actor is playing a role, it is not his true nature. This whole experiment on Earth and beyond is much the same way. We are all actors playing various roles. Those choosing to play the “bad guys” are needed for those who wish to experience being a victim.

What is happening on Earth at this time is that each of you is awakening to your true Self, while still in the flesh. This has not happened on Earth at such a massive level before. At the time of creation, this was the time set for the ascension process to occur. New parameters have already been set in place allowing only those who choose to live in the higher frequencies of love to remain on the planet.

This is a time of great transition. Expect there to be many upheavals for those in power and playing the bad guys, for they have become so attached to their roles, they are having difficulty rising to a high enough level of compassion to break out of their fantasy.

It is imperative that you bring yourself out of the low frequency role so you may become more capable of awakening your friends and family who are playing the darker roles. Not all will want to change. Many will ridicule you, yet stand steadfast in your beliefs. There is no need to be concerned about their souls, for they will continue on a Path that will ultimately lead back to Source.

Continue loving all unconditionally, knowing this is a temporary illusion we are engaged in. There will come a time when physically the good guys and the bad guys will separate, yet it will not be a punitive God separating the chaff from the wheat. No, it is your Higher Self that is making the decision which Path you will choose. As you learn to tune in with yourself more, you will understand this to be true.

Many of you wonder how can the world be allowed to have such cruel people in it. Why must others suffer at their hands? My dears, it was set up this way by you and all of the others before coming into this world. The ability to go into the depths of darkness while in physical form was part of the drama you chose to experience.

Many have not followed their intuition and gut feelings, thus placing them into positions causing harm to themselves and others. It is easy to do in a Realm like this. Each of you has the ability to pay attention to your body and make choices out of love rather than fear. You are not alone. Each of you has within yourself the ability to communicate with guidance on higher Dimensions.

Many of you do not pay attention to your emotions, which increases the likelihood of getting into positions that are less than comfortable. Pull through these times by facing your fears and learning to love yourself and others unconditionally.

Free will is a huge part of what made this Earth appealing to you. There are few opportunities among all the galaxies where literally, “anything goes.” Like all things, there comes a time to aspire for greater. That is what is happening now on Earth. Those who wish to continue to play the bad guy roles will be allowed to do so, yet on a different playing field. Most “victims” are waking up and desiring better; they no longer wish to play this game anymore.

It is our hope that each of you chooses to become “good guys.” This is not because we are concerned for your soul, but because we see the bigger picture and know that there are many options available that leaves one feeling expansive and joyous. Our group does not work with the “bad guys;” our focus is on assisting those who wish to ascend, by their conscious choice, the dense Realm that this Earth has to offer.

We do not judge those who wish to continue to play the dark roles. We understand this is their choice. We do wish to assist those who are seeking to ascend to higher Dimensions, for this is where we find our pleasure. There are many groups playing diverse roles in each Dimension. All are equal; we know we are from the same Source and will return at the appointed time. We know there is no differentiation between us. We understand we are more than brothers, that we are all One, each a hologramic piece of the whole, containing within ourselves the wholeness of Source. Inspired movies such as Star Trek were created to assist you in understanding the deep truths of the foundation of the universe. We are all one voice, uni-verse.

Enjoy your time on Earth. Make choices that bring you closer to the vibration of love. The highest choice you can make in any situation is that of love, pure and unconditional love. It is attainable and you are well on your way to experiencing it fully. We celebrate you and all you do!

Selamet!  Ben 10


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  154

Ix  11               Star Brothers

I am Ix 11. It gives us great pleasure to meet with you. Today we would like to talk on the topic of love. The frequency of love is of the highest vibration possible. The higher one is able to vibrate, the less dense he becomes. This lightness enables one to consciously move through objects and to flow freely among the Dimensions and to any physical Realm throughout the vast expanse of creation. There are advantages to being able to live in the physical realm, for you have the opportunity to experience things in a manner that we cannot.

Many of you see the Earth plane as a school or place of learning. However, it was set up to be a place to experience, for in the Spirit Realm you already are “all knowing.” Thus, there is nothing to learn. You simply choose to experience love in a vast array of situations. Everyone on Earth chose to incarnate here. Before arriving, you selected the major roles you wished to play. You went before a Review Board to discuss the life you wished to experience. There was much discussion regarding your past lives on Earth. Sign posts or signals were set up to help you through events where you might have difficulty. This is why sometimes you have déjà vu experiences or great intuitions. Sometimes you may experience a “calling” and know that you must make a certain life change. These are ways your Guides and Higher Self help keep you on the Path you chose.

In the past, most memory of being pure Spirit was erased in order to play the role of imperfection on Earth. However, that time has ended and the vast majority of souls incarnating at this time are entering with their memories intact. They are here to help transform the world governments and institutions. Have you noticed that many young children have wisdom beyond their parents? Have you looked into the eyes of your pets and strangers and seen wise souls peering back at you? This Earth can support only a certain amount of people and is currently beyond that level. Many Beings that wish to assist or experience this world are requesting whatever bodies are available: human and animal. There are also many trees and rocks encasing sentient Beings.

This is truly a unique time and the place to be. There are myriads of sightings of UFOs in your skies. They are coming in from far off galaxies to watch the unfolding of what is transpiring on Earth. Never before has a planet gone from amnesia to a state of knowingness. Some of your star brothers are here as observers, while the majority are here to assist in any way possible. People in ever-increasing numbers are communicating with Star Beings. There are more of these Beings in human form than ever before on Earth. Although all of you are from the stars, these Beings are here as temporary guests, unlike those of you who have spent lifetimes here.

You will need to support these Star Beings, for many of them are having great difficulty sustaining themselves on Earth. There are many reasons for this. Some Beings have never been in a dense physical form before and have difficulty with simple tasks such as walking and talking. Others don’t know how to support themselves financially. They are highly intelligent and functional on their own planets, but life here is much different. Others are having great difficulty living here due to the cruelty and judgments of other people. Often your star brothers are ostracized, being labeled as strange. They need your friendship and are great persons to practice the unconditional loving methods we shared the last two days!

Many humans are afraid of extra-terrestrials due to all the propaganda related to abductions, etc. Know that those programs are completed and that for the most part they were performed to assist in your ascension. To discern the motives of the E.T.s you make contact with, make heart-to-heart connections and follow your intuition.

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

These were great words of wisdom that would make for another wonderful mantra for you to post. Face your fears and overcome them; learn to live in the magic of the moment. This is where life begins. Live your life with joy and release all negativity from your thoughts, belief codes and actions. When you stay centered in each moment and allow others to go about their business, you will be more apt to make a positive change in the world. Once you have gained respect and control of yourself, you will be better able to encourage those around you to do the same.

Selamet!  Ix 11


MAYAN  MESSAGES          DAY  155

Men  12              Take Chances, Make Changes

I am Men 12. We are delighted to have this time with you. Thank you for being a part of the raising of consciousness on Earth. Every one of you has the ability to rise above yourself and be more at one with each other and all that is. The first step is to be aware that you have this ability; this is the reason we are here with you at this moment.

We would like to talk more about the process of ascension. Many of you have the misunderstanding that ascension is all about leaving this world and going home to be rejoined with the Creator. This is not true. Please understand that at this moment you are not separate from Source, you are a hologramic image of the Creator. Although there are times when you are exhausted and tired of the pain and suffering occurring in your current life, know that once you return to the Spirit Realm and have a chance to refresh your Self, you will likely jump back into an incarnation on Earth or elsewhere.

We have the advantage of seeing the larger picture and we intimately know your Higher Self. We are better able to understand what is happening on Earth and beyond. We know of your tribulations and are here to assist you in making choices that will bring you an abundance of peace and joy. There are many of you who are awake. Although we lead you down paths where you can experience your desires, you do not follow through with our leads. We know that it is your belief codes and fears that keep you from taking the chances and making the changes.

We cannot overemphasize the necessity of looking within and pulling out the thoughts that keep you from experiencing your dreams. Know beyond any doubt that you are loved and worthy of all the Earth has to offer. You did not come here to be in misery or to solve all the problems of the world. You did not come here to save the souls of others. You came here to enjoy this realm and to be part of the solution, yet when you wallow in negative thinking, you create more problems.

You have the ability to change your thoughts by focusing on things you desire. You have the ability to change your actions by doing the things you want. You have the ability to change your words by expressing your truth. You have the ability to change your attitude by focusing on gratitude.

Only you can make you happy. Do not give this power to others. Recognize that at all times, each of you is doing the best you can. Sometimes you may know what you are doing is harmful to others, yet fear and belief codes motivate you to continue. You each have the power to support one another and gain each other’s trust so you can each live more fully in your truth. Be mindful that you cannot change people, although you can support them. Allow them to make the choices they prefer; you would want the same for yourself.

By allowing others to choose their actions, you will come to understand the meaning of forgiveness, which is an act of unconditional love. Forgiveness is simply allowing others to be themselves. There is no need to punish them, to save them from their trespasses or to coerce them to change their ways. These are acts of manipulation. Rather, consider supporting them in their choices. If they choose acts of unkindness, be a role model of kindness for them. When you encounter others who push beyond your realm of comfort, withdraw yourself from them, without judgment. Simply do what you need to do in order to remain in your integrity.

We understand there are many who are unkind, imposing their harsh realities on others. There are times when it is best to remove these people from society. We encourage you to assist the abused and neglected children, for they have the propensity to be the perpetrators of evil on others. Take these children under your wings and nurture them.

Ban programs on television and in the movies that perpetrate and induce thoughts that tear down the fabric of society. The media feeds the mind with thoughts that are not coherent with the world you wish to create. Pay attention to the places you visit, books you read and conversations in which you engage. Avoid those that pull you from the reality you wish to create. If you truly wish to release yourself from misery, refrain from activities that keep you locked into low energy thoughts.

Any of you who are less than kind and wish to be kinder, break through the fears that keep you locked into reacting the way you currently do. This is true for any emotion, attitude, thought, word or action. Face your blocks, recognize the problem and take steps to resolve them. We wish to encourage you to move forward today by looking at one area you wish to change and to write down the steps you need to take in order to change. Take a chance and make the change!

Selamet!  Men 12


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  156

Cib  13             Choose Gurus Carefully

Greetings! I am Cib 13 and am most grateful to have this opportunity to communicate with you today. We in this Realm are so delighted when humans move forward consciously and make connections with us. We are here to assist as you awaken to your Spirit Essence and begin to move forward with the ascension of higher frequencies while still in human form. Never before has this occurred in such numbers as is occurring at this time on Earth.

We are excited to be a part of this process, as well as our star brothers. We have waited eons for this moment and hope that you will understand the importance and excitement of this time. Many of you are still lost in amnesia and remain in fear due to rapid changes happening on the Earth. It is our role to assist you in remembering your roots so you can set aside these fears and live in the wonder and beauty this Earth has to offer from a position of love and grace.

We wish to extend our congratulations as you awaken and continue your journey to enlightenment. There are many gurus who have led the way for you, yet many go too far when they push their ideas on to you. It is one thing to offer advice and opinions, yet another to take the innocent and lead them to the belief that they must solely follow one guru’s path.

Know that each of you walks a unique Path. It is wise and comforting to study the words of others, including us. Yet it is imperative that you take in only those things that intuitively feel are best for yourself. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a desert, sipping arsenic-laced juice with others who have been deluded.

Any spiritual leader who strips your power to make decisions is a false leader. Any church that states they are the only way is leading you down a path with only one end, their reality. Seek those who are role models of love and compassion, for they know the secrets to happy living.

Even those among you who suffer trials and tribulations while doing the best they can will be more apt to remain happy and in peace when they are centered, knowing they are in control of their beliefs. It is you who has the power to choose the reality you wish to experience.

One way to remain balanced is to begin your day with meditation and prayer. Ask your Higher Self for guidance throughout the day and be willing to observe the synchronicities that occur. State your intentions for the day, allowing things to flow as they may. Be prepared to say “no” to distractions that keep you from moving forward with your goals. Be on the alert for unexpected proposals and events that may arise, leading you toward your goal. Be aware and be selective.

We take leave now to allow you time to ponder these words. Take into your heart those that sound sensible. Know that as you read our Messages the first time, you may take only some words into your consciousness. As you return to them repeatedly, you will gain greater insights; this is one way to recognize your growth and understanding. Everyone needs to hear and experience things at different times and from various sources before fully integrating them into their Being. This is part of the fun of free will and life experiences.

Go forth and make this a day of wonder and joy for yourself, seeking those things that make your soul and heart sing!

Selamet!  Cib 13


I hope you found these Messages inspirational and of value.
Thank you for stopping by.
Many blessings!          Theresa Crabtree

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  1. Posted by Dolores Arnold on October 21, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Thanks for the reminders of who and what we are!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


  2. Day 145, Chicchan 2: You are a Living Library

    “…Know that you are a living library. Every action you take, every emotion you feel is logged. It is important. You are unique. Only you can experience things in the way you do. These records are stored for eternity… There is much value in everything you do…” To learn more about the Akashic Records, read the full Message at:


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