Prison Vision


Would you like to help get the Mayan Messages into the hands
of prison inmates who are seeking a higher purpose in life?

As of April 15, 2017 the Mayan Messages have been donated to over
1,100 state prison libraries and 70o inmates.

Your donation helps keep this ministry flowing.





Mayan Ink Drawing by inmate Jahn

This beautiful ink drawing, by inmate Jhon Angulo, was given to me as a token of  appreciation. He used the glyphs from the Mayan Messages as the background. Thank you to all of my Angels who have helped make this vision a reality!


Every week I receive letters from inmates requesting a personal copy
for their studies. Read excerpts of their letters below to find out how the
Mayan Messages are influencing their lives.

“During this journey of Self-Realization the universe
has presented the opportunity for me to read the
lessons you’ve preserved for those chosen and
those who seek to be the Creator of their own
Heaven on Earth… I’m in a temple “they” call prison.
I’ve created a nurturing “womb” for myself.

A 60 year sentence is what the physical is fared with
me. I know its a rubber stamp (fake) it has a purpose
as well.

I’m awakening and I’m hungry… I see the future for
Humanity… Please assist me assist us – I “need” the
Mayan Messages.

Thank you for preserving this Knowledge of Self.”

E. B. Colorado

“I’m a member of a Native   American Circle at a MA
State Correction Center… I’m writing in hopes that
you may be able to donate a copy of this book for
our circle so we can all read and may be able to
change things within our lives to better ourselves.”

R.M. Massachusetts

” I’ve read the Mayan Messages and they’re great!
I am very interested in receiving this information
and any others out there. My funds are low. When I
heard that this valid information was free, I was so
surprised 😉 because the information is so powerful. I
need it! :-)”

D. M. Colorado


“Me and about six friends of mine sit down every day and read from
the Mayan Messages. We are learning so much about life and our self.”

P.G. Oklahoma

“I am very impressed with the Mayan Messages. I
check the book out from the prison library. I am a
person who likes to highlight and write in books which
I cannot do here.

I am a person that was told I would be good for nothing
or never good enough so I have tried all my life to gain
my mother’s approval. I have been to prison eight
times and now I am all alone.

So this book is wonderful for me. I want to release
fear, anger and learn forgiveness that these books
have to offer.

Thank you for your time and patience.
God bless you,”

Ms. M.W. Illinois

” I am writing in request to receive the books called the
Mayan Messages. I’m an inmate and my friend at
another prison sent me the address and asked me to
write for my own copies.

Thank you in advance,

Update after receiving his copy.
” I would like to say ‘Thank You.’ You have truly put a
Great Big Smile on my face. When I received the
Mayan Messages, the feeling it gave me was of a kid
having his first new Big Wheel. They really mean alot
to me, I promise to utilize them and reach the full
potential that they offer. Theresa, you are an Angel.”

A.M. Louisianna

“I have made several trips (12) to Mexico and
Guatemala. I’ve been to several ruin sites, the most
impressionable was Teotihuacan! Anyways, my friend
here has the only copy of the volumes. Right now we
are sharing the volumes and it would be great to each
have our own set.

Thank you very much for your time and energy into
this project. It is much appreciated.”

Update: I want to thank you for taking the time and
resources to send me the Mayan Messages… I will
soon finish my sentence and am excited to take my life
by the horns and create my reality as I see fit.”

J.R. Vermont


“A friend shared some material he had that interested
me, the Mayan Messages. I am always looking at new
materials for self-improvement and trying to educate
myself in positive ways.

Thank you very much and God bless you and yours.”

W.B. Colorado

“I am thoroughly enjoying your book. Also, my
neighbors here in my unit enjoy your work. Thank you
for your writings and thank you for being there for us
inmates. Your work is greatly appreciated.

I would greatly appreciate if you could send me the
Mayan Messages and to my two friends listed below.”

D.G. Arizona


” A fellow inmate is going home at midnight tonight and
I was talking with him as he was packing and I saw
your books, Mayan Messages. He let me read a little
and all I could say was, “I need this book!”

The little I did get to read made me think about Wicca,
which I was in for a short while at the prison, but
because of the small group was too much of a click, I
stopped going. The short time I was in the group I
acquired some knowledge that gave me an inner
peace. The Mayan Messages are on the same order.”

D.A. Louisianna


“I was in a prison in a different state, where I was
reading the Mayan Messages in the library. I was
shipped to a prison in Kentucky. I am still very
interested in following the lessons brought forth in the
days of the calendar.

There are a few of the guys here that are interested
and I would like to expose them to the teachings, as
well. I would really appreciate it if you could send us a
copy of the Mayan Messages.

Also, I sent away to the ReCreation Foundation and
they were kind enough to send me a copy of the first
“Conversations with God” books and information on
how to start a study group. Thank you for providing
this information in the Mayan Messages.”

J.R. Kentucky


” I really appreciate your efforts for guys like me in this
situation. Becoming a responsible man/parent is finally
in my heart, and I want all the ammo I need spiritually
to stay on the path.”

S.B. Illinois


“The Mayan Messages have touched me more than I
have words to express. They have confirmed truths
which are instilled in me and helped me to release the
fears my parents had instilled in me. Plus your help to
find the Walsch series “Comnersations with God”
which I have searched years for.”

S.H. Colorado


” …I would like to share a little bit about myself with
you as I feel a need to for some reason. I have
struggled my whole life with various issues that have
hindered me in numerous areas of my life. When I read
the Day One Message, I was overcome with a feeling
that can only be described as hope and to the point
that I felt like crying. I have never felt so alive or felt so
positive about my future.

I also felt loads of guilt fall away from things I have
done in my past… I realized it was old belief codes that
drove those actions and I was able to finally forgive
myself for my actions of the past. I can’t understand
how the first reading enabled me to do this but it did.”

D. L. Kentucky

“I would like to thank you for the service you do to help
the lost and forgotten people who are locked up.”

E.M. Idaho


“I read Mayan Messages while incarcerated. I think
your words were the only thing that kept me strong;
that and letters from my family. Your book showed me
a whole new way to look at life and how to deal with
my problems and my addiction. Thank you and even
though I don’t know you, you have touched my life in a
way that no one has.

J.E. Arizona


“I have had so many people ask me about the Mayan
Messages because I work as a clerk in the library.
These books have really helped me to get ready when
I get out of prison.”

R.S. Louisiana


“In the short time that I’ve had the Mayan Messages,
they are already having a massive positive impact on
my life as well as those within my housing unit that
now come to me daily to share these Messages… I’m
finding that the timing of the daily messages perfectly
coincides with areas I am currently working on…”

A.S. Indiana


” I truly feel that your books will help me maintain my
freedom upon my release. I would really love to be part
of the positive movement that is going on in the
Universe. I want to stay connected with the truth and
help myself while doing so.”

J.W. Colorado

“From my first reading (Day 1), I felt the energies from
within begin the process of change… change of SELF.

Thank you… thank you and thank you again for putting
together these volumes of self-empowerment. Also, if it
is not too much trouble would you please send
additional copies to my two friends>

Thank you again and continue to put together works
that support the growth and development of the human

A.M. Kansas


“Kla-how-ya. Hello. How are you?

I would love to thank you for the words in this book.
I read it over and over during my time down.

I’m a Nature Drummer and Singer, Songwriter.
You have given me so much positive motivation.
I can’t begin to thank you. My way is to pass these
Messages on to the world and bring us back to the
way love once was for us Humans.

I enjoy my experiences and I’ve learned alot and
have a better understanding. I am still growing in
spirit. I parole in 28 days and would love to have
copies of the Mayan Messages so I can continue to
journey with the Day Keepers and take the Wisdom
and Greatness of the words and carry my Heart
Connections to my brothers and sisters at the sweat

C. J. Chinook Indian Nation, Oregon

“I am very interested in the Mayan Messages. A fellow
inmate told me all about the books and it is an
understanding I really would love to come in tune with.

Thank you!”

R.T. Colorado

“I found 3 Messages – read them… loved them. Then I
found your address in your book in the library. T

Thank you for your help in my path to ascension.

D.D. Utah


“I’m writing to request a copy of the Mayan Messages.
I’ve been sharing a copy with a friend and I would like
to have my own.”

Ms. S.G. Arizona


“I appreciate the knowledge these books bring forth to
us visiting here. I have believed along these lines most
of my days and have been encouraged finding these
books here in the Alaska correctional system.

I look forward to transforming many belief systems and
becoming a human being for the first time in my life
with the freedom to experience set backs without
condemnation from my self, Gods or people.

Thank you again, shine your light.”

W.B. Alaska


“I’m writing a request for the Mayan Messages in hope
of finding a way of changing a life-style that’s been
one institution or another most of my adult life.

Ma’am, I am registered Aztec and I’m trying to learn all
the positive cultural stuff for leading a better life or a
better purpose.

I have been studying some of these Messages but it
gets difficult sharing or if one gets moved to another
cell or yard.

I am appreciative of any material that can be helpful in
my knowledge or growth in our culture and changing
this getting no place life-style.”

L.A. Arizona

“Thank you for your services, it really is wonderful to
have such people in the world to help when one is at a
low peak in life.”

W.P. Vermont


“I am currently serving a 19 year sentence for
aggravated robbery. My life’s choices led me to this
incarceration and I wish to use this time to better
myself. I would like to receive the Mayan Messages so
I can follow it daily with the hopes to become a better

Update after receiving the Mayan Messages

“… I was really about to give up and then these books
came. It was a sign to me, to grow, not give in. You
were my last reach out into the Dark.”

S.M. Kansas


“A friend of mine in here introduced me to the Mayan
Messages. I’ve been studying the history and science
of yoga, meditation, buddhism, etc. I feel like I’m on a
spiritual break while in prison and would very much
appreciate having a copy of the Mayan Messages.”

V. P. Massachusetts


“I was recently released from prison and benefited
greatly from the 3 volumes of Mayan Messages by
Theresa Crabtree.

I am currently seeking employment, but since I am not
yet employed, I would like to request that free copies
of Mayan Messages be sent to a fellow inmate who is
still incarcerated.

I shared the messages with her as I read them daily,
and she would like to continue using them in her daily
spiritual practices. Thank you so, so much!!! Once I
get a job, I will send a donation. Thank you for helping
out inmates, and my friend in particular.”

K.B. Arizona


“The Mayan Messages have totally lifted my spirit! I
will pass on the love and literature to other inmates as
well as friends on the outside-for sure!… It’s also been
a relief to read your explanation about the 12-21-12
doomsday misunderstanding… Namaste, In Lakesh”

UPDATE: I have been part of the inspiration crew
during our morning meetings and reading that day’s
Mayan Message to the group and getting good
feedback and appreciation from most of the members.
Also, when I was in a lot of suffering and
disconnectedness, your books helped me reconnect
and KNOW… that I was not alone…”

R.T. Illinois

“I read Volume I and was very impressed. I was fed
spiritually. Your book spoke to my spirit in a way
nothing else ever has. My favorite subjects are
theology and philosophy.”

P.A. New Mexico


“Your book reverberated multitudes of snychronicities
& confirmations throughout my reality… I can’t wait for
my children to become old enough for me to share
your books with them.”

R. T. Colorado

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jan Love Brotha on November 21, 2017 at 4:12 am

    Thank You Theresa for such a powerfull words, feel like my hearth is speaking… it helps me a lot to grasp my heart language in the illusion of sepparation.. thank you thousand times and everything involved ❤


  2. Posted by annmarie castillo espinoza on December 22, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Being incarcerated was a spititual awakening for me im sorry to my family and to myself for having to reach so far down to feel so close to my creator. I thought geting released from prison would be the easiest thing to do but it wasnt even though i was ready to handle things i never even thought about having to pick-up the pieces of my broken family. Im still in that process i dont think any addict or “offender” thinks that there family is hurting equaly or even more than the inmate themselves in at the time of our incarceration so i am writing this in hopes that anyone that reads this will think twice about doing anything that will effect thier family or themselves or the sobrieity that they have worked so hard to obtain. I send everyone peace and love


  3. The following are 3 poems written by inmate “Ivan-Ra, who has been incarcerated since 1975 when he was 17 years old.” The first is a token of appreciation for all the efforts taken to offer the Mayan Messages freely to inmates. I am ever thankful for each of you who have supported this vision with your prayers, words of encouragement, elbow grease and financial support!

    Copyright © 2012 by Iven-Ra


    Truly manifested purification in our mists.
    Wisdom qualified to guide us towards our bliss.
    The ancient eye completely open and bright.
    Reflected by the moon and all the star lights.

    Inspirational source guaranteed by perfect measures.
    Follow the sacred paths and reveal inner treasures.
    Unlock nature with the keys from sacred scrolls.
    Buried by the depths of time, truths still unfold.

    Even though lies have been told, what else exists?
    Waiting to be discovered, like learning to fish.
    Self-awakening advancing into a new age for all.
    Every culture calculates how constellations rise and fall.

    Ms Crabtree, you have give the world your voice.
    Being introduced to your writings, a very logical choice.
    Many prisoners I know you have very truly touched.
    Not knowing either one of us, yet. all meaning so much.

    Please continue the challenge of this journey, familiar yet strange.
    The world will forever know you for being an Angel.

    (Will you be one of my Helper Angels and help keep this prison ministry moving forward?)


    What deliverance mean to someone like me?
    Trying desperately for twenty (20) years to be free.
    No one can fathom the depths of my most sacred thoughts.
    It’s not about doing good or bad, getting away or getting caught.

    Still, I see my freedom cannot be bought, it’s priceless!
    Also, “those” on the outside looking in at me might miss,
    the Truth of my being, even in my silence I speak.
    Every beat of my heart is the utterance of sacred syllables, so unique.

    Yet, still, I am here where I care not to be.
    No deliverance for three (3) more years is what they want me to believe, for me.
    In my mind, so many aberrated thoughts are there.
    In my heart, I know the cure, but, to apply it, where?

    I’ll be alright, the uplifting by a perfect being is all I needed.
    In the end where is the most sought after deliverance for me?
    Born to seek knowledge from the cradle of birth to the grave;
    Then, when I do, in pure waters of my mind I will bathe-
    in the Deliverance!


    In search of Truth, I found lies that I was never looking for;
    manifested in all forms from behind every closed door.
    Things I learned appeared to be what they were never intended to be.
    This led me to think about things and how I was taught to see.

    Believing in blind teachings, asking questions of all things.
    If I didn’t know, I asked questions about what those things mean.
    Someone always has answers, that doesn’t mean that it’s right.
    When pure Truth is being revealed it illuminates as the Sun’s light.

    We walk in our ignorance, just like in darkness, with our minds closed;
    never realizing “ignorance” is sin like the ancient Scribes have always showed.
    Demonstrating wisdom and knowledge, veiled behind the Mystery of Nature.
    Teachings in the forms of myths and parables, is how it is catered.

    People often teach what they have heard without the search of facts.
    This will only carry you so far, if you never take the journey back.


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